The Seduction of Jimmy Palmer [Part 3]
by Sean O'Malley
From the journal of Jack Palmer…

June 18

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the windowsill. It ended up raining all day so I had to cancel our boat day. I was so looking forward to trying out Kevin’s seduction techniques. I’m sure it would have worked on Jimmy. Hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow and we can go out then.

June 19

Seems the gods don’t want me to get into Jimmy’ pants. Another rainy day--there goes the weekend. This all reminds me of a certain rainy day back when I was 14. I ran down the street in a deluge to get to Kevin’s house. He had offered to help me with my math homework and my mom said it was OK. So when I got there I was soaking wet. Kevin let me in and said that I’d better get out of my wet clothes or I’d catch my death. I stripped down to my underwear and Kevin put my clothes into the dryer. He started a fire in the fireplace and we sat down by it to work on my homework.

Now I had fooled around with Kevin at least twice by this point so I knew sex was in the air. As I sat there I started to shiver and Kevin got a small blanket. He wrapped me up in it and pulled me onto his lap. (I was just in my underwear at this point.) As we started going over the math problems Kevin started lightly stroking my legs with his big hands. It felt really good as I remember and I had some trouble concentrating on my homework. I recall my penis was very hard by this point and I really wanted to fool around.

Happily, Kevin’s hand worked its way up to my crotch and started to rub my penis through my underwear. He did this while he was explaining some math problem to me—like it was the most normal thing to do. (It felt really good I’m sure, I always liked when Kevin touched my cock.) While he was talking again (or still) I heard him reach back behind me and unzip his jeans no doubt freeing a very hard cock from its prison. In a second I felt Kevin’s manhood resting against my back.

He finished explaining the math problems to me and told me to start working them out. As I leaned forward to start figuring I felt little kisses on my neck and back—like butterflies landing and taking off. I couldn’t concentrate on my homework, and really didn’t want to, so I sat up, turned my head around and gave Kevin a big kiss right on the lips. He seemed a little surprised by my forwardness—I had always been the passive one—but he seemed to like it.

In seconds I was up and out of my underwear and Kevin had stripped off his shirt and jeans. We both stood there naked facing each other, both hard and very horny. Kevin grabbed me and gave me a deep and long kiss on my mouth. Then he proceeded to kiss down my body—my neck, my chest, my nipples, my stomach—until he reached my throbbing, bouncing cock. He fell to his knees and devoured my hard boy cock in his mouth surrounded by sexy stubble. I loved the feel of his stubble on my pubic area, so rough and manly. I put my hands on his head and felt it rock back and forth as he blew me.

(I remember loving Kevin at that moment. I’m sure he didn’t love me but probably was just into young boys.)

As I often did as a kid, I came too fast and shot my load right into Kevin’s waiting mouth. He didn’t seem to mind if I came too soon—he really loved my boy juice and wanted it at any time. After I had cum, he stood up and placed his hands on my shoulders. He then pushed me down to my knees so my mouth was right at his cock. I hungrily took his cock into my mouth and began sucking him off.

He seemed so big at the time, so thick in my mouth, but I managed. I couldn’t take the whole thing so I concentrated on the head swirling my tongue around it in my mouth and moving my lips over it back and forth. He could last for a long time, I remember wondering if he’d ever come. But eventually he would and it would be too much for me to swallow and it would always spill out my mouth. Luckily, Kevin was always there to lick my face clean. He always took good care of me.

After he had come, we heard the dryer buzz—my clothes were dry. Kevin got my clothes out of the dryer and placed them over the couch and we sat down in the nude and finished my homework. When we were done we kissed a little more and then I got dressed and went home.

After he moved away I cried for days—I really missed the big guy. I wish he was around today, he’d have the perfect plan for seducing Jimmy.

June 20

Watched Jimmy playing basketball in the front yard today. He’s turning into quite the athlete. He looked so sexy in his jersey and shorts combo and every time he’d go up for a shot the jersey would ride up and you could just see his belly button and abs. He’s one sexy kid if I do say so myself. I’d love to get into those shorts—and I will.

June 21

Watched Jimmy sleep again tonight. This time I pulled back the sheet and much to my surprise he wasn’t wearing any clothes. I have to say his cock is immense, not thick but at least 8 inches long soft. I can’t imagine what it must grow to when he’s hard. I reached over and stroked him a few times tonight. He started to stir so I quickly stopped and left the room.

More later—

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