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I woke up excited inside. Today was going to be a big day. I hadn't been to the zoo for years myself. I got up and made coffee and sat and read last nights paper. In section C I noticed that today they were giving two for the price of one for any student. I thought how lucky not that I was worried about money. I certainly doubt if even my kids would ever go through it all. When 9 came I took a shower and got myself into relaxation clothes. I decided to wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt. It had a Hawaiian design on it and was basically blue. My shorts were the same color blue so I thought I looked sharp. I put on white socks and slip on loafers for shoes. I felt all ready to go.

9:28 the doorbell rang. When I answered it I found Chad with a note poking out at me. I was so glad to see him I picked him up and squeezed him. He really appreciated that. I could tell. I put him down and let everyone in. I did a head count and found one missing. Gary wasn't here yet. Just then the doorbell rang and there he was note and all. Everyone was dressed to a T as I am sure their parents helped them pick out some of their clothing for the day.

I told everyone to go and get a Coke and then they wouldn't be thirsty on the way. It wasn't really all that far. At 10 I opened the van and they all piled in. It was a perfect fit. Chad sat next to me in the middle in front and I was glad. I sure liked the little guy. I took off down Adams Ave. and went clear to almost the end. Then I took the main street that goes directly to the Naval Hospital which is right near the zoo and Balboa Park. It didn't take 20 minutes until we were parked in the lot. Since we were close to the Balboa Park Merry Go Round I took them all over and told them to get on an outside horse so they could see if someone could grab a gold ring. I even went myself. It had been years since I rode this. Everyone had a ball grabbing for rings hoping to get a gold one. I didn't get one myself but David did. So he got another ride. We all just waited on the benches as the ride only lasted about 5 minutes. Chad was sitting next to me and I put my hand down on his bare leg. He looked up and smiled and I could see his hard on raising. I wasn't about to try anything here in the park so I just let him enjoy it. When David got through we went to the zoo where I got everyone a ticket. I told them that I thought it would be best while we had good legs under us if we walked though the snake and reptile building. That took about half an hour. When we came out I suggested that we wait in line and catch a bus tour next as the zoo is huge and takes two or more days to walk through. So we boarded a bus and went for the hour or so ride. It went past most of the big animals and some of them were trained to sit up and beg and the driver would throw a slice of bread at them. The drivers were really good at sailing the bread like a Frisbee and usually hit the animal near the face. The boys were all excited as we went by the lions and other cats of prey. When the bus tour was over I suggested we have lunch at the cafeteria. I told them to take everything they wanted it was on me. So they all filled their trays since it was getting close to 1 O'Clock and they were hungry.

After lunch I led them to the giant cage that housed all the birds of prey. You walked though two doors to get into the mammoth cage. It was so large you didn't even feel like you were in a cage. Even the trees were engulfed in it it was so high. We took our time going though it as it was so big. It dumped us down in the bear area. So we walked around that area even though the bus had driven by it. We found paths the bus didn't go on and followed them. There were animals I didn't even know existed along some of these paths. The boys were fascinated. After another couple hours we finally got back to the cafeteria area. I told them to go though and get something to drink. I was sure thirsty myself so I knew they had to be. They got milk shakes, sodas, and some just large cokes. We all were glad to sit at a big table and rest. The zoo really takes a lot out of a person. That is why I took the bus tour first after the snakes and reptiles. The only way to see that area was to walk. We looked at a schedule and saw there was going to be a seal act in 15 minutes. So we hurried to get there just a few minutes before it started. It was a very enjoyable show. Boy it was great how they operant conditioned those animals to do so many things.

I looked at my watch and it was 4 O'Clock so I looked around and saw a bunch of tired faces. I suggested we go to the van and head back for the house where they could swim if they had enough strength left. They were all for it as it was hot. The van had air so it was a comfortable ride home.

When I let them in the house they all headed for the pool undressing as they went. When I got there several were already nude and in the water. Chad had stayed back with me. I undressed with Chad and he looked at my dick which was semi hard and got hard himself. He came over and gave me the biggest hug. We dove in and he rode around on my shoulders.

After our swim they all wanted to play a sex game. I was tired so I made up another easy one. I got out a deck of cards and removed the joker. I sat the deck on the middle of the floor. I had two at a time draw a card. The winner of the draw got to pick anyone he wanted and take him somewhere and he would be the master and the looser the slave. I told them that the slave could refuse if it was something he didn't want to do and the master would have to choose something else.

So I started with Dick the president. He drew a 10 of clubs. Then I had David draw. He drew a 7 o hearts. So this allowed Dick to choose anyone he wanted and be the master. Dick chose 11 year old Brian. Dick was almost 4" cut, and Brian was 5" cut. This made a good choice.

Next I let David draw again. He drew Q of hearts. Then I had Pete draw. He drew 10 of hearts. So master David chose Gary. David was 5" cut and Gary was 7" cut and oh what an Adonis.

Since Pete lost I had him draw first again. He pulled a 9 of diamonds. Don drew next and got a 5 of hearts. So This made Pete a master and he chose Barry who was 7" cut and Pete was 6 1/2 " cut, nice match. Pete being master took Barry and disappeared.

Don of course went 1st and drew an 8 of Clubs. Chad was next draw. He drew a K of hearts. Chad felt great he was a master. He came and chose me. I was tickled as I really loved this little guy. Of course we were way apart in dick size.

So Don drew again and came up with a Q of spades. And Kyle being the only one left drew to see who the master would be. Kyle drew an A of hearts. This made him the master. Kyle was 15 at 7 1/2 ". And Don was 15 also and also 7 1/2 inches. Perfect pair.

Kyle was all smiles and Don followed him to their secret spot to have fun.

Chad said, "Can we use your bedroom Joe?"

"If someone isn't there we can." Lucky for us it wasn't in use so we went in and shut the door. OK master what do you want to do. Chad said "It has been so long I really want you up inside me again."

"Are you sure Chad it's gonna hurt some?"

"I know you will prepare me right and yes I am sure."

Joe loved finger fucking the little guy so he started in with the KY and his middle finger. He went all the way into the colon and then some. "Does that hurt?"

"No man it feels great. You don't know how long I have been waiting for this."

Joe then used two and then three fingers and fucked him hard with three fingers to be sure he was ready. He twisted and turned the fingers to really loosen him up. "OK now Chad 10 deep breaths and push hard." Joe counted the breaths and on the tenth he was KY up and ready. Then he heard the loud grunt and pushed his dick about half way in. "Are you OK little buddy?"

"Yea it hurts a little but I am in heaven. Keep going."

Joe went on in slowly and felt his dick make its way up into Chad's colon and make it's own path until he was buried all the way to his pubes. "You OK dude?"

"Never been better let me have it Joe."

Joe started slow but was soon going like crazy. Chad was making a different sound with each plunge but they were all pleasure sounds. After 15 minutes or so Joe started hitting straight in on his prostate and after about three of these Chad had a dry orgasm. It squeezed Joe just as much as a real one and he unloaded all the way up in his colon. He felt like he was in Chad's stomach. He let go of 8 or 9 ropes as he was really turned on with this cute little guy. Then he pulled out and said, "How was that master?"

"Oh Joe that was so wonderful there aren't words in my vocabulary yet for it."

"Well let's go swimming, but first go sit on the toilet and get rid of all that cum I put up in you. Chad went in and Joe could hear a flow like he had given him an enema. It finally stopped and he heard Chad wiping himself. Then they headed for the pool."

Meanwhile looking in on master Dick and his slave Brian. Brian said, "What do you want me to do?"

"How about you suck me for a few minutes and then fuck me."

"Wow! You bet." Brian got right on his dick and took it all in. He bobbed up and down and even shoved a wet finger up his ass. So Dick was getting finger fucked and sucked at the same time.

"Oh God Brian that feels so good."

Brian was loving this and really going wild with the finger fucking. He started hitting on his prostate. And it wasn't long before he had Dick in orgasm. He was surprised Dick actually got a few drops of sperm out. "Man you just spermed in my mouth."

"Really let me see."

Brian stuck his tongue out and there it was. He hadn't swallowed it on purpose. He stuck his tongue on Dick's lips and Dick opened his mouth and he stuck his tongue in so he could taste himself. Dick started sucking on Brian's tongue and all the while saying, "Hmmmmmm Ymmmmmmmm. That is what I taste like huh."

"That's it dude. Now are you still wanting to be fucked."

"Oh Yea but do the one, two, three, finger thing first OK?"

"Yea I love doing that anyway." So Brian started pushing his finger clear up in the colon and then two fingers and a while later three fingers. "So do you think your ready Dick?"

"Yea let me have it." Then he grunted real loud and Brian launched his dick like a battle ship all the way into the colon. This went on for about 20 minutes since Dick had just cum and then Brian lost it and started cumming. He let go of several ropes and then collapsed on top of Dick's smooth back. They lay there that way for about 5 minutes and that gave them a chance to catch their breath.

"Man I'm hot Brian let's hit the pool."

When they got there they saw everyone was already swimming so they just joined in. There were a lot of happy faces in the pool as they had all just gotten though having sex with someone they picked.

After a while Joe said, "Well I think it is about time for everyone to call it a day. Let's all dry and get dressed. There are clothes all over the house so you will have to find them.

When they were all dressed They all said good night and took off for home saying "See you in the morning Joe and thanks for everything."

Gary held back and said, "I think I will see you in the morning too I just got fucked for at least 20 minutes. I'm pooped."

"That's OK Gary you don't have to explain I am pooped too. The zoo was enough to tire me out."

"Yea that was great and Thanks again Joe. Good night."

Joe closed and locked the door and then checked to see the cave door was locked and it was. Then he made some dinner and spent the rest of the evening laying on the couch watching TV.

The next morning.

I had a normal morning routine and at 9:30 here they came. Dick had another big guy to help dig on the ceiling.

"Joe this is Stan, he has dug with me once before. He is 15."

"Well Stan welcome to the cave group. My name is Joe and I'm 21."

"Your kidding me, your 21?"

"Yea I get the same response from everyone. But I just look younger."

"Gosh, you sure do. You look about 16 or 17."

"He knows about the initiation he once did the crayon shot a while back. But Stan there is more to initiation now. Joe and I will show you during the swim session. OK?"

"Sure what ever it takes to become a member. I sure enjoy digging caves with you Dick."

Dick said, "OK we might as well get started." He watched as Stans eyes popped out when he opened the closet and the door to the cave. Then he turned on the lights and Stan really looked.

I noticed that Stan had light brown hair, probably blond when he was a young boy, and brown eyes. He had a swimmers body just like so many of these guys, and was good looking like everyone seems to be that lives around here. I sure picked the right neighborhood to live in with a built in boy bringer. That cave was just the thing. I decided to go ahead and start digging again even though I really didn't relish getting a head full of sandstone again. So I followed them down last.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs they had already started digging toward me and didn't really need another digger with Stan there so I went to the tunnel and started making it a little taller too. I wanted to be able to stand up anywhere. So I got a bucket and a claw and some gloves and started in.

Dick was leading the crew in the back and doing a good job of it. He had all of them working on the back wall and only had about a foot to go before they had to decide where to start the new tunnels.

Joe dumped his bucket load and saw the leave carrier was full so he took it out to dump it. When he got out there he couldn't believe his eyes. There was dirt at least 15 feet further out where they dumped now. It showed a lot of dirt had been removed.

Joe kept at it until about 11:30 and went upstairs to make lunch. He put out all the necessary sandwich fixings and a big chocolate cake with icing in the middle of the table. He cut the cake where it had more than the 11 necessary pieces so there would be some for later if they wanted it. He put a glass of milk by each paper plate and then went to the stairs and yelled come and get it lunch is ready.

Word spread fast and soon they were all dusted off and sitting around the table with their eyes on the cake. Joe then got them quiet and told them he decided that since they were working so hard and showed up every day he was going to start paying them each $10 a day for their work. Payday would be every Saturday. As they had Sunday off. Boy talk about excited. He couldn't have said anything that would have made them happier. That was the talk of the lunch period that was for sure. Half of them had a weeks spent already in their minds.

"Now can I have everyones attention again? The way to get paid is to sign the pay sheet everyday as you come in. Sign the same line every day. That will make it a lot easier for me to figure payroll. Here are your numbers as you came to the club. 1. Dick 2. David 3.Pete 4. Don 5. Brian 6. Chad 7.Gary 8. Barry 9. Kyle 10.Stan. You will sign on that line everyday on a clipboard on the desk in the living room. If you forget to sign, no problem, I am $10 richer is all. Now for today I will pass the clip board here at the table. Sign your number before going back to work."

They all were thanking Joe for paying them. They never expected it. They were really happy just digging. But Joe thought as long as he had more money than he could ever use he might as well give them a bonus for coming every day. After all it was Joe's cave. When lunch was over they all went back to work after signing the number assigned on the clipboard. Joe put the paper plates in the garbage and tossed the cans in a shopping bag. Then he went down to continue working himself. As the after noon progressed the guys up in front by the entrance finished getting it all stand up height. So they started working on the tunnels to the back. One helped Joe and the other two worked on the other tunnel. By swimming time they had finished the tunnels and now could walk anywhere in the cave. Joe was tickled as it was looking more and more like the cave he imagined. Joe told everyone that it was swimming time and so they all went out side brushed off, and then went up and got undressed and in the pool. Stan followed Dick and Joe into the bedroom for initiation.

Dick said, "Well Stan we all get naked so you don't feel out of place." So Joe and Dick took off their clothes. Stan was a little slower but also got naked. "Now to make you feel even more comfortable you get to give Joe and I a shot with the crayon first. Here is the crayon who do you want first?"

"Well why don't I do Joe first then."

Joe lay down and felt him spread him wide and stick the crayon up his butt. Then Joe told him to fuck him with it. Boy did Stan get with it Joe glanced back and saw Stan had a hard on supreme already. Joe wasn't far behind in that department. Then Joe told him to go ahead and do Dick. So Dick lay down and he spread him open and just looked at his ass hole for a few seconds. Joe thought that was fairly usual. Most guys look first. Then Stan stuck the crayon into Dick but it didn't go all the way as it stopped short. He then started fucking him with it for about a minute.

"OK now Stan it is your turn." said Joe.

Stan lay over the bed and waited. Joe spread him open and looked first and liked what he saw. He had no hair at all on his ass and Joe liked that. Joe was also thinking of the possible cherry picking time he might get and it made him all the harder. Joe fucked him for a minute with the crayon and then while Dick did it he went to the drawer and put KY on all the dildo's to get them ready. He took the small one out and told Stan this was the second part and to save time he would just do him. He told Dick he could go ahead and swim if he wanted to. Dick was gone like a shot. Joe put the dildo in and fucked him with it for about 2 minutes. Then he told him the next step was a larger dildo. "Have you ever played around with dildo's Stan?"

"No other than the other time I had the crayon up my ass nothing has been up there before. It feels weird and good though. I like it."

Joe finished up to the third dildo. He took it out of the drawer hiding it from view which wasn't hard as Stan had his head on the pillow facing the other way. "Now Stan this one is a little bigger yet so take 5 deep breaths and push out like you were going to take a shit."

Joe heard the breaths and after 5 he heard him grunt. SO Joe planted the dildo all the way in the colon.

"Oh sit that fucker hurts. God, ouch...ahhhhhh.....geese....ohhhhh."

"It will start feeling good in a minute just relax and wait. Shake your head when you are ready for me to move it." In about a minute he shook his head and Joe slowly started fucking him with it. He speeded up and soon was going like a lightning streak. He started hitting on the prostate every other time or so.

"Oh man I never knew anything in my butt like this would feel so good. What are you hitting when it feels like a shock."

Joe explained the whole prostate thing to him. "It even feels better when something softer than plastic is hitting it. Like when your friends corn hole each other. I am sure you have heard them talk about corn holing."

"Yea but I never asked so I didn't know what they really meant. You mean they stick their dicks in each other Joe?"

"That is what corn holing is Stan. And now you know why they like it so much."

"Yea that would be awesome."

Joe pulled out the dildo and asked Stan to compare it with a dick. He put it right next to his own dick to show him.

"Gosh that is bigger than your dick by far. Put it next to mine." When Joe did it was bigger than his too even though his was 7" uncut.

"Then if you corn holed me or me you it wouldn't hurt any worse than that thing did?"

"You got that right. As a matter of fact a lot less as a dick is soft compared to a plastic dildo."

"Joe...would you...I mean...could you corn hole me then. I want to feel what it feels like?"

"Sure if that is what you want Stan. Here let me use three fingers and Put some more KY in you to make it slippery. I also jack off with Ky and make my dick slippery too. Now take 5 deep breaths like you did and push out real hard to relax your sphincter muscle so I can go in easy."

Joe counted the 5 breaths and heard him push and in he went all the way up in his colon. Then he stopped and said, "How's that Stan?"

"Oh it burned a little going in but now it feels great. Like I'm real full. Go ahead and fuck me Joe."

Joe started slow but soon was jack rabbiting him. He was making so many pleasure noises Joe got overly excited and really went at it. He couldn't wait for him to come first so he let loose of about 9 ropes clear up in his colon. "Ahhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhhh....God that felt good."

"Yea man it felt great to me. I wish I could have gotten off though. I was real close to cumming."

"Yea man that is the way it is suppose to happen I just got too excited with you making all those pleasure sounds. I'll tell you what why don't you do me. That will get you off."

"Really! God yes, I would love to."

"Since I am experienced just use three fingers and lubricate me way up into my colon and then put KY all over your dick. Pull back your foreskin and lubricate there too."

So before he knew it he had a 7 inch uncut dick up his ass and a 15 year old driving it. He got going so fast it was hard for Joe to breath but it felt so good as he was hitting his prostate without knowing it. Joe got hard all over again and about 15 minutes more of this and Joe came again. This of course set Stan off.

"Ohhhhhhhh...God......Joe....I'm good.....ahhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh..oooooooo....."

"You liked that huh Stan?"

"Oh...puff...God....puff...yes...Ohhhhhh...shit...that....puff...felt so good....puff...puff..." And he collapsed on top of Joe's back. He was so smooth being 15 that Joe loved the feeling of him on his back even though he was having a hard time breathing. After about 5 minutes Stan got up and just sat on the bed. Joe got up and pushed him back on his back as he had to suck on that uncut dick. He put it in his mouth and put his tongue under the foreskin and sucked him dry. Then he started moving the foreskin back and forth with his mouth. It felt so different Joe loved it. Then he got up and said, "You know what Stan you are one hell of a fuck.

"Stan just laughed."

(To be continued)

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