Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes a sexual act between boys and mens and boy on boy so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! On a further note of the story uses the reality show format much of the story takes place off camera. This is the first and only chapter exclusively from the host's point of view.

Sexing For A Million


Everyone thought he had an easy job. Being a reality show host could not be that hard. Ryan begged to differ. He was not just the host, but also the producer of the show now called `Sexing For A Million'. The combination of the two jobs was tiring, particularly as they approached the fifth season. Perhaps he could just coast, as every year the ratings went up and up, but he was a pessimist by nature and worried about his little empire's collapse.

Stretching his back he gazed into the cloudy sky and mused how his idea would have been deemed inconceivable just two decades ago. Thankfully, the various movements of minimal government intrusion and self-responsibility had eventually coalesced in a general society where people believe individuals were capable of making their own decisions and taking responsibility for them. The realization by the world that people were competent individuals was something that had not reached every corner of the planet yet, but it seemed to be on its way to doing so.

There had been no one turning point really, but there were several legal cases frequently pointed too. The one that always stood out in Ryan's opinion though had involved a 14-year-old boy. With the backing of some very understanding parents he had successfully sued the state of New York for inflicting emotional distress by arresting his neighbor who he had been pursuing a consensual relationship with. His lawyer successfully argued that if a five-year-old could be legally responsible for their actions then so was he. It was a double standard where he had the burdens of a citizen but none of the rights. The court had agreed. The fallout in the US had been complicated with laws being rewritten and challenged, but by this point other countries were facing the same problem. In one of those strange coincidences in history the cause was taken up by the Localization movement which had swept through most industrialized nations. The general consent became that an eight-year old could give simple consent. However, the parents up to the age of fourteen had to be informed. At least that was the law for adult child relationships. Kids could get it on with kids without legal consequences.

The effects were varied, but such things as prostitution were widely considered legal if regulated by local laws and the idea of legal consent was much more flexible. Naturally, religious groups and old folks continued to fight against the trend and social acceptance was still evolving. As a result of all of that, when he had pitched his idea for a reality TV show where ten boys would compete in various sexual activities for prize money, he had not been thrown out of the studio or arrested. Instead they had engaged in a legitimate discussion.

Their concerns had been threefold. Was such an idea marketable? Was such an idea viable for prime time or should this be more of a pay-per-view event? The third and the only one he had actually worried about was if he could find ten boys who would be willing to do such things in such an exposed way. The elimination of statutory rape from the books had not exactly opened up the floodgates of hormonal boys desperate for older partners. He knew most boys messed around with each other, but it was usually kept close to their peer groups. However, Ryan had been confident that the then one hundred thousand dollar prize would be enough to motivate at least some people. To his surprise, the casting call resulted in hundreds of hopeful candidates.

Halfway through the first season, it was recognized he had a cash cow on his hands. Having it as a pay-per-view event had probably been the best decision. Those who weren't interested couldn't even claim they had come across the show by channel surfing and there was surprisingly little in way of protests. Even though primetime had been pushing the envelope recently, this was still too far beyond the boundary for the old folks and religious fanatics determined to meddle in others lives. With no concern on that end, millions were brought in. The second season was highly anticipated and he seized the opportunity.

He introduced a participation prize so all walked away with at least some money. With no shortage of boys willing to compete, he had turned to the second half of the equation. The men on the show had always been volunteers and received no financial compensation. This pleased the executives as it increased their bottom line, but now he made them pay for the privilege of being on the show! Heck, they had to pay for just the opportunity of being considered. Yes, money was not a concern.


The voice broke into his thoughts and he turned to see one of his assistants, which was really just an unpaid intern. "Yes?"

The college kid smiled a bit nervously. "The boys have been stretched and lubricated. They are ready to start."

He smiled and resisted the urge to run a hand through his black hair. It was a nervous habit of his and the last thing he needed was hair and makeup people to fuss over him again. None of them could be in a good mood after dealing with ten boys between the ages of eight and twelve. "All right then. Bring them out and we'll start filming right away."

"Yes Sir," the young man replied. Ryan made a mental note to try and remember this intern's name and maybe consider him for a permanent position. He was polite and efficient, very rare these days.

He moved to his mark as the boys were led to their spots already dressed in tight Speedos and flip-flops. The ethnic diversity this year was nice. Two of the boys were of Persian descent. There was also one Filipino, one Asian and an African-American boy. The rest were white. They were all Canadian citizens though, despite their ethnic backgrounds.

Personally, Ryan also thought they were all rather cute. His goal was to appeal to a broad audience, but he liked them all, if purely on a visual level. He could easily remember the audition videos they had sent in, explaining why they wanted to be on the show. Not surprisingly, most were after money for various reasons. He respected them for that. Some may have been coerced into submitting a video by their parents, but he made sure they knew they could drop out of the competition at any time. Over the last two days they had watched episodes of the previous seasons to ensure they knew what to expect.

Ryan saw the red light come on and he began. "Welcome ladies and... well who am I kidding? Welcome back guys. This is the fifth season of `Sexing For A Million'. You know what that means? A brand-new competition is about to start. Ten boys ages eight to twelve are ready to compete for the grand prize of one million dollars!"

He smiled grandly. "Before we get started there's one big change I need to tell you about. This year, we will be traveling around the world in our own modified jet. That means we'll be filming in all sorts of exotic locations like where I am now. Greece! Before the games begin though, let's meet our competitors."

The light went out on his camera as the first boy introduced himself. He was the oldest at twelve years and nine months. He was one of the kids of Persian descent with dark hair and olive colored skin. "Hello, my name is Bahram. I am 12-years-old and my favorite sport is soccer! I'm competing to help a friend of my dad who wants to immigrate to Canada."

The camera panned down to the next participant. First, his fiery red hair appeared, then his milky white skin of his forehead until the lens focused on his cute face. "Hi, my name is Josh and I'm 12-years-old too. I love to play videogames with my friends. I do pretty good in school and my favorite subject is math. I'm competing for the million dollars, well, because... I want a million dollars!"

Ryan raised his eyebrows when he heard that. He guessed it was true, but it wasn't the whole truth he had been told. Well, if the boy didn't want to share some of his business that was okay.

Next in line was a black boy. As tall as the first 12-year-old, his hair was cut short. He nodded to the camera nervously, "I'm Michael. I'm 11 years old, get straight A's and am a good soccer player. I've watched this show for years and always thought it would be fun to be on."

The camera zoomed over to the next boy who was blonde and more than a little overweight. "Hello my name is Philip. I'm 11-years-old and I enjoy wrestling and studying Aikido. My favorite subject's is history and the reason I'm competing is, I want to save my mom and dad's restaurant."

The next boy in line was the cutest in Ryan's mind. He had brown hair that didn't quite reach his shoulders with matching brown eyes. He was probably the least nervous looking of them all. If his secret ever got out, some fans would doubtlessly claim he had an unfair advantage. "Hello my name is Robert and I'm 10-years-old. I like playing hockey and I'm the goalie for my team. I'm here for the money, plain and simple."

The sixth boy looked the most nervous. His hair was light brown and he fidgeted as he spoke. "My name is David, but everyone calls me Dave. I'm 10-years-old and I like looking for fossils. I'm here because I don't want my parents to sell our house."

The next one was the other boy of Persian descent. His hair was cut in a bowl shape and his smile, albeit fake, was still endearing. "My name's Oliver and I'm 9-years-old. I've been a model for like forever and I like having fun." He fell silent and it took half a second for everyone to realize he wasn't going to say anything more.

The third to last in line was the Asian kid. His hair was long and unruly. He was fairly light-skinned, but Ryan guessed he was a little more nervous than he was letting on, as he almost shouted his introduction. `My name is Akira. I'm a good student and like every subject. I have four older siblings' three sisters and one brother. I'm competing so we can all go to college and concentrate on our studies there." Suddenly, he seemed to realize he had been shouting and he blushed in embarrassment as the camera migrated to the next boy.

The ninth boy was blonde with blue eyes. Tall for his age, his cheeks were already colored red. "My name is Nicholas, but people call me Nick. I don't really like school except for the time we put on a play. I'm competing because if I win, my mommy won't have to work anymore and she can spend more time with me."

The last boy was the Filipino boy. His skin was dark, but lighter in color than the Michael's. His hair was darker and reached his shoulder blades. When he spoke he had a trace of an accent, but only those paying close attention could notice. `My name is Lauro and I'm 8-years-old. My favorite subject is science because I like learning how things work. I always try my hardest even in the subjects I don't like. I'm competing so my dad doesn't have to work two jobs to support us. I love you mom and dad."

The camera cut back to Ryan's genuine smile. Earlier, Lauro's parents had left an impression on Ryan. `Loving' was the best word to describe the family. Most parents may love their kids, but the three of them had just seemed so content with each other. He was too professional to have favorites in the competition, but if anyone deserved the money, it was them.

"All right, those are the new competitors. Now, there's only one thing left before the games can get underway and that is dividing the boys into two teams. In the past we have done blondes against brunettes, old against young and even selected team captains one year." His smile widened as he showed his blindingly white teeth. "This year will be a little different. We're going to have an event to determine who will be on which team."

"In a moment each boy will be showered in olive oil and then matched against a man to wrestle against. They won't be trying to pin each other though. Instead the men will be trying to get into their asses. The matches will continue until nine of the boys have been penetrated. Numbers one, three, five, seven and nine will be called the Odd Team and two, four six, eight and ten will be on the even team."

Turning to the kids, he shouted, "All right boys it's time to hit the showers."

The boys turned and ran to the opposite end of the field where the showers had been set up. Ryan watched them as they ran over the mats and avoided the large marble stones. Briefly, he wondered how many people at home would figure out that the boys had heard about the first competition days ago and not just right now? He would edit it so it would look that way of course. Perspective was part of his job.

Following lazily after them, he already knew exactly how long the showers would run for. That scene was to be filmed for five minutes from different angles, making sure they captured several shots of their little naked bodies. Ryan figured he could cut it down to two minutes with some music playing in the background when postproduction time came around. Of course, when they would release Season Five on the new Platinum-Ray format, the fans would get all five minutes as a bonus.

Watching the last minute or so of the shower, he admired the work of the oil. Filming outside could be a hassle, but the bright Mediterranean sun which had just broken through the clouds really accented the olive oils deep color. When the shower heads shut off simultaneously the boys just stood there for a second as excess oil dripped off them. His eye was drawn to Michael in particular, his penis seemed half erect. The oil dripping off of it almost made it look like he had just finished peeing.

Then in the distance, chanting could be heard. All eyes and cameras turned towards the hill as two rows of five men crested it. They, too, glistened with oil but were naked except for a tube sock over their erections. Some of the men were muscular while others carried extra weight. He probably should have spent more time choosing better specimens, but for the first round at least, he had been mostly concerned about their penis size.

The men continued their chants weaving through the wrestling mats with a man peeling off every time they passed one. When the last man was in place, the camera was turned back to Ryan. Turning to the boys, he shouted, "All right boys, choose your man."

This was another little deception on the audience. He himself had picked the matches, but it was a small deception. Some of the boys sprinted over to their mats while others were more hesitant. Before stepping onto the mat, each boy removed their flip-flops and took their mark. The mats were squares with white circles on them. His other intern ran up to him carrying a referee shirt and a starter's pistol. He quickly donned the shirt, made his way to the center of the mats, and raised his voice.

"Once you hear the shot, begin and don't stop until you hear the shot again." He paused and added, "Well, unless you're in the middle of something." Silently counting to three, he pulled the trigger and there was a deafening ringing in his ears. He made a mental note to include earplugs next time.

Later, he would add commentary to each match, but for now he would just be watching. Each man's first action was to pull off their tube socks to reveal glistening members. They were all average length, but a few facing smaller boys were a little smaller. Upon being accepted, each boy had been sent a packet of information that details how they should prepare themselves for the competition to avoid injury. Still, he tried to keep the sizes reasonable for the event. Occasionally, an event required a large penis so a special casting call had to be made for those.

His eyes fell on Robert, whose hair was now plastered to the side of his head. He sidestepped his opponent as they charged, but the oil made him slip and he fell to the ground. The man tried to grab his leg, but Robert was able to slip out of his grasp. Sliding across the mat, the boy regained his feet prepared to dodge to either the right or left.

There was a cry of surprise from behind Ryan and he turned to see 9-year-old Oliver on his back with his opponent on his knees. Oliver tried to use his feet to kick away, but the man was one of the fat ones and between the oil and roundness of the man stomach Oliver's feet just slid to either side. The man grabbed his calfs and pulled the boy towards him. It took another second, but Oliver was the first one to lose his match.

Oliver's shout had also distracted Josh for a second who was on the next mat over, because he suddenly found himself in a bear hug. Man and boy were almost face-to-face. The man gray-haired, but not feeble was trying to turn Josh around while simultaneously lifting the boy up at the same time. He was able to get an arm under one of the redhead's legs and hoist him up and for a second, it looked like Josh was about to be impaled, but the oil proved effective and Josh slipped out of the man's grasp and crashed to the ground. The boy tried to slip away, but the man grabbed his ankle and pulled the boy towards him the oil now working against the boy. A second later, the man was pumping his shiny dick into the redhead. He seemed more surprised than anything else.

Bahram was the next to fall. Actually he just sort of seemed to give up by simply rolling onto his back with his knees in the air. The other boys followed one by one. Somehow, when Robert lost his match, he ended up on top of his opponent bouncing up and down enjoying his defeat. Ryan had long since become erect watching all of this, but when Robert leaned his head back and moaned with his oily hair dangling behind him, he almost came right there in his pants. The man and boy seemed to have their orgasms within seconds of each other. He made a mental note to watch that particular match in detail later.

The last two boys were Michael and Philip. He guessed he shouldn't have been surprised by that. Michael was in good shape and Philip was used to wrestling. Ryan also remembered that a key to Aikido was to reverse an opponent's attack and use their strength against them. Between that and wrestling, he would place money on Philip to be number ten.

The two remaining matches drifted on for several more minutes. Most of the other men finished getting their reward from their particular boy, although Dave's opponent seemed to be edging, or perhaps he was just that out of shape. The man would make several thrusts and then pause for a little before thrusting again. Dave looked ready for it to be over with.

The two matches continued, both men and boys were sweating profusely from the sun and their exertions. Michael managed to squirm away from another hold. Meanwhile, Philip grabbed his opponents wrist as the man made a grab for him and pulling on the man's arm, he spun his opponent partially around as he slipped behind him. In spite of carrying so much extra weight, Philip carried it off rather gracefully.

It was Michael who slipped up first, literally. Darting to the right, he tried to stop, but his foot kept on moving and he fell to one knee. His opponent came towards him, legs spread wide, prepared to dart either way. Michael took the third option and tried to slide between his legs. The man simply collapsed on top of the black boy.

Michael almost made it past him, but the man managed to sit on the boy's knees. Now, having finally caught his boy, the man was not going to let him go easily. Grabbing the boy's ankles, the muscular man twisted around being very careful to keep as much of his weight on the boy as possible.

Michael seemed resigned to his fate, accepted defeat, and spread his own cheeks to allow the man to push into him easier. Ryan watched lustfully for several thrusts before remembering he was supposed to end the other match. Raising the starter pistol, he shot it again. That didn't stop the anal play already underway, though, and the last cameraman didn't stop filming until they were all done. Towards the end, Michael slipped a hand under himself and for a moment Ryan wished his show was straight up porn. Unfortunately, the cameraman wasn't able to get a shot to confirm what they all knew Michael was doing. He probably should look up the newest innovations were cameras. There had to be something to get close-ups of the boys when they were in that position. Then again he could give that task to one of his interns.

The next 10 minutes was a flurry of activity for everyone except those behind the cameras. The men were led off, including the loser that had to please himself with his own hand. The boys were asked if any of them were hurt and none were. For many of the boys, this had been their first time being penetrated by a real man. Stretching beforehand along with ample lubricant had proven successful. All this took place during one of the few times the cameras were not filming.

Most of the boys had to be told which teams they were on and they lined up for what would be the final shot of the episode. When the camera was turned on, Ryan went into his prepared speech. "Now, there's a sport we will never see in the Olympics. I think each of these boys did an excellent job. Now, just for those who might have been distracted..."

Raising his left hand, he said, "On the Odd Team, in order of age, are Bahram, Michael, Robert, Dave and the youngest, Oliver!" Raising his other arm he continued, "And on my right is the Even Team. The oldest being Josh, then Philip, Akira, Nick and Lauro."

The camera panned slowly over each boy as they were introduced again, smiling and waving. As they were still naked, the shots took in more of the boys' tantalizing bodies. When the camera flicked back to Ryan, he was still smiling. "So what will happen next? Who's going to be eliminated first? I can't tell you that because even I don't know. You have to tune in for the next exciting episode of `Sexing For A Million.'"


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