Author: John Sexton
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"If they wanted to make me different, all they had to do was abuse me;
If they wanted to abuse me, all they had to do was insist that I become one of them;
But if they wanted me to become one of them, they were fucked from the very start!"


I got up from my knees, in the rippling edge of the water's receding wake, having caught a set all the way to the beach.

I'm sure I must have stood there with my mouth agape, as he strode down the sand towards the surf. I was gobsmacked by the stunning vision before me.

For a few minutes I really thought that he was Devon LeBron, of Staxus fame, in Sydney on a holiday. Then I realised that was stupid, because LeBron would have been much older than this guy by then.

This guy was much younger, maybe only eighteen or nineteen. But his package was monstrous, and might have actually been as big as LeBron, who has twelve inches, according to the Staxus site.

This guy's enormous cock was straining against his skin-tight Speedos; like me, he was a "shower& " and it had to have been at least nine inches on the slack! The obviously uncut cockhead almost reached his hip.

As he strolled towards the water in my direction, he smiled broadly and winked directly at me.

He paused and looked me up and down, spending most of his time eying my groin.

I suddenly realised he was talking to me, asking how the water was.

I imagine myself jumping slightly, being startled by his intrusion upon my wild sexual reveries. But I honestly can't remember if that's what I did. I only remember him laughing, after I finally replied.

"Great! Really great!"

He smiled and winked at me again and I went weak at the knees, literally. The next set, a ripple by the time it reached me, knocked me off my feet none-the-less. The following set quickly dumped me, just to add to my humiliation. I had been standing in knee deep water, for fuck's sake!

The giant picked me up from beneath the swirling foam by my right arm and patted my back, as I gasped to regain my breath. He never removed his hand from my back after I stopped coughing.

"You `kay dere mon?" was how I heard his next question, and I melted in the glow from his handsome face, and in the sound of his deep Jamaican accent.

The warmth from the palm of his hand, when it rested lower and cupped the cheeks of my ass, ironically sent a shiver down my spine. Then I shivered again, as a ripple of cold water, from another set, flooded my arse and obliterated the source of warmth.

He squeezed both my cheeks with just one massive hand, from below the waterline, and I thought that my cock might pop a blood vessel at any time. He winked again, slid his hand up my back and over my shoulder. Then he punched his massive legs into the next breaking set and continued on past me.

I immediately snapped out of it, turned around and followed him back into the waves, determined to demonstrate my prowess in the surf, and erase my shame at having been swamped in knee deep water.

I tried to keep him in my sights for half a dozen sets before I made my move.

He was a reasonable surfer, but he had trouble holding his line in the wave. I decided to use this to my advantage and allowed him to cut across my line on a perfect set. As I had hoped, he bumped us into the break and we tumbled together into the crashing water.

As my tiny preteen body rolled over his massive frame, I managed to accidentally run my hand along his torso, and gave him a quite deliberate touch-up in the process.

"Sorry," he said.

He picked me up and grabbed my perfect arse cheeks more tightly than before.

Two sets later we were in another clash of bodies, and I was starting to worry that, being smashed against his massive frame, I might get hurt rather than touched-up. But this time, as luck would have it, we both managed to "accidentally" grope each other, and I managed to give his massive weapon a squeeze as it passed under my fingers.

He immediately reciprocated, just before he untangled himself and stood up, gripping me by my upper arm, and once again hoisting me up out of the foaming surf.

"Dat be `nough fer me mon!" he grinned. "Bedda call it a day, fer one of us be killed."

He squeezed my arse again, then patted my shoulder with his massive palm, and sauntered slowly up the beach, leaving me standing there, in waist-deep water, wondering what to do next.

Another set buffeted my back, as I watched him walk away.

"Bye," I replied, but I doubt he heard me, by the time I'd gathered my wits enough to respond.

I wanted to follow him up the crowded beach, but I still had a raging boner, that felt stiffer than I could ever remember; thankfully it was below the waves. I watched him until he stopped to pick up his towel and roughly dry himself.

When he stuffed his towel into his rucksack, picked it up and flung it over his shoulder, I panicked. I had hoped he was going to sunbathe on the sand for a while.

He turned back towards the water, as he slipped into his sandals; he seemed to scan the surf, until he spotted me. He simply smiled, turned, then sauntered up the beach in just his Speedos.

I scampered out of the water, no longer caring about the state of my cock, and oblivious to anyone else on the beach. I picked up my shorts and thongs, dressing as I made my way up the sand. I trailed after the hot black guy with the massive cock.

By the time I reached the promenade, "Devon"  as I had labelled him - was about twenty metres away. He casually glanced back in my direction, but kept walking in a steady but casual pace. I followed him, calmly keeping pace with him.

My quarry walked towards the headland, never stopping, but occasionally glancing back at me and smiling. It was subtle enough to be unnoticeable to all but me, and I was beginning to wonder if, in fact, I was his quarry.

I became ever-conscious of the fact that we were moving towards the "beat" that Dan had told me about, earlier that morning.

The promenade ended abruptly at the edge of the headland, where thick bushes covered the landscape. I was still only about twenty meters adrift of him; we were now the only two people this far along the beachfront.

Devon stopped at the edge of the bushes, momentarily, and glanced back at me, more deliberately and more obviously than before. I slowed my pace, now starting to feel embarrassed that it was obvious that I was stalking him, which seemed ridiculous, given the discrepancies in age and size.

The stunning black man secreted a smile, but gave no other gesture. Then he startled me when he simply disappeared into the dense bush.

I baulked, glanced around, to reassure myself that nobody else was watching, then tentatively made my way over to where he had disappeared.

As I tramped into the bush, I could see that he had stopped, about twenty metres along a barely discernible path that snaked its way through dense undergrowth. He was facing me, and smiled with a massive grin that revealed his stunning array of pearly-white teeth.

Neither of us spoke, but he simply reached down and squeezed his massive cock, through the flimsy nylon. In response I nervously cupped my groin, then secreted an awkward smile.

He grinned, before he nodded his head towards the narrow path, and beckoned me to follow.

I trailed a few metres behind him. Neither of us spoke, not even when he stopped and turned to face me, on the first flat and relatively open part of the path.

We could not have been more different; a small, twelve-year-old blond, who barely reached the chest of his massive, ebony frame. He dwarfed me, in every aspect but one, relatively speaking. By ratio, my cock, though a good twelve centimetres shorter and much thinner than his, was almost the proportional equivalent of his monster, and his eyes said that he was suitably impressed.

He was well over two metres tall, and his massive hands could span my tiny chest, while my own shoulders were barely as wide as his trim waist.

We never said a word; I just stared up at him in awe, as he reached down and gripped my already rock-hard cock through its thin nylon prison.

Suddenly we were startled by the sound of cracking twigs, as two guys approached us from the path below.

I panicked when Devon gripped my arm and smiled, as an older man and a guy in his late teens or early twenties ascended the path. I immediately suspected that they had followed me along the promenade, and I wondered if I had been set up.

They both eyed me lustily and grinned salaciously. They nodded to the black Adonis, in what I soon realised was acknowledgement of what we were all doing there.

With the exception of my brief encounter with Toby, the previous Easter, and my wild session with Dan, just that morning, I was still very much a novice. But I had a big enough collection of hard-core porn and had downloaded enough chapters from Nifty, over the last year, to quickly pick up on the scenario.

Thanks to Dan, I already knew that this "beat" was always active, even in broad daylight, despite being only meters away from one of Australia's most popular beaches.

The new arrivals were only wearing Speedos. They had obvious erections and they were both HUGE! The younger guy looked to be packing more heat than Devon, if that was possible.

As I glanced from one bulging groin to the other, I figured that between the three of them they had close to a metre of thick, hard cock. I was trembling with anticipation of what was about to happen.

They all had their eyes on my sexy young body, with obvious intent, and I was beginning to get nervous.

"Nice!" the older man said, clearly referring to me.

He winked at Devon, salaciously, as the huge, black Adonis reached down to squeeze my throbbing groin through my nylon footy shorts and Speedos, once again.

As nervous as I was I could not help but moan, as Devon used both of his massive hands to work on my goodies; one massaged my hairless balls, while the other teased my swollen glans, which was already leaking.

At the same time the new arrivals moved to stand on either side of my tiny frame, and slightly behind me. The older guy, who was taller than Devon, and pretty fit, ran his large hands over my smooth, tanned shoulders, and slid his fingers down my back. His younger partner reached over to tease my nipples, before he too slid his fingers down my torso, towards my groin.

I knew, instinctively, that I was already way in over my head. Despite the oppressive heat I was shivering. My head said "run!!"; but my throbbing, leaking cock said "oh, fuck... Don't stop!!"

Almost in synch the two new guys slipped their fingers under the waist band of my shorts and under my Speedos, while Devon reached up with both hands, to either side of my head. The black giant pulled my face up to his, as he leaned down and smothered my mouth with his thick lips.

"Oh fuck!" the older man cried out in disbelief, as he sunk his middle finger into my swollen anus and teased the still spongy flesh.

"There's a fucking six lane highway back here!" he cried in disbelief.

His younger partner quickly slipped his other hand down my back, just as his fingers had begun to trace along the length of my throbbing cock, skin-to-skin. He slipped his fingers into the back of my Speedos, and slid his middle finger in alongside his mate's. Together they probed my swollen cavity, until they were pulling my sphincter open with two fingers each.

"Holy shit, kid," the younger guy cried, "how old are you!"

"Twelve," I managed to reply, before Devon shoved his massive tongue down my throat for the second time.

"Run! Run! Run!" I told myself repeatedly. "Get out of here, while you still can!"

But my legs would not move, except to tremble. I shivered as if I was standing in a snow storm.

The young guy slid his fingers off my cock, and began to fumble with the drawstring of my Speedos, trying to undo the knot. But voices from down on the promenade, about twenty metres below us, startled us all.

"Let's ged outta `ere," cried Devon in an urgent whisper, "I be livin' jus' pon de `eadlan, at de en' o' dis path. It be too risky `ere, `specially wid jail bait dis young."

I made several attempts to extricate myself from the situation, but the words never escaped my throat, except for a few mumbled utterances that never actually produced any intelligible speech.

Before I knew it, we were standing in the middle of a large living room. We hadn't even been there long enough for the three men to start stripping me, when the doorbell rang. That killed any sexual activity in an instant.

Devon answered the front door, and the foyer filled with the rowdy voices of several men.

"Wait'll ya gedda loada dis mon!" I heard Devon say, just before he led five of the fittest, blackest, sexiest and biggest men I had ever seen into the room.

"Looky `ere," cried one of them, "y'all done good, mon!"

"Fuck if it ain't Superboy `imself!" cried another.

"In de flesh!" Devon replied.

He grabbed a remote and pointed it at the wall; a huge plasma display came to life. Another click, and the latest of my Super Grain ads flashed up onto the screen, in full HD. But I soon realised it wasn't the aired advertisement; it was one of the super-slowmo clips that Dan had showed me on his laptop. The camera was focussed in on my junk, as it flopped to and fro in the loose Speedos that I had been forced to wear for the commercial.

They all started to crowd in around me, with their mobile phones pointed at me, clicking photos and recording proceedings. Hands began to grope and pinch me. I could feel fingers slipping into my arse, as soon as my shorts and Speedos were whipped off my tiny, slender torso.

"NOOOO!!!" I cried in sheer panic.

I sat up in bed with a start. My eyes must have been the size of saucers. My heart was pounding so hard that I could hear it, and my breathing was so erratic that I felt like I'd been "winded" after a particularly heavy tackle in footy.

"FUCK!" I roared, in a mixture of terror and startled relief.

It had all been a dream! A fucking dream! A crazy, wild, unbelievably erotic but terrifying nightmare.

I collapsed back on my bed in a daze, while I tried to collect myself.

"But had it?" I wondered.

I was naked, with just a sheet covering my torso. The air-con was working overtime, and I could tell it was still a scorcher outside. I had closed my bedroom window earlier, and I could barely hear the noise from the beach and Pacific Parade.

Very tentatively I reached down to my arse. It only took the lightest of touches of my sphincter to verify that it had not ALL been a dream.

Gathering my thoughts, I quickly remembered coming home from Dan's, and eating some lunch. I had been famished. Then, because I had still been buzzing from the dope, I had decided that I shouldn't go back to the beach just yet. Besides I had been very drowsy, so I'd decided on a siesta instead.

A quick glance at my clock told me it was only half-past two, so I couldn't have had more than an hour's sleep. But the dream had been so vivid; maybe it had been the effect of the dope.

I jumped up off the bed and checked my desk. There was the memory stick that Dan had given me. It had the entire recording of our torrid session on it. I was tempted to check it out, but decided that could wait. I needed to get to the mall and back, before Mum and Aunty Jane got back home.

I stashed the precious stick in my secret cash-box, then threw on a tee-shirt, my khaki school shorts and runners.

The mall was only a ten minute walk away. I bought a few stationery supplies, including a leather bound A4 diary. I'd decided, on the way down to Sydney, that I'd keep a diary of the entire experience of shooting my first movie.

I decided to take a crap before heading home. The toilets on the ground floor of the mall were pretty big. The small vestibule had two squeaky doors that buffered the hand-basins from the outer hallway. Another squeaky door separated the wash-room from the large toilet area. Six porcelain urinals lined one side, opposite six cubicles, with a handicapped cubicle at the far end.

Surprisingly, the entire area was unoccupied.

I entered the cubicle, next to the handicapped stall. It was clean and well lit. I hung the plastic bag with my purchases on the hook on the back of the door.

It wasn't until I sat down that I noticed a hole in the wall. It had been obscured by the open door. I knew a glory hole when I saw one, from all of my vids and Nifty stories; but this was the first time I'd ever actually encountered one.

Checking my mobile, I had forty minutes before Mum would be back, to leave for the airport, so I was in no great rush.

I was just wiping my tender arse, after dumping a load, when the outer doors announce the arrival of someone. I finished cleaning up and flushed, but I remained seated and waited to see what transpired.

As luck would have it the footsteps made their way all the way down towards the adjacent cubicle. I watched through the hole as he entered and closed the door.

He was wearing shorts and runners too. His legs were well-tanned, smooth and hairless, so I guessed he wasn't that old. He wiped the seat with some toilet paper, then quickly pulled down his shorts and jocks. He had a stark Speedo tan line, and his skin was alabaster smooth.

Surprisingly he didn't sit down immediately. Instead he stood up straight and pulled his cock away from his body, then let it flop down over his balls. He was wearing a tee-shirt that seemed a few sizes too small for him, as the hem hung just above his cock.

I was guessing that he was about fourteen or fifteen, by the size of his cock and the smattering of dark hairs at its base. A cute tuft of wrinkly foreskin hung about a centimetre past his knob, and his hairless balls hung loose in his smooth sac.

Before he sat down he leaned forward and glanced through the hole into my cubicle.

I immediately leaned back for two reasons; I didn't want him to see my face, in case he recognised me from my ads; I wanted to let him see my cock, which I lifted up and gave a little squeeze.

He stood back up straight, and started to wank his cock. It was starting to plump up, and his foreskin had already retracted.

I leaned forward and moved my face closer to the hole, confident that he couldn't see my face from that angle. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw; he was cute, with black curly hair and bright blue eyes.

When he saw me looking up at him, he smiled and started to wank his cock in earnest. Then he pulled his tee up over his head, and hooked it behind his neck. His torso was beautiful; smooth, tanned, lean and hairless. He was definitely only about fourteen.

He surprised me by sticking his finger through the hole and running it around the rim. The invitation was obvious, so I stood up and moved my groin towards him.

Unfortunately, I had not anticipated what happened next; I was devastated to discover that I couldn't reach the hole, as my tiny, twelve-year-old body was too short! But, ironically, my huge cock was long enough for the tip of my knob to just nudge the bottom edge, if I stood on my toes.

He reached through the hole with the tip of his index finger, and rubbed my piss-slit, which was just starting to leak precum.

"Fuck, you're big for such a little guy," he announced with obvious admiration and a degree of incredulity. "How old are you?" he asked without lowering his voice.

We were completely alone, so I answered just as casually.


"Fuck! Unbelievable!"

He withdrew his finger, and was obviously squatting on his haunches, as he leaned forward so that I could see him suck the nectar with relish. Then he stood and pushed his beautiful cock through to my side of the partition.

His foreskin had retracted leaving about half of his knob exposed. His cock was as white as the rest of his untanned skin and as soft as velvet.

I gripped it gently and squeezed firmly, eliciting a deep sigh that grew into a moan, as I slid the silky foreskin back to completely expose his pink knob. His velvet skin slid over the length of his rock-hard boyhood.

The musky odour assaulted my nostrils and it inflamed my desire. His glans was hot-pink, with a pungent tang. It was smaller than the shaft and tapered almost to a point. I swooped on it with avarice, teasing the surprisingly large, open piss slit with the tip of my tongue.

My senses were in overdrive as I devoured his beautiful young cock.

He pushed forward, driving his twelve centimetres of rock-hard flesh as deep as he could into my mouth.

"Oh fuck!" he cried, without any apparent inhibition.

I worked on his sweet cock for several minutes. At first I had been reluctant to go right down on him, because I didn't want to get my mouth too close to the edge of the glory hole. But I was surprised to discover that, far from seeming dirty, the hole had a sweet and erotic aroma.

As I thought about it for a few minutes, I realised that I was sucking on a cock that was rubbing up against the hole. So being precious about getting too close to the hole was stupid. That rationalised, I set on his cock with Gay abandon, pun intended, and was soon taking it to the max.

He suddenly withdrew his sweet cock, then leaned down to look through the hole.

"Open your door, I want to suck you too," he pleaded.

I decided to throw caution to the wind.

"Who's he going to tell, without dobbing himself in?" I rationalised, assuming that he would recognise me.

I unbolted my door; he slipped in to join me, carrying his shorts and jocks and leading the way with his beautiful stiff cock.

He locked the door then hung his clothes, including his tee, on the hook above my purchases.

I did the same, and we were facing each other, completely starkers, except for our runners.

He was even cuter than I had thought, but not in the same class as Dan, nor as tall or well developed. But he was still bigger than me. He stunned me by leaning in to kiss me. There was no tongue involved, but it was still a wet, passionate kiss. He ran his hands down my back then squeezed my buttocks, pressing his hard cock against my flat gut, while my rampant cock nudged his smooth ball sack.

"Hi," he beamed, "I'm Tim."

"Hi, Jess."

He kissed me again, but this time it was all tongue and teeth. I thought he was going to perform a tonsillectomy, at one stage.

"Fuck you're hot!" he cried as we came up for air.

Then he grinned wickedly.

"You're that kid from the Super Grain ads, I recognise you. But don't worry... you're secret's safe with me."

I'm sure my relief was patent.

"Who am I gunna tell, anyway?"

He laughed, then he smiled sweetly and gripped my cock like a vice.

"Whoa! You're even bigger than I thought! What a monster!"

He chuckled...

"I love monsters!"

He dropped to his knees on the cold tiles. Then he stretched his cute lips around my knob and slathered my copious precum secretions over his tongue.

"Sit down," he directed me.

He bent down further and tried his best to swallow my entire length. But he couldn't get the bulbous glans into his throat.

"Fuck! So big..." he sighed in defeat, "I've never seen a knob like that before... so beautiful and so fucking BIG!"

My cock was well slathered with his saliva. He stood up, spat on his fingers, then he reached behind and slipped them into his hot arse.

"God you're beautiful!" he cried.

Then he bent down and kissed me again. While he continued to stretch his hot hole, he knelt down and again tried to take as much as he could into his mouth and throat. But he fared no better than his previous effort.

He worked on my cock for a few minutes, before he stood up, turned to face the door, then lowered himself down onto my cock. He allowed me to guide my knob to his hungry hole.

After much grunting and frustration, and a lot of pushing on both our parts, it was obvious that he wasn't going to get my dick into his tight hole.

I grabbed his hips and urged him to stand up and lean against the door.

"Pull your cheeks apart," I urged him.

His arse was spread out before me, and it was magnificent. It was clean, hairless and smelt delicious. I licked from his balls to the top of his crack and back again, with the broadest and flattest part of my tongue, for several minutes. It was exquisite and we were both loving every minute.

When I started probing his beautiful pucker with my fingers, he went wild. I nudged and teased his prostate for several minutes. But, as fantastic as that was, it did not help in our attempts to get my massive cock up his hot, tight arse.

"How about you fuck me?" I offered.

His eyes lit up and became the size of saucers.

We swapped places; when I spread my arse for him, he leaned forward and buried his face in my crack and attacked it with his tongue as if he was starving. I could hear him sniffing deeply with his nose buried deep in the cavity.

"Fuck your arse is hot Jess, you're no fucking virgin, that much is obvious!"

He probed my sphincter with his index finger, until he found my prostate. I was writhing and moaning loudly, relieved that we were the only ones in the spacious facility.

"Oh, fuck yeah, go for it!" I cried, as he pushed two, three, then four fingers deep into my colon.

Tim was clearly no novice to arse play, as he spread his fingers, curling and twisting them to tease the walls of my cavity. Then he returned to my prostate and teased it mercilessly.

"You've done this before," I cried.

"Yeah," he laughed, "looks like we both started young."

I pushed myself off the door and steered my arse down towards his groin, as he slipped his fingers out of my hole and guided me down onto his throbbing fourteen-year-old cock.

It was the smallest object I'd had up there all day, apart from fingers, and he slid easily into my hot hole.

Tim gripped both of my hips and steadied me as I began to slide my arse up and down onto his beautiful cock.

After we had built up a rhythm, I was desperate to face him while we fucked. So I eased myself off him and turned around to straddle his thighs, then lowered myself back down to impale my arse onto his throbbing cock.

We kissed passionately and quickly resumed the rhythm with renewed vigour.

Suddenly my mobile began ringing. We froze.

"I've got to answer that!"

Tim amazed me by gripping the paper dispenser with one hand and, with his other hand under my arse, raising himself off the toilet seat.

I was still impaled on his cock, as I reached back and pulled my shorts off the hook.

He sat back down as I fished my phone out of my pocket, still skewered on his beautiful erection.

"Mum, hi!" I answered, as Tim masturbated my throbbing cock and balls with both hands, and started teasing my erect nipples with his tongue and teeth.

"Where are you, Jesse?"

She could obviously pick up on the echo of my voice off the tiled walls of the cavernous toilet block.

"I'm at the mall, getting my school supplies for Monday."

Tim maintained his attack on my cock, while I steadily eased myself up and down, slowly fucking myself on his pole. It was the most erotic thing I have ever experienced. There is just something indefinably filthy about fucking while talking to your mum on the phone.

Tim almost pushed me over the edge, when he stopped teasing my tits and started nuzzling his tongue into my other ear, as I tried to talk to mum without giving myself away.

It was obvious, from the devilish grin on his face, that he found the experience almost erotic as I did.

"Well we're just crossing the bridge now, I want you ready to go, as soon as we get home."

"Okay, Mum, I'm just about to cum..."

Tim snorted and both of us struggled to suppress a fit of giggles.

"Home! ... I'll be there. See ya."

We burst into hysterics as soon as I'd rung off.

"Fuck that was hot!" Tim exploded.

"Not half!"

We kissed deeply; it was all tongues and teeth and heavy breathing, as we upped the tempo and I pounded his groin, while he wanked my cock till I thought he'd rip it off.

The climax was one to rival my simultaneous eruption with Dan only hours ago. We collapsed onto each other.

"I've gotta go! My mum's gunna kill me!"

Tim and I cleaned up with toilet paper, as best we could. We exchanged phone numbers.

I raced home, had a quick shower and miraculously was slipping my runners back on, as mum and Aunty Jane drove into the garage.

It was nearly impossible to digest what had happened on my first full day in Sydney, on my own. It would prove to be the first day of the rest of my life, a watershed on so many levels.

I had two more days of freedom before my hectic filming schedule was due to begin.

As we drove back over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, towards the airport, I sat in the back seat and quietly assessed everything that had happened, particularly the enlightenment that I had experienced with Dan.

My life would never be the same, and the adventure was just beginning.

When Aunty Jane and I got back to her place - my home for the next two years, as it would turn out  I decided to start my diary.

I sat at my new desk, with my new diary, and put my pen to the paper.

Nothing was forthcoming for several minutes. Then, reflecting on my conversation with Dan, as we had come down off that extraordinary hallucinatory high, I wrote my first entry...

"If they wanted to make me different, all they had to do was abuse me;
If they wanted to abuse me, all they had to do was insist that I become one of them;
But if they wanted me to become one of them, they were fucked from the very start!"


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