Author: John Sexton
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"If they wanted to make me different, all they had to do was abuse me;
If they wanted to abuse me, all they had to do was insist that I become one of them;
But if they wanted me to become one of them, they were fucked from the very start!"


The guys were absorbed with Halo, when we entered the lounge room. The room reeked of dope, and a huge bong sat on the coffee table. They were all wearing board shorts or footy shorts and nothing else, and their torsos were all the stuff of dreams.

I was mesmerised by the sight of the four fit studs. I couldn't believe that Todd had invited Dan and I back there for sex. Well... not just sex but a gang-bang, and I more-or-less guessed that Dan and I were to be the main attraction. Duh!!

My mind was in overdrive and, with what Dan had already told me, I figured that this would be a wild morning of dope, amyl and crazy, full-on sex.

I was struggling to come to terms with the fact that less than twenty-four hours ago I had been a twelve-year-old virgin, when I'd met Dan down on the beach.

"Hey Todd!" cried the stud who sat on the end of the lounge chair that was closest to us. "Danny boy, you look hot-to-trot!"

"Hi Ben," Dan replied enthusiastically.

Ben was a god and, despite the fact that he was blonde, he reminded me of the divine Ralph Woods.

I immediately wondered if he was stacked as well as the hot Canadian.

I stood back a little between Todd and Dan, and was still carrying my shorts in my towel.

"Yoo-hoo! What have we got here?" Ben cried, as he caught my eye.

Todd put his arm around my shoulder and urged me forward, to stand between him and Dan.

"This is Jess, Ben; we just met-up on the headland," Todd explained.

"Shit! I know you," cried the other blonde at the far end of the lounge, "you're the kid in those ads!"

The other two dudes looked up from the screen at this. Once they caught sight of me, they paused the game and dropped their controllers.

"Jess, this is Phil," Todd introduced me to the stunning blonde.

Phil was almost as beautiful as Ben, and his emerald green eyes shone at me from across the room. Again, despite his fair complexion, I was struck by how much he looked like Helmut Huxley, from the Bel Ami studio.

His footy-shorts were fairly snug, and his groin looked to be a faithful emulation of the spunky Czech porn star.

"Fuck kid, were you doin' the beat?" the bigger of the two dark haired guys asked incredulously, "how fuckin' old are you?"

I simply smiled salaciously at him, then I nodded.


"Mate of yours, Dan?".

"Yeah, Sam, we met yesterday on the beach."

This guy, Sam, looked intimidating, and he eyed me with overt lust. Even sitting down, I could tell he had a massive physique, not bulky, but super-fit and toned to perfection.

As you've probably already guessed, I have a habit of comparing spunks to porn stars. To my mind Sam was the spitting image of Joel Birkin, who is also from Bel Ami, where his twenty-five centimetre cock is laughingly categorised, on their website , as "average."

Of course, not everyone sees the likenesses, but I figure it's a great way to describe someone. What do they say? "A picture is worth a thousand words!"

My initial impression of Sam was so-so; but, as I perceived his likeness to the porn superstar, and started to hope that he matched the beautiful Hungarian in the cock department, I began to reassess. My own cock was starting to chub-up at the prospect.

As my bulbous glans swelled to its own ridiculous proportions, and pushed against the flimsy nylon of my Speedos, Sam began to lick his lips. I could tell that everyone's eyes were glued to my groin by now. But surprisingly no-one commented or made a move towards me. They all seemed so laid back... laid back but hot as hell!

"So, little man, you come here lookin' for some action?" Sam teased me.

"Yeah," I answered almost coyly, "Todd said we might have a gang-bang!"

"With you as the bang!" Sam teased again.

"And you'd like that?" asked the other dark-haired guy, speaking for the first time.

 Caleb Moreton ," I thought to myself.

"Yeah, I... I guess so." I answered cautiously, suddenly considering that I might be getting in over my head.

But that apprehension quickly passed, as my lust shot into overdrive.

This was shaping up to be one hot morning, and I licked my lips in eager anticipation.

"Ever had a gang-bang before, kid?" he continued my interrogation.

"Not likely, Brandon," Dan interjected, "when we met, this time yesterday morning, he was still a virgin."

"Fuck me!" declared Brandon, "you serious?"

"Yeah," I responded with a cheeky grin that was a poor attempt at masking my resurgent doubt. But I pushed on with all the bravado I could muster, "but I've been fucking myself with dildos for nearly a year."

"He can take a Coke bottle up his arse," Dan backed me up.

"Okay," Ben reached over and grabbed the bong from the coffee table, "let's get you relaxed babe."

He tilted the water pipe to me suggestively.

"You smoke before, kiddo?"

"Like a pro, dude!" Dan confirmed proudly.

"All rriigghhtt!" cried Ben, as he raked my lithe twelve-year-old body with his eyes, which flittered between my throbbing Speedos and my adorable, na´ve countenance, "let's get you smoked-up and ready to rock and roll, baby boy!"

I looked around the room, while Ben packed the massive cone. The house was a mess, and it reminded me of the Frat houses in the "FratX" and "Sketchy Sex" vids. There were empty beer cans and bottles, a couple of poppers, several baggies of dope, empty and full cigarette packs, clothes, pizza cartons, half-eaten slices and other shit lying randomly around the room. I quickly got the impression that sex, booze, orgies, drugs and video games were these guys' major activities.

Todd picked up a remote off the coffee table. Suddenly the paused Halo game disappeared from the huge plasma TV mounted on the far wall. It was replaced by the Trans-IT clip of my alter-ego being fucked stupid by Devon LeBron.

I was shocked, at first, until I realised that Todd was Dan's mentor... so he'd probably taught Dan how to do the video morphing.

"Yeah," cried Ben sarcastically, "go for it Super Grain kid!" just as the huge black man shoved his massive cock down `my' throat, in living colour on the wall-mounted plasma screen.

Ben winked and gave me a shit-eating grin.

"You don't seem surprised to see it!"

"Nah," I replied casually, "Dan showed it to me yesterday... for the first time!" I quickly clarified.

"Well, sweet-stuff," Ben chirped, as he wiggled the bong invitingly, "set y'self right down here next to me and show us what you can do with this baby, babe."

He nudged Brandon with his elbow. But instead of sliding over on the cushion, to make room for me, as I expected, the huge twenty-one-year-old stood up and took a POV webcam headset from Todd.

I sat down next to Ben, in Brandon's spot, as Todd gave individual headsets to Ben, Sam, Phil and Dan. Todd already had one mounted on his head.

Ben passed the massive bong over to me, then mounted his webcam on his own head, while Dan handed me a lighter from the debris that littered the coffee table.

Todd was now fiddling with a laptop that sat on a sideboard against the far wall. In a matter of seconds the huge plasma display of LeBron pounding my alter ego's throat was pushed to the left side of the screen. The right side was then flooded with six individual images of the room from each of the POV cams.

I simply shook my head in bewilderment, as the scene eclipsed Dan's technological wizardry from yesterday. The entire event was being recorded in brilliant HD.

The bong was huge and rivalled the one I had in my porn collection, of that rabid slut, Jacob Marteny, toking for all he was worth, in one of my FratX vids.

This bong was so big that I couldn't get my mouth over the top, while I sat the base between my legs on the cushion. I gave up trying, and opted instead to stand up. I handed the lighter to Dan, then gripped the bottom of the bong with both hands, and pressed the mouthpiece against my lips.

By now all six web cams were focussed on my trembling, twelve-year-old frame. Two were in tight on my swollen groin and two on my hot young arse, from all sides, with a long shot and one tight in on my angelic, nervous face.

"Go for it, babe," Dan encouraged me, as he held the flame to the packed cone, and focussed his POV cam on the bong.

I sucked in a lung full of air, and the massive chamber was flooded with the thick acrid fumes of THC. However, by the time I had sucked all the air from the bong, my lungs were full, but I still had not imbibed one puff of the heavy shit. I exhaled and eyed the swirling chamber with some trepidation.

"You can do it, luv," Dan cooed, while he rubbed my smooth thigh with his free hand.

I bit the bullet, released the breather hole at the base of the glass tower, and inhaled the fumes deeply until the chamber was nearly clear. Determined to hold the vapours for a few seconds at least, I failed miserably, and was soon hacking up my lungs like a newby, which I more-or-less was.

Several hands slapped my back, as I hacked away in a series of uncontrolled gasps and coughing fits. While a couple of the guys laughed and encouraged me to go again.

"Don't release the breather until the cone is out, babe," Dan tutored me. "Here," he said, as he took the bong from me, "let's try this."

He immediately relit the cone and inhaled a massive toke, while he kept his finger over the hole, and the chamber produced a continuous stream of vapours. Then he leaned in and we shot-gunned in a passionate kiss.

"Yeah!" "All-right!" and "Way to go, babe!" were the exclamations of encouragement and approval that filled the room, along with our exhaled smoke.

"Fuck that was hot!" Ben cried, as his webcam zoomed in on my sexy, young arse.

"Yeah, dude, let's check out his wares!" Sam roared.

They both dropped to their knees, on either side of me, as Ben groped my firm buttocks and Sam massaged my nylon covered groin.

"Fuck this kid is built!" Sam almost screamed, "oh, wow... you've gotta get a load of this!"

As Dan and I shot-gunned for the second time, Phil lay on the floor with his head between Dan and me, and shone a hand-held Arlec light up my smooth, tanned thighs towards my over-stuffed groin. With Phil's POV cam aimed at my package, Sam and Ben grabbed each side of my Speedos and slid them down to my ankles.

I stepped out of them and spread my legs, while Dan and I continued to shotgun. This was some heavy shit and, just like yesterday, my face was going numb already.

My smooth, hairless arse was a sight to behold, as Ben spread my buttocks and zoomed in on my spongy pucker, with his index finger and his webcam.

At the same time Sam and Phil were becoming intimate with my massive boy-cock.

"Shit, this little fucker is almost as big as you, Dan," Sam moaned.

While those three sexy guys were totally besotted with me, Dan had passed the bong to Todd, who reloaded and began sharing a new cone with Brandon. Todd and Brandon then turned their attention to Dan's sexy fifteen-year-old body.

The sexy duo knelt down on either side of Dan's lithe frame; from there they began to kiss and lick his torso and thighs. They removed his Speedos and attacked his arse and cock with their hungry mouths. Their ministrations excited Dan so much that I could sense the stimulation radiating into my mouth as we continued to suck face.

After simultaneously recording several minutes of this erotic tableau from every conceivable angle, we broke apart, as Todd took charge. He pushed me down by my shoulders, until I was sitting on Phil's beautiful face, and I was staring at Todd's massive groin, still trapped inside his cum-stained Speedos.

I reached up and traced my fingers over the nylon, toying with his massive Prince Albert through the almost-translucent fabric.

As I leaned forward, writhing with the ecstasy of Phil's probing tongue against my recently deflowered pucker, I was surprised to feel Ben's hot breath on my rampant young cock. He had crawled between Todd and my spread legs. He swallowed my appendage to the root in one foul swoop.

The aroma of Todd's sticky groin drew my mouth like a magnet, and I could not resist sucking the pierced glans of his huge cock through the slimed fabric. I was overwhelmed by the mixture of stale cum, piss, sweat and copious quantities of fresh precum; I bit down on the PA and tugged at the glans with my teeth while I savoured the heady secretions.

I ran my fingers up and down the Jacob's Ladder, on the underside of Todd's huge cock, teasing it and myself in the process. I was getting impatient to see his cock in the flesh, while simultaneously getting off on the tease.

Ben was deep-throating my cock relentlessly, and Phil was probing my arse with his tongue as well.

Behind us, Sam was laying on his back on the coffee table, with his head at one end. Dan was lying face-down on top of him, and they were going at each other's cocks in a passionate sixty-niner. Brandon was kneeling on the floor at the end of the table, rimming Dan, with equal enthusiasm.

The room was awash with the sounds and smells of a wild, teen male orgy for quite some time.

I couldn't stand the suspense any longer; I simply had to see Todd's heavily pierced appendage in the flesh. I reached up to the waist of his Speedos and pulled on the draw-string, then I slowly drew the swimmers down over his hips as his cock gradually appeared.

At first it looked no different, because all that was revealed was the top side of his cock as it was pulled down towards his feet, by the Speedos.

Finally, when the cock was released from its confines, it flew upright to hit Todd's stomach and, in the process, reveal the underside of the monster in its glory.

"FUCK ME!" was my only response to the revelation; it was truly magnificent and more than a little frightening.

I couldn't imagine that cock in either my arse or my throat.

"You like!" Todd asked with a smirk.

I was too scared to answer with anything other than a stupid grin, and a weak nod; it was a truly awesome sight to behold. Nine years later I still think so.

My reverie was shattered by the door chimes.

"I hope that's the guys!" Todd groaned, "if it's Jehovah's Witness boys, I'm gunna drag them in here and fuck the shit out of them instead!"

He walked out into the hall, leading with his cock.

"Abe, mate! Fellas! Just in time... you're not gunna believe this, man," I could hear Todd as he re-entered the lounge room.

I was surprised when Todd led them into the room. I had been expecting three guy all around the same age as the others, around twenty; but these guys were closer to thirty.

"Holy shit, dude!" the first one roared, when he laid eyes on me. "When you said I knew the kid..."

He turned to Todd and gave him a high-five and a shit-eating grin.

"You sly cunt, Todd..." he turned back to devour me with his hungry eyes, "you're the `Super Grain' kid, ain'tcha?"

He never waited for an answer, and his eyes were glued to my magnificent young cock, standing tall and proud.

"Will ya look at that!" he swooned, as he stepped towards me and gripped my rock hard weapon.

Then he pulled me towards him quite aggressively, by the head of my cock, until we were almost toe to toe.

"Oh, baby boy, you're even hotter than in those ads."

He reached down with his other hand and massaged my balls, just as roughly as he handled my throbbing dick.

"How old are you, kid?"


"Shit... I reckon you've grown some since you made those ads."

He grinned salaciously as he squeezed my balls, then he released my cock, reached around to my arse and went for gold. The tip of his index finger breached my slick pucker with ease.

"Fuck yeah, baby, I'm going to have me a slice of that pie."

"Ease up, Abe," Todd laughed, "you'll get your turn. Jess, this hungry bastard is Lincoln , but we just call him Abe. As you can see, Abe is a big fan of yours."

I scanned Abe's body once again. He was wearing board shorts, but he was already hard, surprise-surprise, and he was obviously at least as well-endowed as the rest of the guys. I wondered just how big, and immediately thought of Mario from the "" franchise.

"And this is Bulldog," Todd gestured towards the tall African-American who stood next to Abe.

I'd been so overwhelmed by Abe's aggressive moves that I'd barely noticed the other two arrivals. Bulldog was huge, easily the biggest guy in the room. When I looked at him I saw Izzy James , from

Abe had worked a second finger into my hot arse by that stage; and he was showing no sign of letting up, as he squeezed by balls and probed my young hole even more aggressively.

Despite Abe's full-on ministrations, I eyed Bulldog's massive torso lustily, focussed on his bulging sweatpants and prayed that his resemblance to the hot American porn star extended to his prodigious manhood.

As I glanced between the two men, I noticed the third new arrival for the first time, and immediately thought,  Oliver Young !" another porn star from

I assumed that this had to be Johnno, who Dan had suggested Todd invite with Abe.

Todd obviously followed my line of sight, and he immediately confirmed my assumption...

"Last, but by no means least, Jess, this is Johnno."

Johnno was clearly younger than either Abe or Bulldog. He was wearing a t-shirt and footy shorts that showed evidence of a decent-sized cock.

"Okay then," Todd declared, "welcome to the `Ten Inch Nails,' Jess," then he gestured to everyone else in the room, "let's get this show on the road!"

"'Ten Inch Nails?'" I queried.

"It's our club, you have to have at least twenty-five centimetres of rock hard cock to qualify for membership," Todd explained.

"And we just love nailing hot young arse like yours, sweetie," Abe added seductively.

He spread his two fingers and rotated his wrist so that his nails scraped across my tiny prostate.

I was groaning involuntarily without even realising it, until Abe bent down over my lithe body, leaned in closer and whispered into the shell of my ear.

"I can't wait to tap this beautiful arse of yours, Sunshine!"

He curled both fingers, as he pushed them deeper into my colon, then he virtually lifted me up onto my toes, as he hooked both digits into the fleshy wall of my already stretched hole. Then he stuck his tongue into the shell of my ear, probing and prodding with the tip into my earhole.

I shivered violently and responded with an even louder groan, despite the pain and discomfort of my over-stretched anal ring.

Abe whipped his fingers out of my colon so rapidly that I gasped at the sensation. He slapped my arse cheeks with such force that I swore he'd left a hand-print on them.

"Of course Johnno's not quite there yet, he's only just over nine inches," Abe chuckled.

The beautiful youth blushed with that revelation.

"But he's only sixteen, so there's still hope for him."

Johnno's complexion deepened, and I felt embarrassed for him.

"He gets honorary membership because he's Bulldog's and my boy toy."

"And we're his daddies!" added Bulldog salaciously.

"I reckon it's time you met Susan, Jess," Todd announced.

His sudden intrusion distracted me from the three new arrivals. In fact it threw me into a panic.

"You never said anything about girls!" I cried.

"Wait here while I go get her."

I looked apoplectic, and the rest of the room grinned at me, clearly amused by my reaction.

"I'll give you a hand," Bulldog offered, as he followed Todd out of the room.

Dan sidled up to me and whispered into my ear...

"You look anxious, babe," he teased.

"I don't like girls!"

I was really pissed with Dan and I felt suddenly betrayed. The last thing I wanted was to be exposed to a female, especially when I was naked and hard. But the latter condition was no longer an issue, because my beautiful boy cock was now as limp as a wet sock.

Even when soft, my cock is almost always as big as when it's hard; but I was so traumatised by the prospect of a female being imposed on me that it had shrivelled to a miserable little grub, no bigger than what you'd expect to find on a normal twelve-year-old. Even my bulbous glans had shrunk to the size of a grape. I was mortified! But I was furious that Dan seemed to think my response was funny.

In only a matter of seconds Todd and Bulldog lumbered back into the room. They each carried a small table.

To say that I was confused would be an understatement.

They sat the tables a few metres apart, in the centre of the room, as the coffee table was moved out of the way.

"Jess, meet Susan and her sister, Suzanna," Todd laughed even as he spoke.

Everyone else in the room laughed along.

"You bastard!" I cried, "you fucking cunt!"

But I couldn't help laughing along with them all.

"Ooow! Scared were we? Afraid of a little girl!" Dan delighted in teasing me.

"I'm afraid of NO THING and NO ONE!" I proclaimed loudly and defiantly.

But I couldn't hold the fašade for long, before I conceded meekly, in a fit of giggles, "except that!"

Everyone laughed and jeered in jest, and I felt elated with the comradery and the erotic tone of the crowded room.

"So why have the tables got lazy susans on them?" I enquired naively.

Nothing in my vast porn collection could give me a clue... until!... I grinned, as I recalled a Kevin Williams classic, called "Hotrods Young and Hung" or something like that.

"You've just realised," Todd grinned.

"So who?"

"You and me, babe!" Dan chirped excitedly, "you're gunna love it!"

I immediately looked straight at Todd's massive, still hard, pierced cock. I drooled. My own cock jerked involuntarily and began leaking precum; it almost ached as the glans swelled till it looked as if it was about to explode like an over-pumped football.

"You want this, don't ye, babe?" Todd jeered and squeezed the menacing weapon, then he held it up towards me. He shook it vigorously.

"Well, it's all yours, you greedy little fuck!"

"I'm going to have to work my way up to that monster, Todd."

"Having second thoughts, are we?" Todd taunted me, but with a tinge of concern in his voice.

I wasn't quite sure what the motivation for that concern was; whether it was that he'd thought he frightened me or that he thought he wasn't going to fuck me. It could have been both.

"Fuck no!" I exclaimed, to allay any such misconceptions. "I just want to save the best for last! If I have that first, everything else will be pale by comparison."

In fact that was the absolute truth. Even now I always save the best to last. I always have, even as a baby, so my mum reckons. If I have a prawn curry, I always eat the prawns last. I even do it with meat and vegs.

Todd seemed delighted by my rationale.

"Fuck, babe, I can hardly wait!"

"Me neither!"

"Thanks for making all of us lesser mortals feel better about ourselves," Dan pouted with his outburst.

But it was all in jest.

"Well, until you decide to decorate your own little one with as much jewellery and imagination as this," I joked, as I took hold of the metallic monster and shook it aggressively, "you can feel inferior if you want, but you can hardly feel aggrieved!"

"Woo-hoo!" someone crowed, and the rest followed, all in jest, of course.

"Don't worry, Jess, you horny little fuck," Todd cooed, "I promise I'll make the wait worthwhile!"

"I think we should all get off our faces, before we get too serious," Ben declared.

Before I knew what had happened, I was on my back on one of the tables; Dan was on the other. Hands, mouths and toys appeared from nowhere and proceeded to tease, titillate and stimulate every square centimetre of my delicate, twelve-year-old body.

I could hear the bong bubbling away. Then, quite suddenly, Todd's face appeared from nowhere; he devoured my mouth with his, and shot-gunned his entire hit with me. We passed it back and forth until I thought I was going to pass out.

As soon as Todd disappeared, Johnno's beautiful face took his place. We shot-gunned his hit quickly, but spent most of our brief intercourse sucking face. He was hot, and I reached down and found that he was already naked and his beautiful twenty-three centimetres of uncut cock was hot, hard and wet.

"I want you first!" I pleaded.

"Same here, babe!" he responded.

My heart skipped a beat, when he said that; but I detected an air of sadness in his reply. He confirmed my suspicions...

"But that's not how it works," he replied dejectedly.

"What do you mean?"

The beautiful youth grinned wickedly.

"You'll just have to wait and see."

Ben's unbelievably gorgeous face appeared out of nowhere, and another massive shotgun ensued. My face was totally numb by now, and I was mesmerised by his beauty. Of all the guys in the room, Ben was the one who most closely resembled the porn star that I saw in him. He was a clone of Ralph Woods.

So... considering that I regarded the Canadian [and still do] as the most ideally-beautiful porn star on the planet... I was in heaven. His eyes, his hair, his smile, his teeth, his lithe, supple body, his perfect skin and, last-but-not-least, his massive, uncut cock were perfection.

Someone was working my arse with four fingers now, I'd been counting them. But I was so rapt in Ben that I was barely aware of everything else that was being done to my body.

Whoever was sucking my cock was being very careful not to make me cum, and he was teasing me towards insanity with his expert edging of my painfully swollen glans.

The fingers in my arse became suddenly more aggressive. They curled and began scratching and teasing the hot, spongy wall of my lower intestine. He found my prostate, and the probability of my cock exploding with the biggest load I thought I could produce became suddenly a near certainty, despite the expert mouth teasing my cock.

I don't know who was teasing my tits either, since my eyes were closed tight and I was still locked onto Ben's delicious mouth, like a barnacle.

My thighs and toes were being licked and sucked, as were my armpits, still hairless as the rest of my boy body, save the tiny blonde wisp of gold at the base of my cock.

The room was awash with the sounds of sex, and I was at its centre.

Another mouth attacked my balls now. I had no idea who'd stopped doing what to some other part of my twelve-year-old torso. I wondered, briefly, how anyone else could have gained access to my body in the crowd that was attacking me.

When Ben and I finally came up for air, I opened my eyes to see who was doing what. I amazed to find that Dan was receiving similar treatment to me, and that he had four of the guys attending to his body.

I was stunned to realise that all the attention being directed to my body was the work of just the other four guys.

"So this is the plan ," I thought.

Brandon was the one who was licking and nibbling on my legs, while he had most of his hand up my arse; Abe was sucking my cock for all he was worth; Johnno was sucking my tits and teasing my ribs. I had no idea who'd been sucking my balls.

Ben devoured my mouth in another shotgun that literally took my breath away, and I was already flying high.

"You ready, babe?" Todd asked me from across the other table, as he probed Dan's hot young arse with his fingers.

"Let's do it!" I replied with determination and a degree of bravado.

"Okay then," Ben declared, "time to spin the babes!"

Brandon lifted up my legs by my ankles and spun me on the lazy susan. As he handed over my feet to Johnno, he spun me further towards Ben, who then span me towards Abe.

The guys on Dan's table were doing the same thing. As they spun Dan and me faster and faster, they all chanted...

"Round and round the sweet boy goes; where he stops nobody knows!"

Each time I spun past Johnno, our eyes met, and I could still see the hope that reflected my own. Now I knew what he'd meant when he'd said, "that's not how it works."

I closed my eyes and waited till I'd stopped spinning. Then I opened them, and looked up to see who was staring down at me with lust in his eyes...


Author's Note: Sorry about the delay AGAIN; posting this chapter has been problematic; a lot of factors in play: a death in the family, crashed server, corrupted databases and websites. All in all it's been a shitty few weeks. Add to that the fact that I decided to annotate this chapter with all the graphics. My Photoshop has been working overtime. I just hope these enhancements have brought the story to life, and you consider the delay worthwhile.

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