Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes a sexual act between boys and mens and boy on boy so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! On a further note of the story uses the reality show format much of the story takes place off camera. This is the first and only chapter exclusively from the host's point of view.

Sexing For A Million


Odd Team: Michael, Robert, David, Oliver.

Even Team: Josh, Philip, Akira, Nick, Lauro.


Josh had slept in. However, he wondered if it was really sleeping in if you didn't have to get up at any set time? Either way, when he got out of the shower, everyone seemed to be awake. Most were watching some movie on the big screen TV while Nick and Akira were sitting at a table. He didn't like that. Maybe they were just becoming friends, but the competition put everything in a different light.

He made his way over to the two, who were bent over a pad of paper. Nick seemed to be putting the final touches on a sketch.


"Josh," Nick looked up from his drawing and smiled. "You're up."

He smiled back at the blond. Since their little talk in his room, the boy had rarely been gone from his side. It was a little annoying, but he kind of liked it. There were times he was pretty touchy-feely, but even that Josh didn't find annoying, as he normally would have. The boy seemed to crave affection and Josh didn't mind giving it to him.

"What are you drawing there?" The blond boy held up the pad of paper which had a sketch of each of their teammates' faces on it. Josh's shock was genuine. Nick's sketches were incredible. It reminded him of the time he had gone to his sister's high school for a play she was in. There had been a few pieces of student artwork hanging in the hallway and this could have gone up next to them. "That's incredible. How long did that take you?"

Nick beamed with pride. "Not that long. I just did them."


"Yeah, I watched him draw them just now." Akira spoke up, vouching for the other boy.

Josh pulled out a chair and Nick pushed the sketch over to him. "You really like it? You can have it if you want," the blond offered.

He hesitated to accept. It was a very good sketch, but the redhead wouldn't know what to do with it. Still, if he had learned one thing about Nick, it was his feelings were easily hurt. So instead of saying no, he said, "If you're sure you don't want it?"

"No, it's okay," Nick said. Josh shrugged and started to carefully tear the sketch out of the pad. Akira nudged Nick, who seemed to remember he was supposed to say something. "Hey, Josh I think we should have Akira join our alliance."

The redhead looked up from the sketch at the two boys who were both grinning and then he quickly glanced over at the rest of the group, who all seemed involved in the movie. Looking back at Nick, he had a sudden urge to hit the boy. He wanted to say no, because inviting Akira in, would make the alliance too big, but if he didn't say yes, Akira might run off and tell the others.

"All right, I guess he can join." The two boys high-fived each other and Josh made a mental note to pull Nick aside later.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen until the day was almost over. The three of them hung around all day. Akira wasn't bad to have around and that just made Josh feel worse. He wished he could find a reason not to like his new ally, but he couldn't. Instead, he tried to think about the money and that was enough.

He waited until some of the boys had started to go to bed and asked Nick to meet him in his room. Sitting on his bed, Josh waited for the younger boy to show up. The boy slipped in without knocking and was grinning from ear to ear.

"We need to talk." Josh tried to sound serious and it did wipe the smile off Nick's face.

"What's wrong?"

"You," Josh said, already starting to waver at the boy's concerned look. "You told someone about our alliance. It was just supposed to be me and you in the finals and now there's three of us." Nick just blinked at him clearly not getting what he was getting at.

"But there are three of us now. So we can vote off the other two." The boy held up his hands and used his fingers to apparently show that three was bigger than two.

"Yeah, that'll work for now, but once there are only five players left in the game the teams are done away with and I will be the oldest with a big alliance. They're going to try to get rid of me. Is that what you are trying to do? Do you want to get rid of me?" Josh hadn't intended to go this route, but it seemed to be having an effect on the boy and he knew he had to drive home the blonds' mistake.

Of course, Josh realized from Nick's point of view, this may not have been a bad thing. If he hadn't spent so much time around him, Josh would've suspected he might have planned it that way, but he didn't think the boy had it in him. The younger boy was staring at his feet and then he let out a sob that cut through Josh.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." Nick used his sleeve to wipe at his eyes. "Do you hate me now?"

Josh didn't think about getting up and going to the other boy. It just happened. He fell to his knees to hug the boy and Nick's arms wrapped around him. Rocking the smaller boy, Josh whispered that everything was okay and he didn't hate him.

Eventually the younger boy calmed down enough that they were able to move to the bed. Josh pulled Nick onto his lap and continued to rub his back. The little boy's face was tear streaked and red from crying. The redhead had a sudden urge to kiss the younger boy.

Josh was pretty sure he was gay. He had several childish crushes before, but always on classmates or TV stars. The only time he had a crush on a boy Nick's age was when he had been that age. He wondered if he saw the other boy as a little brother or not. He was certainly having thoughts that weren't brotherly. So he just held the little blond. Then, he felt lips pressed against his cheek. It was only a second, but it was enough to arouse him.

"Thank you."

The action and words caught Josh off guard. "For what?"

Nick looked sheepish. "Just for being nice to me. I like having you as a friend."

"I like you too." He said the words easily, although he wasn't sure what he meant by them.

"You want me to take care of that?" Nick pressed his leg against Josh's erection.

Josh inhaled at the sensation. It took him a second to answer and he struggled to think with his big head. "You know how?" That was a stupid question since he was here on the show.

The blond nodded. "My mom hired a teacher and he taught me everything."

That sentence was almost enough to cancel Josh's erection. Nick loved his mother, but the one conversation Josh had witnessed between the two of them had turned the redhead against her. Fortunately, he was thinking with his little head now. "Only, if I can do it to you too."

The blond nodded, "Deal."


On their second day out of France, Robert finally admitted he had a problem. He and his Coach's plan had run into a snag neither of them had thought of. Originally his plan was to sit back and let an alliance form, then try to co-opt it. That part has worked just fine. Michael had aligned them all against Bahram. It was perfect. His coach had even thought so, when they had talked about it.

Unfortunately, the second stage of the plan wasn't working well. He needed to form an alliance with one of the other two, but that was where he was running into a problem. At first, he had planned to go for someone who likes sex, but there didn't seem to be as much of that going on as the episodes always seemed to depict. That meant, he had to make a friend, which wasn't easy, given his two options. Oliver was really shy and it was hard to talk to him. His other teammate, Dave, wasn't much better. Robert was pretty sure he was a geek.

Dave was usually the first to wake up, followed by himself a little later. Twice so far, he had caught the boy watching a documentary, which was always immediately shut off. He also seemed to spend a lot of time reading on one of those virtual book things. Considering the one thing they didn't have, was Internet access, he must've downloaded a lot of stuff beforehand.

Robert didn't have anything against geeks, but he didn't have much in common with them either. At least Dave played video games, and if he was smart, he would see the benefit of his plan. So his decision was made. When Dave went on to take his evening shower, Robert followed a moment later.

The shower rooms were not assigned, but each team had adopted one depending on which side of the plane they were on. Grabbing a clean set of boxers, he headed into the shower room. The shower room was not a bathroom. It had no toilet, although it did have two sinks and shelves for clothes. The actual shower part of the room was sealed off by sliding glass doors. The room had four shower heads, one of which David was under.

Robert's entrance had gone unnoticed and he took a second to observe the boy's body. His light brown hair was now a lot darker and he was thin. Robert was pretty sure he could count the other boy's ribs. Dave's butt curved out a little and his legs seemed to be very long. Whether he would be considered attractive or not, Robert couldn't tell, but he wasn't ugly.

Starting the shower next to the other boy, Robert smiled when Dave looked over at him. "So what do you think of the competition so far?"

Dave glanced over and shrugged. "It's okay, I guess."

"Yeah well, I thought there was a lot more sex involved. I mean, not just in the competition, but just, you know, friendly stuff. At least, that's how the episodes always looked."

"I never really watched the show. Well, other than the episodes they showed us." Dave ducked his head under the stream of water.

Robert waited until the other boy finished rinsing his hair out and said, "Really? So is that why you don't have a plan?"

"A plan?" The other boy turned off his shower and then stared at him.

Robert did the same thing even though his hair was still dry and grabbed a quick look at the other boy's package. It looked pretty much like his, but it might've been a bit longer. Pulling his eyes away from David's genitals, he said, "Yeah, a plan to survive being eliminated or are you just going to vote how Michael tells you too?"

"No, it's just ...," Dave trailed off, obviously thinking.

"Well, I have a plan," Robert said as he leaned against the tile wall. "I just need someone to help me with it."

"And that someone would be me?"


"Why me? Why not Michael or Oliver?"

Robert had to think about that for a moment. "Michael thinks he's in control. He thinks he can make it to the finals because we're all too scared or stupid to go against him. So, if I approached him about an alliance, I think he would try to vote me off. Oliver, well, I really don't know what he would do if I asked him."

Dave nodded, "All right, so what's your plan then?"

Robert relaxed. He hadn't thought forming an alliance would be this hard. "It's pretty simple, really. Michael will tell us how to vote next time we lose, and if he says Oliver, we'll vote against Michael, but if he says one of us, we'll have to try to convince Oliver to vote with us or go for a tiebreaker. Then, we will vote off Oliver."

The other boy frowned. "So unless he tries to get Oliver out, were not much better off."

He hadn't thought of it like that before and it took him a few seconds to recover. "Well yeah, but at least this way, we'll have a heads up if he's going after one of us and if I was Oliver, I wouldn't want to face Michael in the finals. I would prefer to face someone only one year older than me instead of two years older."

"Will that really matter?" Dave asked.

Robert shrugged, "Hard to tell. Sometimes, the more experienced you are with sex, the better you do, and sometimes it doesn't matter." Dave frowned at that comment. "Something wrong?"

Dave hesitated. "I really don't know much about that stuff."

"What?" Robert shouted, before seeing the other boy's expression, quickly adding, "It's just, I thought, you know, everyone would have experience. I mean, you have to have done something right?"

David shifted uncomfortably and Robert could see goosebumps starting to rise on his skin. "Well, I used a dildo to prepare for the show, but that's about it."

Robert stared at the other boy in disbelief. "So the first time you actually had sex was with that fat guy?" He used his arms to emphasize the man's size. When the brunette nodded, he said, "That sucks. I mean you didn't look like you were having any fun, but for your first time, that sucks."

He realized he was repeating himself, but the guy had been pretty fat and ugly. Dave couldn't have enjoyed it and that seemed wrong to Robert, because he liked sex. Then he had an idea. "You want to do me?"

The boy blinked at him. "What? Just like that?"

Robert shrugged, "Yeah why not? I mean, I like to have sex, so why not have a little fun? You could consider it a benefit of our new alliance."

To Robert, Dave seemed to take a long time to decide. Finally, though, his new ally said, "All right. Um, where should we do it?"

"My place," Robert said with a smile. He always wanted to say that.

He was prepared to go back to his room the way he was, but Dave insisted they both got dressed. The boy wore dark blue pajamas to match his boxers and T-shirt. Robert had to admit, though, they did look pretty good on him. His pajama bottoms went down to the bottom of his feet and his sleeves covered most of his hands. It made him look smaller than he was.

Flipping the light on in his room, he grabbed Dave's hand and led him to the bed. His partner was grinning, but it was a nervous grin.

"So what have you done?"

Dave looked away. "My sister had a party a few weeks ago and there was a kissing game there that I kind of got dragged into. Only one girl though. She was 14."

Robert tilted David's head to face him. "I never kissed a girl. Let's start there."

David's tongue wet his lips slowly, and Robert waited until he started to lean in and met him halfway. It was disappointing. The kiss was as if a butterfly landed on his lips and quickly flew away.

"Is that it?" Robert questioned. "That's how I kiss my grandmother."

Dave's face turned red and Robert suddenly felt guilty. He suddenly realized that one year ago he was David, and the one thing his coach did that annoyed him, was teasing him about his ignorance. "Sorry. I didn't mean to make fun of you."

"It's okay."

Putting his hands on the other boy's shoulders he realized for the first time that Dave was slightly taller than him. "Okay, I'm going to kiss you, this time, but relax. Just do whatever you think is right."

This time, when they kissed, Robert let his arms fall from around the boy's shoulders to his back and slide down to his waist, pulling him close. Dave got the idea and wrapped his own arms around him. The kiss, itself, started out tentative, but Dave's confidence quickly grew with Robert leading the way. Soon Robert invaded the taller boy's mouth and their tongues touched.

Robert was already hard, but now he could feel Dave getting that way and he pushed their hips together. Then, pushing the other boy away, Robert said, "Let's get those pajamas off."

Dave seemed reluctant, so he slipped his own shirt off first and threw it to the side. Dave was staring at his chest, so he struck a pose to flex muscles he didn't have. That got a nervous smile, but no movement. "What's wrong? You were naked just a few minutes ago."

The slightly taller boy bit his lower lip. "I don't know what to do."

Robert almost sighed, but he was too impatient for that. Stepping forward he started to undo the buttons on the boy's top. "There's nothing to worry about. It's fun. I do this a lot."

"Really? How often?"

Robert shrugged. "Maybe once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less, I have done stuff with my cousin and a friend." His friend was his coach, but he didn't see why he should specify that. They weren't doing anything illegal, but some people still frowned on those types of relationships. Even in the beginning, his parents had not exactly liked it. There was also a more tactical reason and that was, he didn't want anyone to know about his experience.

"All right then, what do I do?" Dave asked.

Undoing the last button, he slid Dave's top off his shoulders and it fell to the ground. "Well the first thing you do is get naked." As he said that, he crouched and pulled the other boy's pants down. Dave`s erection popped free, nearly hitting Robert in the eye.

They both laughed at that and Dave said, "Sorry."

"No biggie."Robert thought for a second and then laughed at the unintended joke. Dave was definitely not big, at least compared to his coach. It was maybe a little longer and thicker than Robert's middle finger. That was fine with him, though. Standing and dropping his own boxers to expose himself, Robert held up a finger. "One second."

There were six drawers under his bed and all had been empty except one, when he had moved in. That drawer contained a plastic penis, several tubes of various lubricants and even a small jar of Vaseline. There were also several boxes of kid condoms. Everyone on the show was given a thorough exam before participating, but kid condoms were heavily lubricated, which would save time.

Tearing open the wrapping, he gestured for Dave to come closer. He did so with his hands on his hips with his dick sticking out. The miniature condom slipped on easily enough and Robert even grabbed a quick feel of the other boy's tight, ball sack with two of his fingers. It was smooth, and he liked the feeling of it.

Robert rolled onto the bed with his anus facing Dave and tugged his knees to his shoulders. He used his arms to steady himself, and then spread his butt cheeks. Pointing with both of his index fingers he said, "Put it in."

"Just like that?"

"Yeah," Robert answered thinking his coach's index finger was bigger than the other boy's erection.

It took the other boy a second to line up, but Robert could feel the boy's tip at his anus and when he started to push in, he let out a small moan. He couldn't help it. It was warm, and he liked the feeling of something sliding into his butt. Dave didn't just slam it in there, either, but gently pushed, and that made Robert imagine he was much longer than he was. It felt like an eternity until the other boy was flushed against him.

For a moment he just enjoyed the feeling before he opened his eyes having not remembered closing them. Dave was staring at him and he smiled up at the other boy who smiled back. Then he felt a pair of hands land on his thighs as he started to pull back before he pushed back in. At first Robert enjoyed the slow pace and he didn't know how long it went on for, but it was different than his other experiences. Still, at this pace he thought it would take forever for either of them to climax.

"Faster," he said.

Dave hesitated and answered, "I don't want to hurt you."

Robert smiled. "You won't. Do it faster. Clench your butt cheeks and go as fast as you can."

It was like shifting from first gear to fourth gear on a lawnmower, Robert thought, as the other boy's pace quadrupled. The thrust started to move him back further in the bed and he had to use one of his hands so his head wouldn't slam into the wall. He didn't really care, though, it felt great and he started to stroke himself with his free hand.

Sweat broke out on both their bodies as the thrusting continued. Groans and gasps were all that could be heard, and Robert could feel his approaching climax. He tried to stroke himself faster as he pushed back against David's thrusting. Robert's toes curled as his orgasm hit him. He went limp as Dave continued to thrust into him and a minute later, Dave reached his own orgasm with one long thrust before slipping out and falling to his knees between Robert's legs.

Between his legs, Robert could feel the other boy panting, and he knew the other boy's head couldn't be far from his crotch which was almost enough to make it hard again. After a few minutes he sat up and wrapped his arms around the other boy's neck. It was only then, he could feel the condom still stuck in his ass, and he had to shift his weight to pull it out, before tossing it in the general direction of the trashcan.

Dave hugged him back, and they shared a quiet moment before Robert asked, "You want to sleep here tonight?"

The question came as much of a surprise to Robert, as it did to David, who asked, "Is that okay?"

"Yeah," Robert answered. It was only after they were sharing a pillow with their legs intertwined that he wondered what his coach would think. Before drifting off to sleep, he decided his coach would be cool with it. After all, he always said, "Never let an opportunity pass."


Waking up nine boys at 5:00 a.m. was not the easiest task in the world. But Ryan thought it was rather enjoyable. It was particularly enjoyable, discovering that two of the boys hadn't spent the night in their own rooms. That would make for good viewing later on. They all dressed quickly, with poor Dave having to run back to his room carrying his pajamas.

Three minutes later, they were all piled into two jeeps and driving to the site of the next event. They didn't bother fixing up the boy's hair this time. He thought the `bed head' look might go well with the next event, and even if it didn't, he liked the look.

It took them almost an hour and a half to reach the site where the event would take place. The city had fallen behind, as had suburbia, and they were now way out into the country. None of the boys had fallen back asleep, and the atmosphere in the Jeep was both nervous and excited. Both Josh and Philip tried asking questions, but Ryan gave nothing away and he knew Edward in the Jeep behind him was probably in a similar situation. The last ten minutes was pure off-road and they finally arrived at their site. The boys didn't seem impressed. There was just a small tent with a group of men milling about along with some horses.

This was Texas, and when they stepped out of the Jeep, it was already hot. The sky was a pure blue and if the weatherman was to be believed, the temperature was only going to climb. That had been the key factor in moving the event to earlier in the morning, instead of later in the day as he'd originally planned.

Clapping his hands, to draw the boy's attention to him, he said, "Alright, this event requires acostume. You can each change in there." He nodded towards the tent. "If you have any problems, just shout and I'll come in and help."

"What do we have to do this time?" Michael asked.

He smiled, "I'll tell you after you change."

The boys were nonplussed by his answer, but filed into the tent. It would have been interesting to see the boys' reactions to the costumes, but it would never have made it into the cut, so he gave them their privacy. It was several minutes before they started filing back out.

They were practically naked. The only thing that kept them from being completely naked was a small loincloth. The loincloths were all identical, which meant the smaller boy's were covered a little more than the older. They had tied the small piece of leather tight so it left a small indent on their skin. The only other thing that they were wearing was a very flexible shoe that didn't go up to the ankle.

Edward handed out the last item they each would be wearing. It looked a lot like a digital watch, but it wasn't. The device had multiple functions. It was a GPS tracker, an emergency beacon and most important for this activity, a stopwatch. Edward explained the functions to the boys.

"All right boys line up over there and we can start shooting." Ryan announced when the other man was done, as he put on a white cowboy hat. The boys did so, lining up on either side of him, according to their teams.

When the camera turned on, he started in his best Texas accent, "Howdy. Today we're here in Texas for the next round of elimination. Today's game is somewhat inspired by history."

The camera started to pan over the boys, "As you can see, our competitors are dressed as Indians or Native Americans for those who like to be politically correct. In a moment, they're going to start running because cowboys are about to be after them. If a boy is caught, he will have to give his captor a blow job or two, depending on how much time's left in the game, which lasts three hours. The team with the most boys not caught by the end of the round, will win. If all the boys are captured, then the team with the last three members caught, will be declared the victor." He turned to face the competitors. "Alright boys, you got a 10 minute head start. Go!"

The boys started to run, most heading for a tree line, but a few veered off in different directions. They all seemed to be running as fast as they could with their loincloths flapping behind them, showing off their bare asses. It was a nice site.


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