Tom lay in his bed in blissful symphony with himself while reminiscing of the young boy who had just departed his stateroom. His mind replayed all that had transpired, mixing only reality with the fading past of his former lover. No matter what, Tom still loved the man who took him in and stole his heart. Their break-up was quick and completely devastating. Tom never saw it coming, he just felt the blunt trauma of being traded in for someone younger, someone much younger than he.

While others frolicked to and fro on the ship, Tom fell fast asleep pretending he was in the arms of Dustin and periodic interludes with his former lover. He awoke early the next morning to only find his hand on his heart throbbing cock. Like a kid with a new toy, he looked at it wishing, as he once did, for it to much larger than it actually was. He took a long hot shower and slipped on a bright yellow extra short Speedos and headed out the door. With just his shorts and a solid white pull over sleeveless muscle shirt, Tom could literally feel the eyes burning holes all over his body as all sorts of people passed him in the hallways. Though he walked aimlessly towards one of the restaurants for breakfast, his eyes searched in vain for Dustin.

Tom filled his plate from the buffet and sat down at a table alone. Being so early in the morning, there were not a lot of people inside, or at least, not yet. While halfway through his meal, a young man of about 15 sauntered up to the buffet line and for whatever reason, Tom could not fight the urge to resist not looking at him. Tom figured his age to be around 15 and he was wearing cut-off blue jean shorts that displayed the lower regions of one hot as hell bubble butt. He had on a pull over tank top and his hair was brown and awesomely curly. Tom also noticed a little moustache line that was layered only with dark peach fuzz. He calculated the boy to be 5'8" and probably weighed close to 140 pounds. His arms were slim, but had some definite muscular definition.

When the boy got close enough, Tom fought to take his eyes off the boy's mouth watering bubble butt and sneak a peak at his tanned and muscular legs. From the backside, it looked liked like the boy was completely hairless as his skin glistened from innocent silkiness. Tom's eyes raced up and down the boy as he walked up and down the buffet line. Only Tom's eyes fluttered as he saw the boy reach out with his right arm to retrieve some food item. It seemed the boy had a small light brown patch of hair under his arms.

While Tom was taking mental notes of the boy, his cock wasn't about to be left out of this spectacular scenery. It grew to its full hardened state, protruding visibly from the thin material of his body tight Speedos. As in the case with Dustin, Tom was so engrossed at looking at the boy's eye popping butt that he didn't notice the boy's eyes staring straight at him. When the boy turned completely around, only a few short feet from where Tom was seated, Tom's eyes darted to the evident package concealed between the boy's shiny tanned legs.

And what a package it was! The more Tom looked at the boy's scrunched up package, the more obvious it was to anyone who was witnessing the ordeal what Tom's mindless thoughts were about. As if caught in slow motion, Tom saw the package as it neared his eyes. It grew larger as the boy stepped closer and closer and it finally stopped directly in front of Tom's wide open, drooling mouth. "Is anyone sitting here mister?" As if having stuck a finger in a light socket, Tom quickly came back to the every day realm of reality. Looking up and into the boy's eyes, Tom choked on a whisper as he replied, "Um, uh, no, no not at all." Tom inhaled the boy's eyes noticing they were a deep greenish blue and his eyebrows were thin and dark and his eye lashes appeared professionally long.

Tom was simply too nervous to speak, but his eyes did capture the faint little sparkle of freckles dashing on the bridge of the boy's small button nose. "Seth, names Seth!" The boy's words charmed Tom's ears as he reached out and took hold of the boy's stretched right hand and replied with a smile, "Tom." After their cordial introduction, Seth asked, "So, uh, where's your friend?" Confused by the question and with a puzzle look darting across Tom's face, Seth reapplied his question, "Your friend, the guy I saw you with at the pool yesterday?" Tom swallowed his food and replied, "Well, uh, he is just a guy I met at the pool. I'm not here with anyone." Seth laughed and fired back, "Wish I could say the same thing. We take this cruise twice a year and I have to sleep with my younger sister every time."

They both sort of chuckled and Tom asked, "So Seth, where you from?" Seth smiled and softly said, "Miami, and you?" Tom replied, "Ft. Lauderdale." After finding out where Seth lived, Tom could easily understand the dark rich tan that sprawled all over the boy's wonderful body. While their conversation went idly by, Tom compared Seth with Dustin. Dustin, by far, was, pardon the interpretation, prettier than Seth, but there was just something about Seth that intrigued Tom to no end. Tom knew he was definitely intrigued by the boy's mouth watering bubble butt, but as far as his facial features are concerned, Seth just had this "innocent boy who could easily fuck your brains out" kind of look.

One thing turned to the other and it was Seth who said, "I'm 15, how old are you?" Tom gave him his age and Seth smiled while saying, "You sure don't look 24." It was Seth who was doing most of the talking the entire time eating breakfast. Tom had finished before Seth, but he wasn't about to leave the boy alone, or at least, not just yet. The conversation went south went Seth remarked, "I like those Speedos you have. My parents say they can't afford things like that." With the utmost innocent intent, Tom shot out, "Heck, I got plenty of these things. I'd be more than happy to give you one or two if you like." Those words charmed Seth with an excitement that channeled through his body and into Tom's. Seth eagerly responded by saying, "Really. I'm almost done. We can go get them!"

After finishing breakfast Seth did ask Tom what his room number was and informed him he would meet him there in a few minutes. Tom's heart pounded like a heavy rainfall as he quickly opened his door and went straight to the dresser and began pulling out all of his Speedos and laying them designingly on the bed. His palms began to sweat as he paced the floor in the living room. His cock grew hard just thinking of seeing Seth wearing one of his Speedos. An expected light knock on the front door almost caused Tom's heart to leap out of his already heavy breathing chest. Opening the front door for his guest, Tom felt light headed as there stood Dustin.

As soon as the door opened, Dustin shot inside and locked the door. Looking back at Tom, Dustin said, "I've only got a few minutes, but I was wondering if I could do something. I've had a hard-on all night just thinking about it and I would like to know, uh, if we could uh, you know, um, if I could put it in you." Tom could never turn Dustin down for anything, but the timing was way off. Dustin looked at Tom and pleaded, "Please, please let me shoot it in you. It won't take long, I promise!"

Tom realized the longer he debated the issue, the closer time was ticking for Seth to show up. Reluctantly, or not so reluctantly, Tom agreed and it was Dustin who happily stated, "Doggie-style. I want to fuck you doggie-style!" While in the midst of talking, Dustin had already yanked his shorts and underwear off and had kicked them to the side. His raging fat cock was quivering in plain view of Tom's shaking eyes. Tom fell to his knees and he wasted no time in shoving the fat cock down his throat. Tom sucked and licked, ensuring he was getting Dustin's fat young cock good and slick. His hands caressed Dustin's wonder nuggets while his right middle finger danced around the boy's freshly bathed bung hole.

Once Dustin's cock was good and slick to Tom's well experienced satisfaction, he yanked off his shorts, turned around and straddled the leather padded chair, poking his ass for Dustin to do with as he desired. Tom felt the thick mushroom helmet slide over his cock hungry hole and felt Dustin poke it several times. Reaching back to offer assistance, Tom guided Dustin's thick cock and pushed back while Dustin pushed forward. In one graceful motion, the thick cock slid up Tom's chute and Dustin groaned in wild jubilee as he started slamming his boy pride hard and fast in and out of Tom's stretched bung hole. Knowing time was not on his side, Tom used his experienced anal muscles to coil around the rifling cock as Dustin did his best to drive his cock all the way through Tom.

Tom maneuvered his upper body so that his head was now tucked under his upper body. Reaching under him, Tom grabbed Dustin's ass slapping balls with his left hand while his right hand knife edged Dustin's bucking ass crack. Tom continued to use his anal muscles to milk the boy's thick cock and Dustin was furiously pounding his meat while gritting his teeth. Dustin gurgled out, "Shit, oh shit, I'm, I'm fucking shoot-inggggggggggg!" Tom felt the rapid bursts of sperm torpedoes strike his muscle clamping anal walls. He didn't let off his anal muscle choking technique which always brought his ex-lover off rather quickly. Dustin pounded the last drop up Tom's chute before his young cock fell quietly limp. Gasping for air, Dustin said, "Oh man, that was fucking awesome!" Tom got off the chair and clinched his butt cheeks together to trap Dustin's fresh sperm inside his chute.

Dustin and Tom both slipped their shorts back on and Tom followed Dustin to the door. Dustin turned around and planted a deep kiss with a snaking tongue without any warning. Tom savored the boy's freshly brushed teeth with the appetizing aroma of peppermint. Just as their passionate kiss unsealed itself, Dustin whispered, "Can I come see you later today?" Tom shook his head yes and just as Dustin was about to walk out of the door, he smilingly said, "You know, my asshole is still sore from yesterday. But, it's a great sore!" Tom laughed and watched Dustin jog down the hallway.

The fresh teen sperm in his chute desperately wanted to come out and as Tom walked inside the bathroom and pulled his shorts to his ankles, a knock on the door sounded. Tom said out loud, "Shit, what fucking luck!" Pinching his butt cheeks together, Tom pulled up his shorts and opened the door. There stood Seth displaying his beautiful smile and eagerness to obtain a pair of Speedo shorts. Tom walked with Seth to the bedroom wear all the Speedos had been laid out on the bed for his viewing. Realizing he could not hold the sperm inside any longer, Tom excused himself and almost ran to the bathroom. He hadn't sat on the toilet a split second before strings of thick sperm filtered from his asshole and flopped into the toilet water. Had he been using his head, instead of his asshole, he would have asked Dustin to shoot his tasty sweet wad into his mouth. After thinking that thought, Tom realized that when he had answered the door for Seth, he had a bulging erection for his young eyes to behold. Going back in time, replaying Seth entrance into his room, he noticed that Seth had dropped his eyes on his vividly displayed manhood.

Finally, Tom fully relieved himself of Dustin's thick sperm surplus. Taking the time to ensure cleaning himself thoroughly, Tom applied a soapy hand cloth to his butt and rinsed it off with some warm water before entering back out to where Seth anxiously awaited. Seth was wearing the same clothes he had at breakfast and was standing at the foot of the bed admiring the thirty or so Speedos. Tom walked over and sat down in the chair next to the bed and said, "There they are, help yourself."

Seth began rifling through all of them before picking out a solid black one. Tom innocently said, "Go ahead Seth, try them on." Seth took one step back and slowly pulled his tank top over his head. Tom felt the drool slip from his mouth as he witnessed an upper body belonging to a body builder. The muscles rippled from his chest to his crumpled stomach. His eyes targeted out the spot where Seth's belly button was. It appeared to be a couple of circles, neither going in or protruding out. To say that Seth's upper body was well defined would be the under statement of the year. He was nothing but muscle from head to toe. His muscles were toned but not overly developed, just down right a pure vision of perfection.

Tom glued his eyes on Seth's small, but erect, pink nipples. He wanted to jump out of his chair and sink his lips on the eye teasing morsels. While Seth was untying his shoes, he went on to explain that he was a gymnast and he practiced six days a week. Now, Tom could understand the muscle definition but he was too busy swiping his lips with his tongue watching Seth bend over to work on his shoes. Once Seth untied his shoes, he took each one off, then removed his socks. Tom was waiting for Seth to go to the bathroom and change clothes, but Seth unzipped his shorts and quickly yanked them off, kicking them off to the side. Tom's eyes fluttered as he was looking at Seth's rock solid body while standing less than four feet away wearing nothing but his skimpy bikini underwear. The meat inside the thin garment was stuffed in there as if it had been processed through a meat packing plant.

If Tom didn't already have a problem with drool evading his mouth, he sure as hell was drooling bucket loads now. Seth acted like it was no big deal stripping in front of Tom, but it was Tom's slender cock who was doing its best to unlock itself from the Speedos it was confined in. Seth stood straight up and smiled and Tom then in one smooth motion, hooked his skimpy underwear and slid them down. Tom swallowed hard when the thin fabric flipped over the boy's cock and balls, and the instruments of love came flopping out. Seth was busy removing his underwear, but Tom was busy gawking at the boy's bouncing beauties. Tom figured that the flaccid cock watering his eyes had to be at least four inches long soft and as thick around as Dustin's cock was when fully erect. The boy was cut and his thick mushroom cock head displayed a super thickness that dangled freely like a bell on a chain.

Seth's hairless balls were larger than his and Dustin's put together and they swung heavily between the boy's hairless legs a good three inches. Although he was more than a little impressed at the boy's meaty package, Tom knew that his ex had them beat by a long mile. From the side view, Tom could see Seth's super muscular butt ripple as he tried on the various Speedos. Tom's tongue was just as hard as his cock as he sat patiently watching this Adonis try on each and every swim suit displayed on the bed. Seth never turned around completely so Tom never got to see the boy's bubbly butt from the rear, but from the side view he was getting, he already knew it would be one fantastic sight.

Tom stared at Seth's pubic region noting that he had either neatly trimmed the pubic bush, or the boy just didn't have a lot of hair there just yet. The dark brown strands were sparsely scattered on either side of the boy's meaty cock. He couldn't see one single sign of hair life on the boy's large equally egg sized shaped nuggets. The other thing Tom did notice was that Seth must lay out in the nude, because he didn't have a single tan line anywhere. Tom muttered, "Uh Seth, you must have someplace private where you nude sunbathe." Seth continued trying on the different suits and replied without looking at Tom, "Yeah, we got a pool at our house and my family are hedonists." There was a brief pause, then Seth innocently remarked, "I hate wearing clothes. Once you go naked, you don't ever want to come back." Tom listened carefully, but his eyes were still infatuated with the boy's swinging cock and balls.

Though Tom was praying on sexual thoughts, Seth's cock remained flaccid the duration of his trying on the swim wear. Tom really wished for Seth's cock to grow just to see what size it would be if it got fully erect. Tom began asking him about girlfriends and things like that. Tom would ask a question and Seth would answer immediately. Finally, after some time, Tom decided to jump straight to the point, "Seth, I bet you got girls knocking down your door just to suck your dick!" Tom couldn't swear to it, but he thought he saw Seth's flaccid cock twitch. Seth smiled and said, "Not really. Most of them just lick the head and to be honest with you, they really don't have a clue on how to suck a dick." Tom thought for a second, then asked, "Did they ever bring you to the point where you shot off in their mouth?" Seth nodded his head and fired back, "No way dude, I was lucky to get them to lick my dick for a few seconds. I have never shot off in someone's mouth, yet!"

Tom shook his head in utter disbelief and unthinkingly remarked, "Damn, what a waste!" Tom couldn't believe he had just blurted that out loud and he knew Seth heard him because he was looking at him with a whimsical look dancing all over his precious face. Tom quickly announced, "I, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that, I mean the way that it sounded." Seth smiled and replied, "Don't worry about it, I know what you meant!" Only the slipping of the swimwear was audible for a short few seconds when Seth was looking down at the shorts he had just put on and asked, "Do you like to fuck or get fucked?"

The question that came out of nowhere floored Tom, but Seth was very pursuant in his question, "Come on man, I know you're gay. Do you like to fuck a hot ass, or would you rather have your ass plowed?" Tom swallowed and hesitantly replied, "I'm, I'm sort of versatile." Tom managed to ask, "Seth how'd you know?" Seth giggled and fired back, "Come on dude, you are too fucking hot to be on this ship alone, and besides, I caught you staring at my ass at the buffet line like it was being served as well. Tom, every since we met, your dick has been hard as a bone." Tom's eyes caught Seth's package as he removed the swimwear. The once flaccid cock was now slowly filling up. Though still soft, it was now about five or six inches and had almost doubled in girth.

Seth announced, "Look Tom, I aint no virgin. My family has been going to nude camps and nude parties ever since I can remember. We come on this cruise once a year and its always the same thing. I've had straight men suck my dick on a regular basis and as far as shooting in someone's mouth, it's always been with a man. I have had some girls suck my dick, but they never swallowed and they really never gave me a real blow-job. This is why I sort of fool around with other guys. I know what I want and how I want it." Seth took a deep breath, then stated, "Shit, girls don't even like to touch a guys dick, much less their balls. I know you are gay and probably have never been with a woman, but girls, or at least the ones I met, freak out when you say anything about ass play." Tom just sat there and absorbed everything Seth was saying. He was somewhat confused from the boy he had met who seemed so profoundly innocent compared to the Cujo who was doing all this talking.

Seth was standing there completely void of any clothes and his proud cock was fully erect. Tom gawked at the boy's impressive equipment. His cock was a good 7 " and was almost as thick as his ex-lover's. His balls even looked like they had swollen larger than they had been earlier. It stood straight out from his body with a downward bend directly in the middle, hooking slightly to the right. The mushroom helmet was a bit thicker than the thick shaft and had a droplet of pre cum forming at the larger then normal piss slit. Seth awoke Tom from his entranced state by adding, "You ever been with anyone who is dominant?" Tom was unable to speak but nodded his head no. Actually, Tom really didn't know what Seth was talking about as far as dominant. He had only been with his ex and Dustin and it seemed to him that everything they did was always mutual.

Tom watched Seth sling off the swimwear from the bed and just as the last garment hit the floor, Seth commandingly said, "Get on the bed, on your back, but first, take off your shorts!" Tom stood and yanked his shorts off and hurriedly jumped up on the bed and lay on his back. Seth was standing at the foot of the bed and said, "Here's how it works. You don't do anything I don't tell you to do, understand?" Tom shook his head up and down and was completely bewildered by the new transition that Seth had partaken in.

Seth climbed onto the bed and gingerly walked up Tom's spread eagle body so that both of his feet were impaling the mattress on both sides of Tom's ribs. Seth turned completely around and Tom wiped his lips as he saw for the first time, the muscular mounds of Seth's eye popping bubble butt. Seth reached back with both hands and held onto the top railing of the bed frame and began lowering his body closer to Tom's heavy panting mouth. As Seth's powerful ass came closer to Tom's face, the solid cheeks began a slow torturous decent outwards. The valley between those muscular mounds was tight and looked dark, revealing nothing resting inside. With Seth's ass just a few inches from his face, Tom got a clear view of the boy's pink puckered bung hole. It was winking a mile a minute as if it had just competed in a cross country race. Tom inhaled deeply, but nothing remotely close to a scent could be detected. Tom stuck out his tongue as Seth lowered his ass onto Tom's ass hungry face. He began flickering his tongue directly on Seth's asshole and Seth cried out, "Don't lick it, fuck it with your tongue. Eat my ass like you mean it!" Tom obeyed and began trying to stuff his entire tongue in the boy's rectum.

Within seconds, Tom slid his tongue up Seth's chute and was drilling like mad. Seth ordered, "That's it boy, tongue my ass, tongue that mother fucker good! Yeah, yeah boy, give me all your tongue!" Seth released the headboard and reached back and pried open his solid ass cheeks even further. He began to slide his back and forth and up and down on Tom's ass plunging tongue. Seth commandingly asked, "You like my ass boy? You like the way my hole feel on your tongue?" All Tom could do was grunt yes thanks to Seth bearing his weight on Tom's face, driving his asshole hard and deep on his fully stretched tongue. While Tom was busy pleasing Seth's asshole with his tongue, a sharp pain filled his body thanks to Seth slapping his cock from side to side. It didn't really hurt, but it certainly felt weird having his pre cum soaked foreskin covered cock bitch slapped.

When the slaps on his cock ceased, Tom felt a sickening feeling building in his stomach because Seth had grabbed both of his nuts and was literally choking them in their sac. While choking his balls, Seth started pulling them upwards along the base of his hard cock. Once Seth got Tom's balls in the desired location, he began easily slapping both stretched nuggets with a cupped hand. Apparently, Tom had forgotten to keep his pace with his tongue, cause Seth ordered, "Eat my fucking asshole boy! Don't you stop! Tongue my shitter NOW!" Tom slammed his tongue back into the dancing asshole while trying to adjust to the hand that was yanking his balls and the other hand that was slapping them.

Seth began feeding Tom his balls, along with his asshole, making sure both balls and chute were being equally satisfied. Seth was a little impressed to find out that Tom was capable of swallowing both of his large balls rather easily. Tom was beginning to get into this dominant thing, enjoying the way Seth was barking orders. This was by far, new and exciting for Tom. Though, he wasn't all that crazy about his balls being yanked and slapped, but the longer Seth pursued this activity, the more erotic it felt for Tom.

Seth had bunked his ass higher, grabbed onto his raging teen monster and said, "Stick out your tongue boy! Just hold it there while I clean my dick off!" Tom held out his tongue and Seth pushed his cock head onto Tom's tongue while squeezing his cock, forcing loads of pre cum onto Tom's quivering tongue. Tom dared not move his tongue, but he could feel the slick, mildly salty fluid coat his tongue. Seth rolled the piss slit all across Tom's tongue and once he was satisfied, barked, "Now, drink it bitch!" Tom withdrew his tongue and was instantly gratified at the texture, as well as the profound taste. He was still savoring the tasty treat when Seth slammed his ass back on his face. Instantly, Tom began grinding away at the boy's muscle churning asshole.

Seth was more than happy to find a hot looking man who would let him perform sex the way he like it. He liked being in total and complete charge without anyone saying anything but him. Seth liked talking dirty, degrading and sometimes humiliating his counter part. Most importantly, Seth wanted Tom since he first laid eyes on him, and now, he's got him!

With his ass pressed hard into Tom's face, Seth grabbed Tom's legs and hooked them under his arms, folding Tom up like an accordion. Now, Tom's asshole was displayed to the heavens above and it was Seth admiring the man's virtually hairless orifice. Seth stuck his middle finger into his mouth and then wasted no time in shoving it all the way up Tom's shocked and surprised asshole. Tom grunted from the sudden invasion while keeping his tongue buried up Seth's hot chute. Seth began digging and pounding his finger in and out and all around inside Tom's recent, fucked by Dustin, asshole. Seth stuck two, then three fingers, in Tom's cock starving bung hole, driving him to fuck the boy's asshole harder with his tongue.

With one hand Seth had three fingers pillaging inside Tom's butt, and the other hand began whaling away at both outstretched butt cheeks. Each slap brought a stinging sensation coursing throughout Tom's already baffled body. Seth screamed out, "Yeah bitch, you like this! You like my fingers up your ass! You like me slapping your tight ass, huh bitch!" Tom grunted yes and the activity continued until Seth grew tired of this.

Seth stood up and turned around and commanded, "Scoot up and put your back on the headboard!" Tom did as directed and Seth sat on Tom's cock with those solid ass mounds. Seth fired off, "Suck my nipples, suck em like you mean it boy!" Seth grabbed the back of Tom's head and shoved him hard onto his left nipple. Tom started sucking them as if he were trying to suck out the milk from the bottom of the boy's feet. Seth moaned as Tom sucked hard and furious. "That's it boy, suck em good! Fuck yes!" While Tom was working on the left nipple, Seth reached down and began pinching and pulling his right nipple, driving Tom to the edge of oblivious ecstasy. He had never had anyone do this to him before. He had his nipples sucked a million times, but never experienced what Seth was doing to him now. This whole thing with Seth was a sexual experience he had never once dreamed of, much less done.

In a matter of time, Seth turned his body to make sure Tom spent equal time on both of his nipples, still barking orders and still calling Tom names like bitch and boy. Seth pulled Tom's head off of his nipples by his hair and stood up. The boy's awesomely proud teen boner was within a fraction of an inch of Tom's mouth. Tom's head was pinned on the headboard as Seth ordered, "Open your fucking mouth bitch! Keep your hands on the bed and don't even think about touching me or yourself! I'm gonna fuck your mouth and fuck it good!" Tom opened wide and felt the giant knob slide against both top and lower lip, stretching the corners for its thick accommodations. Tom was more than used to a thick piece of meat filling his mouth and having sucked his ex-lover's cock on a daily basis, he had conquered his gag reflexes.

Seth didn't slam his meat into Tom's mouth, but slowly guided it in awaiting for Tom to offer some form of gagging. To Seth's surprise, he had stuffed his thick boy meat inside Tom's mouth, as well as down his throat, and Tom never once gagged. Seth grabbed a handful of Tom's hair and began slamming his meat in and out, driving his pubic region hard onto Tom's nose. Tom could feel the boy's thick balls slap under his chin upon each forceful thrust. He wanted to reach up and grab Seth's beautiful ass, but remembered what Seth had said and kept his hands by his sides. Seth screamed, "Fuck yes, shit man, yes, yes, take my cock you fucking bitch!" Showing no mercy, Seth fucked Tom's mouth like a sex depraved bull in a stall with four horny cows. The sounds of Seth's balls slapping under Tom's chin echoed off the walls.

This was the first time Seth had really ever been able to do this and he was more than overwhelmed of being able to madly drive his cock in and out of someone's mouth. Sure, he had been deep throated several times, but Tom was able to swallow his cock and breathe through his nose without so much as a whimper. It wasn't too long before Seth felt his balls stirring up a load. He yanked his cock out of Tom's definitely experienced mouth and held onto his cock for dear life. Tom could do nothing more than look in total admiration of the beauty of Seth's over sized cock. Seth was struggling to not shoot his load as he squeezed both cock and balls in an attempt to shove his sperm back down. Tom watched the boy struggle and knew exactly what he was doing, but never uttered a word. This was Seth's show and he was just too happy to be a part of it.

Once Seth regained his composure, he yanked Tom down onto the bed, flat on his back, hooked his legs and forced them over his head. Somewhere in this process, Seth managed to force his saliva slick cock into Tom's asshole. Seth began slowly driving his meaty muscle in and out of Tom's asshole while both were looking one another in the eyes. Seth stated, "Yeah boy, feel my cock, that's it bitch. That aint no pussy I'm fucking, that's your asshole bitch! Yes, shit yes, yeah mother fucker, tell me you love my dick in your ass!" Tom could feel every square inch of Seth's thick teen hood as it slid in and out at a turtles pace. Looking at Seth, Tom softly whispered, "I love it, I love your big thick cock tearing up my asshole, God yes, fuck me, please fuck me SIR!"

Seth began pounding his teen sausage, slapping his heavy cream filled balls against the crack of Tom's outstretched ass. The more Seth drove his teen meat into Tom, the more pre cum oozed out of Tom's glistening foreskin covered cock. Tom's cock was harder than ever as it slid against his belly while Seth was giving him a proper fucking. Seth mixed up his pace and then he started pulling his thick cock all the way out, then slammed it back in. Seth loved the expressions twisting Tom's face, as well as the feeling his teen meat was getting from Tom's muscle gripping bung hole. Tom almost came out of his skin when Seth reached down and began slowly massaging his raging hard boner. Electricity coursed throughout his body as the boy's hand skillfully slid the skin of his dripping cock up and down at a snails pace. Every muscle in Tom's body seemed to go into convulsions at the same time. Seth felt the man's anal muscles coil around his cock like a snake choking a rat.

After a short time, Seth fought back the urge again to blow his load. He pulled his cock all the way out and sat on his heels while sliding both hands up and down Tom's spread thighs. The asshole that encouragingly choked his cock was still open and looked as if it were gasping for air. Within seconds, the anal opening sealed itself shut as if nothing had ever penetrated it. Seth leaned down and pulled the foreskin down on Tom's jerking cock. Tom closed his eyes when he felt the hot fiery air from Seth's nostrils strike the skin free cock head. Seth held the cock in his right hand and admired the glistening missile like mushroom head and small piss slit that was gushing out pre cum before his very eyes. NO stranger to having a cock in his mouth, Seth stuck out his tongue as he began whimpering as the man's pre cum drizzled onto his swiping tongue. It was warm, slippery and sticky, but Seth discovered that Tom's pre cum was unlike most of the others he had dined on. His pre cum was purely fresh and almost free of salt. The more pre cum that slid down his throat, the more Seth began to free himself from his dominant control.

Seth started whimpering as Tom's cock easily slid into his mouth and the silky smooth cock flesh soothed his inner spirit. Tom was slinging his head all over but he managed to keep his hands flat on the bed. The mouth on his cock sent chills racing up and down his spine, a mile a minute. The boy sucked his cock like a pro, keeping his pace extremely slow, and the pressure intense. Tom was moaning while Seth was whimpering. To prolong the experience, Seth grabbed Tom's balls once again in a death grip and began stretching them towards his body. Between the mouth on his cock feeling like a sexual oven and his balls being stretched to its torturous outer limits, Tom no longer felt the familiar stirring in his loins.

Tom was going crazy to bust a nut, but the choking grip on his nuts preventing his sperm from rising to the top. Seth backed his mouth off of Tom's convulsing cock and spat a glob of spit directly on the cock head. With his right hand, Seth began smearing his spit, along with Tom's pre cum, all over the straining cock. Tom was dizzy with delight, but stared into the eyes of Seth. The boy's eyes were hazy at best as Tom watched Seth stand up and place both feet on either side of his sitting body. Seth placed his left hand on the headboard and sank to his knees to the point that his Adonis face was within a fraction of an inch from Tom's face. Seth smashed his lips on Tom's and their tongues locked in mortal combat.

With their tongues fighting in desperation, Tom felt Seth's right hand take hold of his cock, raised it up, and then the familiar feeling of heat as his cock began sliding up Seth's anal chute. Seth grunted like mad, sending shockwaves down Tom's gullet. The boy's asshole was burning hot and awesomely tight. Seth wiggled and shoved his body until Tom's cock was buried inside his asshole. Once Seth got all of Tom's cock up his ass, he placed both hands on either side of Tom's face with the most gentle of touches. Their loving kiss grew stronger into a passionate rage as Seth began to slowly hump his ass onto Tom's pulsating cock. Tom felt the boy's ass muscle its way along his shaft, choking and grinding every square inch of his anal buried member.

Seth released Tom's face and began gingerly pinching and pulling both of Tom's more than erect nipples. Tingles of electricity rocked his body as the boy's juicy saliva drained into his mouth and his sweet breath ricochet inside his very own lungs. Seth would bounce on Tom's cock for several seconds, then completely stop and wiggle his hot muscular ass from side to side. His every maneuver was driving Tom delirious with a never before encountered sexual dilemma. Tom's body ached from head to toe and he wanted so badly to blow his man sized load, but Seth was always one step ahead of him and the boy never once released the command of being in charge.

Quite some time had passed and Seth raised his cock sucking ass off of Tom's bewildered cock. Tom was breathing rapidly and so was Seth for that matter. Tom sat in the same position awaiting Seth's next move. Seth was still on his knees, but he managed to arch his back so that he was kneeling straight up while looking at Tom's cock dancing in its twitching ceremony. Seth began looking all around the room as if searching for something in particular.

The temporary break was something they both needed since both were entering the point of spraying their built up love cream. Seth hopped off the bed and began walking around the bedroom, neither saying a single word to the other. Tom followed the boy's movement with his eyes with a baffled expression on his face. Seth walked into the living room for a brief second and re-entered the bedroom. He took the shoe string out of both shoes and Tom's eyes widened as he watched Seth tie the string around his balls, tightly, separating the large nuggets in the process. Once Seth securely tied the string around and between his balls, Seth hopped back up onto the bed and latched onto Tom's hard shriveled up nuggets and began doing the same thing to his balls. A sickening feeling swelled inside his stomach as Seth choked his balls with the string.

Tom had a handful of bed sheets clutched into his hands as Seth stood up and shoved his hard cock all the way down his throat. No warning and without any hesitation, Seth fucked Tom's mouth with this thick cock like an animal in heat. Seth moaned loudly but his heavy thrusts continued, slamming his tied up balls under Tom's cock filled jaw. Just as fast as it all started, it all stopped. Seth yanked his thick tool out of Tom's mouth and quickly turned all the way around, leaned over, spreading his ass cheeks apart and shoved his spread ass into Tom's face. Tom already knew what he was supposed to do so he shoved his tongue up the boy's rectum, wiggling and probing until the full length was nestled inside the mist tunnel. Seth was using his body to fuck Tom's tongue while grunting and moaning.

The pressure of Seth's body trapped Tom's ass filled face to the headboard. Unable to move to either side, Tom fought for air while tongue fucking the boy's asshole. The scent was now a strong musky odor, especially since Tom's cock had already traveled up the darkened Hershey highway. This activity went on for some time, until, thankfully for Tom, Seth wanted to do something else. Seth barked, "Get doggie-style over here!" Seth wanted Tom to position himself on the bed with his knees barely on the sides of the mattress lengthways. Once Tom did as instructed, Seth had him stretch his knees outwards so that he was completely spread eagle with his ass open to anyone who was behind him. His upper body was laying on the bed as his eyes followed the boy's movement.

Seth walked behind Tom and pulled his rock hard cock under him to the point it was now pressing against the outside of the mattress aiming straight toward the carpeted floor. Seth shoved two fingers up Tom's asshole and began turning, plunging, and spreading them. Tom moaned in a sexual delight as the fingers inside his rectum toyed with his inner emotions. Seth pulled his fingers out and walked over to the side of the bed facing Tom and slid his youthful body onto the bed. Seth sat on his butt and scooted his body closer to Tom's face. Once the inside of Seth's thighs was on either side of Tom's shoulders, Seth rolled his legs up over his head and commanded, "Worship my nuts and my asshole!" Tom wasted no time in using his mouth and tongue on the boy's string tied balls. Seth used his hands to hold onto the back of Tom's head as the man inhaled both tied up beauties into his hot mouth. Seth grunted and groaned as his balls baked inside Tom's mouth.

Tom took turns without having to be told on both of the boy's heavy balls and more than tasty asshole. Lost in a world of lust, blind with passion, and distraught with the utmost need to relieve himself of his man cream, Tom was oblivious to his surrounding until he felt something being rapidly shoved up his ass. Seth's thighs trapped his face and the boy's hands held his head as the object unmercifully traveled up his chute. He felt the hands on his waist line and knew it was a cock. It was not as thick as Seth's, but it definitely had some thickness to it. Just as fast as the cock behind him rifled up his ass, so did the pace of the cock as it splintered in and out at a mind boggling speed.

Tom's asshole was a little more than sore from the previous fucking from Dustin, as well as the thick cock tearing up his asshole belonging to Seth. Tom still managed to work on Seth's large nuggets and periodically fuck the boy's asshole with his tongue. In less than a minute, Tom no longer questioned who was fucking his ass, he just knew it felt splendid. The person behind him never uttered a word or even a sound, but he sure as hell worked his cock like a pro in and out of his bung hole. Tom's ear caught Seth saying, "Don't cum just yet!" The person behind him didn't respond, but he mixed up his fucking rhythm, keeping Tom completely off guard. As time drew on, Seth made Tom work on his cock, balls, and asshole while the guy behind him continued his anal assault.

Even with the size of his ex-lover's monster cock filling his ass, Tom had never been fucked like this before, and never for such a long time. His anal muscles felt as though they were completely exhausted and burned severely from being over worked. Whatever his inner feelings were, the person behind him was going to fuck his asshole until he was satisfied, completely satisfied.

What felt like an eternity finally came to an end with Seth scooting his body away from Tom's face. Tom's jaw, mouth, and asshole burned from exhaustion, but he knew Seth wasn't quite done just yet. The cock that ripped at his asshole slipped out and Tom felt the cool air rush up his opened and exposed asshole. Before he had a chance to react, Seth shoved his meaty teen meat all the way up his chute. Seth latched onto Tom's hips and used them to drive Tom's body onto his heavy thrusting member. Tom felt pressure on the bed and barely could force his exhausted eyes open enough to catch the form of the invader who savagely attacked his asshole. Dustin, it was Dustin! Dustin hopped up onto the bed and assumed the position that Seth had been in earlier.

As soon as Dustin hooked his legs and arched his balls and asshole up to Tom's mouth, Tom immediately began tonguing the boy's soapy scented bung hole, pressing his nose deep into the boy's ball sac. Seth tortured his ass with long heavy thrusts, driving, no impaling, his own body on Seth's thick teen meat. Seth pounded his ass, driving the oxygen from deep within his lungs. With each heavy breath, Tom inhaled the fragrance of Dustin's sweaty sweet balls. Tom began working on Dustin's pre cum, ass juice covered cock, balls, and asshole while Seth fucked the ever present living shit out of his rectum.

If Tom could have spoken, he would have pleaded for Seth to remove his cock from his aching ass, but his jaw was simply too tired to cooperate. Seth was saying stuff behind him, but Tom was too exhausted to hear exactly what was being said. He felt every thrust and felt every time Seth's cock as it expanded inside his ass. Seth must have said something because Tom had his tired tongue snaking up Dustin's wonderful chute as the boy slipped his body away from him. Tom was layered in sweat as both boy's stood directly in front of him. Tom was still adjusting from the thick cock that quickly yanked itself free from his burning chute. Seth's voice sounded so far away and barely audible. It felt as though Tom was in a distant world and Seth and Dustin were merely on-lookers.

It was Seth who assisted Tom on rolling onto his back with his legs hanging off the edge of the bed. Seth was now standing in between Tom's spread legs and Tom jumped as Seth grabbed his cock and began jerking on his throbbing erection. Seth used his muscles to pull Tom further off the bed as he barely noticed Dustin climb up onto the bed and straddle his sides. Dustin sat down on Tom's lower stomach facing him as Seth held onto Tom's cock and between Seth and Dustin, placed Tom's cock against Dustin's saliva slick asshole. Tom felt the boy's muscle react as soon as his cock head entered the boy's tight opening. Dustin whimpered as Tom's cock slowly traveled up the boy's super tight tunnel as Dustin gradually lowered his ass onto Tom's erect cock.

Once Dustin managed to sit on the man meat, he held his position for a brief second or two adjusting to the object lodged deep inside his ass. Dustin's knees had trapped Tom's arms as Dustin began rocking up and down on Tom's man muscle. Each time Dustin sat all the way back, his ass cheeks crushed Tom's tied up nuggets, sending a mild sick feeling to his stomach. While Dustin was riding Tom's cock, Seth hooked Tom's legs and raised them forward and upwards. Dustin reached back to help Seth as he wrapped his arms just under the break of Tom's knees and push forward. Tom was silently begging Seth not to do what he knew he was getting ready to do when he felt the meaty member pry open his sealed chute and slide freely all the way up his tired tunnel.

Seth shoved his meat all the way in and brought it all the way out, then repeat the same process before he began literally pounding the life out of Tom. Dustin was in heaven as the force of Seth fucking Tom, was driving Tom's hard cock in and out of his own cock filled asshole. Tom was all balled up like a pretzel and the only thing he could do was bathe in the luxury of inhaling the super mint fragrance of Dustin's fiery hot breath. Dustin was moaning, Seth was grunting, and Tom had no clue what he was doing.

The pain that once wreaked inside Tom's asshole had completely pained itself out. His body was numb from head to toe as Dustin rode his cock like a cowboy on a wild bull and Seth fucked his asshole to a mind boggling perfection. Seth was still saying all sorts of things, but all seemed so distant for Tom's ear to capture. Tom thought his built up load was going to cause his nuts to literally explode and the string securely choking them prevented in form of sperm cells to spring free. Tom baked in the feeling of Dustin's asshole as the muscles coiled around his sperm filled cock. Tom had no clue how long his eyes had been closed, but when he managed to blink them open, he witnessed Seth's hands on Dustin's shoulders, driving the boy wildly onto Tom's cock. Dustin was licking his lips feverishly and the facial expressions dancing across his gorgeous face could never carry a price tag.

Seth said something and Dustin unhooked Tom's shaking legs. Tom felt the thick beast exit his asshole leaving a weird void in a place that the one eyed thick beast once roamed. With his legs now lowered, Tom's feet felt the comfort of the carpet as Dustin still rode his cock wildly. Tom's ears zeroed in on Dustin's lips as they moved and the words finally came clear, "Yes, shit yes, oh fuck, ugh, I'm, I'm so close, oh fuck me!" Dustin quickly yanked his body off of Tom's cock and literally held onto his cock as he aimed it directly at Tom's mouth. Tom opened up just in time as the jets of sperm sprayed the inside of his mouth. Dustin was grunting, whimpering, and groaning as his boy cum shot out with tremendous force and in superior quantity. Tom held the boy's love juice inside his mouth as Dustin jerked the contents from his gorgeous cock. Dustin jacked and jacked his meat until all the sperm in his delicious body lay peacefully swimming in Tom's still wide open mouth.

It was Seth who yelled out, "Damn Dustin, that was one hell of a fucking load!" Tom's eyes rolled to where Tom was standing and saw him slowly jerking his thick teen meat. Tom began sipping on Dustin's nectar as if he were a wine connoisseur tasting the best wine in the world. With the last of Dustin's tasty cream sliding down his throat, Seth had climbed up on his knees and was aiming his meaty monster at Tom's mouth. Dustin was kneeling at his head to his left, and Seth was pounding his muscle at his head to his left. Seth yelled, "Open up!" Tom opened his mouth and saw Seth squeeze the base of his cock as a huge sperm ball slipped out of the gaping piss slit and crashed onto his tongue.

Three more large sperm balls flowed onto Tom's tongue before several jets of sperm strings shot into the back of his throat. Seth had grabbed his own tied up balls and looked like he was squeezing the life out of them as more and more heavy thick sperm missiles flew out of his dick and clung to Tom's rapidly cum filling mouth. By no means was Tom complaining, but Seth had the largest load he had ever scene, much less tasted. It got to the point that Tom had no other choice but to start swallowing the thick teen sperm. His taste buds reacted to the slightly salty, bitterness flavor, but soon Tom was relishing in the fact that it was just like honey, just not as sweet as Dustin's, but sweet none the less. It was Dustin who surprisingly said, "Oh shit Seth, now that's a load!" Seth was still pounding his meat and sperm was still either flying or dribbling from his wide open piss slit. Tom swallowed as soon as a single drop entered his mouth and sometime later, Seth pumped the last of his thick seed into Tom's mouth.

All three were heavily panting when Dustin softly said, "Seth, Tom hasn't cum yet!" A snicker danced across Seth's face as he replied, "He will, I worked to hard not to taste his cream!" A short few seconds passed when Seth whispered, "Come on Dustin, help me bring him off. When he starts to shoot, we can both share his load, okay?" Dustin must have nodded as Tom lay on his back panting for oxygen. Within a split second, Seth shoved his mouth on Tom's cock and was bobbing up and down at a record pace. Dustin was between Tom's legs sucking and licking on the man's shiny cum engorged nuggets. While Seth was sucking furiously on Tom's cock, he fumbled with the string that he had tied around his own balls until he managed to pull the string off. Tom whimpered loudly as the blood rushed back up to his balls, forcing him to work in overdrive on the man's skin covered cock.

Dustin easily swallowed Tom's balls and was running his tongue all over them while his left hand slipped between Tom's ass cheeks and his middle finger slid easily up the man's chute. Tom was in seventh heaven as his cock, balls, and sore ass were being pleasured in a way that was bringing him so close to the edge of unleashing his built up load. Seth began lovingly pinching his nipples and with all the hands and mouth working his body over, Tom felt the pressure intensify a hundred times. His body was trembling all over and his muscles were involuntarily convulsing.

Seth mumbled something thanks to his mouth still on Tom's cock and Dustin released his mouth off of his balls and the two boy's began sharing the cock of Tom. Tom's body bucked as he felt something inside him come crashing through, forcing his piss slit to feel like it was being ripped wide open. Both boys got onto their knees, and took turns aiming Tom's cock towards their mouths as Seth hand continued pumping. Tom screamed in agony as the first wave of man cream exploded out of his cock as both boys held their faces together with their mouths wide open. Both Dustin and Seth got more than they had bargained for as Tom's cock unleashed the load from hell.

Tom couldn't keep his body from bouncing all over as sperm missiles after sperm missiles tore through his cock and exploded out of his uncovered piss slit. Volley after volley, blast after blast, both boys took turns aiming Tom's cock into their mouths. Seth loved the almost flavorless sperm exploding from Tom's cock. Dustin had sampled it earlier and was craving for more. What both boys wanted, Tom's cock was serving it up by the gallons. Tom could barely breathe as his sperm exited from unknown depths and tore out of his spitting cock. With the last of the sperm missiles fired off, both Seth and Dustin took turns sucking the sperm ball from Tom's piss slit.

Tom felt Seth's hands on his nuts and he knew he was untying the string, setting his nuts free. Tom didn't expect the rush of blood as the string fell free. His nuts seemed to be on fire as yet another round of sperm began to fly out of his still erect cock. Both Seth and Dustin had shoved their middle finger up Tom's ass as soon as the string was untied. Tom's body bucked as if he were laying on hot coals and he really didn't know if he was shooting his sperm or actually firing off piss. His mind traveled to some place far as he felt two sets of lips take turn sliding over his erupting cock. One thing was for certain, Tom had never experienced this type of nut busting orgasm before.

Finally, his cock instantly fell deadly asleep and as he opened his eyes, he could see both lovely boys wearing his man cream all over their innocent faces. If his mind was a camera, Tom began flashing off shots when Dustin and Seth began to lick his sperm off the others intricate face. All three cocks lay limp and as Dustin licked the last drop off of Seth's face, the two boys lay next to Tom on the bed. Seth lay to his right and Dustin lay panting to his left.

Sometime in the lighted room, Tom fell asleep knowing he had two teenaged Adonis's in his bed. Hours later, when he woke up, it was just him alone in the bed. Upon opening the sliding glass door curtain, Tom realized it was dark and had no clue what time it was. He did know his asshole still painfully hurt, but somehow pleasureably satisfied. Even his cock looked limper than ever. This days events started after this mornings breakfast, and now after looking at the clock, he was deep in the pm hours.