**Another work of fiction by RJ. Enjoy and please support the Nifty Archives**

I was doing some shopping at the local mall and needed a bathroom break. I heard someone crying in the bathroom in one of the stalls. It had to be a boy from the pitch of the crying. I pulled my cock out and aimed my piss stream at the urinal.

I said "Are you okay in there? Can I help you?"

The boy continued to cry in the stall, I finished my piss and put my cock away. I went to the door of the stall.

I said "Is everything alright?"

The boy sobbed and said "I pooped my pants".

I said "If you unlock the door I can help you".

The door opened. Sitting on the toilet was a blond headed boy about ten or so. He had indeed pooped his pants.

I said "What happened?"

He said "I didn't make it to the bathroom in time".

I took some toilet paper and cleaned the pile from his underwear into the bowl.

I said "Is you mom or dad around?"

He said "Mom is getting her hair and nails done. I was in the arcade".

I said "What is your name?"

He said "Shane".

I said "Hi Shane I'm Bill. You sure are a mess". He was a mess. His underwear, his pants and his shirt were splattered with shit.

He continued to cry. He said "I can't go out into the mall like this".

I said "Don't worry Shane we will get you cleaned up, why don't you stand up for me so I can see what size your pants and underwear are".

The blond stood up in the stall his pants and underwear down at his ankles. He let me look at the tag in his tee shirt and the size of his pants and underwear.

I said "Why don't you step out of the dirty clothes. I will be back in ten minutes with some new clothes for you okay?"

He stopped sobbing enough to remove his sneakers so he could pull the stained clothes off. He stood naked in front of me with only his socks on.

I said "I'll be right back Shane".

He said "Thank you".

I opened the stall door leaving the blond behind. I felt sorry for the blond. I washed my hands and went to JC Penney's and found the boys department. I quickly found a t-shirt, Lee jeans and a three pack of white fruit of the looms. I grabbed a three pack of socks as well. I paid for his clothes not really worrying about if I would get paid back by his mother. Just seeing the naked boy in the bathroom was worth the forty dollars that I spent on his clothes.

The bathroom was empty when I returned. I said "Shane I'm back come on out here. We can make sure you're clean".

The boy opened the stall. I took some paper towels and dampened them at the sink. I turned him around to wipe his back and his cute little ass.

I said "Turn around" he turned towards me. I wiped between his legs the back of my hand brushed against his hairless balls and his circumcised boy cock that sat on his balls about an inch or so long. He leaned against my shoulder as I got any of his shit off of him.

I said "There you go Shane now you can get dressed".

I opened the underwear pack and held them open for him to step into. The door to the bathroom opened a man about my age walked in looking at the naked blond.

I just said "We had a little accident" like the boy belonged to me instead of being a complete stranger. Shane smiled as he pulled on the underwear, new socks, the jeans and the t-shirt. He put his sneakers on and we put all the dirty clothes in the bag, we washed our hands again and left the bathroom.

Shane said "Thanks a lot mister, I don't know what I would have done if you didn't find me".

I said "Should we find your mom for you?"

Shane said "She usually picks me up at the arcade but we can go find her so she can pay you for the clothes".

Shane grabbed the bag of soiled clothes in his right hand. The boy surprised me when he slipped his left hand into my right hand. I squeezed his hand and gave him a big smile. He smiled back at me showing off his hazel eyes and his white teeth with a gap between the front teeth.

Shane said "The beauty shop is downstairs on the first floor". We walked to the escalator and stepped on together still holding hands. We stepped off together and I let him lead me to the salon. He looked around for his mom. He said "She's not here".

I said "What is your mom's name?"

Shane said "Lisa, Lisa Mohan".

I asked the receptionist "Is Lisa Mohan still here?"

"No sir she left some time ago".

I said "Okay, thank you. Maybe we missed her and she went to the arcade".

Shane put his hand in my hand again sending a chill down my spine. We went back to the escalator to the arcade. He said "She's not here either".

I said "Does your mom have a cell phone?"

Shane gave me the number. I dialed the number but it went right to voicemail. I left the message that Shane was waiting for her at the arcade in the mall. I said "We should stay here and wait for her, do you want me to stay with you?"

He nodded his head. I got five dollars worth of tokens. I said "Do you want to play anything special while we wait?"

Shane said "I like the race cars do you want to race with me?"

I said "Sure".

He put the bag next to the machine. He said "You get in first I will sit in front of you". I got in the race car and Shane climbed in sitting in front of me. I put four tokens in and I let him steer and work the pedals and the shifter. Shane pushed back against my waist the small of his back rubbing my crotch. My cock started to swell with him in contact with me. I wrapped my hands around his thin waist on the outside of his new tee shirt.

Shane kept looking out the arcade for his mom. The time on the game expired so I put in four more tokens for him. I put my right hand over his on the steering wheel, my left hand found its way to his smooth stomach under the shirt. My cock was hard in my pants I wondered if he could feel the bulge in the small of his back. The time expired again and still no sign of his mother. Four more tokens and my hand started to roam his chest and abdomen underneath the t-shirt.

It was getting late in the afternoon Shane used up my five dollars of tokens and he was getting worried about his mother. The attendant came around so I got a couple more dollars of tokens for Shane. My hands still under his shirt and sliding over the crotch of the jeans I bought for him his bulge was harder than it was before. After two hours of racing there was still no sign of his mother.

Shane got out of the racer and so did I. I called his mother's cell phone again, it went to voicemail again.

I said "Does your mom do this a lot I mean leave you alone like this?"

Shane said "No. I don't understand".

I said "Okay let's try something else. We will go to the security office and see if they can page her in the mall".

He put his small hand in mine again as we went to the security office. The security guard on duty was an obese older man. I said "We have a missing mom somewhere in the mall can you make a page for us please".

The guard said "I am the only one here I don't have time to babysit".

I said "I'm not asking you to babysit I'm asking you to page the boy's mother for us and meet us here at the security office".

Reluctantly the security guard made the page and returned his attention to the security monitors in front of him. Shane and I sat and waited. After a half an hour I asked him to repeat the page, another half hour and nothing.

Now it was getting very late in the afternoon. I said "Shane do you remember where you mom parked?"

Shane said "Yeah, we came in through Macy's".

I gave my business card to the old guard. I said "If she shows up please call my cell".

We got a grumpy `Yeah, yeah' in response. We walked out to where the car should be.

Shane's voice started to shake and crack "Where is she her car is not here either?" Tears started to roll down his cheeks.

I said "I don't know Shane but I think it is time to call the cops. The mall security guard doesn't seem to want to help us much".

I led the blond boy back to the mall security, still nothing. I called the police. A detective was on the way.

After another hour and multiple calls to her cell phone Shane was in real trouble. We had to explain what happened to the detective in detail at the embarrassment of the boy for pooping in his pants. Shane gave the detective all the information he had, his name, his address, the make and model of his mother's car and what he could remember of the license plate.

After finding out that he doesn't know who his father is and he has no other living relatives I said to the detective "Can you have someone go by his house maybe something crazy happened?"

He said "I will send a radio car to the address. We cannot do a missing persons report until 24 hours. We may have to process the boy into the system for the weekend. Social Services may not be able to help the boy until Monday morning".

I said "What does that mean? You are going to put him in kiddy jail for the weekend that's insane".

Shane started to cry again. The detective said "I don't want to have to but we have no other choice".

I said "Let him stay with me. You have my name, number, address everything about me. When you find his mother everything will be fine but it is getting late, I don't know about the boy but I am getting hungry".

Shane said "I'm hungry too. I don't want to go to jail Please".

The cop made a few more calls and finally said "Okay Mr. Barnes, Social Services are going to meet you at your residence at seven this evening. If Social Services clears you as a temporary foster parent then Shane can stay with you until his mother is found".

I said "Thank you detective, the boy will be safe and in good hands".

I led the boy back into JC Penney's. Shane said "What are we doing here?"

I said "Well I think pajamas and a couple more shirts are necessary if you are staying with me".

He smiled with an `Oh Da' look on his face. I let him pick out the t-shirts but I picked out the pajamas for him, mid-weight cotton with snaps down the front and snaps for the bottoms and at the fly. I put everything on the charge card and led him to my car.

Tears were running down his face. He said "What happened to my mom?"

I said "I don't know kiddo. I hope the police figure it out soon. I promise I will take care of you".

Shane said "I know you will. I feel safe with you. Can I ask you a question though?"

I said "Sure ask anything you want".

Shane said "Your dickie was hard when we were racing wasn't it?"

I thought `Oh shit, he caught me' I said "I'm sorry Shane but you were pushing against me".

He said "I know its okay anyway sometimes my dickie gets hard too". My cock swelled in my pants again as I drove him home.

I opened the electronic gate and pulled into the driveway. Shane's eyes lit up. "Holy smokes you live here?"

I said "Yes if you like horses I have six horses in the back one of them is a yearling he would be the perfect size for a boy your size". I left the electronic gate open knowing that the social worker would be coming at seven. I pulled the Jeep into the garage and closed the garage door. I said "Come on let me show you around".

I led him through the wash room. I said "We might as well start here, give me your soiled clothes and we will wash them for you". He pushed his soiled clothes into the washer and I started the cycle. The kitchen was next, the family room then the living room and the den.

Upstairs Shane said "Holy smokes this place is huge. How many bedrooms are there?"

I said "Six plus three full bathrooms upstairs and a half bath downstairs".

Shane said "Speaking of bathrooms I have to pee".

I said "You probably need a bath or a shower as well to make sure we got all the poop off of you we have a half an hour before the social worker shows up".

Shane said "Okay". Shane walked into the first bathroom leaving the door open, lifted the seat and undid his button on the jeans and unzipped his fly pulling his little boyhood out and aiming his piss stream to the bowl.

I said "Do you want some help?"

The four feet four inch tall blond smiled at me and said "Okay I guess". When he stopped his stream he shook his cock and flushed the toilet.

I stepped in behind him "Bath or shower?"

He said "Bath I guess".

I turned on the water and started to fill the tub. Shane kicked off his sneakers then took his socks off. I reached for his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. I hooked his jeans and underwear in one motion pulled them down his thin legs. We waited for the water to fill in the tub.

I said "How does spaghetti and meatballs sound for dinner?"

He smiled "I like spaghetti and meatballs".

I said "I never met a kid that didn't".

Shane said "Do you have kids Mr. Barnes?"

I said "You can call me Bill or Mr. Bill if you have to. I had a son Tyler. My wife died giving birth to him. He was a premature baby. He died from crib death three weeks after he was born. That was four years ago. I have been alone since then".

Shane said "Oh I'm sorry Mr. Bill".

I said "Thank you Shane, you are a polite boy".

I turned off the water. Shane got in the tub. I took the bar of soap and lathered up my hands. I said "Is this alright Shane?"

He nodded and said "Go ahead, you already touched me at the mall you might as well finish the job. I don't know what I would have done without you today".

I started with his smooth back then his neck and his smooth chest and his abdomen. He lifted each leg out of the water so I could go from his crotch down to each of his toes. Shane lay back in the tub to get his hair wet. He closed his eyes I looked at his hairless crotch his circumcised cock now stretched to two and a half inches pointing at the ceiling.

Shane opened his eyes and said "See I told you my dickie gets hard sometimes".

I smiled at him. I said "It is a very nice dickie perfect for a boy your age". He smiled back at me. I said "Stand up for me". He stood in the tub. I washed the crack of his ass first then my left hand soaped up his two and a half inch boner and his tiny hairless balls that were still tight and close to his body.

I said "Okay back into the water to rinse off". Shane lay back into the water and I ran my hands over his body rinsing him off. I shampooed his hair and drained the tub. I grabbed a towel for him he just stepped into my arms leaving me to dry him off. My left hand brushed against his little package as I dried him. He let me brush his hair.

I said "You can have any room you want. Let's get your pajamas on the social worker should be here any minute".

Shane followed me out of the bathroom. He looked in one bedroom then the next he went down the hallway one direction then the other. He got to the master bedroom. He said "This must be yours". I nodded. He came back out into the hallway to the closest room to mine. He said "I'll take this one I shouldn't be here long anyway". The door bell rang.

I said "Get dressed and come downstairs to the kitchen".

I opened the front door a woman in her fifties said "I am Mrs. Miller from social services we have an appointment".

I said "Yes ma'am. I am Bill Barnes, Shane will be down in a moment please follow me can I offer you coffee, tea or something to drink?"

She said "Tea if it is not a bother, thank you".

I said "Lemon or cream?"

She said "No black tea is fine with me. You have quite a house here Mr. Barnes I was surprised driving to the address. Do you live alone Mr. Barnes or is there a Mrs. Barnes as well or any other children in the house?"

I said "My wife passed away four years ago delivering our premature son. He died from crib death three weeks after his birth. I live alone now".

She said "I'm sorry but I must ask some personal questions of you to consider you as a possible foster parent. I did talk to Detective Wallace. He said you seemed to be a good person around the boy".

I said "Ask any question of me that you want. I will give you my financial records if it will make any difference".

Shane walked into the kitchen wearing the pajamas we just bought for him. I said "Shane this is Mrs. Miller from social services she needs to ask questions of us. Okay?"

Shane said "Yeah okay, hello Mrs. Miller".

Mrs. Miller said "The boy is in pajamas already that seems a little hasty".

I said "We went through this with the detective and it embarrasses Shane but he had an accident at the mall. I found him crying in the bathroom. I bought him new clothes and then bought the pajamas later when we were coming here".

She said "What happened sweetheart?"

Shane lowered his head in shame. "I pooped my pants. Mr. Barnes helped me. Then we tried to find my mom. She is missing we had to call the cops, now we are here until they find her. Mr. Barnes said I should take a bath or shower before you showed up".

She looked at me with a quizzical look. I said "It's the truth his soiled clothes are in the washer. I'm sorry Shane I know it embarrasses you but the boy did make a mess of himself and his clothing. The police wanted to put him in the system because it is Friday evening. I thought that it was wrong. So did Detective Wallace so here we are the rest is up to you now Mrs. Miller".

I made a pot of hot water for her tea. She asked "Mr. Barnes this house is quite large, may I ask your profession?"

I said "I am a commodities broker I work from home the house was a wedding gift from my in-laws along with the horses. My wife loved horses the property has riding trails throughout".

Shane said "I've never been on a horse but I would like to learn to ride. Mr. Barnes said that there is a yearling that would be a good size for me".

I said "Mrs. Miller I promised Shane spaghetti and meatballs for dinner would you care to join us we can make this a business dinner if you wish. It should also prove to you that I can cook so the boy will not starve on my watch until we get word about his mother".

Mrs. Miller said "Thank you but no, would you mind if I looked around the house?"

I said "Feel free, Shane why don't you show Mrs. Miller which room you chose and bring down the other set of clothes they could stand a wash as well".

Shane said "Yes Mr. Barnes, this way Mrs. Miller".

She said "He is a polite young man isn't he".

I thought `cute too'. I said "Yes he is his mother raised him properly if he stays here with me I promise not to tarnish him". At least that got a smile out of the woman.

Shane led her out of the kitchen, I pulled the sauce and the meatballs out of the refrigerator and poured a good amount into a sauce pan and started the water boiling for the spaghetti. They returned fifteen minutes later.

Mrs. Miller said "The sauce smells good what brand do you use?"

I said "It is homemade I made it yesterday there is a garden in the back I grow the tomatoes, peppers, onions and all fresh herbs and spices would you like to take some home I always have too much to use for myself".

Mrs. Miller said "If you are trying to impress me Mr. Barnes it is working".

Shane said "Yeah me too when they find my mom I am going to tell her all about you and your house".

I said "Are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner Mrs. Miller it's almost ready?" I pulled the pasta out of the water to drain. Luckily I had milk in the refrigerator. I poured Shane a glass of milk, I thought of a glass of wine for myself but not knowing the reaction from the social worker I passed and decided on water with a lemon wedge.

She said "No but thank you please have your dinner".

I said "Have a seat Shane". He sat at the table his bare feet swinging under the table as I served his plate. I put my plate down next to him and spread fresh grated cheese on my dish. "Do you want some cheese Shane?" He nodded his head and let me sprinkle the cheese on his dish.

Shane twirled the spaghetti and slurped it into his mouth leaving red sauce on his cheeks, he took the glass of milk took a big gulp and he had a milk mustache.

Mrs. Miller said "Mr. Barnes I will need to collect information from you to get you into the system. Your address, phone number, social security number and a copy of a tax return if you have that information available".

I said "I have all that in my office just give me a minute to make a copy for you".

Shane and I finished our dinners he still had sauce and milk on his face. I reached over to him and wiped his face with my thumb making him smile at me again. I said "Do you want some more?" He shook his head at me. I could feel his bare feet rubbing against my leg under the table. I got up took the dishes to the sink and went to my office. I made a copy of last year's tax return and gave her the information that she wanted.

Mrs. Miller said "You certainly have the means to support Shane Mr. Barnes I am going to approve you as a temporary foster parent for Shane. I am also going to give you power of attorney for the boy so you will have guardianship rights for him and if he needs medical attention you can take him to the county hospital where social services will arrange for and pay for his care".

I said "I don't anticipate a hospital stay but county doesn't have a good reputation, I can take care of his medical if it comes to that".

She pulled a pile of papers out of her briefcase. We spent a half an hour me signing my life away for the care of Shane and Mrs. Miller signing as a witness for the welfare of the boy. She finally departed leaving Shane in my custody.

I said "You're already comfortable I need to get comfortable too". I put his clothes in the dryer and went upstairs to change. Shane followed me around the house and followed me into the master bedroom.

I pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of comfy sleeping pants from my drawer, Shane sat on the bed watching me I thought about going into the bathroom to change but decided to undress in front of him. I took my shoes off and put them in the closet my socks, trousers, shirt and finally my boxers all ended up in the laundry hamper I came back to the bed and picked up the comfy sleepers and pulled them on and the t-shirt over my head.

Shane said "Don't you wear underwear under your pajamas?"

I said "No actually I don't usually wear pajamas but since you are a guest I will wear them. I once read an article about wearing underwear to bed. The article said that it is better for a male not to wear underwear to bed so their penis and testicles are not constrained by the material. According to the article it is healthier to let your testicles be free".

Shane thought about that for a second, stood up pulled down his pajama bottoms with his underwear and pulled the pajama bottoms back up his thin legs.

I said "What time do you normally go to bed?"

Shane said "Nine o'clock for school nights, ten on the weekends".

I said "Okay but we have had a long day how about we watch some TV and then go to bed at nine tonight. Hopefully we will hear something about your mom by morning".

Shane followed me to the family room I sat down in my big overstuffed recliner and turned on the TV. Shane looked at the couch for a second then came to me in the recliner. I said "Do you want to sit with me?" He nodded his head so I picked him up by his waist and put him in my lap. I wrapped my arm around him he put his blond head back against my chest. I found a kid friendly show to watch within a few minutes his breathing changed he was asleep. I unsnapped two of his snaps of his pajama top I slid my hand inside the cotton material to touch his smooth skin. His chest rose and fell as he inhaled and exhaled I smelled his hair. My hand found his little nipples under the soft material. I traced each of his small nipples with my finger as the boy slept in my lap.

I turned off the TV and picked him up. He stirred briefly wrapping his arms around my neck I held his tight little ass feeling the small globes as I carried him up the stairs. I took him into his room and pulled the covers down to put him to bed.

He said "I want to sleep with you tonight".

I turned around still carrying him and went into my room. I pulled the covers down and lay him down in the king sized bed. He stirred as I put him down in the bed he opened his eyes. I said "You can sleep with me tonight I need to take a pee do you need to go to the bathroom before bed?"

He held his arms out to me I picked him up again and carried him on my hip to the bathroom. I put him down but he kind of went into dead fish mode on me so I knelt beside him and opened the snap of his fly on the pajama bottoms and reached inside to bring his small circumcised boy cock out. I held his cock and cupped his balls as he released his stream. When he finished I gave him a couple of shakes to get the last of the pee off him. I stood up and fished my cock out with him standing next to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist as I let my piss stream go. Shane brought his right hand up and wrapped his small hand on my cock aiming my stream for me to the toilet. As soon as he touched my cock it was like a bolt of lightning going through my body. I continued to piss but my cock started to immediately swell in his hand. I finished my piss and put my hand on top of his to shake off.

I picked him up again carrying him with my cock still out of the sleep pants. I put him down in the bed on his side and spooned behind him. He curled up with a pillow under his head. Shane never said a word as I put my hand under his pajama top stroking his chest and his abdomen. I unsnapped the top snap of his pajama bottoms and opened them so my hand had free access from his chest to his erection and his hairless balls. I fondled his balls and stroked his two and a half inch boy cock as the boy fell into slumber again.

At some point I joined him in sleep. When I woke up he was still sleeping his head on my chest his arm and his small hand under my t-shirt his hand lightly moving the hair on my chest.

In the morning Shane stirred awake I brushed his blond hair away from his face and his hazel eyes and his cute smile greeted me in bed.

I said "How did you sleep little prince?"

His smile brightened even more he said "I want my mom but I want to be with you too".

I smiled back at him I said "Shane are you okay with me touching you? I think you are a very special boy. When you held my penis last night it felt electric to me".

He said "It feels good when you touch me I like when your hand is under my shirt".

I said "What about when I touched your penis?"

He said "I didn't mind it tingles".

I took a chance with him and pulled him on top of me. I ran my hands down his back and reached for the globes of his little ass. I started to massage his ass cheeks through the material of the pajamas. Shane turned his head to the side and rested on my chest. I could hear him purring as I massaged his ass cheeks. I slid my hands into the elastic band of the pajamas touching his ass cheeks. I moved my hands around his body to unsnap the top and the fly snaps of his pajamas. I brought my hands back to his globes massaging both cheeks at the same time. Shane purred "That feels good Mr. Barnes".

I could feel his little dick in my stomach I ran a finger through his ass crack touching his rosebud briefly. I pushed the cotton material further down his legs leaving his ass naked. I brought my hands up his back under the pajama top massaging his back muscles. Shane just lay on top of me letting me do as I pleased to his young body. I said "Rollover" Shane turned over so his back was on my chest. I undid the snaps on the pajama top so my hands had his chest and his hardon pointed to the ceiling. Shane sat up and pushed the pajama bottoms off his legs and took the top off then lay back to my chest. I played with his nipples and fondled his balls and his hardon rubbing the crown between my forefinger and my thumb. Shane just cooed as I ran my hands from his face down his body to as far as my arms would reach down his legs. I used my finger nails to lightly come up his body from his thighs to his package and up his stomach and chest. I could feel his body pulsing as I extended his arms over his head so I could explore his hairless underarms to my surprise I didn't seem to be tickling him.

My cock found the fly hole of my sleeper pants and extended upwards between his legs. I brought my hands back down to his boner stroking him with one hand and the other running a finger in his ass crack and fondling his balls.

Shane started to shake his body on top of me. He said "Mr. Barnes my tummy feels weird I feel like I have to pee"

I said "Have you ever had this feeling before?"

He said "No I don't want to pee on you".

I played with him a little more until his body went into convulsions he started to moan louder I closed my fingers around his small cock he lifted himself pushing his cocklet into my closed fingers. "Uhhgg what is happening to me?"

I pumped him as his body shook he reached up over his head and grabbed my face as he continued to climax on top of me. I said "Don't be afraid Shane you are having an orgasm enjoy the feeling". He wriggled around on top of me his breathing got heavy as we brought him to what I suspected to be his first dry orgasm. I let his boy tool go and looked over his shoulder to see his cock twitching in the air. I said "Take a look at your wiener Shane".

He opened his eyes and looked down his body watching his boy tool twitching he looked up at me and smiled. He said "That felt really weird but really good at the same time".

I could feel my own stomach starting to churn with my balls getting ready to explode. I said "Shane I am close to having my orgasm will you help me?"

He said "What do you want me to do?"

I said "Close your legs around my penis". He closed his legs around my six inch circumcised cock I reached around him to get to my own cock head sticking up between his legs. I said "I don't want to scare you but white stuff is going to come out in a minute and some may get on you is that okay?"

Shane was thinking about it when my cell phone rang. I rolled him off of me before I had the chance to blow my load on him.
"Hello Barnes here".

`Mr. Barnes its Detective Wallace how is the boy holding up'.

I said "So far so good any word?"

`Yes we have found the car it seems that it was stolen we still have no word on the mother we are continuing the search I will keep you informed. Let me know if you need anything for the boy'.

I said "Okay thanks Detective Wallace". He hung up.

Shane looked at me with a worried face. I said "They found your mother's car it was stolen they don't have any word on your mother yet". Shane started to cry. I opened my arms and he crawled to my chest burying his face to my chest. I held and hugged the naked ten year old blond boy as he cried himself out of tears.

Shane finally settled down but his eyes were all puffy from crying not to mention my t-shirt that took all his tears. He rolled off me and sat on the edge of the bed I rolled over and sat next to him I pulled the tear soaked shirt over my head and tossed it towards the laundry hamper.

Shane said "I'm sorry Mr. Barnes"

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders "It's not your fault Shane. I need a shower then we can make breakfast how does that sound". You could tell the boy was numb.

I stood up and started the shower in the master bedroom. I dropped my sleeper pants and stepped into the shower. Shane came into the bathroom opened the glass slider and stepped into the shower with me. I washed him first then started on me. My cock was semi hard because the four foot four inch tall blond was in my shower. I didn't want to take advantage of him because of his vulnerability. I finished our shower and dried him off then myself. I dressed in jeans and a tee shirt.

Shane followed me to the kitchen still naked since his were still in the dryer he dressed while I made French toast for us.

I said "How about taking the horses out today?" His spirits picked up.

We went down to the horse barn I saddled the yearling for Shane and my own palomino I picked Shane up to help him get on and get him adjusted to the saddle and got his feet in the stirrups and showed him how to hold the reins and how to command the horse. I led us around the property with the yearling and Shane either right next to me or right behind. Shane was having a great time. We rode for a couple of hours before we got to the lake. I stopped to rest and water the horses.

Shane said "You even have a lake on your property do you swim here?"

I said "Yeah we can swim here the water might be a little cold though".

He said "Too bad we done have bathing suits with us".

I said "Who needs bathing suits we have already been naked together and there is no one around at all".

He smiled at the thought. He kicked off his sneakers and pulled off his socks. He rolled up his jeans and put a toe then a foot in the water he said "It's cold but not too bad".

I pulled the saddles and the blankets off the horses. I then pulled his shirt over his head. He waited for me to take off his jeans and underwear. His 2 inch boy dick sprang to life again. I stripped myself leaving our clothes in a pile.

I pointed to his boner I said "If the water is too cold that is going to turn inside and hide".

He walked into the lake up to his knees then reached into the water with his hands. I ran into the water and dove in to take the shock at once rather than tip toeing in. I said "Come on just jump in its easier".

He jumped in after me hanging on my neck laughing. I picked him up and tossed him in the air him coming down in the water with a huge splash and more giggles. He swam back to me to have the process repeated each time saying "Throw me higher Mr. Barnes".

After twenty minutes in the lake his lips started to turn blue and his teeth were chattering. I said "Okay popsicle out of the water your lips are turning blue". I walked out of the lake and grabbed the horse blanket to wrap him up he approached me then ran away laughing he ran back then away again. I caught him on the fourth pass and scooped him off his feet. I took the other blanket and spread it out in the sun. I wrapped the blanket around both of us keeping his body close to mine to keep him warm.

I sat down on the blanket and Shane sat on my lap. I wrapped the blanket around us again. Shane looked over his shoulder and smiled. Shane reached into my crotch and squeezed my cock which made it swell right away. I reached for his little boy tool. I said "Do you want to play some more?"

He said "Yeah".

I said "There are other things I can do to make you feel good inside again".

He said "Like what?"

I said "If you will let me I would like to suck your wiener and your balls".

He said "Huh, you want to put my wiener in your mouth that's gross".

I said "It's not gross for me but it is up to you".

He said "Well okay I guess".

I said "Lay down on the blanket".

Shane rolled over to the blanket I gave him the other blanket to wrap around his shoulders. I rolled towards him. I put my hand on his stomach as I lowered my face to his tiny cream colored nipples with my tongue I circled the left nipple then closed my lips to suck the nipple. I did the same thing with the right nipple. Shane giggled and kicked his feet in the air as I sucked his nipples. I licked his chest down to his belly button making him go wild on the blanket. Shane watched in awe as I moved closer to his prize.

I crawled around him down to his feet I sucked his big toe into my mouth causing him to squeal, I licked the bottom of his small foot making him jump I moved to the inside of his thigh running my tongue along his inner left leg then his right leg. Shane was giggling like mad waiting I licked the bottom of his small shaft and then the pink-purplish crown of the cock. When I put my mouth over the two and a half inch shaft Shane sucked in his breath as I closed my lips on him. Shane grabbed my hair as I slowly sucked his boy tool I released his cocklet and licked his ball sac then sucked both of his tiny nuggets into my mouth.

I said "What do you think now?"

He was breathing heavy and said "This is fantastic".

I smiled at him as I returned to sucking his marvelous boy cock. Shane started to buck his hips in unison with my strokes lifting his ass off the blanket and arching his back. I grabbed his ass globes with both hands as I sucked him off. I went from his cock to his balls and back again. Shane couldn't take it any more as he held my head to him and his cock started to twitch in my mouth.

He dropped himself to the blanket panting and looking at his saliva covered glistening and twitching cock. I moved closer to his face his eyes widening wondering what I was going to do next. I put my lips to his soft rosy lips and kissed him.

I said "Thank you for letting me do that to you".

He said "That was awesome I never ever thought about that before is that what you were thinking about yesterday when your dickie got hard in the arcade or this morning before your phone rang?"

I lay down next to him and rubbed his chest thinking of how to answer the question posed to me, I knew my own cock was in dire need of attention I could feel the pre-cum leaking from the tip. I was on my side with my hard cock on his abdomen.

I said "Shane maybe I shouldn't have done that but I am attracted to boys and you are a very cute boy, I'm sorry for taking advantage of you".

He said "I let you do it, doesn't it taste bad like pee?"

I said "I wouldn't want to drink your pee as a staple diet but I was more interested in the taste of your flesh than your bladder fluids, I might be interested in tasting the other fluid that will come out of there when you get a little older".

He giggled and said "You mean that white stuff you said was going to come out from yours this morning?"

I said "Yes. It's called seamen or sperm and by many other names in slang terms. I have to tell you that I am very horny now and I really need some relief before we ride back to the barn".

He said "Do you want me to close my legs around your dickie again?"

I said "That would be great but you might get messy from me if you do".

Shane said "Well I was a mess yesterday" he rolled over on his belly on the blanket, I got on top of him pushing my cock between his thighs he closed his legs making a boy pussy between his legs and his ass crack. I started to fuck him between his legs my cock sliding along his ass crack his tight body felt incredible as I humped him. My body was full of electricity as my cock pushed in and out of our makeshift love nest.

I said "You feel fantastic I'm not too heavy on you am I?"

He said "No you're okay I want to see when the white stuff comes out"

I continued to fuck his thighs I closed my eyes and imagined that it was his cute little ass that I was fucking I thought maybe someday that wish would come true. I was getting close to my climax. I said "I'm close".

He released his thighs I got on my knees and he rolled over and lifted his legs so I could put my cock between his legs again my cock rubbing his balls and his cock the head of my cock rubbing his smooth white skin of his stomach. My balls tightened and one more push between his legs my cock exploded with the first rope of cum hitting him on the chest just below his chin. He opened his legs from the shock of the hit and covered his face with his hands, I grabbed my cock with my left hand and continued to jerk myself with my cum landing all over his chest, his stomach, his cock and balls were covered with my cum.

Shane said "I thought sucking my wiener was gross but this is really gross".

I said "I'm sorry Shane".

He laughed "You warned me I was going to get messy".

I took the blanket and wiped my cum off of him. I said "Are you ready to go back?"

I helped him get the saddles back on the horses and we rode for another hour or so before getting back to the barn. When we got back to the house the phone was flashing with a message. I called Detective Wallace still no word of Shane's mother.

The rest of our day was spent around the house or the garden, Shane decided that he would sleep in his bed tonight.

Sunday morning before Shane woke up Detective Wallace came to the house I opened the electronic gate for him and he drove up to the house.

I said "I hope you're here with good news".

He said "Maybe we found a `Jane Doe' at County Hospital she is badly beaten, has been raped and is still in critical condition in a coma but she fits the general description of Lisa Mohan. I wanted to show Shane a picture to see if he recognizes her".

I said "Is that a good idea? He is still very upset".

He said "It's the best shot we have to identify her".

I was about to argue the difference but Shane walked into the kitchen in his pajamas rubbing his eyes and yawning.

Shane said "Did you find my mom?"

Wallace said "Shane does your mom have any distinguishing marks or tattoos on her?"

Shane thought for moment and said "She has a pink rose on her butt".

Wallace looked at me and nodded his head.

I said "Shane come here please Detective Wallace has to show you a picture that might be your mom".

I pulled him up on my lap and wrapped my arms around his mid section waiting for the worst to happen. Wallace pulled the photo out of his pocket the female in the photo was beaten beyond recognition in the face. Shane burst into tears and started to convulse in my lap.

Wallace said "I'm sorry Shane but we have to know this is your mom right?"

Shane nodded his head.

Wallace said "I stopped by his house on the way over I have some stuff in the car. I brought some of his clothes and some personal belongs".

I picked Shane up he wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist his head on my shoulder. We walked out the front door to the car. In the back seat was a huge teddy bear that had a seat belt on Shane's eyes lit up and said "Ralphie".

I looked at Wallace he just shrugged and said "Teddy Bear safety month" he undid the seatbelt and put the huge bear in my free hand so Shane could grab the bear as well as me.

I said "My hands seem to be full otherwise I would help you unload".

Wallace said "My daughters do it all the time to me my wife thinks I bribe them with candy to hold them so I don't have to unload the groceries".

Wallace carried Shane's stuff upstairs, I still had the four foot four inch seventy pound blond around my waist and neck with a three and a half foot forty pound stuffed bear in the other as I climbed the stairs. I plopped Shane and Ralphie the bear on the bed. Shane hugged the bear. I kissed his forehead.

I said "Will you be okay for a few minutes I have to talk to the Detective".

Shane said "Is my mom going to be alright?"

Wallace said "I don't know son all we can do is pray for her can you do that for her?"

Shane squeezed the bear even harder "Yes I will pray for her, I want to be Mr. Barnes' son not yours, no offense".

Wallace laughed "No offense taken Shane I hope you get your wish. I think Mr. Barnes will be a good dad to you".

I smiled at the thought the blond boy wanted to be my son, I could give him the world I hoped he would take everything I wanted to give him, I had to clear my throat and get my mind out of the gutter Shane has only been with me for a day and a half and I already got to suck his dick, fondle his package, and fuck him between his thighs blowing my load all over him but there was a trained detective standing only a couple of feet away and the boy was obviously traumatized with the news and condition of his mother.

I walked Detective Wallace out of the house. I said "Is there any chance you can catch the bastards that did this?"

He said "Maybe if she comes out of the coma until then who knows who ever raped her wore a condom and gloves".

I went back inside to take care of my new charge. I knew that the hospital wouldn't let Shane see his mother because she was in the ICU but he pleaded me so I took him to the hospital. They did let him look through the window.

Monday morning I had to get Shane to school, his school was on the other side of town. I dropped him off at his classroom and went to see the principal. I told her the situation and to call me if there was a problem with Shane. I didn't even make it out of the parking lot before my phone rang and Shane was in the principal's office crying. I went back inside to collect him and take him home. I arranged for the principal to give us work assignments for him and he would be home schooled for a while until the situation changed. On the way back to the house I stopped at a boot, leather, saddle and tackle shop.

Shane said "What are we doing here?"

I said "Well if you are going to ride horses then it's a good idea to have boots and all the cowboys I know wear hats".

His face lit up and he gave me a killer smile. We found boots and a hat that fit him a leather vest and riding chaps. Everything fit him perfectly he wouldn't take them off so the clerk cut off the tags to ring everything up. When we got back to the jeep Shane wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. I turned my head to him my lips touching his. Shane opened his mouth so our tongues could dance together.

Shane came out of his room wearing only the chaps, boots vest and hat. He started to giggle and said "I bet you like me dressed like this".

Well he was right his smooth white skin with his boy cock and hairless balls showing between the tan colored chaps his small nipples showing as he opened the vest and spun around showing off.

I said "You are gorgeous are you going to ride like that you might get saddle sore or you can ride bareback if you like".

He said "What's bareback?"

I said "We leave the saddles in the barn and ride the horses without the saddles just the blanket you will have to use your legs to stay on the yearling".

He giggled again "Okay".

I took off my jeans and shirt and put my vest and chaps on like Shane had on along with my hat and boots. I grabbed the K-Y from the bathroom figuring he would at least let me fuck him between his legs again. He put his hand in mine as we headed for the barn. I put the blankets on the yearling and the palomino and lifted him onto the horse. His little hardon sticking out so I sucked his cock and balls before climbing on the palomino and leading him down a different set of trails on the sixty-five acres of property.

Shane said "This feels weird but I like being naked on the horse".

I said "I like you naked on the horse too. Shane do you have friends at school?"

He said "I don't know I guess so why?"

I said "Your school is all the way on the other side of town which is okay if you want to stay there but what happened this morning that got you so upset that your teacher had to send you to the principal's office?"

He said "A couple of kids just being jerks I thought you said I was going to go to school here with you".

I said "I did say that but that only leaves you and me here and sometimes Simon there aren't any kids your age here".

He said "Who is Simon?"

I said "Simon helps out with the horses and sometimes the garden. He is big and strong as an ox the only problem is he is about as smart as an ox as well".

Shane said "What does that mean?"

I said "Simon has the IQ of a third grader so you need to be careful around him. He won't hurt you on purpose but he doesn't know his own strength".

Shane said "Oh, okay".

We rode in silence for a while Shane looking around as we rode.

Shane said "I have to pee". he jumped down to take a piss.

Shane said "Can I ride back with you or do I have to stay on this horse?"

I pulled him up on the palomino in front of me I said "Jasper will just follow us back to the barn why don't you take the reins and head back to the barn. I have work to do and you have schoolwork".

I gave Shane the reins and wrapped my arm around his waist with my one hand inside his vest rubbing his nipples and the other hand between his legs fondling his little package. Shane adjusted himself further back to me my hard cock pressing into his ass crack.

Shane said "Your wiener is all hard again".

I said "So is yours mine likes where it is maybe you'll let me cum on you again".

Shane said "I like where your hand is if feels good and the answer is yes you can".

I tossed him on the hay stack when we got back to the barn. Shane started to giggle as I spread his legs with the chaps and boots still on with the hat and vest to go along. I sucked his two and a half inch circumcised boy cock and his balls. Shane took my hat off and tossed it to the side so he could hold my hair as I sucked him. I pushed my tongue into his boy hole Shane squealed as my tongue probed him.

I said "Can I put my finger in your butt?"

Shane said "Okay".

I lubed up my fingers as I continued to suck his cock and balls. I pushed my middle finger into his butt very slowly letting him get use to something inside of him Shane cooed as my finger went further into him.

Shane said "Uhm, Mr.Bar., Uhm I mean Daddy I know what you want to put in me so go ahead and put your wiener in me but please if it hurts you have to stop".

I smiled at the boy and said "That was a huge leap for you Shane you have had a tough time calling me Bill now you just called me daddy. I like the way that sounded. We have only been together for a couple of days but I love you Shane and I promise not to hurt you".

Shane opened his legs even wider. "I never called anyone daddy before but I want you to be my daddy. I love you daddy".

I put another finger into his ass he pulled my hair harder as he dry climaxed in my mouth.

Shane said "I'm ready go ahead and put your wiener in me".

I lubed him again and then my cock and aimed my six inch circumcised cock to his boy hole. Instinctively Shane pushed out like taking a poop as my cock entered him. I was surprised as easy it was to enter him my balls settling on his smooth ass cheeks.

I said "Are you okay?"

Shane whimpered "I'm okay, it hurt but I'm okay".

I didn't move letting him adjust then slowly pulled back until only the crown of my cock was still in him and then pushed slowly forward until I was in him completely again.

I said "You are fantastic Shane you feel wonderful".

Shane grabbed his dick and started to jerk himself as I slowly took away his boyhood virtue my balls rubbing his ass cheeks as he took me inside of him and him taking my breath away with the feelings going through my body. I grabbed his cowboy boots at his ankles as I pushed into him again and got into a rhythm as my cock pulled out of him to the crown and pushed back in until I bottomed out again.

Shane said "Oh daddy this feels so good I never knew I could have these feelings".

I picked up my pace as the bolts of electricity pulsed down my spine as I continued to fuck the beautiful blond under me on the hay stack in the barn.

I said "Daddy is going to take care of you for the rest of your life Shane daddy will take care of you".

Shane moaned out "Daddy I'm getting the tingles again cum on me, cum on my face daddy make me a messy boy again daddy".

I pumped him a few more times before I pulled out of his ass. Shane grabbed my cock with his left hand his right hand stayed on his own boy cock with a few pumps from him I blew my load he aimed the cum at his face to my surprise he opened his mouth for the second volley of cum letting it hit his tongue before he closed his mouth and took the rest on his face and chest. I lowered my weight on top of him and kissed him he opened his mouth for my tongue and I tasted my own cum in his mouth.

I rolled to my left bringing him on top of me his cowboy hat fell off so he put his head on my chest and I squeezed his ass cheeks. We just lay there listening to each other breathe.

Shane said "I think someone is coming".

I said "Its Simon let's get to the house".

We walked up to the house passing Simon on the way. I said "Simon this is Shane please take care of the horses and do not tell anyone what you have seen".

Simon said "I remember Mr. Barnes Simon does not tell anyone. Simon likes his job here".

Every day we visited his mother at the hospital. The doctor finally told us the truth that she would be nothing more than in a vegetable state if she ever came out of the coma. The doctor said that if she had a living will that he would recommend to unplug her and take her off of life support.

It has been a couple of weeks since Shane came to live with me when Mrs. Miller called me to check up on Shane she also wanted to know if I would foster another child at first I resisted the idea thinking about losing my opportunities of sucking Shane's wonderful boy dick and him freely giving his ass to my cock but I agreed.

When the twelve year old Adam came to the house and met with us Shane and Adam immediately hit it off so Adam took the bedroom next to Shane's.

I asked Adam at dinner "What happened with your other foster parents?"

Adam lowered his head "They threw me out because they caught me sucking another boy's dick, are you going to throw me out too?"

Shane said "Adam I think you're going to love it here with us".

Shane came over to my chair and pulled my cock out of my pants and brought his face to my cock head he opened his mouth his lips went around my cock head. Shane said "Like this?"

Adam said "Don't use your teeth it hurts too much here let me show you. Oh by the way Mr. Barnes I like to swallow cum as well". Shane's mouth was replaced by the five foot tall brunette boy with hazel eyes.

Shane said "Adam why don't you call him daddy like I do"

I said "Why don't you boys get out of those clothes so we can see what Adam has to offer".

Both boys stripped in front of me Adam pulled my pants all the way off of me his lips returned to my six inch cock as he sucked me he played with my balls.

Shane said "Adam have you ever taken a dick in your butt?"

Adam shook his head no and didn't take his lips from my cock the brunette picked up the pace on my cock he took all of my cock hitting the back his throat he started to squeeze my balls as he continued to blow me. Adam pulled back and used the tip of his tongue on my crown. Adam said "Please daddy give me your cum I want to taste you".

He put his lips back over my cock and squeezed my balls again. I gave my newest son his reward and blew my load in his mouth. Adam swallowed every bit.

I said "Now it's my turn Adam you too Shane lets go upstairs".

I led the four foot four inch blond and the five foot brunette to my bedroom. I went from Adam's four inch hairless circumcised cock to Shane's two and a half inch hairless circumcised boy cock and then back to the other boy. I said "Can you cum yet Adam?"

He said "Yes a little".

I went back and forth between the boys legs until Shane started to shiver with his dry orgasm, Adam was only a minute behind the ten year old giving me his sweet watery boy nectar. Shane grabbed the K-Y from the nightstand and lubed up my cock and pulled his knees up to his chest. I aimed my cock to his boy hole and started to fuck the blond angel.

Adam said "Doesn't that hurt Shane?"

Shane said "Only the first time now I love to have daddy's dick in my butt".

Adam said "I think I'll stick to sucking cock at least for a while".

Adam leaned into Shane's crotch and started to suck the smaller boy while my cock filled his ass. Shane had another dry climax, Adam stood on the bed so I could take his cock in my mouth as I continued to fuck Shane. Adam climaxed again and then I filled Shane's ass with whatever cum I had left in my balls.

Adam said "You're right Shane I am going to love it here".

Shane said "Wait until daddy sucks your dick while on horseback".

Adam said "Horses?"

Shane said "Yep six of them".

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