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I was sitting there half watching TV and thinking at the same time. How could I ever luck out and buy a house with built in kids. It was a stroke of luck as I wasn't sure how I was ever going to meet just one kid much less a whole neighborhood of such extremely good looking guys. Sure knew their parents must be super lookers to produce kids like this. I wandered back to the Movie which by now I had forgotten the name of, much less what it was about. Just then the doorbell rang and I wondered who would be coming here in the evening. It must be a stranger.

I got up and went to the door only to be shocked by a literal Adonis standing there. This kid was almost a towhead much like Chad but he was around 14 years old. I looked at his eyes and they were the most awesome shade of blue. His skin was smooth not even any hair on his arms. "Yes what can I do for you lad?"

"My parents just moved in about 6 houses from here and I heard from one of the neighbors kids that there was a cave at this house. Is there?"

"Yes as a matter of fact there is. I didn't even know it myself when I bought the property but sure enough it has a cave. OH, my name is Joe do you have time to come in?"

"Yea my parents are gone for the evening and I am an only child. My father is a doctor and they went to some doctors party or something. I am left alone a lot. Oh, and my name is Gary Sutherland."

"Well you are welcome to come in Gary if you want to."

"Thanks Joe." He walked in and sat down on the sofa.

"Can I offer you a Coke Gary?"

"Yes please I would like one."

I was shaking as this guy was too much. He was better looking than even David. I got the Coke and brought one for me too. I handed his to him and sat beside him about two feet away. "You know how I found out about the cave. I had just moved in and the president of the cave club came over and asked me if I were going to keep digging in it. I told him he must have the wrong house. Then he told me I had a cave in my closet. I thought of course that he was kidding but he led me to my closet that I had hung my clothes in. And lifted a trap door, turned on some lights and sure enough there was a stairway going about 30 feet down to a cave."

"Gosh! That is quite a story. I wonder could I see it?"

"Well it is dark down in the cave now but I can show you the stairway leading to it. Would you like to see it?"

"Wow you bet. I have always been fascinated by caves. I guess I have some spelunker blood in my veins."

I led him to my closet and unlocked the trap door and opened it. Then I turned on the lights which went all the way down. I had never really seen it at night.

"Gosh, that is awesome. It is like something out of a story book."

"Yes that is what I thought when I first saw it."

"Are you digging more on it?"

"Yes Dick the president of the club brought over a bunch of club members from another cave they worked on and have been digging every day starting at 9:30 every morning."

"Could I help?"

"Well you will have to talk to Dick as he is the club president but I am sure if you go through their initiation they would be glad to have you. Let's go back to the living room. Oh let me show you the in ground pool they all swim in when they are though each day."

I turned on all the pool lights and it is truly beautiful all lit up at night.

"Wow! No end to surprises. This is quite a pool. Do they all keep their suits here?"

"No the club members prefer to skinny dip so I do it with them."

"Sounds exciting I have never swam naked before."

We got back to the sofa and sat down. I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed it to let him know he was welcome.

"Oh Joe that is the first time anyone has touched me in a friendly way in a long time. My parents are gone before I get up and sometimes don't even get home until my bedtime. So I spend a lot of lonely hours at home."

"Well you are always welcome here Gary." I reached up and rubbed his back between the shoulder blades and he said, "Gosh that feels so good please don't stop."

That statement made me start getting a hard on. Here was an Adonis magazine cover and he wanted me to rub his back. So I kept rubbing and told him it might feel better without his shirt if he liked. He took off his shirt right away and I could see the most beautiful tanned back, smooth as a baby's butt. When I touched it it was so soft him being a toe head. I loved rubbing it. I kept on rubbing on down and then I told him he might like it better if he lay down. So he lay down and took the sofa pillow and put it under his head.

"Gosh I haven't had this much attention in I don't know how long."

"I'm sorry to hear that Gary as you certainly have a fine body to rub." I continued on down and when I reached his belt line he wasn't wearing a belt so it was loose. I slid my fingers back and forth on his waste line under his boxer elastic. I know that always makes me feel good. "Does that feel good to you?"

"Oh yea, do you mind if I take my jeans off?"

"I said no we are both men. How old are you anyway Gary?"

"I just turned 14 two months ago."

When he dropped his pants I saw he didn't have any hair on his legs either. He was smooth all over. I rubbed on down his legs and listened to him moan every once in a while so I knew I was doing a good job. I wanted to get into those boxers so bad but though maybe I better not be too forward. When I rubbed up his legs to his thighs he spread his legs open so I kept going on up. I pushed his boxers up to show his tan line and mentioned it to him.

"Yea we lived in Hawaii for the last two years. So I am pretty brown. Look how dark I am at my waste."

I went to his waste band and pulled it down mid butt and commented on how beautiful his tan was. I rubbed the top of his butt since I was there.

"Oh that feels so good Joe. I think I will visit you as often as you will have me."

"Gary you are welcome any night your bored. If it is every night I don't care as I am lonely here by myself after all the boys leave."

"Gee thanks Joe."

I pulled his boxers back up and rubbed on the outside of them over his butt listening to him moan. So I thought well there is one way to get him hard for sure and I started rubbing his perineum. It was soft when I first touched it but it got hard as a rock in about 10 seconds. He had a hard on and so did I. "Does that feel good Gary?"

"Yea it even gave me wood."

"Don't worry about it, it doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you."

"I don't understand Joe I feel so at home here and somehow I trust you and it doesn't bother me where it might if it were some adult."

"How old do you think I am Gary?"

"About 16 or 17?"

"That is what everyone thinks but I just turned 21."

"Really you sure don't look or act it."

"Well thanks Gary I like to think of myself as one of the gang. I even went through Dicks initiation to be part of."

"What does he do for initiation Joe."

"Well maybe I should let him tell you."

"I won't tell him you told me Joe please?"

"Well as silly as it may sound they give each other shots in the butt with a crayon. They like to play doctor."

"Gee that was always my favorite kid game too. It's kinda like sexy. But I have never had anything up my butt does it hurt?"

"No actually it feels good to me. We even use three different size dildo's now as part of the initiation and they love it."


"Can I show you something that feels really good. I would have to slip your boxers down."

"Sure Joe I get seen in the showers every day at school so I don't care."

I pulled his boxers mid thigh and opened up the most magnificent ass I think I have ever seen. I was hard now. I wet my finger and rubbed it on his ass hole.

"Gosh I have never been touched there before that feels so good."

I wet my finger again and again and got it really wet then I pushed on it and slipped in all the way to the colon. It was so tight and hot and wet. I never felt a rectum this smooth before either. "Now how does that feel Gary?"

"Oh I could cum so easy."

"Here I am going to put my hand under the head of your dick so if you cum I will catch it. Now I am going to show you something even better. I am going to massage your prostate." I pulled out and then went straight in to his prostate and hit it a few time. His dick flexed every time. I knew I had him close. "Have you ever had anyone give you head?"

"No but I always wondered what it would be like."

"Roll on your side facing me." When he did I took his hard as a rock dick in my mouth. It was at least 6 inches long as it went past my gag point. I bobbed on it and then came up and sucked the head and tongued the special spot on his dick.

"Oh man I never dreamed anything could feel this good Joe."

I kept it up not hitting on his prostate for a while as I wanted him to enjoy the blow job for a while. I deep throated him and bobbed on it down my throat. He was moaning like crazy. I knew he was getting close so I started hitting on his prostate again. That did it.

"Oh Joe, I'm cumming......ahhhhhhhh...oOhhhhhhhhh.....God.....this... ....awesome.....God.......ahhhhhhh"

"I take it you liked it and having something up your ass wasn't so bad either was it."

"Oh Joe if I knew it felt that good I would have been sticking things up there myself."

"Man I got a case of the blue balls I have been hard the whole time too."

"It is only fair that I do you then so you can cum Joe."

"You don't have to Gary I can take care of it later."

"No I want to. I have always wondered what it would be like. Can I take it out?"

Shit take it out let me take them off I thought. So I stood up and dropped my pants and took off my shirt and stood there naked with the hardest dick I have had in a long time.

"Why don't you lay down on the couch Joe and I'll do you. Would you lay on your stomach first?"

I lay down on my stomach and felt a wet finger rubbing my ass hole. God talk about feeling good with this Adonis doing it. He wet his finger again and pushed it all the way up in me to see what it was like. Gosh, I have never felt inside like this before. It is smooth and hot and tight. He started finger fucking me.

"Oh if you keep that up for long I am going to flood this sofa."

"Turn on your side Joe what's good for the goose is good for the gander."

When I turned on my side he licked the precum on the end of my dick. He tasted it and then went on and took it in his mouth. I had to tell him to watch his teeth. It was obvious that this was a first for him. He started sucking on the head and tonguing it and about sent rockets off in my head. Then he took me down and gagged. I told him to relax and swallow to avoid gagging. So after gagging again he finally got it to go clear down his throat. This felt so good. His mouth was so hot and his throat even hotter. Then he found my prostate as he was still fingering me and that did it for me.

"Oh Gary I'm going to cum....Ahhhhhhhhhhh......Ohhhhhhhhh...God..... ahhhhhhhh...."

That was the hardest I have cum maybe ever. I must have shot 9 or 10 times as I didn't think I would ever stop. He didn't pull off like I expected but swallowed the whole big load.

"Oh Gary thank you so much that was wonderful."

"Yea but remember it was my first time getting head and a finger hitting on my prostate. I never knew anything could come close to the great feelings you gave me."

"Would you like to go for a swim Gary and wash off?"

"Yea that would be awesome. Can we skinny dip?"

"You bet I am already nude and you aren't far from it. Just step out of your boxers."

I turned on the lights and dove in with him right behind me. We swam for about 20 minutes then got out and dried. We sat in the living room nude watching TV until my bedtime. I told him he was welcome to stay any night he planned it with his parents but he better go home tonight. He agreed and got dressed. I gave him a hug and told him I would see him at 9:30 if he wanted to be a part of the cave club.

"You can bet I'll be here Joe."

And out the door he went. I wished I could keep him forever. I was in love for sure. What a beautiful human being. I turned off the TV and went to bed.


I got up happy. After meeting Gary who wouldn't be. My normal routine I had my coffee and watched the morning news. I got to thinking before I could take this mob to the Zoo I needed a van. My car would only hold 5 passengers max. So I decided to get the boys started and then go down and see if I could find one I liked.

At 9:30 sharp the bell rang. About half of them were here. I told them to go on down and get started that I had to run an errand and I would join them when I got back. I asked Dick and David to wait. Chad wasn't with him today. Then the bell again and it was the rest of the crew including my Adonis Gary. I told them to go ahead and repeated what I had to do. I introduced Gary to Dick and I think he was a little surprised that the president of the club was only 10. But he didn't say anything. I told Dick that Gary wanted to join his cave club and agreed to the initiation. They shook hands and then I told them of my van plans. I told them they could go with me and help me pick it out. This made them all happy. So we got in the car and headed for the Ford agency in Blackfoot. We all got out and of course were attacked by a salesman. I told him I was looking for a van that would carry as many passengers as possible. He only had two to choose from or I would have to go to Pocatello. The two he was referring to were the extra long body and carried 8 passengers. They both had the TV in back up high so it could be seen from the back. They had stereo systems built in that had speakers at each seat level. So talk about stereo. The boys told me they liked the tan one best. It had a brown stripe down the side and was quite attractive. I told the boys to wait by the car and I would see if the guy would deal with me.

After much bartering over trade in price for my car etc. I wrote a check for the full amount. He looked at me like sure you have the ability to write a check of this amount. So he picked up the phone and the bank assured him that he could cover buying their agency if he wanted to. So the tide turned and the sales manager became overly friendly. We completed the paper work and the van was mine. We would have to take everything, which wasn't much, out of the car and transfer it to the van. The boys all helped me and we were back on our way home in about 15 minutes in the new van. The boys couldn't believe it. It really was beautiful inside and out. It had that new car smell which I love. I pulled up in front of the house and told the boys to keep it quiet and we would show it to the others at lunch time. We went into the house and I got Dick to agree to doing the initiation on Gary after the swimming. He agreed but wanted to do the crayon to make him officially a member. So I sent David on down to start digging and Dick and I took Gary into the bedroom. Gary got out the crayon and asked Gary to lower his pants for his shot. He lowered his own pants too so Gary wouldn't feel alone. Here Gary you put it in me first. Gary liked this idea and was all smiles as Dick did have a cute little 10 year olds butt. So Gary pushed the crayon all the way as far as it would go which was only a little more than half way. Then Dick said fuck me with it. So Gary smiled even more and started having some fun he fucked him really fast with it for at least 5 minutes. Then he pulled it out and lay down for his turn. Dick liked this part as he had never seen such a perfect ass. He spread it real tight and just looked at it for a few seconds. The ass hole was pink and not a hair one on his body except the top of his head and his pubes. Dick pushed the crayon in and it went in so far that he could hardly keep hold of it. Then he started fucking him with it and Gary just moaned. He was going to like this club that was for sure. After about 5 minutes Gary pulled it out and smelled it. OK let's get dressed. So they got dressed and Dick smelled the crayon one more time before putting it in his pocket. "OK boys let's go dig." They both agreed. I held onto Gary's arm as I wanted to say something to him after Dick started down the stairs. "Gary let's don't tell the rest of the guys that you sometimes come over in the evening. I have them all day and don't need them all here all night too. But you are more than welcome I really like you coming over. I gave him a hug to show how much I liked him. He hugged back and thanked me. Then down the stairs we went. When we got back to where they were digging making the wall go back to 20 feet I noticed you could barely see each other. We were too far from the little light at the entrance. So I told them I was going to work on wiring some lights back here. Keep digging.

I went up to my garage where I had some house code wire. As a matter of fact a roll of it. I had the tools to cut the wire and put a light every 10 feet or so. So I started in. Before lunch time I had the cave well lit. It was so much better and safer this way. I put the lights as high as the ceiling would allow on the sides of the tunnels and on the front of the back so it would cast light throughout the whole room even when it was 20 feet back. They had dug another foot or two while we were gone to Blackfoot. It was really getting to look like some cave. I was proud of it. How many people have a cave in their closet. I smiled. I picked up digging tools and helped until just before lunch which wasn't far off.

When it got to be time I went up and sat all the sandwich things out on the table. I poured a glass of milk for each and then called them to come to lunch. Boy did they eat. They each drank two glasses of milk too. I was going to have to buy some more soon.

When they finished I told them I had something to show them that might help with our trip to the Zoo on Sunday. This was now Thursday. When I took them out and told them about the van they were all over it. They couldn't believe it. They played the stereo and tried out the TV. It really didn't bring in much of a signal. I told them it was mainly for use as a VCR TV. They were all so excited it made me feel all good inside.

We went in and crapped out in the living room as I wanted them to rest for a while. Digging is hard work. They watched cartoons and I sat on the couch with Gary right beside me up against me. I could see where he was going to be some friend. When the cartoons had ended it had been almost an hour since they quit digging so Dick suggested they get back to work. He was anxious as I was to get a big room built. So they all followed him down including myself. We worked until about 2:30. We had the long wall back to about 10 feet now. Only 10 to go and they were making it standing height. This made it so comfortable to work in without having to be on our knees. I told them it was time for swimming and so they all went out and brushed off and headed for the pool. I got Dick and Gary and told them now would be a good time to get the initiation over with and then they could swim.

So everyone went out swimming and didn't even notice we were missing. I locked my bedroom door as this was now private. I took off my clothes and so did both of them. It is always easier for the new guy not to be alone in the nude. I told Gary that Dick had already been through this so to speed things up I would just do him. I took the small dildo, put KY on it, and pushed it in. He moaned as I knew he liked things up his ass. I fucked him with it a short time and then put in the second dildo. This was a little tighter but he still was enjoying it. I was wondering what his reaction to the big one would be. I let Dick fuck him with the 2nd one for about 5 minutes as I wanted to loosen him up for the big one. "Now Gary this is the last dildo which is actually bigger than my dick." I held it next to my hard on to show him. "This one will hurt some but the pain goes away quickly. Take 5 deep breaths and then push out like you were passing a giant turd Gary." When he grunted I pushed it in all the way to the colon to help get the pain over with quickly. "How ya doing Gary?"

"Oh Man I have never had anything up my butt that big before. It brought tears to my eyes."

"Well I will leave it there without moving it until the pain goes away and it will. Shake your head yes when you want me to continue."

He finally shook his head and I let Dick fuck him with it. He started slow as he remembered how it felt. Then he speeded up.

"How ya doing now Gary." I said.

"Fine it is starting to feel kinda good now."

I took the dildo and fucked him really fast with it as I really wanted this Adonis' cherry if possible. I was so hard it was hurting. Pushing this thing in such a fantastic ass was getting to me.

Finally after about 10 minutes I pulled it out.

Dick said, "This is where I had you fuck me Joe."

Gary said, "You did?"

"Yea that really felt good because Joe's dick isn't that big."

"Well if you can take it Joe would you fuck me?"

"If you are sure that is what you want."

"I do Joe now that I think of it I want it to be you to take my cherry and no one else."

"OK then 5 deep breaths and push out." I lubricated my dick well. When he pushed out I was in all the way into his hot colon. He was so tight being a virgin I almost came on the way in. I held it there and asked him, "Are you OK dude."

"Oh yea, you are not nearly as big as that last dildo. It really feels great having you inside me too."

So I started slow short fucking him and he groaned and moaned every time I hit his colon. Then I speeded up and let him have it until I was dripping sweat all over his back. I had been at it 15 minutes or so so I started hitting on his prostate each thrust.

"Oh Joe that feels so good. I think I'm going to cum...ahhhhhhhh.... God.....what a feeling......ahhhhhh...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm......ohhhhhhh... Shit.....ahhhhhh"

Of course this set me off and I came right along with him. It felt so good this was the best fuck I have ever had because it was Gary and I think I loved him. I shot 8 or 9 rounds and collapsed on his smooth back. I hugged him and lay there. He was panting trying to catch his breath just as I was. After about 5 minutes we had both caught our breath. I rolled him over and boy had he cum. It was all over him and the bed. I lay on him and stuck my tongue out and touched his mouth he opened and I was in it. He sucked my tongue and started a French Kiss that I thought would never end and didn't care if it did. Finally we broke.

"OH Joe that was the most awesome experience of my lifetime. I really like you Joe. More than I have ever liked anyone."

"I feel the same way dude. You are one swell guy."

"Let's join the swimmers." Dick said.

Since we were already nude we just went to the pool and dove in. Boy did that water cool me off.

(to be continued)

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