Tom stood on wobbly legs, his mind still spinning from his earlier sexual encounter with Seth and Dustin. His asshole ached from being fucked long and hard, as well as his jaw from sucking so much cock. With his body in an uproar, Tom couldn't find anything to actually complain about. He did have some questions, but only Dustin would be able to deliver the answers. His heart still beat rapidly from the excitement as he lay soaking in the soothing warm water of the tub.

His head was resting along the top rail of the tub when he heard a soft giggle. Opening his eyes, Tom stared at Dustin who was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet. Before Tom could ask any questions, Dustin cleared his throat and began saying, "I met Seth last year on this same ship. All we did was suck each other. I don't get into all that name calling so we just decided to give each other blow-jobs. He saw me talking to you at the pool and I never once let him know that we did anything together. He told me that he wanted you and he came up with the plan for the three of us to get together. Um, I don't know about you, but I had a lot of fun with you and Seth today."

Tom smiled and replied, "Yeah, it was a blast! My asshole still hurts from all the banging it took. You sure did have a lot of stamina earlier!" Dustin grinned from ear to ear then said, "Yeah, Seth told me to jack-off right before I came to your room, so I did. Just in case you are wondering, I had one of the crew member's let me into your room." Both Tom and Dustin just smiled while taking in the other's intricate beauty. Dustin stood and said, "I got to get back to my room before anyone finds me missing. I found out that we have to leave tomorrow morning when we make port, because my father has to go back to work. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate everything you did for me and hope someday to see you again." Dustin leaned down and ran his tongue deep into Tom's throat.

Once their kiss broke, both Tom and Dustin had tears sweltering in their eyes. Tom watched Dustin as he rounded the corner and heard the door close. His heart pounded heavier knowing that he probably would never see Dustin ever again, but he was more than thankful for the honor and privilege of getting to know him the past couple of days. After soaking in the tub, Tom put on some clothes, more like a thin white set of extra tight Speedos and a white pull-over tank top, and headed top-side for some fresh ocean air.

There were just a few people milling about on the upper deck. Tom wasn't too surprised since it was close to one in the morning. As per always the case, he could feel eyes burning holes into his body as people walked passed him. After an hour or so, he grew tired of looking at the churning ocean waters and decided to go burn off some energy in the ship's gym. It was not a long walk to the gym, but after looking all around, Tom noticed he was all alone. He began lifting some weights on the bench press machine when he heard footsteps enter the virtually abandoned gym. When the steps became closer, Tom could now tell who the footsteps belonged to. It was a young boy wearing a pair of skimpy blue bicycling shorts and a yellow tank top. The boy had walked in front of him and grabbed some light weights an started doing some curls while looking at himself in the mirror which covered the gym walls.

Tom wasn't sure, but he figured the boy to be around 10 or so. He couldn't believe a kid as young as this boy was being left all alone at this time in the morning. Tom took occasional peeks at the boy as he lifted the weights. The boy had bright curly blond hair and just from seeing his frontal view in the mirror, he saw a set of piercing ocean blue eyes. Tom figured the boy to be about 5' 4" and couldn't have weighed no more than 100 pounds soaking wet. As the young boy rotated his curls, Tom could see the small little bubble butt as it tightened fiercely with the straining of the weights. The boy's butt was small, but it had some tremendous muscular definition as well as a rather noticeable and tongue hardening curviness. He could see the back of the boy's easily detectable hairless legs. The skin glistened from the silky flesh that was set off in a deep tanned bronze.

When the boy turned to the side, Tom saw the muscular definition as it sparkled on the boy's deep tanned thighs. The boy's facial was just as appealing. His face was thin with dimples splintering into each cheek. The boy's eyebrows were thin and mixed with blond and a light brownish tint. His eyelashes were long and full and they curled slightly upwards with the same coloration as his eyebrows. His nose was small, just like a cute little button. The lips caught Tom's eyes as they were thin with a cherry red tint. Each time the boy raised an arm, Tom strained his perverted eyes to see if the boy had any hair under his arms. From what Tom could see, if the boy had any hair growth at all under his arms, they were so blond that from his distance, he just couldn't see any.

Tom tried to shake this vision out of his head. He couldn't understand why he all of a sudden was attracted to young boys. He kept telling himself that he would much rather prefer men, older men, to any young boy. No matter what he thought, his eyes never left the boy who was working out so hard in front of his very own bewildered eyes. Tom thought Dustin was the most gorgeous creature his eyes had ever witnessed, but not even Dustin's charming beauty could compare to what his eyes were peering into now. As Tom's eyes strained to inhale this boy's glorious unblemished beauty, he could see the slightest of bulges in the boy's crotch area. Tom guessed he was wearing some type of jock strap, preventing anything noticeable to be on display. In fact, as his eyes lingered, Tom managed to detect the thin lines of the undergarment protecting the boy's mind boggling jewels.

As both Tom and the young boy continued their weight lifting, Tom never once released his eyes of the young heavenly creature. Tom couldn't get over himself in total awe and disbelief of the young boy's breathtaking innocent beauty. This was one time Tom was glad his cock was small. He had to hide it with his hands as he moved from one machine to the next. Knowing that his inner emotions were now at an all time high in the frugal fantasy of stripping the young boy naked and making hot, passionate love to him, Tom decided it was best to leave the weight room and sit in the steam room.

The steam was thick and the heat was soothing, but Tom's mind was still flashing photos of the young boy in the next room. He couldn't believe he was having such vulgar thoughts of a kid, a pre-teen boy at that. A couple of minutes passed by when the door to the steam room opened and quickly shut. Tom could see the flash of the young boy's body as he stepped onto the bottom bench and rested himself opposite of Tom on the top bench. This was certainly not what Tom expected, being alone in a steam room with such an angel.

Both sat deafly still for about three minutes until it was Tom who decided to break the ice, "Names Tom, how are you this morning?" As soon as the young boy's hand embraced Tom's, bolts of satisfying electricity coursed through Tom's sweaty body. "Chris and it is a pleasure to meet you!" Tom's ears absorbed the tranquility of the boy's angelic voice. It was so soft and heart warming only befitting someone who possesses the overall beauty as this young boy seated across from him has.

The thick steam prevented Tom's curious eyes from seeing in between the boy's legs, but he could tell the basket had grown some. Chris politely asked, "Are you here with your wife?" Tom responded, "No, no, I'm not married. I'm on this trip alone and what about you?" Chris giggled, "Well, I'm too young to be married so to speak of, but I am here with someone." Tom was puzzled but he had to ask, "Are you here with your parents?" Chris fired back in his angelic voice, "Not really. I don't have a family. I'm an orphan!" Tom kind of left it alone at that, but he did have one more question, "Chris, you are kind of young to be wandering the ship alone. Who are you here with?" Chris adjusted himself on the bench, then replied, "I'm here with a friend and believe it or not, I'm 14." Chris could tell Tom was having some difficulty believing he was 14 and fired off, "How old are you?" Tom replied, "24." Chris shook his head then said, "You don't believe I am 14, but you don't look your age either. You look like you are about 16 years old. I guess we are kind of like in the same boat!"

The boy's words did make sense, but then Tom remembered when he was growing up. When he was 14, he looked like he was about 10 just like he thought Chris was. Their conversation ended thanks to the extreme heat. Tom opened the door with Chris right in behind him. Both of them were sweaty, but Tom couldn't resist taking a brief second to explore the boy's body once more. The beads of sweat glistened as if they were beads of baby oil shining in a bright light. Chris was standing in front of a bench, wiping his upper body off with a towel. Tom was only a few inches from the boy when Chris bent over and began toweling off his shins. For whatever reason, the devil inside Tom took full control. While Chris was bent over, the semi shaking of Chris's tight butt got the best of Tom. In one stealth motion, Tom knelt down behind Chris and placed his nostrils right in the boy's butt crack, but not to the point his nose touched Chris.

Tom inhaled deeply as the freshly cleaned shorts sent shockwaves through his body. Tom could almost feel the heat spewing out of the boy's crack. Tom really didn't have a clue as to what odor he was hoping for, but the fragrance tormenting his system was like an enchanting aphrodisiac beckoning his every movement. Like a dog at a cook-out, Tom inhaled as deep as his lungs would allow. He knew all too well he was sniffing this young angel's asshole, but for whatever reason, he glimmered in himself knowing that it sure as hell didn't smell like one either.

So that in case Chris turned around suddenly, Tom was fooling around with his shoestrings. Chris stood up and turned to face Tom and realized their position and immediately said in his precious voice, "Oh, I'm so sorry!" Tom asked, "Sorry for what?" Chris replied, "I had my butt in your face, and for that, I apologize." Tom lied and smiled while saying, "Don't worry about it, I didn't even realize it was there." Tom became unbearable with disbelief. All of his life, he had craved older men, especially men with hairy bodies. Now, being on this cruise, all he can think about is having luxurious sex with these teen boys, more so, especially this Godsend of an heavenly angelic boy named Chris.

Tom was hungry and so was Chris, but it was Chris who asked Tom to accompany him to the buffet bar. Chris led the way while Tom's eyes glued on the boy's bubbilicious contorting butt. Once they both filled their plate with adorned fruits, they sat at the table enjoying the peacefulness of being all alone inside this large buffet room. It was Chris who asked, "Do you have a girlfriend?" "No" was all Tom could say while dining on an orange. Tom went on to tell Chris most of his life's story, leaving out the part of how he met his ex when he was his age. He didn't even hint around that he was gay for that matter. Tom did tell him he had run away from an abusive and broken home when he was very young. Chris listened with enchanted ears at all of what Tom was saying.

Once Tom was finished, Chris said, "I don't know who my real parents are, nor do I really care anymore. Ever since I could remember, I've been shuffled from one home to the next. Up until now, my life really sucked. My friend sort of bailed me out of all the crap I had been going through. He has tons of money, but cause of my age, we always have to pretend he is my parent." Tom's curiosity was getting the best of him knowing that he too had to live a lie in the arms of his former lover, or at least until he became an adult. Tom could definitely relate to Chris and the story he was telling him, but cursed the boy's parents silently under his breath. He also wondered if this so called friend was the boy's new found lover or simply a man whose heart melted due to the boy's non family lifestyle.

During their entire conversation, neither Tom or Chris ever hinted anything remotely close to any sort of gay lifestyle. Apparently, Tom's eyes lingered a little too long on Chris and it was Chris who curiously asked, "Tom, why do you keep staring at me like that?" Tom melted into his seat knowing he had been busted dead to right. After a brief pause, Tom shamelessly lowered his head and in a voice seemingly of defeat, said, "I, I can't help it! You are just, just so incredibly gorgeous and I am one sick fucking bastard. I am so sorry Chris and forgive me please. I have been with one person for ten years and was dumped at the flash of a light, and now, I am completely confused in a sexual type drama." Chris smiled and eagerly whispered, "You mean, you like me sexually?" Tom sat motionless as he nodded his head up and down while staring at his plate before him. Chris placed his right hand on top of Tom's left arm on top of the table, then whispered, "It's okay, I'm cool with that. I just find it hard to believe why you of all people would find me sexually attractive."

Tom could only apologize over and over again while fighting back the river of tears flooding his eyes. It was Chris who spoke first, "Tom, Tom, please look at me." Tom's shamed head rose to the point that he was looking straight into Chris's deep ocean blue eyes and Chris softly said, "You are the one who is gorgeous, not me, and I'm the lucky one sitting here next to you. You see Tom, I'm gay and everything is so cool now that I know you are gay too." A flood of relief and disbelief coursed through Tom's veins. He was glad to know that the young God knew he was gay, but he could hardly believe that the boy was gay as well. While Tom sat in utter confusion, his mind tried in vain to compare this gorgeous boy's beauty with boy celebrities. Not having to take long, he concluded that Chris' beauty is far beyond compare.

While lost in deep thought, Chris had gotten up and started helping himself at the buffet. Tom's mind raced back to his body and controlled his eyes to zero in on the boy's small shapely butt. As his eyes traced every intricate detail of Chris' hot little butt, Tom's mouth instinctively began to water as his breathing became more erratic. Never had he actually felt this way for anyone, must less a 14 year old boy. But this boy, this boy indeed, could easily be accepted for a 10 year old to any eyes who fell upon him. Even as Chris had turned his body and began walking back to their table, Tom's eyes never trailed off the small pouch of the boy's crotch.

They sat and talked about their rough lives and all the events that led up to the present. Tom felt so at home listening to Chris speak, relating the boy's story to his own. They had so much in common, but Chris never once indicated that his adult friend who he was with on this cruise was truly his lover. He talked only of good things about his friend and not once uttered a single word of discontent. As Chris spoke of his friend, Tom's mind reveled in the fact that everything sounded so much like his life when he first met his former lover. No names were ever mentioned by either. Tom never disclosed his ex-lover's name and Chris would not divulge his adult friend's name, nor any characteristic traits for that matter.

The one sentence that stuck in Tom's mind was when Chris mentioned that his friend kept a close eye on him at all times. Once they were finished at the buffet, both Tom and Chris just walked around on the top deck talking about everything, excluding any talk of sex. Without either ever realizing it, they had both grown to enjoy the companionship of the other. Both listened carefully as the other spoke. Chris loved the way Tom spoke to him mimicking the man's voice to the soft breeze sprayed with the ocean water. Tom's heart melted at the softness of Chris's angelic voice, noting at times the perfection of his dazzling white teeth. After walking every square inch top side, it was Tom who hesitantly stated, "Chris, if you would like to talk some more, we could go to my room. I promise I won't try and rape you!" Chris sort of chuckled, then responded, "Yeah, I'd like to go to your room, but as far as the rape goes, you can't rape the willing!" Both smiled and Tom led the way and Chris followed ever so closely behind him.

Once inside the room, Tom handed Chris a soda and both sat on the love chair in the living room. From the corner of Tom's aching eyes, he fixed himself on the boy's crotch. Tom hoped beyond any hopes that the crotch would somehow reveal itself from its concealed life form. While they innocently chatted, Tom perversely had already began removing the boy's skimpy attire, but only in his mind, not in reality. Chris, however, was doing the same thing with Tom. He could see the outline of the man's cock in its semi flaccid state. Just by looking, Chris noted mentally that Tom was indeed uncut.

Both admired the others glimmering beauty, and neither letting their eyes off the others crotch. Tom could feel the soothing heat stemming from Chris's golden tanned right leg. Forcing his eyes off the boy's enchanting basket, Tom marveled at the glistening silky smooth skin of Chris's slender, but shapely, legs. No hair whatsoever, not even peach fuzz on his shins. Trailing his eyes upwards, Tom's eyes studied the boy's hand which rested peacefully on his right thigh. Tom realized that Chris had small hands and only a hint of pale blond peach fuzz sparsely littering his tanned arms.

Tom built up the courage and finally asked, "Chris, this is really none of my business and I will respect your decision if you choose not to say anything, but is your friend really your lover? I promise your secret will never leave this room!" Chris took a deep breath and softly whispered, "Yeah, sort of." Tom uttered, "Sort of?" Chris leaned up so that he could look Tom straight into his eyes and began saying, "He took me in and gave me a new life, one in which I had only dreamed of. He is very kind and extremely patient. Please don't ever say anything, but everything about him is perfect, except the sex part. You see Tom, my friend is definitely packing. I mean he has a huge cock and I find it very hard to suck and he always tries to fuck me with it, but up till now, I can't take it. It hurts so bad and he always stops when I scream out. I know he doesn't want to hurt me and I really wish I could take his big cock, but I just can't."

The more Chris spoke, the familiar he related himself with the boy's story. When he first met his ex, it took him a long time to be able to suck it properly as well as handle it up his ass. Everything Chris was saying was being said as if it were being told of himself, not of Chris. While Tom's mind began tricks on him his ears caught Chris continue wit his final statement, "Besides Tom, my friend never once laughed at my body or frowned at the size of my pathetic dick!" Tom quickly asked, "What's wrong with your body? It looks deliciously perfect!" Tom really didn't mean to throw in "deliciously", it just sort of slipped out. Chris smiled and said, "Thanks, but your just saying that. I uh, well I um, haven't actually developed just yet, if you know what I mean." Tom quickly spoke what he was simply just thinking, "Can you cum yet?" Chris wasted no time in replying, "Yes, oh I can squirt a load, but I meant developed in the body area."

Tom's mind raced with excitement now knowing the gorgeous boy had tried to take a huge cock up his ass. Tom had felt the very same way when he was 14 with having a small cock, heck, he still does for that matter. He had one final question for Chris, but was fighting his every inner emotions to speak it out loud. The longer Chris spoke, the more desperate he wanted to blurt his question out. Just when he discovered the courage to ask his questions, Chris politely excused himself to go to the bathroom. Tom followed the boy's graceful footsteps until the door to the bathroom sealed his vision. He was in total awe of the boy's tiny, but super perky butt which revealed a loving gap shining light between the boy's legs.

Chris returned back to the love seat, this time sitting closer, resting his right leg against Tom's left leg. Volts of deep penetrating electric currents shot up Tom's body as the boy's silky leg gently slid against his own. Tom's breathing became intense and he could feel beads of sweat building up on his forehead. Tom wasn't alone in breaking out in a sweat. Chris began sweating just thinking about envisioning Tom stark naked. Both had sexual thoughts, but neither had the courage to openly confess them. Chris slipped out of his flip-flops and placed both heels on the edge of the seat cushion. With his knees arched up to his chin level, Tom began inching his body towards Chris for a much better view in between the boy's hiked up legs. Tom managed to inch his body into position where his eyes hazed over from astonished excitement. The package between this heavenly boy's legs was all bunched up thanks to the jock strap trapping his hidden treasure.

The boy's crotch package was small in stature, but mouth watering in nature. Tom couldn't make out any cock outline, but he could easily detect the two small nuggets that were slightly protruding outward. Absentmindedly, Tom placed his left hand on top of Chris' right knee. The feel of the boy's silky/velvety flesh rippled shockwave after shockwave throughout his adult body. As Tom's hand slid just above the boy's knee, he felt for the first time the hairless flesh of the boy's golden tanned leg. His heart was pounding furiously, as so was Chris'. Tom searched in vain for the courage to ask his one final question, but no words spewed out of his quivering mouth. Their eyes locked onto one another and both saw the desperation in the others glassy eyes. Tom broke the painful silence, "Chris, there is something I need, NO, I have to ask. If you say no, believe me, I will understand. This is real hard for me, so please understand. I would um, I, I, let's see, I would be honored if you would allow me the privilege to give you a, a, um, blow-job."

Chris nervously smiled, then awkwardly responded by saying, "Like I mentioned earlier, I got a real small dick, so please don't laugh, okay?" Tom was still seated on the outside of the cushion facing Chris, when Chris quickly hooked his shorts and slid them off his feet, tossing to them carpet to his left. Tom marveled at the scenery of the small white jock strap concealing the treasure that his quivering eyes soon would see. Chris arched his butt off the cushion and yanked the jock strap down and Tom's eyes watered profusely as he now was beholding the most precious cock he could ever possibly witness. It was a good 4 inches long, narrow, and the head of the boy's cut cock was a pure vision of a rose pedal in full bloom. The piss slit was small and completely closed as the boy's priceless cock hovered over his upright stomach a mere two to three inches away. It looked straighter than an arrow with no arch, nor bend. The flesh looked like velvet with a creamy mouth watering gloss. Not even the large vein that runs under any normal cock was visible. In fact, Tom witnessed no veins shining through the eye stunning, breathtaking, soft flesh.

Upon visually inspecting the small shriveled up balls that were the size of two well rounded American quarters, Tom noticed not a single life form of hair on the soft pinkish sac. Tom's eyes darted back up to the boy's lower stomach and noticed that the boy's pubic area was as slick as a new born baby's bottom. His eyes lingered on Chris' cream colored jewels to the point his eyes filled with water and his partially opened mouth began to drool. Chris hooked the bottom of his tank top and slipped the shirt off of his body. Tom's bewildered eyes trailed up the boy's smooth lower stomach, revealing that the boy wasn't as muscular as Dustin, but his stomach was tight showing the smallest portion of a muscular definition. Tom's eyes marveled on Chris' tiny pink nipples as each stood erect. Like tiny little rose buds, they glistened brightly in the low light of the living room. Tom slipped off the love seat and knelt between the boy's spread legs like a dog begging for a bone. His hands slid up and down the smooth electrifying flesh of Chris' hair free tanned legs.

Lowering his face, Tom began to slowly lick the insides of Chris' shins, ensuring to shovel his tongue between each spread toe of each small foot. The smell of the boy was purely natural and chemically rewarding. With each swipe of his slithering tongue, Tom's nostrils flared as he inhaled the divine fragrance spewing from Chris' heavenly body. Chris was moaning softly and with each precious sound, Tom sped up his devouring licking antics. Soon, Tom was bathing the boy's lower body using his tongue as a wash cloth. Tom licked and softly nibbled his way to Chris' smooth tender thighs, relishing in the sweaty sweet musky aroma piping from between the tightly closed buttocks clinched to the cushion of the love seat. The smooth hairless balls dangled barely to the point that it couldn't obscure the view of the slender line known to be the boy's love crack.

While Tom was worshiping the inside of Chris' thighs, Chris had both of his hands sliding all over Tom's head while moaning at the pleasure his lower half was receiving. Chris slid further down onto the cushion, forcing his clinched butt cheeks to spread, teasing Tom's vision with the treasure barely hidden below. Tom licked and sucked on the boy's thighs to the point his nose was touching the smooth flesh of the boy's hairless sac. His nostrils burned from the pressure of inhaling so deeply. The aroma was more like a fragrance that sparked his inner soul and awoke a sleeping sexual monster. As Tom licked his way from the boy's widely spread right thigh to his left, he allowed his tongue to swipe just under the boy's balls and tickle the tender area just under them that leads to the fragrantly rewarding butt hole. Chris jerked and twitched involuntarily as Tom's snaking tongue lingered on the sensitive portion just under his balls. His groans grew louder as Tom became more greedy with devouring every portion of Chris' delicate sweet body.

Once Tom worked over Chris' left thigh, his mouth returned back to the boy's loving balls. Opening his mouth, Tom sucked in both of these beauties, rolling his tongue along and over both nuggets. Chris arched his body off the love seat while biting his lips and moaning at the same time. The tip of Tom's nose was pressed against the smooth hairless base of Chris' rock hard boy cock. The more Chris wiggled his body, the more his boy meat danced along Tom's sniffing nose. The taste of Chris' hard nuggets melting in his mouth was better than any candy he had ever tasted. His sweat mixed with his sweetness was nothing more than an intoxicating aphrodisiac. The soft moans and groans were simply music from an angel of natural purity.

Chris was no stranger to gay sex, but up till now, no-one had ever licked and sucked his toes like Tom had done. Chris couldn't even remember anyone ever licking his entire legs like Tom had just done. He had had countless blow-jobs, but something was extremely different from the way Tom was pleasing him. It was different in a better way and the more Tom sucked and licked on his balls, the more he wanted Tom all to himself.

Tom couldn't get enough of having Chris' bouncing beauties locked inside his mouth. Just the boy's natural body aroma was spine tingling, as well as mind boggling. Tom allowed the saliva coated smooth balls to slip free from his mouth and Tom began softly licking each side of the boy's tender pubic region. Tom's cheeks pressed firmly against the boy's twitching boy cock as he rotated from side to side. Chris whimpered in sheer madness at the tongue torturing his body in the most special of ways. Tom licked his way up to Chris tiny belly button which formed a tiny small hole. The boy's breathing forced his stomach to dance to the rhythm of Tom's exploring tongue. Chris' soft and gentle hands roamed Tom's back as the man licked and lovingly nibbled his way up to the boy's erect nipples. Tom took turns sucking each nipple into his mouth, using his teeth to softly bite while his tongue slid over the very tip. Chris' body began twitching and jerking while his angelic moans waved freely off the living room walls.

Tom's hands slid up and down the boy's panting sides while his mouth and tongue worshiped Chris' nipples like never before. Tom could feel and see the boy's breathing growing faster and faster as his chest bounced up and down at a rampant pace. Tom released the nipples and began licking all over the boy's sweet and sweaty neck while his hands slid to the sides of Chris' spread butt cheeks. His prodding fingers landed just on the inside of Chris' super smooth butt cheeks while his own nostrils captured the fresh aroma steaming from Chris' open mouth. Tom made sure he worshiped every square inch of Chris' angelic neck before using his tongue to swab the boy's forehead and lovely eyebrows.

Chris was panting and whimpering as Tom slid his tongue gingerly, deep into the boy's left ear canal. Chris' body sparked with renown fresh energy as the tongue lapping inside his ear drove him insanely wild with sexual passion. His young body jerked and bucked in wild and frantic spasms as Tom carefully tongued both tasty ears. The man's shoveling tongue swiped over each closed eye before softly running its course all over Chris' panting face. Tom licked the boy's nose, then his tongue swiped over both upper and bottom lip. Chris had stuck out his tongue numerous times, but it was Tom who was in complete control and fought back desperately not to wrap his mouth completely over the pretty pink saliva soaked extended tongue.

Tom's middle fingers toyed with Chris' bung hole as he engulfed the boy's protruding tongue, sucking the fantastic flavored saliva down his greedy throat. With just his fingertips touching the boy's hidden butt hole, Tom could barely feel the love hole opening, but he knew from Chris' reaction, that by rubbing the sealed entrance it was taking a strong and strange new affect on him. Tom relished the flavor of the boy's saliva as he sucked passionately on his tongue. The soft moans sent from Chris' open mouth vibrated down his own throat.

After sucking the saliva from Chris' tongue, Tom locked his mouth over the boy's and their tongues danced wildly in the others hot mouth. Their kiss was long, deep, and filled with moans and grunts. Tom continued toying with Chris' tiny chute hole driving the boy wild with body motions. As his middle fingers stroked Chris' love hole entrance, his thumbs slid along the smoothness of Chris' silky sac. Wild in emotions, frantic in a sexual frenzy, Chris began digging his fingernails into the flesh of Tom's tanned back. For Tom, the digging fingernails was not painful, but more of a sign that he was pleasing this gorgeous angel in ways he had not yet experienced.

While their tongues danced freely in the others mouth, Tom slid his hands up the boy's smooth silk like body and hooked Chris' left arm, locking it behind the boy's head. He repeated the process to his right arm, then forced his mouth from Chris' heavy panting mouth. Tom began instantly licking the smooth armpit of Chris' left arm like a camel dying of thirst. The more Tom worked on the boy's underarm region, the more Chris' body danced all over the seat. Tom licked, sucked, and nibbled on each pit, relishing in the salty sweet flavor of the boy's heart stopping natural enriched flavor.

Tom released the boy's arms and began working his tongue all over the boy's head area once again. He simply couldn't get enough of the boy's sweet body flavor, and the precious sounds he made was tremendously tantalizing. With a short, deep kiss, Tom licked his way down Chris' jerking body. The boy still had his heels digging into the cushion and his legs were widely spread, patiently awaiting for Tom's long overdue return. Tom went back to work on the boy's feet, working his tongue back to the moist inner regions of the boy's spread legs. Tom sucked in Chris' smooth nuggets, forcing Chris to buck his small butt off the cushion. Tom took the opportunity to slide his hands under the boy and grab the firm smooth flesh of each butt cheek. Chris moaned, "Yes Tom, oh God yes, oh Tom, yesssssssssssssssssssssss!" His fingers dug into the boy's smooth butt cheeks as his mouth and tongue baked and rolled each lovely teen nugget.

Chris humped his nuggets into Tom's pressure intensified mouth while using his own fingertips to pull and twirl his erect nipples. Tom's worshiping eyes marveled at the scenery of the young angel as he panted for air and contorted his facial expressions as his body was on fire and could only be extinguished through time. Tom slipped the nuggets out of his mouth and began taking his time licking the base of Chris' throbbing missile like cock. Chris cried out in ecstasy at the tongue finally touching his boy boner. His balls ached from wishing to blow his load and from being cooked slowly inside Tom's sucking mouth.

Tom licked all over the shaft, ensuring not to miss a fraction of an inch. His tongue slid over the small closed piss slit in hopes of swiping up any of the boy's pre-cum. To Tom's disappointment, Chris had not provided any of his pre fluid as of yet. As Tom's tongue danced on Chris' cock, Chris' cock twitched and jerked at the slightest of touches. Tom used his tongue to glide back down to the base where he began softly nibbling on the super smooth flesh. Chris begged softly, "Tom, please, please Tom, suck me, suck my dick please, I need to..." Tom pushed Chris' legs high up over his head while sliding him closer to the edge of the cushion. Before Chris had anytime to react, Tom began lathering the boy's butt hole with his devoted tongue.

Initially, Tom was torn between just looking at the marvelous butt hole or just to go ahead and dine on it as if it were a food item on a buffet tray. For a brief instance, Tom could see the boy's asshole forever as his mind shot photos after photo. It appeared to be just a dot, not pink, nor with a brownish tint. The hole, or sealed opening, was a creamy color that blended in perfectly with the boy's ass cheeks. Just before Tom decided to dine on the dot of perfection, he had shoved his nose up against the tiny orifice while inhaling as deep as his lungs would allow. The fragrant was beyond his wildest description. By no means was it pungent, nor did it resemble any odor for its natural origin. It was slightly musky, but only in a way that drove you insane to dwell in the portion that is obstructed by view; the inner canal.

Chris screamed, "Oh, oh my, ah shit, Tom, Tom, fuck, YES, YES!" The tongue that was digging at his back door had gained entry causing Chris to bellow loudly and moan in despairing emotions. Tom baked in the heat and muscular restraint of the boy's anal canal as his tongue fought slowly to dwell in its inner most depths. The boy's balls snuggled on top of Tom's nose as his tongue buried itself into the boy's tight ass canal. Acting as if it were a pile driver, Tom's tongue started to turn and fuck the tight orifice with all the love in the world. As his tongue slid in and out of the boy's dark tasty chamber, Chris cried out, "Yes, shit yeah Tom, fuck me, fuck my ass, shit yeah, yes, eat me, eat me TOM!" The words from Chris charmed his ears and forced his tongue to increase its fucking pace.

Although Tom's sexual exploitations were indeed limited, the ass his tongue was sliding in and out of was by far, the very best! It was super hot, powerfully tight, and most of all, it belonged to Chris. Tom realized then that he could spend the rest of his life between this boy's legs never wanting or needing for anything ever again. Tom knew what this hole his tongue dwelled in was really for, but he managed to convince himself that there was no way humanly possible that someone as gorgeous as Chris could ever possibly do anything like that. But, for the mean time, Tom pursued tonguing the boy's rectum to no heavenly end.

Tom fucked Chris' asshole for some time with his tongue before slipping it out and devouring the boy's boy meat, all in one quick motion. Chris' legs slid down back to the cushion where he dug his heels in for support on the cushions edge. With Chris' hard boy meat in his mouth, Chris began humping his body, driving his teen meat in and out of Tom's cock crazed mouth. Chris' hands held on tight to Tom's mouth as the young boy drove his cock hard and fast into Tom's mouth. In just a few seconds, it was Chris who forced his cock out of Tom's mouth, then whispered, "Take off your clothes. I want to see you naked too!" As if it were a competitive race, Tom tore his clothes off and stood there while his uncut cock danced before Chris' entrancing blue eyes.

Chris instantly fell in love with Tom's man meat. It wasn't too big, nor too thick, it was the perfect size and he had always loved uncut meat. For Chris, Tom was indeed the perfect man from head to toe. Wasting no time, Chris lurched forward and instantly shoved Tom's hard pole into his mouth. Tom almost lost his footing at the boy's suddenness. The heat from Chris' mouth burned his cock as well as the soft fingers gripping themselves around his shaft. Chris cupped his left hand under Tom's little balls and he began gently squeezing while tugging on them. Tom was making weird noises but his ears caught the soft angelic whimpers coming from the young cock sucker working on his cock. Tom felt Chris' tongue as it slid under the hood that protected his cock head and trapped his pre-cum. The tongue lapped under the skin and danced across his open piss slit. Tom's legs quivered and his upper body shook violently.

Chris loved the fact that he could deep throat Tom's entire cock. He shoved his nostrils deep into Tom's pubic hair with each downward thrust. The man's pre-cum was far more delicious than his taste buds had ever sampled. Chris moved his right hand behind Tom where his fingers dove into the muscled ass cheeks and immediately struck Tom's virtually hairless asshole. Still sore from being fucked so hard and so long by both Dustin and Seth, Tom's asshole welcomed Chris' slender finger as it barely slipped inside of him. Tom held onto the boy's head for dear life with both hands while Chris was performing miraculous wonders on his cock, balls, and asshole.

It was Tom this time who had to force Chris' mouth off his cock. He had felt the sudden urge to bust his nut and had to stop Chris before he got more than a mouthful. Chris stood up and for the first time Tom saw the boy's hard cock from a standing position as it jutted straight out from his incredible body arching upwards at a perfect 45 degree angle. Chris used both hands to guide Tom backwards over to the recliner. Once Tom was seated in the recliner, Chris leaned him all the way back and slowly climbed his young body up and over Tom's. Chris immediately went back to work on Tom's cock while Tom sucked in the boy's succulent teen pole. Tom's hands spread the boy's ass cheeks open while devouring the boy's cock in his mouth. His eyes glued on the saliva glistening dent of an asshole. His nose was within fractions of an inch and Tom inhaled the fresh anal scent, glamorizing in its luxurious fragrance.

Chris humped his boy cock in and out of Tom's pressurized mouth while slurping away on Tom's foreskin covered hard cock. Tom couldn't fight the urge to run his tongue back up Chris' hot ass one more time. Letting the boy's hard cock slip out of his mouth, Tom spread the smooth cheeks wider apart and slammed his ass hungry tongue all the way into Chris' anal chamber. Chris groaned loudly as the tongue wisped inside his asshole causing his balls to tingle in sheer delight. Chris began humping his tongue filled asshole onto Tom's face, driving his crack onto Tom's nose with pounding pressure. With his tongue in a place he could live forever, Tom almost forgot about his cock being sucked by Chris. The boy knew how to suck a cock, but as long as Tom was dining on Chris' asshole, for some odd reason, he wasn't even close to an orgasm.

Chris raised his hips and forced Tom's tongue from his muscle clinching asshole, replacing it with his cock on his downward thrust. Once Chris had his cock back inside Tom's mouth, he began pounding his cock furiously while deep throating Tom's cock all the way to the man's balls. With his mouth being fucked by Chris' incredible meat, Tom shoved his right middle finger up the boy's hot, tight chute. By doing this only made Chris hump his cock into his mouth that much harder and faster. The boy's anal muscles coiled around his ass probing finger like it were in the clutches of an anaconda.

Tom heard Chris grunt and felt the boy's cock rapidly expand. Several rapid bursts of watery sperm struck the roof of Tom's mouth with incredible force. Chris pounded his erupting boy cock like mad as it spit sperm missile after sperm missile into Tom's mouth. Tom wanted to drink this boy's sperm, but he was more than surprised at the quantity of fresh teen sperm that was being offered. With his mouth being fucked he decided it was time to sample the quality of the boy's life giving seed. As the first trickle slipped down his throat, Tom's body shook like an earthquake at the divine taste. It was unlike any sperm he had ever tasted. It was hot, slick, salt free, and seemed more like melted candy.

While being totally lost in the sweetness of Chris' unbelievable sperm, Tom's cock exploded inside Chris' mouth. Chris was surprised at the force of the man's sperm as it rapidly shot out, one hard blast after the other. It didn't take Chris long to realize the fact that he had to start swallowing. Once he tasted the first sample of Tom's man seed, Chris was hooked on the flavor. For Chris, Tom's sperm was nothing more than fresh melted candy, offering no bitterness, nor overwhelming salty flavor. The man's sperm only had a hint of salt to it, but so far, it was the best tasting sperm he had ever swallowed.

Both Tom and Chris were spilling their load into the others mouth while both relished the flavor the other was offering. The more they delivered, the more they each wanted. Tom sucked on Chris' cock until the once hard cock became totally soft. Chris held onto Tom's softening cock in his mouth as if it were a recently discovered lost treasure. The two sucked on the others soft cock until both became too sensitive for anymore sucking action. As Chris rose his body off of Tom's, the finger inside his asshole slowly made its departure. Chris stood on wobbly legs peering down onto a heavy panting Tom. Leaning down, Chris crushed his mouth over Tom's and their tongues slowly worshiped the interior of the others saliva soaked mouth. Their kiss lasted for about three minutes before Chris backed his mouth off of Tom's. Chris stood upright and smiled, then innocently whispered, "Tom, you are the best! Maybe, if you want to, I can get away some time today and come visit you, if that would be okay with you." Tom leaned up in the recliner and fought to maintain his balance as he stood. Placing his hands on the boy's shoulders while peering into those ocean blue eyes, Tom replied, "Chris, this may sound wrong, but I'm going to say it anyway. I could spend the rest of my life loving you, never wanting anything ever again, but you. I don't want you to get into any trouble, but I pray for the opportunity to be with you anytime!"

They were getting their clothes on when Chris turned to Tom and said, "Tom, what you said earlier wasn't wrong. I feel the same way!" Chris stood at the entrance of the doorway and gave Tom a simple kiss, then departed while closing the door behind him. Tom had only slipped on his Speedos and walked over to the edge of the bed with tears filling his eyes. This was the same way he had felt when he met his ex for the first time. It was indeed love at first sight for Tom and his ex, and now, yes now, his emotions ran wild over Chris. Closing his eyes, Tom replayed seeing Chris naked for the first time. It wasn't just a sexual thing for Tom, he actually loved Chris and he really couldn't understand why. His only conclusion was that their lives were so similar. Both had found an older man when they were 14 and prior to that, their lives sucked real bad.

Tom wiped his face and detected a faint odor and realized it was coming from the finger he had used to shove up Chris' butt. Tom nervously brought the finger up to his nose and relished in the fragrance his finger now offered. His finger smelled, but not of ass. Tom lay back onto the bed still carefully indulging himself with the aroma clinging for dear life to his finger. Somewhere in time, Tom drifted back off to sleep.

Chris lay next to the man who rescued him from his life of hell. He wasn't good-looking, but he was kind and gentle. No matter what he tried to find good about the man who lay next to him, his mind only thought of Tom. The man he lay next to was old enough to be his grandfather. In fact, he played the grandson role when out in public. This man was rich and bought things for him that he had only dreamed of, but it was Tom who had captured his heart. Chris had never really felt this way about anyone before. But, he was wondering if Tom really felt the same way he does. While letting his mind dwell on Tom, Chris fell peacefully asleep.

A bang on the door startled Tom from his deep sleep and for an instant he thought his prayer had been answered. He almost jumped out of bed and ran to the door in hopes to see young Chris standing there with his belongings, but as the door opened, it was Seth. Seth walked on in and once Tom closed the door, Seth said, "I got to leave today once we hit port and I was wondering if you, if you would let me, let me fuck you once more." Tom could see the definite bulge in Seth's shorts and already knew what thickness lies within. Tom's mind thought of Chris, but his eyes looked into Seth's pleading eyes as he stood shaking before him. Before Tom could respond, Seth pleadingly stated, "Please, I wont call you names this time, I promise. Please let me fuck you, it wont take long, I promise. I've had a hard on all fucking night and didn't feel like jacking it."

Tom didn't say a word, but dropped to his knees and jerked Seth's shorts all the way down to his ankles. Seth forgot to wear underwear and his thick teen monster sprang free very angrily. Tom opened his mouth and swallowed the thick beast while caressing the boy's over sized balls. Seth moaned then said, "Oh shit yes Tom, suck it, suck my fucking cock please, fuck yes!" Tom sucked the thick teen cock for several minutes, bringing Seth close on several occasions. Tom stood up and instructed Seth to lay on his back on the bed. Seth kicked off his shorts, flip-flops and yanked his shirt off his body and literally jumped on the bed and lay flat on his back with his hands folded behind his head. Tom climbed between the boy's legs and began sucking the big balls into his mouth.

Seth tried several times to grab his cock, but Tom caught the boy's hands each time. Tom figured it was payback time and took careful turns on the boy's balls and thick teen meat. Seth got to the point that he was tearfully begging Tom to let him blow his load. Tom lifted Seth's legs over his head and began teasing the boy's puckering asshole with his tongue. The odor was very musky mixed with sweat, but for Tom, it was certainly nothing to complain about. Seth continued to want to touch his cock with his hands, so Tom got up and began tying each wrist to the bed railing with the extra bed linen. His knots were secure, but he didn't secure the boy's wrist to the point that it was painful. Seth could turn his wrists easily and in fact, if the boy wanted to, he could slip out of them with very little effort.

Tom went back to work, taking turns sucking the boy's balls, cock, and tongue fucking his asshole. Seth cried out, "Please, please, for God's sake, please let me cum!" Seth's pleas fell on deaf ears as Tom relentlessly continued his pleasurable assault. Each time Seth would come close to unleashing his built up load, Tom would cease what he was doing and do something else. Seth was slinging his head all over and Tom wanted the boy to remember this day, forever. Tom stood between the boy's spread legs and smeared his pre-cum all over his cock, the aimed it at the boy's asshole. Seth opened his eyes wide as Tom applied pressure. The once tongue filled asshole opened allowing Tom's slender cock to gain passage. Seth tried to use his own body to impale himself on the invading cock. It was Tom who was now in total control and he took his time sliding his slender cock all the way up the boy's anal clutching asshole.

Tom fucked his cock up the boy's chute, mixing variable paces and rhythms for a long, long time. He, himself, had come close to busting his nut, but he had other plans for his juices. By looking on Seth's face, Tom could tell that the boy's asshole was getting too sore for anymore ass pounding, so Tom slid his cock from the boy's anal depths. Tom walked on his knees and straddled Seth's face and shoved his cock into the boy's mouth. Now, Seth could taste his cock along with his own ass juices. Seth bobbed his head the best he could while moaning as Tom's cock appeared and disappeared inside his ass juice, cock filled mouth. Once Tom got dangerously close to unleashing his man seed, he backed his butt off of Seth's chest and returned to suck the boy's cock and balls.

Seth was besides himself with the burning desire to shoot his sperm, but Tom prolonged the event. Tom spit on Seth's cock and smeared his saliva, along with Seth's pre-cum all over the thick beast. Tom straddled Seth's chest, facing Seth, and lowered his body while holding the thick cock with his right hand. Tom wiggled his body until he felt the bulbous head pry his asshole open. Tom pushed his cock stretched asshole all the way on the thick teen beef and began slowly sliding his body back and forth. Seth screamed, "Oh fuck Tom, Tom, yes, shit, your ass, ah, so fucking tight, FUCK!" Tom sat perfectly still on the thick cock and used his experienced ass muscles to milk Seth's fat ass plunger. Seth was huffing and puffing and he tried in vain to hump his cock into Tom's ass, but Tom had his weight on Seth as well as his feet blocked Seth's legs from obtaining any balance.

Tom strained his ass muscles onto the cock filling his ass to the point Seth was breathing harder than ever. The words flying out of his panting mouth where not words in any English dictionary. Tom saw the boy's chest rise higher than before and by the way the thick cock got even thicker, he knew that Seth had reached the point of no return. Tom felt the blistering thick sperm balls strike deeper into his anal chamber, but he maintained his position using his ass muscles to masturbate Seth's sperm shooting cock. Seth's face turned amazing red as he fought to force his sperm from his body. Tom did his best to clinch his teeth and use his butt muscles to continue its masturbating style while fighting to hold the boy's thick sperm inside him.

Tom sat on Seth's cock until it was completely deflated and he could not strain his ass muscles no longer. Just by lifting up onto his knees, Tom's cum filled ass allowed Seth's sleeping cock to slip out and strike the boy's left thigh making a sound like thunder. Tom inched himself up and shoved his cock into Seth's mouth without any warning. As tired and exhausted as Seth was, he slowly worked on the uncut cock filling his heavy breathing mouth. From Tom fighting to keep the more than ample amount of sperm in his ass and the heat from inside Seth's mouth, be blasted his load with a heavy grunt. Seth swallowed the thick substance as fast as it shot out, only lost in the wonderful taste of Tom's thick sperm.

After Tom finished shooting his man cream, Seth used his tongue to clean the cock head covered by Tom's massive foreskin. Tom kept his cock in the boy's mouth until his tongue worshiping became too sensitive. Rolling to his left, Tom began untying Seth until he was finally free. Seth lay motionless on his back, blinking his eyes constantly. After four or so minutes, Seth eased himself from the bed and got dressed. He stumbled several times along the way as Tom looked on, still laying in his bed. Tom knew the boy just got the orgasm of his life and the boy's face was still flushed for the experience. Seth caught his breath and said, "Tom, you're the best and I hope I see you next year on this cruise!" Tom got up and planted a deep kiss, running his tongue all the way in Seth's hot little mouth. After their kiss, Seth stumbled out of the door leaving Tom to rush to the toilet and relieve himself of Seth's huge sperm load. While Tom was on the toilet, he started the bath water. Once completely draining himself of Seth's thick sperm, Tom stepped into the soapy bath water and eased himself into the warm bubbly water.

No matter what he did or how hard he tried, his mind always went back to Chris. Yes, he just had sex with Seth, but his heart stayed with Chris. With his eyes closed, Tom leaned back and dreamed of only Chris. Just thinking about Chris caused his lifeless cock to stand at full attention. Slowly, Tom gripped his erection and began sliding the foreskin back and forth while dreaming of Chris standing there without any clothes on sporting his beautiful body and gorgeous boy cock. Though Tom wasn't even close to blowing his wad, his dream carried his taste buds back to earlier as he pretended he was drinking the boy's mouth watering delicious watery sperm.

Tom was deep in his own little dream world and never once heard the light tap at the door. While stroking his cock under the warm soothing water and dreaming of Chris, his heart churned in his throat as he felt a footstep ease into the bath. Upon opening his eyes, all he saw was Dustin's well tanned ass facing him as the boy straddled his sides, inadvertently sticking his ass into Tom's face. Coming out of his dream world and back into the realm of reality, Tom just went ahead and buried his tongue deep into Dustin's spread ass. Dustin caught himself before he almost fell and groaned, "Ah, oh Tom, that feels, feels soooooooo gooooooooood!" Dustin had his hands holding on to Tom's knees while Tom lavishly tongue fucked the boy's rectum. Dustin's little legs shook as Tom's tongue wiggled and darted all around, inside and out. Eventually, Dustin reached back and took a strong hold of his own butt cheeks and yanked them wide apart and held them there so Tom could stick some more of his tongue further up his ass.

Several minutes of tongue fucking went by before Dustin became too uncomfortable and stepped out of the bathtub. Tom got up and followed, both toweling themselves somewhat dry. Dustin went straight to the bed with Tom hot on his heels, then whispered, "Tom, please fuck me, fuck me like never before!" Tom had Dustin roll over and get into the doggie style position where he knelt in behind him and guided his pre-cum slick cock up to the little rosebud and pressed. Dustin pushed back while Tom was pushing in and soon, the boy's asshole gave way to the pressure and Tom felt his cock slide into the dark depths of the boy's anal canal. Dustin almost screamed, "Yes, shit yes Tom, go ahead, fuck me, fuck my ass hard!" Tom immediately began plowing Dustin's ass hard and with heavy flesh pounding thrusts. Dustin was moaning loudly as each thrust knocked the wind from his lungs.

Tom had hooked the flesh by Dustin's hips and was using them as weapons, driving the boy backwards to greet every downward thrust. Dustin reached under his tanned body and began pounding his cock in unison with his ass being plowed. Dustin grimaced, cried, bit his lips at being fucked so hard for so long by this hunk of a man. Tom knew he wasn't even close to busting his nut, but he was going to give Dustin the fucking of his life. Numerous ass plunging thrusts, mixed with a slow grinding of his cock lodged inside Dustin's ass, was driving Dustin lustfully crazy. "Fuck me, damn, yes Tom, tear my ass up, fuck yes, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Dustin was still all bunked up with Tom's cock rifling and rooting in his ass until his ass and asshole started to get sore. He didn't want to ask Tom to stop, because he had begged Tom to fuck him this way. He no longer could squeeze his ass muscles together and soon just relaxed and let Tom fuck him absolutely senseless. That is exactly what Tom was doing! Nearly two hours of constant ass pounding passed by and both Tom and Dustin were a sweaty mess. Tom was nearly at the exhaustive level when his nuts unleashed its fury, sending his thick man seed up Dustin's well fucked ass. Though Dustin was worn out and sore, he could feel each squirt of man juice shot up his ass. His hand had brought him to near climax many times, but he always managed to let go just in time. Now, his right hand pumped his rock hard meet as if he were trying to skin the flesh off of his own cock. Dustin was whimpering and Tom was grunting as his cock spewed its thick cream up Dustin's tiny cum filled ass.

Dustin's right arm grew tired long before he could muster the energy to spew his boy cream and Tom's cock literally died inside Dustin's ass. Tom's limp dick slipped out and he immediately rolled Dustin over onto his back and slammed his mouth onto Dustin's thick teen meat. Dustin was breathing heavy as Tom bobbed his head up and down while increasing the pressure on Dustin's cock. Dustin's entire body went into a spasm as his cock exploded, feeding Tom his creamy boy cum. Tom sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed until the last of Dustin's super load slid down his throat. The boy's cock fell limp inside his mouth and as his tongue cleaned the rapidly closing piss slit as Dustin cried out at the sensitivity of his cock head.

Both Tom and Dustin lay on their backs panting heavy from sheer exhaustion. Dustin rolled to his left side, smiled and cordially whispered, "Tom, I wish I could stay with you forever. I can't thank you enough for the best three days of my life and I can only pray that someday we might get together again." His lips met Tom's and they passionately swabbed the others mouth with their perspective tongues. Once their long and deep kiss broke, Tom whispered, "Anyone you meet will be honored to have you as their lover! I know I would!" Dustin rolled off the bed and began putting his clothes back on. Tom slipped on his shorts and just watched the tanned Adonis as he put the last garment on and placed his right hand on the door knob. Dustin turned and said, "Your ex is the one who lost, not you!" Dustin opened the door and headed down the hallway. Tom watched the boy as he disappeared for probably the last time in his life. Although he watched Dustin, his thoughts returned back to Chris!