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Sexing For A Million


Odd Team: Robert, David.

Even Team: Josh, Akira, Lauro.


Australia had not been one of Ryan's first choices to place one of the rounds, but neither had he held anything against it. In the end, he had decided to go there so they could hit all six continents. His mind was not properly focused on the competition lately with the Nick situation, but between having most of the stuff already set up and Edward stepping up, there had been no problems.

Edward had really bounced back since the Nick situation had been resolved and that pleased him. He had also been the one to inform him of the good news - the first he had heard in a very long time. He could've almost have kissed Edward when the intern had told him about the special guest star. It had made all the hassle with the reshoot of Nick's farewell a minor bother.

With that behind him, he started to think about his fortune in landing a guest star for this episode. The marketing for this one episode could go through the roof as they tapped into the teen girl market. He couldn't imagine them sticking around. Still, there would be millions of teen girls begging their parents to tune into this one episode. It would make up for the loss of an episode as a result of Oliver's quitting.

Remembering Oliver brought up mixed emotions. When he had teamed up with Lauro, he could tell he had been acting out a plan given to him by someone. Throwing the match sort of made sense since it brought the teams down to 3 to 3 instead of 2 to 4 if he had picked one of his teammates. His departure had been so unexpected that Ryan had checked to see if Oliver had made any phone calls home and sure enough, he had. He seemed to feel guilty because he had kicked Nick off. The logic he used to reach that conclusion was something Ryan couldn't follow, but the kid's mother had not complained.

On the one hand he felt bad that the kid was blaming himself for something that wasn't his fault, and he was annoyed that he would lose an episode. On the other hand, it showed the Nick situation was tightly under wraps and maybe wasn't such a bad thing having one of the contestants walk off. After all, the safety of the contestants was the number one priority and if one of them chose not to participate, they could always leave. How many times had he said that? Usually he would've tried to persuade him to stay for a little while longer, but he had just been exhausted. He was probably just trying not to regret that decision.

Well, both troublesome boys were gone now, flying back to Canada. Now he had to deal with the next round. The remaining contestants were milling around not really talking to each other. They were in the middle of nowhere without abuilding to be seen in any direction. It was pretty desolate, which made the blue wall all the more bizarre.

Edward emerged from one of the mazes' entrances and walked up behind him. "He's ready."

"All right, so what did you think?" Ryan wasn't sure why he asked that question. He wasn't sure if Edward was gay or not. Though, judging by the interesting shades of color his face had turned, Ryan had hit the mark.

"He's not really my type," Edward ventured.

So at least gay was what Ryan heard. "Alright." Stepping forward, he raised his voice and shouted, "Boys, lineup."

Ryan waited a moment before smiling and this time he didn't have to force it. When the camera light went on he started his spiel. "Welcome back to Sexing for a Million! Today we are just outside of Darwin, Australia where a fan favorite is making its triumphant return to the show." The camera shot widened here as he spread his arms and announced, "The Blue Beast is back and bigger than ever."

The Blue Beast had appeared in every season. It was nothing more than a series of mats and inflatable walls that formed a large maze. Every year it grew and while getting through it was a consistent goal, the obstacles thrown in were always different. Fans seem to like it.

"This time around, our contestants will be doing a scavenger hunt. In each section of the maze there is an item they have to find before going forward. Each new section is guarded by a Guardian that they'll have to get off before advancing. There will also be two roaming trolls and if they catch a boy, he'll have to give up either one of these," he held up a plastic amulet, "or blow them away." He paused for a second.

The cameramen were supposed to get reaction shots of the boys, but he would be surprised if any of them were shocked by now. "Now, before the boys learn what items they will be looking for, I have two announcements." He started to walk backwards so that he was no longer between the two groups. "The first is Oliver chose to drop out of the competition and he will be missed. This leads to my second announcement. With only five contestants, the teams are now officially dissolved and there will no longer be voting. From now on whoever comes in last is eliminated." That would probably get a reaction, Ryan thought.

This entire time he had been walking towards an invisible mark. "Now, instead of just telling the boys what they will be finding in the maze, we have a very special guest." His smile widened, "That teen singing sensation, Austin Otter!"

A 15-year-old shaggy haired blonde boy ran out of the maze. He wore a set of dog ears, a black collar, a pair of gloves that look like dog paws and nothing else. Before he came to stand next to Ryan he did a little spin showing off a dog's tale that was obviously connected to something in his butt. When he came to a stop he smiled and said, "Hi, I hope you don't get lost in there."

The other contestants had turned around, but not being female didn't seem particularly impressed, though both Josh's and Robert's eyes were lingering on his down under parts. "So, Austin, why don't you tell the boys where they can get all this stuff?"

"Well they're each going to start out with a collar. There's a small camera here," he pointed to the silver buckle, "that will allow everyone to see what you see. In the first section they will find the ears, followed by the tail in the second." Here he turned around to show off his butt again and wiggled it to make it look like he was shaking his tail. "And in the last section they can find the paws," he held up his hand showing cartoonishly oversized dog paws.

"Well Austin, thanks; is there anything you would like to say to the contestants?"

"I would just want to wish them gool luck."

"Then let's get this round underway," Ryan said trying not to look at the blonde next to him. The camera light went out and he said in a normal tone, "We got it in one."

"That's good," Austin said turning away from him. "I can't wait to get dressed."He walked off to where his manager was and Ryan watched as the tail swayed back and forth. Well, he knew what he'd be fantasizing about tonight. "Where's my damn robe?" Austin shouted at his manager, "I want it now! You better be right about this dumbass stunt."

He ran through the rules with the boys again to make sure they understood and then told them to get undressed. Affixing the collars was not much trouble except for when it came to Robert who looked pissed off and said, "This collar is fucking stupid."

Ryan felt the need to apologize which was strange, but the sudden hostility from the kid was uncomfortable. He was the only one who seemed to have a problem with it though as all the other boys took it in stride. They each picked an entrance and with the cameras rolling again, Ryan did a countdown and with earplugs this time, he fired the starter pistol.


A fucking collar, he was wearing a fucking collar. His Coach was not going to let him live this down. From time to time, his coach had asked him to wear a collar, at least when they were in bed. Robert had done it once in the beginning thinking it kind of looked nice on him when he wasn't wearing anything else, but that time the sex had been different. Not really rougher or anything, but he hadn't felt like he was in control that time. Since then, he had refused to wear it again. He hated the damn things.

Unfortunately, he hadn't seen a way around it this time. So when the starting gun went off he just ran into the maze not really having any idea what to do. Despite that, he started to grin. The Blue Beast had always looked like fun and as he bounced off the inflatable walls and crashed into the mats, it was lots of fun. He tried to remember he was looking for something, but it seemed every time he turned the corner it was either a dead end or more blue walls. Occasionally, he saw another contestant and one of them, Josh, already had a set of dog ears.

He gritted his teeth at that. When he watched the show with his coach, it looked so easy. Usually there was a camera overhead and he would always shout and scream when his favorite contestant would make a wrong turn because it was so obviously wrong, but from this point of view, things weren't so easy.

His thoughts were broken as he rounded the corner and smashed into something. On his back, he looked up to see a large naked and hairless man wearing a rubber troll mask. On closer inspection he was well muscled and tan except for where he seemed to usually wear a Speedo. The skin color there was a pale white. His junk was pretty large, but strange as he only seemed to have one ball which looked twice the normal size. It was only when Robert was looking between his legs that he noticed the white pedestal behind the man. Tilting his head to see around the man's leg, he saw a manikins head with a set of dog ears on it.

"Kid, either suck me or give me your amulet."

Robert grimaced and pulled the amulet free from his wrist before offering it to the man. The man accepted it and helped him to his feet before giving him a slap on the butt which he ignored. Jerking the dog ears off the manikin, he placed them on his own head. They squeezed his head a little like a tight helmet. The ears acquired, he turned and retraced his steps until he came across the split again and went the other way.

Rounding the corner he came across another man. This one was without a mask and had the word "Guardian" written in bright orange letters on his chest.

"You're in last place, mate. Best hurry up."

Glancing down at the man's member he saw this one hadn't shaved, having a thick bush of brown hair above his crotch and sparse hairs on his balls. The man was partially erect and all Robert thought about that was it would take him longer to get by. Taking the organ in his hand he pulled back the foreskin and paused. "I just have to get you off, right?"

"Can't let you pass till you do." The man answered even as his organ grew.

Robert smiled to himself and squeezed the man's dick several times to make it engorge faster. As it became like steel in his hand, he swallowed the man's little head without warning, letting his tongue flick across the underside before running up the little slit. With his hand on the hot shaft, the man arched his back pushing more of his shaft into Roberts's accepting mouth. It filled him like his coach's did. He tilted his head slightly and pushed his tongue against the underside of the man shaft trying to fle his tongue. The pre-cum started and then came the liquid that he was so accustomed to.

The man grunted and thrust deeper into his throat, causing Robert to gag and pullback. A second load struck him in the cheek and throat. It was warm and he tried to wipe off some of it before wiping it on the wall.

"Sorry," the man said sheepishly as he stepped aside. "I was just expecting a hand job." Robert stepped around the man not saying a word, but couldn't help smiling. He liked surprising people.

He picked a path and started running. Up ahead, Akira stepped out from an offshoot looking as frustrated as he felt. They both paused and stared at each other for a moment before the younger of them spoke. "Did you just get here? I think I got turned around."

"I'm not telling you," Robert said noticing the boy's white tail.

There was a moment of silence when neither of them moved and then Akira spoke again, grinning. "I know where there is another tail."

"You going to tell me?" Robert asked approaching the younger boy. He could see the kid still had his amulet and was sweating.

"You going to answer my question?" Akira repeated.

"You first," Robert said wondering if he should tell the truth or not.

Akira looked at him apparently trying to make a decision. "If you lie, I'll tell everyone else."

"Fine, but I'm doing the same."

The kid pointed the way he had come. "Down here and to the right, it's in an offshoot."

Robert nodded. "I just got here," he gestured his over his shoulder, "Back and to the left."

With that said, they went in opposite directions. Robert shot down the corridor and Akira went down the corridor that Robert had been in. He followed the boy's directions and just as he had said, in a little alcove was another pedestal, this time with a tail and a bottle of Super Slick lubricant. He recognized the bottle as it was the type his coach bought.

Approaching the pedestal, he picked up the tail and saw that a string went into the open bottle. Curiously he pulled it free discovering several small balls were attached to the string. They started out larger than his thumbnail and were reduced by half each time there was another one. They were covered in the lubricant and he immediately understood how it worked.

Robert lay on his back until he was almost on his shoulders and his feet were resting against the wall. When he looked up between his legs he saw a camera mounted overhead and immediately realized why it was there. Ignoring it he picked up the tail and tried to get the first ball between his cheeks and in the general direction of his ass hole. He used his other two fingers to spread his cheeks and when he felt the first ball come in contact, heused his hand to guide it to his whole. Trying to relax, he pushed it in a little before grabbing the next ball and pushing it against the first. The sensation was kind of weird. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but as he pushed them in further, it kind of tickled and was making him hard.

Once the fifth and last one was in, he swung his legs down and the sudden impact with the ground against his bottom sent a jolt through his body. Rolling onto his side he tried to catch his breath for a minute and absentmindedly tried to wipe the lubricant off by rubbing his fingers against the mat. That got most of it off, but there was a thin layer left behind. When he started to sit up, he could still feel the five little balls inside him. When Robert started to run it was really noticeable, it kind of felt like having Dave's dick in him, which wasn't an unpleasant thought.

Unfortunately, that started to make him hard and without any waistband to tuck it under, his erection was uncomfortable as it flopped back and forth. Then an idea hit him and he retraced his steps heading back to the bottle of lubricant. He had always wanted to do this.

He picked up the bottle of lubricant and turned it upside down before pushing the bottle down onto it. Lubricant oozed out as it surrounded his cock in a tight, but giving mass. It was incredible, but his dick's tip hit the bottom of the bottle just short of engulfing his full-length. As he twisted the bottle a large gob fell out, hitting the ground right between his feet. When he pulled it free his member was covered in a semi-clear substance. Dropping the bottle he used his right hand to start stroking himself wishing Dave was there.

The feeling was bizarre as his hand slipped over his erection like a piston in a souped up sports cars engine. The orgasm was enough to bring him to his knees and even after he became soft he was reluctant to pull his hand free. Remembering the competition, Robert climbed to his feet and started jogging instead of running wiping his lube covered hand along the wall as he went.

Remembering which way Akira went, he retraced his steps and went down the same path. He came across another guard and repeated his first performance. The next section was thoroughly baffling and he felt like he was just walking around in circles. He came across two ogres. The first had already captured someone and judging by the boy's skin color it was Lauro. The second one would've seen him if he had turned around, but fortunately he was preoccupied with watching what his ogre buddy getting blown by the captured boy.

It took him 10 minutes to find the dog paws and when he put them on they felt like oven mits. He had to pull the second one on with his teeth. He started to wander around again. He was just starting to wish he could rip down some walls when he rounded a corner and saw the exit. There was no guard this time, but simply an exit that had a painted on dog house that he had to crouch to get under.

Through the hole, he saw a banner with finish line printed on it. There were several people standing next to it. From the corner of his eye, he saw someone else emerging from another hole and he panicked. Suddenly, he was afraid that he was about to be in last place and he started to run.


Josh had never heard of Darwin, Australia until he had landed there. They had gone on a historical tour and the only thing he could remember from it was that they had been bombed by the Japanese. Well, he did remember that it was technically winter here or the dry season as it was called. At 27C in the morning, though, he found it pretty comfortable not wearing clothing.

They had been told a lot more, but his mind wasn't really paying attention. He kept thinking about Nick and their last talk just before he left. Josh had walked into the infirmary room one last time to see Nick, who was sitting on his bed looking like he had just been told that a truckload of puppies had been hit by a train.

"You okay?" Josh asked freezing in the doorway.

Nick nodded, but he didn't look up and he pulled his knees closer into his chin.

Josh took the three steps to the bed and sat down. "You suck at lying. What's up?" Nick muttered something into his knees and Josh leaned in and said, "Yeah, what was that?"

"I'm not going home," Nick said much louder.

For a second, he didn't know what to say. Was Nick refusing to leave or was he simply saying he wasn't going home. "Well, yeah. You're going to my place. You talked to my parents, remember? You said they seemed nice. They are." That was something he was starting to really realize now. The more he thought about it, the more astonished he was.

"My mom isn't going to be there. She didn't even call. She really doesn't like me."

"Her loss," Josh said quickly. "I like you and my parents like you. We see you're special." He had hoped that would make the younger boy smile, but he just seemed to ignore him.

"What's wrong with me?" Nick asked. "Why doesn't she love me?"

Josh tried to think of a lie or at least a nice way to say what he really thought. Unfortunately, he couldn't. "I don't know. Maybe something's wrong with her because I like you and I don't know why anyone wouldn't."

"My mom is never going to care about me, is she?"

"I don't know," Josh said. "I know I care for you. So it's not something that's wrong with you." He didn't usually talk like this, but with Nick, things just kind of came out.

"I'm scared."

"It'll be okay." Josh had a thought that might distract the kid. "Listen, I have some money between my mattresses. Go buy something that you like with it. That's going to be our room so you should have something you like there." Part of his mind couldn't believe he was just giving away his stash of money. It was only a little over 200 dollars, but it was what he had saved up.

"Really?" Nick seemed to brighten at that. "You're just giving it to me?"

Seeing the younger kid happy made the money seem like a small sacrifice. "Yeah, and when I win, I will buy you something big. Whatever you want, it's yours."

He seemed to give it some serious thought for a second and said, "What about bunk beds? I always wanted to sleep on top of one."

Josh laughed and said, "Sure, bunk beds. I kind of want those too." He didn't add that he hadn't thought of them since he was seven.

Nick had hugged him unexpectedly and he had hugged back. The kid was warm and nice. Josh thought jokingly to himself that the only time Nick was going to be on top was when he was in his bunk bed. A few minutes later, they had filmed his sendoff. He guessed it was sort of fake, but no one complained. Akira hadn't said anything to him since Nick had left which had left him unsure about their alliance. Then again alliances didn't matter anymore.

Josh had tried to close out his mind and not think about Nick. When he entered the maze he jerked and sucked as needed, having so much cum covering his chest and chin he could've made a billion babies. He didn't care. Josh just wanted to get through this and with the paws on his hands he slipped through the doggie door only to see someone else running for the finish line. Frighteningly, they pulled ahead of him. He dug deep, trying to find a reserve of energy to cover the last 20 meters. Diving over the finish line, he started coughing. His throat hurt as did his butt from where the tail was implanted Then he heard the host announce.

"We'll have to go to the replay to see who came in third and who came in fourth in that exciting photo finish."


You learn something new every day, Ryan thought as he leaned into his office chair, back on the plane. Today, he had learned two things - 43 minutes to complete the Blue Beast probably meant it was too large. He had also learned that Akira had quite the mouth on him. The kid had let out a string of curses when he learned he was in last place. Ryan had no trouble with the English or French words, but the third language seemed to be Japanese. At least that's what it sounded like.

He really couldn't fault the kid. Apparently his family had been putting a lot of pressure on him and losing by a minute and a half would seem a bit unfair especially since he had been waylaid by two different ogres. That's how it was sometimes though and once he had let all his frustration out, he had been surprisingly calm. It would play out interestingly on screen, if nothing else. Most of the time, the kid had seemed so calm that his uncharacteristic outburst would shock the audience. It was one of those things that you just couldn't script. The kid had even looked embarrassed afterwards.

The boys were now showered and dressed and the new goodbye ceremony had them all lined up shaking Akira's hand who was again being very polite. He even asked Josh for his e-mail address so they could, as Akira said, "stay friends."

Then Akira walked up to him and couldn't look him in the eye as he started the interview. "Well, it looks like you just had bad luck Akira. Losing your amulet early on and then running into those two ogres. No one can say you didn't try."

"I tried my hardest," Akira said quietly.

Ryan smiled not unsympathetically. "That you did. So what did you think of competing?"

This time the boy hesitated and slowly smiled. "It was fun. I got to see a lot of stuff and I think I made some good friends. I just wish I didn't have to go."

"Well, you were a good competitor. What do you think you'll do when you get home? Have any big plans for the rest of the summer?"

"Not really."

"Well, try to have some fun," Ryan said, patting him on the shoulder. "Your first class seat is waiting for you."


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