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When I opened the door there stood a tall kid with black hair and the most blue eyes I have ever seen. "Yes can I what can I do for you?"

"Is this where Dick and a bunch of guys are digging on a cave?"

"You got the right house. Come on in my name is Joe."

"Well I'm Kyle and I have come to help. Dick called me and said he could use my help."

"Well we sure can. Especially someone like yourself with big muscular arms. Do you work out or something?"

"No but I do play most sports and it keeps me in shape I guess."

"Kyle are you aware that there is an initiation that Dick has for becoming a member of his club?"

"Yea but I can go along with that."

"OK. But I think he can do that during this afternoons swim session. After the boys work all day they swim and then do some other things as you will find out later. Follow me and I'll take you to them."

When I led him to my bedroom he looked at me kinda strange. So I told him the entrance to the cave was through my closet. I opened the trap door and led him down the stairs to the cave.

"Wow! I had no idea it was this big. This is so cool. I am glad Dick called me."

"Well Dick should be working in the back room we will have to crawl to get there." I crawled on back to where we could stand up. The cave was well lit up with all the new lights.

"Dick, Kyle just got here. What you say we do the initiation during the swim this afternoon so he can get started."

"Yea that will be OK. Say Joe since we are going to have a couple of the new guys working up front making it stand up tall I wonder if you could get us some more stuff. We will need a few more digging claws and also a couple more leave movers. A few more buckets would help too."

"Sure Dick I will go up and go get them right now. I should be back in about half an hour OK?"

"That sounds fine Joe. And some more gloves too would help."

"I'll get them too."

On my way to the everything store, a store that had everything from groceries to hardware and just about anything one could normally need, I got to thinking of Kyle and just how gorgeous he was. It was so cool the mixture of black hair and blue eyes. Especially that color blue. He was as good looking in a different way as my evening Adonis. I started getting hard just thinking about him. I pulled into the store parking lot and lucked out getting a spot where a car was pulling out right up in front of the hardware portion. I got out and went in and got all the small items in a grocery cart and then had a young good looking store employee, he was about 20 and wow a knockout, help me get the two lawn leaf carriers. He asked me what I needed two of them for. I guess it was kinda strange since a person can use only one at a time.

"Well you are going to think this sounds strange but I live on a canyon and a bunch of boys and I are digging a cave in the canyon. These leaf movers are also great for moving dirt. These buckets are used to dig into and empty into the leaf carriers. The cave is getting quite large now so we need more equipment."

"Wow! You mean a cave like underground?"

"Yes that is where one usually finds a cave."

"Oh I'm sorry mister I didn't mean to sound so stupid. Do you ever let people tour the cave?"

"Well you are the first to ask but I guess on a one to one basis sure. What day do you have off here at the store?"

"Well I only work part time right now but I sure could use full time. I work Friday Through Monday from 12 to 8. Could I come over say Tuesday?"

"Sure what is your name. My name is Joe."

"Well I have gone by my nickname since I was in 5th grade. People call me Stormy."

"Well Stormy why don't you come over Tuesday morning would that suit you. The boys will be working and you can see them in action."

"Gosh that sounds so cool. Thanks I'll sure be there. Where do I come?"

I wrote down my address and told him it was at the end of Adams ave. turn left and go to the address.

"Thats close to where I live. I live on Terrace Drive."

"When I had a paper route I covered Terrace Drive from Adams to Carver."

"Then you would have been our paper boy how long ago was that?"

"Well I was 13 then and I am 21 now so figure."

"Gosh your my age. You sure don't look it. You look about 17."

"I know I get told that all the time. Can you help me out with all this after I pay for it."

"Sure Joe I will be glad to."

While I was standing in line I noticed how really good looking this dude was. He had light brown hair and hazel eyes that looked right through me. He was about my height and weight and had quite a basket on him. I was thinking of how I might get into it. Gosh why did I always think of sex so much. But he was cute. If he were only gay. But no chance of that as he looked the stud role and with a nickname like Stormy, No way.

When I paid the cashier he was waiting and I told him I was right out front at the curb. Just look for the long van.

He went right to it since it was the only van in front. I opened the back and folded down the seat and he loaded the leaf carriers and the other stuff for me.

Then he looked right through me again with those hazel eyes and said, "Gosh I wish tomorrow was Tuesday. You sure are a nice guy."

I said, "You aren't so bad yourself Stormy. See you Tuesday say around 10. Will that be OK for you?"

"You bet. I could practically walk to Talmadge Drive."

I shook his hand to get a feel of his skin and we held on to one another longer than the average handshake. See you Tuesday Stormy. I am looking forward to it myself."

"Gee thanks."

With that I started the engine and shut the door. He smiled real big and waved as I pulled out. I hoped I had the making of a long time friend. It sure wouldn't be my fault if he wasn't. If I could only keep my hands off him so I didn't scare him off.

When I got home I went to the cave from the outside entrance by going around the house and down in the canyon. I had one of the leaf carriers and a bunch of the smaller items Dick had ask for with me. I left it just outside the cave entrance and crawled in. They had already started on the ceiling so I could actually stand about half way up in part of it. I asked where Dick was and they pointed back. So I went back and found him and told him I had all the stuff he needed if he wanted to send help to get it all in. He decided to help me himself. After we got all the new stuff in the first room where the lawn carriers were needed along with two of the buckets, I told Dick to have everyone come up and I would put out sandwich makings. I went on up stairs and got busy getting lunch meat and cheese plus bread and spreads out and put them on the table along with paper plates. It wasn't 5 minutes until I had a table full.

"David how come Chad hasn't been with you in a while?"

"Mom thought he would be more of a bother than a help so he stays home."

"Why don't you tell her he can be a messenger and actually help. See if that makes a difference and since he is a fully initiated member of the club invite him to go to the zoo tomorrow with us. Just be sure he brings a note saying it is OK with your mom OK?"

"Yea he was kinda down because he wasn't going to be able to go. This will really excite him. I am sure mom will let him go since it is OK with you and the club."

"Fine and that brings me to the rest of you. Is there anyone who hasn't given me a note yet?"

"Yea I forgot but I will bring it tomorrow you can be sure." said Brian.

After everyone had eaten their fill and drank at least one pop they all got up and headed back down the stairs. They were anxious to finish the back room so they could sprout out and make more tunnels.

Dick said, "I'll be ready to initiate Kyle when we come up to swim Joe."

"Oh OK Dick just let him know that."

"I will."

I cleaned up all the paper plates throwing them away and went down to help in the first room where Kyle and Berry, the newest boys were working. That made three of us all older guys so it would go much quicker. It wasn't very pleasant digging over our head as our heads filled with sand all the time and I had to keep brushing out my hair. But we were making good progress. I started working right where the stairs landed so I would be able to stand up when I first got down there. It would make it a lot easier.

After about 2 and a half hours it was swimming time. So I put out the word to go outside and brush off and then head for the pool. I was able to stand now from the bottom of the stairs to the cave entrance. That was so neat. The other boys had been working their way toward me and we only had about 5 feet to finish getting it all stand up height.

We all went upstairs and I went with Dick and Kyle into the bedroom. Dick since I have so much sand in my hair I am going to go and swim for a bit. Can you handle the first one or two parts of the initiation while I'm gone?"

"Sure Joe I'll get started and you can join when you are ready. You sure do have a lot of sand in your hair." he laughed.

Even with the delay I wasn't the last one in the pool. I dove in naked and swam under water for two or three lengths coming up for air when I had to. I could swim a length without surfacing and then breath and swim back under water. I was thinking about Kyle and those eyes and of course wondering what his butt hole and dick looked like so After two or three lengths I got out, dried off, and went back into the bedroom. I felt right at home as they were both nude too. I noticed Kyle eyed my dick as it was half hard. His was all the way hard and he had the 1st dildo still in him being fucked with it. I said, "How does that feel to you Kyle?"

"Fine. I have never had anything in my butt before but I would have had if I had known how good it feels."

I took the dildo from Dick and pulled it out to the entrance and then straight in to the area his dick would extend to knowing I would hit his prostate.

"Oh shit that feels good. That could make me cum."

"Yes Kyle that is your prostate gland." I went on to explain what it does for him.

"Now we are ready for the next dildo don't you think Dick?"

"Yea here it is. Let me put KY on it for you." Then he handed it to me. "I said so that you don't feel picked on Kyle why don't you put it in me first."

Kyle looked at me with the happiest face and those eyes. God they were beautiful. He got right up and took the dildo from me and I layed down on my stomach. He pushed it in slow at first and since there wasn't any resistance he pushed it on up in me. I said, "Now fuck me with it Kyle."

"Wow! This is so cool. Man you sure have a nice ass."

"Well thank you Kyle, yours isn't that bad either."

He fucked me with it for about 5 minutes and I told him it was my turn.

He pulled it out and handed it to me. I went into the bathroom and washed it and put on some more KY and pushed it up in him.

"Oh God that feels so much better than the first one did."

I fucked him with it for about 5 minutes then aimed it at his prostate to hear him moan.

"Oh That place again. God that feels so good."

I said, "Well if you think this one feels good wait until you feel this one. Dick had lubricated the third one keeping it out of his sight so he didn't panic and handed it to me under the bed level. I pulled the 2nd one out and handed it to Dick. He smiled as he could hardly wait for what was coming up.

"Now Kyle this one is a step bigger so I want you to take 5 real deep breaths and then push out like you were going to launch a torpedo."

Joe counted the five breaths and then came the "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Keep pushing hard Kyle. Then Joe pushed it in past the sphincter and all the way into the colon and stopped.

"Oh shit...I can sure feel that one...It kinda hurts Joe...Ouch..."

"I will just leave it there until you are used to it and then start working it. Just shake your head yes when you are ready Kyle."

After about a minute Kyle shook his head yes, and Joe started fucking him with it. Since Joe wanted this cherry he really gave him a going over with it. He pulled it down and hit his prostate two times in a row and boy did he hear moans of pleasure. After about 8 minutes he pulled it out and said, "How was that after you got used to it."

"Oh man after it quit hurting I loved it."

I showed him the dildo and held it next to my dick for comparison. Dick said, "This is where I asked you to put your dick up in me. That really felt good."

"You did Dick? Well if you did it I sure as hell can. It is bigger than Joe's dick anyway. Will you put your dick in me Joe?"

"Sure if that is what you want."

"I want Joe, I want."

Joe jacked off with KY and rolled him over and pushed his legs ankles to ears. Then put his dick on the hole and said, Five deep breaths and push out hard."

He counted the 5 breaths and saw the anus pouch out and in he went all the way to the colon. "How is that Kyle."

"Wow! That is awesome Joe. I didn't know a dick would feel that good. It is better by far than the dildo as it isn't hard like plastic."

Joe felt so good looking right in his bright blue eyes and started fucking slowly short stokes. He listened to his sounds to know how he was doing.

"Uhhh...uhhhh...uhhhhh...uhhhh...Oh God...uhhh...uhhh..."

Joe could hear his uhhh's getting a little more pleasurable so he speeded up and started long stoking him. He fucked him like mad for about 15 minutes more and then started attacking the prostate.

"Oh God to cum...if you hit that....much more...ahhhhhhh....OHhhhhhhhh....shit.....its...cumming Joe..."

Joe felt like his dick was in a vice. This virgin stuff was so much fun. As Kyle spasmed and shot cum all over from his face to his belly button Kyle was cumming right along with him. "Ohhhhhh.....ahhhhhh... shit that feels so good......ahhhhhhh...oohhhhhhhh....shit...."'

"What did you think of that Kyle?"

"Joe there just are not words to describe it. I feel better right now than I have in my whole life. Thank you for taking my cherry Joe."

"Man you were a great fuck. You will have to fuck me after while when we get our strength back maybe Monday."

"You mean it Joe. You would let me fuck you too."

"What is good for the goose is good for the gander Kyle."

"Yea. Can we shower this stuff off now."

"Sure I have a big shower let's all three take one together."


Joe started the water and turned on both side shower heads so water was coming from everywhere. Joe took the liquid soap and got a gob on his hands and handed the bottle to Kyle. Joe started down Kyles back massaging and washing at the same time. When he got to his ass he spread it open and just looked at his ass hole for a few seconds. It was cylindrical and really good looking as asses go. Joe pushed his soapy middle finger all the way into the colon and let out an bunch of cum as he pulled his finger in and out. He felt someone washing his back and looked to see it was Dick all smiles. Then he started down Kyles front and jacked on his dick with soap for a minute and got him all hard again. Kyle started down Joe's front and did the same with Joe's dick. Then they washed each others legs and Joe turned his attention to Dick. Dick had such a smooth body being only 10. He washed his front and listened to him moan and jacked him off for a minute or so and the kept on going down. Then he did his back and finger fucked him several times listening to all kinds of pleasure sounds. He felt someone push his hand and so he let Kyle in as he wanted to finger fuck Dick too. He really gave him a good fucking. Then he jacked Dick off until he had an orgasm. Kyle looked so proud of himself.

"God thanks man that was great." said Dick.

They all got out and dried a little and Joe said why don't we just go and dive in the pool and swim until the swim is over. So they all went and dove in one, two, three. They swam a couple laps and decided they had had enough. So they got out and sat on lawn chairs and watched the world of nudity go by. Joe notice Kyle was hard watching it all.

Well it was about time to call them all out and do what ever sex game they wanted for the day.

I put 9 slips of paper with a sex act written on each in a hat. I called them all out of the pool. When they dried off they all came in some with hard ons, to see what was happening today in the sex games. I told them to pick a partner and since there were 9 of them one of them would have to pick me so as to make it even. Everyone grabbed onto someone and low and behold Kyle got to me before anyone else so he would be my partner. We all drew slips of paper out of the hat. The one Kyle drew said fuck on it. So that was our game. Some of them drew suck, finger fuck etc. But everyone seemed happy. I told them to go to any place in the house they could find some privacy and have at their game. I took Kyle into my bedroom real quick so some one wouldn't get it before I did.

"OK Kyle since I fucked you during your initiation it's your turn to do me."

"Oh man I been waiting for this. Look at my dick it is rock hard."

"Yea Kyle and all most 8" long too."

"Yea I measured it the other day and it is 7 1/2 inches long. How do I do it so as not to hurt you Joe?"

"Well here is the KY take some on three of your fingers and finger fuck me one, then two, then three fingers. Then you will jack off your dick with KY and get it all slippery and I'll be ready for you."

"God this sounds like so much fun." He put his middle finger all the way up in Joe and Joe noticed his fingers were long too. He finger fucked him for about 3 minutes and Joe told him to go to two fingers. So he did. He smelled his middle finger first before he sank the two in. After 4 or so minutes of this he went to three fingers and Joe could feel that all right. He fucked him really fast for about 5 minutes and said, "Are you ready Joe?"

"Yea I am kinda anxious to get you up in me."

"Well don't think I'm not anxious to get there. Push out Joe."


He heard that and was all the way into Joe's colon really fast. Joe took a deep breath as it hurt at first. This kid had a dick on him. Kyle started fucking him slow and then sped up and soon was going like a lightning bolt.

"Oh God that feels good. Man you are a good fucker."


This went on for at least 15 minutes and sweat was dripping off Kyle like he had run a marathon. All of a sudden he hit on Joe's prostate two times in a row and that did it for Joe. "Ahhhhhhhhhh....Man...... I'm.....cumming......Kyle......ahhhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhh....ooooooooo."

This of course set Kyle off with the spasms squeezing his dick so hard. And he let go of about 8 ropes all the way up in Joe's colon. Then he fell forward on Joe's back and hugged him and lay there trying to catch his breath. "Oh....puff....God....Puff puff...that"

After about 5 minutes after they both were breathing again Joe took Kyles tongue in his mouth and started a French kiss. Obviously Kyle's first. They kept at it for about 5 minutes and then Joe got up and got a towel to dry himself off. Kyle went down and licked quite a bit of it off and took his dick in his mouth and sucked out what he could there. Then Joe dried off and handed him the towel to dry his dick. Then they went and dove in to the pool and swam a couple laps to get good and clean.

When they got out Kyle hugged Joe again and then picked up his towel and started drying off. They both got dry and dressed and went into the living room where most were all through with what ever they drew out of the hat and had already dressed. When everyone was through Joe said, "OK guys tomorrow is the day. Don't forget your note if you haven't already brought it and come over as usual at 9:30 and we will depart about 10. Have a great night.

With that they all left except Gary. He said, "Joe I think I will stay at home tonight to get ready for tomorrow. I can't wait."

"That's fine I'll see you at 9:30 then. Good night."

"Good night Joe." He gave Joe a hug and took off.

Joe collapsed on the couch and spent the evening watching TV. He had no strength left for anymore this night.

(To Be Continued)


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