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Sexing For A Million


Odd Team:

Even Team: Josh, Lauro.


Josh woke up to the sound of running water. Reluctantly opening his eyes he glanced at the clock which read a little before seven. He wanted to go back to sleep, but his bladder seemed to have other ideas. Looking over to the other side of the bed, he didn't see Nick anywhere. His muddled mind put together the fact that Nick had to be in the bathroom. Climbing out of bed, Josh made his way to the small rooms still naked.

The smaller boy was standing at the sink and Josh took a few seconds to take in the pleasant sight. His eyes lingered on Nick's butt which had brought him to climax three times last night. Then he realized that Nick was just letting the water run. "You shouldn't waste water."

The blonde boy startled and quickly turned off the faucet before looking over at him. "Sorry."

Josh frowned at Nick. There was something off about him. "You okay?"

"Yeah," Nick said scratching the back of his leg with his foot.

"Yeah, you're lying." Josh said casually. "Come on. You can trust me."

Josh stayed silent waiting even as he felt his need to pee grow. Eventually Nick gave in. "If I was in the finals, would it have made a difference to my mom?"

Josh sighed partly because he didn't know how to answer and partly because he wondered how many more times this would come up. "I don't know. I don't think you're supposed to like people on conditions, though. I mean you would like me even if I didn't win, right?"

Nick was quiet for a few seconds and then he smirked a little, "Maybe a little less."

"You," Josh growled as he charged into the bathroom and grabbed Nick, tickling his sides. The boy squirmed and laughed until Josh let him go. Nick spun away and stared up at him.

"I love you."

Josh felt himself smiling. "I love you too." Josh had spoken those words to his mom, his dad and even his sister, and he heard them back from them before, but the word had never evoked this kind of feeling before.


Lauro awoke reluctantly. It wasn't because he was tired, but he was just so comfortable. He was warm, but not hot. The sheets had twisted around him snugly, but not uncomfortably tight. More important though, he could feel the steady heartbeat of another as his nose was filled with an intoxicating scent. His head turned on the hairy chest so he could become closer to the smell. As he turned his head, the hairy chest shook with suppressed laughter.

"I can tell you're awake."

"Comfortable," Lauro muttered.

"All right," Zeke said patting a hand on his head. "Use me for a pillow as long as you want. You have a big day."

Lauro tried to figure out what Zeke was talking about, but sleep claimed him again. He awoke sometime later and this time rolled over and looked up at the older man. "Morning."

"Morning," Zeke said smiling down at him. "You remember waking up before?"


"You worried about today?" Zeke asked.

"Yeah," Lauro said quietly ; until now, he had managed to put it to one side, but he couldn't do that anymore because it was too close.

"Well, I would like to give you some advice, but I checked the finals of the previous seasons and they don't have anything in common as far as I can see. If it were me, I'd tackle it like any other problem, one step at a time."

Lauro made a sound of agreement, though, he didn't feel any better.

"Oh," Zeke said, as if something just occurred to him. "I'll be right back. Stay here." The older man rolled out of bed and Lauro sat up and watched as the man walked over to where his hat had ended up last night. "This hat has got me through many a business deal. I think there's a little bit of luck in there." He walked over and placed it on top of Lauro's head. "I hereby bestow upon you my lucky hat."

Lauro smiled as the hat covered his eyes.


Ryan glanced at his watch as Edward came into the room. "Everything must be going well; you're running ahead of schedule."

Edward smiled, "The men are all here and the boys are having their hair done. Josh should be done in a few minutes so I'll show him in first."

"Excellent." Edward didn't move and he waited to see if there was more, but after a moment he prompted, "Yes?"

The younger man straightened. "I just want to thank you for this opportunity you've given me. Being an intern on the show has been challenging at times but I believe I've learned a lot. Thank you."

Ryan paused for a moment. "You've been unusually competent." He hesitated and then added, "Would you like a job, as my assistant? It's basically what you've been doing now, only you would be paid."

Edward hesitated longer than Ryan expected, only to venture, "Are you sure?"

He considered for a second, but realized Edward had been considering the way he responded to the Nick situation. "You still need to work on your patience, but you have exceeded my expectations. Perhaps we should continue to discuss this over dinner tonight?" Ryan wasn't sure if he was arranging a business thing or asking the man out.

"I think I would like that," Edward said smiling before glancing down at his watch. "Josh should be ready."

"All right," Ryan said wondering what the other man was thinking.

When Josh walked into the room a minute later, he glanced around curiously. The room was draped with black curtains and had two directors' chairs facing each other. Instead of the cameraman there were two cameras behind and slightly to one side of the chair.

"Have a seat." Ryan said, trying to be friendly. "This is the big interview before the finals."

"I know," Josh said taking a seat in the chair.

"All right," Ryan said a bit miffed. "Just don't stare directly at the camera behind me and try to give long answers. We can stop and start, but let's try to get this in one." Leaning over, he flipped a switch and settled back into his chair. "So, Josh, you made it to the finals. What's it feel like?"

"All right," the boy said before remembering to give longer answers. "It's weird. I thought I would feel differently?" He laughed nervously. "I kind of just want to get it over with."

Ryan smiled understandingly. "Well, I'm not sure if you're aware but you're the first 12-year-old to make it this far. You are also facing off against the youngest person ever to make it to the finals. That has to give you some confidence?"

"Maybe. I watched the previous seasons and I think it will depend on what you want us to do. Like in the first season where they had to run and get a guy off in different ways every 100 meters. I think I would have an advantage there. If you want us to capture a flag like last season however, I think I would prefer to be small."

Ryan nodded. "You've given this some thought. So what has it been like competing?"

This time Josh seemed to shrink down in the chair and he started to play with his hair. "It's weird. I thought it would be one thing and it turned out to be another thing."

"Do you regret signing up?"

"No!" Josh said with enough emphasis to surprise Ryan. "I would have been just sitting around the house anyways."

Ryan quickly moved on. He could always edit later, but he didn't want Nick's name mentioned in that context. He suspected the boy was partly why Josh had been so firm in his answer. "Did you have a favorite part? Make any friends?" "Nick is definitely my friend. Akira seemed nice to. There really wasn't anyone I really disliked, at least on my team. The amusement park in Japan was the best. As for the events, I guess the maze was kind of cool."

"What about, Lauro?" That question had not been planned, but it seemed right, given the circumstances.

Josh looked down and was quiet for a moment, thinking. "At first, I was angry with him, but he was just playing the game."

"Don't hate the playa, hate the game." Ryan quipped, but Josh just gave him a quizzical look and he was thankful for editing. "So, what will you be doing with the money if you win?"

"Spend some, save some. I can buy a lot of games with it."

Ryan waited for more, but when it was not coming he reluctantly moved on.

Josh was silent for a long time, but he was clearly thinking so Ryan waited. Then the boy spoke slowly. "It's not going to be like what you think it will be like."

"That's some good advice." Ryan smiled, "Good luck in the finals."

"Thanks," Josh said smiling.

Ryan reached over and switched off the cameras. "Good job. You can wait in the room across the hall until it's time." The boy left wordlessly and he wondered why boys never seem to give him the time of day.

A few minutes later Edward showed Lauro to the room. It was the first time Ryan had seen him that day and the cowboy hat that was secured to his back by a string around his neck looked familiar. "Did you have a good time with Zeke?"

"Yes, I did."

The boy smiled as he took a seat and Ryan thought the boy seemed more confident somehow. Of course, the hat was a problem for consistency sake. "Here, let me take your hat so you don't crush it."

Lauro hesitated, but handed the hat over. Ryan took it gingerly and carefully placed it just outside of camera range. "Well, this is the interview before the finals. Try not to answer any of the questions with just one or two words and don't look directly at the camera right behind me."

"All right," Lauro said in a chipper tone.

Ryan smiled as he flipped the switch to start the cameras and settled back in his chair. "Lauro, you made it to the finals, what does it feel like?"

"I'm kind of excited and a little scared."

The boy had added the last part a little reluctantly, making him sound really cute to Ryan's ears. "

Lauro shrugged. "I'm going to do my best. He's going to do his best."

Ryan didn't see any way to have the kid expound on that, so he continued. "

Ryan had to modify his remaining questions. "Did you like any of the competitions?"

"The Indian one was fun." He thought for a second and added. "The obstacle course was fun too. It was weird, but kind of fun, but I didn't like the ending."

Ryan smiled and made a mental note to try to make the activities more fun next year. This wasn't the type of free advertising he wanted. If you win, what will you be doing with the money?"

"Give it to my parents. If they have all that money, my dad won't need to work two jobs."

"Is there anything you would like to say to anyone who might be thinking of competing next year?"

Lauro thought for a second. "Make alliances."

"Good advice. Well, best of luck in the finals, Lauro."


Josh was led onto the set with Lauro close behind him. Both boys looked at the set with a quizzical expression. "That's a lot of pillows."

"Yeah," Lauro agreed. "What do you think they want us to do?"

"I don't have a clue," Josh said honestly. Although as he looked at the set he noticed two platforms that were almost lost in the pillows and guessed they had something to do with it. Then he felt a tug on his elbow and looked at the smaller boy.

Lauro smiled up at him and held out his hand. "Good luck, Josh."

Josh hesitated and then smiled taking the hand and shaking it. "Good luck, Lauro."

Before the moment could become awkward Ryan strutted onto the set in full tuxedo. Clapping his hands, he asked, "Are you two ready?"

"Yeah," they coursed in unison.

"Excellent. Josh you stand here and Lauro you stand there." He pointed to two different spots on the stage. When they were both standing where they had been told to, Ryan continued, "This is how it's going to go. You both get undressed and then stand up on that ottoman over there. The cameramen are going to get some close up shots, so try to stand still for that. Then, I'm going to do my intro and introduce the final challenge. After you find out what it is, you have five minutes to figure out how you want to accomplish the challenge. We will still be filming, but I'll just edit it together later to remove the long pause. Any questions?"

"Yeah, what do you want us to do?" Josh asked not really expecting an answer.

"It'll be a race, but that's all I can tell you now."

"A race," Josh thought as he started to undress. There wasn't a lot of room on stage and what kind of race needed all these pillows. There were more pillows here than on his crazy Aunt's couch. They were bigger too. He could easily lay down on one. He stood on the platform or ottoman and bounced a little nervously. It was very soft like the carpet. The cameraman told him to look in the distance and stand still as he circled around him. Of course, when you're supposed to stand still was when you had to scratch the most.


Ryan rubbed his hands together nervously before he stepped onto the set and accepted the microphone. He glanced down to make sure his tuxedo looked all right. The tuxedo was uncomfortably hot and the lights weren't helping any. Glancing over both of his shoulders to see if both boys were ready, he began.

"Welcome to the season finale of Sexing for a Million! Today we are in Montréal Québec where our two finalists will compete for the grand prize. On my left is Josh, the luscious 12-year-old redhead." He paused for 5 seconds. In editing they would show a montage of Josh's best moments. "And on my right, the eight-year-old Filipino beauty, Lauro," again he paused for a count of five. "Now, before we continue, I took some time to interview the boys earlier today." He waited another few seconds reflecting that this was one of those things people never thought of when they were watching at home.

"Well, these boys both certainly want to win, but there can only be one winner. This year's finals competition will be a race. The race will be to see who can bring 5 men to orgasm first!"

As he spoke 10 men filed in - five to each side. They were naked and most were at least semi-erect. In both groups there was at least one tall, black man, who had been bumped from the South Africa portion of the show. Ryan thought they were a nice touch now though. "Boys, you will each have 5 minutes to decide how you wish to do this. The man may not offer suggestions, but they will follow any direction you give them exactly. Condoms and lubricant are in the ottoman. The countdown starts now!"


Josh stared at the 5 men as his stomach did a nervous flip. Unconsciously, he shifted his weight and scratched his scrotum. One of the men laughed nervously and Josh just scowled back. What was the fastest way to get off? He tried to think back on the things he had done, but nothing came to mind. Well, that wasn't really true. Sucking went faster than a hand job and anal too. That gave him an idea.

Hopping off the ottoman he looked down and tried to figure out how to open it. It took him a second to find the handles which were the same color as the red material. Inside there were five condoms and a squeeze bottle of lube. Looking up he asked, "Who wants to put it up my ass?" Not surprisingly to Josh all five men raised their hands. He pointed to a man whose cock was long and thin even considering it was partially erect. "You get behind me. You, you and you stand there, there and there." He pointed to the black man and two guys who looked like they were still in their early 20s. The fifth man stayed where he was.

Josh pulled out two condoms and the bottle of lube before replacing the top of the ottoman. Grabbing one of the big pillows, he placed it on top and began to explain. "You're going to put it up my butt." He said gesturing to the man standing behind him. "You and you, I'm going to give hand jobs to." The large black man was included this time. "And I will suck you off. That leaves you."Josh walked towards the last man and handed him a condom. "You take the place of whoever comes first." Secretly he hoped he would finish one of the guys in front before the guy in back, but with the money so close, he didn't care too much.


Lauro stared at the five men for about a minute in a stupor. Being told what to do, but not how to do it was hard, and he didn't have anyone to turn to this time. Then he remembered Zeke's words and a plan started to form in his mind.

"You three are first. Then you and you."He started with the people on the far right and moved his way left down the line. "Just stand there and when you're done, go over there." He pointed to the wall. "The next guy stands where the guy left was. Understand?"

They nodded and Lauro hopped off of the ottoman and tried to get the top off. He couldn't find out how it opened so he just tipped it onto its side. The top fell off and he looked inside. Pulling out the bottle of lube, he began to squeeze it onto his hands. His plan was to suck on the big black guy first and stroke the other two with his hands. Just before the waiting time was about to expire he decided to keep switching things up in hopes of getting them off faster.

Ryan glanced at his watch as time counted down. When the buzzer went off he said, "Time. No more talking; get into positions."He stared directly into the camera and smiled. It was a slow practice; one that conveyed the impression of anticipation. "In a few minutes, one of these boys will be a millionaire. That will be their money, not their parents. It all boils down to the next few minutes. It's been a long journey for both boys and I know some of you have been cheering them on all the way. So, let's get right to it."

He stepped back and spun away from the camera and shouted, "Boys. Ready, set ... go!"

The men had been instructed to follow any orders very precisely. So the man who was supposed to put it up Josh's ass was only partially erect, so when he tried to put it in, it was a little like a wet noodle. The first attempt was a failure as was the second. By the third the man had become hard enough and it began to slip in. This was so distracting to Josh that he had to stop sucking as he pursed his lips together.

Lauro, on the other hand, was running into a different problem. He was stroking two of the men just fine, but the black man he was sucking on was a bit too tall for him. The cock kept slipping out of his mouth. He was trying to stand on his tip toes, but that wasn't happening. After the third time he gave up and let go of the other two men and began stroking the big man with both his hands while preventing the cock going up towards his stomach. After about a minute of this personalized attention the boy pulled free to a spray of white.

"That's one for Lauro." Ryan announced. He would go back and at the commentary later, but he wanted to keep the two boys abreast of each other.

Josh was now getting pounded. Each thrust sent him forward onto the cock he was sucking. He seemed to be having some difficulty keeping his two hands going as he was thrust forward and then pulled back as the man withdrew. On one of the backward draws, the erection slipped out of his mouth and the man stepped away, going limp.

"That's one for Josh. One to one." Just as Ryan finished speaking one of Lauro's men squirted, spreading a sprinkling of white droplets across his arm and back. "Two for Lauro, it's two to one."

After a few more strokes, Josh fell into more of a rhythm. When the man from behind would thrust forward he used it. Instead of trying to stroke the two men independently with his hands, he just let his hands move forward and pull back. Then with one last thrust, the man fucking him thrust deeply into Josh's ass and almost simultaneously, one of the men in his hands also climaxed.

"Two more for Josh, it is now two to three in Josh's favor." Ryan shouted the news and adjusted himself. Josh's face was now beet red as he moved on to the two remaining cocks. Lauro either didn't hear the news or wasn't ruffled by it as he continued at the same pace. He quickly brought another man to climax by using his mouth. He took the time to spit some of the sperm out as Ryan announced, "Tied at three to three."

The two boys continued sucking and stroking. Lauro was switching between the two men,stroking and switching who he was sucking on. OJosh concentrated to suck on one man while stroking both with his hands. As Ryan watched up close, he pulled back just in time as one of Josh's men shot white cum onto Josh's face. "Four to three, Josh is in the lead."

As Ryan moved over to watch, Lauro switched from one man to the other. Just as he was switching the first exploded, hitting Lauro in the chest. "Four to four, it's all tied up. Next one wins!"

Both of the boys seemed to have heard him as they redoubled their efforts. They were both sweating, and both had more than a little cum on them. They both sucked and stroked with their hands moving up and down their man's shaft. Lauro let one of his hands stroke the man's balls, his fingers disappearing in the dark pubic hair. Then with an audible groan, the man thrust forward and Lauro pulled back coughing as what was probably the second load dribbled onto his shoulder.

"That's it! We have a winner! Lauro has won the million dollars!" Ryan paused only long enough for the man to step aside, so he could rush in and kneel down to the boy's height. "Lauro, you've won! You're a millionaire! How does it feel?"

Lauro just looked up at him and smiled. before jumping to his feet with his fists in the air and his little genitals flopping wildly as confetti started to rain down on him, sticking to his sweaty, cum covered body.


As for Philip, his family's restaurant noticed a marked increase in customers. When he did the waiter job, his tips were unusually high. One particular young man was especially generous and particularly nice. With his parent's permission, they began to run in the evening together and sometimes they retired for some more acrobatic exercises.

Michael was picked up at the airport by both of his fathers. After an embarrassing amount of hugging and kissing , both fathers stepped aside to reveal a third man. The man, who Michael had had a crush on for so long, warmly embraced the boy and joined the family for dinner. Afterward, they both retired to Michael's room for dessert.

Akira returned home to a family that tried to hide its disappointment. A little hurt, he resisted the urge to fall back into the usual pattern of studying. He still studied, but he was able to persuade his parents to let him join a swim team where he made friends with one particular boy who introduced him to a group of friends. Secretly, they called themselves the Cock Sucker Association and together they had a lot of fun, which was not all sexual.

Oliver's life didn't change dramatically except for the amount he was paid for his modeling deals. He continue to mess around with his friends and it would be several more years before he realized the girl he was messing around with would be the one he would marry.

Robert's relationship with his Coach began to change almost immediately. Robert was more than happy to give the names of who was eliminated, up until the point he could at least. Of course, he demanded that 50% be given to Dave's family. It only amounted to about $3000, but it was all he could do for his friend. His Coach was also happy to drive him to Dave's house whenever a camping trip seemed possible. However, the man was thoroughly disappointed that a threesome never emerged.

Dave and his family were able to keep the house, if just. The $10,000 Dave received, plus the 3000 from the illegal gambling, was just enough to keep them in the house until business picked up. Dave and Robert continued to have sex, and Robert was introduced to the wonderful world of fossils.

Nick's transition to his new home was rocky at times, but Josh's family did everything they could to make the boy feel welcome. His frequent thoughts about his mother faded to mostly unpleasant memories. Such melancholy thoughts became less frequent when he joined a children's acting group that performed at a local theater. He never became a star, though Josh said he shone the brightest on stage.

Josh loved Nick. In fact he loved him so much that his sister began to complain she couldn't sleep at night. The big surprise Nick had alluded to when he visited him before the finals happened to be bunk beds. They actually did use both beds. One was for having fun and the other was for sleeping, though, they were interchangeable. Josh's dread of the onset of Scleroderma became significantly less pronounced now that he had a bundle of energy in his life. He was happy as long as he had Nick.

Lauro proudly handed his check over to his parents. More importantly, though, they talked. Lauro got his house in the same neighborhood he had been living in. He also got his dog, a big Mutt which he loved to pieces. More importantly though, his father agreed to only work one job, and they sent the money from that job back home to family in the Phillipines. His parents wisely hired a financial assistant. With the house being the only big purchase, they were able to live quite happily on the remainder with most of the money invested in bonds. From time to time he would call Zeke, but just to talk.

As for Ryan and Edward, they hit it off quite well on their date. They began planning for next season although both agreed it would be hard to keep coming up with new ideas. Ryan wasn't too worried about that though. He was sure his fans would come through.


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