5. Enticing the Enchanter    

Junaid accosted me the next evening as I returned from work.

"Zubair-bhai !" I heard the holler as I turned the bike into our narrow lane.

I half turned to look, the bike wobbling dangerously before I screeched to a halt and spotted Junaid, standing near the kerb.

"Hey!" I smiled as he walked over.

"Zubair-bhai," he asked, "what did you do, huh?"

"What?" I asked in turn, uncomprehending.

He let out a disgusted grunt, giving me a look of disapproval, "You robbed us of a treat yesterday!"

"How so?" I asked with a smile, my eyebrows high in question.

He sighed, "That's what I want to know, and that's why I'm asking you!"

"What do you mean?" I asked, wondering...

He gave me a look of disbelief, and then let out an exasperated groan, almost hissing, "Sohail-bhai, what did you do?"

"What do you mean?!" I exclaimed, suddenly my pulse racing.

"Well..." he drawled, "we had walked up to this exact spot, waiting for you guys to show up, when he came running down the lane, and then rushed right across the street, not even bothering to look at us! We were surprised, called him, but he didn't even respond, running off..."

"Where did he go?" I asked, worried and wondering.

"Back to his place... their gate is practically opposite this lane, we saw him go in."

"Oh..." I sighed, somehow relieved.

"So?" he asked, his eyes suddenly twinkling.


He laughed, "You tell me!"

"Tell you what?"

"The answer to my question - what did you do to him, huh?"

"Um, I... I simply told him I wouldn't be coming..." I gave a nonchalant shrug, suddenly feeling extremely uncomfortable with the look on Junaid's face... the amused tone of his voice.

He gave me one of those incredulous look usually reserved for the cretinous kid in class, sighing, "Zubair-bhai, do I look that dumb?"

I kept staring at him, now seriously wondering... debating whether I should display indignation, or continue with my act of ignorance.

"I'm not blind!" he grinned, and then added with a shrug, the tone almost paternal, "You need patience, he's a spoilt kid, used to having things his way. But he'll come around, don't you see it, he too is desperate for your attention!"

"What do you mean?!" I blurted, totally taken aback... still acting ignorant, though my heart slammed with alarm at the import of those words.

Horrified by the fact that my fascination, my lust for that teen - what I had considered to be a well concealed emotion on my part - had in fact been so blatantly obvious to others! Wondering if the other boys too had noticed it, could see what Junaid had seen... after all, he was merely fourteen, and those other boys were older!

He gave another one of his cocky grin, winked, turned and walked away, leaving me staring after him...

** ** ** ** **

Schools had reopened, and now the boys came only during the weekends...

But with the monsoon too setting in, there was hardly much play, and over the next month and half I barely got to see them - though I did hear them... splashing around in the rain, raucous as they celebrated the refreshing showers after the benumbing heat of summer!

Sohail was there too, yes, still loud and boisterous, still leading the rambling rabble... but surprsingly devoid of his bluster, and his bawdiness. He wasn't baiting anyone, anymore; nor bustling around in his trademark hostile ways. Surprisingly friendly, as he laughed with the other boys!

In that whole period, I got to play with them for only about a half dozen times... Sohail suddenly becoming subdued when I joined them.

Refreshingly quiet and decent - no swagger, and absolutely no obscenity. Mostly avoiding me, though I did catch those furtive glances... surreptitious, quickly turning away, red-faced, when he realised that I was watching him!

And he came to the bakery too, even mumbling a 'thank-you' when we parted... his eyes lowered as we shook hands... the face flushed.

All of a sudden, he was a normal kid... an average teen - uncertain and awkward - no longer ferine!

Charmingly docile when around me!

And seeing his new incarnation, my passion soared... my desire to possess him becoming intolerably unbearable with each passing day...


It was mid August, a very late Wednesday evening... I was home, lying in bed, browsing the net, checking messages and posts, when the knock came.

"The door's open, come in..." I called.

It creaked open and Sohail's head popped in...

"Are you busy?" he asked, amazing me once more - knocking, seeking permission, enquiring about other people's state of affair - well, Sohail was indeed a changed man... oh well, kid!

"Hey," I smiled setting the laptop aside and sitting up, surprised to see him at my doorstep at that hour, "c'mon in!"

I didn't know what, and I didn't know why... but the boy looked absolutely ravishing that evening... Literally glowing, his eyes sparkling!

He gave a coy, uncertain smile as he entered, his eyes quickly scanning the room, "Um, had your dinner?"

"No," I replied, wondering, "was feeling lazy, so didn't go out..."

He nodded and silently went over to the tiny table in the corner and placed the large package he was carrying.

"What's that?" I questioned.

"Food..." he said, turning to look briefly at me.

"Food?!" I asked, surprised, "What's the occasion?"

"For you..." he said, heading back for the door.

"That's not what I ask," I called, looking at his retreating figure, noting how tight the jeans clung to his buttocks. "What's it for?"

He paused, hesitating for a moment... and then looking over his shoulder gave a happy smile, "It's my birthday..."

"Wa'lah !" I exclaimed, getting off the bed and standing up, "And you never mentioned it, huh?!"

Suddenly he spun around, the eyes twinkling fiercely, the grin wide, "Well, I got you the treat!"

"Happy Birthday!" I said, wondering if I should hug him or not, "And, how old are you?"

"Thanks..." he giggled as he turned away, hastening towards the door, "Old enough!"

"Oye, munh meetha nahi karwaoge?!" I called after him.

"There's a large slice of cake there," he twittered happily as he reached the door, "it's sweet... have it after dinner, munh meetha ho jayega !"

I was by the door in a bound, blocking his passage, "Really?" I asked grabbing both his arms.

"Wha... what..." he started to say and then fell silent... staring back at me with unsure eyes as I swung him around, pushing him against the wall.

Releasing his right arm I grabbed a fistful of his hair, tilting his head back as I covered his mouth... kissing him... sucking those awesome succulent lips...

I heard his strangled gasp, and felt his body stiffen, as if shocked into rigor mortis!

Holding him pressed against the wall, I licked those lips... nibbling them... and as he let out an involuntary moan, slipped in my tongue... feeling him go limp, totally insensate, letting out a soft gurgle.

Then he stirred, finally, as if waking up from a deep sleep... suddenly vocalising incoherent nonsensicality into my mouth... his free hand reaching up for my shoulder in a feeble attempt at pushing me away... a limp weight, the powerless fingers clutching me instead...

"And that's munh meetha!" I grinned, finally pulling back.

I saw him slide and quickly grabbed his arms once more, holding him up... and as I looked down at him, at his beet red face... I saw fear, and lust, in those wide, glazed eyes... the mouth still open, sucking air... the nostrils flared.

Tauba! He looked simply divine!

Cupping his face, I kissed him again - his eyes, his nose tip... and those moist, reddened lips... gentle this time, savouring each bite, each nibble... and he moaned in response, his whole body shaken by an uncontrollable shudder... his hands grabbing my arms.

Slipping in my tongue once more, I wrapped an arm around his waist, holding him... and reached lower with my other hand... between his thighs, seeking his adolescent manhood... covering his crotch with my palm, and almost laughing out loud as I felt the turgid heat there... the swollen rigidity under the denim!

He groaned, his pelvis jerking involuntarily... thrusting out as I pressed down.

Sohail was raging hard... flexing painfully in that enclosed space that the restrictive clothing afforded!

Slowly caressing his tumidity, I traced the clearly delineated outline of his twitching cock... reaching lower to fondle the bulge of his teen balls.

He gasped, moaning out some unintelligible litany into my mouth, his pelvis swaying as his arms wrapped around me... for the first time, kissing back!

I began to rub the throbbing hardness with my palm... up and down... up and down... and felt him squirm, his breath suddenly ragged... clinging on, his arms fiercely tight around me...

Slowly, I increased the pressure... the strokes now shorter and quicker... and within about three minutes he was groaning in my mouth, his arms tight around my neck... his whole body convulsing as he furiously rubbed himself across my sliding palm...

He let out a long-drawn, strangled cry... his pelvis swaying crazily... grinding forcefully... and I was instantly assailed by that distinctive smell... the smell of semen... rich and warm... fresh as it burst forth... soon feeling the heat and dampness as it began to seep through the denim, wet against my still caressing palm and fingers...

"That was quick..." I whispered softly as I pulled back, lightly caressing his flushed cheek... my thumb rubbing over those moist, puffed lips, "Happy Birthday, Sohail!"

He almost slumped, his knees buckling... but then managed to steady himself against the wall... eyes still shut tight... mouth still open... sucking in air, noisily... and then he opened his eyes, briefly looking up at me... abruptly turning around and fleeing... stumbling as he tottered out into the dark night.

Yes, I had the cake after dinner, and I also jerked off twice that night... thinking of him - his writhing body under me... his splayed thighs... his parted buttocks. The scent of his fresh teen cum still strong in my nostrils...

... to be continued

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