8. Breeding the Boy    

I desperately wanted to watch my thick shaft part and enter that tiny hairless boy-slit... watch, as I stretched that quivering, tight ring wide and bored into Sohail's virgin orifice...

But I also wanted to watch his face as I took him... watch his expression as I forced his sphincter apart and breached him... entered him.

I had to decide fast... and as the muscles of my buttocks, thighs and abdomen contracted in preparation for penetration, I decided that it was the face I'd watch... and later, while fucking the boy, I'd watch my sliding shaft!

"Relax and let me in..." I smiled down at him as I began to rock my hips... slow and steady... persistent... gradually increasing the force of each thrust.

And with each jab, he grimaced... glassy eyed as he stared back at me... the mouth still open, the tongue constantly licking those red lips.

I bent my elbow and lowered my face, kissing his mouth, whispering, "Open up, Sohail, don't worry, you won't get pregnant!"

He whimpered in reply... his hands leaving his knees and grabbing my arms...

Short and sharp... I added a bit more pressure with each new thrust...and abruptly the mouth yawned open... greedily sucking in my cock head before snapping shut.

Sohail threw back his head, his eyes widening in disbelief as his jaws dropped... but no sound escaped the cavity... his fingers digging in viciously as his whole body convulsed in the throes of torturous agony!

I paused, holding still... giving him time to adjust to the bulk... to the new feeling in his ass... and with just the tip of my cock lodged in his virgin ass, and his lifeless legs thrown over my shoulders, I cupped his face and kissed him... slow and passionate... murmuring sweet nothings as I whispered gentle words of encouragement... sensing the agonised flexing of his sphincter, trapped as it was by my sulcul ridge.

Still kissing him, I began to gently rotate my ass... lunging occasionally, each thrust marginally more forceful... and as his tight sphincter quivered, I steadied my hips and shoved in... sending over a quarter of my thick length tearing into his belly...

And that cry finally came - a long-drawn yowl of anguish, enwrapped in the exhilarating accomplishment of desire - a full-throated wail of torment, mingled with jubilation... wrenched from the very pit of his teen soul!

It was a raging inferno inside - furiously hot, and fiercely tight... but that's exactly where I wanted to be... deep inside that bubbling cauldron of boy flesh - savour each convulsion... relish every churn... wallow in that stifling heat!

I gently drew back, a few delicious inches, (and it was like tugging out one's feet from the grip of thick muck), and then rammed in once more, gaining another few inches... and after about ten, careful long minutes of patient hunching, I was finally, fully planted in Sohail's exquisite ass... buried to the hilt... my trimmed pubes flushed to his smooth crack...

Sohail thrashed under me, his belly heaving as his innards mercilessly chewed on my glans, holding the shaft in its sizzling, velvety grip... gasping noisily as his hands flailed aimlessly - grabbing the pillow one moment, and then tugging at the sheet... before returning to hold my arms.

I gave him a full minute and a half, and then slowly withdrew... finally commencing the merry dance of coition, fucking my boy in real earnest - pulling back all the way till Sohail's churning rectum retained just my twitching tip, trapped there, held in place by his fiercely tight, absolutely crazed sphincter... and then slamming in... plunging full length into his turbulent boy-belly with each mighty thrust!

His head rolled on the pillow, the eyes tightly shut... his open mouth and drooling, groaning continuously... the voice tremulous, in perfect sync with the sway and jerk of his young body as it rocked with each of my powerful passados.

And then, with a last kiss I raised myself... lowering my head to look down between us, to the point of our union - and tauba! that image is still ingrained in my mind's eye, even today!

His cock, which had been raging since the time I had undressed him earlier that evening, was a tiny nub now... flopping lifelessly on the bed of his dark, matted pubes... his low-hanging balls, now a tight nut at the base... and beyond that... between his parted thighs was his tender pink ass mouth, stretched painfully wide... spread thin by sheer girth of my marauding phallus... desperately clinging to the glistening shaft as it slid along the throbbing length, a smarting red, as I fucked him!

With powerful strokes I plumbed his boy depths for over thirty minutes... thrilling every single moment... enjoying every burning inch of his delicious teen ass... churning up his bottom like nothing had ever done before... the tight chute squelching obscenely with each thrust and withdrawal!

I shifted, drawing in my knees and realigning the angle of entry... and almost immediately Sohail let out a gurgle... his nails digging in... his ass suddenly alive as he slammed back at me... growling as I gradually speeded up...

He was purring like a well tuned engine under the hood... his whole body vibrating from head to foot, the cry a muted plea now... his ass off the bed as he lunged back - slam for slam!

And his cock, which had gone limp from the shock of entry, was soon starting to fill out again... rapidly growing turgid as it lifted off his belly... throbbing and flexing... leaking a steady stream of clear slime that swayed in sticky threads... before breaking off and smearing his belly and chest!

I considered taking him in my hand and jerking him off, but Sohail beat me... releasing my arm and reaching in, grabbing his cock... shamelessly flogging his meat like a crazed maniac... his hand a mere blur!

Within minutes he was groaning, before suddenly letting out a sob, his body arching and going stiff as his cock exploded... spewing liquid lava... splashing the pillow, his hair and heaving chest (and also mine), with the powerful spurts of teen cum!

And his ass, already intolerably tight, now went insane... unendurable as it literally tugged at my buried cock... as if ready to pull it off by the very root!

In the past five months I may have jerked a maximum of half dozen times... and the long sexual starvation, added with my effort of the past, over forty minutes of breaching and then fucking the virgin boy, had already carried me close to the brink much before my usual time... and now, as I hovered precariously near the edge, his crazed ass tipped me over... sending me hurtling into oblivion...

I groaned and ground in... unleashing my own pent up emotion... flooding Sohail's teen belly with five month's worth of my liquid passion!

I slumped over him, panting... completely drained!

But Sohail was frantic under me... desperately squirming, and moaning... his fingers clawing my back. His still seething innards a liquified flame around my shrinking phallus... viciously squeezing and tugging at me as it bubbled along the still thick length with a savage urgency!

And as I finally pulled out of his ravaged, maddeningly churning colon with an obscenely gross pop and rolled off him... he scrambled out of bed and rushed to the bathroom...

He emerged after about fifteen minutes - naked, red-faced and still shivering... wet from the shower, hesitant as he stood near the bathroom door looking at me... the droplets of water clingling to his smooth skin sparkling like tiny diamonds as it caught the light.

"Dry yourself before you catch a cold!" I gasped, pointing at the rack where I kept my spare towels.

He went over and pulled one out, drying himself... and then slowly turned around, still gloriously naked, his eyes wide, questioning as he stared back at me.

"Come here," I smiled, stretching out my hand, and he rushed over, climbing in and lying down by my side.

I wrapped my arms, pulling him to me, embracing him, and he let out a small sigh, hugging me back, nuzzling close.

"You okay?" I asked, stroking his hair.

He nodded.

"You wanted this all along, huh?" I whispered, kissing his face - his brow, his cheeks, his nose tip and his chin.

He buried his face in the crook of my arm and slowly nodded.

"Well, now you've got it," I lifted his face and kissed his mouth, "and you can come over whenever you want, okay?"

He nodded once more, burying his face back in my chest, purring softly as I caressed and fondled those plump cheeks, his amazing teen ass.

** ** ** ** **

He didn't come the next day... and then, Sunday afternoon, he knocked...

"Sohail!" I exclaimed as he slipped in, "where have you been?"

He closed the door and stood there, looking at me.

"You okay?" I asked, genuinely concerned, "I was worried, thought I may have hurt you..."

He suddenly rushed forward, embracing me, his arms tight around me... shoving his mouth forward, kissing me... noisy and forceful!

I gasped, totally taken by surprise!

But then, I too wrapped my arms and hugged him back... kissing him as I caressed his face.

He was moaning, grinding his crotch furiously against me.

"Come..." I whispered, breaking the kiss and taking his hand, leading him to the bed...

Over the week I taught him everything he needed to know - about giving good head, and taking it up his butt in every conceivable position - feeding him my cum, and filling his belly with my seed!

Sohail a good and willing learner, always eager for more as he looked at me with questioning eyes, mastering the art soon!

His arms tight around my neck as he sat impaled on my cock while I carried him around the room... Writhing under me as I ploughed his barren furrow... Wrawling away as he wrapped his arms and legs around me, slamming his ass back... Jerking off, or simply shooting his forever bubbling teen cum without even touching himself!

For the next one year I fucked him practically every single day... whenever he came sneaking up to my room... and sometimes even twice - mostly Sundays and a few other holidays.

And a few times he even stayed back, telling his parents he was at a friend's place, preparing for a test!

He was no longer shy, nor silent... suddenly bold as he initiated, vocal with his desires. Laughing and chattering like an excited child as we cuddled and played our silly erotic games, or lay recovering afterwards.

Never seeming to tire, constantly amazed, as he played with my cock and balls... like it was some fascinating toy. Thrilling as he watched me gradually grow hard while he stroked and licked me!

Insisting that I allow him to trim and shape my pubes instead of doing it myself!

And then I left...

... to be continued

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