Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes sexual acts between boys and men and boys on boys so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! However if you do, I appreciate feedback.

Sexing For A Million


Odd Team: Robert, David.

Even Team: Josh, Lauro.


Robert joined the other remaining contestants when the four pizzas arrived around the table. There were two thin crust pizzas and two thick crusts. "Thin crust or thick crust, which is better?" Robert asked as he took a piece of the thin crust.

"It's all the same to me," Dave said taking a piece from the square pizza.

"I usually like round pizza, but this one is paper thin. I bet I could shove a whole piece in my mouth."Josh said from the other side of the table.

Robert grinned, "I dare you."

Josh looked at him and smiled before dropping his half eaten slice on his plate and picking up another. Tilting his head back he lowered the triangular slice of pizza slowly. When it reached the halfway point Josh snapped the crust in half and forced the last little in with his fingers. When he looked down his mouth was full and his cheeks were bulged out like a squirrel. Robert and Dave both started laughing as Josh tried to chew the mass in his mouth.

With effort the redhead swallowed with his eyes tearing up. "Told you."

"Yeah, but I'm not sure if all of it was in your mouth the whole time." Robert said grinning as Josh flipped him off.

"This pizza is pretty good though," Dave announced. "Kind of reminds me of this one place near my house only it's a little more crunchy."

"We've got this pizza place where I live," Josh started, "that says they can put anything on it you want. I asked for ice cream once, that wasn't a good idea."

"I once had pizza with crocodile on it," Dave chimed in. "It wasn't bad. It tasted sort of like chicken, but I think I prefer pepperoni."

"Pepperoni's the best," Robert confirmed before glancing at the fourth member who was quietly nibbling at a square piece. "What about you Lauro? What do you like on your pizza?"

Lauro had been keeping to himself and there was definitely some residual bad blood between him and Josh. A part of him thought this was probably good and maybe he should try to make the situation worse, but it just wasn't in him. He knew reality shows were supposed to thrive on that sort of thing, but to pick on Lauro kind of felt like kicking a puppy.

"I've only had cheese pizza before. This is a lot better than the stuff they serve at my school."

"You've only had school pizza?" Dave asked surprised.

Lauro shrugged "My mom says fast food is overpriced."

"Pizza isn't fast food," Robert countered. "It's a treat. My family orders it every Saturday."

"Well, I never had it outside of school."

"So you've never had fast food?" Dave questionned.

The dark skinned boy shook his head. "Never."

The silence that fell was a little uncomfortable. Robert couldn't take the silence and said, "Let's play a game."

"Like what?" Josh asked. "I think there are a few four-person player games over there," he nodded towards the turned off TV.

"No, let's play something different. How about Truth or Dare?" Robert suggested.

The three spoke all at once.

"I don't know," Dave complained.

"That's dumb," Josh said.

"I never played it before," Lauro responded.

"Oh, come on guys. It's a way we could get to know each other a little more. We could even make it Ultimate Truth or Dare so we can't gang up on anyone."

"Ultimate?" Josh question sounding interested.

"Yeah," Robert said making it up on the fly. We each write down a question we want to ask everyone and then we write down a dare below it. We mix them up and then one of the draws. They read the question and anyone who doesn't want to answer or can't answer the question, has to do the dare. It's fun."Actually he had no idea if it was fun or not.

"We couldn't dare to do something dangerous right?" Dave asked.

"No, just stuff." Robert clarified.

Josh was gnawing on his lower lip. "All right, one round at least."

"What type of questions?" Lauro asked.

"Anything you want, but don't ask anything dumb like what your favorite color is. Just something you would want to know or at least embarrassing."Robert said getting up and getting a pen and a pad of paper that was kept by the TV for scorekeeping. He tore a sheet free for everyone and wrote his question down first before handing the pen to Dave. When all four had written their question in there, he told them to fold the paper in half and put them in the center of the table. Robert mix them up, but try to keep his eye on his.

"I'll go first," and before anyone could object he snatched a piece of paper only to discover it wasn't his once he opened it. "Alright here's the question. Of the four of us if you couldn't win, who would you want to win?" He shrugged, "For me it's Dave."

"For me it's Robert," Dave said smiling at him.

"I don't know," Josh said.

"Josh," Lauro said without hesitation.

Josh looked over at the younger kid who seemed to shrink in his chair. "Why me?"

"Because I picked one of your friends to go," Lauro said almost shrinking below the table.

"No side questions," Robert interrupted. "So Josh your dare is..."

"Hey, I answered," Josh objected.

"No," Dave jumped in, "you couldn't answer. You said I don't know."

For a second Josh looked like he was about to argue and Robert knew that would end the game before it started but then Josh's scowl turned into a sheepish grin. "All right."

Robert smiled and relieved said, "You have to suck on everyone else's big toe." He started chuckling as he read the last three words.

Dave was grinning and even Lauro was smiling at the look of surprise on Josh's face. "Fine, socks off," the redhead commanded.

Everyone peeled off their socks and in sat so their feet were sticking out as Josh knelt on the floor. Josh started with him removing a piece of lint before grabbing his heel and putting Roberts to win his mouth. Robert felt the second of suction that sort of tickled, but it was over with before he really felt anything other than a slightly warm sensation. The other toe was over just as quickly and then Josh was on the Dave who giggled like he had. Lauro was last and just sort of smiled.

Josh stuck out his tongue in disgust when he was done and took a long swig from his cup of soda before announcing, "Disgusting."

"At least they didn't say for a count of 10 or something," Robert suggested.

Josh made a disgusted face and said, "My turn," and grabbed a piece of paper. He squinted for second and said, "What are you going to do with the prize money? Is that the ten thousand or million?"

"The million," Dave responded quickly enough to make Robert suspect he had written the question. "The ten thousand is just for participating and I'm going to pay off my family's debts and anything left over goes into a college fund."

"I'm giving it to my parents," Lauro answered.

"Spend it," Robert said."

Everyone looked over at Josh who seemed to hesitate. "I don't want to answer."

"Hey, Lauro," Dave said clearly nudging the younger boy under the table. "I don't think Robert really answered the question what about you?"

The dark skinned boy seemed confused for a second before comprehension dawned. "Yeah."

"Meanies," Robert said not really wanting to argue with them. "So what do we have to do, Josh?"

"Kiss someone we've never kissed before."

Robert stood and leaned over the table gesturing for Josh to do the same and they both picked each other on the lips.

"You go next, Lauro." Robert said sitting down and wondering where exactly his question had disappeared too.

The youngest boy grabbed the closest piece of paper and unfolded it. He frowned for a second. "Are you gay?"

"Yeah," Robert answered immediately glad to see his question.

"Me too," Josh said.

Robert turned towards the other two boys waiting for their answers. After a moment Dave shrugged, "I don't know."

"I don't think so," Lauro said.

Dave's answer was disappointing, but Robert was surprised by Lauro. Given that the kid could see what he would have to do, well he would've lied. "What's the dare?" He wasn't sure, but Lauro might be blushing.

"Put an ice cube up your butt for a minute."

Josh's cough sounded suspiciously like a laugh.

"Is that safe?" Dave question.

"I think we've all had bigger things than an ice cube up there by now," Robert said helpfully. "A little lube and it should be all right. I'll go get some." Standing he ran to his room all the time thinking how funny this was going to be.

Running back he smiled and announced, "Pants down."

"This was your idea, wasn't it Robert?" Dave asked as he stood up and started to pull his pants down.

"In Ultimate Truth or Dare you aren't supposed to tell that." He tried not to smile. It was fun to make the rules up as you went along.

"Yeah," Dave said laying over the seat of his chair. "You ever do this before?"

"No," Robert said fishing out an ice cube from the bucket. "Should be funny though."

Dave made a sound of disagreement as he reach back to spread his butt cheeks. Robert dipped the ice cube deep and knelt down. When the ice cube first touched Dave's hole it contracted, but then relaxed. Robert used his own fingers to widen the hole a little and then just pushed the ice cube in. It went in surprisingly easily, but almost instantly Dave's leg shot out stiffening and he let out a kind of cry as his buttocks clinched. His hands started rubbing back and forth across his cheeks as Robert started to count. As Robert reach 60 David darted for the bathroom.

Lauro's smile faded when Robert gestured for him to drop his pants, but he did so. He was starting to think the younger boy was a bit weird. Only eating school pizza and answering a question honestly even though he knew what he would have to do. Well, maybe he wanted an ice cube up his butt and that would make him really weird Robert thought. Dave got back just in time to see Lauro jumping around the room his pants around his ankles and his dick flopping all around.

Dave grabbed the last piece of paper once Lauro made a short trip to the bathroom and read out loud, "Do you like the stuff we do on the show?"

Robert grimaced at the lame question. "It depends on the event. I mean I had some fun in the maze and a couple of the other events were like okay this is weird and sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's not. I don't like losing, but that strip show and wrestling was kind of fun. That food thing was just weird and I don't think I would do it again, but it was all right. Just weird or just there."

"I hated wrestling," Lauro chimed in. "That Cowboys and Indians thing though, that was kind of fun. The maze started out as fun, but I got angry at it towards the end." He looked down embarrassed, "Actually, I don't like when they put stuff up there."

"Then why didn't you lie last time? You could've just said no." Robert said forgetting his rule about side questions.

"That would've been against the rules," Lauro said looking directly at him as if lying had never occurred to him.

"I'm not sure if I liked anything are not," Josh said. "I mean I was kind of really focusing on winning and really didn't think about was having fun or not. I think I enjoyed the strip show, but most of the events are sort of just out there. I guess that food thing was kind of fun just because it was so weird. Kind of like the first time you go on an amusement park ride. Fun the first time but only the really good ones are fun the second time."

"Yeah," Dave said. "The stripping one was sort of fun and the maze, but most of them are just sort of like okay were going to do this now."

"That's because you always get the fat guys," Robert said just before getting punched in the arm by Dave for his comment. Everyone sort of laughed nervously.

"Did any of us answer?" Josh asked.

Robert smiled and asked, "What's the dare?"

Dave glanced down at the paper. "Lick the table."

Robert considered for a moment and then leaned over and licked the tabletop. One by one everyone in the group did the same. "Another round?"

No one disagreed. When the pen was handed around again Robert considered what he would write before having a great idea. He crossed out the question and the dare and wrote under them one he was pretty sure no one could answer and he would deny answering. He then wrote the dare.

He doubted anyone knew the name of their first anal partner and he would say he didn't want to answer. That meant they would all be getting naked and staying that way for the remainder of the game.


Seeing the glaciers in Argentina had required a little persuading. They had needed special permission to have a helicopter fly them into Parque Nacional Los Glaciares to see the glaciers in the allotted time. The boys had loved the ride and the glacier. They had a picnic with one of them insight. That was a money shot there. The truth or dare game they had played on the planes had seemingly relaxed some of the tension in the group. Ryan wasn't really too concerned since editing switched things around easily enough.

Unfortunately, the construction for the next set had been delayed because of a rainstorm and to get things back on schedule he would have to pay overtime. Instead of having the boys simply sit around on the plane for an extra day, though, Edward had arranged a visit to a petting zoo. That had provided a funny moment where Lauro had foolishly put animal feed in his pocket and was quickly overwhelmed by several young lamas. Little Lauro had to be rescued and nearly lost his pants.

That had been yesterday and today their number would be drawn to three. Rising before dawn, which wasn't too hard considering how screwed up his internal clock was, Ryan had inspected the obstacle course himself. It was a big investment, but he hoped he could modify it for next season's use. That of course assuming there would be another season. Yeah, the Nick situation had not blown up yet. He tried to squash the little pessimist in him.

When the boys showed up driven by Edward he told them to get properly undressed. This time around that meant, a helmet, mouth guard and shoes that were nonslip. He didn't like covering up their cute toes, but the last thing the show needed was one of them slipping and breaking something.

Having them lined up he began as the little red light turned on. "Welcome back. The boys have enjoyed the beauty of Argentina and are ready for the next round of competition. This time it's going to be an obstacle course with a twist." Here they would start panning over the obstacles as he described each of them.

There were actually four courses but each was identical to each other. At the end of each there was an island about 3 m in the air where the last two obstacles would be. The camera started at the beginning where there were five inflated condoms. "Now condoms are not supposed to break, but neither are they meant to be inflated to past porn star size. Each boy will have to pop five of these things and be careful they're pre-lubricated." Ryan didn't think there was any point in adding they were originally the kid sized ones.

"After that they'll have to climb Dildo Wall." This was exactly what the name implied. The wall had dozens of hard dildo sticking out of it of different lengths and colors. "Once they climb the wall, to a run down Squirt Alley." This was roughly 10 m. run. The squirt part of the name was provided by the dozen penis shapedlike objects on the wall that would squirt milk as the contestants ran past.

"From there it's a ride down the slide and a jump onto the raft. That'll take you across the raging river." The water was not deep, but it was already churning in addition to several garden hoses shooting water into it. The rafts were actually inflatable male sex dolls. "If they fall off the raft it's back to the beginning."

"Once they cross successfully, it's a climb up the cargo net and a swing over to the island. Where they will have to jerk off the dick and then sit on the dildo to ring the bell." The dick was sticking out of a hole so the man it was connected to couldn't be seen.

He made sure he was smiling at the camera as it should cut back to him at this point. "A simple little obstacle course with our show's unique twists." The camera shut off and he explained the obstacle course to the kids again, but this time emphasizing the padding and that if they needed help out of the water it would be there. With no questions he told the boys to pick a course and with a blast from an airborne mounted on top of the island the race began.


Robert had enjoyed the last few days. Ever since his little game any sort of felt like they had all become friends. Maybe it was just because the group was so small now you couldn't really avoid each other anymore. Josh wasn't a bad guy and Lauro was quiet, but really nice if a bit shy. Through the game they had all warned that Lauro was pretty much the only one who had not partnered off with someone at some point. Robert really didn't think the Oliver thing had really counted. His offer of a threesome had been turned down by the boy however.

He was hesitant to call them all friends now, but he certainly like them. It had made the extra day of waiting more fun. There was a part of him that just sort of wanted to stop and enjoy hanging out. However, like his coach said life wasn't fair. So he took his place at the beginning of the obstacle course and wondered how you were supposed to pop a condom even if it was 50 times its usual size.

The air horn went off and he jumped on the first condom trying to sit on it. The expanded condom shot out from between his legs flying up in front of him. Quickly grabbing it with his arms, he squeezed it tight, wrapping his arms and legs around this time. It refused to pop and he rolled over on top of it rocking back and forth on it and it slipped away again. Grinding his teeth against his mouthguard he grabbed the thing again and pulled it towards him. Laying on his back and he held the condom tightly with his legs, trying to rip through it by using his fingers. After a few seconds of struggling he poked a hole through and things started to deflate. Crawling over he grabbed another one and repeated the process until all five looked like three-day-old party balloons.

Rolling to his feet he raced towards the wall of dildos. He had been to indoor rock climbing walls before, but this was a lot easier. There were so many handholds that he was up and over in less than 5 seconds and running down Squirt Alley. Whatever the stuff the mounted dicks were shooting out it wasn't sperm and it was cold. One jet of the stuff hit him across his back and his legs multiple times. It probably made him go down the slide faster because when he hit the bottom, he had to roll and nearly fell into the water.

Looking at the raft he almost laughed. The inflatable man had his mouth in an O-shape making him look surprised. He also had a stupid mustache. Judging by the rocking of the waves he jumped trying to land on the raft and it immediately flipped out from under him sending him under the cold water. He could feel the waves of water above him even as his feet and hand touched the bottom. Standing he surfaced nearly colliding with a man who was offering him a hand up. By the time he was pulled out of the water his proof of boyhood had shrunk.

Determined not to repeat his first dunk he was more careful this time. Instead of jumping he crouched and when the wave was low he dove onto the doll wrapping his arms and legs around it. Robert felt it tipping to the side and he kicked out with both of his legs. That seemed to counter the tipping motion and he squeezed so tightly that he could feel the plastic on the backside pressing against the front. The raft started to move forward and he buried his face in the man's neck as waves and water splashed over him. When the waves became less violent and he didn't feel like he was moving anymore he looked up to see it reach the far end.

The cargo net was the next obstacle. His foot slipped halfway up and it took him a minute to get climbing again. The rope swing was waiting there for him in this he looked over to the island he saw Lauro already sitting in his dildo with the light above him. Without consciously thinking about it he remembered the kid didn't like when things went up there so coming in first must kind of suck. He swung over and just fell on the island the thick padding cushioning his fall.

When he stood he saw Josh preparing to sit on his dildo and he rushed over to the white box with the dick sticking out. He grabbed it and started yanking fast. From the corner of Robert's eyes he saw Dave land on the island. A moment later the man erupted shooting white lava into the air before landing on his knuckles. He headed for the dildo, but as he was turning around to sit down on it he realized he would be eliminating Dave. He didn't know why that thought came to him now, but it froze him.

Glancing across the island he saw Lauro's back as rigid as a pole. Lauro really wanted to win. Robert glanced over at Dave still trying to go as fast as he could desperate to win. Suddenly he felt like curling up into a ball as something that was worse than pregame jitters washed over him. He suddenly realized he didn't want to play anymore. He didn't want to knock out his friend. He stared at the dildo covered in lubricant and then glanced back over at Dave who had just finished up. Dave quickly ran over, but saw him standing there. He stopped and looked at him. Robert gestured for him to go on. His friend hesitated, but after a second continued on and impaled himself. The air horn went off again.

The drive back was uncomfortable for Robert mostly because Dave wasn't looking at him. When they arrived back at the plane the other two and Edward stepped out and it was only then Dave turned to him. "Why did you do that?" His friend demanded.

Robert shrugged not really sure how to answer.

"You let me win." Dave said. "You've got eliminated."

"I didn't want to eliminate you," Robert said.

"So I had to eliminate you!"

Robert flinched. "Yeah, but you won't lose your house."

Dave scowled at him, but then looked away. "Is that why you did it? I thought you wanted the money."

"I did," Robert hesitated, "but you wanted it more. I just wanted it for myself but you want to help your family and I didn't want you to lose it. You're my friend."

"So you lost because we are friends?" Dave questioned.

"Yeah, I guess." He wanted to say that his Coach had an idea how they could make some money, but he wasn't supposed to tell anyone.

Dave looked up at him and then leaned over and kissed him. Robert's stomach felt like it was doing flip-flops even though it was just a peck. It felt good though. When day broke the kiss he said, "We can call each other right?"

"Yeah," Robert said not feeling bad at all about losing.

He packed his stuff and they did the goodbye ceremony. Instead of shaking Dave's hand he gave him a French kiss that left both of them blushing. He stopped for the interview right where he was supposed to. Ryan gave him a smile.

"So, I would say you lost but you seem to have thrown the match. Care to tell us why?"

Robert shrugged. Telling Dave had felt important, but here it just seems pointless. "I didn't want to eliminate Dave."

"You gave up the chance of winning a million dollars just so you didn't have to eliminate your friend? You must really like him."

Robert shrugged, but got nudged. "I guess."He was starting to feel like what he had done was stupid and he didn't want that.

"Well, what did you think of the show?"

Glad for the change of subject Robert answered. "Well, being on the show is a lot more fun than just watching it. It's weird, but I think I made some friends and I definitely had some fun."

"Any plans for the rest of the summer?"

"Video games, TV, sex and not necessarily in that order." He grinned trying to say it in the same tone as Coach said it.

"Good luck with that. You're first-class plane trip is waiting on you."

Robert smiling took one last glance at Dave who smiled back. Robert gave him a thumbs up and headed down the stairs.


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