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The water was just what I needed as I was so hot from doing my Adonis. God I couldn't believe anyone could be such a good fuck. I was thinking I can't wait until I get him up in me. I hope he comes over tonight.

We swam for about 10 minutes and the others were already tired as they were swimming while we did the initiation. So I got out and started drying. This of course got all the others to start getting out too. I am sure they were thinking about the sex part which usually came up next. I was tired so I would make it an easy sex thing.

When we all got back in the house, nude of course, I had everyone sit down in the living room for a change. I said "I have a ten dollar bill for the first couple that get each other off first. Actually it is $10 for each but both of you have to cum. For those of you that can only have dry orgasms it will still count. So everyone stand up, close your eyes and move around the room slowly. Then when I say grab take hold of the person you are next to and that will be your partner. So they all started moving around the room for about two minutes and I said, "Grab." They took hold of the person next to them and opened their eyes to see who they got. Most were really happy as they had drawn someone they hadn't had sex with yet. So I told them to get in a comfortable position either on the floor or on a chair or the couch and I would say start. When they all settled I said, "OK start."

This was really exciting to watch as they were making all kinds of noises of pleasure. Some were beating off the other guy so fast it was a blur. I saw some putting their fingers up the other guys ass trying to hit the prostate. Gary had grabbed David and so I watched them the most. They were the best looking couple in the room.

After about 5 minutes the first cry of "I'm cumming." came from David. So he started in on Gary. It was followed in a few seconds with cums being shouted all over the room and the second guy was now jacking the partner to get him off. The whole room smelled like cum now.

Sounds of pleasure were coming from all over the room. I was glad I didn't have close neighbors. Finally the 2nd "I'm cumming came." It was Brian and Pete. I gave them each a $10 bill but many others kept going until they finished anyway. It took another 10 minutes or so for the last "I'm cumming." to be heard.

Then I made an announcement. "Everyone listen up. If you are planning on going to the zoo on Sunday that is just three days away. Please bring me a note signed by one of your parents or guardian that it is OK that you go. You will need nothing I will pick up the tab for lunch at the zoo. So just bring your notes and yourselves dressed comfortably as it may be pretty warm. I suggest shorts and T shirts, but that is up to you. Now everyone go to the pool area and put on your clothes. We are through for the day. And thank you for all your help with the cave.

The boys said they loved doing it and went to get dressed. It wasn't long before the last were leaving for the day. Gary held back and asked if I were going to be home tonight that his parents were going out as usual and wouldn't be home before his bedtime.

"Sure Gary and if you can get permission you can spend the night. It would sure be OK with me."

"Really, I am sure I can get permission since you live so close. What is your phone number so I can give it to them for an emergency."

"Here it is Gary and I hope to see you later."

He left the house tickled pink. "See ya later."

I closed the door and thought to myself I hope he gets permission. Then I went to make my dinner.

After dinner I had just watched the 6:30 national news and the doorbell rang. I didn't want this to be a nothing but sex night so I thought I would get him to watch a movie before we went to bed. So I opened the door and his smile lit up the room. "I can stay Joe."

"Great I was hoping you would be able to. See all those movies over there. Pick one out you want to see and we will watch it together OK?"

He went over and looked them all over and picked a Herbie movie. The flying car. I thought that was a good pick for a 14 year old. It was Herbie goes Bananas. So I told him to put it in the VCR and I would start it with the remote. "Joe do you like being naked around the house. I do it all the time at home without my parents being there."

"No I don't mind at all. Do you want to watch the movie naked?"

He blushed a little and said, "Yea, if you do."

He didn't have to ask twice. I was taking off my shirt already. It wasn't long before we say side by side naked both with hard ons.

"There do you feel better now Gary?"

"Oh Yea."

I started the movie but could see where my mind was going to be. I put my hand on his thigh and he responded the same way. We started rubbing each others legs and about the time the title of the movie was over we each had each others dicks in our hands. God he was soft. I think I died and went to heaven. We squeezed each other and then I massaged his balls so he did mine. I was leaking like the fountain of youth and noticed he was too. So I rubbed his precum all over the tip of his dick rubbing especially on is special spot under the head. He moaned big time and then did the same to me. Soon he was down sucking my dick and I could see where this movie was getting me. So I went down on him 69 style on the couch. We sucked slowly so as to make it last longer. I wet my finger and started massaging his ass hole which he really liked. It wasn't long before my own ass hole was wet and being massaged too. I told him just a minute and went in and got the KY. I put some on three of my fingers and handed it to him. Then I got back on his dick and rubbed the KY around his ass hole for a while not entering yet. But As he sucked I got horny as hell and stuck my middle finger all the way into his colon and just kept it there. I felt the juices and the heat and almost came right there. So I was slow and gentle going in and out. He had entered me too now and was playing follow the leader with me the leader. I put two fingers in all the way and so did he. Then I pulled back and went straight under his dick and started rubbing his prostate. That did it he started cumming which made me start cumming and I don't know when I came so hard. It isn't often I get to even touch and Adonis much less get sexual with one. I must have pumped 8 or 9 ropes into his mouth and I know he shot 7 or 8 times in mine. I had to swallow a lot of it or loose it but I kept some in my mouth to savor the flavor. We sat up, looked at each others eyes and went into an immediate French kiss that lasted and lasted. I never wanted it to end. Finally when it did end he said, "Thanks Joe, I needed that."

I told him I did too and that I really enjoyed being sexual with him.

"I love being sexual with you Joe. I haven't been soft since I left here after you fucked me. That felt so good. I have never had such an experience before. Actually I haven't done much of anything before."

"Well I am glad to accommodate you Gary. I really like you a lot and I mean tons."

"That goes for me too Joe. I could be happy with you forever."

"I am glad you feel the same way I do. Now lets recuperate and watch the movie for a little while OK?"

"Yea." And he cuddled up to me with that baby soft skin driving me crazy. Boy not a hair anywhere except his head and his very blond pubes and soft skin. What a catch.

The movie seemed to last forever. I tried to keep from getting sexual again but it was hard. I just rubbed his back as he lay down with his head on my hard on. When the movie finally ended I said,"Are you ready to hit the sack yet?"

"Yea Joe if you are."

I got up and lead the way to the bedroom. Then he asked, "You know Joe we have never seen the cave at night with all the lights you put up."

"I take it you would like to see it?"

"Yea do you mind?"

"Well here take this old bathrobe and I'll put on my new one as it won't be warm down there."

We put on the bathrobes and tied the waste and then I opened the trap door and turned on the light switch. It turned all the lights on now. We started down the stairs and it was an ere feeling. When we hit the bottom of course we had to get on our knees, that is when I decided this room had to be made full height to stand up in too. Then we crawled back through one of the tunnels and stood up in the back part. It was awesome. The lights lite every square inch up. "Man isn't this great Joe?"

"Yea I really like it. But you know I think we should work on making the area at the bottom of the stairs full stand up height too."

"Yea Joe having to crawl there sucks alright."

"Well I'll bring it up to Dick tomorrow. He may have to get some more workers."

"Yea for sure."

We went back up the stairs brushing off our knees and then turned off the lights and shut and locked the trap door. Then we got nude again and decided to get into bed. I had the KY right by the bed as I knew it was going to get used tonight.

We went into an immediate French kiss that lasted and lasted. Our dicks got so hard we were sticking each other with them. I reached down and took hold of his and he got mine. That broke the kiss.

"Gary have you ever fucked anyone?" Knowing he hadn't.

"No Joe what we have done has been it."

"Here is the KY lubricate me to three fingers Gary."

"Your going to let me fuck you Joe?"

"That's what I'm thinking Gary, how about it?"

"Gosh yes, I have been wanting to since I first met you."

Gary started in one, two, three fingering me and fucked me with three fingers for a while. "I think I'm ready Gary. I really want you up in me real bad."

Gary responded, "Oh I can't wait." He took the KY and jacked off with it to coat his dick and then put it to Joe's hole. Joe pushed out and made an uhhhhhhhhhh sound and that gave the signal Gary was in and went all the way into his colon. He wasn't slight of dick by any means. "You OK Joe?"

"I've never been better. Let's see how a newcomer can fuck."

Gary started slowly but soon was speeding up pretty quickly. Soon his young age showed, and when a 14 year old turns on full speed you know you are being fucked.

"Oh Gary that feels so good. I hope it never ends."

Gary was thinking the same but also knew that he couldn't hold back much longer. He was going at blur speed now and loving it. All of a sudden Joe couldn't hold back any longer and let go. That did it Gary said, "Oh Joe I'm cumming...ahhhhhhhhhhh...oHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....God...."

Gary collapsed on top of Joe's back. He just lay there with his soft stomach against Joe's back. It felt like heaven to Joe. Gary reached around him and hugged him real hard. And kissed him between the shoulder blades. This really turned Joe on.

"Oh Gary that was the best fuck ever. I wish it could have gone on forever."

"Me too Joe but when you let loose it started squeezing my dick and it set me off."

"Yea that usually happens."

"Turn over Joe." When he did Gary was licking him clean getting all the cum he could off him. He took his soft dick in his mouth and really sucked on it to get all the cum he could. He licked up his stomach as far as the cum went and then started cleaning off the sheets. He loved it. "Oh you got good tasting cum Joe."

"Yea yours isn't so bad either bud."

Gary got up and went and got a towel out of the bathroom and finished drying him up and dried the sheet as much as possible. Then he lay the towel on the floor and got in bed with Joe and started kissing again. They just about kissed themselves to sleep.

When morning came Joe got out from under Gary's arm and went and made coffee. He put on his robe as he was cold. He watched the morning news and just as it was ending out came Gary. "Good morning Joe. Thanks for last night."

"I should be thanking you dude. You were great."

"You really think so. Am I a good fucker."

"The best dude."

"If you are cold put on the other bathrobe Gary."

"Yea I think I will it is a little chilly."

When he got back Joe told him that he had turned up the heat and the house would warm up quickly. They decided to take a shower and so they headed for the bathroom. They both got in and washed each other. Gary finger fucked Joe and loved it. When it was Joe's turn he finger fucked Gary. "Gary are you up for a dick up that gorgeous ass?"

"Oh yea anytime with you."

Joe took him the tree finger level with soap and soaped his dick and stuck it all the way in while Gary put his hands on the wall and pushed his butt back. Joe went like a house a fire. It only took him about 5 minutes and Gary let loose which set him off too. They came together and Joe pumped at least 8 ropes into his colon. Cum flew everywhere from Gary's dick. Joe pulled out and quickly took Gary's dick in his mouth and got all the cum out of it he could. He couldn't believe how good he tasted. Joe was falling in love with this Adonis and couldn't help it.

They dried and then got dressed and waited for the boys. This would be the last workday before we all went to the zoo. Joe was looking forward to that trip too.

At 9:30 the doorbell rang and most of the guys came in at once. Joe told them to have a seat he wanted to talk to them. The door bell rang again and the other guys walked in and seeing everyone sitting down sat down themselves. "First I want to know if anyone brought their notes for the zoo yet?"

Several had so he collected them and put them on the desk. "Now I want to talk to you about the great job you are doing on the cave. There is one thing I would like to change and that is the room at the bottom of the stairs. It needs to be made where we can stand up in it. What do you think?"

Dick said, "Yea I have been thinking that for a while too. I can get some more guys to help if you want Joe."

"That is what I was thinking Dick. I am glad you mentioned it. Do you have any more guys that would want to."

"Oh yea at least a dozen guys want to and I have told them we didn't need any more help."

"Well Dick why don't you pick guys around 13 and up so we can use their extra strength. Of course they have to be willing to go through your initiation."

"Yea they pretty well all know that and are willing."

"When could you get some more over here?"

"I can get one or two today if I can use your phone."

"That would be fine. And so it doesn't hold you up I can take care of the initiation after the crayon part. I like you in there for that."

"Sure Joe."

"Well everyone you might as well go ahead and work on the back room like you have been. Dick will join you when he can."

They all got up and took off down the stairs. Gary even went with them to look like he just showed up this morning too. Dick got on the phone and had two 14 year olds on their way.

"Hey that is great Dick I will stay up here until they come and then call you so you can explain the initiation and get started with the crayon OK?"

"That will work Joe. I'll go ahead and start digging. I am sure as happy as they were they will be here soon."

He couldn't have been more correct I hadn't even finished another cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. I went to the door and opened it and said, "Hello, my name is Joe." "Hey Joe. Is this where Dick lives?"

"No but this is where he is working on the cave. Is that what you are here for."

"Yea, incidentally my name is Barry. I'm 14 and have known Dick for a while now. He is always digging on a cave somewhere. I feel lucky that he called me."

"Well let me call Dick as you know there is an initiation to his club."

"Oh yea, What is it?"

"Well I will let him tell you. I'll call him."

I went half way down the stairs and called Dick's name and by passing of information he was told I wanted him.

Dick came right up and said, "Hey, Barry. What's happening."

"Well thanks for calling me Dick. I have been waiting for you to need me on a cave."

"You know I told you about an initiation to get into the club. You are also sworn to secrecy as to what goes on in this house and the club."

"Oh yea don't worry about me I won't tell anyone anything."

"OK then let's go into Joe's bedroom then. Joe I forgot to tell you Kyle, the other guy, couldn't come until he finished up some chores. He said it would be a couple hours."

That was fine by me that way I could have more fun with the initiations. And wouldn't have to rush."

When we got into the bedroom Dick said, "Well the first thing is we give each other a shot with a crayon in the ass."

I started taking off my shirt and so did Dick. So Barry followed suit. Then I pulled my pants and underware off at the same time and kicked off my shoes and stood there in my socks. By then Dick was nude too. Barry took a little longer as this was all quite new to him.

"OK Barry to make things fair you get to do to us what we do to you. That way it is fair don't you think."

"Yea that sounds fair Joe."

"Here is the crayon be sure to keep enough out of the ass to grab hold of we don't want to loose it up someones ass." ha ha "Who do you want to give a shot to first Barry?"

"Can I do Joe first?"

Joe lay down on his stomach across the bed and reached back and spread his cheeks allowing his ass hole to be the center of attention.

"Go ahead and give him his shot. You have to push it in and out several times to make sure he gets all the shot."

Barry now was as hard as a rock and kneeled behind Joe and stuck the crayon in slowly and kept pushing it until it was all the way in. He pulled out and pushed in several times and then took it out. "Like that Dick?"

"Yes now do me and I will go back to digging and Joe will finish up the rest of the initiation if that is OK with you Barry?"

Barry's eyes hadn't left Joe's dick and butt since they were nude so he readily agreed to that. He took the crayon and put it up Dick's ass and found it only went in about 3/4 of the way. So he pulled back and pushed in several times and then took it out. "Hows that Dick?"

"Great it felt good. I like it."

Dick then excused himself to go back to digging. Joe told Barry to lay across the bed. Joe had a massive hard on too now. He put the crayon all the way up in Barry and never did reach a stop but quit pushing while he could still hang on to it. He pushed it in and out a few times and asked, "How does that feel to you Barry?"

"Great, I have never had anything put up my ass before."

Joe said, "That is step one of three. We will use dildo's for the rest."

"What is a dildo Joe?"

Joe went to the drawer and took out the smallest one to show him. He told him these were adult toys and many adults used them while jacking off.

"Really, do they feel good like the crayon?"

"Yea just a little tighter. Are you ready for the first one Barry?"

"Sure Joe I have got a massive hard on."

"So do I Barry that is normal. All the club members like to do sexual stuff after their swim in the afternoon."

"Really that sounds so cool."

Joe put on KY on the dildo and told him he was going to lubricate him with his finger first. Joe stuck his middle finger all the way into Barry's colon and heard him moan. "How does that feel Barry?"

"Weird but good."

"OK now I will put in the first dildo." Joe pushed it in quite easily all the way and started fucking him with it.

"Oh God that feels weird Joe. It gets better and better feeling."

"Yes that is normal as your sphincter muscle gets use to the size of different things it starts feeling good. That is why it feels so good when one guy corn holes another guy."

"You mean fucks him? Doesn't that hurt Joe?"

"Well if you are properly prepared it only hurts for a few seconds and then it turns to this good feeling you are experiencing now."

"Now I am going to go to step two. The next dildo is a bit bigger around. You will notice the difference. It may hurt for a few seconds but it will then start feeling good."

"I trust you Joe."

Joe wanted to get his fingers back up in there so he put two fingers in and went in all the way. "I am just lubricating you so that you are ready for the larger dildo."

"I like it when you stick in your fingers Joe. It feels so good as it is part of you."

"Well thanks Barry, now here comes the second dildo."

I pushed it in all the way pretty fast so that the pain would be over as quickly as possible. "How's that feel Barry?"

"It just hurt for a few seconds but it feels great now."

I fucked him with it for about 5 minutes and then came back and went straight in to the prostate to see his reaction.

"Oh God Joe you just hit something that almost made me cum."

"Yes that is your prostate gland. It produces all the seminal fluid that you leak out when sexually excited."

"That gooey clear stuff Joe."

"Yes that is called pre-cum and really flows when you are excited."

"Well I must be excited then because I am soaked."

Joe rolled him on his side and saw what he meant. Joe thought why not. He put his mouth on Barry's dick and sucked off all the precum he could.

"Wow! That was awesome. I wish you could keep doing that I would cum in nothing flat."

"Well don't worry Barry you will cum before we are through. Now I am going to use the third dildo it is even bigger yet. It will hurt for a little longer and then start feeling real good. OK?"

"Yea, I guess."

Joe lubricated it well where Barry couldn't see it. And kept it hidden in his hand until he was ready to insert it. He didn't want to scare him to death. "OK here it goes. Now I want you to take 10 deep breaths and then push out like you had to pass a king size turd OK?"

"What ever you say Joe." He started taking ten deep breaths and Joe counted them so he would know when to listen for the pushing out."


He didn't have to listen for that so he pushed the dildo all the way in until it hit bottom.

"Oh Shit that Hurts terrible Joe. Ouch oh ouch...ahhhh...its easing up though like you said it would. The pain is going away slow."

"I told you it would. Now I'm going to fuck you with it slow." Joe started pulling and pushing it real slow at first listening to him moan. Then he speeded it up and soon was fucking him really fast with it. "How ya doing Barry?"

"Man that feels great now. It doesn't hurt at all. Keep it up."

Joe again pulled it to the entrance and headed for the under side of the dick where the prostate was and when he hit it stars flew.

"Wow it is that feeling again Joe. Oh that feels so good."

"Roll over on your side facing me Barry."

When he did Joe went down on him and started giving him his apparent first blow job. He at the same time kept hitting the prostate gland with the dildo.

"Oh I have never felt anything so good. Oh God Joe don't stop."

Joe drank all the precum he could but didn't want him to cum yet as he really wanted to take his cherry. So he pulled out the dildo and came off his dick.

"You stopped. I wanted you to keep going that felt so good."

"Well let me show you something Barry. Look at the dildo I just took out."

"God that thing is huge."

"Now compare it with my dick."

"Your dick is smaller by far. Could you put your dick in me like the dildo Joe?"

"If that is what you want Barry."

"I want. I would love it being you."

I jacked off with the KY and then told him to take 5 deep breaths and push out hard. When he did and I saw him push out I was in all the way in just seconds. God was he tight and hot. I had my dick clear up in his colon I could feel the wetness. "How's that feel Barry?"

"Oh awesome Joe. Fuck me with it."

Joe started slow and short stroked him. Then he sped up and heard the moans speed up too.


Joe hearing all this really got turned on and started long fucking him for all he was worth. He then after 10 minutes or so started hitting on the prostate every stoke he could. All of a sudden...

"Oh God Joe...I'm Cumming...ahhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhh...MMMMMMMM....ahhhhh God......Ohhhhhh.....Oooooooooo....shit...."

This set Joe off and he was cumming right along with him. He filled him with 8 or 9 ropes of hot cum all the way up in his colon. Then he fell on top of him and gave him a hug. He had soft skin too because of his age. Joe gave him a hug and rolled his weight off him where he was facing him. They started in each others eyes until they caught their breath. Joe said, "Stick out your tongue Barry." When he did Joe was on it like a frog on a fly. He sucked his tongue dry and then Barry took over and got Joe's tongue. It turned into a ten minute French kiss. Also a first for Barry.

When they broke Barry said. "Joe that was the most awesome hour I have ever spent. Thank you for teaching me all this. God I feel good."

"Well I am glad you liked it Barry. I guess it is time to go to work now if you have any strength left."

"Oh I do I have been waiting for a chance to dig on a cave for a long time."

They got dressed and started down the stairs when the doorbell rang. Joe told him to go on down and find Dick he had to answer the door.

(To Be Continued)


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