10. Mating the Married Man    

Sohail stood me near the bed and slowly began undressing me... keenly touching and caressing each inch of my body as it got exposed... as if examining it minutely, studying every particular... checking out each detail with his memory of me...

Hungrily kissing every bit of skin - his lips almost careesing my flesh, the moist tongue tip gently flicking - my neck, my shoulders and arms, my chest - making a soft, purring sound in his larynx... bending his knees as he lowered his face... kissing my abdomen, my hips - right and left... moving up and lifting my arms as he licked my armpits... his hands relentless as they caressed me!

He then turned me around, doing the same with my back - starting with my shoulders and working down to my buttocks!

Turning me around once more, he finally dropped down on his haunches, running his fingers through my trimmed pubes... his palms rubbing over the whole region... before gathering up my genitals in his hands... fondling my penis, and toying with my testicles... breathing noisily as he wrapped the fingers of both hands around my swollen column, squeezing and stroking the throbbing shaft... gurgling with joy as he kissed the tip...

He flicked out his tongue, licking the head... and then, with broad sweeps of his moist tongue, slurped along the entire flexing length... licking from tip to base... all around, making me hiss as my hips swayed involuntarily!

God, it felt so fucking awesome!

Suddenly he lunged forward, opening his mouth wide and taking me in... famished as he let out a nasal groan.

I gasped as the moist heat engulfed my penis... my pelvis strutting forward, feeding him my cock... my hands grabbing fistful of his hair as I tried to steady myself - it felt simply incredible!

Sohail was ravenous... furiously bobbing his head as he noisily sucked me, one hand firm around the base, while the other grabbed my balls, gently squeezing the orchises... tugging the pair!

I moaned, gently rocking my hips... stroking his head, murmuring sweet encouragements.

He wanted more of me... and getting up on his knees he moved closer, trying to deep-throat me... and immediately gagged... gasping horribly as he drew back, shaken by a violent bout of coughing...

Grabbing his shoulders I pulled him up, embracing him, patting his back as I whispered, "Don't, you never could take it completely."

Caressing, I kissed his flushed, teary face all over... claiming his puffed lips once more... sucking those reddened baloops between my own... covering my mouth... and he moaned as he pressed himself to me, his arms tight around my neck.

I had never really done much for him... to him... other than kissing and caressing him, fondling and masturbating him, before fucking him... but that day, in his bedroom, so clean and fresh from the shower... I felt like showering him with my attention... not just caress, but cherish his whole body... lick and kiss every inch... give him so much pleasure that he'd forget my betrayal of him.

Once he had calmed down sufficiently, taking his hand I led him to the bed, his bed, and lay him down... and just like before, that first day when I had stripped him naked for the first time, he was vibrating from head to toe... his entire body shaken by that same sudden, uncontrollable shudders.

I kissed his mouth, chewing on those succulent lips... his chin... his eyes... licking his whole face and nibbling his earlobes... going down his gulping throat to his chest... moving on to his armpits, right and left... back and forth... my tongue playing with the silken strands there... flicking my way to his tender boy-tits and sucking on those engorged little nubs... till his whole chest was a deep blush, glistening with my saliva.

Sohail twisted and turned... heaved and wriggled as my tongue fluttered over and across his tingling flesh, my hands unceasing as they caressed and fondled every inch of that shuddering frame... reaching every corner... into every fold... his fingers fierce in my hair, curling and tugging as he moaned a continuous string of meaningless jabber... calling out my name... hoarse with desire.

Licking further down I tickled his navel, and then followed his trail... rifling through his still unruly pubes... and lapping along his groin... before finally gathering up his fiercely rigid cock in my grasp - pink and beautiful as ever... jutting out proudly from that dark and dense tangle... drooling his passion in an unbroken chain of sticky threads... throbbing and pulsing...

He groaned, his pelvis swaying up... his hands grabbing fistful of sheet as his hips strutted high.

I never blow, never have... but that day, I wanted to, yes, I wanted to blow Sohail!

I kissed that flexing shaft for the first time... from base to drooling tip... flicking my tongue along the pulsating length... swirling it around the sulcul ridge... and then, opening wide I took him in...

Sohail howled as he thrust up... his legs stretching out and jerking violently!

I sucked him till he was thrashing around, blabbering incoherently... his cock flexing crazily... probably on the verge... but then, I didn't want him to cum yet, and so I drew back and patted his thigh, "Sohail, roll over..."

He groaned, blinking down at me, the look blank... and then, as comprehension dawned, he rolled over... spreading his legs wide.

I too groaned - at the sight of his glorious ass... that twin globe of prime flesh... still plump and smooth... soft and rounded... full and firm!

I patted the pair... caressing and fondling as I stretched out between his legs, bringing my face down... kissing his ass cheeks for the first time... licking and nibbling the silken mounds, my hands kneading and massaging the pair.

His ass was as glorious as ever... quivering and flexing as I lavished the pair with my undivided attention... kissing over and across... flicking my tongue along the cleft... and under the gluteal folds...

And Sohail pushed back his ass at me... the groans a disjointed series of meaningless phonation... urgently loud!

Grabbing those plump cheeks I tugged them apart... separating them... groaning with lust as I gaped between those parted cheeks...

Wa'lah ! he was still as pristine as before... still silky and smooth... the edge of the furrow now bordered by a faint hint of delicate fuzz...

And his tiny opening - that beautiful virgin orifice that I had once breached - still deliciously small... as tender, and as pink... now circled by a smattering of very fine dark curls... already twitching with anticipation!

Wetting a finger I reached in... touching him...

Sohail instantly moaned in reply, lifting his ass and pushing back at me... his legs jerking spasmodically as his buried his face back in the pillow!

I slowly circled the quivering opening... gently caressing the mouth... and felt it push out... the tight ring pout out with want. Sohail's loud groans now a strangled cry as he gasped and ventilated... whimpering like a scared child in pain... once more calling out my name!

I moved in... lashing out with my tongue, flicking my way up the still smooth perineum... and into the deep valley, licking the cleft, bathing the trench with my saliva... nudging at the crinkled mouth with my tongue tip till it blossomed like an unfolding bud... pushing high and opening up... as if begging to be taken once more...

Holding the cheeks spread open, I ground my face in, puckering my lips as I kissed his pouting boi-hole... stabbing the orifice with my tongue.

"Nnngh..." he wailed, his hands suddenly reaching back and grabbing fistful of my hair, sobbing, "please... ah, Zubair, please... take me... please!"

I drew back, gasping for breath... my cock painfully hard, (had been that way for the past nearly thirty minutes), desperate to burrow into that moist boy-chute, Sohail's gripping innards...

Mounting him, I placed my raging hardness between those parted cheeks... sliding it along the saliva drenched groove... and grabbing his hair I pulled up his head, turning him... lowering my face as I covered his mouth, kissing him.

He too kissed back, moaning continuously as he rotated his ass... pushing back into my groin... as if urging me to plough in, and fuck him!

Yes, I too wanted to ram in... enter that tight orifice as soon as possible, plunge deep within its velvety folds... but I still remembered Sohail's constricted dimensions, that fiercely tight mouth... sure that I'd destroy him if I forced myself in.

"Wait a sec," I whispered as I pulled back and got off him, "I'll get the lube."

He quickly turned his head and looked up at me, uncomprehending.

"Did anyone fuck you," I asked, "in the recent past?"

He shook his head, the voice strained, "There never was another person, Zubair," - no longer offended or angry with my question, no accusation in those eyes.

"Then it will be like the first time, and I need to get you ready," I smiled at him, patting his ass as I got off the bed, going back to the living-room, to my gripsack.

Yes, guys, I always carry a good tube of lube, and a large pack of condoms - one never knows when such things come in handy!

I returned to the bedroom - Sohail was still lying as I had left him... on his stomach, his ass jutting high...

"Hey, roll over," I said giving his amazing cheeks a sharp smack as I climbed in.

He rolled over, quickly drawing up his legs and grabbing his knees... offering me his ass!

"That's a good boy," I murmured as I flipped the cap open and poured out the gel... greasing his groove and lubing his tiny hole...

Sohail moaned in reply, hugging himself as he tried to control the tremors that rocked his frame.

Pouring some more, I lubed my own cock and slowly got into position... mounting him... taking and placing his legs over my shoulders.

"Take it," I whispered as I looked down at him, into his glassy eyes, taking his hand and placing it on my cock, "guide me in..."

He whimpered as his fingers curled around my thickness, barely able to encircle the girth... squeezing my shaft... and then he lifted his ass a little higher and tugged my cock closer, placing the tip over his already crazed ass mouth...

With my cock in place - over that insanely twitching slit, and Sohail's shaking hand still holding me - I steadied my hips and summoning up my strength, shoved in... a single, powerful thrust!

"Aaah..." he cried out throwing back his head, his ass jerking away as I stretched the recalcitrant ring wide and bored in... but there was no escape for Sohail, no place to go... the bed stopped all further retreat, and his jerking legs thrown over my shoulders held him trapped in place!

I lowered my face and covered his mouth, stopping his scream of agony, and taking advantage of his helpless position, quickly romped home... tearing into his snug boi-hole, burying my entire length deep in his fiercely tight, seething colon... right to the root!

The air hissed out of his lungs, and he made a weird sound in his throat... grabbing my hair with both hands... his ass slamming back... his entire body shaken by an uncontrollable tremor, quivering from head to toe...

I fucked the sobbing boy... oh, well, man, for almost an hour... till he had regained his erection and shot his seed, and gone limp again... the tip still drooling out a liquidy trail of smoky fluid - pre-cum mingled with the remnants of his semen still in the narrow passage.

Fucked him till I came, inundating his ravaged, burning innards with my soothing cum... flushing his bowel with my man-seed... groaning as I slumped over him...

Both panting with the exhilaration of completion, and exhaustion!

** ** ** ** **

My trip to Singapore ultimately did turn out to be absolutely amazing!

I fucked the moaning boy... oh well, man (on the threshold of fatherhood), each night of my three nights stay there... all night... filling his heaving belly with my bubbling seed... the same way that he must have filled his young bride's virgin womb and impregnated her!

And we both rose, each morning, refreshed and rejuvenated... reuniting once more as the lights began to blink across the vast metropolis... fucking away the night!

He drove me to the airport and stood silent as I smiled at him, thanking him... his eyes, those wide, puppy eyes brimming with mute eloquence... flickering with all those numerous unasked questions - Would we meet again? Would he ever see me again? Or, would I simply vanish, and forget him, like before? - desperate, yet unwilling to impose...

And suddenly, standing there near the entrance lobby of Changi Airport, I realised that Sohail was in love, insanely in love with me... had been in love ever since that summer, nine years ago!!!!

Well, I'm not exactly the sentimental, bonding type... given to unnecessary emotions... but it still jarred, and I was taken aback.

Then again, he was still young, and he'd learn... besides, he had a wife, and would soon have a child too...

He'd survive, they all do!

- a story by outlaw

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