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The next morning as I was drinking my coffee I decided if the guys would go along with it that I would catch Brian and Don up to the others so it would be more even. I thought then I could skip the morning session entirely and get to digging faster. Then as new guys came into the club I would just do them in the morning until they were caught up and go back to after swimming sex.

At 9:25 the bell rang. When I answered it I was so glad that Chad had gotten to come again. I was falling for the little guy. I had never seen a cuter 6 year old before. "Come on in guys and have a seat. I want to talk to you."

When they were all seated some on furniture others on the floor I said, "I hope all of you will go along with this. You are all way ahead of Don and Brian in the club so why don't I work with just them this morning and catch them up. Then we can all dig in the mornings, after all that is what the club is all about, and do our sex after the afternoon swim. We can even stop digging an hour or so early so we can have a longer swim and sex time if you want."

There was silence for a minute and then Dick spoke up. "As acting president until we have further elections, I say let's go along with Joe's idea. It is only fair." Everyone agreed since Dick suggested it.

"OK then Everyone go ahead and go down to the cave. It is time to start digging to connect the two tunnels now. Then we can make two doors off the back tunnel and eventually they will go into our stand up room. I think I will even furnish it. Maybe if we can get a small refrigerator in there for pop. How does that sound to you?"

Dick said, "Hey, that would be great it would be the beginning of a super cave."

They were all excited about this and started toward the cave. I followed and asked Brian and Don to stay back if they wanted to catch up. They both agreed they did.

After everyone had gone down the stairs I closed the closet door for privacy and started taking off my clothes. This started Brian and Don to undress to. When we were all nude I said, "Well you guys are up to dildo 3 but we will use one and two to stretch you so you will be more ready for it. OK?"

"Yea sure Joe that sounds like a plan." said Don.

"Who wants to go first?"

"I will." said Brian.

I knew step three would probably make Brian have tears but it was the only way to get to the cherry without hurting him. So I told him to lay down on the bed on his stomach and spread his legs. I got the 1st dildo out and lubricated it and then let Don put it in. He liked that and it made him feel important that I would ask him to. So he pushed it in to the hilt. "How ya doing Brian." said Don.

"Oh fine that one just feels good."

Don fucked him with it for about 2 minutes and motioned to me to take over. So I fucked him another 2 minutes with it really fast. I loved doing it as much as Don did. I took it out and smelled it. Oh what a smell. If you could only can it.

"Why don't you rest a minute and we will let Don have the first one up his ass."

Don lay down and spread his legs. I could see his hairless asshole and it looked so good. I really wanted to rim him right then but we had to keep going. So I handed the first dildo to Brian and said, "You put it in Brian."

Brian was all smiles when he took it from me. He put some more KY on it and then sank it all the way to the hilt. Then 2 minutes of fucking and he handed it to me. I fucked him for a couple minutes and then pulled it out and took it to wash it and get the 2nd one. Before I washed it I had to smell it. It was a little stronger musk smell but I still liked it. I got the 2nd dildo out and handed it to Don. Don put KY on it and pushed it all the way in. I could hear a catch in Brian's breathing when it was going in as it was 2Ce as big as number 1 was. "You OK Brian?"

"Yea it still feels good but tighter. Actually I like it better."

The same sequence of 2 minute fucks and that was over. I washed it and got out dildo 3. Both of them looked at it and then at each other. Brian actually looked a little scared of it. Don said, "I better go first this time." Brian didn't resist at all.

I told Don to take 5 deep breaths and then push out like he had to pass a giant turd. After the 5 breaths I heard the grunt and pushed it in slowly since it was tapered. I kept going until it was all the way in. "How ya doing Don."

"Wow! I sure know it is in there. But go ahead."

So I fucked him for about 4 minutes with it to get him good and stretched as I was hoping this would be another cherry. I handed the dildo over to Brian and he loved pushing it in and out. He did it for about 4 minutes too and then pulled it out. I said, "Notice something guys. I held it next to my dick and it was bigger than my dick by an eighth inch or so.

Don said, "I didn't think I would ever say this but now is as good a chance as ever. Will you take my cherry Joe?"

"If that is what you want sure. Lay down on your stomach and spread your legs. This time take 10 deep breaths and push out hard."

Don layed down and spread his legs. I looked at that ass hole and couldn't wait to get in it. Taking a cherry is the most fun of all. When he took the breaths I heard him push out and in I went. I didn't want to prolong it I went all the way 6 inches up in him. "How ya doing Don?"

"Oh that is so much easier than the 3rd dildo it actually feels good. And it is warm too. It feels really good. I am just glad it is you Joe as I don't think right now I would let anyone else take my cherry."

"Well thanks for the compliment here goes the ride." I started short stroking him and after a minute or so I went right into long stoking. I speeded up until I was going like a house a fire. Then I started hitting his prostate every thrust and that did it.

"Oh Joe that feels so good. I'm going to cum ...Ahhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhh.. God......ahhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhh...I love this...Ahhhhhhhh shit.."

When the spasms started it set me off too. I unloaded about 8 ropes all the way into his colon.

"Man Joe you can do that every day if we have time. I loved it. And when you started cumming while I was it doubled my pleasure. Thanks."

"Well I am glad you liked it so much Don. I loved it too."

"Well do you want to try dildo 3 Brian."

"Not really but if I don't I will be the only one who hasn't right?"

"Yea I hate to say it but even Chad took it."

Without saying anymore he lay down on the bed and spread his legs wide. I could see his rather red ass hole from the 1st two dildo's. I put KY on it and told him to take 10 deep breaths and push out hard. So I counted the breaths and when he got to 10 I heard him grunt and saw his ass hole push out. So I put the dildo's small end at his butt and started in. I kept going steadily as I didn't want to stop and have him back out. When it was seated I noticed he buried his face in the pillow. "Are you OK Brian?"

He looked up crying tears and said, "Oh Joe that thing is so big. It really hurts. But keep going I can take it."

I started fucking him slowly with it for a minute or two and then speeded up. I kept going for another minute or so and handed it off to Don. Don speeded up even more and said, "Is it getting better Brian?"

"Yea the hurting has stopped but it still doesn't feel good."

Don kept fucking for about 5 minutes in all and had a hard on that was stiff as a board. All 7 and a half inches of it. He pulled it out and said, "You did it Brian."

"Yea I knew I could if I kept my head in the pillow so I could scream out. Joe am I the only cherry left too?"

"Yea Brian you are."

"What about Chad?"

"He asked I take his too."

"Then I want you to take mine. No one else but you Joe for now at least."

"OK dude, take 10 deep breaths and you know the rest."

After the breaths I saw his ass hole push out so I went in all the way to the colon. God he was so tight and so hot up in there. I had trouble even pushing it in he was so tight. "Tell me when you are ready for a ride Brian."

"Go ahead slow. I'm ready. It doesn't hurt like the 3rd dildo did. And it is softer and warm."

So I started in and short stroked him slowly speeding up gradually. After about 5 minutes I started long stroking him. His breath was really huffing now and so was mine. I didn't think I could cum again but I felt it coming on. So I started hitting on his prostate every thrust and pretty soon I couldn't hold it and I said, "Oh Brian it feels so good I'm cumming again."

"I am too ahhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhh...that good.....ahhhhhh. ohhhhhhhhhhhh.....God....."

I let loose of around 7 or 8 ropes way up in his colon. I am sure it felt like I was in his stomach to him. Then my dick got soft quickly and fell out. I rolled over and lay there trying to catch my breath. He was huffing and puffing himself so there was no talking for about 5 minutes. Then I said, "How was that dude?"

"Oh Joe that was awesome. It made me cum so hard I think something came out."

I rolled him over and sure enough there was a wet spot the size of a dime on the bedspread. I looked at his dick and saw some clear fluid all over it. I went down on him to taste it and see if it was cum. It was.

"Stick out your tongue Brian." I put my tongue in his mouth and he started sucking on it. We went into a full French kiss for about 5 minutes and when we broke he said, "I could taste it. It was cum. I am so happy Joe. God I came."

"Yes you sure did Brian. What do you think of fucking now."

"I loved it. You can do that anytime. But only once a day I think."

I said, "If I fucked everyone that wants me to everyday that is all I would do. But I am sure with this group you will find plenty of willing partners."

Don said, "Should we put on our clothes now."

I said, "Yea I guess it is time for us to go and help the crew down in the cave."

So we got dressed and went down to the cave. When we got there no one was visible in the big room. So we started down one of the tunnels and found them all working like little beavers trying to break though.

"Hey, Joe. We think we are close to breaking through." said Dick.

"How do you know Dick."

"Well we have the messenger going back and forth to tell us which way to go by where he hears the digging from the other side. That keeps us in the right path. Go in and listen to the other side you can see what I mean."

I went in to the end where they were digging. Everyone got silent so I could hear the digging from the other side and it was close and heading in the right direction. I decided to go to the other side and listen.

"Could you hear how close." said Dick. "That is what we use messengers for. That is David's job right now he is our messenger. It kinda runs his legs off but it gets the job done."

"Yea Dick I'm new at this and I can learn a lot from you. I think I will go to the other side and listen for myself."

I went toward the other side and passed David on his run back. "Oh hi Joe. I'm running messenger."

"Yes I know David told me. I am going to the other side and listen myself so I can learn what your doing."

I continued on in and when I got there they were all silent and I could here it really was close. Just then some dirt fell our way. And a second later a tiny hole appeared. They had broken through. I couldn't believe it. In just the time I was working with the two club members upstairs they had dug the connecting tunnel. It broke right through quickly now and they were looking at each other with big smiles on their faces. I was smiling too. We were going to have one awesome cave here. These guys really knew what they were doing.

About 10 minutes later they had cleared the last remaining dirt and taken it out in the leave carriers and so I called for a break. We all went outside and I congratulated them for a job well done. They all crapped out on the ground to rest as they were obviously tired. After a 15 minute break I told them to brush off and come on up for some sandwiches and they couldn't brush each other off fast enough. I led the way up the stairs and in about 10 minutes I had all the sandwich makings out on the table and everyone was busy building their own sandwiches. I got them all a glass and poured the milk. I refilled their glasses when they drank them down quite fast. Boy can this age group eat. But they were worth it I was getting attached to all of them. I wasn't that much older than they were so I put away two sandwiches myself.

When lunch was over I told them we would quit at 2 and go swimming. That would give them two hours to start pushing the inside wall back and raising the ceiling to stand up height. They were all happy to hear that as they were already getting tired from connecting the tunnels. They threw away the paper plates I put out and went back down to work. I stayed and put the food away and then joined them.

When I got back down there I told them what I wanted to do. "Let's push this wall back about 20 feet and dig on the ceiling to make it tall enough to stand in. OK?"

"Sounds like a winner." said Dick.

So I grabbed a claw and some gloves and a pail and started working to help. It was still hard working on my knees but I knew theirs were sore too. So we continued up until 2pm pushing the wall back. We got it back about 3 feet. Then I said, "OK gang it is time to brush off outside and go swim for a while."

They were all really happy to hear this so we all went out side and brushed each other off as good as we could. Then I led the way again to the pool and stripped and was in the water first. It wasn't long before they were all in the pool a bunch of naked kids having a ball. After the swimming laps that got to be literally having a ball. It turned into a grab ass bunch of fun for them. After about an hour I got out and dried and sat in a lawn chair and watched them. All that energy. Finally about 10 minutes later they started coming out one by one and drying off and sitting down on a lawn chair. When everyone was out and dry we went into the house still naked.

Dick said, "Can we be sexy now Joe?"

"Sure, how would you like to learn something new?"

Yeahs came from all over the room even little Chad. "OK follow me into my bedroom. Since everyone was already naked and half of them hard I said, "Sit down on the bed a minute I want to talk to all of you at once. Now since you are all no longer virgins and most of you I think like being fucked or fucking someone else I thought I would show you how to do it with less pain when you don't have a dildo to use to stretch the guys anus first. But first you just got out of the pool so all parts of your body are clean. So I want you to loosen up someone by rimming him. If anyone objects just sit out. No one objected. OK then David come here and I'll do you. Now every one pick someone and have them lay facing the inside of the bed with their legs spread and over the side. Then get started. Remember it helps the guy rimming you if you push out so he can get further in you and relax you more. OK?"

Everyone looked around for a partner and Chad decided to rim Dick. He really like Dick. David lay down in front of me and spread his legs. I just loved this guys ass and couldn't wait to get with it. So I got down on my knees and went for it. I licked his ass hole several times to get it wet. Then I told him to push out. When he did I forked my tongue and started in. I tongue fucked him like mad. And each time he pushed I got deeper. Soon I was quite up in him and loving the taste and the feel. There was no smell as it smelled more like chlorine than an ass. When my tongue was ready to fall off I said, "OK guys now everyone switch with your partner and let him do you."

I lay down on the bed and spread my legs for David and could hardly wait for him to get started. He did as I had and licked my ass hole several times and then told me to push. When I did he was pushing with all his might with his tongue and pulling it out and pushing it in and soon was tongue fucking me good. His smaller tongue was really getting up in there and I could cum if I wasn't careful. After about the same amount of time that got my tongue tired I said, "OK boys that is enough. Did you enjoy that?"

Everyone had a comment and they were all very positive. "Now I want to show you how to prepare someone for fucking so that he won't hurt when you do it to him. I have several tubes of KY here and so get some on three fingers and pass it on until everyone has it on their fingers. Only those who went first with the tonguing should do this now. The other guy just lay down on the bed and spread your legs again. Now put your middle finger all the way in as far as it will reach. Start finger fucking him until I say to stop."

I put my finger all the way up into David's colon and boy was he hot and smooth. That blond hair gave him the softest skin just like Chads. I finger fucked him listening to him moan for about 5 minutes. There were moans and groans coming from all over the room. "OK now stop. Add a finger and do the same thing with two fingers." So everyone added a finger which brought a whole new bunch of sounds. All the way from hurting sounds to pleasure sounds. But soon it all turned to pleasure. I finger fucked David with two fingers all the way in his colon. And when I hit that colon juice I almost wanted to cum. Oh how I loved this. "How ya doing David?"

"Fine I like it Joe."

With that I speeded up and really fucked him. This went on for another 5 minutes and I called another stop. "OK now guys this is going to hurt them a little so go slow at first and only speed up when they shake their head yes. Go in with all three fingers now. And do the same thing."

I went up in David slowly and told him to push to make it easier. He did and my fingers slipped right on up in him. I finger fucked him with all three for about 5 minutes and then said stop. "OK guys now you have prepared him for fucking. Put KY on your dick and fuck him slowly at first until he shakes his head yes. Every time someone shakes their head yes they want you to speed up. So go ahead and start now."

I put KY on my dick and put it to David's hole and told him to push out hard. He did and I was in and kept going to the colon to get the pain over with quick. I stopped and waited. He shook his head yes so I started short stoking him. He gave such a pleasure moan I thought again I might cum. He was shaking his head yes again so I really started fucking him all the way in and all the way to where the head was barely in. I went faster and faster and started hitting his prostate on every thrust until he started cumming. "Oh God Joe I'm cumming...ahhhh Ohhhhhhhh....ahhhhhhhh......mmmmmmmm.....ahhh.....God....."

"His spasms set me off good I filled him with so much cum I couldn't believe it. I lost count but I know it was over 8 ropes."

He turned to me and said, "That was so good. Puff puff..."

I fell forward on his smooth back and was in heaven. My dick was still hard and still in his colon. But it slowly softened and after about 3 minutes fell out. I hugged him so hard I hoped I didn't hurt him but I loved this boy so much.

We waited while the whole room was into cumming and sounds I couldn't believe. They were really loud all at once.

I had them go in the living room and watch TV for a half hour and then told them it was time for the other guy to be on top. I was glad Dick was still with Chad as I wanted to protect the boy from any of the giant dicks. They repeated everything we had just done and when everyone was through I told them all to take turns shitting out the cum so they wouldn't be leaking in their pants which might cause questions they couldn't answer. So all three bathrooms were used and I could hear cum hitting the water in each. Then I told everyone to get dressed as it was time to call it a day.

"When everyone was dressed I told them that when Sunday came I would take all those that wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo. This really made for a happy bunch of guys as it was already Wednesday. See you tomorrow guys if you can make it. Same time OK?"

I got a bunch of Yea Joe from the entire group. They left talking about the zoo. The ones that had been there telling the ones that hadn't all about how neat it was.

Boy what a day. I was tired so after dinner I sat down for a nice peaceful evening. But was in for a surprise.

(to be continued)

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