Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes sexual acts between boys and men and boys on boys so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! However if you do, I appreciate feedback.

Sexing For A Million


Odd Team:

Even Team: Josh, Lauro.


Ryan absentmindedly flipped through his expense report and came to no conclusions. He knew expenses would be higher than usual this year because of the nature of the world travel and he had tried to offset as much of the additional cost as he could. There was a lot of subtle advertising, but he had always tried to work such things in. With the expenses as they currently stood, though, he couldn't see the executives paying for another world tour series, but they hadn't aired the first episode yet so it would really depend on the viewer's response. It was out of his hands and with mental effort he turned away from that problem.

The finals would be taking place the day after tomorrow in Montréal. Strangely, it was one of the few places that had not been willing to make a deal to show off their city. The Québec government had not been an impediment, but they had not been helpful either. Texas had been similar, but unlike in Texas he had almost been tempted to give them free publicity. Québec had gained its independence from Canada a few years back, but there wasn't any animosity between the two countries and he guess he felt some loyalty to the former province. He wondered if the tourist board had just been assuming they would do some filming once permission was given to film the final episode there.

His guilt about not doing the tourist thing was mitigated by the complicated situation. When he had been planning this out, he had the brilliant idea that each of the finalists could recall someone from the competition to spend the day with them. He had thought of it as a way to relax the finalists and it would've looked pretty good. He still made the offer to the two boys and predictably, Josh had chosen Nick, but Lauro unexpectedly requested Zeke from Texas. The first had been obvious, but not the second. Of course, Zeke had been all too happy to oblige. He had even paid for his own plane ticket.

It couldn't just be Nick coming now either. The whole newly expanded family had to come. Ryan definitely didn't want cameras filming that. So they would have private time together to do whatever they wanted around the city. He was looking forward to the end of the season, more so than at any other time.


Josh wiped his hands against his shorts and stared nervously around the hotel lobby. The longer he waited, the more nervous he became. In his mind, he reviewed his phone calls home since Nick's arrival. The first time Nick had been visibly scared. The second time, he was a bit more relaxed and had even smiled a little as he had told him about his trip to the mall. Then he had missed his call because of what was happening in Japan. When he eventually did get around to calling, Nick was upset with him although his parents said he was doing remarkably well. So, he didn't know what to expect.

"You look more nervous than before the first round," Ryan said from where he was leaning against the wall.

Josh shot the older man a glare. Ryan had driven him from the airport to the hotel room for the final night and at sometime between the plane and the room, he had decided he didn't like him. So, he didn't rise to take the bait. He suspected he was being filmed and Ryan wanted some kind of reaction from him.

As he glared at the man, his gaze necessarily had to leave the entrance and the cry of, "Josh," caught him by complete surprise. He turned just in time to brace for impact as Nick ran into him with enough force to send him a step backwards. Looking down he was greeted with a ten thousand watt smile that assured him his missed phone call from Japan had been forgiven.

Then he looked up to see the rest of his family coming over and his heart felt like it had forgotten to pump even as his father and mother smiled and came to hug him too. His sister held back, but only until his parents let go. She then gave him his own full frontal hug which was a bit difficult because Nick was still hugging him.

The conversation that followed was strange. His parents made a few jokes about him growing and he was embarrassed by that. Then Ryan jumped into the conversation saying he really should be back to the hotel by six and they had dinner reservations in the small restaurant here which would be paid for by the show if they chose to use them. This whole time, Josh felt detached as his home life interacted with the life he had assumed with the show. His world felt upside down or something.

Then he was being ushered into a van because they were going somewhere, and Nick was talking like a machine gun about everything that had happened, and his sister was smiling at him like she knew something, and he could tell his parents were both grinning even though they were sitting in the front seats. In all of this, his mind somehow registered the complete lack of cameras. They had become so prevalent that their absence felt weird now.


Lauro chewed on his lower lip nervously as he sat on a couch in the lobby of a hotel. He had wanted to see Zeke again, but now that it was about to happen, he wasn't sure. His stomach was turning itself into knots and he wasn't exactly sure why. Edward, the guy who had been sitting with him had tried to talk to him a couple of times, but Lauro didn't feel like talking.

Then with no preamble, Zeke entered the lobby. He seemed taller than Lauro remembered him and he still wore his hat and cowboy boots. When the man's eyes landed on him, however, a small smile crossed his lips. The man came towards him and knelt down to his eye level. "Howdy there, Lauro, it's good to see you again. Congratulations on making it to the finals."

Lauro felt his cheeks warm and he looked down before remembering that wasn't polite and with an effort, met the man's gaze. "Thank you. It's nice to see you again."

"The pleasure is mine. I've never been to Québec or Montréal before, have you?"

"No," a nervous giggle escaped his lips and he clamped his hands over his mouth to stop it.

Zeke just smiled. "Well, I guess we can discover it together then. I looked up a few places online and understand a poor English speaker like me shouldn't have too much trouble." Then for the first time, Zeke looked towards Edward. "That is with your permission I am assuming."

Lauro looked at Edward for the first time since Zeke had arrived. He had a strange expression on his face, but he did nod his head rather stiffly. "Um, yes." He then stuttered out, "Actually for legal purposes you are now technically an unpaid consultant for the show. This means you have the consent of Lauro's parents to spend your time as you wish, assuming his consent. The finals are tomorrow though so please keep that in mind."

"I would never presume consent." Zeke's tone lowered and Edward flushed.

"I never meant to imply anything. You have..."

"If you're ready, Lauro, I believe there's a lot to see."

Lauro realized something had gone on there, but he wasn't sure what exactly and he really didn't care as he took Zeke's hand. He was led to the parking lot and in his mind's eye he had been expecting a pickup truck, but to his surprise the man led him to a normal looking car. It had to be a rental.


"I've got to go to the bathroom," Josh said by way of excusing himself and his family. Nick waved at him as he left, but quickly turned back to the spider monkeys he was watching. The zoo was a pretty big place, but he could see the sign for the bathroom. Having now spent several hours with Nick and his family he had relaxed quite a bit. Nick fit in well. At least his parents seem to like him and his sister too. As he started to wash his hands, he started to wonder if it would be like when a relative was visiting? You got along with them at first, but after a while you kind of wanted them to leave. With that unsettling thought, he pushed open the door to the bathroom and was grabbed.

He nearly shouted as his forearm was pulled, but he looked up into the grinning face of his sister. "Hey there little bro or am I supposed to say big little bro now?"

He shook off her grip and rubbed where she had grabbed, his pale skin turning red. "Don't do that."

She shrugged, dismissing his complaint. "I wanted to talk to you. When you would call home, you always asked to talk to our uncle, our parents, and now Nick, but never once did you ask to talk to me. That hurt, you know."

He stared up at her trying to figure out if she was serious or not. "Sorry," he ventured.

"Anyway, you were supposed to bring home $1 million and instead you brought home a new sibling for me. It was all very strange you know. It came out of nowhere."

"Yeah, well I didn't exactly plan it either," was what he wanted to say, but kept his mouth shut.

"Not that I don't like him. Actually I think I might like him a bit more than I like you."She smiled, but Josh couldn't tell where this was going. "You should've seen him the other day. Mom and dad took him shopping for some clothing and I went with them. He kept asking me what you like." She snorted at this. "I actually believed you about just wanting the money. Turns out, you just wanted to sleep with men, nice cover."

"Shut up, I need the money." Josh regretted losing his temper immediately.

"Need? Why is that exactly? I mean mom and dad aren't exactly filthy rich, but it's not like we're poor either. When did you become so obsessed with money anyways?"

Josh bit his lip, not wanting to talk about his situation. He didn't want to admit he was afraid of becoming like his uncle, dependent on others for charity. His sister tried to wait him out, so he countered by trying to change the subject. "So you like Nick? I mean is he really doing okay? I think he's good at pretending."

His sister seemed to hesitate, not wanting to abandon her first objective, but gave in to sibling obligation to relieve his anxiety. "Listen, this hit me all at once. I think I was still stunned when I first saw him. He was scared I guess, and I think I was too. Still, there's something about him."

She hesitated and he supplied with a small smile, "Like a puppy?"

"Yeah," she allowed. "So, are you two like really together? I mean he talks about you a lot but you don't seem all that interested in him."

Josh frowned, "Of course I like him. I mean, ..." This time it was his turn to trail off.

"Then do some PDA with him. You know he isn't shy. I have enough blackmail on you now that you'll be doing my chores until I decide to move out anyways. Go kiss him or something. I mean you already outed yourself, so you might as well enjoy it. Mom and dad wouldn't let my boyfriend move in with us, but yours will be sleeping in your room. That's pretty smooth."

Josh laughed, but also winced inside. What had the little twerp been telling her? Couldn't he sense how evil she was? "It's just hard. I mean mom and dad are right there."

"And they're okay with it," she added. "Come on, just give him a hug. Heck he's already comfortable doing that with me."

Reluctantly, Josh nodded and headed back towards his parents and Nick. The boy was leaning against the railing staring at the monkeys and as casually as he could Josh wrapped his arms over his shoulders and smiled down at him. Nick glanced up, smiled and then without warning stood on his tip toes to kiss under Josh's chin. Josh blushed and looked over at his parents, who were just smiling back. All right, things seemed okay.


Lauro plopped down on a stone bench and let out a sigh. Zeke sat down next to him and smiled. "Tired?"

"I'm okay," Lauro said forcing a smile. Spending the day with Zeke had been nice. They had gone to the top of this weird shaped building that tilted so they could look straight down. Then they had gone to an atrium that had birds flying around inside of it. Then they had gone to a Bug Museum and then a walk around the botanical gardens of Montréal. He really wasn't sure what made Butchart garden different than a regular garden, but there were a lot of flowers and squirrels.

"I wonder if this is Chinese or Japanese?" Zeke asked looking around the small enclosed space. "I would venture Chinese since it sort of looks like some other gardens I've seen, but I've never actually been to any traditional Japanese gardens, so I'm not sure."

"I've been to one," Lauro said, a bit too eagerly and quickly reiterated, "Well, we stayed over at a traditional Japanese inn They had a garden, but I didn't really look at it."

Zeke smiled over at him. "So Japan was another one of your stops? You may have seen more of the world than I have. I've been to three countries outside of the United States." He raised a hand and started taking them off, "Germany, China and Brazil." He chuckled, "Québec now too, I guess."

Lauro sprung to his feet and started counting all the places he had been to. "I've been to Greece, France, the United States, Australia, South Africa, India, Japan, Argentina and Québec."

"Well, you're a worldwide traveler. Did you have a favorite country?"

He thought for a moment and said, "Japan. We went to an amusement park there." Zeke laughed which made Lauro laugh. Then he realized something and frowned as he tried to figure it out.

"You have a question? Go ahead and ask, I don't mind."

Lauro frowned as the man waited patiently. His father had always said it was impolite to ask adults about money issues, but Zeke didn't really feel like an adult. He was like an adult and he was like a kid. He belonged to a third category that he didn't have a name for. "I kind of thought you were poor, but you said you've been to different countries and isn't that expensive?"

The man leaned back resting his arms on the edge of the bench. "Lauro, what do you think I do?"

"Cowboy," he ventured cautiously.

Again the man's smile seemed to make everything okay. "Well, I certainly dressed the part and I do own a ranch, but that's a hobby. Believe it or not, I own my own software engineering company. It is small, but it's made me a millionaire 12 times over. Those countries I visited were on business trips and yes, I always wear the hat," he tugged on it as if to reassure himself it was still there.

Lauro stood there shocked. The idea and the image just didn't match. Zeke's clothes didn't look expensive and his car had been nothing special. "But you're not rich looking."

Zeke cocked his head and looked confused. "Rich looking? What should I look like?"

"A suit, nice clothes," Lauro trailed off. He had a list of things that rich people should have.

"But I like these clothes," Zeke said tugging at his shirt. "I don't have to worry about getting dirty and if I do, I can just throw them in the washer. Suits are more complicated. You couldn't roll around on the grass in one or ride a horse." After a moment the man leaned in towards him and said in a confidential tone, "Lauro, what do you want to do with the prize money?"

Lauro had been asked that question so many times. Saying he wanted to help his family was usually the easiest answer to give. It was mostly true, as he opened his mouth the words caught in his throat because it wasn't true enough. Instead he looked down and kicked at the stone underfoot. Zeke was still waiting for an answer and he was still waiting a few seconds later and then a few seconds later still.

"I want things to change."

"How?" Zeke asked.

A damn broke in Lauro and everything came pouring out. "I want my dad to spend time with me. I wanna have cable. I want to eat out. I want to be like everyone else."His shoulders slumped even as he felt arms wrap around him.

Zeke's neck was a comfortable place to bury his face. He had a spicy smell that Lauro felt like he could almost taste. Lauro stayed like that for a while. He didn't cry, but for a while he thought he might. It was nice being held.

After a while Zeke asked, "Can I show you something?"

Lauro reluctantly pushed away and nodded. Zeke shifted his weight and pulled out a cell phone. It was the first expensive looking thing he had seen Zeke have. "They say money doesn't make you happy, but it does make it easier to be happy. If I worked really hard, I could turn my 12 million into 20 million, but that's not for me. I have enough money that I can do what I like. Come take a look at this."

Curious, he stepped to the man's side and glanced at the screen. After a few menus were clicked through, an image came up of a boy with flaming red hair like Josh's, but was probably into his teens. The image changed to another boy a few years younger and he was followed by another.

"Okay?" Lauro said questioningly.

"Each of these boys have been someone special in my life. Whether I was with them for months or years, they've left an impression on me, and I hope I've done some good for them in return. My money has allowed me to be there for them and that has made me really happy. In the end, it's the experiences more than the things."

Lauro didn't understand what Zeke was driving at, but that only brought out his stubborn streak. He stood there thinking for what felt like a long time and didn't come up with anything. Zeke sat patiently, though, allowing him to think. He had just always thought his life would just be better with money and really didn't see a downside. Lauro thought of what it would be like living in a house and playing video games. What it would be like to go on a family vacation and come back with stories like his friends. Then he realized something. Every time he imagined a future, his father was there. Like his friends, he imagined his father cooking in the backyard or playing a videogame with him and taking him camping.

"I want to spend time with my dad."

The thought was not familiar to Lauro. He had had it before, but only now realized that the things he thought he wanted was simply stage dressing. His thoughts were not so profound or clear, but on some level, he realized his thoughts simply boiled down to, dad paying attention to him.

"Are you okay?" Zeke asked.

Lauro nodded even though he wasn't sure if he was. Not wanting to talk anymore, he quickly looked around and saw an old man making something. "What's that?" He said with forced enthusiasm as he rushed over and pretended great interest.

Zeke didn't bring up the subject again and when dinnertime rolled around, like with lunch, Zeke asked where Lauro would like to eat. The boy suggested another fast food place. As they sat at the table, Lauro became lost in thought again. However, this time he felt the need to share.

"Zeke, those pictures of the boys you showed me, you did stuff with all of them right? Like you know we did." He suddenly felt very aware they were surrounded by people and shrunk into his chair.

The man smiled at him. "Well, most of them didn't dress up like Indians, but yes. Not all, but most.

Lauro rocked back and forth in his chair nervously before blurting out, "Would you like to do stuff with me again?"


Dinner for Josh went as well as any time they went out to eat. His father talked about all the chores he wanted Josh to do with him and Nick when he got back home. Cleaning out the garage and switching the blades on the mower didn't sound like fun. His mother asked how he was doing and somehow, both he and Nick managed to talk about the show without ever talking about sex. His sister was, well, his sister. She was the one who threw the monkey wrench into the conversation as they finished dessert.

"So is Nick coming back to the hotel with us or are you two having some alone time? I mean you'll probably want to be rested for the finals, right?"

Josh's stomach twisted around as he just sat there unsure of what to do. Nick didn't feel any such reluctance as he bounced in his chair. "Can I stay with Josh pleaseee?"

His mother shrugged off the petrifaction first. "Well, I know you want to spend time with him, Nick, but I think he needs a goodnight's sleep for tomorrow."

"I wouldn't mind," Josh blurted out. He looked down at the table. A part of him wondered if this was how it would always be. Then he remembered his sister. Her sleepovers, that at some point, turn sexual with friends. He knew that, and her parents that he and his parents knew that. At some point she started sleeping with boys and while his parents weren't happy about that, but since she was using protection they couldn't complain. He was using proper protection. Hell, he had swiped every cub sized condom before leaving the plane. Raising his head, he said more firmly, "I want Nick to spend the night with me."

The silence that followed this time was more stunned and shocked and his father recovered first. "He'll probably sleep better with him there than without him."

This got a shocked, "Daniel," from his mother which made his father start laughing along with his sister and in the confusion, Josh grabbed Nick's hand and ran from the table without waiting to be excused. In the elevator, he glanced over at his pint size companion and they both erupted in nervous laughter. It was a weird experience opening a hotel door, knowing he would be the only one in there tonight. It was surreal in a way.

The air-conditioning had been left on high and a wave of cold air hit Josh as he opened the door. Nick zipped past him and quickly kicked off his shoes as the light automatically came on. Josh followed more sedately and smiled as Nick started bouncing around on the bed king-size bed.

"You're happy."

"Yeah, it's sort of like," he paused and finished jumping and trailed off.

"Sort of like what?" Josh prompted.

"Can't tell you, it's a secret."

Josh smiled, "Come on, you can tell me."

Nick shook his head. "Your parents told me not too, it's a surprise."

"Oh, well you better tell me then, or I'm finishing taking all your clothes off and you won't get them back."

"No!" Nick said firmly and the chase was on.

Josh hopped up onto the bed just as Nick jumped off. Then the two of them ran around the room. Josh would catch Nick and he would strip off a piece of clothing before the boy would squirm free. A sock here and a shirt there and soon the boy was naked. The redhead had to take his own clothes off and walked over to his bag to find a kid sized condom. Nick waited on the far side of the bed, prepared to run over or around the bed.

Josh started going around the bed and tackle Nick as he tried to go over. They rolled around in a tangle of naked limbs and laughter. Eventually Josh got Nick on his back and pinned his arms above his head. With his free hand he tickled Nick's armpits and sides while shouting, "Tell me the secret!"

"No, no, no!" Nick shouted back.

"All right, you asked for it." Josh had palmed the condom in the hand he was using to restrain Nick so he had to switch hands and use his teeth to rip open the condom packaging and take another second to put it on. "Since you won't tell me the secret I'm going to put this," he raised his hips to show off exactly what he meant, "up your nose."

"Eww," Nick said shaking his head back and forth. "Anywhere but there."

"If not your nose, then it goes up your ass."

"Yes! Put it up my butt, not my nose."

Josh had to choke back a laugh as he rolled over and spread his cheeks. Nick's whole body almost felt like it was welcoming him as he slipped in with little resistance. Slipping his hand under the other boy, his hand found the small joystick and Josh started pumping and stroking. This time it was fast and uncoordinated. Nick came first and his ring pulsed around Josh's penetrating shaft. That pushed him over the edge and after one last deep thrust he rolled to the side, pulling Nick on top of him.

The younger boy's face was beet red and his eyes were sparkling as he asked, "Can we do it again?"


Lauro felt like the entire migrating population of Monarch butterflies were in his stomach as he led Zeke to his room. They had learned about Monarch butterflies in school. They had even raised some. Yeah, the idea of thousands of them fluttering around in his stomach with their little wings and legs touching him felt right.

"You've never done this before." Zeke stated as he walked beside him.

"I have." Lauro said quietly as they came to his hotel room door.

"I mean outside of the show. You've never done stuff like this with a full-grown man before, or am I wrong?"

"No," Lauro allowed, as he pushed the door open and walked inside.

"You know you don't have to," Zeke said, staying on the opposite side of the threshold.

Lauro hesitated. He really didn't understand why, but he said, "I want to."

"All right," Zeke said, his tone making it obvious his arm wouldn't have to be twisted as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

"So how do we do this," Lauro said trying to sound like he wasn't nervous.

Zeke didn't respond at first. He kicked off his boots and placed them against the wall. Smiling, he moved over to the bed, sat down, and patted his lap. "Come here."

Lauro hesitated, but climbed up on the man's knee and then leaned into him with an arm around his waist.

"Are you nervous about tomorrow?"

Lauro stiffened at the reference and looked down at his shoes. He felt like the pressure in the room had tripled and his shoulders slumped under the pressure.

"Are you just trying to forget about it for a while? Not think about it?"

Again he nodded.

"All right. Here's how I think we should do this. I am going to give you a kiss and then place you on the bed. Then I'm going to undress you. Then I'm going to undress myself. I'm going to give you one heckuva blow job and we'll see what happens from there. If you want to stop at any time just say so. All right?"

"Okay," Lauro said as a nervous laugh escaped his throat. Fortunately, Zeke also laughed and then silenced him with a kiss on the lips. It was weird. He had kissed people before, but this felt different and just as he was getting used to the feeling, it was over. He felt strong hands lift him up and place him on his bed. Zeke smiled and then knelt in front of him. Lauro could feel his shoes were being untied, but when he looked down his view was obscured by the hat. He felt his shoes tugged off, followed by his socks. A calloused finger was run from the ball of his foot to the tip of his toes and he giggled nervously.

Then he felt a hand on the back of his ankles. Then Zeke stood and rolled him over. Hands descended onto the waistband of his shorts and with one swift movement, they were pulled off, exposing his flaccid penis. Sitting up, Lauro held his arms over his head for his shirt to be pulled off, just like when he had been little and his mom undressed him. When the cold air from the air conditioning hit his nipples, he felt them become hard. He hardly noticed that though, as Zeke stared at him and Lauro kind of liked the attention and shifted his legs so the man could get a better view.

"Lauro, you are worth a million bucks. You really are."

Lauro felt himself blush and looked away, but the movement from the corner of his eye made him look back at Zeke. The man was wearing a button-down shirt and was carefully undoing each button. He slipped it off revealing a thin carpeting of hair on his chest. When he started to undo his belt Lauro felt his little thing become hard and almost unconsciously started to stroke himself, not sure if he was excited because of the scene or because of what was going to happen.

Zeke pulled down his jeans to reveal tight white underwear that was doing a poor job in holding back his substantial erection. When the underwear was pulled down, showing the man's monstrous length, Lauro felt a shiver go up the spine. Like the first time, it was devoid of hair and it was the only part of his body that was like that.

"I think I can handle that for you," Zeke said nodding towards him.

Looking down Lauro stopped stroking himself and leaned back onto his elbows as Zeke started to crawl across the bed towards him. His feelings at that moment were a confusing mishmash of everything - scared, but eager. Despite everything he had done on the show, some part of him realized this was different, but he didn't know how it was different.

Then Zeke was so close to his face that they were breathing the same air. First, for a brief second, he thought they were going to kiss again, but instead, Zeke leaned down and kissed his chest. Then he felt another kiss a little lower down and then another. When the man reached his belly button. He stuck his tongue in and moved it around which tickled so badly, Lauro tried to squirm away. Then Zeke was lower than his belly button and Lauro didn't want to go anywhere.

Zeke didn't go straight for Lauro's stiff shaft. Instead his tongue explored everywhere around it. It examined the spot where his shaft entered his body and then down one side of his sack to the underside. Each one of his balls were not only licked , but seemingly cupped and weighed. It was only after several minutes of a very thorough exam that Zeke moved to his shaft.

When the man's lips wrapped around his little head, Lauro could feel he wasn't that far away and as the man took his entire length into his mouth and then slowly released it, Lauro felt the feeling coming and he tried to hold it back. He clenched his butt cheeks and his hands grasped at the bed's comforter. By the third time, the battle was lost and the feeling of orgasm washed over him as his body desperately tried to pump non-existent sperm into the man's mouth.

For a minute or maybe an hour, Lauro laid floating on a cloud of bliss. Slowly, though, he became aware of the body lying next to him. It seemed to radiate warmth that he just wanted to wrap around. Then sluggishly, his mind reproduced the image of the massive erection. Its confinement in the underwear, its subsequent freedom and the site of it still hard as the man crawled towards him.

Maybe it was just his sense of fair play or maybe there was something deeper, but he started sliding down the man's body. Reaching his destination, Lauro stroke the man's large balls and leaned in to kiss the side of the large shaft. He then slowly licked until he reached the tip. There he began kissing it and feeling the salty pre-cum on his lips. Opening his mouth, Lauro explored the slit with his tongue which caused Zeke to push into his open mouth. The head easily filled him and he cautiously explored, tilting his head from side to side as he began to stroke the man's sack.

"Lauro, I'm going to cum," Zeke said through deep breaths.

He pulled back a little, just in time for a hot jet of liquid to strike the top of his mouth. The first load itself was too much for him and he pulled free as he swallowed what he could. The second and third came in rapid succession weaker and less plentiful, but they landed on his face. For a few seconds, he just sat there not sure what to do as the white stuff started to cool rapidly.

As he started to wipe the stuff off, he felt Zeke move again. Again, he felt strong hands pick him up, but this time he was placed on the man's chest, and he was able to look down at the smiling man.

"I made a bit of a mess there and you should always clean up your mess."

He gestured for Lauro to lean down and he did so, but he wasn't expecting to be licked clean like a dog. Not that Zeke's tongue really felt like a dog's. Lauro had a friend who had a dog. He had only met the dog one time at a birthday party, but he liked it. When he rested his hand on the man's chest, thoughts of dogs filled his mind. He hardly noticed the man's hair which he thought would be rough was kind of soft. Not quite like a dog's fur though. Lauro wanted a dog, but his apartment didn't allow pets, not even fish, which he thought was stupid. He drifted off to sleep thinking about dogs and having a very odd dream of a big house with hundreds of them.


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