Read First: Cock Happy Boys is the collective name for writers Liam and Felix. They can be reached at if readers would like to review their stories or ask questions. All their stories are works of fiction-originally role played out before becoming story-formatted-and any similarities are merely coincidence. They hope to one day run a website for their stories and to possibly publish an erotic gay novel, but as everything in life cost money those will have to wait.

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The Sex Life of Liam Knight

A Cock Happy Boys' Story


Liam Knight was an odd man of thirty-three years. For one, he had been married to an older man for the last five years. Matthew King (thirty-nine years old), the lucky man to capture Liam's near untamable heart, had found an interest in seventeen-year old foreign British student Alexander Mishellen. Alex was the very same student that had seduced Liam to fuck him out of lust. He had ulterior motives as any manipulative bottom does, and those motives for him were to get closer to Matt. With skill and determination, Alex found his way into Matt's heart and his home which Liam did not like in the slightest. Matt confronted him and Liam admitted the desire to fuck Alex into a wall, a door, a bed... he cared not where. Matt admitted that he too had been lusting at the young boy and proposed they all had a bit of fun together. Liam agreed but when the act was finally said and done, in a matter of minutes, he put himself away, buttoned and zipped up his pants, and said he was through. Though he had watched, Alex fucking Matt had been cheating in his eyes and he was a jealous and impulsive man. Matt, who had had enough of always forgiving, always begging, always loving Liam completely and without question, brought out a large envelope that contained divorce papers. Once Matt was no longer present, Alex bent down and picked up the wedding band that Liam had tossed. He slipped it on and Liam finally realized he'd been tricked and had been a pawn in the student's plan all along. He was chagrined to find he wanted to murder the boy but really didn't care enough. He was free now to fuck whomever the hell he wanted, and that was all he needed to know. Ignoring the pain of loss, he turned on his heels, left the house, and was on his way. To start over. A new time. A new life.

This is the sex life of Liam Knight.


Chapter One- Interview

Liam Knight looked down at his watch before making his way into the nice school building. After resigning from his teaching job at NYC High, Liam decided it was time for a change. Along with a brand new apartment and brand new beauty products (Liam was a total top but fuck if he went without his body oils and creams), also came the start of a brand new job.

Terrance High School was one of the most prestigious private schools in New York. It was also one of the highest paying schools in the district. Liam had put his application and resume in not but two days ago when he'd received a phone call from the principal, James Lynch. Merely over the phone Liam could tell that James was a total bottom that lived to take a dominating man's cock. It was with a smirk now that Liam made his way past security and into the main office, ignoring the woman at the front desk completely and knocking upon the door.

James Lynch looked up from the application file he now reviewed and smiled. "Come in, Mr. Knight," he called simply. When the door opened and Liam entered, James couldn't help but look over the gorgeous man. He was taller than his own five-eleven by a good several inches. He had black hair and cold, no-nonsense black eyes. He was dressed in a formal but simple button down shirt and simple black pants. He was tanned and muscled, and James' cock twitched just looking at him. The man was obviously not shy and met him stare for stare. Finally, James nodded at the chair in front of his desk. "Please, take a seat."

Liam closed the door behind him and made his way to the indicated chair. He took the time to look over the younger male conducting the interview. James had golden blond hair that seemed to sparkle and shine in any light. His light green eyes were full of fun and mischief. The smile on his face and the lines around it said simply that this man was always happy. In some ways, James reminded Liam of his best friend, Jack Stewart. In other ways, Liam just wanted to fuck him. Hard.

"Alright, Mr. Knight," James began, closing the file and clasping his hands upon it. "Everything seems to be in order here. Now we start the interview process. It is very simple. I ask you questions, you answer them. Right. What do you think you can bring to Terrance High?"

The interview went on and Liam answered them very much to James' liking. Liam also made quite a few smart-ass remarks and at some point the two had switched to first name basis. James even offered the man a position as Head of Math Department, which Liam accepted.

"Since we are at first names right now, and it is obvious you are going to give me the job, I think it is safe to say the interview is over?"

James held back a smirk at this and nodded. "There is one other matter to cover. We have heard rumors. I am not going to mention what they are or who our source is. Frankly, I really don't give two shits. Just know that this school is very much in the public eye and the school board watches closely."

He clapped his hands and beamed. "Now that my duty as principal is complete, how about a tour of the campus?"

Together, James and Liam walked down the halls of the school. Only when they had turned down the Math wing did James smirk at Liam. "How was he?"

Liam ignored this and eyed James. "So, it has become obvious that you don't follow your own rules so I won't be following them either."

James shrugged and grinned wider. "Do what you want, Liam. I just said what I had to as your boss and the principal of this school. It is now past school hours and I am talking as... well, myself. Anyway. That is your classroom, and here across the hall is your office. Complete with your own standard mini kitchenette. Which would you like to see first?"

Liam went to the classroom, peered in, and closed the door again. "No different than any other classroom." He headed across the hall to his office and entered, followed by James, who shut the door behind them.

The office was the same size of the classroom but had one large desk on the opposite wall from the door with a computer and a very nice office chair that wheeled. Against the wall to the right was an overstuffed leather couch that was, if anything, quite uncomfortable. In front of that sat a coffee table with magazines and a bowl of mints. To the left one part of the wall opened into a small kitchenette. Mini fridge, sink, coffee maker and a cupboard.

Liam was in heaven. "I could live here," he stated as he made his way into the kitchen and started to brew some coffee. Liam was a coffee addict. He didn't even make a sign that he'd noticed James come in and hop on the counter.

James watched Liam and laughed. "Now. I do need to alert you that the classroom doors do not lock. If you want to do anything questionable, your best bet would to do it in here. This office has a door with a lock."

Liam watched the coffee as it filled the pot. "Why the fuck would I lock a door? I have nothing to be ashamed of."

James' eyes trailed the other's body, eyeing the crotch, before looking back up at the older man. "Be that as it may, I am just giving you a heads up. You are going to share that with me?"

Liam snorted, poured himself some coffee in a mug, took the mug and the pot and went back into his office. James sighed and, jumping off the counter, followed. He watched as Liam settled onto the couch, placing the pot on the coffee table, and sipped at the liquid in the mug. James sighed and stood before the table.

"I will need reports from you for the first month at the end of each week. Teaching methods, student behaviors, that sort of thing. All protocol."

Liam didn't look up. "Here is your report right now. The students all have fucking A plusses and B plusses, they are all stupid, and I need ten more packs of coffee."

James rolled his eyes. "I'll have someone bring you some in the morning. Is that all you need?"

Liam nodded and picked up a magazine. James snorted and took that as his cue to leave. Bidding Liam a good day, the younger man left and Liam allowed the grin he'd held back for most of the afternoon to escape. With a snort, he already guessed that sooner or later his blonde employer would be begging to suck his cock and to be fucked over his desk. When that happened, Liam would show James Lynch who the real boss between them.