The Seduction of Jimmy Palmer [Part 5: A New Beginning]
by Sean O'Malley
From the journal of Jack Palmer…

September 10

I’ve shown Jimmy my journal and let him read every word in it. He wasn’t mad like I thought he might be, instead he was flattered. Flattered that I had been thinking of him so much and in that special way. He also liked the stories about Kevin quite a bit. I’ve told him more Kevin stories and he has enjoyed them all.

Jimmy told me that he has been fooling around with the boys across the street, the same boys I tried to seduce with my short shorts. I told him with a cock like his everyone’s going to want to fool around with him. He laughed that cute boy laugh of his.

We’ve decided that this will be a new beginning in our relationship. We’ve butted heads a few times since he became a teenager, but now we’re going to be open and honest with each other.

Jimmy and I share a bed most nights, since my wife is gone a lot. It kills me when she’s here. I have to sneak into Jimmy’s room just to kiss him goodnight properly. (A proper goodnight kiss should last a least 3 minutes.) I love to kiss the little guy (“my little guy” is what I call him when he’s around) and love the sex even more. Which brings me to…

About a week ago Jimmy and I were in bed. Just lying there on our sides looking at each other. I remember I was stroking Jimmy’s smooth face with the back of my hand. He was smiling at me. The feeling of love in the room was palpable. Suddenly out nowhere Jimmy tells me that he wants me to make love to him. Now we had never done this because my cock is quite thick and his hole quite tight and I didn’t want to hurt him. I asked him if he was sure about this and he said yes, he was ready to take all of me inside him. I leaned over and kissed his forehead.

He got up from under the covers and assumed the on-all-fours position on the bed. I got up from under the covers and went into the bathroom to get some lube. My cock was already rock-hard and pointing straight up. Jimmy mentioned that he thought I had the most beautiful cock he had ever seen. I smiled. I knelt on the bed and placed my hands on the 2 perfect orbs of his ass and spread them just a bit to further expose his perfect little pink pucker. I stuck out my tongue and licked up his entire lightly haired crack. I felt him shudder and heard him sigh. Then I took my tongue and went right for his hole, gently probing it. This drove him crazy and he started wiggling his ass around my still tongue. He sighed more loudly now and called me daddy which drove me wild and I took after his pucker with new abandon lubing it with my spit.

Once he was fully spit-lubed and hard as a rock, I got the bottle of lube and squirted some on my hard cock. I worked it around to make sure it was fully covered. I jumped back on the bed and told him to lie down because I wanted to see his face while we did this. He complied and laid down on his back. I took one of his legs and raised it to rest on my broad shoulder. I gently stroked the hairy leg so strong from so many years of sports and kissed his foot a few times. He smiled up at me and nodded his head “yes”.

I placed my cock right at the opening of his ass and pressed in just a bit opening him up just a touch. He didn’t squirm or cry out or anything, so I proceeded to enter him pushing the head all the way in. I stopped again to let him adjust. I stroked his leg some more and again kissed his foot. He grabbed his own cock and started to slowly jack all 12 inches of it—it was a magnificent sight. I began to push the rest of my cock into Jimmy’s waiting hole. He squirmed a bit on this push but then relaxed and smiled back up at me. When I was fully in I stopped again to let him adjust to the intruder. He winced but all-in-all took it very well. His cock was dripping pre-cum all over his chest. He looked up at me and said “I love you daddy”. My heart melted.

I slowly began to make love to my little guy’s ass. Sliding out just enough to make him gasp then thrusting back into him. I started sucking on his toes as I increased my speed. They tasted so sweet like little berries. Jimmy was whacking away at himself his cock almost reaching his chin. I think he could have sucked himself off if he had wanted to. I pushed on his leg a bit to penetrate deeper than I had been. I was going at a pretty good clip at this point, sliding in and out. I grabbed his other leg and put it on my other shoulder. Jimmy was all mine. I could feel the sweat dripping down my face as I drilled him faster and faster. I bit his ankle in the heat of passion. The pain must have been too much for Jimmy and he began to shoot his cum all over his face and the pillow behind him.

Seeing my little guy covered in his own cum was one of the hottest things I have ever witnessed. I pulled back, and with one final thrust, shot my load deep into Jimmy’s hole. Shooting stream after stream of daddy cum into his tight boy hole. I took his leg and kissed it where I had bitten it earlier. I kissed every one of his toes and licked up and down his hairy legs. Then, I set his legs back down on the bed and collapsed on top of him licking his face clean. Our sweaty bodies slid against one another as our tongues made love.

That was one of the happiest moments of my life so far. September 4th. I think Jimmy will remember it for some time to come too.

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