Author: John Sexton
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"If they wanted to make me different, all they had to do was abuse me;
If they wanted to abuse me, all they had to do was insist that I become one of them;
But if they wanted me to become one of them, they were fucked from the very start!"


It was going to be another stinking hot day. When I woke, at about seven o'clock, it was already twenty-two degrees. It was still spring; god only knew what the Aussie summer was going to be like.

I had two days of freedom left before shooting was scheduled to start on Monday. Once that happened I was going to be lucky to get one day a week free for the next four months. I'd already been warned that we would be shooting most Saturdays.

Yesterday had been a watershed, on many levels, for me. In one respect it had been liberating, and the dope had begun the long process of opening my eyes to the truth about myself and the world around me. But it would be another two years before I was prepared to be open enough to come out of the closet.

In fact, in some respects, I was moving in two directions: On one hand I was embracing my sexuality and taking outrageous risks; ironically this was forcing me to become more cautious and more secretive. I was on the cusp of embarking on a double life of lies and deception, and even greater risk.

My nascent movie career was being jeopardised with every new sexual tryst that I embarked upon. But my hormones were always going to win out; it was, after all was said and done, who I was.

About a dozen of the kiddie-porn vids that I had destroyed earlier that year, when my guilt and self-loathing had won out in a moment of madness, were webcam clips of the child actor, Randy Shelly. The vids were quite explicit, showing him fingering his hot arse, wanking and shooting his load. They were recorded over a few years, from when he was twelve through to fourteen. He had a massive cock, by the way, and he was super-hot. Needless to say, I was in lust with him.

Shelly had even been confronted on a television talk show about it; and he actually admitted it. Ironically none of that damaged his career, and he was still making movies into his twenties.

I suppose this had been the catalyst that encouraged me to take the risks that I had yesterday, at least subconsciously.

So, I lay on my bed in just my AussieBum briefs, and teased my rock-hard morning wood, which was propelling me to contemplate what new sexual escapades I could embark upon in my last two days of freedom.

Unfortunately, Dan was not an option, since it was the weekend and his rents would be home; unless we went up to the beat on the headland. That was a possibility, I supposed, assuming he would want to go.

Then there was the mall. I could just go on a reconnaissance mission, or maybe I could ring Tim.

Finally there was Toby Fishman and his three sons; but that depended on whether his offer still stood, AND if he and his boys were available. However, it had been more than six months since I'd seen Toby, so it was possible that nothing would come of it.

Of course I could just forego the sex, and hit the beach instead. But my raging boner and my testosterone levels vetoed that in a rabid heartbeat.

I decided on Toby and was excited by the prospect of getting it on with his boys. I retrieved his card from my hiding place and entered his phone number into my own mobile. But I did not ring him right away, because I didn't want to risk being overheard by my aunt. Besides, it was too early to be ringing someone on a Saturday morning.

After breakfast, I told my aunt I was going to the beach. As soon as I hit the promenade I rang Toby.

He was really excited to hear from me, despite the fact that I'd woken him up. I apologised, but Toby assured me that he was getting up at eight anyway. He then regretted that he was going to be working in his shop all day.

We arranged for me to ring him tomorrow at ten and he would come and pick me up at the mall. We agreed that we'd meet outside McDonald's fifteen minutes later.

Of all the places that Toby could have lived, he was only ten minutes away, which made this session with him and his boys possible.

I was really looking forward to meeting his sons, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings by seeming too keen to meet them rather than him. In any case I wanted to get off with all of them.

I really liked kids my age down to seven or eight. But I also had the hots for big, black, hung men like Devon LeBron and fit guys like Toby. But, to date, I'd only dreamt about Devon; but I'd never been able to dream about Toby. Maybe it was because I'd seen LeBron in action and knew his massive cock intimately. Well, as intimately as a video image will permit you to be.

"Are your boys going to be there?" I asked tentatively.

"Do you want them to be?"


I grinned laconically at the thought.

"I want a gang bang!" I averred, hoping I wasn't biting off more than I could chew... or suck!

He laughed, causing me to shiver in anticipation.

"I think we can arrange that!"

"Why did you do that?" I screamed at myself.

I knew the answer of course, I didn't want to hurt Toby. But why I went to the extreme that I did, just to make a point, I do not know. Guess I was simply a slut, a twelve-year-old slut! I wanted to be their boy, to be used by them all, in every conceivable way.

Well that was tomorrow morning taken care of, maybe more, if I was lucky. But what was I going to do today, that Saturday?

I really wanted to see Dan again but, being the weekend, I didn't think it was feasible, unless we did the beat on the headland...

I was a little apprehensive about ringing Dan, so soon after yesterday's sexcapade. I didn't want to come across as desperate. But I was... desperately desperate... he was so hot, and I was so horny, especially after having to put off Toby and his boys till tomorrow.

I bit the bullet and rang him.

"Jess!" Dan cried, before I'd even opened my mouth, "I'm so glad you rang, I was hoping you would!"

I was thrilled by his enthusiasm, but I was still a little apprehensive.

"I'm glad you're glad... I was worried that your rents might be home."

"They are," Dan laughed, "but I'm not there; I'm just on my way to the pool to do some laps, wanna join me? Where are you?"

"I'm almost at the surf club, where are you?"

The traffic noise was all I could hear from Dan's mobile, I repeated my question.

"Right here!" he replied with a laugh.

I nearly dropped my phone, and screamed like a girl, when he grabbed my waist and tickled me.

"Fuck!... you bastard! You frightened the shit out of me!" I cried in playful indignation.

"Sorry," Dan replied facetiously, "couldn't resist!"

I was wearing my red nylon footy shorts [our away strip], my Nambucca Speedos and thongs [flip-flops]. The only other difference to yesterday was that I'd brought a beach towel.

"Hey, since we're so close to the club, how about I take you in to meet the club captain, and show you around?" Dan offered. "Then you can use the clubhouse whenever you come down to the beach."

That seemed like a good idea, even though I wasn't likely to get much opportunity to hit the beach over the next four months.

Just as we reached the steps at the front of the surf club, Dan startled me by pulling the elastic of my shorts back to check my arse.

"What are you doing!" I cried out in a fit of panic and embarrassment. I swatted Dan's hand away playfully. I still trusted him, and knew he was just playing.

"Ditch your shorts," Dan urged me. "If you wear your Nambucca Speedos in the club, nobody will challenge your right to be there!" he explained.

I did as he suggested, despite my reservations.

Dan grinned wickedly.

"You've got nothin' to be ashamed of, Jess... believe me!"

We found the club captain up in his office, overlooking the beach. He was organising the patrol rosters for the weekend.

"Jack!" Dan greeted him cheerfully, "got a minute?"

"Always got time for you, Dan, my man! What can I do ya for?"

"Jack this is Jesse Morgan; he's down here for the summer, from Nambucca. Jesse this is Jack Ryan our club captain."

I was more or less lost for words, because Jack Ryan was an absolute spunk! He was way younger than Nambucca's club captain. He looked to be in his mid-twenties and he had a physique to die for.

Jack reached out and gripped my hand firmly. It was like a side of beef, and my tiny paw was lost in the solid squeeze of flesh.

"I told Jess if he wore his club Speedos in here..." Dan swung me around and slapped my club-emblazoned butt, playfully... "that he could use the clubhouse facilities whenever he came down to the beach."

Jack was still staring at my Speedos when Dan swung me back around to face him. As soon as he caught sight of the size of my cock, which was already starting to chub-up, his eyes widened and he did a double-take, then swallowed hard. But he soon recovered and looked me in the eye.

"No sweat. Nippers, right?"

I nodded.

He ogled at my bulge again.

"How old are you, Jess?"

"Twelve, last July."

He looked at Dan and seemed to ogle, his eyes as big as plates.

"Down here for the whole summer?"

I simply nodded again.

"Want to join down here for the summer, then?"

"I'd like to, Jack, but I'm not going to have much free time. I'll be lucky if I have one day free a fortnight. I'm only down here to shoot a movie."

Jack squinted at me for a minute, before the penny dropped.

"Of course! You're the `Super Grain' kid. What's the movie?"

"It's a remake of `The Browning Version.'" I replied

I was not really expecting any reaction, other than "What's it about?" or just a non-committed "oh." But Jack surprised me.

"The Albert Finney version?"

I nodded with obvious delight.

"I love it. I've got it on DVD. I hope you're playing Taplow."

Now I was really shocked; I replied with an enthusiastic nod.

"That's great, Jesse, you'll make a great Taplow!"

Jack looked back down at my groin, this time with a salacious grin.

"I hope they keep the shower scene."

I nodded enthusiastically, then backed it up with a wicked grin.

"They have, and it's a bit more revealing, I think. But that part will probably be censored according to the director, but we're going to film it anyway."

Jack licked his lips lustily.

"Great, I'll look forward to seeing it!"

As he said that he kept flicking his eyes between my groin and my face.

I was starting to get really hard, and I could feel my face flush. But, as soon as I saw Jack smile and wink at Dan, I knew that I had nothing to be embarrassed about.

Up to that point I would have sworn that Jack Ryan had been as straight as a die. But I realised, right then, why Dan had brought me to meet Jack, and I wondered where this all would lead, especially when Jack winked at me. It sent a shiver up my spine, and I couldn't help but wonder if Dan was setting me up.

"Well... better get moving, Jack," Dan chimed in, breaking my reverie. "I promised Jess I'd show him around the clubhouse, before we went to the pool."

"Nice to meet you, Jess; hope to see you around," Jack farewelled me with a leer.


As we approached the pool, Dan's phone rang. He nudged me and grinned as he answered...


Dan's grin broadened.

"Well I thought you'd like to meet him ... ... ... No, yesterday."

Dan's complexion deepened and his voice gave him away.

"Jesus, Jack, you know I don't kiss and tell! He's only twelve, for fuck's sake! What do you take me for?"

Then Dan smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah, okay, Jack, I'll tell him ... ... ... yeah I'll tell him that too."

Dan rang off, then he turned to me.

"Jack said to tell you he has spoken to the Under-thirteens Manager, and you are welcome to drop in any Sunday morning that you're free. He'll register you gratis, since you can only make it for a few days."


I was surprise at the speed that Jack had taken to organise that, more than the act itself.

Dan had his own take on that piece of news.

"Yeah, I reckon he's got the hots for you babe."

"He knows that we fucked yesterday, doesn't he?" I asked, almost rhetorically. But I did want some confirmation, at least.

Dan reddened intensely.

"Y-yeah..." he replied... "well I don't know if he thinks we fucked, babe... but he has convinced himself that we've done something!"

Dan was embarrassed.

"I-I'm sorry, Jess... I-I didn't say anything! And I never would, babe, unless you wanted me to."

That caught my attention, and tickled my fancy. I was astounded by the way Dan thought.

"Is he trying to hook me up with Jack?" I wondered to myself, once again.

When Dan looked at my reaction to the implications of his caveat, he became suddenly animated.

"But he could tell I was lying, Jess. He just doesn't know for sure, and he doesn't know what. I'm going to let it stay like that, Jess. If I say anything now, especially if I try and deny it, I'll only be re-enforcing his assumptions."

I agreed with Dan's analysis of the situation and concurred with him that playing it down was the best tactic. But Dan's earlier comment now had resonance.

"Why do you think he's got the hots for me?"

Dan looked sheepish once more.

"He's invited us up to his place this arvo."

"Jesus, he's a fast mover. Have you...?"

Dan's beautiful countenance flushed deeper still.

"Yeah," he huffed, "I just didn't think he'd come on to you... so strongly... so quickly."

Dan looked worried or, at least, annoyed with himself.

"Hey, babe," I imitated the beautiful fifteen-year-old as best I could, "I don't mind. I'm rather flattered... and he is hot!"

Dan looked up at me in near disbelief. Then a wicked grin plastered his beautifully-devilish visage.

"So, you want to go there, this arvo?"

"Could be fun... if you're right about Jack. How well do you know him?"

Dan grinned again.

"We've been around the block once or twice!"

"Has he seen your website?" I asked, with a sudden flush of anxiety.

"Nah, I don't think so. He never recognised you until you mentioned your movie."

"So you reckon we should go?"

"Well, you're a bigger size queen than me!" Dan teased.


"And if you think I'm big, you're gunna love Jack!"


"Hey, Jess, you're too hard on yourself, babe. You're only twelve for fuck's sake. That was one hell of a swim; your time was good enough to have beaten Murray Rose at the fifty-six Melbourne Olympics! You never slowed me down kiddo, I was struggling to keep up with you, seriously."

We had just finished a fifteen-hundred metres long-course swim. Dan had let me set the pace, for the entire thirty laps, and I was apologising for slowing him down. The truth was that I had been trying to impress him, and had swum a PB, but I had no idea that it had been such a good time.

"You know, if you trained seriously, you could make the national titles."

"Fair dinkum?"

"No bullshit, Jess... you are better than you think."

We left the pool and headed back towards the beach. We had agreed, on the way up to the pool, that we'd check-out the beat on the headland, after our swim.

It was almost eight-thirty and it was already twenty-seven degrees and rising rapidly. There were hundreds on the beach already; mostly joggers getting their runs in before the heat set in. There were even more running on the promenade.

Dan and I walked casually on the grass above the promenade, away from the heavy exercise traffic, with a degree of privacy.

"I've planned a little surprise for you," Dan announced, as we neared the point.

We exchanged a wicked grin.

"While you were taking a dump, I rang a mate of mine and arranged to meet him up on the beat."

Dan grinned mischievously, then he winked, no doubt to alleviate the trace of anxiety that flickered across my face.

"But don't worry, it's all up to you. I'm not even going to tell you who it is. But when we meet, I'll stop and talk to him; then it's up to you... if you're interested, stop and I'll introduce you. If you keep walking past us, I'll just say `hi' to him and keep walking to catch up to you."

Dan caught my hint of discomfort at the prospect of being rude to his friend, and he was quick to assure me.

"Don't worry, babe, he won't be offended if you don't want to hook up. If you do... stop; he'll invite us up to his place. Then it's up to you again. Give any excuse if you want out and we'll just continue along the beat, no sweat, okay?"

I nodded enthusiastically, at least I thought I had. But Dan must have perceived some hesitation on my part.

"If you don't even want me to stop, I'll just walk straight past him. He'll understand, it's all up to you!"

"No!" I assured Dan emphatically, "I want to meet him at least. I trust you and your judgement. This could be fun."

When we reached the end of the promenade, we left the joggers behind us and meandered our way into the thick bushland that sprawled up over the headland for hundreds of metres. It was not all that different than how I had imagined it in my dream.

Once we were high enough above the promenade to be hidden from view, Dan suggested I take off my red nylon shorts once again, and just carry them with my towel.

"It pays to advertise, lover-boy."

Dan squeezed my already hardening appendage, through the thin nylon of my Speedos.

"Don't worry, babe, the only guys you'll see up here will love what you've got on show. Be proud of it. But if anyone touches you, and you don't want them to, just move their hand away firmly, and keep walking. But don't worry, I don't think anyone will touch you, you're too young for most of them to risk it."

"No sweat, babe," I reassured Dan, "I'm cool, besides, I've got you to look out for me!"

Dan kissed me, but it was just a quick peck on the lips.

"So," I asked, as we trekked higher into the undergrowth, "I gather you know this guy pretty well, Dan?"

"Yeah, Todd taught me pretty much everything I know. He's who I get my amyl, dope and toys from!"

Dan beamed at me, then kissed me passionately. We devoured each other's tongues, while we exchanged saliva and teased tonsils, until a rustle of bushes just below us, gave us a start.

It was an old guy, wearing Speedos and sandals and carrying a towel and a small bag. He was at least fifty and not very attractive. He nearly drooled as he eyed both of us salaciously, but continued past us when we showed little interest.

Once he was out of sight, we made our way along the same steep and narrow path. But, as the gradient decreased, the path got wider. We passed several older guys making their way back down to the beach. A few of them greeted us cheerfully, and all of them ogled at my groin. But Dan and I pushed onwards.

By the time we had reached the crown of the headland, the density of the bush had lessened, while the growth was still tall enough to restrict the view to the confines of the now broader path.

We must have passed fifteen or more guys since we left the promenade, and they were all obviously "working the beat."

There were now multiple paths leading off the main branch, into more dense areas of bushland.

Suddenly I was stunned by the sight of an absolute spunk, as he emerged from a narrow path on the left. He was a god, draped in nothing but his Speedos and thongs; he was carrying a towel. He looked about twenty and was built like a brick shit-house.

He was not over-developed, like a body builder, but looked like a super-fit Aussie Rules player. His Speedos had spunk stains leaking from his massive cock. He'd obviously just got off with someone.

We exchanged nods and pleasantries, and he was obviously impressed by both of us. But we were too young for him, or his libido was already slaked. At fifteen and twelve, we were both jail bait. Either way, he kept on towards the beach, and nothing came of it. Well, nothing physical at least; but he'd sure as hell raised my libido.

Dan turned to me, once the spunk was out of sight. He wiggled an eyebrow playfully.

"What did you think of that!"

"Pretty fucking hot!" I averred, "I could have gone for it!"

I was overwhelmed by the number of guys on the headland, although we were yet to witness any activity, sexual or otherwise. Albeit, we were still on the main path, so it was unlikely that we would see any action from there.

Just as Dan turned back around, he was greeted cheerfully by a guy in his late teens, early twenties, who obviously knew him.

If this was Dan's mate, Todd, then I was quite disappointed. He was no oil painting, that much was certain.

Unfortunately, I had become spoiled, since the onset of puberty, via my obsession with my porn collection. I was fixated on beauty, and fairly selective. But Dan and I shared more than just our tastes in men's and boys' looks. We were both size queens, as well.

There were two categories that I used to qualify a guy's desirability; both had the ability to override almost any deficiency in the "looks department." I had created acronyms to identify each. IGYOIS and IGSOIS were "It's got youth on its side" and "It's got size on its side," respectively.

So this was Todd. He was certainly stacked better than most, an IGSOIS of exceptional stature; so he filled the bill more than adequately, despite his appearance. He was huge, so tall that I was sure I could give him head without even bending over. His body was covered with tats from head to toe, and he was super-fit.

Through the flimsy Speedos that hugged Todd's massive appendage, it was obvious that it was adorned with a huge Prince Albert, which was clearly outlined by the fabric.

Not only that, Todd had a Jacob's ladder that extended from the underside of his pierced glans to his massive scrotum. Even when slack his cock was a good twenty centimetres, as it stretched across his groin towards his hip. So his looks barely registered with me.

I was besotted with Todd, or rather his studded cock and hot bod, and I made sure that it was obvious. I sidled up to Dan, who immediately introduced us.

Todd made it very obvious that his focus was on my groin as well. But, just in case I missed his signals, Todd licked his lips salaciously, reached out and traced the outline of my throbbing and leaking cock, through the thin fabric of my Speedos, using the backs of his well-manicured fingernails.

"Nice!" was all he said, by way of appraisal.

My only response was to groan and reciprocate his attention to my aching cock. I paid particular devotion to the massive PA ring that threaded his bulbous glans. I could not resist hooking my tiny index finger into the ring, through the nylon. The heavy metallic piercing was as thick as the tip of my finger, which tightened as his monstrous dick swelled to my touch.

"Yeah, real nice," I pseudo echoed.

"Lot of traffic here this morning," Dan observed, providing Todd with the segue that we were all sweating on.

"Yeah," Todd responded obligingly, "how about going back to my place?"

He paused then added, everyone's home so, if you're up for it, we can have an orgy. But if you're not into that scene, we can just keep it amongst ourselves.

I looked over to Dan for some guidance.

The hot fifteen-year-old grinned salaciously.

"Todd shares a house with four other guys; they all go to college together. You'll like `em," Dan briefed me.

We made our way up the path to the crown of the headland. It was an eerie experience, given yesterday's dream. I was feeling nervous and oddly excited. But my faith in Dan never wavered, and I was looking forward to seeing Todd's cock in the flesh.

Just as we emerged from the bush at the back of the headland, Dan turned to Todd and paused.

"Todd, do you think Johnno and Lincoln would be interested. Jess do you mind if a couple of Todd's friends join us?"

I shrugged my shoulders affably.

Todd immediately hopped onto his phone to Lincoln.

"Hey, Abe, you dirty poof, you up for a g-b? ... ... ... Two of the hottest little fucks you've ever laid eyes on ... ... ... no, I'm serious dude. You know Danny boy, right? ... ... ... Yeah well, he's the older one ... ... ... I dunno, about twelve, I guess."

Todd turned to me and Dan.

We both signal "yes" with eager nods. I was dying to have a gang bang, especially after yesterday's dream.

"Yeah twelve ... ... ... You know him by-the-way. But you will shit yourself when you see who it is! ... ... ... Okay, bud, see the three of you in five."

Todd finished his call just as we arrive at his front door. He lead us into the hall where we could hear a group of young guys laughing and arguing as they played Halo in their lounge room.

When Todd led us into the room, I was breathless. There were two of the hottest studs I had ever seen, in the flesh. The other two looked okay, certainly cuter than Todd. But it was the two blondes who took my breath away.

With three more dudes still to appear, it was beginning to look like my first gang-bang was going to be one to remember.


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