The Seduction of Jimmy Palmer
by Sean O'Malley
From the journal of Jack Palmer…

June 4

People write journals because they secretly want someone to find it and read it. That’s true of this journal. The finder would be my son Jimmy. I want him to find this and read every word I’m about to put down regarding how much I love him and want to be with him in every way. I’ve wanted him ever since that day (a year ago) when he was 15 and he came to my wife, Mary, and me and told us that he was gay. I started to look at him in a different light after that. What I had seen as a little boy for so many years I began to see as a man, and a man who liked other men. I’ve always been bi, my wife doesn’t know that, but I always have been. And, I’ve always liked younger guys. I admit I was shocked when I first found myself attracted to my own son, but now it seems like the most natural thing in the world.

Jimmy is a special kind of boy. He makes you love life just to look at him—so full of energy and fun. He’s got the streaky hair like kids these days do and the pierced ears and a face that could light up a city. I guess what I’m trying to say is that he’s beautiful. His body, which I see often in our pool, is just starting to form—little muscles beginning to take shape on his boyish frame. His legs are hairy and there’s a dusting of hair under his arms and his pubes seem to be coming in nicely but his torso is still delightfully smooth. I wonder if he knows how much I look at him when we’re in the pool? I try not to stare, but it’s not easy. He never seems to show any interest in my body—or maybe he’s just slyer than I give him credit for. I’ve got to have him and I think the only way I can accomplish that is to seduce him.

Seduction isn’t an easy thing, I’m sure. I’m a good-looking guy, I work out, I’ve got the muscles & hairy chest that guys love. I should be able to seduce a 16-year-old kid even if he is my own son. But where to start? Maybe I should practice on another kid his age, like that kid across the street with the great body. I’d do him in a second. It’s my experience that it’s not that hard to get a teenager to enjoy a blowjob.

Oh wife’s home….gotta run….more later……

June 7

Sorry, I’ve been away for a couple of days and couldn’t write. Work, work, work…

So where was I…oh yeah sex and teenagers. I did seduce a 16-year-old once. During a business trip to Philly, saw him sitting in the lobby with a bunch of other students. Beautiful kid (not as beautiful as Jimmy, but nice) dark black hair cut short, nice taut body, nice dark eyes. I made eye contact with him and he smiled. I was wearing a suit at the time didn’t really show off my body very well. He had on cargo shorts and a t-shirt-some band I don’t remember. I had a meeting so I smiled and left the hotel.

When I returned that evening, he was there sitting in the lobby by himself like a little lost pup. I sat down next to him. Struck up a conversation. Turned out the rest of his group had gone back to their rooms already, but he felt like hanging out some more. I knew he was probably waiting for me. We talked for a while about small stuff. Then I told him I had to get back to my room and finish some work. I started to walk away then turned back and asked if he wanted to join me for a coke or something. His eyes lit up and he jumped out of his chair.

We rode the elevator in silence and eventually made it back to my room on the 55th floor. He ran to the window and looked out in amazement like he’d never been so high before. I offered him the coke I had promised and he took it and took a long hard gulp. I took off my suit coat and hung it in the closet, undid my tie and hung it up as well, then started to unbutton my shirt, just three buttons—enough to show the top of my hairy chest. That seemed to be enough for him and he stood up and took off his t-shirt exposing a very sexy torso. Nice little pecs with a dusting of dark fur between them and a flat 6-pack stomach. He came over and sat on my lap and we kissed deeply and passionately.

He reached over and started to unbutton my shirt running his hands through my thick chest hair as he did. He told me he loved guys with chest hair. He started to suck on my nipples and as he did I slowly laid back on the bed. He sat on my pelvis and made love to my chest and stomach burying his face in my hairy torso. When he had reached my belly button he started to undo my belt and then my pants. He ran his hand over my hard cock beneath my underwear and started to lightly jack me off. I reached down and unbuttoned his cargo shorts happy to find him not wearing any underwear. His cock sprang forth pointing directly at my face. I grabbed it in my hand and started to pull.

His mouth found its way to my cock and started to lick it through my tighty-whiteys. His tongue was hot as I remember and very talented. I so wanted his cock in my mouth at this point. I told him to slow down a little and sit on my chest again. His cock was perfectly positioned to go into my mouth and I gobbled it up hungrily. The taste of sweet boy cock is one of the best tastes ever. I sucked him in and he began to buck on my chest ramming his cock in and out of my waiting mouth. I reached down and started rubbing my still imprisoned cock feeling it swell. The kid put his hands on either side of my head and lifted his ass off of my chest and started sliding his nicely sized cock in my mouth at a ferocious pace.

I came first shooting my load into my underwear. Then he came shooting that sweet boy cum into my mouth and down my throat. After we both were done, he leaned down and licked my cum through my shorts trying to get as much as possible. The slurping sound was very sexy (at least at the time it was). It was a pretty hot evening well, 30 minutes.

If I could seduce that kid (Daniel was his name), I’m sure I can seduce Jimmy.

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