6. Tormenting the Tyro    

I didn't see him for the remaining week, and he wasn't there Saturday evening.

"Where's Sohail?" I asked the boys.

They shrugged, "Last Wednesday was his birthday, and we haven't seen him since!"

"He had invited us over for lunch," informed Khalil, "and we went."

"He had the usual birthday party later that evening," added Junaid, "you know, huge affair, fancy stuff... for all his rich school friends and neighbours..." trailing off as he left the sentence incomplete, giving an uncertain shrug.

Akram, as usual, let out a snigger, "Huh, probably overdid his party act!"

I wondered, and then decided that it must be school - term papers... or some assignment maybe.

But he wasn't there on Sunday either!

Monday was a lousy day, dark and gloomy, drizzling since early morning... and to top it, I got delayed at office with some stupid paperwork. When I finally left, it was very late evening, it had stopped raining but the streets were mostly water logged and slushy... the traffic simply awful!

As I parked my bike under the staircase, I thought I saw a shadow slink back deeper into the gloom of the backyard.

"Who's there?" I called out, squinting to see in the darkness.

There was no answer, nor any movement.

I wondered for a moment... the old caretaker should be in his room, fast asleep by now... and there had never been, or at least, I had never heard, of break-ins or burglaries in the colony.

I locked the bike, double checking it, and as I turned, I heard a rustle.

There wasn't any breeze that August evening, everything still, and it simply couldn't be a stray animal... it had to be someone hiding!

I slowly turned around and after a brief pause rushed towards the small patch of green that bordered the backyard... where there were a few flowering shrubs and a couple small trees.

A dark shadow jumped back from behind a tree and made to run, but I was on him, grabbing his arm.

"Please, lemme go," came the plaintive cry, as the figure struggled to free himself.

"Sohail!" I exclaimed, instantly recognising the voice, surprised, asking, "What are you doing here, so late?"

He didn't reply as I pulled him out of the darkness, back near the staircase, into the faint glow that was coming from the street lights across the house.

"What are you doing here?" I repeated.

He remained silent, looking down at his feet.

"Came to see me?" I asked, and since he didn't respond, added, "Let's go upstairs."

He stood still, unmoving.

"Want me to kiss you here, huh?" I whispered softly into his ear, lightly caressing his cheek with the back of my fingers, "Someone might see us!"

He immediately looked up, those puppy eyes wide... scared, yet lust filled.

I took his arm, and this time he came.

Up in the room, I closed the door and switched on the light, turning to look at him.

He stood silent near the door, eyes lowered... the face already flushed.

"Come here," I said softly.

And he came forward, slowly...

I pulled him close, embracing him... and taking his chin lifted his face... his eyes were shut tight, the lips quivering...

I lowered my face, kissing him, and he groaned, melting in my arms as a shudder coursed through his frame, his arms wrapping around me... fiercely tight.

Pulling back I smiled at him, and as he blinked up, asked, "This is what you want, huh?"

He didn't reply, simply staring back... and God, he looked so damned hot!

I took his hand and led him to the bed... pulling off his t-shirt before sitting down and reaching for his fly front...

He made a slight sound in his throat, but remained still as I unbuttoned his fly and slowly pulled down his jeans... his bold coloured, branded brief already tented by his fierce arousal!

I looked up, but his eyes were closed once more, the mouth parted... the face glowing a bright red... and he was trembling all over, his body shaken by sudden, spasmodic shivers!

Hooking my thumb in the waistband I tugged off his brief in one swift move, baring him completely... his teen cock springing out like a jack-in-the-box... proud and tall... rigid and pulsing, the tip already moist.

I pushed him back a few steps and then stared on in wonder, mesmerised.

"Tauba !" I exclaimed - the boy was simply stunning without his clothes... maddeningly desirable!

A perfect male contour - the soft, glowing skin, absolutely smooth, stretched taut over those freshly developed, yet well-defined adolescent muscles. The boy pecs topped with two tiny nubs, engorged with desire... A thick chord of dark twirl beginning under the navel and then crawling its way down to that unruly mass of teen pubes...

And from that dark, dense growth rose his joy, his pride - his manhood - tall, pink and throbbing, the knob bloated... flushed a dark pink, almost purple-red!

"Wa'lah !" I exhaled, taking his wrists and pulling him to me.

He sighed as he came, melding in my arms as I sat him down on my lap... his head lowering in coy abashment - Oh, my sweet cherub, my ghilman-e-jannat !

"Chashm-e-baddoor !" I murmured as I caressed his flushed face... tracing those quivering lips, whispering, "Look at me..."

He looked up, and I lowered my face, kissing him softly... and he instantly opened up, inviting me in... moaning as he wrapped his arms around me.

He was hungry... a low, continuous moan gurgling out from between our lips as he kissed back, his lips working desperately.

With him still in my lap, I shifted, turning us around... our mouth still joined as I slowly lay him down on the bed, climbing over him...

Sohail parted his thighs wide, making space for me... his hand suddenly tighter around me, the fingers digging in... his hips already swaying, grinding his erect cock against my clothed groin.

Relinquishing his lips, I kissed his forehead... his eyes and his nose... licking his face... nibbling his earlobes... and down his jawline, back to those moist lips... holding them between my teeth, biting them gently... and he cried out as his fingers curled in my hair, tugging... his naked legs wrapping around my waist.

The boy was ready, and I could take him at any moment... but no, I'd make him beg for it... get my sweet revenge for all the torment I had endured over the past nearly five months!

Sohail was in the maddening throes of arousal... babbling incoherently as I slowly moved lower, nibbling my way down to his tender boy tits... chewing on them like they were some delectable titbits... my hands caressing his quivering body all the while... the finger tips fluttering over the goose-bumped flesh from shoulder to thigh...

With his right nipple still firmly between my teeth, I rolled off him and reaching between his spread thighs, took his flexing manhood in my firm grip... his pelvis instantly strutting up as another loud groan escaped his open mouth.

He was fiercely rigid, the teen cock engorged beyond bursting point, searingly hot. Twitching insanely as I began to masturbate him - firm, long strokes - the tip oozing a steady stream of the clear dew of arousal. Gradually speeding up as I varied the strokes before settling for a short and quick, rhythmic beat... and he went crazy... his body twisting and turning, the moans louder, unrestrained!

It took about three minutes, and as I lifted my face, looking down at him... I saw his head tilt back... the eyes tightly shut... mouth open in a silent cry... the handsome features contorted in the agony of passion.

And as I watched, I saw him grip the sheet and tug... his stomach muscles suddenly crazed as they scrunched and flexed, the chest heaving... his ass lifting clear off the bed as his cock gave a violent twitch...

He cried out, and his orgasm finally overtook him...

The first fiery spurt arched high, passing right over us... splashing against the wall - over six feet away!

And then he shot another half dozen mighty fusillade of sizzling teen cum - two hitting the headboard... quickly followed by three more landing on his chin, and high on his heaving chest... the final few salvos rising high before splattering down on his quaking belly...

It was massive... it was powerful!

He fell back, drained... gasping for air as his cock began to wilt in my cum dripping hand.

"Wow," I smiled at him, amazed, "do you always shoot such huge loads?!"

He was still panting... his eyes shut, mouth open, breathing noisily... flushed... shimmering in his post-orgasmic lassitude - ravishingly beautiful!

And as I lowered my face, covering his mouth, he let out a sob, his arms wrapping around my neck, holding me.

"Sohail," I finally said after a long while, still caressing his face, "it's late, you better wash up and go home, or your parents might worry..."

He looked up at me, the eyes questioning, a slight hint of disappointment in them... but he didn't say anything, slowly getting off the bed after about another minute and going to the bathroom.

He came out a short while later and collecting his clothes, pulled them on slowly.

Up on my elbow, I silently watched him dress... disbelieving... marvelling... thanking my stars.

"Come here," I said after he was dressed.

He came, and pulling him down I kissed him one more time, "You can come over whenever you want to, okay?"

He nodded, looking briefly into my eyes... and I perceived a slight smile as he turned away, hurrying out of the room.

I finally undressed, throwing off the crumpled, cum-strained clothes... peeling off my sticky, pre-cum soaked boxers... heading for the shower.

Thinking of those plump cheeks... and what lay hidden in its smooth folds...

... to be continued

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