Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes sexual acts between boys and men and boys on boys so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! However if you do, I appreciate feedback.

Sexing For A Million


Odd Team: Robert

Even Team: Josh, Lauro.


Ryan sighed as he settled back in his chair. Since Robert's departure, the footage from the boys had become so vanilla that it was mostly useless. They played video games, watched TV and had conversations about nothing. It wasn't that he had not prepared for this. Usually when they got down to the final three, the boys either had an alliance collapsing around them or they just sort of hung out. The first situation could provide some tear jerking moments while the second was just boring. He had hoped that the considerably more confined space this season would spark a little more action, but no luck.

Previous seasons had prepared him for this however and with this season, the filler content would be easy. Japan was the last country they would be visiting before the finals. Ryan had a soft spot in his heart for the country. The birthplace of Shotacon had always had a pull on him even when he was a kid. When he started his show it had been quickly picked up in Japan and was a big hit. It took the number one slot for non-English speaking countries easily and had even inspired a few ripoffs that for whatever reason had never quite taken off.

Repaying the country by having a stopover was the least he could do, but when he had gone to do the preliminary work, he quickly found that walking the streets of Tokyo became a problem. He was recognized. That didn't even happen in Canada or least if he was recognized, the people didn't bring attention to him. To his surprise however, in Japan he was a bit of a minor celebrity. Ryan had even been more surprised to find doujinshi of the show's previous seasons for sale where such things were sold. He knew that was a legal battle not worth fighting though. In one interview he had politely asked that the creators of such material not use the actual likenesses of the boys, but he wasn't exactly sure how effective his plea had been.

Yes, the show was big in Japan and particularly Tokyo. For the sake of simplicity, he had decided not to place an episode in Tokyo. Instead, he decided to place it in Kyushu which was the third-largest island and the most southern of the four main islands. Precisely, they would be going to Fukuoka Prefecture and for once they would be going all out. They would even be staying at a traditional inn. Ryan smiled to himself. This was going to be good.


Lauro rested his head against the glass window of the van. His mom hated when he did that, but the glass felt so cool and he was still hot from the Hot Spring this morning. Japan was weird, at least when it came to bathing. You were supposed to wash before getting in the Hot Spring. He never scrubbed himself before jumping in the public pool and the Hot Spring they had visited seemed a lot more like a small pool than anything else.

Still, overall he had been having a good time. They had arrived late the first day and had been rushed off the plane which was unusual. They had been taken to a tall tower so they could overlook the city and then to the museum where they had been shown a lot of weird art while being told a lot of stuff he really couldn't remember. Lauro hadn't liked that too much, but the next day they had gone to an amusement park where he had experienced his first roller coaster, quickly followed by his second. That had been simultaneously thrilling and terrifying. He would've made it a hat trick, but he was too short for the third one. There had been a few other rides, like a trip to Mars and a journey through a black hole, which had been fun along with his first visit to an IMAX theater. By that point he really didn't care to listen to the translator because he had been so simply floored by everything.

From there they had gone to an old Shinto Temple where they were performing some ceremony. Lauro had dozed off only to be nudged awake at one point. The final thing they had done was watch a junior sumo wrestling tournament where kids, some as young as 3 and others as old as 13, had competed. That had actually been kind of weird since for a change, he was one of the more clothed kids.

After that, they had retired to a traditional inn as it was described to them. That meant no beds or even a private bathroom for their room. Still, he had slept well simply from being so tired. This morning, they had gone to the Hot Spring again and then told they were heading off to their next elimination round in the van.

He was scared since he had no idea where they were going or what they would be doing. Neither Dave nor Josh talked as they drove, but the three of them had been pretty quiet with each other. Lauro thought of trying to start a conversation, but he didn't know how. So they just rode in silence. They were outside of the city driving along some country road surrounded by trees on either side.

"There it is," Edward said gesturing forward.

Like the other two, Lauro leaned forward and was a little disappointed to see a two-story, white building. The maze had been cool and the obstacle course had been different, but this was kind of boring.

"What is it?" Josh asked.

"You know I can't tell you," Edward said as they started to pull up the long driveway.

Before they could speculate, they were out of the van and being told to line up on the grass in front of the building. Lauro glanced behind him one last time, suddenly wishing he could read Japanese since he was sure the sign would tell exactly what this place was. Then they were shooting and he tried not to fidget, like he had been told. It was a windy day today, and the host had to start his monologue a second time when a leaf hit him in the head causing all three of them to laugh. Once they heard what this place was and what they were supposed to do, though, they didn't find that funny at all.

"What!" Josh exclaimed interrupting Ryan.

"Cut," Ryan shouted before turning around. "Is there a problem?"

Lauro flinched at the tone. The man was not shouting, but just like with his father, the tone said it all.

"Yeah," Josh complained, "a test? It's stupid. You didn't say anything about a test."

"Josh, calm down," Ryan said, his tone switching to soothing. "Why don't you let me explain the whole thing and then we can talk about it, okay?"

Josh shifted, clearly agitated. Lauro wondered why.

"Japan is a very big market for this show and in Japan tests are big. It's something that would appeal to our demographic in Japan at least."

"Demographic?" He repeated the word carefully. "What does that mean?"

Ryan glanced over and smiled, "It means a particular group. Usually certain shows target certain audiences. Like teenagers or 18 to 34-year-olds. My show is kind of unique. Our audience is largely male, but age wise it's all over the map."

"Still," Josh complained, his pale skin now red as a tomato.

"It's not like it's going to be a real test with pen and paper," Ryan said. "It's going to be like a game show. You will be dressed in school uniforms and as you answer,you will remove your clothing every time you get an answer right and the winner is the first to stick the dildo up their butt.

"What?" Dave asked his eyebrows raising.

Ryan smiled, showing off his teeth. "Well, let's not forget the nature of the show. All right?"

Josh nodded and they started shooting again. This time it went off without a hitch and they were let inside. It took Lauro about 30 seconds to realize that they were going into a school. The classrooms were empty, but it was definitely a school. They were led to an auditorium where they changed into school uniforms - long black pants, white T-shirt and a black jacket and shoes.

There were three stools on stage and they each took one. They were then mixed around by Ryan before being handed a little buzzer that connected to a light under the stool. It was weird, but that pretty much describes the show. Lauro was just starting to wonder what type of questions there would be when the hair and makeup person descended on them.

Lauro had come to hate her. His hair was naturally curly and long and without his mom to brush it, it was getting knotted. The makeup was just some stuff that he didn't really notice. Then they just sat and waited. Brian disappeared from a while and pointed out a piece of tape that they were supposed to stand on when removing their clothing.

Then Ryan came back in wearing a tuxedo with his hair slicked back. He had a microphone in hand and talked to Edward for a minute before coming on stage with them.

"Everyone ready?" Ryan asked ,and when they each nodded, said "Good, sit up straight and let's begin."

Lauro did as he was told and listened as Ryan began again. He guessed the man was doing his best imitation of a game show host, like those shows where you had to guess the price or something. Then, he ran through the rules which they had already heard. Then Ryan turned to them and said, "All right, let's begin. I hope you were paying attention on all those tours."

Lauro tried to swallow the lump down his throat.

The first question was asked and to his astonishment, his finger pressed the button and he shouted the answer, Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa.

"You are correct," Ryan said expansively. "Leonardo da Vinci did paint the Mona Lisa. The dimensions of the painting are 77 cm by 53 cm, a size that surprises many viewers.

Lauro grinned to himself, maybe this wouldn't be so hard. He approached the small piece of tape on stage where they were supposed to take off their clothing. The first piece to be removed was just his shoes, but he had to stand on his toes and spin around as the cameras filmed his stocking clad feet. It was weird, and he was glad when he could go back to his stool. The next question was,"Where is the Mona Lisa housed?" Lauro blanked on this one, but Robert didn't.

"The Musée du Louvre," Robert shouted, pronouncing the French words perfectly.

Lauro watched the other boy take off his shoes and frowned. Robert was smart, he knew that. Robert would probably know the answers to all of the questions, so he would just have to be quicker than Robert even if he didn't know the answers for certain. The next question was about the Taj Mahal and he clicked on his button even before the question was finished being asked. To his surprise the delay didn't go off at first and he clicked again and again. Ryan stopped asking the question the second his light lit up. Luckily, he remembered that the Taj Mahal was actually a tomb, and he got to remove his socks.

With the next question, he did the same thing and it was only then he realized the light would only go off after Ryan stopped asking the question. He was so excited, he almost laughed when he realized what he had to do. Even before the question was finished, he would start clicking on his button and he would always ring in first. However, just because he was the first to ring in, didn't mean he always knew the answer. Still, having first crack at it pulled him into the lead.

Soon he was naked and Lauro could tell that Josh was eyeing him suspiciously. Still, by this point, he had too much of a lead and when the last question was asked, he grinned ear to ear, knowing the answer.

"The four main islands of Japan are Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, and?" Ryan left the sentence unfinished.

Lauro rang in and shouted, "Honshu!"

"You are correct!" Ryan said smiling broadly. Honshu is the largest of the four main islands. You certainly paid attention Lauro. Congratulations, claim your dildo."

It took Lauro a second to realize that he'd made it to the finals against all odds and even the prospect of shoving a dildo up his butt couldn't take him down from the cloud he was on. He stepped to the mark again and was handed a yellow dildo that had a pair of plastic balls at the end. He was told to place it on the floor and sit on it.

It was a bit difficult at first. He tried to squat and poked himself in his sack the first time. The second time he was more careful. He let the plastic phallus touchhislower back and then slowly slide down his crack as he held the plastic shaft with one hand between his legs. Lauro had been so distracted by trying to get it in his hole that it almost came as a surprise when it slipped in, sending a jolt up his spine. He straightened with surprise and his legs already bent at an awkward angle gave in, and he slid down the shaft.

The feeling wasn't too bad. He could feel his butt trying to push the intruder out, but in a strange way, it felt kind of good even if a little painful. Then he pushed down, not sure how far it had to go in. It hurt a little, but it was more of a discomfort than it was a pain. It was complicated. He felt himself start to get a little hard and he stroked himself as he slid down a little further.

Lauro sat there for a moment lost in a world of his own, forgetting that millions of people would be watching this, until he bottomed out and felt the plastic balls pressagainst his butt. Then he remembered where he was and he blinked at the cameras before looking down, suddenly feeling embarrassed. He remembered that he was still absentmindedly stroking himself and he stopped. Barely a moment passed before he asked, "Am I done?"


Ryan had toyed with the idea of stopping the competition and having one of the tech boys do something about the buzzer system. Lauro had figured out the program they were using was voice-activated. Well, maybe he hadn't realized that the program they were using only turned on once he said certain words, but he had figured out how to be the first to ring in on every question. Hindsight being twenty-twenty, Ryan realized he should have had a penalty for getting a question wrong or he should've paid for a more complicated system. "Why hadn't he wanted them to be locked out again?" he wondered.

It was clear that Lauro's fast reaction was upsetting Robert and pissing off Josh, but they were pretty even as they fought for who would come in second. Anyway, they both had their shirts off by the time Lauro took first place.

The questions were mostly based off of the historical tours they had been given, but occasionally, there was a question about the actual contest itself and Josh seemed to do better on those than Robert.

Ryan flipped to the next index card which was such an antiquated thing now that he thought about it, and asked, "Darwin, Australia was bombed by the Japanese for what technical purpose?"

There was a second silence from the two remaining contestants which seemed prolonged considering how fast Lauro had been ringing in. Then they both moved so fast that only a computer could've decided who buzzed in first.

It was Josh's light that lit up and the boy said, "It was a naval port and there was an air base."

Ryan let the silence stretch for a second before smiling and saying, "You are correct. Darwin was bombed because of its strategic importance. The city was actually bombed twice during the course of the war."

One of Ryan's personal favorite things was to watch a boy stripping and his eyes certainly lingered on Josh's milk white chest and pinkish nipples. Josh seemed to realize the purpose of stripping and played it up a bit more than the other two had done so far. Well, at least he didn't need encouragement to show off.

Ryan's eyes lingered on the boy's back as he walked back to his stool and almost reluctantly went on to the next question. It was one of those more contest related questions. "During the filming of the show, we had a special guest star in Australia. What was his name?"

Josh rang in fast and shouted the teen singing sensation's name as if he was his biggest fan, "Austin Otter!"


"You're correct! Congratulations Josh ,you take second place." As Josh followed in Lauro's footsteps, Ryan's eyes flicked to Robert. The boy looked like he was about to cry, and he really did feel bad for the boy. His friend had sacrificed for him and the next round, he had been eliminated. That couldn't be easy on him.

Back at the plane they went through the goodbye ceremony. It was more somber than ever. Edward had mentioned to him that Robert had cried a little on the way back, but the tears had not been caught on camera and they had been silent. The boys shook hands and Robert, being a good sport, wished both of them good luck.

He stopped by Ryan before leaving the plane for the interview, just like he had been told to do. Ryan smiled down at him and said sadly. "You tried your hardest."

Ryan nodded, not unsympathetically. "So what did you think of the competition?"

The boy hesitated for a long minute. "It was interesting. I think I made a friend or two and some of the events were fun. I liked seeing all the different stuff, but I wish I could have won."

"Yes, well do you have any plans for the rest of the summer?"

"Probably not." The boy seemed to shrink into himself, but then suddenly brightened. "Maybe I could go camping? Yeah, there's some fossils back there I'm sure."

It took Ryan a second to realize that was the extent of the answer he would get out of the kid. "All right, your first class seat is awaiting you."


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