Seducing the Stork


WARNING: Descriptions of consent gay sex between an adult and an underage boy

M/b -- mast, oral underwear


A short true-life story for adults at lawful places

2009 by Alexandre de Boysac; no © for free sites



Prolog/Author's note:

I don't know a lot anymore about my early childhood, but I still remember quite well my initial sex-encounter when I was sent to a small catholic orphanage at about age 4-a-half. There I had to share a bed with a 7-year-old who'd then lifted my nightie and showed me how to wank, asking me afterwards to come with him and help milking the cock of a big boy. Overwhelmed by my very first dry climax I eagerly agreed and was really happy to get praised for my job, not caring about the 15-year-old's cum I had on my small hands. I even wanted him to fuck me too the way he did my mate later when he came into our little room at dawn, but he said that I was still too small for his dick, suggesting that I could kiss the head of his "bird" and suck on it instead next time, whenever I wanted it to stroke, as it then would vomit a lot better. I had not to think twice and I guess it really had helped him more, when he went with me into the adjacent barn after his school that day. I was excited to be alone with him and he was it too, as it didn't take him long to cum, and I for sure had at least a blast in my mouth and two or three strings of his sperm across my face, and since he'd been always quite nice to me so far, I followed his idea and slurped away the slimy reminders from his spent dick and what he had scooped from my cheeks onto his finger.

However, when he was sadly discharged to an apprentice-home two or three months later, a pubescent 12-year-old wanted to become the new "boss" and confronted me and my mate in his room trial-like about what we had done. He called us names and made us feel embarrassed, but we didn't like him and not wanted to be his slaves and do nasty things with him. Yet he booked us with quite some force for the same service, otherwise his pocket knife or, if he would rat on us, more likely then the house father's sharp dagger would swiftly remove our "birdies", if not our saclets as well. Oh my ... that and a few slaps into our faces was all we needed to obey him and soon his 13-years old roommate too, what brought me as their preferred prey the following weeks not only a sore mouth, but a quick and rather unpleasant loss of my virginity by those two spunky lads as well.

Just once my friend and I were discussing after a while at night, if we should tell the home parents what was going on, but then we discovered the house father shagging our tied up "boss" in the barn on the saw horse, what let us quickly retreat into our little room.

After some weeks they eventually lost their interest into our young bodies and were after one of the younger girls. Sometimes though they wanted me to be a "prisoner" and were dragging me into the barn to "execute" me by dumping their boiling sperm over my face. That was a game I liked a lot for decades to come if there was an opportunity for it and had to do with me being on the way to become a sperm addict I guess. However, I didn't admit it, when they were referring to their dicks and nut bags to be their guns and bullet magazines. With my bare chest, hands tied on my back and kneeling on the floor in the barn they frantically wanked their dicks inches away from my eyes, and having their other hand pinched in my hair to keep me in place then unloaded their semen in hot and mostly fast given splashes onto my forehead and into my light-blond hair and were grinning wickedly, when their sap was running viscously down over my in mock disgust distorted face and dropping onto my chest and sometimes further down onto my trousers too, asking me afterwards that I had to lick and clean up myself.

Truth was though, that I was more and more missing my daily two or three bum-shots I had before, and so I tried my best to become a 7/24-fuck toy for the 3rd older boy we then had. He was 14, a bit a loner and sort of a wimp and never cared about others, surely not about us very young boys. But my bedmate said that he'd heard his dick was bigger and fatter then the 15-year-old's before, what I then thought I had to see with my own eyes. First he didn't want me to come into his bedroom at night, but didn't kick me out either. When I was talking nastily to him about my sexual experiences I'd made so far, he'd called it a sin and closed his little torch, but I had then already seen, that his striped pajama trousers was badly tented and had a wet spot on it, and after he'd eventually accepted a hand job in the almost dark room, just thru the cloth though, he came almost instantly and shot his semen into the fabric, asking me afterwards embarrassed to leave his room and not to talk to anybody. I though didn't want to be spared out, wanted him to use his spunk in his trousers to lube my bum up and therefore asked him to turn the torch on again and then showed him my little globes and its blinking hole, until he gave in, but wanted it to do upstairs in the loft behind stored goods. I quickly agreed, and after we'd tiptoed two storeys up, we found an old mattress and I had him eventually fully into me. It had hurt real badly this time, as his fat dick was surely more then 5 inches in length, maybe even six, but my spot got nicely brushed and I came too, when I with tears was gladly receiving his warm cum. Of course my bedmate wanted to know how it was, and after inspecting my slimy bum hole I had to learn, that he wanted me as well on the spot, and from then on mostly liked to pump me right after I came back from a date with my butt still slick from the 14-year-old's fresh wad.

Maybe a half year later the female cook had caught *me* in the barn lending my bum to my bedmate. Yeah, *I* was the bad kid and had to be dismissed, what didn't enjoy my still young mom. At the other side she was with 21 finally just old enough to be legally responsible, what made my release possible, but she had to ask an elderly single neighbor to care about me before and after kindergarten. And care he did quite eagerly, when she was at work or a "visitor" was around, since mom had told him a few sensible details from the orphanage, suspecting that I might become a boy for men and not for girls. Soon after that he for sure wanted to know who else had fucked me, and when I'd told him about the 14-year-old, he went into his kitchen and came back with an olive-oil bottle, asking me to be brave, as he had to try, if his in my young eyes monstrous, way too thick adult cock of around 7 inches would fit into my tiny and not more then 5-a-half-years old butt as well, after I'd offered him already my small mouth and little hands, voluntarily though. It did fit, but had hurt like hell for a couple weeks, and to suck him first was also not a good idea, as he then had a much too long way to go to discharge a 2nd time, if at all!

Those also were in sketchy words my most intense early encounters I had so far!

From then on it went till the end of secondary school and into apprenticeship continuously ahead that way, whether it was at other institutions, foster parent places, on hustler tour or again at home. There was also a new neighbor and his stepson whom I knew from a class above and who had order to "ride me" and find out if I could shoot already. And again "thanks" to mom it happened also with my new social worker, who'd often glared at my crotch and was then asked by mom hypocritically to teach me at barely age 12 "about the birds and the bees" - and that I should wash out my cum stained briefs and not hide on the cupboard's top - Arrrgh! But that's not all, as she had just another one in store, when I had to clean my ass for a lodger a couple months later, since he'd "convinced" her that I was too pale and weak and should take frequent (fuck-) rests by sharing after-school-naps with him when he was back from his morning shift.

Other encounters followed in between and after the above mentioned cases; brief and longer as well as good and some real bad ones with predators waiting in or around railway stations or shopping center toilets. And whereas a pastor's son loved me in a spring camp, a prostitute teen and his younger brother in a reform school who taught me how to hustle had raped me first upon arrival. Last but not least there was also a foster dad who visited just that reform school and then had chosen me only after I in mocking hesitance allowed him to use me first on a walk thru the woods and taking my promise to "break in" his two young sons for him.

A rare and somehow weird case though happened to me, when I was still a slim, but almost 14-year-old - and I tell that just in order to complete the circle and to see what followed after my last foster place: even a semi-skilled woman in another home was groping me more then once at bedtime to release my "unhealthy" tension, before pairing me off with a small girl in order to cure me from gay behavior and abuse of little boys ... the first of three encounters I had with girls my whole life! With mom though it was different, as I was used to get washed by her when I was at home, what even happened when I got pubescent at about 11-a-half and lasted till age 15, when my bodily growth spurt came, as she aside from young men always had a crush on maturing boys and youngsters too -- one even having fathered her when they both were minors. However, I won't talk about further going things about that or with the female educator and the encounters with that mentioned or the other two girls, as that would bother most readers and also not belong to this section.

As a young man then I was fancying and often seducing pre- and pubescent boys, mostly uncared ones, and did it later on semi-legal purpose, when I was working for decades as an educator in homes for orphaned and otherwise socially disadvantaged kids.

Well, having obviously inherited late mom's loose mouth to provide you with some hints about what else could be brought to light, there is stuff enough for several sequels I guess, and I'd longtime wanted to talk about all from the very beginning. Just ... I doubt to have the necessary skills for that, but pushed by friends despite lacking proper English, I have written a shortened sex-story as an essay to find out, if there is any interest for my humble style and the maybe once whole (Orphanage Tales) book in sequels.


"Seducing the Stork" deals about the time when I was a group master in a state's social department boarding school, asking a slim 12-years old orphan boy right after his emergency placement to help me fill in the official entry form, having in mind to do a private "health check" later in my apartment and nastily ask him things about boys and their sexuality. The dialogs are of course not 100% genuine anymore, but they reflect the situation back then as good as I could remember.

Oh, btw: Since I'm not online at home and need to use an internet café around once a week or so, potentially interested readers shouldn't expect a swift response - thanks!



2009 by Alexandre de Boysac; no © for free sites


It happened in the middle of February on a cold and foggy late Saturday morning, and after a good wank by watching decent pics of some of my boys I'd taken in their bedrooms or my apartment, I had a nice shower and was then just preparing brunch in my maisonette apartment, built jointly to the first of the institutions six pavilion houses, each having two groups of boys in separate blocks, when the intern phone rang.

"It's Hans here - hi Alex! Sorry for disturbing you on your quiet watch-weekend, but I had a request for an emergency placement this early morning and now have a cute long-legged 12-year-old and an elderly lady from his commune's social service here in our visitor's room! His name's Roman, an orphan from a remote village, a bit shy and maybe a loner too. Now his caring grandmother was brought to the hospital for a hip-surgery last night after she fell unlucky. The boy could sleep at the clinic, but needs a place now to stay for at least 3 months, if not longer. So ... I thought, well ... I know group 4 and 7 had to take the next newbies, but both have quarrels in their respective teams, as you know, and I thought asking you straight away would probably be the right thing to do ... and certainly for that kid, who never had a male around him and might need a strong as well as a sensitively caring man, or he might become another Daniel you once had on your group!"

"How that?" I needed to ask and was instinctively groping my balls thru my jeans.

"Oh, I guess it's probably nothing; it's just that his female teacher had recently informed the social service, that she had seen Roman often hanging around with an 8-year-old, predominantly in the basement area, and more then once asked about what else they were always doing down there in the corridors and toilet they'd said, that they were playing hide and seek. The teacher obviously wasn't so convinced, but over that period had no other proves at hand."

"Well, if at all, then it's just a minor boy thing I guess," I replied into the phone, but felt my balls tickle now.

"My speech, Alex; and according to the lady here we also won't confront the kid now, but have an eye on him in that matter."

"Yeah, fits my strategy as well," I gave back and rearranged my stiffening dick.

"Well then, want to see him and find out?"

"No question; I'll be right there!" I gave back, sipped some of my espresso and out I went.

Gosh, he was totally right to ask me first, as "12 years, cute and long-legged" meant already a lot to me, as puberty was then normally not far away, if not taken control of that kid already. And the hint about Daniel, a young 13-a-half-years old pedo-teen I had a few years ago who'd liked to saddle and fertilize kindergarten boys accelerated my walk towards the main office remarkably!


Fact was for me meanwhile, that many boys over my almost 25 years of educational work and support had already suffered, or enjoyed, various sexual encounters as a prey and/or a predator, and Daniel was therefore not the first juvenile sex-offender, nor would Roman be the last I had to deal with, if he then really had done something kinky and what I had in mind to find out for sure!

Almost once a year over the whole period I had also a boy between 5 and 13 who'd been raped by relatives or others, and in most cases as well as in many harmless ones it was not known, but came onto the surface thru my private and somewhat nasty style of interrogation, and if I was lucky, I could repeat the act per se, but of course was doing it then in a very gentle way, for them to learn that gay sex wasn't that bad if done nicely, so that they could overcome the sometimes terrible experiences.

Just a month before Roman's arrival I got a blond 9-year-old who looked not more then 7 plus. Recently I had him privately in my apartment on a holiday weekend, and there he'd wanted to know in my bathtub, if my "birdie" could also spit "milk" like his late foster grandfather's; a thing what nobody else knew so far and I was working secretly as well as kinkily on it to find out what exactly had happened and if his little bum had been shagged as well, for me to "heal" it then afterwards.

Another case would come up later that year to the beginning of the summer vacation with an urgent placement of a rather small, but sexually mature 14-year-old, who allegedly had a symbiotic relationship with his divorced mom and was according to her accusing ex-husband serving as a substitute for her, whereas again, and to make a point now, a kid from my neighbor group, age 11-a-half, had pumped his watery cum not only at home up the tight pussy of his much younger sister, but once on his group as well, when his mom was visiting him with her.

And since I had my apartment behind the next more or less soundproofed doors on the ground and also on the 1st floor with the bedrooms for the kids, I sometimes opened them and spied a bit on my free time as a voyeur, hoping to see my neighbor boys doing nasty things. I anyway often remained in charge and let my neighbor team mates escape the night watch and share the extra surcharge with me, what gave me additional possibilities to check my potential preys in their sleep ... or activities!

Well, in order to handle such rather delicate things with boys was then my duty, combined with a huge eagerness, to bring light into their most intimate secrets, reassuring them that nobody else would know about, when sitting and talking on their beds at night time the first couple weeks, and even on some neighbor boy's beds too late in the night, allowing my groping hands to do what my perverted lust had in mind, as soon as there was none or just little resistance. And if he was in the spunky getting age and it resulted in a more or less willingly produced emission, I was quite happy to clean my new prey with my cotton hanky -- to sniff at that unique and intoxicating scent later again and again, before the time came to take that tasty nectar right from the source!

One could say that I really was blessed to have so many boys around me 7/24, what I'd missed always before, having had young friends just for an hour or two. But at the other hand I had to act more careful and to defend and explain many of my gradually more suspect appearing actions, after even some allegations came up I had too many boys too long in my private apartment, sometimes even overnight, when I later was a pavilion leader and had the full responsibility (and joy) for my neighbor group as well.

However, I always had them at least briefly in one of my two beds in my guestroom, just in case. And then most of the teams were quite happy with me organizing for the institution the collection and the sale of scrap material and maintained the service cars as well as the sports articles, what brought me again willingly helping boys from other groups in my nasty hands.


Hans was waiting outside his office, where we exchanged a warm handshake, and once again we both instinctively guessed that we "knew", despite never ever talking straight about for not loosing our integrity, and I remember having had those thoughts already at the time when he'd introduced himself in our institution as a new head master several years ago and then admired my around 30 always changing photos at the mini-poster gallery in the corridor of my group, showing off pupils from age 5 to 15, but especially between 11/12 and 13/14, if daintily slim or then slender, sometimes even gangly - and all somehow cute; well, at least in my eyes.

"Very characteristic for you and your work I heard so far -- compliment," he'd said.

"I guess so," I'd replied, adding then, "and your two cute little sons would soon fit to my boys as well, huh?"

"Oh yeah, they certainly would, and I might ask you once to come over and have some nice pics taken for me, uh ... for my wife as well of course!"

"Sure, they're worth some shots, hehehe!" I'd somewhat boldly given back.

Well, the 45-year-old's two sons weren't his own biological ones, he'd just done what I'd tried more then once, but always had failed: he'd married a mom with two cute kids of age 3 and 4, who were 7 and 8 today and could serve as starter, main meal or dessert for anybody who fancied young pupils; and that included me as well.

Of course I had taken their pics and certainly had liked to do more, but for not destroying our special confidence, I never did any inappropriate things with them. After all I had myself once in a while a 5- to 6-years old kindergarten or young primary school boy on my group and onto my lap, favorably after I'd helped them to change into their pajamas and, to tell the truth, had then mostly listened to my hardening cock, or theirs, to start a little game, if the situation was right for it. Usually though I had a big crush on handsome, pubescent getting kids, if slim and delicately or then slender, even lankily built. Not that I was mounting every single student after I'd fondled around on him during my very private health check in my apartment or when I was talking nastily to them with groping hands about "the birds and the bees" at their beds. After all I had aside from a wonderfully understanding female educator also just average minded people in my team who for instance would say, that "Zeig mal!", a German sex ed book from the 70ies with for today's public opinion rather pornographic photos with children and adults was totally bad. So I really had to be careful by trying not to take more then one boy from my own group at the same time ... I'd tried it at least!


After the brief meeting with Hans we went into the visitor's room and there I was greeting the elderly lady from the social service and the slim, maybe 5'4" tall 12-years old boy, who looked a bit younger and smiled shyly at me, showing off a pair of big, but not quite bunny-like teeth. I was holding his warm slender hand a second longer then one normally would, a second I used to mentally take in his body frame including the outline of his swollen crotch.

However, the obviously precocious, but not just therefore in my eyes simply gorgeous Roman appeared to be still sweetly innocent with his short, very boyish looking cut of jet-black hair, when most pupils liked it remarkably longer those times. And dark were also his eyes and neat the slightly grown, but still childish enough nose in a pale flawless face. But aside from the noticeably thin longish legs and arms with slender hands was the prominent bulge I again had briefly to gaze at, which his under a steady hormone-bombardment rapidly grown private tools were now forming on the crotch's right side of his a bit shabby, once navy-blue corduroy trousers. And they were mainly responsible, that the boy couldn't hide his genitals properly without producing a bulge anymore, as they were not only too tight, but also a bit too short, showing off his fragile ankles as well. His cracking voice and the downy shadow above his raspberry painted lips underlined additionally the steps he'd already made towards or into puberty and were all most welcomed signs for my permanently lusted mind.

Sigh! Prey and predator -- the game was on. I always did my best to have cute boys on my group, and I knew from earlier experiences, that the fruits of such a rampant specimen like Roman had to be harvested on a daily basis over the next one, if lucky maximal two years, before the blooming boy's beauty would start to wilt in a true BL's eyes, who sometimes would keep him as a friend for some more years to come, but would, or had to leave him naturally to the other gender, if he wasn't thought for the use of just another category of predators, care takers, lovers, friends or whatsoever then -- and if, then it was like before pure nature as well, just that!

Fact was however, that I couldn't help and had to have him ASAP, or my newly built sperms would be heard wincing in my sac's already boiling sauce!

When Roman and the lady from his social service had seen my group and the boy's bedroom for two students as well as possible a single room, we went back to the main office, where she was pulling me briefly aside and asked me whispering, if the headmaster had informed me to watch the boy in his sexual development, what I quickly confirmed with a nod, upon which she was telling me in a normal voice, that Roman's grandma had to live with a basic pension and a small child allowance from the social department and therefore I please should carefully use the budget she had for that boy, e.g. when new clothes were needed.

Roman, standing a bit away, but probably had overheard the one or other remark then smiled quite sourish at me, when I was telling her, that I had a big stock of all kind of clothes left by former students, what made her very happy to hear. I though was then grabbing the boys thin neck, walking him behind the lady again into the visitor's room, where she was handing me over the file with anamnesis, school reports, the boy's ID card, vaccination pass and a judge's authorizing paper about my temporary guardianship, as his granny wouldn't be around for another 3 or 4 months after her hip-surgery and also might then not be able to take Roman home again, except maybe on holiday weekends.

"Now be a good boy, listen and do always what your guardian and main educator Mr. de Boysac demands, and follow his team and the teachers in the school as well, as we won't make your grandmother worry about you, huh!" she then advised somewhat strong a suddenly awful looking Roman, before she thanked us for our easy intake and the careful handling of her small budget, once again thrilled about the fact, that I'd offered to dress Roman with worn, but clean clothes and shoes, even underwear and swimming trunks.


Gosh, I don't know how many boys I had in the storage room with the worn clothes, but when it came to briefs, shorts or jeans I was always offering too small ones first, gradually getting a bigger size and then wanted to be sure that a hard-on would not protrude. Little protests were smashed away by saying: "It's OK for others to see you're a real boy!" or "You're not going outdoors with that skimpy pajama!" or "You should be proud about what nice size you are already walking around!"

It was of course lifting up my mood to watch boys with bulged crotches, if big or small, and to grope them once in a while was kinda "daily bread" for me.

Aside of those worn clothes I also had a selection of different sports shirts and shorts I liked them to wear in order to take nice pics, what mostly helped a lot to reach the next steps faster for them to become my preys later.


"Thanks for your swift cooperation as well, Alex; we'll see each other for a morning briefing on Monday then," the headmaster said, after the elderly lady was gone and added, "I'm sure, asking you and your talent with pubescent getting kids first was from my point of view the right thing to do, huh?"

"I guess so," I smilingly gave back, and he blinked with a nod at me and threw a quick eye onto Roman's middle, before I looked at the growing kid, saying:

"Let's go then to my group's office first to do the entry paper work there and enjoy a little snack later at my apartment!"

"Uh-huh," the boy replied and closed his cheap windcheater.

I took then his old big suitcase and two plastic bags with dirty clothes I'd insisted to wash at my apartment instead and not at the home's central laundry, to quickly check what else I might need to add from the stock, and of course I was hoping to find distinct intimate signs and tracks too, whereas Roman lifted his backpack up, following me with just another plastic bag a bit clumsily on his two stilt legs. 

Despite that cold particular Saturday morning I was in a splendid mood, knowing that I would likely be alone with that pubescent kid till next Friday afternoon, unless a boy from the ski camp I'd been many times too before would be sent back for what reason ever.

I left the main entrance aside and passed thru the 2nd entrance to the wardrobe and locker room area, where I showed him which one would probably become his, and then proceeded into the corridor. There Roman hesitated a moment to go ahead, glaring briefly at one of the posters, what he did already on the group tour before, then went faster ahead, as if he had to hide something.

Since I had it in mind to get close, maybe even intimate with that boy soon, I was aware about all his actions and reactions and had the idea, that the poster of my group's actual youngest chicken in the gallery, a cute blond, younger looking 9-year-old, had attracted his interest, evoking something inside him, or ... remembering him of his 8-years old friend?

Of course it had probably nothing to say, but in such distinct cases I practically never failed -- and not only wanted, but *had* to find out!

I then opened our group's office, which was barely heated during the sports week and asked the boy to have a seat next to my desk.

"I'm going to fill in your entry form now and might ask you some questions, like ... yeah; you're still in the 5th grade, huh?"

"Yeah, but after the spring holiday I'll be in class 6; I'm then 12 too," he said.

"Oh right, you're still 6, 7 weeks shy of your birthday, which has then to be celebrated, of course, and ... oh good, you're quite bright in geography, arts and history I see in your school report. Your new teacher will be happy about that, I guess -- OK now, I have to do that form, and in the meantime ... no-no, just keep your windcheater on, it's a bit cold here ... in the meantime you can look at some pics of my boys here," I said and gave him a photo album from the shelf above the desk.

I'd then already filled in the half on Roman's form, when the boy finally opened his lush mouth again.

"That are nice photos!" he murmured more to himself and glared at a pic of that telltale blondie sitting in my bathtub, then, and I was waiting for that, he turned over to the next page and right away closed the album and by putting it on my desk said with a startled tone in his broken voice, that he had seen the boy's "birdie".

"Yeah, he'd asked me if I would take a naked pic from him in the bathtub, and since he's an orphan too like you, but has nobody else anymore, I could not ask his mom or dad or granny, but I'd said that it was OK, as long as he wasn't going to become a stiffie; that would not be nice, when everybody could look at, huh?" I casually said, upon which he reopened the album a crack, and by closing it swiftly again replied:

"Uh-huh, his birdie isn't stiff ... uh, just a little," he stated, having his normally pale face a bit flushed

"Well, we had to wait some for that photo, Roman. I can tell you a little secret: before it *was* big, surely about that long," I said and showed him with thumb and forefinger about 3 to 4 inches.

"Oh ... that long? On such a small boy?" Roman wondered honestly.

"You're right; he's despite his 9 years still a small boy. But some have already a longer penis than older boys who are not yet hit by puberty. Uh ... do you know what puberty is, Roman?"

Ops! I didn't want to go that path right now already, wanted to wait and seduce him later lustfully and naughtily in my apartment; but somehow I just couldn't stop anymore.

"Pu ... pubrity? No, not really," he said in a bit low voice, then lightened suddenly up and added, pointing briefly at his crotch: "Is it when the hairs grow, down ... uh, here?"

I nodded and tousled quickly his short black hair.

"Hey cool, you know it already! Yeah, that belongs to the pu-ber-ty, that's the name for, but there are more things to add, such as the growth of the dick and ball sac, and more important is the white slime that sometimes squirts out of the penis, when it is all big and stiff after the boy had played around or when it erupts by itself in the night, leaving some sticky stains then in the pajama trousers. I guess you know about that too, huh?" I asked, now being far ahead of my usual sex-ed schedule.

"No-no ... uh, I mean ... I know ... but a bit only," he uneasily replied.

"About what especially?" I didn't want to leave him now.

"It's because ... uh, about the spunk, that white slime you know ..." he stopped.

"I see, and that is sometimes in your pajama trousers and underwear, after you were playing with your dick, huh?" I asked and felt my voice starting to tremble and my dick to harden more.

"No-no, I don't play with my birdie, um dick, uh ... almost never. Granny said my birdie is to pee for and not to play around."

"Birdie? I guess you've got already a "bird", and then you can say dick, cock or prick! How long is it then anyway, if it is hard and very big?" I went ahead.

"I don't know, uh ... maybe like that," he said and then showed me with his two forefingers about 5 inches.

"Hey, that's quite OK for a slim boy your age! And? Any hairs then yet?" I simply had to know too.

"Just some," he said.

"You said you don't masturbate on your penis a lot, but jerking off you do and so you now how to wank already; like this, huh? Do you?" I continued and was shaking quickly my fist in the well-known motion up and down.

"Um ... oh ... well, yeah sometimes I have to, but then I do that just in the school toilet," he almost whispered, obviously quite embarrassed.

"You *have* to wank? How that?" I took the next step.

"Uh ... it's because my bi ... um, dick gets often hard and all tingly in the class, and then ... I really can't wait till I'm back home again, since ..."


"It's because ... uh, one time it came into my underwear!" he a bit shyly confessed.

"So? Did you play then with it, secretly?" I pushed further.

"No, not really; I just wanted it to go down ... with my ruler!"

"Ah, I see; and you tried it again and again, pushing onto your dick's head, but then it spat its slime into your briefs, huh?"

"Uh-huh, and ... and then I had a wet spot on my shorts ... and I could smell it too ..."

"Had you then a good cum? I mean, did your dick shoot a lot of spunk?" I nastily continued.

"Yeah, quite some," he admitted.

"Like about a tee or table spoon full?"

"No, not a table spoon ... uh, maybe almost I guess," he wasn't that much sure.

"Well, it was anyway a healthy amount of cum; what kind of shorts, color and fabric was it? Cotton, Manchester or polyamide like nylon?"

"Oh, it was my old green gym shorts; I guess it's cotton ... uh, wait, it's there in that plastic sac," he said and quickly went to search for that telltale piece and proudly gave it to me a few seconds later.

"See, this one; it's not clean, but the big stain is gone, already washed out before," he said contentedly.

Oh my ... that was really a nice, worn, skimpy and once light green adidas shorts out of now thin cotton, and I had already a bold idea what to do with that horny little cloth and put it on my desk, saying:

"That is a cute kind of shorts you have -- I like it, even when it's a bit too short now. Too bad I couldn't see that big cum stain on it; I guess one could see almost the fresh spunk, huh?"

"Yeah; it had gotten very fast bigger and darker and looked like I had peed. It was indeed real slimy and all!"

"Wow! Uh ... did then anybody see it too?" I asked and was still a bit disappointed that the result of his sin was gone!

"No, it was when we had a slide-show in history and the blinds were shut, that's why I did it at all. But a classmate behind me had asked if I was in pain because I was shaking some. I tried not to jerk, but I couldn't stop that ... uh, never can," he shrugged his small shoulders to excuse himself.

"Oh you twist around when you ejaculate? Cool; some boys do that just a little bit, but not many really jerk around like Joe, a British rock singer," I commented, asking then, "do you know him?"

"Joe? Uh, maybe I've heard him once if you mean the one whose name sounds like cock; but *I* do not twist or jump like that guy -- just have to jerk some," he intervened.

"I see, hehehe -- yeah, Joe's quite a spastic guy when he's on stage and that's fine too. However, good for you that nobody has seen the wet spot of spunk, huh?"

 "I guess so. It was on this side, here, and I could cover it with my hand when I went out," he explained, pointing onto his package at the shorts crotches right side.

"Pretty good you have a bit long hands and fingers, then," I had to mention and admired his nicely sculpted hands just another time.

"Yeah, I was lucky to escape that way," he said, smiling softly.

"Well, I guess you also need such a nice hand to wank your growing dick properly, huh?"

"My Hand? Uh ... I ... you think? Yeah then, I guess," he replied, and his smile became a sheepish look, and his cute face blushed a bit anew.

"OK; at least I understand now that you *have* to masturbate sometimes in the school toilet, Roman," I wanted to go ahead with my anyway derailed schedule.

"Uh-huh, that's why"! he confirmed and let his hands fingers mingle with each other.

"That's fine, Roman, and you are not alone with that behavior. You are also allowed to do that here on our group or at the school as well. Just ask me the first couple weeks, when you want to have a wank here, or then tell me later if you'd done it in a school cubicle in order for me to know if you do it enough a day! Many boys in our institution are using the school recreation for a quick wank in the toilet, after their morning discharge in their bed. Some do it even at the urinal I've heard, but mostly they shoot their spunk into the toilet bowl. That way they feel relieved at least till after lunch, and then they can do it again in their room or in one of our cubicles, before they wank in the late afternoon and of course after bedtime once more," I told the awestruck kid.

"That much they mastar ... they go for a wank?" he stunned some.

"Well, maybe not all, as a few boys do it just two times a day, whereas others might even not get satisfied with 6 or 7 wanks! But the average release of sperm is mostly about 3 to 4 times a day," I said with a straight face, but was concerning spunky getting boys not exaggerating at all.

"Seven is way too much!" Roman then decided.

"It's up to you, Roman. You surely can stop after the 6th jacking session; you know what jacking or jerking is, huh?" I couldn't leave that theme yet.

"Yeah, now I know ... it's like wanking, and rubbing and so ..." he quickly said and didn't blush anymore.

"Right! But then at home? How often did you release your semen there per day? Uh, you know: semen is sperm, or as most boys often say: the spunk, the goo, the cum, the slime or the snot!"

"Yeah, I ... I thought so," he said and nodded, but a hint of a blush came back again -- so sweet!

"Well, how often at home now?" I kept the ball running.

"There? Uh ... I'll do it on the sofa ... and sometimes in the bed too ... but on my belly, not with my hand," he added after a pause.

Gosh, I really had to see him doing it with his nice hand -- an absolute must for a boy hand fetishist! Then I asked more excited, trying to keep a relaxed tone:

"Yeah, then you move your hips to and fro, until it comes, isn't it?"

"Uh-huh! But I don't do that too often, because my hanky I always put in my briefs slips away sometimes. Then it's all messy and sticky like when it comes in the night when I'm asleep!" he said, slightly outraged.

"Of course; and later will appear stains too, like starched spots in the cloth," I nodded.

 "Yeah, such a shit ... uh, sorry; but granny gets always angry about my underwear and the pajama, saying I had been naughty," he just a tiny bit grinned then.

"Of course you'd been naughty, when always pulling and rubbing on your dick, hehehe! When did you then wank last time?" I unexpectedly asked him.

"I? Uh ... yesterday afternoon, when granny was on shopping tour, before her accident," he answered.

"I see. On the sofa?" I asked with a wicked grin.

"No, I was on my bed; and then I had to change into a less stained undies that was in my wash box and ... and hid the damp under the mattress," he admitted and was also a bit nastily grinning.

"So? And is it still there now?" I feared the loss already.

"N-no, it's in the suitcase inside my pajama; that's dirty too -- because of the stains I mean," he then seemed again a bit embarrassed.

"Oh don't worry, that happened to me too and disappeared only, when an older friend had helped me to empty my balls," I even had not to lie about and made a mental note to urgently check his suitcase with those spunked in briefs and pajamas.

"Oh ... I never had a friend, a big one I mean, just a small, despite ..." he derailed.

"Yeah?" I asked calmly.

"Uh, it's nothing!" he said, then pressed his lips together.

"Listen Roman: you don't have to say something that is bothering you, but I want us to be honest, and if you want that too, I'll promise not to tell anything to anybody unless you give me permission to do so! Is that OK for you that way?"

"Yeah, I guess," he cautiously replied.

"Fine then; and now if you want, who was that small friend of yours?" I calmly asked again.

"Oh, just a little neighbor boy and ... I did not know how ... I mean I was afraid to ask him!" he then almost frowned and crossed his arms on his short torso's chicken breast.

"To help you ... wanking?" I asked further.


"Where?" I insisted, having him on the hook.

"In the school."

"Where exactly in the school?"

"In the toilet ...down in the basement," he made it more precise.

"In a cubicle?" I suspected.


"And what else did you two do there inside?"

"Uh ... I won't ... um, do I have to tell you that?"

"Not if you absolutely not want, like I've just said. But you really can, Roman. See, since I'm your guardian and main educator, it would help me a lot to work with you and to teach you something more about sex as well. After all I can really promise, that everything we two talk and even might do with each other alone here in the office or later in my apartment will be our only and absolute secret -- believe me?"

"Uh ... I think if you say so ... yeah, I believe you," he decided to trust and then let his beautiful eyes fix the floor.

That was a moment I dared to glare again for a sec or two onto his crotch, which seemed more bulged now, letting me hope that a seminal release of his young sperm, if watery-opaque or already slimy-whitish wasn't so far away anymore.

"That's nice to hear and makes me happy too, that you want to tell me about," I said and lifted his pretty head on his chin.

"All?" he asked with big dark eyes.

"That would be the best," I just stated.

"Now?" the boy hesitated some more.

"It's just the two of us, and nobody is around in the whole pavilion, Roman. Come, have a seat on my lap, it feels better to talk about private things that way ... come!" I lured softly, almost like the snake that wanted Moogly to eat, and opened his windcheater, asked him to undress it, as I would warm his body for him.

He then smiled a tiny bit, and after he'd folded that old cloth and had put it neatly onto his chair, he let me grab him around his thin waist and pull across onto my lap with his back to the left, as it might come the time I had to wank that kid with my right hand -- that's why. I could feel though, that it was a bit unknown and uneasy for Roman to sit on someone's lap and especially on a man's one. Therefore I kissed briefly his silky cheek and suggested to bring his right arm around my neck and shoulders, what he hesitantly did, after he'd startled and then was blushing due to my kiss.

"That's it, my boy -- that's it!" I spoke calmly again, holding him with my left on his small shoulder, whereas my other hand came to rest high on his right thigh, barely an inch away from his bulge.

"You have very, very nice legs! Do you know how long they are, Roman?" I then started, upon which the boy stiffened up and said:

"Huh-uh, don't say that! They are not nice; they are too thin and too long and ... they call me always names!"

"What names?"

"Uh, like beanpole, but mostly ... stork!"

"Oh ... who called you that way?" I asked, gently stroking his right leg down to his knee and then up again, touching carefully his package and letting it rest there, with the thumb on something I then didn't know yet if it was an egg in a way too large sac or more likely the dick's head.

"The others in the school ... Ahhh!" he gave back.

"But your neighbor boy didn't, huh?" I suspected, went with my right a bit down and came again up, letting my palm this time cover half of the kid's fruits and could feel a slight motion from a tight tube beneath the fabric.

"N-no ... he was ... ah ... always n-neat. Uh ... your hand ... sorry, but Mr. de Boysac ... it ... Nnggh ..." the kid brought up, looking at me a bit desperately then.

"Oh sorry, Roman, I was just in thoughts and didn't want to bother you," I said in a guilty tone and withdrew my hand quickly.

"No-no, it's OK for me to have your hand on my leg, if you want. It's only about ... uh, my bird, you know ... it is angry now ..." the ripening boy shallowly breathed.

"Oh yeah, now I can see that a bit on your bulged trousers, what isn't a drama at all for boys your age. But since you're still referring to your dick as a bird I guess it wants to vomit soon all the milky sap it has in his nest's two eggs, huh?" I boldly went ahead.

"Ha-ha! Uh ... sorry, but you say that so, so ... I don't know, I ... but yeah, guess it might throw up," he then gave me another quite sheepish smile with a redder shadow this time brushing over his cute face.

"Hmmmpfff ... we well see that later in my apartment, where I have to wank you for real and examine your sperm ... uh, the spunk, you know? But for now I would first like to hear something about what you and your friend did down there in the school's toilet cubicle -- want?" I quickly tried to change the track in order to keep his boy nectar sealed for the moment, after I'd planted just another quick smack onto his warm soft cheek, what he'd accepted without any jerk this time.

However, I felt that he was concerned about my, for him strange announcement, but after clearing his throat he decided to leave that probably embarrassing theme for the moment and to tell me some improper things he did.

"OK, Raff ... I mean Raphael is a nice boy, blond like the one in the corridor and in the um, bathtub. You know, my mother died after my birth, and my father ... nobody knows him, and so I don't have anybody aside from my granny. Just ... I'd always wanted to have a brother, only for me alone, to play around, uh, I mean not only for nasty things ..." he stopped.

"That's really sad to hear about your mom and your unknown dad and not existing brother; but then Raff came along and did not call you "stork", huh?"

"Yeah, he was neat, and then we played sometimes hide and seek after school. Then about a week ago, when he had to pee, I had to go as well and went with him," Roman began and leaned his head at my breast.

He then continued that they'd before already many times showed each others dick at the urinal, but last time he was asking the small boy, if he wanted to see how white stuff was coming out of his bird, what the child not believed but wanted to see anyway. Therefore Roman went with the little kid into a cubicle, locked it and then showed him his dick again.

"Did you have a stiff penis then?" I interrupted him and placed my hand again onto his thigh, close, but not too close to his pubescent bulge.

"Uh-huh, but he said that my bird looked like a banana, and when he was pulling on its skin, stroking its neck down, then up again, my spunk came already and he had some on his hand and the face and then was scolding me ..." he derailed with a suddenly distorting face, covered it quickly with his slender hands and long thin fingers ... and then was already crying silently, his small shoulders jerking in rhythm of his sobs.

And what did I do first before comforting him, the pervert that I was? I starred openly at his genital package beneath his crotch, imagining how long and thick his guessed 5-inches cock and how fat his ball sac really might be!

"It's OK my boy," I then said with a shaking voice and pulled him even closer to me and excitedly felt his small round butt covering my swollen privates, still sufficiently hidden beneath my blue jeans.

"I'm ashamed ... that you know I did something like that," he brought up whiningly.

"Don't be too much; many boys show each other their "birds" and play around, Roman," I whispered softly into his ear and briefly let my right glide over both his face covering hands, the slender ones with their nicely cut, clean nails -- I could ejaculate onto them and did it already many times with others -- I simply *had* to!

"Yeah, but ... but they don't squirt spunk onto the other!" he then almost blurted and opened his hands, looking at me guiltily and a bit angrily too.

I then quickly grabbed his hands, kissed them briefly and then was pressing them with my right to my chest, whereas my left pulled his head to me, resting it onto my shirt's left breast, before saying:

"Some boys really do and like that, if they both want it; and some even do much more other things to each other!"

"Uh, you just say that ... uh, maybe you know it," he replied, hiccupping some, then went ahead with: "But Raff didn't want it on his face!"

"My dear ... did you then not warn him or turn away before your semen shot out?" I asked, groping his short hair lovingly.

"Sure I'd wanted to tell, but it came way too fast, like never ever before, right when he'd touched me and rubbed a bit with his little hand ... yeah!" his mood then changed, as he was saying that almost dreamingly.

"Oh you lucky Roman, but that's so wonderful, when somebody else touches you down here and then you can nicely squirt your cum, isn't it?" I said and stroked his thigh.

"Yeah," he sighed, "but only if the other doesn't get angry -- and Raff was, at least until I had cleaned him up with my hanky and some toilet paper, and then ..." he derailed again.

"Yes? Just tell me, it's all about our sweet little secret, you know!" I comforted him, eager to know more.

"Some days later ...uh, I think it was just last Tuesday, he'd said that his brother thought my bird was a cripple, if it looked like a banana; and therefore I could not marry and not make children!"

"So? How old is then Raff's brother?"

"14 I guess ... can you then tell me please if that's true what he's said?" he wanted to know.

"About if you cannot marry and not make children ... uh, fuck with a banana-dick?" I naughtily asked, hoping to see his maybe a bit curved dick soon.

"Yeah, and ... do I really need my ... uh, penis to make children? I mean ... how? I mean you've said the f-word ... do I have something to do like to ... uh, fuck? With ... with a girl? No-no, or ... But if ... why?" he sweetly struggled and really seemed to have not more then a diffuse clue about.

Well, his grandmother had surely not told him, and sex-ed wasn't a subject yet in the primary school back then; additionally, the secondary students there had to visit a school in another, bigger village, upon which mostly just preteen boys and girls were available, spreading rumors about that subject ... and if Roman was likely sort of a loner -- no wonder why!

"Well, I guess you should know better, I mean: they say that the, uh, sorry ... hehehe, but they say that the *stork* was bringing the babies! Didn't you hear that as well, Roman?" I dared to make a joke.

"Oh ... *you*! I know, but that's not funny now ... I'm *such* a ... a dork," he said and then stood and sat back onto his chair, shrank and let his head hang down.

"You are *not*, Roman! I just wanted to know as a test if you could bear a little joke about your nickname, which I never want to use. And if a nickname at all, then I would rather choose "Bunny", despite your two teeth aren't really that big, OK?" I swindled a bit, but it brought a little smile onto his face, before he asked me with still a bit damp eyes:

"Oh, "Bunny" sounds nice. But can you then not just *you* call me that way ... if nobody is around I mean?"

"Of course, and that makes even sense, since ... see, I want you to be *my* bunny every time we two are alone somewhere -- want?" I sweetly asked and imagined him already being spooned up to me!

"Yeah ... I would like that ... very!" he softly gave back and had likely a clue now what that could mean, as he was blushing quite some.

"Fine, Roman. So you can accept a joke about your other nickname, should anybody call you that stork name again, huh?" I wanted to be sure.

"Now I guess I can, if it's just a joke. But will you then tell me the truth about how ... how to make children?" he changed the subject.

"Of course I'll tell you how to make babies with your dick and what else it can do as well -- just all you need to know, Roman! It's even one of my duties here to teach the boys about that, just alone then, at bedtime, or sometimes in my apartment, as not everybody has the same knowledge about sex and also not want a mate to overhear him talking about, huh?" I offered.

"Yeah, that's great! I wouldn't like that either! Uh, then ... then it's OK," he smiled at me, what I took as an opportunity to declare the next step, without pulling him onto my lap again.

"Yeah, that's a nice job I have to do! But let me quickly finish your entry form and then let's go to my apartment. It's quite warmer there and you won't get a cold, when I need you to undress naked for a quick health check and thorough inspection and test run of your genitals as I've said, before we have to answer my private sex questionnaire and all your personal things you want to know," I again rather casually said, offered him another album to watch and then concentrated onto his entry form, waiting for a reaction.

It took him about two minutes to come up with a concern, letting me doubt then if he really knew why he should become my bunny, or he was maybe thinking just about something like cuddling.

"Sorry, Mr. de Boysac, but do I really need to get ... uh, naked? I mean, do you have to see my ... bare bird and its eggs too?" he shyly dared to ask, using his child-terms again.

"Sure, Roman! Otherwise I couldn't jack you off, isn't it? But that's not a big story; imagine how many boys and their dicks and balls I've seen and masturbated over all the years! I just have to control, if your genitals work properly, e.g. if your foreskin runs down nicely, if your dick will shoot the sperm or if your semen just bubbles out and if your ball sac is pulling up tightly when emptying your nuts; and also, if your cum was sufficiently by jacking you another two or three times within say 30 minutes! That's all and is by the way a duty I want to do privately without anybody to know as your new legal guardian, understand? Just relax and don't worry now," I smilingly replied.

"Uh ... you just say that so easy ... I mean, wanking me that much! But if you have to do it ... OK then," he gave in and slipped into his windcheater again, murmuring that it was indeed cool here.

But he had another rosy shadow on his cheeks and then let his beautiful big dark eyes fix the photos, what gave my boy-sick mind another few seconds to glare at him.

Hey, I had him only since an hour here and by repeating what I'd already said and seen I was now again admiring his slim light body, his flawless face and its so innocently boyish short hair cut, the still cute nose and small ears, the soft swung eyebrows and the long dark lashes, the small mouth's in a pastel raspberry tone colored lush lips in contrast to his two big and even, not too prominent front-teeth, his still short torso with the growing legs and arms with dainty hands and filigree fingers. And then again his obviously not yet so longtime ago broken voice, his genital package and his small round butt ... all that together made him a specimen of the special kind and was worth to be nominated for my top-tens!

I was just a tiny bit ashamed, knowing that I was once more going to take advantage of a cute vulnerable boy, and due to Roman's modest past and especially this morning's order to be under my guardianship made him for me easily a sexually available late preteen boy, who didn't look to be more then a good 11.

I already looked excitedly forward to present him tight jeans and shorts, skimpy underwear and swimming trunks from gone students.

"Mr. de Boysac, do you have to take photos too when I'm naked, like you did with the blond boy in the bathtub?" Roman suddenly interrupted my work, which was almost finished by then.

"Oh, such photos? Well, I could maybe once take some pics, say if we are at the summer camp and you with other boys are bathing in the nude, just if you then don't have a stiffie. However, there are indeed other, very special pics I could take from you in my apartment later, where your stiffie could be seen as well. But they would just be for my private studies. I also can make them only if you give me permission and will sign with your name that you agree and never ever tell anybody," I carefully explained.

"Hm ... hm ... uh, those pics then, would anybody see them later too?" he cautiously asked after a moment.

"Normally not, just a professor maybe who also does the same or similar secret studies about a boy's genitals," I explained and of course had not a professor, but a couple sincere BL-mates in mind.

"Then I guess I would allow you to make nude photos in your apartment, from my stiffie too, if you then still want," he seemed determined about.

"Ha, why shouldn't I reject such a nice offer, Roman?" I grinned, but had an idea why he'd made it facultative.

"Because of my banana-dick of course -- that's why!" he quickly gave back, and that was the thing I thought as well.

"Oh my dear boy and to tell you the truth right away: It would be much more interesting for me and some professors, if I could take some photos from a boy's dick which isn't just like most others, and I'll show you some examples I have from a few boys who also had not average dicks -- just photos from their dicks, as I don't let you see their faces of course. My photos then would mostly show your genitals, means your dick and its ball sac, stiff and tight as well as flaccid and relaxed; and I would make photos too from your spunk and how it shoots out of your dick, how far you can squirt and how much your nuts can produce a day!" I made it complete -- almost, as I didn't say that I was waiting to make some pics from both of us too, and that then in action!

"Yeah, I thought already you probably would do something like that, and I ... uh, you can touch me too down here again at any time, when we are alone," the kid even offered.

"Would you then really like that?" I wanted it to hear from him again.

"Yeah, it was ... uh, sorta nice the way you had your hand on my leg, near my ... my things, you know!" he made it more precisely.

"You sure about? Even if you would squirt into your undie then?"

"Sure, I'd like if it was *you* who'd made me spunk up -- yeah!" he then almost hungrily looked at me.

"Good boy, Roman -- that's the way I like you to be here on my group. After all I must say that none of my boys ever wanted to be seen naked at our institution's responsible doctor and his two female assistants, who always had to make notes, when the doctor was masturbating the boys," I now lied a bit about that jacking, whereas the other thing was absolutely true.

"Gosh, much better not the doctor and surely not those women ..." Roman quickly threw in.

"That's what almost all boys say! Therefore it's just me alone who's going to measure your sexual organs, and after that I'll do the cum-test very nice and gently for you, then you can squirt your semen into a small plastic cub. But maybe I have to wank you 2 or 3 times in a row, until your balls are completely empty in order to know how many cubic centimeter of spunk you've had in your nuts. You see, I simply *have* to touch you in order to make the entire test."

"Yeah, sure; but that's like sorta work and not the same as when you are touching me nicely, or ... is that then already 'sex" what we are going to do?" he asked quite excitedly.

"Not really yet, but I'll try to make it very sexy for you, before I later then, maybe that night in the bed, will tell and show you more about, OK?"

"OK, but ... uh, do I have then to sleep with you ... in just one bed?" he was again a bit startled.

"Of course not, Roman; you'll have your own bed in my guestroom as long as we haven't talked yet about where you will sleep on my group later. But maybe you might come over for another good night kiss or wake me up in the early morning ... or feel lonely in the middle of the night!" I just offered.

"Oh, then ... uh, I guess I might come ... for a little bit, though ... or maybe a bit longer, if you like it ..." he then sheepishly smiled.

"Hey, I surely would; even if you wanted to stay the whole night, Roman!" I of course honestly replied.

"I want to try it first, but ... I have no clean pajama yet," he said.

"No problem, just use the worn one from your suitcase, we can wash it next week then," I suggested.

"Uh, but it has quite some ... some real nasty spots, you know!" he looked a bit embarrassed.

"Oh my, that was just from your spunk, and I like spunky boys very much; but you can sleep naked too, if you want," I tried.

"Uh -- I'll take the pajama out later then," he felt better that way.

"That's great too, and sometimes I feel even better to start teaching sex, if the boy still wears some clothes," I made it inevitable for him.

"But I don't know so much about sex yet, almost nothing, I guess ... uh, Mr. de Boysac?" he then came up again.

"What, Roman?"

"How do you have to measure my bird and the eggs ... uh, balls I mean?" he wanted to know.

"Oh, eggs is quite OK too and I'm gonna measure them with a tape around in their sac first, and then the length of the bag as well, relaxed and tightened up. And with your penis it's the same: length and girth when aroused, means fully stiff, and later again when it is flaccid, mostly after I gave you the necessary wanks your "bird" need to "vomit" all its milky sap, OK?" I said with a grin.

"Uh, yeah! But then ... then you really need all the spunk I have, huh?" he asked and was at the same time pressing his thin long thighs and knees together, what made me quite suspicious, sensing that something was going on in the junction of the boy's legs..

"Of course I do; that's very important," I made it clear and filled in some rest into his form, but threw once in a while an eye to him.

Then after two minutes or so:

"Mr. de Boysac! I'm really sorry, but ... talking about that all the time ... um, it wants already to come ... soon!" he exclaimed alarmingly, almost a bit whining.

That fact and how he was announcing it to me made me jump and almost cream my underwear!

"Shit -- I really need all your spunk to have a correct result! Do you think you can walk thru the adjacent group to my apartment or shall I carry you?" I asked and wanted him to lift off from his chair.

"No, please; I ... it ... unghhh ..." he gave already his first moan, and I had suddenly the idea, that his "banana" wasn't covered by the boy's briefs, but was expanding itself just beneath the thin Manchester fabric, along the right inner thigh. Gosh, then it had been his dick's head I was touching before I thought in a split of a second and hastily said:

"Oh my poor boy! That damn' near you are already! Um ... OK, now listen: I'd checked your school report before, and according to that, there are some subjects you seemingly don't like a lot. Now tell me which ones you probably even hate, Roman!"

"Huh? Uh ... PE of course, sports -- all kind of, except riding on a bicycle, but just alone or with Raff ..." Roman brought quickly up, and his facial expression changed from an urgent need to a slightly annoying one.

"Good; and what else?" I had to turn him away more.

"Math ... and singing in the school choir too!" the not yet 12-year-old said with some anger, then lit up and said:

"Hey, Mr. de Boysac, my bird isn't that very ..."

"Shhh, not now! Anything you don't like?" I quickly interrupted him.

"Uh yeah, one more thing: doing projects with others, especially with girls," he admitted, having then a clear disgust drawn onto his in fact pretty face.

"Good boy, Roman! And now I think we better go straight to my apartment. Come, take your backpack and that plastic sac, and I'll take the suitcase and the other two bags," I demanded, took the map with his file and papers and ordered Roman with a nod of my head to leave.

I followed, locked the office door, then went ahead, and after again opening and closing and locking three more doors we came into a small 2nd entrée of my apartment's living room. On the right side a stairs went down to the basement with washing room and two cellars, one of which was a bit prepared as a room to do special things with willing boys.

Roman was already looking around when passing my neighbor group and now stood in my living room and said with his broken voice excitedly:

"Oh, it's beautiful here ... and so nice warm!"

"Sure, and it's even more beautiful, since you're bringing brightness in here, hehehe. But now take your windcheater off and put your things here down at the corner, yeah, right under those two posters," I said and then let him briefly watch the collage of photos I'd put into poster frames.

"These are all so nice boys," he whispered almost to himself only.

"That's absolutely correct; and now I'm gonna have just another cutie on my group," I told him honestly, put his suitcase and the plastic sac aside his things at the wall and the map on a shelve nearby, then groped the boy with both hands around his thin waist, and by turning around to the open built kitchen with dining area I placed him onto the bar which served as a room dividing counter. Then, after closing the curtains carefully in that part, I sat on a stool in front of him and placed my hands onto his thighs.

"I'm not a cutie -- not with these legs," Roman then shook his head in disapproval.

"Oh, you *are* one, also thanks to your legs, which are in my opinion the 4th, 5th or 6th important things a boy has," I gave back.

"But why? I just look so awkward; and then ... uh, what is then more important too?" he asked, but had almost a tiny smile on his lips, what brought me to another idea.

"Just a moment; take first one of those candies there, no, take a raspberry flavored one and put it in your mouth!" I said and surely showed him a little smile as well.

Roman did what I wanted, and fascinated I followed his motions, watched intensely, how his filigree fingers opened the paper, until finally that raspberry candy got shoved into his warm oral cave, passing those just as raspberry colored, tasty looking lips of his ... oh gosh!

"May I show you what is the 3rd important thing a boy I like has?" I asked and felt my heart beat hammering high on my neck.

Roman nodded and then didn't jerk back, when I was groping both his cheeks and softly pulled his head towards me, and while he was turning his candy around in his lush mouth, I carefully planted my lips onto his and again almost came into my pants, when tasting the sweet candy and the warm wetness on the boy's blessed orifice.

I felt him tremble, saw, that his big dark eyes were shut by then and that his slender hands' knuckles showed their white, as he was under enormous tension and had to grip the edge of the counter quite strongly. And when I slowly withdrew, his nice hands quickly came up and did, what mine did to him by holding each others cheeks, and so we did some more kissing, childish ones first, before we both automatically opened our lips, allowing our tongues to touch each other and to playfully duel around for a while and exchange the melting candy forth and back, until ...

"Uh, Mr. de Boysac ... isn't that a bit a queer thing? I mean kissing the others mouth?"

I was still groggy from drinking his sweetened saliva, but then had to grin a bit and said:

"Wouldn't then you not kiss Raff or ... or Yves, the blondie from my group too, if you could?"

"Uh, if you ask me like that ... I maybe would, yeah," he admitted, then added, "but we would both be boys, not a boy and a man. My gramma had said ..."

"Yes?" I wanted him to continue.

"Uh, there are men who want to do nasty things and hurt boys; is that true?"

"It is indeed, and boys have to be careful when choosing a big friend, but let me say it straight too; most men who like to make a bit sex with boys are very friendly and never would hurt a boy. They would only do what the boy would allow them -- like you said to me before that I could touch you if I wanted, remember?" I tried to calm his concerns.

"Uh, yeah, that's right. But you are my guardian and *have* to do those ... uh, sexy things!"

"You're right; at least to teach you about and then privately, without anybody knowing, to show you some other things too ... like the kissing," I explained.

"Sure; I ... sorry, I guess I'm a bit ... you know, nobody ever kissed me onto the mouth, even not granny, so ..." he lost his track.

"Don't worry, that's fine with me, and you just tell me, if something is bothering you, and I'll stop immediately -- OK?"

"OK, but I have said that you could do whatever you want, and I want you to do more to me ... like kissing ... and touching and ... oh, what is the 2nd most important thing a boy has?" he then out of the blue remembered my remark.

"He-he, that's quite clear I think; just watch your crotch, Roman!" I suggested.

"Oh ... of course ...uh, hey: it wasn't going to squirt yet in your office, but now ... I feel it might start again. Can you maybe ..." he a bit shyly asked, shaking his slender boy fist briefly up and down.

"Well, guess I really should now, huh? Just let me do it my way and start with undressing your shirt," I replied and then opened his collar button, then the others one by one, whereas Roman quickly let his gaze check around if really nobody could look anywhere inside thru a window.

"My dick's getting very hard again," he hoarsely warned me with his broken voice.

"Mine too, but we can take care of that later, after your balls are empty," I not less horny gave back, letting him already know, that there are more, and different things to come.

"OK, I'll help you too then," he whispered with a tremble in his tone.

"That's nice; I knew that you would be a very good boy - thank you, Roman!" I comforted his ego, but was surprised about his fast and clear offer. Then, when I'd opened the last button, I pulled his checked shirt out of his corduroys, together with his white undershirt and helped him to undress both.

And then I surely had to swallow and admire that kid's still childish and undefined torso, its pale smooth skin and the two tiny nipples on his undeveloped chicken breast, and when I was touching them, lots of goose pimples appeared around and funnily followed the track of my fingertip down to the flat belly with its concave navel, then, with my other digit I dug slightly into his beginning V-lines on both sides of his pubic area and tickled there down to the waistband of his corduroys, opening then its only button, zipping its fly slowly down and turning the flaps to their respective sides.

I was damn' near now and could already smell a warm odor full of blossoming boy emanating from beneath out of a not too white and also slightly stained skimpy briefs the kid wore and probably before already for days had on, and had I stroked my dick once or twice, I without a doubt had shot immediately.

Instead though I left that luring bliss, as the rampant package in the underwear was anyway still covered by the corduroys' crotches right side, and so I kissed his nipples first, what let the boy giggle, as the tickle made him arch his back and turn his narrow shoulders towards my torturing face with its brushing mustache. I then let my tongue out, wandering it wetly down over the innie and the still hairless naval to the briefs, grabbed its waistband with my teeth and pulled it down to the root of the preteen boy's penis, astonished then not by the few wispy black pubes I was expecting to see at its left and right, but about the thickness the boy's dick showed, where it grow out from the lower abdomen.

When I heard the boy's suppressed grunt, as I was kissing the lowest half inch of his dick's stem and inhaling whatever kind of boyish mix of shampoo from the morning shower in the clinic and slightly sweetened pee-testosterone scent I also detected, I proceeded to pull on the corduroys' sides, upon which the boy quickly lifted his bum, allowing me to glide his trousers down to the knees first, then, after a breathtaking view of his now just halfway hidden sex fruits, I almost tore them further down to his ankles, letting them rest on his brown shoes.

There! And I was right what I thought before, as his erect dick was almost all out of the little underwear's fly and had been covered by just the corduroys' fabric, and it was indeed a rampant piece of growing dick, rather fat with guessed 1.5 inches across and a good 5 inches, maybe 5.5 in length. Its foreskin was already down under the crown of a slightly flared, crimson colored cock helmet with a puffy piss-slit, whereas the stem with two or three prominent blue veins running to the tip looked not much different in color then his pale white thighs.

And Roman was right too, as his almost ready to erupt penis really looked a bit like a banana the way it lay on the thin right upper thigh, and being aware of his smooth long thighs, I first had to caress them briefly and gently, to and fro, touching the boy's ball sac still inside the worn briefs and kissing tenderly the divinely upper legs and the slightly bony knees as well.

"N-no more, pleease! Do me now, it really comes soon," the truly nubile, almost 12-year-old urged me very alarmingly, and so I obeyed him.

I'd anyway felt it too, as the boy was starting to rhythmically widen and close his thighs, and therefore, just the moment he pushed me to go ahead, I nodded and carefully pulled on the skimpy, just ordinary supermarket Y-front underwear without any brand and let it glide over the protestingly jerking cock, revealing finally the boy's whole fruit stand with a fleshy, average filled nut bag, sitting rosy colored and tight like a peach in almost firing position hard under the dick's stem, whereas then the cock was bouncing some, after freed from the thin briefs.

That moment in its full stiffness it didn't look too curved, but a bit curved it was in the upper third, and it was bent to the right a bit too -- but the latter was a flaw I had myself and never gave a thought of it.

"See now how it looks!" he disappointedly said.

"Yeah I see, and yess, yess, yess: it looks just *great*! It's so beautiful, your bird," I honestly praised him, and by using his own child words I continued, "and it has a strong, quite long neck, really nice to grip around and to stroke it with ..."

"Yeah-yeah, but pleease! Don't talk about stroking -- stroke it!" he then interrupted and demanded already a bit weak, and "Unghhh" he made, when I'd kissed his clean and yet so intoxicating smelling ball sac, but then thought better too and got a hold of his dick, who could also be that of a barely average-sized man. Two, three, maybe four times I was able to move his foreskin up and down, when Roman all of a sudden shut his moving thighs and started to buck, whereas at the same time his cock in my right fist expanded some more, before jutting a strand of white goo out of its wide open pee hole and was landing on my shirts left forearm, whose hand was fondling his tight emptying sac.

Roman's face was a bit distorted; especially his mouth's corners were pulled down, when I dared to throw a quick eye on him. He moaned sweetly to that quite forceful ejection, bucked strongly with then really a bit spasmodically jerking arms and legs like he'd said before, and groan he did a few more times simultaneously with each other volley of young boy cum his wonderful maturing dick brought up in a surprising abundance, but which then just jumped over my fist onto his right thigh, before finally two last dribbles ran viscously over my fingers and down onto his already relaxing egg sac.

"Ahhh - that was a good one!" Roman sighed contently, smiling at me groggily, whereas I ...

"YUCK! Hey, that's ... that's GROSS!" Roman then almost shouted, but didn't hinder me from slurping his cum from his thigh, then from my shirt's arm and finally not only from my fist and his now relaxed nut bag, but from the dick's head as well.

"Unnghhh!" made the boy when I engulfed the half of his spent cock, and "Aahh -- ah -  ah -- aahhhhhh ..." he sighed, when I was sucking the last reminders of his not really sweet, but extremely tasty boy sperm out of his dick and foreskin.

Or was his cum, like the one of many other boys I had maybe just a little bit sweet anyway, because Roman was really a sweet kid?

"Now I want to do YOU!" the masturbated boy pulled me out of my thoughts, not a little bit tired anymore in his subsided afterglow, despite still breathing rapidly.

"OK, know what? We just exchange places, and I'll show you how I want it to be done," I said, got up, pulled him from the bar and sat him onto the stole I've been, before I swung myself onto Roman's place.

"But *I* want to take your ... your penis out! Can I?" he asked and had his slender hands already on the button and zipper of my jeans.

"Of course you can, but do it carefully, I'm myself almost there as well, or it might then shoot and hit you the way like yours did with Raff, Roman," I warned him, but had in fact nothing else in mind but to ejaculate my hot manly load of semen fully onto that damn' handsome boyish face.

"Oh, spunk from you ... you know, I wouldn't care ..." he blushingly gave back, but quickly concentrated on opening my jeans, and whereas he was then pulling down my zipper, I saw his own dick bouncing up again in a slight curve to his right and knew, that the kid with its then throbbing dick would be ready to ejaculate just another time after my discharge. A thing I could do only if a new super kid like him was in my hands; and by then my last shot was already two hours ago.

"Then I could do it that way? Squirting my stuff right over your face?" I wanted to know for sure.

"You can, but tell me before it comes, OK?" he agreed and then asked me to lift my ass, and when he'd pulled my jeans and the briefs at once and with some strength to my knees and down to my ankles, he was starring in awe onto my reproduction machinery.

"Gosh, that's quite ... uh, such a thing, I never ... can I?" he then almost stuttering asked, when confronted with his obviously first sight of erect male tools, as my cock was with a stiff length of a good average 6.5 inches and a width of say 2 inches surely a monster in his young eyes, and as my balls had since childhood been always remarkably bigger then the ones of my mates, it was no wonder that my nut bag was impressing Roman as well.

"Your bird is very hard, but just a tiny bit curved -- not a banana at all," he exclaimed, having then his wonderfully sculpted right already around my shaft and rubbing the foreskin steadily up and down, whereas his left's delicate fingers were dangerously teasing my fat sac, trying to move my nuts a bit in their tight pouch, but what wouldn't work well, as I was almost about to erupt.

"Kiss my bird a bit ... yeah, just a little kiss onto the bird's lips ... ohhhhhh ... yesss, some mooore ... gooooood boy, Roman," I sighed, after the kid had obeyed a bit hesitantly my order and let his sexy lips meet several times with the tiny ones of my cock's piss slit for a second.

"That ... was it! Unnghhh ... slowly now ... not ... nggghh ... don't wank too fast, and come with your face ... a bit closer ... I'm gonna ... squirt it ... onto your ... your f-fore ... forehead ... nghhhh ... N O W!"

I grabbed the boy's short hair and pulled the kid's head abruptly to my ready to shoot gun, brushing with its flared head over his cheek and nose up to the middle of his forehead between his by then closing eyes and was keeping then my dick's muzzle just half an inch away from the kid I wanted to "execute", knowing quite well that I had often to serve too that way in my childhood, having done it then later as well!

"W-waaank ... and don't stop until I'm teeeeeellinnnnngg ... you --huuuuu ... mnnghh ... ahhnnghhh ... unnghh ... unghhh ... mmnghhh ... ahh ... aaahhhhh ..."

I honestly don't know anymore with how many shots I'd tried to "kill" that precious boy, but it were for sure six or seven blasts that had splashed onto the 12-year-old's forehead, with the one or the other squirting due to my bucking into his hair or over an eyelid and the nose, and when I finally allowed him to stop the wank, his hand glistened and showed slimy strings between his filigree fingers, when he was spreading them.

"Eeeewwwwww!" it came from his lips, after he'd carefully opened his eyes, feeling that there were several cum tracks running viscously down to his mouth, some of were even dropping further down onto his chicken breast, belly and into his groin.

And when his pinky tried to dig out some cum from one of his sweet little nostrils, he started to grin at me, pulling his nose wrinkling up like a male animal on heat and then showed me his slender hands, the slime-glistening right one and the left, which had just a little puddle on its palm. And when I saw him looking around in search of a towel or the position of the kitchen sink to clean his cum-drenched hands, I quickly grabbed the boy's wrists and

"Slurp -- slurp -- slurp -- slurp -- slurp ..." licked them clean, him squeaking several times when I did the same with his face, washing him in fact like a cat would her kitten, but spared the whole forehead and left the shining wetness in his short black hair!

"How ... how was it?" he asked a bit sourish afterwards, but had to lick a drop out of his mouth's corner as well.

"Yours was without a doubt a lot better, but mine has maybe some more protein -- you probably should try a mouth full," I suggested, pointing briefly onto my rather deflated dick with its still cum-smeared head.

"A ... a mouth full?" he wanted to know and was seemingly not sure if he should.

"Well, it's anyway not that much anymore, but it's from me -- just if you want, of course!" I let him open to decide, but knew about a certain pressure it had.

"Ok, just a bit," he then gave himself a push and then brought his lush lips onto the whitish puddle in my foreskin's puckered tip and, after his tongue had tasted a tiny bit, let his raspberry lips engulf my cock's head ... and suck ... and suck ... and suck he did -- I even felt my spent member to wake up again.

Roman then gave me a bright smile, when he came up between my legs, having also licked some of my by then extremely relaxed ball sac, which was hanging heavily down over the bar's edge.

"Finish!" he contently announced and then looked me expectantly in the eyes, wanting to brush a way what he felt was still on his forehead.

"No, please leave it just for a while longer for me to look at ... at least until we're thru with our brunch," I asked him.

"Brunch? Oh goodie-goodie! What else do we have?" he asked hungrily and was pulling then his skimpy briefs up, but stepped out of his corduroys when I'd advised him to do so and then was staying just like that in the middle between the bar and the corner seat, almost naked, with some drying up cum spots onto his forehead and small pale breast and flat belly, clad just in those sexily tented worn little briefs and gray woolen socks in also worn brown shoes.

I knew what I wanted, as he looked so ready to get shagged and would certainly do it, hopefully right after our brunch!

"Well, we have eggs to boil or fry or scramble and wiener sausages ... uh, not ours, hehehe, then there are yoghurts and fresh milk for muesli, crunchy bread, butter, jam, jus, cheese, fruits and choco drink or coffee if you want," I offered to that otherwise also "eatable" boy.

"Oh cool; do you drink coffee?" He wanted to know, having a bold expression on his cute face with its so interestingly glistening spot in his short dark hair.

"Yes, I'll have an espresso then; why?" I really didn't know this time what was to come, despite knowing about that gag from other occasions with other boys!

"It's just if you," and from the waistband he pulled out his still rather stiff boy cock, "need some super fresh milk -- I guess I just have enough for an espresso then, hihihi, hihihi!" he giggled and then almost jumped into me, when I was approaching him with open arms, and then we were pressing ourselves into each others body.

"Mr. de Boysac?"


"You are a nice man; I like you," he whispered quite timidly, pressing his head even harder at my breast and lifted his briefs covered crotch to meet my still bare genitals.

"Oh Roman, that's nice to hear; and you are my wonder boy, and ... I love you already!" I said with quite a lump in my throat and didn't care how unprofessional I had been the last barely two hours, regarding my job and the herein expected duty!

"You do? Uh ... I was afraid you would laugh, but ... but I love you too, like ... I don't know ..." he derailed.

"Like you wanted to love ... Raff, maybe?" I whispered also and felt my member jerk.

"Yeah, I guess so ... I mean if I had been longer with him, then ..."

"Then you had probably loved him so much, that you had wanted to ...fuck him too, to make the love complete, huh?" I softly led him to my narrow path.

I then felt him stiffen up and look at me, asking:

"I'm not sure if you mean like ... like the homos do? Like when they're putting their dick into the others bum?"

"Wow, I didn't know you had a clue about that already; and what you've said is correct! I mean there is only the hole behind and not two like a girl has, huh?" I gave back.

"Uh, I've heard in the school just homos would do that, but ... but you aren't a homo, Mr. de Boysac, are you?" he seemed a bit concerned then.

"Well, not really, but I do like boys a bit more then girls, and since boys have only one hole aside from the mouth, you know ..." I derailed too this time and freed myself and pulled my briefs up, but stepped out of my jeans as well.

"Oh, then it's OK; I mean I like boys also more then girls, and ... uh, but what is then now the number *one* you like a boy has?" he then suddenly asked, having a real clue it looked to me, upon which I was reaching around behind him and was cupping his two small tight globes, pressing with my middle fingers slightly into his crack.

"Not that you think all men who like boys would call the bum the number one; even *I* prefer sometimes the sausage part more! But your tight little butt is just so right for me!" I whispered into his small ear.

Roman then started to slightly tremble, then looked up at me and said, playing around on a button of my shirt:

"I don't know, because ... yours is very big, but if you really love me, then ... then I'll think about if I should give it a try!"

"Your just so great, Roman, and I'll gladly wait for days or weeks until you are ready for that, my love," I said and was quite touched, when I then planted a damp kiss onto his forehead with the slightly crusty protein remainders there, before adding, "but first we need to eat and build up some power in case we both couldn't wait any longer-- a good fuck burns quite some calories; come then!"

We then prepared our brunch together, and I saw during the meal, that Roman was again and again in intense thoughts, until he finally stretched his upper body and said with a bit a sly tone:

"I still don't know if we should do it, but my bird is so hard all the time ... I guess it's *him* who want me to say yes; believe me that, Mr. de Boysac?"

"Of course I do, and I often listen to my cock as well; but please call me Alex now. I know it's a bit early for that, but if we are about to fuck around maybe soon, it then sounds pretty weird to get called Mister, huh?" I offered.

"Oh, that's great, that's ... uh, but wouldn't then the others know what we did, if I can call you ... uh, Alex, huh?" he had some troubles.

"Not at all; to call our first names is a common habit here, and the adults are offering that sooner or later after the arrival of a new boy. And I just did it now! Any more problems?"

"No, no more ... uh, but your dick: it is very big and my bum is so small. Do you think it will work and ... go in? But if it would, then surely not all, huh?"

"It will, Roman, and I know how to make that *all* will go in, but we will look at some photos which show you exactly how an even bigger dick of a man then mine can go up the tiny butt of a much smaller boy then you are. It sounds extreme now, but when it's done carefully with a bath first and quite some fingering, it really works," I explained and then went ahead with the brunch, before remembering:

"Gosh, we need at least to shake hands again, Roman. Well then, call me Alex now," I said with a smile and gave him my right.

"Uh ... Alex, then; nice to meet you ... and I'm Roman, um, silly, you know that, hihihi," he giggled with a wide grin, showing his two big teeth and letting me shake and caress his slender beautiful right for quite a while, before resuming the last part of our brunch.

Yet ...

"Alex, I ... so stupid, but it wants to come again! Can you ... uh, do something about?" he a bit wickedly asked me and was already shoving his briefs to his ankles, before spreading his long smooth thighs for me.

"Damn', not again!" I gave in mock anger back and came around to him and fell onto my knees, burying my face fully into that cute boy's blooming bliss, inhaling its intoxicating odor and licking their rampant, again ready to harvest sex fruits, before engulfing that strong and a bit curved dick of his, going up and down on its white shaft and letting tickle my nose by his barely a dozen new silky pubic hairs, enjoying his sudden effort to push his juicy boyhood quite rhythmically in unison with my blow job movement into my mouth, accelerating it, when grabbing my head and fucking my face forcefully then, until and just after some 10 seconds his by then almost violent thrusts got erratic, when his young slim body stiffened up. And when the 12-years old preteen orphan lifted his thin thighs and was jamming my head unexpectedly strong with them, he let out a long and deep moan, like

"Oooooaaaaannnnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... annghhhhh ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..."

And at the same time I felt his dick expand in my sucking mouth and felt the jerks his limbs made and were given thru his hands to my head too; and then I had to accept his maturing semen, which gushed into my mouth and splashed at my tonsils, and it really seemed like he was shooting tons of cum, but in fact he hadn't more then two little splatters and a thin squirt of his unique boy nectar for me, as the rest was most likely just pure hot air his dick pumped out from his emptied boy nuts in his rosy sac.

I was slurping and waiting to come up, until Roman couldn't bear my lips' and tongues' work anymore and pulled my head away from his freshly spent boy genitals, then was happily looking at me.

"Alex!" he softly spoke and then let his slender hands tenderly caress my cheeks, before his soft fingers wandered up to my dark blond hair, tousling it playfully there.

"Roman!" I replied and didn't see more then a blur of him thanks to an overwhelming feeling that washed over me, badly touched by that precious boy's emotional move.

Therefore I just let him do for a while longer what was pure balm and bliss for my soul, knowing, that it was only the beginning of something wonderful to come!