Tom was eager to arrive at the dock where he was going on a seven day voyage, beginning in Miami, Florida heading to several Caribbean Islands. Traveling alone, the 24 year old young man stood outside of the luxurious ship that would soon be taking him away to places he had only visited on the television. His eyes slightly watered with the astonishing beauty of the massive sea faring vessel. Tom had saved for this seven day trip for a long, long time and could barely wait to be headed out to sea. This trip was suppose to be a trip for two, but unfortunately for Tom, he and his lover of 10 years had recently exploded, leaving him all alone on this voyage. His once life long partner was older than him by 25 years, but Tom saw no age difference, whatsoever. It was his other half who left him for someone younger; way younger.

At 24 years young, Tom was quite a looker for both men and women. His hair was always cut short and sported a perfect waviness to it. Jet black in color and with teeth as white as snow, Tom melted a lot of hearts at first glance. Be it far from his true age, he looked to the human eye to be somewhere in his upper teens. He knew he looked younger, but up to this point, his heart belonged to only one, but now he was free to spoil himself on the world that he was once forbidden to see. This voyage was his escape from it all, and not one of any sexual cravings. He just wanted to leave Miami, his ex, and the 14 year old who stole his lover and crushed his heart.

Taking a deep breath, Tom stood perfectly still admiring his state room with sliding glass doors overlooking the glorious ocean. Although he had spent most of his life living on the shores of Florida beaches, this was the first time he ventured out past the view of land. After unpacking his suitcases, Tom began undressing so he could lay by the pool and soak in some sun to await the nightly activities. Once he removed all of his clothes from his 5' 6" slender body, Tom angrily stared at the huge mirror silently cursing his body and his former lover. There had been a time in his life that his former lover worshiped the ground he walked on, devouring his body with tongue lashes and gentle kisses, but now, that was all over and he came to the vast reality that he had to move on. Still angry from looking at his nude body and thinking of his former lover, Tom posed for himself and silently thought he still had the body of a muscular 14 year old. His abs rippled upon each body motion, his skin was brightly bronzed from all the nude sun bathing, and the only hair, other than on his head, was a small perfectly formed small V shape patch of black pubic hair which he kept neatly trimmed. There were the few strands of dark hair that sparsely was scattered on his shins, but other than that, hair for whatever reason just didn't grow. Looking into his armpits, he realized that the few strands that were visible looked like he had just started puberty.

Standing to the side and still looking into the mirror, he tightened and loosened his butt muscles. He knew from early on in his life that he had a perfect butt. It was shapely, bubbly, and muscularly tight. Anytime he wore tight clothing, he always saw and felt people gleaming at his best feature. At one time, and not all that long ago, his former lover used to spend hours snacking between those tight muscular mounds while moaning in blissful ecstasy. When Tom squared off at the mirror, his eyes as well as his right hand, found his flaccid 2" uncut member. He knew it was considered small by any means. When rock hard, it grew to be nearly six inches of slender love meat with the foreskin still dangling a good inch over his helmet shaped cock head. Cupping his balls, Tom figured they were the size of a normal 12 year olds balls. Small and shaped liked little eggs, they dangled slightly between his legs, held loosely in his virtually hairless nut sac. Although his cock maybe small and his balls might be considered tiny, when it came to unleashing a load, Tom could pack a powerful punch. Jets of sperm would fly with force and he could produce more than a mouthful at any given time.

Slipping on his pert near see through extra short pale blue Speedos, Tom departed his state room and headed topside towards the pool. The hallways filled with passengers who were either heading to their state rooms to unpack, or passengers just like himself, heading somewhere on this massive ship. As he walked towards the stairs, numerous passengers, men, women, and even children, were caught stealing a glimpse at his nearly nude form as he walked by. Tom wasn't really trying to show off his young looking body, but on the other hand, he was used to people gawking at his childish body.

It was too early for the pool to be crowded and Tom was happy to be laying on his stomach enjoying the gentle ocean breeze. His mind wandered back to his former lover and his new found 14 year old lover. He wondered what they would be doing right about now. He remembered when he first met his ex when he was barely 14 himself. His ex was 39 at the time and all he could have ever dreamed of. So gentle, so understanding, so kind, so unselfish, and true to the heart. Now, Tom cursed him silently for the way he quickly ended their perfect relationship.

Some time later, Tom flipped over onto his back and had his eyes closed blocking the powerful rays of the sun. Although awake, his mind slipped off to his ex and his new found 14 year old lover and wondered what they were doing right about now. Tom had never met the boy who stole his lover, but he blamed only his ex for destroying his life, and not the young boy who was now in his former lover's strong arms. He didn't know anything about the boy other than the fact that he was 14. As his mind slowly drifted off, he remembered when he and his ex first met. Tom had just turned 14 and they met at the mall. He remembered the first time he saw his ex naked. The hair covering his massive manly body and his enormous 8 inches of thick uncut bull cock. Tom grew to love the man, as well as worship the cock belonging to his lover. He had never been with anyone else, only his lover, now his ex.

Lost in deep thought, a soft voice startled him, "Hey mister, is this your first cruise?" Squinting against the sun and turning his head to the left in the direction of the voice, Tom respectfully replied, "Uh, yes, this is my first." The blurred person to his left extended his right arm and so did Tom. "Names Dustin and I'm from Virginia." "Tom, I live in Ft. Lauderdale." The grip of the handshake was gentle, yet somewhat velvety soft. As Tom's eyes adjusted, he saw the form belonging to the soft voice. It was a boy somewhere in the age group of 13 to 15. His hair was a mixture of a brownish black, but it was the boy's eyebrows that stole his vision. They were thin, but very thick which only illuminated the fact that Dustin had amazing green eyes. His nose was small and slightly upturned and not a blemish on his face whatsoever. At this time, Dustin had his arms extended over his shoulder clutching both hands to his head. Tom veered right into the well displayed armpit region to see a reflection of himself in the mirror. Only a few dark strands had formed. The boy's nipples were slightly larger than his own and much pinker in color. As Tom's eyes trailed further south, he noticed that Dustin was astonishingly just as smooth as he. No hair growth on his chest, stomach, or below is inward poking belly button. Thanks to the overly sized shorts, there was nothing to see in the crotch area or the thighs. Dustin did have a few strands of tiny black hair on his shins that was barely noticeable.

His soft voice awoke Tom from his trance like state, "You here with your wife or girlfriend?" Tom looked straight into Dustin's emerald green eyes and studied his thought for a brief second before replying, "No, neither. I'm here alone." Dustin sort of let out a slight chuckle then said, "You're lucky, I'm here with my mom and step dad." Tom's eyes noticed the flatness of Dustin's stomach. It wasn't all that muscular, but it wasn't flabby either. There was a definite tightness to it when the young boy moved or spoke.

As they continued their conversation, mainly about the cruise, Dustin's mom called to him for him to come with her. As he rose up from the chair, Tom's eyes glued on the boy like he were a powerful magnet. He tried desperately to look through the fabric and into the boy's crotch, but that wasn't going to be the case thanks to the bagginess of the shorts. What caught Tom completely off guard was when Dustin stood all the way up, he held out his hand again and said, "Maybe I'll see you around. Before Tom had an opportunity to respond, Dustin leaned down and whispered with a smile, "You really are going to have to take care of that!" Tom followed Dustin eyes to his crotch and he suddenly became a little embarrassed after realizing he had a rock solid boner. The thin fabric of his Speedos outlined his cock as if he were sitting there completely nude.

Dustin walked off and Tom could do nothing more but to stare at the boy as he walked out of sight. It didn't take Tom too long to place his hands over his erection and slip into the soothing water of the pool. For whatever reason, he couldn't take the burning image of Dustin out of his mind. For as long as he fantasized about gay sex, his fantasy lover has always been men, older men. He liked their bodies corroded with hair, but here was a boy who was as hair free as himself and Tom couldn't erase the growing sexual thoughts from his spinning mind.

The day eventually turned into darkness and Tom was in his state room preparing to change for the evening activities. After bathing and changing into some dress clothes, he walked to the top deck and just peered out into the open water noticing its total natural beauty. The cool breeze slapped his face with the most gentle of touches as a familiar voice rang out behind him, "Kind of feels like Heaven, don't it?" Tom turned around to see Dustin standing there. Exchanging smiles, Tom replied, "Yes it does. It feels so good!" Dustin joined him by his right side and both looked out into the open water. Dustin said, "This is so romantic and it really sucks to be alone. I can't wait until I can get out of my house and be on my own."

Tom stared into the ocean as he said, "This is so beautiful and I know what you mean. I wasn't supposed to be here alone, but we broke up just before we were to take this cruise." Dustin replied, "Really, me too. I had a girlfriend back home, but the bitch broke it off for a guy who is older than me." Tom said, "Sorry to hear about that, but I bet you got them lined up back home." Dustin shook his head and simply said, "I wish!" Tom smiled and placed his right hand over Dustin's right shoulder with an absent mind and said, "Don't worry about that. You got everything going your way. I mean, your looks, personality, and natural charm. Besides, you're about 15 or so." Dustin smiled and said, "Not yet, I'll be 14 in five months." Tom was taken back when Dustin fired off, "Fuck her, she don't even know how to suck a dick right. She thinks all she has to do is put her mouth on it for about twenty seconds and she's done. I ate her rank pussy for over an hour. Fuck her and her new boyfriend!"

Tom now knew Dustin was 13 years young and he was pissed off that he got dumped by his girlfriend. He could sympathies with him 100% being that he too was in the same situation. It was then at this point that Tom realized he had placed his hand over the boy's shoulder. Quickly, he removed his hand and took a slight step backwards. Dustin was leaning against the rail with his butt jutting outwards. He was wearing tan shorts an unlike his baggy swim attire, they fit him rather snuggly. His butt was definitely curvy and from what Tom could see, was most incredibly muscular. They were about the same height with Dustin weighing around 120 pounds and Tom being close to 130. Dustin's legs were graciously spread and Tom eyed the thick hem line of the shorts running between the muscular mounds. His own cock became harder than a rock as he stared with evil contempt at the boy's jaunting butt.

While Tom was drooling over Dustin's butt, he never saw Dustin turn his head around and see him. Only his question brought him back to the state of reality, "Dude, are you looking at my butt or the ocean?" Tom searched for words, "Um, I, um, I'm sorry." Dustin smiled and softly whispered, "It's okay, I figured you were gay." Tom rapidly asked, "How did you come up with that conclusion?" Dustin stepped off the rail and looked Tom square in the face with their lips only 10 inches apart and said, "When we first met at the pool, I saw your dick grow and your eyes roam all over my body. Now, I just saw you looking at my butt, so I figured you are gay. There's nothing wrong with that. I know plenty of gay guys back home." Tom looked away for a brief second then replied, "You're right, I am gay and have been all of my life. I apologize if I offended you in anyway." Dustin let out a soft chuckle then said, "None taken. Besides, I have a friend back home who I let suck my dick from time to time. Shit, my girlfriend didn't really suck it, so, I let him. Before you ask, he is 15 years old."

Dustin walked over and pulled out a chair and sat down at one of the tables. Tom followed him like a dog chasing a piece of steak. Once they were seated, Dustin opened up by saying, "Man, I've even sucked his a couple of times. It wasn't so bad I guess. I don't know any guy who would turn down a free blow-job. I know I wouldn't! My friend, the 15 year old, he even stuck his tongue in my butt a couple of times. It tickled at first, but then, shit yeah, it felt really, really great. Personally, I thought it was kind of gross. Once, he put his tongue up my butt and I had taken a dump just a couple of hours earlier, but he seemed to like it cause I could hear him groaning." The more Dustin rattled on, the harder Tom's folded up cock grew. Dustin then asked, "How many cocks have you sucked?" Tom was almost in disbelief at the boy's straight forwardness as he replied, "One, only one." Dustin leaned back in the chair and chuckled loudly before replying, "Man, It seems I've done more than you. I've sucked on two. The first was the one guy I was telling you about, you know the 15 year old, and the second was my 10 year old cousin. Naturally, he couldn't shoot, but you should have seen his little body shiver when he hit a dry orgasm." Being nervous, Tom glanced around to see if there was anyone else around. Once the coast was clear, he leaned to the table top and whispered, "Dustin, you really don't know me all that well to be telling me about all the things you've done. I appreciate your honesty, but I am a grown man of 24 years."

The boy leaned back in his chair and with a his angelic voice silently said, "You don't look to be 24. Shit man, I look damn near older than you, besides, you're gay and I'm fucking horny!" Tom sat speechless from the words he had just absorbed. The kid was right, except for one thing; he was horny too. Dustin grew with a more serious look on his face making direct contact with Tom's eyes and asked, "Come on Tom, will you suck me off?" Tom looked around again to see if anyone was nearby before he offered his response, "I don't know Dustin, you are 13 and I am older, way older than you. If somebody found out, I will get into a lot of trouble." Dustin sang out, "Earth calling Tom, earth calling Tom, wake up dude, this is modern day 2004. I know the laws, but so fucking what. It's not like you are trying to seduce me or something. I want it to happen. I'm tired of jacking-off! It's just like I told you the two stories, I never once mentioned a name, and I never will! Come on man, I got to bust a nut. My balls are seriously aching!

Tom nervously asked, "Uh, where could we go, I mean for some privacy?" Dustin laughed and smilingly said, "Your room shit head. I'm in with my parents and you have a room to yourself. Come on, you lead and I will follow." Without Tom uttering a word, Dustin stood up and said, "Come on slow poke while the nights still young!" Tom stood on quivering knees and he saw Dustin look down to his crotch where his raging erection was tenting the material outwards. Pointing, Dustin said, "I will even take care of that for you too!"

The journey to Tom's state room felt endless as they finally arrived and Tom managed to fumble with the lock as the two entered his room. While he was ensuring the lock on the door was secure, Dustin had already walked towards the large queen sized bed and stood by its right side. When Tom walked in the bedroom to join him, his eyes flickered with the beauty they were now witnessing. Dustin had already stripped out of his clothes and was standing there with a nice piece of boy meat, arching upwards at a perfect 90 degree angle. Tom immediately noticed the boy had a cut cock that was almost twice as thick as his own and it was at least a solid five inches. The balls hanging freely between his legs were twice as large as his own and from the looks of things, Tom could see a few curly black hairs littering the nut sac. Dustin awoke him from his drooling state by saying, "Come on man, let me see you naked!" Tom quickly discarded his clothing while standing only inches from Dustin and his pulsating boy meat.

As the underwear slipped free from his body and when Dustin saw Tom's man cock for the first time, he bellowed, "Holy shit, I've never seen a dick with all that skin before." Before Tom could say anything, Dustin had already wrapped both of his hands around Tom's rock hard cock and was sliding the skin over his pre-cum smeared cock head. Dustin ran his thumb over the pre-cum spitting piss slit and shock waves electrified Tom's body. Up until now, only his ex-lover had ever touched his cock, but the feelings devastating his body, thanks to Dustin's roaming fingers, momentarily erased any thoughts of his ex whatsoever.

Tom had both of his hands on Dustin's precious head and before he knew what was happening, Dustin sank to his knees and slammed his mouth all the way down on his cock. Tom's knees almost buckled as Dustin's hot little mouth began to cook the flesh of his hard meat. He knew his cock wasn't the biggest in the world, but he also knew that Dustin was more than just a little experienced at sucking cock by the way he was deep-throating him with ever thrust. Dustin's left hand began pulling and squeezing Tom's small balls while his right hand slid in between his muscular crack and began poking at his bung hole. The technique being utilized by Dustin was not one no amateur would have ever known. His pulls and squeezes on Tom's balls were stern, yet gentle and the finger digging at his butt hole was using the slightest of pressure. Tom found himself moaning in pleasure while his ears were capturing the slurping noises from Dustin's hot little mouth on his cock and the groaning piping deep from within the young cock sucking boy. Tom felt the familiar urge to unleash his load, but it was Dustin who sensed it and he tugged on Tom's small nuggets and held them firmly in his clutches. Tom's entire body was shaking and his knees were doing there best to maintain their steadiness.

It felt as though his sperm was trapped at the base of his cock and only grew with the intense agony of more being built up behind it. Dustin used his tongue to slip under the foreskin and his taste buds were immediately rewarded with Tom's pre-cum. It tasted different from his 15 year old friend. Just a hint of salt, but nothing to ever complain about. Dustin was more than used to his 15 year old friend's salty pre-cum, more to the fact that he enjoyed it. Now, he had a grown man's cock in his mouth and it was uncut and spitting pre-cum like a dripping faucet. Unlike his friend, just by using his fingers on Tom's butt crack, he knew that the man didn't have much hair near his bung hole. His friend had a hairy butt and Dustin enjoyed playing with the heavy growth of hair growing between those bubbly mounds. The more he sucked on Tom's cock and the more he poked at the man's virtually hairless butt hole, the more he got into the scene all together.

Tom was tossing his head from side to side while biting his lips to stifle the inevitable moaning noises. His cum was stuck at the base of his cock and the longer Dustin worked on his cock, it felt like more and more was gathering, building up a tremendous amount of pressure. Dustin mixed up his speeds, but maintained slamming the man's cock down his throat with every downward thrust. For Dustin, Tom's cock was the perfect size; not too big and not too small, just perfect for sucking.

Dustin wasn't totally honest with Tom about sucking cock. He had been sucking cock since he was 5 or 6. Mostly they were older boys, but as he grew older, he would suck any cock that he could. Dustin really didn't care if they were his age or not, just as long as they had a cock and they were eager to let him drain them dry. He had gotten his start at an early age thanks to his mom dating all sorts of guys. Some had kids of their own, and some were single. The one guy who broke him in so to speak, had two boys of their own. One was 12 and the other was ten. He had caught their father playing with boys naked on the bed. Without any reluctance, Dustin joined in on the fun and never stopped even after his mother broke up with him.

The hand squeezing and pulling on his balls and the finger toying with his bung hole was driving Tom mad with a fiery passion to explode his man seed, but it was Dustin who professionally prolonged his nut busting agony. Dustin rotated his mouth on Tom's cock and his tongue bathing the man's balls. He intentionally would not allow Tom to spring his man seed because he enjoyed sucking on the perfect cock. While Dustin was using his tongue to bathe his balls, he could see the boy's cock head spewing out his own pre-cum. Tom's mouth watered in delight with a passionate desire to suck the life giving seed straight from the source. The more Dustin played with Tom's cock and balls, the fresh fragrant aroma of soap and man musk spewed up his nostrils.

Dustin slammed his mouth on Tom's aching cock one more time, but this time the pressure inside his mouth was almost crushing. The boy's tongue stabbed at his piss slit while his mouth sucked the skin right off his cock. The boiling pressure that had been constantly building up intensified, magnifying the desire to unleash his torrid load. Dustin released Tom's balls and smashed his left hand on Tom's butt while aggressively poking at Tom's butt hole. Instantly, Tom went light headed as his cock erupted, spraying Dustin's hot mouth with his man seed. The hand inside his butt crack slammed his body into the boy's cum drinking mouth as his cock fired off shot after shot of thick man cream. Tom always produced a large load, but this time, he was offering six times the normal amount. Dustin sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed as more and more man cream sprayed his mouth. Tom could hear the boy gulping as his load didn't feel like it was even slowing down. Dustin was a bit surprised to the taste of Tom's sperm. It was almost flavorless without a hint of salt added to the texture. Just from swallowing the man seed, Dustin could tell it was thick, and the more he swallowed, the more Tom delivered.

After what felt like an hour, Tom could produce no more sperm and his cock began deflating inside Dustin's mouth. With one audible pop, Tom's flaccid cock slipped from Dustin's mouth and it was Dustin who was looking up into Tom's hazy eyes and said, "Damn Tom, you shoot one hell of a load!" Tom was too busy trying to stand on his feet and catch his breath to respond. Dustin hopped onto the bed and lay flat on his back with his legs already spread wide still relishing in the flavor and afore thought of Tom's super creamy and appetizing man seed. Tom sat on the bed to Dustin right side still trying to catch his breath. His head was turned to his left side and his eyes glued on the boy cock jerking up and down. The cock head looked like a helmet compared to the rest of the already thick shaft. The head was flared angrily as pre cum oozed freely forming a line towards the boy's smooth stomach. The tiny black bush of pubic hair was in the shape of a perfect V with the inside of the thigh connecting to the boy's balls, hairless. Turning his head to the far right, Tom looked into Dustin's priceless green eyes. Dustin had his arms folded behind his head and an angelic smile danced across his gorgeous face.

Tom spun around and inched himself between Dustin spread legs and his nostrils began inhaling the rich aroma of boy sweat and an enchanting musky aroma. Drawing his tongue to Dustin's most inner thigh, Tom began slowly licking the silk like flesh while inhaling the fragrance that was setting his inner soul on fire. He had loved the man scent his former lover spewed out, but this was his first boy fragrance, and it was driving him insanely mad. His nose brushed up against Dustin's rapidly withdrawing testicles which caused Dustin to let out a soft audible groan. The further Tom licked between Dustin's right thigh, the wider Dustin spread his legs. With knees arched high in the air and legs spread extremely wide, Tom could almost detect the boy's hidden butt hole. The musky odor grew even stronger as his nose pressed firmly against the boy's smooth flesh. His tongue slithered out like a snake detecting a cornered rat. Tom managed to lovingly lick the area just under Tom's balls leading up to his bung hole. Dustin groaned with each swipe of the tongue and his raging erection twitched and jerked with each delicate touch.

Tom ensured himself, as well as Dustin, to spend equal time on both inner thigh. His mouth opened and Tom easily swallowed both of the Boy's almost hairless balls deep into his experienced mouth. Dustin arched his body high up off the bed as both of his young balls slipped into Tom's pre-warmed oven of a mouth. With his body still being pressed towards the ceiling, Tom used the moment to slip both of hi8s hands under Dustin and clutch the boy's muscle tensed butt cheeks. Both cheeks, small as they might be, fit perfectly into Tom's hands. His nose was pressed against the underside of the base of Dustin's straining erection, his mouth filled with teen nuggets, and his hands mesmerized in the smoothness of the young globes caught in his manly clutches.

Dustin tossed his head from side to side, biting his lips, and moaned, "Yes, yes, that's it Tom, eat my balls, shit yeah, oh fuck!" Tom's fingers slipped between the tightly sealed crack and relished in the texture of Dustin's smooth hairless butt crack. Both of his middle fingers landed directly on Dustin's unseen butt hole while his mouth and tongue worshiped the boy's tightening nuggets. Tom was more than used to having some nuts lodged inside his mouth. His ex had buffalo balls to match his bull cock and through time, Tom managed to swallow them both. For Dustin, it had been a long time since someone took the time to concern themselves with his needs. He usually just sucked their cock and that was it. Sometimes he got sucked off, but mainly where he lives, he is just the cock sucker. Dustin lost self control at the tenderness that Tom was pleasing him with. The man's mouth baked his balls, the tongue frolicked all over his nuggets, and the fingers gliding over his backdoor were as gentle as a summer's breeze.

Tom released Dustin's saliva drenched nuggets and began using his tongue like a shovel, starting at the base of the boy's thick cock, scooping up every precious strand of the slightly salty fluid. Dustin's pre-cum was much more different than that of his ex. Though it was slightly salty, it was a far cry from the salty fluid he had grown to love and cherish. As his tongue worked on Dustin's cock, Dustin constantly moaned in the loving pleasure he was now receiving. Tom's tongue reached the underside of the flared mushroom helmet cock head and he tenderly ran his tongue across the entire under crown driving Dustin to buck madly with devoted pleasure. The more his body jerked and bucked, the more pre-cum filtered out from the open piss slit. Tom couldn't resist the urge to devour the boy's cock any longer, so he swallowed the thick teen meat in one effortless motion. Dustin immediately began thrusting his hips upwards, fucking the hot mouth that just swallowed his love pole.

Now, both Tom and Dustin were moaning and groaning in sheer ecstasy. Tom matched thrust with thrust while keeping his middle fingers pressed against the dry bung hole belonging to Dustin. Dustin fought back the urge to scream, but did manage to let out a muffled, "Fuck yes, suck it, suck my cock, oh, oh my, yes Tom, suck my fucking cock!" Tom felt the tight flesh of the boy's cock expand as if Dustin were trying to force out his teen sperm. One thing Tom grew to fancy himself with was his ability to suck his ex lover's big, thick cock. Knowing Dustin was getting close, Tom withdrew his mouth from the boy's throbbing erection and returned to devour the boy's hard nuggets.

Tom took turns sucking Dustin's thick cock and eating his balls just to prolong the experience. Though Dustin desperately wanted to bust his nut, he was torn with the feeling that someone was actually more interested in pleasing him than him pleasing them. An hour or so passed by and Dustin was literally begging Tom to let him bust his nut. Tom had no intention of leaving Dustin high and dry, but he also didn't want this moment, this glorious sexual experience, to be over, just yet.

Dustin had his teeth clamped down on his forearms while Tom was working miracles on his cock once again with his mouth. Each time, Tom would virtually bring Dustin on the edge of spewing his load, and each time, he would back off and return to Dustin's tasty nuggets. Little tear lines had sweltered out of the corners of each of Dustin's glassy eyes as Tom pursued his envious journey on Dustin's cock and balls.

Dustin was engrossed with the desire to free his load while lost in the emotion of the pleasurable torture he was now enduring. His breath had escaped him throughout his ordeal and his body was a little more than sore from all the flaying it had done. Being the cock sucker that he was, Tom's mouth had grown accustomed to sucking his ex lover's cock for hours. For Dustin, no-one had ever done the miracles on his body like Tom was now doing.

As nearly the second hour of mixing things up with sucking the boy's cock and eating his delicious balls, Tom went wild in remembrance of his sexual escapades he had contrived with his ex. Slipping his mouth of Dustin's cock once more before the boy had a chance to relinquish his load, Tom pushed on both of Dustin's shaking legs to the point that his knees were impaling the bed covers just above each of his ears. Momentarily stunned at the vision of Dustin's bung hole, Tom flashed instant pictures in his mind of this glorious sight. Dustin was just as he thought from his touches. His crack was void of any hair whatsoever and the pink hole was bright and constantly winking at him as if awaiting the next venturesome pleasure. Looking into Dustin's teary, glassy eyes as if silently asking for permission, awaiting the boy's response, Tom felt emotionally charged as a smile splashed across Dustin's gorgeous face.

This was the first bung hole his eyes had ever graced, besides his former lover's hairy butt. His tongue was used to digging through the forest of hair to locate the hidden treasure, but not now. The hole he now looked at was unblemished by any hair, nor was it hidden from any distractions. Tom lowered his head and began licking just under Dustin's withdrawn nuggets, inhaling the musky aroma spewing from Dustin's spread butt cheeks. Not foul, nor pungent, but intoxicatingly pleasing. It was as if the aroma was an aphrodisiac drawing him closer and closer to the pure source. Tom's skilled tongue followed the enchantment until it rested on top of the pink pucker hole. Dustin moaned as Tom's tongue glued to his asshole with the slightest of pressure. Lovingly digging and desperately churning, Tom's tongue slid inside the once sealed orifice. Dustin screamed, "Tom, Tom, God yes, yes, eat my, eat, eat my asshole, eat it good!"

The body in which his tongue was now in, was jerking and shaking, forcing his tongue to slide deeper and deeper into its hot fiery depth. With his tongue impaling the teen asshole, Tom clutched his right hand around Dustin's steel like cock and he began slowly to work the smooth flesh up and down. Dustin was flinging his head to and fro, delirious in the pleasure his entire body was swarmed with. Never before had anyone devoted so much time to his desires, must less his needs. Dustin had been fucked three times, but those three were guys younger than himself and it was he who pressured them into doing it. All Tom had to do was stick his cock up his ass and Dustin would have been more than happy to suppress whatever pain he knew he would feel. But for now, he was more than enjoying having Tom's tongue working on his butt hole and the man's hand toying with his cock.

The longer Tom shuffled his tongue inside his asshole, the more he inwardly craved to feel the man's cock rifle up his ass. Tom too, was wondering if Dustin had ever had a cock up his young chute. Tom was no stranger to being fucked and certainly no stranger to fucking. His ex loved to get fucked on rare occasions, but Tom was the one who bunked up for the huge monster his ex was packing. Tom dug and licked his way to the farthest limits of his tongue while still gently massaging the smooth cock flesh up and down. Dustin's hard cock felt like a piece of metal with a silk fabric outlining it. The boy's pucker hole clutched his tongue upon each and every breath. During this process, Tom's cock regained its full strength and was now standing at attention and Tom had his left hand around his own cock, stroking it feverishly.

Dustin had placed both of his hands on the inner portion of his own butt cheeks and was aiding Tom by spreading them even wider. Tom ate the boy's asshole like tomorrow would never come while enjoying the facial distortions Dustin was unknowingly making. Tom yanked his tongue free and using his right hand, forced the teen cock towards him for another cock sucking session. Dustin moaned and groaned as Tom's mouth sucked on his straining pole. Within seconds, Dustin was close to blowing his load inside Tom's cock filled mouth. When Tom realized what was fixing to happen, he yanked his mouth off of Dustin's rapidly pulsating cock. Dustin looked into his eyes and softly whispered, "Tom, please, please fuck me. I want your dick up my ass. Please give it to me!"

Tom's rock hard cock was already slippery from his own pre-cum and he placed the foreskin covered cock head at Dustin's winking asshole and applied a little bit of pressure. Dustin still had his ass cheeks spread wide and was biting his lips as the cock slipped into his inner most chambers. "Um, agh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" Tom took his time and inched a little at a time until his slender cock was buried all the way inside Dustin's muscle clamping ass. The heat mixed with the choking anal walls, sweltered all around his cock. Once fully inside, Tom held his position without moving an inch. By looking into Dustin's squinted eyes and the distorted motions of his mouth, he knew the young boy was trying to resist the pain he himself had conquered long ago.

Dustin fought back the burning pain with every ounce of strength he could possibly muster. This is what he wanted! This is what he commanded Tom to do and there was no way he was going to ask him to pull it out. Dustin could feel Tom's cock breathe lodged deep inside his anal walls as the pain began to slowly diminish and the feeling he so desperately wanted began to overwhelm his body, as well as his cock filled ass.

Tom felt Dustin's young body begin to hump his asshole onto his cock and he took this as a sign to slowly begin to slide his fuck pole in and out of Dustin's extra tight bung hole. Dustin released his grip on his ass cheeks and hooked his legs while placing both hands on the back of Tom's sweat smeared neck. The smell of sex quickly illuminated the room, as well as both of their heavy panting and deep groaning. In less than a minute or two, Tom picked up the pace and began to plow Dustin's asshole like a veteran farmer plowing a field for the crops. With each heavy and heartfelt thrust, Tom inhaled the enriched aroma of Dustin's hot breath. Their lips were within millimeters from each other and all Tom could do was stare into Dustin's mind boggling green eyes. The look on Dustin's face as Tom powered his cock up the boy's asshole said it all. With all pain left only as a faded memory, Dustin was now getting serviced fully just the way he had always wanted. He still wanted to bust his heavy load, but the cock rifling in and out of his asshole felt too good to worry about anything as trivial as shooting his load.

Tom grinded his hips as he drove his cock hard and deep up Dustin's chute bringing echoes of moans from the lips of a gorgeous boy who was directly underneath him. The feeling of his cock up Dustin's butt, the fragrance of his breath, and the aroma spewing from their bodies was a concoction too great for Tom to handle. As the thrusts grew in power, Dustin's mouth fell wide open as Tom's balls slapped the boy's crack. Lifting Dustin even higher, now Dustin's cock was pointing straight into his own mouth and single pearl drops of his own pre-cum freely slipped into his open mouth. Dustin's hands were still clutching, almost digging, into Tom's neck as Tom continued his pile driving and ass plunging technique.

After having already shot his load earlier, Tom wasn't even close to unleashing yet another. While pounding the boy's ass with his cock, Tom lowered his lips to Dustin's open mouth and their tongues began to interlock in a loving battle. Tom began to caress Dustin's hard cock, smearing the boy's pre-cum all over as his hand stroked in rhythm with his tongue. Dustin was completely lost in the devotion to Tom's gentleness as the inner fire inside his soul grew to a roaring sexual rage. The longer Tom's cock pillaged inside his ass, the more he craved. With each thrust, Dustin felt Tom's balls slap his crack, as well as Tom's body strike his super sensitive balls. Tom went from pounding his cock in Dustin's ass to a slow churning crawl, rotating and twisting his cock up the boy's anal chute. Both Tom and Dustin were lost in time, trapped into a togetherness, and locked into a sexual frenzy.

The tongue roaming inside his mouth, the pressure on his cock, and the feeling of holding Dustin's thick boy meat sent his balls into spasms as his lips broke free and he groaned as wave after wave of sperm missiles fired out of his cock and deep into the dark chamber of Dustin's ass. Dustin felt Tom's sperm strike his anal walls with force causing his own cock to jerk and twitch. Tom was thrusting his cock up the boy's ass like a mad man while still witnessing the beauty of the boy and his impressive green eyes when he saw Dustin's cock expand to an even thicker state and fire a heavy sperm ball into Dustin's own open mouth. With no hand on Dustin's cock, the boy's cock unleashed its fury as sperm missiles tore out of the boy's piss slit and fired shot after endless shot into Dustin's mouth. Tom could clearly see the sperm as it increased in quantity inside Dustin's mouth. It was thick and snow white in color and Tom was more than thankful for Dustin not to begin swallowing.

Tom slammed his sperm spitting cock hard and heavy into Dustin's rectum while lost in total fascination to the cock below shooting more than a man sized load without any assistance whatsoever. Only soft moans escaped Dustin's body and his mouth was rapidly filling up with the boy's thick sperm. Tom's cock managed to fuck the remaining sperm free up the boy's sperm filled butt and his cock began to rapidly deflate, but it was Dustin's cock that was still firing off mini sperm missiles. Tom looked at Dustin's face as the boy's eyes were tightly sealed and he had shot cum all over his nose and cheeks, and there were some cum droplets on the boy's chin as well. There was a heavy line of Dustin's sperm running a perfect pattern starting from the top of the boy's throat, ending under the boy's barely noticeable adam apple.

With no life left in his cock, Tom easily slipped out of Dustin's sperm soaked bung hole. Inching his way up, licking the sweat off the boy's stomach and chest, Tom began scooping up the sperm line on the heavy breathing boy's throat. He was instantly rewarded with a new and refreshing taste. Being fond of his ex-lover's salty and sometimes bitter man cream, the cream he was now relishing in was more of a pure quality. The more he scooped and swallowed, the better he admired the mild saltiness flavor. Tom licked, kissed, and scooped all the sperm from Dustin's face. Dustin lay perfectly still with his mouth open and completely filled to the rim with his own boy seed. His once thick cock lay perfectly asleep pointing to his left thigh, drained of all energy. Tom licked Dustin's top lip, then his lower lip.

Dustin closed his mouth suddenly, smiled and rolled on top of Tom. His ass was resting on Tom's lower stomach and all Tom could do was stare once again into those entrancing emerald green eyes. Tom's heart pounded as Dustin slowly lowered his face nearer and nearer to Tom's lips. With the most gentlest of touches, Dustin placed both hands on either side of Tom's cheeks and aided Tom in opening his mouth. With their noses almost touching, Dustin puckered his lips and barely opened his mouth, allowing some of his thick cream to drain from his mouth and into Tom's. Tom almost died from sexual exhaustion as his taste buds welcomed the mixture of Dustin's thick sperm and the boy's innocent saliva. Dustin teased and taunted Tom by only letting a small portion drain into his mouth. Tom eagerly swallowed that portion that was allowed to enter his open and anxiously awaiting mouth.

Sometime had passed until Dustin had emptied his once sperm filled mouth into Tom's mouth. With no more sperm to offer, Dustin enclosed his mouth over Tom's and the two remained in that position for sometime, chewing on the other's exploring tongue. Their loving seal broke when Dustin realized he had to go relieve himself of Tom's sperm. When Dustin returned from the bathroom, he was walking on wobbly knees as the two began dressing. Dustin smiled at Tom and said, "You know, this is a seven day cruise!" Tom laughed and replied, "Not to mention, the nights still young!"


Stay tuned for day 2