Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes sexual acts between boys and men and boys on boys so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! However if you do, I appreciate feedback.

Sexing For A Million


Odd Team: Michael, Robert, David, Oliver.

Even Team: Josh, Akira, Nick, Lauro.


Agra India, of all the places Ryan had visited in preparation for this season, had been the one place he wished he could have stayed longer. Maybe he should plan a vacation here after this season was wrapped up. It wasn't just the architecture, but the history. Unfortunately, the remaining eight boys didn't seem to share his interest.

The Taj Mahal and Agra Fort had held their attention, but as the tour continued they became increasingly restless. It had been a little difficult, but they had also gotten a few shots of them apparently enjoying the Akbar's Tomb and Guru ka Tal. He wasn't looking forward to editing all this together. If it wasn't for the deal with the tourist authorities, he would've done it in a montage, but he would have to dedicate at least seven minutes to it now. At least the dinner cruise on the Yamuna River had gone well. Several of the boys had made a game out of how much spicy curry they could eat without drinking something.

That had been yesterday, though, and today, after a more Western-style breakfast, the next leg of the competition was about to start. This particular competition would probably be the most time-consuming as the boys would be given some time to prepare. How long the actual competition would last, well, that was harder to tell. He hoped it would go for some time, if for no other reason, so it could be one of those extended scenes for the platinum release.

The boys filed into the nondescript building and he smiled as he said, "Line up, we're shooting right away." The two groups flanked him, familiar with the routine by now. He caught Edward's eye and the man's expression was colder than before. That hurt and before he could think why that bothered him, he was pulled back to reality.

"Whenever you're ready, we can start filming," the cameraman said.

Ryan shot a glare at the man, only to see that he had missed his mark. Squashing his annoyance, he put on a fake smile and started. "Today, we are at an undisclosed location somewhere in Agra India." He smiled and tried to convey a wink and a nudge to the audience. "Today's competition will be the most challenging yet! The boys so far, have done anal, showed off their creativity, and showed they can suck with the best of them. Now, they will have to use all three of those skills."

The camera light stayed on, but the next part of his speech was just going to be a voiceover as one of the monitors already set up, flickered with an image. It showed a dark room filled with tables and a stage with four poles that should make the purpose of the setup obvious to anyone. The only thing that might throw someone was the large white curtain that stretch from ceiling to floor and divided the room in two.

"The boys will be putting on a bit of a performance today." The shot changed to a backstage room with a large clothing rack that had different costumes of various sizes. "Each team will have three judges. Whichever team makes their judges squirt first without touching them, will win. If the hour passes with no clear winner, then whoever's in the lead will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, there will be a tie breaker."

The screens went blank. "Now, as for the rules, the performers can do anything they want to, but they cannot touch the judges. Other than that, stay safe and have fun." He clapped his hands together and finished by saying, "Even team, follow the orange markers to your room and Odd team, follow the yellow. Good luck to you all"


Josh stared at the rack of clothes before glancing at the full length mirror on the opposite wall. Like the rest of his team, he had hurried here, but now he had no idea what to do. He glanced up at the digital clock and willed the numbers to stand still, but to no avail.

"What should we do?" Nick asked, looking up at him.

He shook his head, "Not really sure."

Akira chimed in, "Were supposed to put on a show right? I mean like stripping and maybe sex with each other? That's what porn is like, right?"

All eyes turned toward Josh and he felt his cheeks turn red, flushed with heat. "Something like that. I mean, it's not like I've seen a lot of it."

"Probably more than any of us," Akira said smiling. "I think you should pick out the costumes because," he pulled down a construction outfit which had plastic tools around its belt "I can't imagine why we would wear this."


Robert had tried to hide his satisfaction when he heard the challenge. He had never taken dancing lessons, but he certainly knew how to arouse his coach. The problem was Michael. He had taken charge, which would be fine, but his idea to win was to go straight for sex. Dave and Oliver were going right along with him, but he knew that wasn't going to work. Sex could be really boring to watch. If you wanted to arouse someone, you had to create a little suggestiveness.

He had to make a decision. If he spoke up, he would reveal he had an older partner and he wasn't sure how that would go over. Michael would want to eliminate him partly for opposing his leadership and partly because he would be experienced. It was the latter half that had really worried him. How would the other two vote if they knew about his coach.

If he kept his mouth shut, though, they probably had an even chance of winning or losing. With his alliance with Dave, he was pretty sure he would survive the vote and since his goal wasn't necessarily to win but to survive as long as possible, this would be a better choice. He could almost hear his coach walking him through the problem. The only problem was, he didn't want to lose. He didn't like when it happened in a hockey game and he didn't like when it happened on this show.

"It's not going to work."

Three pairs of eyes turned on Robert, but it was Michael who spoke up. "Why not?" It was a question, but it was said like a challenge.

He took a deep breath, too aware he might be sealing his fate. "Because, if you just go out there and shove your dick up someone, it's going to look pretty boring. It's not like this is a porno movie where there are different camera shots. The judges will only see from where they're sitting. You're going to have to arouse them and then move on to something more."

"And what makes you such an expert?" Michael said, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

Robert could hear his coach practically screaming at him that he was making a mistake, but he didn't want to lose. "Because, I've done shit like this before. I know how to excite a man."

"You're a bumboy?" Michael said astonished.

He felt himself blush at the slur. No one had ever called him that before. "Yeah, so I actually know a thing or two."

The room grew quiet enough that you could hear a pin drop and then a grin spread across Michael's face as he crossed his arms. "All right, bumboy, you take charge, but if we lose, everyone, including yourself, have to vote you off."

"Fine." Robert agreed, feeling he had just made the biggest mistake of his young life.


Ryan smiled to himself. He suddenly realized how he would need to edit, not only this episode, but the third one and maybe go back and change the second one around a little. He would have to emphasize Michael's growing leadership role to make Robert's challenge more dramatic. Of course, what was Michael thinking, using words like bumboy?

He had never deceived himself into believing that all the boys that participated on the show were gay or even bisexual. There was probably a higher percentage of those individuals, but for most, sex would just be play. Still, given Michael's background, he was a little surprised. He came from a same-sex home and his parents had allowed him to participate, so it seemed unlikely they would use such a word. Besides, technically, they were all bumboys by this point.

Was it not a slip, but intentional wording? Was he trying to use the stigma of that word? That would be a risky move, but if the previous seasons had taught him nothing else, it was that kids could be cunning. It made him reconsider his position on confession cams. He would really like to know if something deeper was at work here, but given the ages of the participants, he found it difficult to imagine them spilling their guts. Then an idea hit him. He could prompt them with questions like an interview, but done sort of secretly. He filed the idea away, thinking he might use it for next season.

"Coming up on five minutes," Edward said.

He glanced at the digital clock and shrugged. "It's not a firm deadline, it's just the earliest they can start."

"It's a tough challenge. I wonder if it's even possible."

"It won't be easy," Ryan said, knowing they were just ignoring the elephant in the room. He decided to shoot the damn elephant. "Sarah will probably have something for us by tomorrow. We'll know how to proceed by then."

"Maybe we should tell the authorities anyways," Edward suggested.

"Feel free to do that if you desire to. I'll wait for a report. After all, for all we know Nick has been manipulating Josh." Ryan really didn't believe that, but it gave Edward something to think about.

The remaining time expired without either of them saying a word. Nothing happened right away, but then on the Even Team side there was a flash of blonde hair from around the corner but it quickly withdrew. Ryan put on his headsets just as three heads poked out from around the curtain and he could hear a laugh that was quickly stifled. The second cameraman panned to the judges.

Each team had a set of three judges who were natives of India. Not that this was the first thing anyone would notice. Since the key to this particular challenge was how much the performance could excite the judges, they couldn't allow any external factors to influence them. So, not only were the judges naked, but they were strapped to their chairs, legs spread wide, their members limp and gags in their mouths so they couldn't shout suggestions.

Ryan leaned forward and activated the microphone on the table. "The clock has started."

That seemed to kick everyone into gear and a second later, music started playing from the Even Team's side, an un-remarkable piece with a strong beat. Then, with what had to be a running leap, Nick appeared onstage. The little blonde was barefoot and wearing a pair of cutoff jeans so short that the little white pockets were sticking out. On top of his shorts was a tool belt lined with plastic toys. His chest was bare but on top of his head was an orange hardhat.

The eight-year-old spun around shaking his butt to the beat. Pulling out an orange screwdriver he waved it above his head. It caught the light showing it had lubricant on it. Turning around, he lowered the screwdriver to his waistband before sliding it between his butt cheeks.

The show had started on the other side of the stage with music that sounded like it was coming from a sitar. Robert drifted on stage and his costume could not have been more different than Nick's. He was barefoot but there, the resemblance ended. The boy was covered in veils, each a different pastel color. As he did his best interpretation of a belly dance, veils seemed to slide off. Ryan's eyes flicked over to a third monitor which had a split screen of the judges from overhead. The judges seem to be agreeing with him. Two were hard on Nick side, but all three were hard on Robert's and he was barely bare chested at this point.

Back on the other side, Nick's shorts had fallen and the screwdriver was being used as a dildo. He was joined by the rest of his team. Josh was naked except for an oversized cowboy hat and two six shooters with an oversize belt buckle. Akira was in a brightly colored Speedo. Lauro's hair was tied back into a ponytail and he was already naked and hard.

Josh pulled a plastic hammer from Nick's belt and bending the boy over tapped the screwdriver, causing the boy to jump. The redhead then pulled another screwdriver from the boy's belt and gestured Lauro over. The dark skinned boy dutifully did so, standing on the other side of the older boy. Bending over the boy, he spread his cheeks as the other screwdriver was inserted with a few taps from the hammer.

Josh then gestured for Akira to drop his Speedo even though there were no more screwdrivers. Akira did as he was told but when Josh approached him Akira pushed him over in what seemed like an obviously preplanned move. The Asian boy jumped on the taller boy and snatched one of the guns from his holster, before pointing it at the older boy's head. For a second, there seemed to be a standoff, then the redhead opened his mouth and the boy's captor inserted his half flaccid member.

Back on the other side of the stage, Robert was now naked and gesturing for someone to join him on stage. Dave appeared, already naked, and walked to the other boy who pulled him close and kissed him. It wasn't just a kiss, however, it was a kiss from the end of a romantic movie, long-lost lovers reunited.

"We got one," Edwards said.

Ryan pulled his eyes away from the screen to the one that showed the judges. One on the Odd Team side had definitely ejaculated. The milky white liquid was on the chair in front of him. He pushed a button and there was a buzzing sound as the two scoreboards showed the Odd Team had taken the lead.

On the Even Team's side the boys seemed too engrossed in their performance to notice the buzzing sound. Well, except for Lauro, who was just twisting the plastic screwdriver, still in his ass. Nick had removed his screwdriver and inserted Josh's dick instead. It made Josh almost look like a seesaw, Akira would push down, raising Josh's hips and Nick would push down raising Josh's head.

On the other stage, Robert and Dave were both hard and had taken each other's erection in their hand, stroking it, before separating and heading to the poles. They slowly walked around the poles before waving their butts at the judges. Mike and Oliver came on next, dressed in fairly ordinary clothes. They then proceeded to undress each other. Once Michael's pants were dropped, it was obvious he was already erect. His dick nearly hit the smaller boy in the eye before slapping against Michael's belly. The boy took the thick black organ in his mouth and started to bob up and down its full length. That sent another one of the judges over the edge, making the score 2 to 0 in favor of the Odd Team.

"We could have a shutout." Ryan muttered.

"Yeah," Edward added absentmindedly.

Lauro seemed to be the only person to notice that the score had changed again. He stopped twisting the screwdriver back and forth and glanced at the other three before looking at the judges. Ryan was just starting to wonder what the boy was planning when he suddenly stood and hopped off stage.

"Camera two, follow him," Ryan said into his radio.

The cameraman did as he was told as Lauro kneeled in front of the first judge. He briefly wondered if the boy had forgotten the rule about not touching the judge, but he took a deep breath and slowly started to blow on the man's erection.

"Is that within the rules?" Edward asked.

Ryan thought for a second before smiling. "He's not touching the judge."

The judge had been producing pre-cum and the boy's single, hot breath was apparently the stimulus needed to start shooting. The stream of white liquid hit the boy's face before he could pull away. Ryan put one point up for the Even Team as the boy moved on to the next judge. His three teammates had stopped their show, but the second judge was, if anything, quicker than the first and another point went up on the board for them.

The Odd Team attempted to kick it up another notch. Oliver stood up. Robert and Dave trapped the other two boys between them and started to grind against them. Meanwhile, Lauro had moved onto the third and final judge repeating his previous performance. This man took the longest to shoot, but when he did, it was more than the other two combined, which resulted in Lauro receiving a substantial facial.

Ryan racked up the third point as he flicked on the intercom and announced, "The win goes to the Even Team!"

He decided to do a quick interview with Lauro because he couldn't remember any other time when one boy had won an event for his team so decisively. As the other boys went to clean up, he held the boy back and they both sat down on the stage their legs dangling over the side.

Putting on his best smile he asked. "Lauro, I think your team owes you a big thanks. It looks like you single-handedly won this competition for them."

The boy stared at the camera for a second before smiling nervously and wiping at some white liquid on his ear. "I couldn't have done it without my teammates."

"Modest. So, what gave you the idea and weren't you afraid of being disqualified?"

Lauro smiled nervously. "Last year my parents took me to a water park. I thought it felt really good running around when you're wet. So I thought maybe blowing on a," he trailed off.

"Erection?" He offered for some reason not wanting to use one of the cruder words.

The boy nodded. "An erection would feel good."

"And you weren't afraid of being disqualified?" Ryan asked reminding him of the second part of his question.

This time he took his time to answer. "Not really. You said we couldn't touch them and I didn't."

He patted the boy on the back affectionately. "Well you certainly didn't and I think you have a fine legal profession in your future." The boy didn't get the joke, but Ryan turned to the camera and said, "Well, thanks to some quick thinking by the youngest member of their team, the Odd Team faces another elimination. Will Robert face the consequences of not winning or will it be someone else. We will find out very soon."

The trip back to the plane was uneventful. The victorious team was tired and the losing team was quiet. Michael seemed pretty confident though.

Back on the plane, the losing team took their seats on the couch and Ryan went into his usual spiel. It really was hard to make it sound exciting every time. He waited for the votes to come in and they surprised him.

"Well, we seem to have a tie between Michael and Robert." All four of the boys looked at each other. "As a result of the tie, we're going to have a revote and if the result is the same, we can go to a tiebreaker."Ryan smiled, even as he tried to remember what he had set up in case of a tie. He honestly couldn't remember. "For this revote, Michael and Robert won't be voting, so it's up to Oliver and Dave."He cleared his screen and said, "Vote now."

Both boys quickly voted and again Ryan was surprised by the results. "Well, it looks like Robert honored his word about voting for himself. Michael, I'm sorry, but you've been voted off."

"What!" Michael stood and glared at his former teammates. "We had an agreement. He's the one who lost us this round!"

To everyone's surprise Oliver jumped to his feet. "You had an agreement, bumboy. I didn't."

While this made for good television Ryan couldn't let an actual fight break out and that was the mood of the room. Interjecting his body between the two boys, he said, as calmly as he could, "Now, let's all be good sportsmen. The team has voted."

To Ryan's relief, Michael was able to get a hold of himself and turned to pack his bags. The goodbye ceremony was a little forced ,particularly when it came to Oliver and Michael, who both acted like the other had the plague. Fortunately, he was up for the interview and Ryan decided to add one question beyond the standard ones.

"So what do you think about being eliminated?"

Michael shifted, still angry. "It sucks. I thought I had a deal. Nothing I can do about it now though."

Ryan nodded sympathetically. "Well, what did you think of competing overall?"

The boy smiled a little showing off his white teeth. "It was kind of fun. I mean the food thing was a little weird, but fun."

"What are you going to do when you get home?"

"Well, it's still summer vacation." He hesitated and Ryan waited, knowing he was going to get something out of the boy. "I was hoping, if I won the competition, my dads would let me do something. You see, there's this friend of the family, and, you know, I always wanted to do stuff with him, but my dads say I'm not mature enough. I was hoping to show them that I'm ready."

"So, do you regret calling Robert a bumboy?" He didn't add, "because you want to be one."

The boy had enough sense to look ashamed. "It slipped out. I didn't really mean anything by it."

Ryan wasn't so sure of that, but he didn't see any way to press the issue. "Alright, thanks for competing. There's a car at the bottom of the stairs and it'll take you to your plane. Enjoy your first-class trip home."


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