The Seduction of Jimmy Palmer [Part 4: The End]
by Sean O'Malley
From the journal of Jack Palmer…

June 30

After weeks of “grand plans” I decided to just let nature take its course. Here is how today went:

I got home from work and found Jimmy in the pool shooting hoops in the net we just put up for him. I put on my suit and in a few minutes we were playing a game of basketball in the shallow end of the pool. We had a great time I would say—Jimmy seemed to be having a good time.

Afterward we both jumped in the hot tub sitting on opposite sides of the tub. A few minutes later I slid myself over until I was sitting right next to my little guy and I put my arm around him on the lip of the tub. I placed my other hand on Jimmy’s knee and just kind of massaged it. He said that that felt good—he had pulled his knee a few weeks back and I think it was still sore. After massaging for a few minutes, I kind of ran my hand up his leg until it reached the bottom of his speedo, then ran it back down to his knee just slowly to start. [Just like Kevin had taught me.] He didn’t say anything so I did it again back up his firm young leg to the base of his swimsuit. My finger lightly grazed his big balls and he let out a light sigh. Things were going pretty well so I ran my hand back to his knee and then back up his leg and kind of rested it on his cock which to my touch was semi-hard.

Now Jimmy closed his eyes, let out a louder sigh and said “That feels so good daddy”. He hadn’t called me daddy for years and it felt really good--kind of sexy. My hand began to rub his quickly hardening cock beneath his speedos and I could feel the head of his long monster starting to peek out of his suit. There were so many bubbles I couldn’t see what was going on, but I could feel it. I grabbed his suit and pulled it down beneath his balls setting his long cock free from its prison. I was amazed at the size of it fully erect—it must have been 12 inches at least. Jimmy turned his head and kissed my cheek, licking my stubble. I turned my head and our mouths met for the first time. It was electric!!

I grabbed Jimmy’s cock in my strong hand and proceeded to jack him off as we kissed. I couldn’t believe this was finally happening! I could feel his cock rapidly expanding in my hand and I knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. I started jacking him slower to help him last longer as we made out some more. But as it is with teenagers he got too excited and shot his load right into the hot tub where it floated on the bubbles and was slowly carried away like pillows of white clouds.

Our kissing continued on for some time afterward. As it slowly came to a halt Jimmy said that he loved me, calling me “daddy” again and I told him that I had wanted this to happen for so long.

August 19

Jimmy and I have been fooling around almost daily since that day we spent in the hot tub. Luckily my wife travels a lot on business so Jimmy and I usually have the house to ourselves to express our love as openly as we want. Jimmy has taken to walking around the house naked when were alone, something that always drives me crazy. Sometimes I do too. He says that I’m the sexiest man he knows, always nice to hear especially from such a young stud. My favorite part is that we get to share the same bed and wake up in each other’s arms. All in all things worked out pretty well.

And that’s how I seduced Jimmy Palmer…

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