Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes sexual acts between boys and men and boys on boys so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! However if you do, I appreciate feedback.

Sexing For A Million


Odd Team: Michael, Robert, David, Oliver.

Even Team: Josh, Philip, Akira, Lauro.


Lauro was stubborn. He had been told that enough times. Sometimes it was said in praise and others time in scorn. It didn't seem to be in his nature to give up which was a trade he shared with both of his parents. If he didn't get something in school, he studied harder. If a bully knocked him down he got right back up. If he decided he was going to do something, he would do it.

So he ran determined not to get caught. He ran as fast as his eight-year-old legs would carry him. He didn't have a real plan, just head for the woods. Some of the other boy's were splitting off and once he hit the woods he did too. Unfortunately, after a few minutes when he stopped to catch his breath, he realized he had somehow become turned around and had been heading parallel to the field he had started in.

His watch gave off a soft beep which was the signal that the first 10 minutes had gone by. Through a screen of trees he could even see the horsemen coming. Adrenaline shot through him accompanied by an emotion very much like fear as he started to run.

The ground was flat with only a few roots sticking out and they were easily avoided. Lauro continued to run until he had to stop. Leaning against a tree he looked behind him. It was just the empty woods. He sat down against the tree the bark scratching against his back with every breath. Looking at the stopwatch he saw there was 2 hours and 21 minutes left. It felt like it should only be minutes.

He was tired, but was feeling good. Looking at the trees he thought about climbing one to wait the rest of the game out, but they didn't look climbable. Turning towards the field he wondered if trying to make it to the next clump of trees would be worth it or not.

As he thought about it something made him look behind him again and he saw two men on horseback, one was dressed as a cowboy and the other carried the camera. For a second he was frozen, but it was obvious the man was making his way towards him. Springing to his feet he started to run, but in his panic he ran right out into the field. Lauro could hear the beats of hooves behind him has the horse broke into a trot.

He could hear the horse coming closer and closer and he spared a glance behind him only to see the man now had a lasso whirling over his head. Lauro suddenly turned right hoping to be able to get back to the woods, but he tripped and did a header into the ground. The ground was hard, but his arms absorbed most of the impact.

Before he could get back to his feet the lasso wrapped loosely around him. He heard the horse come to a stop and a quiet voice asked, "Are you okay kid?"

Lauro fought back the urge to cry. He wasn't hurt, he was just angry that he got caught. When he finally spoke his voice was under control. "I'm fine." He could hear the man dismount and he turned to look at his capturer but the sun was at the man's back.

"Your knee is bleeding."

The boy looked down at his knee to see a small drop of blood. "It doesn't hurt."

"You still should get it clean. Wait a minute they gave us a first aid kit."

Lauro didn't argue. He was a little surprised though. He thought the man would want him to suck right away, not that he was looking forward to that.

When the man came back the boy was able to get his first good look at him. He wore one of those cowboy hats and had brown eyes. What he really noticed, though, was the man's smile. It seemed genuine and not one of those fake one's adult sometimes used. The man squatted in front of him and as he opened the first aid kit Lauro noticed that his arms were really hairy.

"You're lucky we got this new antiseptic stuff. My mom used to use iodine and that stuff hurts a lot more than any cut I ever had."

Lauro didn't know what to say to that and he glanced over at the cameraman almost expecting him to say something, but the man just continued to film.

"There you go."The man said as he applied the Band-Aid. The man offered him a hand up and said, "We got some time so let's find some shade."

"Don't you want me to give you a blow job?" Lauro asked.

The man chuckled. "You're an eager one. You have a friend you've given blow jobs to before?"

Lauro shook his head. "I just want to get it over with."

The man placed a hand on his shoulder. "We've got time. Let's talk a little first."

The next 40 minutes were odd for Lauro. The man's name was Ezekiel, but he said he should call him Zeke. That in it itself was weird because adults never let him call them by their first names. What they talked about was also strange. It was just stuff.

At first Lauro told him about how he came to be on the show. He had been looking for a way to make money for his parents and had eventually come across Sexing for a Million's website. He told how his parents were against the idea at first, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. When his eighth birthday rolled around they asked what he wanted and he had replied to simply audition for the show and they had given in.

He explained how his father worked two jobs and his mother worked another and how they send money back to relatives in the Philippines every month. The 10,000 alone would mean a lot, but he wanted the million. He also admitted something to Zeke he hadn't even admitted to himself. If he won the grand prize maybe his father could spend more time with him. Lauro was embarrassed by that, but Zeke seemed impressed by what he was doing.

The conversation wasn't all serious. Lauro was teased about his long hair and Lauro fought him off when he touched his hair. It was all playful. Eventually, though, the conversation turned towards sex and in particularly blow jobs.

"There's really not much to it. I'm pretty big so don't try to get any more than just my head in your mouth. Mind your teeth and just try out different things. Use your tongue. You might like it." Zeke smiled.

Lauro nodded at the inevitable. Be didn't think he would enjoy it. He knew about sex or at least he thought he did. He had look stuff up on the Internet in addition to information the show had sent out. Initially he had thought having something put up his butt couldn't be any worse than taking a large poop, but that had not been completely true. So he didn't think sucking on an erection would be much better.

Zeke stood showing a strange lump in his denim jeans. He kicked off his boots and undid his belt before unbuttoning his shirt. Lauro's heart was pounding and he wet his lips nervously. Zeke entire body was as hairy as his arms were. When the man dropped his underwear, though, Lauro forgot about the hair. The man's erection was huge. It had to be longer than his head. Strangest of all though it was devoid of hair and as the man turned towards him, he said running his hand along it, "8 inches. I think that's about 20 cm."

Lauro nodded although not to confirm the conversion. Knowing he had to do this if he wanted to stay in the competition he stood before a hand was placed on his shoulder. Zeke reposition them so they were standing diagonally on the blanket. Then the man sat back down and spread his legs wide as he pulled the boy down with him.

The thick blanket felt soft under Lauro's knees and he noticed a smell as he stared at the man's large balls. There was a little of what he guessed was precum glistening on the slit of the man's penis.

"There's nothing to be nervous about now," Zeke said reassuringly. "Feel free to take your time, but you might want to put one hand or both on the shaft to steady it. Remember not to try to take anything more than my head."He pointed to show exactly where he was talking about.

The boy nodded and started to inch closer. Sticking out a small hand he grabbed the shaft his fingertips barely touching his thumb. It felt warm surprisingly so. As he got closer Lauro noticed the smell became stronger. It wasn't exactly pleasant or unpleasant. It was just there. When his mouth was centimeters away from the tip he stuck out his tongue and licked it. Immediately he pulled back but nothing happened. For some reason he found that reassuring and wondered if it wouldn't be like sucking on a finger. Well except for the liquid.

Going back in, he licked again, but this time it was along the opening of the penis. The substance didn't have much of a taste to it. Maybe it was a little salty, but it was really hard to tell. Emboldened by no adverse consequences Lauro found courage and opened his mouth wide and took in the entire head.

It filled his mouth and he breathed through his nose. After a few seconds he started to use his tongue to explore the warm head in his mouth. Again he started by using the tip of his tongue to explore the man's opening at the tip of his penis. At that moment he didn't think about urine coming out of there, but he was just curious about the liquid. Collecting some, he smeared it across the top palate of his mouth.

After that he ran his tongue to the top of the head. From there he had his tongue slide around the man's member tilting his head slightly to go on the side. When he reached the bottom Zeke let out a moan which was the first noise he had made sense Lauro had first taken his head into his mouth. Thinking that must be a good spot, he flicked his tongue over it again.

For several more minutes the dark skinned boy continued to experiment. He pulled back his lips brushing them over the head and tried licking it like a lollipop. What got the biggest reaction though was when he completely removed his mouth and licked from the base to the underside of the tip which fell like a longer journey than it was. He even used his hands to play with the man's testicles.

"I'm getting close," Zeke said suddenly. "Put both of your hands on my shaft and pull back a little, I'm going to cum."

Lauro followed the suggestion. He pulled back so only about half of the head was in his mouth. As he did that his other hand went to the man's shaft and started to slide them up and down. The heat had taken away any trace of saliva he might've left earlier.

Zeke was breathing heavier now and between breaths he was able to get out. "Here it comes."

Lauro knew what to expect, but the first shot still caught him by surprise. Instinctively he swallowed it and pulled free as another shot hit his cheek. Pushing the erection away from him the third and fourth shots landed on the man's stomach. His hand still on the man's penis he could feel contractions as blanks were fired.

Zeke's head was tilted back his elbows propping him up. Not knowing what to do Lauro scooted back and waited. Wiping the cum off his face with the back of his hand he noticed the smell that he had noticed when he had been near the man's crotch was on his hands. Sniffing the other one confirmed it was there too. He still couldn't decide if the smell was bad or not.

"Well that was nice," Zeke said as he sat up. "What did you think?"

Lauro thought for a moment. "I don't know. I thought if I was caught I would really hate it, but it wasn't bad, but I don't think I would want to do it again."

Zeke smiled at him. "Well, that's probably because you haven't received one. I have never met anyone who didn't like getting a blow job. Would you like to know what that's like?"

Lauro hug his knees to his chest and glanced at the cameraman who was now using a tripod. "I don't think the rules allow that."

"Sure they do. The rules say you have to suck me off, but it doesn't say I can't do anything in return. It's your body and you can do with it as you wish. I'm just offering you know, if you want to know what it feels like I'm willing to do that now."

Surprisingly the boy actually had to give it some thought. A few hours ago he would've said no, but Zeke had been nothing but nice to him, well besides catching him. There was a part of him that wanted to know what all this fuss about sex was anyways. "If it's really okay, then yeah."

"Great," Zeke said starting to crawl his way across the blanket. "Why don't you lie down on your back and lift up your loincloth?"

Lauro did as suggested. It felt a little weird to expose himself like that, but preparing for the show had been weird and so was being on it. The butterflies flying around his stomach were a lot less than when he had been showered in oil.

"I'm going to have to touch your privates, is that okay?"

"Sure," Lauro said and a second later felt two fingers touch his testicles and he jumped in surprise.

"You okay?" Zeke asked.

"It feels weird."

"Well if you really want me to stop say banana. Can you do that?" Zeke said.

"Banana?" Lauro questioned.

"Yeah, I know this may sound weird, but it's your first time. Some boys will say no when they really don't want me to stop. If you really want me to stop just say banana, all right?" Zeke finished by stroking the boy's scrotum with a finger.

"Banana, got it," Lauro said feeling a tight smile cross his face.

The man's hands went back to his genitals. Lauro felt the man's fingertips feel along his ball sack and stroked his shaft. He could feel himself becoming stiff which was still a new sensation to him. Then Zeke pushed his hat off before he ducked his head down and Lauro felt his mouth go around his penis. The sensation was weird, but some part of his eight-year-old mind liked it and he arched his back to try to get more of the feeling.

He could feel the man swirl his tongue around his erection before pausing and taking his sack in his mouth too. Zeke's tongue bathed his genitals and the attention cause Lauro curl up into a ball as his mind was assaulted with new sensations. His fingers gripped the man's dark hair as his knees were pushed against the other side of the older man's head. Deep down in his stomach he could feel something, something that felt wonderful. It grew in intensity and he let out a cry as his very first orgasm wracked his body.

Lauro collapsed back onto the blanket, chest heaving as his cheeks flushed. Closing his eyes he could hear blood pumping through his ears and hardly noticed when the man's mouth left his body, but he could feel as the man lay down next to him. It took him another minute to open his eyes and stare into Zeke's.

"Looks like you liked that," the man said with a smile.

All Lauro could do was smile back.


"How are you going to edit this?" Edward asked from behind him. "I mean there's a lot of stuff here."

Ryan glanced away from the monitors noticing that Edward didn't. He also noticed that the man's pants seem to be a bit snugger on him. He smirked, "It's a balancing act. The type of people who tune into the show all want something different. For example, there will be those who would like to see the entirety of Lauro and Zeke's adventure. Others just want sex. So I'll probably edit in some of the talking followed by their first blow jobs. Maybe I'll add their round two into a montage as a sort of recap near the end and maybe show the horse ride as the credits roll."

He really had to shake his head at Zeke's rather long encounter. This was taking place on his land and the man knew something about tracking. Still, he now understood why the man's list of references had been so extensive. It was obvious he clearly liked boys and furthermore they seem to like him. He had managed to put Lauro at ease in such a way that it was clearly genuine. It was just in his nature.

Ryan admired that. In his late teens he had a similar effect, but it seemed to have been washed away by the tide of time. It wasn't that he no longer was attracted to boys and still generally liked them, but making that connection was difficult.

"Then there will be those who like that," he gestured towards the monitor to where they had watched Michael's little show. The man's cock had been like a piston going in and out of the boy's mouth. Normally he would've contacted the cameraman with orders to stop it, but it had been Michael's idea. His erection had lifted up his loincloth exposing his genitals and he stayed like that with his penis against his stomach until relieved by his hand. Ryan thought back to his wrestling match where he had spread his cheeks in surrender and wondered if there was more to the boy then he knew.

"Everyone else's will probably be glossed over," Ryan continued. "Just show a little to please the fans of each boy and promise more on the Platinum-ray."

"What about those two though?" Edward gestured to two monitors. "What happened there might add some drama. Don't you think?"

Ryan smiled unexpectedly pleased that Edward had picked up on that. Josh and Nick had been the only two boys to actually stick together. The two had been caught in an open field and had tried to run for some thick brush, but Josh had known they wouldn't make it in time and had run straight at their pursuer. His sacrifice had proven worthless though as once Nick realize Josh was not behind him anymore, Nick had turned to follow him. Josh had been captured and before that had really registered with Nick another man had appeared and snatched him. Both men had taken their blow jobs and were still recovering.

"You mean playing up their friendship? That's a nice catch."He could see Edward smile from the corner of his eye and he allowed him to think that he caught something he had missed. There was no real harm in it he supposed, but why did he care. He usually treated the interns like the cheap labor they were. Trying to shrug it off he considered what else he had on camera.

David's captured by a fat man had been nothing spectacular. There might be some who found it amusing he always seem to end up with the largest man though. Robert had betrayed his skill again which would turn on as many as it turned off or so he suspected. Akira's capturer had been small in size where it counted and Philip had been captured by a black man which would please a certain segment of the audience.

That left little Oliver still uncaptured. Glancing at the GPS tracker which showed both cowboys and Indians it looked like it would remain that way. "Go collect Oliver."

"There still time left," Edward protested.

"There are two minutes left and the last cowboys a mile away from him. Get him, time will be up before you get there." As his intern left, he sat back in a collapsible chair and wondered who would be voted out.

It took 20 minutes for all the boys to arrive back at the initial starting line. Oliver, the winner arrived first on an ATV followed by the rest of the boys on horseback. They were all given plenty of water and most used mouthwash which was purely for psychological purposes. Upon hearing of their victory Oliver was given a traditional sporting gesture by having the remainder of the water jug poured on to him by Michael and Robert.

The drive back this time was quiet in both jeeps. The losers didn't say much while most of the winners grabbed a quick nap. The voting ceremony took place on the same couch as it did last time and again the voting was four to one. Judging from what he had seen Ryan Guest he shouldn't have been overly surprised by that.

"Sorry Philip, but you've been voted out."

The boy seemed a bit surprised as he shot a dirty look at the rest of his team. Ryan was silently grateful there hadn't been any big outburst yet when someone was voted off. There was usually at least one a year. Alliances fell apart, people were betrayed. Philip though just quietly collected his belongings. The goodbyes were a bit more strained than the last time. Philip had probably argued with or bullied each of these boys at one point or another.

Putting on his smile Ryan stopped Philip for the interview. "So what do you think about being eliminated?"

The boy glared at him. "It sucks. It was because of me that we won the first round and they thank me by throwing me out when we all fail."

Ryan could easily imagine why this kid had been voted off unanimously. "What are you going to do when you get home?"

"I don't know. I don't think 10 grand will be enough to help my family's restaurant stay in business."

Ryan decided to throw the boy's family a bone. For once he would allow free advertising. Yeah, the kid was a jerk, but he was still a kid. "What's the name of your family's restaurant and where is it, anyways?"

The kid glared at him for a second before he seemed to catch on and then his eyes lit up with surprise as he recited the name and address.

Ryan repeated it and made a vague reference he would try it out sometime. He smiled and patted one shoulder then as he added, "All right thanks for competing. There's a car at the bottom of the stairs and he'll take you to your plane. Enjoy your first-class trip home."

Without another word the boy left and then there were eight.


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