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Sexing For A Million


Odd Team: Michael, Robert, David, Oliver.

Even Team: Josh, Philip, Akira, Nick, Lauro.


Josh smiled at Nick as he jumped around naked, pretending the dildo in his hand was a microphone. The song he was attempting to sing was one Josh's sister usually listened to. Well, Josh was pretty sure it was the same song, enough of the lyrics were right, but the blonde also seemed to be making up some as he went along. A detached part of his brain wondered why he was indulging Nick. Then the boy turned and wiggled his butt and he remembered why.

Nick was cute. He was also just fun to be around. Josh wondered if this was what it was like to have a little brother, but then again brothers weren't supposed to do what they did together. So maybe he was in love. His dad joked that girls made boys stupid and Nick was doing that to him. They had switched their handheld video game systems so Nick now had the newer one. Then, when he had called home last night, he had introduced Nick to his mom. It was only after the phone call that he started to wonder what his mom was thinking.

Alright, his parents probably strongly suspected he was gay at least. Going on the show was probably a big red flag to them because they didn't know that he knew about his diagnosis. So, they were probably okay with that. Now, whether they would be okay with him having an eight-year-old boyfriend, well he was pretty sure they wouldn't be expecting that in the least. After another second of reflection, he had to admit that Nick probably didn't think of them as boyfriends either. They were just friends who messed around, which wasn't too uncommon. If Nick did think they had a special relationship, why was Akira sitting next to him on the bed naked?

Sparing a glance over at the other boy, Josh guessed he was enjoying the show, judging by how hard he was. Josh added jealousy to his list of reasons he was probably in love with Nick. Damn, maybe those terrible teen romance movies his sister likes were not that far-off. This was all the fault of the next challenge too. They had been advised that it would be a good idea to use the dildo they all had in their rooms before they landed. Nobody had been offered to help them this time, which he was secretly grateful for. That first time had been really embarrassing for him, though, he really didn't care anymore. He just wished he had waited to ask Nick if he wanted any help after Akira had gone to his room because the little blonde turned around and invited his other friend right away. Now that he thought about it, he wondered if he should have invited Lauro too, even if he was the next on the chopping block. His conscience was bothering him about that, but he pushed it aside.

Instead, he just concentrated on listening to the song and then they would get to work. He briefly toyed with the idea of a threesome to relax them. It was kind of fun how they had done it on the stage and that only reminded him that Lauro had been the one to save the day there and that made him feel guilty again. The kid deserved better.

When Nick had finished butchering the song, Josh slipped out of bed and kissed him on the forehead before slipping behind him and delivering a slap on his butt. Nick jumped onto the bed holding his offended posterior. "Meany," Nick shouted at him.

"Yeah, I am mean."

"Yes you are," Akira agreed.

Akira and Nick looked at each other and said simultaneously. "Let's get him."

The two boys pounced, each grabbing one of his arms and pulling him down. Someone jumped onto his back and he felt a slap on his ass. Rolling over, he hooked the leg of the kid sitting on his back and reversed their position. It was Akira and with his shoulders pinned against the floor, he tried to get free by swinging his legs around but Josh kept a tight hold on his thigh.


Nick came to his friend's aid by pushing Josh, but the room had run out of space so he hit the wall and was able to hold onto Akira's one leg as he slid down. Locking his legs around Akira he grabbed Nick's forearm and wrist. The boy tried to twist away, but he just ended up having his arms crossed as Josh pulled him down next to Akira who tried to dart away but not fast enough.

Josh now had both of the boy's legs beneath his own and on their stomachs. They tried to squirm away but with no luck. "Hey twin moons." Josh said running his hand from one to the other. "You give."

"Never," Nick shouted as Akira's body shook with laughter.

Josh sighed, "All right, but you made me play the drums." Before either boy asked what he meant he slapped one cheek and then the other in rapid succession.

"I give," Akira cried.

"Me too," Nick added.

Josh shifted his weight and the two boys scurried out from under him. Nick, however, immediately turned and pounced, wrapping his arms around his neck. "That was mean."

He kissed the blonde on the cheek and let his hand slide down Nick's back to his butt. "Did I hurt you?"

"No." Nick replied while trying to sound as if he was angry and failing. "It was just mean."

Unexpectedly, Akira crawled up to join them and curled up on his side. Josh threw an arm around him just for comfort but the boy seemed determined to use him as a pillow.

"That was fun," Akira announced. "I can't ever do that stuff at home."

"Have your butt smacked like a bongo drum?" Josh asked.

Akira giggled and moved closer. "No," he drew out the word. "Rough housing. When I have a friend over, we can't make too much noise since someone's always studying."

"What about when you go over to their place?" Nick asked.

"Sometimes, but my mom doesn't let me do that too much."

"That sucks," Josh said weakly.

"I never slept away from my parents until I came here. I was kind of scared at first, but it's kind of fun," Akira said.

"Yeah, I wanted to go home at first too, but now I'm glad I didn't." Nick said.

"Out of curiosity," Josh asked, "what do you think of the events?"

"They're okay," Akira said. "Some of them are fun."

"Like when we got to dress up like Indians and run around the woods." Nick supplied. "Which one was your favorite, Josh?"

That was a question Josh hadn't thought about. He had been thinking of the events as challenges, something to be overcome and not enjoyed. Still he thought about it. Even though he was pretty sure he was gay anal was definitely not his preference or at least being on the receiving end. Being in Nick's ass on the other hand was something else. "The last one, it was fun working together."

"Yeah," both of the boys echoed.

The two boys started talking over each other, telling each other how awesome they thought it was. He tried to get a word in edgewise, but the two boys had retreated into their own world of half sentences. He tried to listen and follow but then a knock at the door interrupted the conversation.

"It's event time."

"What?" Nick said.

"We didn't prepare," Akira said worriedly.

"I know," Josh echoed realizing it was his fault for not keeping them focused.


Lauro sat in his room, his stomach tied in knots. He wasn't sure if he was feeling bad because his teammates had so completely ignored him or was just nervous about the next event. Then again, maybe it was just what he was planning to do that was getting to him. There was a part of him that wanted to call his mom, but he also felt like he had to deal with this on his own. That was how he had dealt with everything so far. Even after his parents had agreed for him to go on the show, they still had told him they didn't want him to go. He was starting to think they were right.

The plane was fun, particularly the video games and the big screen TV. He liked some of the places they had gone and then there was Zeke, who he had really liked. Unfortunately, the other events had not all been like that. He had hated the first one and judging by what they were told, this next one would be like that and he had to win. Maybe if he was always partnered with Zeke, he would feel different, but then he remembered how big his erection had been, a lot bigger than his yellow dildo.

He wanted to go home.

There was a knock at his door followed by Oliver shouting, "Can I come in?"

Lauro smiled. Oliver was another nice thing about being on the show. "Yeah, come in."

The nine-year-old- stuck his head around the door and smiled broadly. "You haven't started yet? Good." Stepping into the room with his arms full of his own dark purple dildo and some lubricant, he kicked the door closed behind him. "Everyone else is doing this together, so I figure we should too." Oliver dropped his stuff onto the bed and gave him a little shy look. "Actually, I've never done this by myself, so I was really hoping you would at least help me."

Lauro frowned, "Didn't you get that package before coming on the show?"

Yeah, but first my brother's friend helped me out with it and then when my brother put an end to that, my two friends helped me." Oliver glanced over at him. "No one helps you?

He shook his head no.

"Wow, um well..." Oliver trailed off and then said, "Well, I think it's easier when someone helps you and in fact," he did a weird deep voice, "I guarantee it."

Lauro frowned in confusion.

Oliver was giving him a skeptical look in return. "You've never seen Middle School? It's like the most popular show ever."

"I've heard of it, but haven't seen it. I don't have cable."

"What? You're parents have something against cable or something?" Oliver asked.

"No, we're just poor." Lauro said flatly. Oliver seemed a little uncomfortable and Lauro didn't like that so he explained. "Well, not really. My parents send some money to relatives in the Philippines. A little here goes a lot there." That was the expression his parents used.

Oliver plopped down onto the bed next to him. "So you're originally from the Philippines?"

Lauro shook his head. "No, I was born in Canada. I've never been there."

"Oh," Oliver seemed to consider and then asked, "Is that why you're hair is so long? I mean is it because your parents are originally from the Philippines?"

Unconsciously Lauro touches his long dark hair and pulled some so that some of it was in front of his eyes. "No. My mom just says she likes it on me. Why would you think that?"

Oliver shrugged, "Foreign customs are weird."

Lauro's brow crinkled with thought. "Like what?"

Oliver shrugged again. "I don't know. My mom was born in Canada and my dad was born somewhere else. My mom doesn't talk about it but my brother told me they used to fight a lot. He once told me, but I don't believe him, that our mom changed both of our first names when my father left."

Lauro fiddled with the dildo in his lap. He really didn't know what to say to Oliver's story. The silence between them stretched into minutes. Eventually he said, "So, um shouldn't we do this. They said we should."

"Yeah," Oliver chimed in. "How do you do this by yourself? Maybe I'll try it that way and you can try it my way."

"Oh, um okay. I just took off my clothes and put on some stuff and just sort of squat down on it. What about you, Oliver?"

The other boy was sort of staring at him and then asked, "You didn't get off before?"

"Get off?" Lauro repeated not understanding.

Oliver gave him an odd look and then said, "Getting off, jerking off, masturbating?"

"Oh yeah, masturbating. I never heard it called that before." He felt a blush warm his cheeks. Oliver seemed to know a lot more than he did.

"Yeah, well getting off relaxes you and it goes in easier. It's also easier if someone else puts it in for you. At least I think so." Oliver grinned, "So, you want to get started?"

Lauro nodded. "I can masturbate while you try it my way."

"Well, we could do it that way," Oliver said, "but blow jobs are better."

Lauro's eyes widened. "You would do it just like that?"

"Why not?" Oliver asked, "It's not like it's a big deal."

Lauro kind of thought it was a big deal, but he could see what Oliver was saying. He had done so many things since coming on the show it was weird. What was even weirder though was he didn't think they were weird. They just sort of happened. If he was at home maybe he would've thought twice about undressing in front of another boy, but now he didn't think twice about it especially since Oliver was doing the same.

They faced each other both taking a good real look at the other. For once they weren't racing a clock and Lauro suddenly felt a little shy. He started to cover up, but Oliver stopped him by grabbing both of his wrists.

"Come on, let me see." Oliver released his wrists and ran a finger from base to tip. "It's long. Does it get bigger or does it just get wider?"

Lauro giggled nervously. "I don't know."

The other boy smile turned sly, "Well, I'll have to find out." He started to stroke it and Lauro twisted away only to be pushed down on the bed. Oliver's hand found its way between Lauro's legs.

"Stop," Lauro said, even as he laughed.

Oliver rolled Lauro onto his back and ran his thumb up the Filipino's length and rubbed the tip with his two fingers. "You still want me to do it?"

Lauro nodded wondering if it would be like the time with Zeke. Oliver spread his legs and stroked him a few times before leaning down. Lauro watched with fascination as the other boys head lowered even as his two fingers holding his erection made small circles. The small movements made Lauro push his hips into the mattress. Oliver's tongue quickly shot out and did a quick circle around his tip before quickly flicking back and forth on the underside of his head.

Lauro felt that funny, good feeling rising again as Oliver's tongue slathered over his erection. His toes curled and his hands gripped the sheets as a warm feeling rushed through his body. The peak of the good feeling lasted only a few seconds, but the warm relaxed feeling lingered. At least until Oliver grabbed the pillow from underneath his head. "Hey," Lauro objected weakly.

"Rollover and tuck your knees under you," Oliver ordered.

Lauro did as he was told trusting Oliver who slipped the pillow underneath his chest before spreading his legs a little and then tickled the bottom of his foot which caused him to giggle. "Stop that!"

"Ticklish? That's good to know." Lauro was about to ask why, when he felt something slip between his butt cheeks. "Ready?"

Hesitantly Lauro nodded but after a moment, realized that Oliver couldn't see, so he said, "Yeah."

"All right, here it comes."

Lauro braced himself for the pain or at best the discomfort, but it didn't come. Instead he felt the hard thing making small circles around his butt hole. Distractedly he tried to remember the proper name for that part of his body. His parent's reminder not to use slang because it was only used by the uneducated and lazy came through even now.

As Lauro tried to remember the proper word, he didn't notice the increasing pressure at first. Then he couldn't miss it and before it was a half an inch in he had tensed up, fingers tightening and toes curling.

"Relax." Oliver ordered.

"I am." Lauro grunted even though he wasn't. Then he felt a finger stroking the sole of his foot. It kind of felt good but not like it usually did. Then a few more fingers were added and unconsciously he was smiling again. He was aware when Oliver started to push in again, but it slid in a little easier. Then it reached that point where there wasn't resistance and it kind of felt good but not that good.

When Oliver stopped pushing it in Lauro could feel the dildo being pushed back out by his body. When he had done this at home he usually just held it in there, but Oliver seemed to have a different opinion. Without warning Oliver threw his body onto Lauro's back and his arms around the Filipino boy before they both collapsed onto the mattress.

Oliver gave Lauro a peck on the cheek and asked, "How are you doing?"

"Not bad," Lauro said, his voice sounding strange even to his ears.

"We'll just stay like this for a little. So did I tell you your hair is longer than my girlfriends?"

Lauro was caught offguard, "What?"

"Well maybe not longer just as long." Oliver said casually.

"Girlfriend?" Lauro repeated confused.

"Not like that. She's a girl who is a friend." Oliver repeated.

"Oh, guess I have a few of those," Lauro said slowly. "So you don't like kiss or anything?"

"No, but I kind of think she's pretty," Oliver giggled which caused Lauro to smile.

They continued to talk and looking back Lauro would think it was kind of weird. They were lying on the same bed naked with a dildo in one of them and they were just talking like it was completely normal. It kind of worked though. He could always feel that something was inside him but it almost felt good.

Then there was a knock at the door saying it was competition time. When the dildo was pulled out of Lauro he felt very greasy down there. He didn't like it. As they were starting to get dressed, he realized that Oliver hadn't done anything. "What about you? Don't you need to stretch?"

Oliver shrugged, "No time. I'll be okay."

Lauro frowned at the other boy suddenly feeling guilty.


Ryan looked around thinking this was not too bad for a rush job. Finding people at the last minute had not been too hard and the men had not complained about being called up early. Well except for the two that wouldn't be participating this time around. They would get to go to the finals so it was a wash as far as he was concerned.

His eyes wandered over the red curtains that now formed a small room in a large hangar. The lights that illuminated the inside of the small room were not too bright, unless you looked right at them and they did make the fake Persian rug look good. Then his eyes roamed along the materials that would be used for the actual competition. Two pommel horses, one red and the other blue stood in the center of the room. The only modifications to the two horses was the addition of a small electronic bell located at the bottom of each.

Grimacing he shook his head. He had a complicated relationship with his fans. He had never done any official analysis, but from the Internet community that had sprung up around the show he had a certain opinion of the average viewer. For the most part they were attracted to boys and genuinely liked them. Oddly though, there was a growing number that just seem to enjoy the show. Small groups would form on the Internet rooting for one boy or another. It was funny to watch the forums where people would argue why person A would obviously win over person B. and so on. It was good natured.

Then there was a small group that he didn't like. A group that always wanted to push the envelope past what he thought was decent. Ryan suspected that this group didn't really like boys, but lusted after them. They kept the forum moderators busy in the suggestion forum, shutting down S&M threads and were the chief reason he had started a nominal fee to post on the forums, although he caught flak from all different directions because of that.

Still, over the years, he found throwing them a bone helped. It was never what they really wanted, but they would never get that anyways. As he watched the boys cross the field, a twinge of guilt touched Ryan. They were all handsome; who could ever hurt one of them? Then his eyes fell on Nick and he knew it was possible. Damn, he hoped Sarah had found some relatives by now.

There was little to be done this time around. The tourist part of the leg had been canceled because they hadn't had the time to reschedule things. Ryan regretted that because he had been looking forward to going on the safari. Unfortunately, Oliver and Lauro's little stunt had preempted that. So it would be straight to the competition and back on the plane.

The boys lined up and he started his spiel. "Welcome back to Sexing for a Million. Today we're here in South Africa for the next leg of the competition." He paused and allowed a lopsided grin to cross his face. "This round will be a little different than the others. Each team will volunteer one person to take on this challenge alone. However, the winner of the round will have the unique chance to pick the person they want to have eliminated from the competition, even if they're on their own team."

Ryan paused, hoping the cameraman got a nice reaction shot to the news as he continued, "Before we ask for volunteers, let's see what they will have to do." He gestured towards the curtain and right on queue the curtain opened.

Four very large black men, naked as the day they were born, stepped through. They had little fat and no hair except for thin eyebrows. The lack of hair was part of an optical illusion. A popular request on the forums was for big dicks up the contestants' asses. Anal always played a part in each season, but he always tried to find people below average to average. These men were bigger than average but not porn star material. The lack of hair should add an optic inch, or so many claimed. Ryan wasn't sure if it was true, even though he was staring at several fine examples right now.

Clapping his hands together to bring the cameraman back to him he said, "This round is simple." He walked up to the right horse and gestured with his hands. "The volunteers will lie down on the horses and then two men will slowly insert their erections into both the mouth and the butt." He knelt down and picked up the little buzzer. "Once they think they can't take any more, they press this," he pressed the button and there was a ring from the bell. "That will end their turn. The men will mark their positions and pull out. When both bells have rung, we will see who has taken more."

The cameraman zoomed in for a close-up of the bell and by prearranged agreement stopped filming. It was one of the tricks the viewers at home would never be aware of. Ryan stood and double-checked to make sure the boys fully understood the rules. He also reassured them that there was a doctor standing by, but that seemed to have the opposite effect. He explained about the mouth guard, a small device that would cover their upper and lower teeth so their teeth wouldn't hurt the man.

When he was done he crouched by the horse and both cameramen started filming again as if there had not been any interruptions.

"So, who's ready to volunteer?" He asked.

Lauro's hand shot up right away and none of his teammates wanted to argue the point. The other team was a little more hesitant. Reluctantly, Oliver's hand started to rise, but so did Robert's. "Only one," Ryan chided. The three of them had a brief conversation that he couldn't hear and after a moment Oliver stepped forward. That was a little worrying. He wondered if Oliver had told his teammates about what he had done. He would have to review the recordings.

The boys undressed and Ryan watched with half his interest and the other half making sure the cameraman kept their distance and used the zoom function instead of getting right on top of the boys. They both seemed a little more self-conscious now that they were the only ones naked. Both needed help getting onto the horses which the men were happy to provide. He made sure that the cameraman got a shot of the men putting on the new super slick condoms. It was one of those products that were designed for a niche market that his show catered too.

The doctors made sure the mouth guard and lubricants were applied correctly. There would probably be some gagging if the competition went on for any length and he just hoped there wouldn't be any vomiting, which reminded him about the others.

Turning to the boys who weren't participating, he reminded them that they should cheer their teammates on. It took all of his miniscule acting ability to sound enthusiastic about starting the competition. This time he used a boxing bell to start the round.

It wasn't all that impressive to watch. From his angle and from the boys', most of the action was blocked by the large bodies of the men. The two cameramen were getting better shots and the men seemed to be moving slow enough.

The round was a disappointment, but he had expected it would be. Less than a minute into the round, Oliver's bell went off. It was faster than Ryan had been expecting and judging by the one man's reaction he didn't feel satisfied. Still both marked their position and went to be measured by the doctor. He expected Lauro's to go off at any second, but it didn't.

He went on for a few more seconds and then a few more. After about a minute, Ryan tried to get a better look and saw tears running down his face. "That's enough!" Both of the men looked at him and after a second of hesitation started to pull out.

Lauro coughed and spat out the mouth guard as the doctor rushed over. A quick examination and the doctor produced a bottle of water and urged him to drink. He did so, but coughed as he drank, spitting out some of the water.

"Is he all right?" Ryan asked.

"He'll be fine," the doctor said. "A little sore, but no tearing."

"I didn't quit," Lauro protested weakly.

"You won," Ryan answered without hesitation. The boy had taken a little more than half the man's length in his mouth and presumably something similar for the rear. "Didn't you hear the bell?"

The boy shook his head no.

It was several minutes before they started filming again and they only did so when Lauro said he was okay. He and Lauro stood on one end of the room with the horses now removed and the other boys lined up on the opposite wall looking a bit nervous. Ryan went through his spiel trying to sound enthusiastic, but again his heart wasn't in it. He asked Lauro who he was going to kick off and with only a second of hesitation he raised his arm and pointed and said, "Nick."


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