Shattered Ceiling, Falling Sky 9
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"If they wanted to make me different, all they had to do was abuse me;
If they wanted to abuse me, all they had to do was insist that I become one of them;
But if they wanted me to become one of them, they were fucked from the very start!"


When I opened my eyes I had been granted my wish; Johnno was staring down at my naked twelve-year-old body, from between my widespread legs.

I should say that we had been granted our wish. The sexy sixteen-year-old was grinning wickedly at me, having already told me that he wanted to be the first to fuck me in my very first gang-bang.

He startled me with his initial move. I had expected that he was going to pounce on my cock or my arse, which were wide open to him. However, he leaned over my body, pressing our throbbing groins together, then he took my mouth in his.

Though shocked, I reciprocated with unbridled enthusiasm. I drew his tongue into my ravenous mouth with gusto, then we both settled into a fast and passionate tonsillectomy.

I don't know what it was about Johnno, but I found him irresistible. He wasn't the best looking guy in the room; Ben, Phil and Sam, and of course the scrumptious Dan, were way ahead of him. Maybe it was simply that, after Dan, Johnno was the closest in age to me. Maybe it was that he was, for me, virgin territory.

Whatever the reason, Johnno rang my bell. He was my life-support unit for several minutes, while we sucked face. At the same time the other three at our table were sucking my fingers and toes, and licking inside the shells of my ears.

"Oh fuck!" Johnno roared, when we came up for breath. "This is a first, it's usually me lying where you are now."

He reached down and squeezed my rock-hard cock. We locked gazes as he rolled my foreskin across my swollen glans.

"I love being fucked," Johnno crooned, "but I really want to screw your sexy little arse, babe."

The hot teen squeezed me again, then he teased the shell of my ear with his warm breath.

"Maybe we can swap places later, after the rest of the crew have screwed that hot arse, and you can drill me stupid with that massive cock!"

While all this was happening to me, I could hear Dan on the other table. He had stopped spinning with Todd standing between his smooth, hairless legs

"Oh, sweetie," Todd cooed to Dan, "I'm going to tickle your tight, little ring with all my hard rings, till you cum all over both of us, without even touching yourself!"

"Oh fuck yeah, Todd, I want your nasty weapon in me, babe!"

"So this is the plan," I thought.

Then I wondered if we were going to cross over.

"Well, Todd has promised to fuck me," I rationalised, "so I guess they will swap. Wow!... eight huge cocks... and all twenty-five centimetres or more. No wonder they call themselves the `Ten Inch Nails!'"

Of course Johnno's cock was only twenty-three centimetres, but his age gave him an advantage.

I fantasized over Johnno being fucked every night by those two massive pricks of Bulldog and Lincoln. I was relieved that Todd and Bulldog were on the other table, because truth be known I was intimidated by both of their huge cocks. Of course I desperately wanted to be fucked by both of them, but I definitely wanted to work up to that event, especially Todd's metallic monster.

Johnno began to slide his tongue over my jaw, and he traced his way down my tender torso. He paused to nibble on each of my tiny tits that were no bigger than my crystal-blue irises.

Abe, Ben and Brandon continued to stimulate the rest of my sensitive young body, as Johnno proceeded to tease, twist and bite my erogenous nipples.

I heard the rush of a popper bottle being opened, and someone on the other table took a snort to each nostril. Then I heard Todd coo to Dan again...

"Here you go babe, let's get you primed for action."

I could hear Dan taking a couple of huge hits.

"Come on Todd," Dan cried in eager anticipation. "Give it to me, man, you know I want it!"

He'd obviously been fucked by Todd's metallic monster before today.

I was picturing that wicked appendage sliding slowly up Dan's sweet arse, something that my own cock was yet to do. But Johnno and the boys soon brought my attention back onto my own body, particularly my hot, young arse.

Though Johnno's penetration of my own colon with his beautiful cock was some way off, his fingers were already teasing my anal sphincter. He had only just reached my own cock with his wet, warm mouth.

Johnno slathered my swollen glans with his moist, inviting tongue. He licked the copious flow of precum from my piss-slit.

I was a precocious youth in more ways than one. Actually I was not yet a youth, I was barely twelve, a mere boy, a precocious little snot.

But those thoughts were the furthest thing from my mind, right then; because the only brain that was even remotely functional, in my immature body, was at the end of my very hard, premature dick.

From the second that his hot mouth devoured my throbbing cock, I was his to command; I would have done anything Johnno asked just then.

"FUCK!" Dan screamed, "oh fuck-fuck-fuck! I forgot how big that fucker is, Todd."

I immediately looked across at Dan, just as he was being given another huff of the poppers by Bulldog, who was standing directly behind him, with the fifteen-year-old's head resting against the huge, black hunk's groin.

Bulldog's ginormous, throbbing appendage was resting on Dan's shoulder and dribbling copious quantities of precum onto the beautiful teen's smooth, tanned pec. He held the popper bottle under one of Dan's nostrils, while he sealed off the other side of the boy's nose with his thumb.

Bulldog gave Dan three great huffs to each side. The blonde Adonis was clearly under the influence of the poppers-dope combo. His beautiful face morphed into an ecstatic daze, as Todd's metallic monster began to ease in and out of his tender arse.

Dan's euphoric countenance warped into a grimace that exuded what could easily have been pleasure or pain. I would not have known which it was, had Dan's moans of ecstasy not been audible.

Just then Brandon slipped a POV webcam onto my own head, while Phil was making some adjustments to the laptop that sat on the sideboard, under the plasma screen on the wall.

Sam was lying on his back, on the floor, directly below Dan's arse that hung just over the edge of their table.

I looked up at the plasma image on the wall, to find that the `Trans-IT' clip of `me' and Devon LeBron had been replaced by a half screen shot of a close-up of Todd's metallic monster sliding in and out of Dan's pucker with greater speed and aggression.

To the right side of that image, the other half of the screen display, was a three by four matrix of images from the ten POV headcams that now adorned all of our brows, and the laptop and tripod-mounted cameras that were all capturing the action from every conceivable angle.

I was mesmerised as I watched the rings of Todd's "Jacob's Ladder" change direction, when the massive cock was pushed back into Dan's hot arse. As each ring was forced back into the teen's hot colon, it was flipped back down along the underside of Todd's monster, as it was rammed up against Dan's exquisitely tight anal sphincter.

Then, as the huge prick was retracted, the rings were all facing the opposite direction.

I was in sensory overload, no... that's not true... I thought I was there already, with all that was being done to my body, and the audio and visual delights that were emanating from the beautiful fifteen-year-old on the end of Todd's monster weapon. But, in fact, I could never have imagined what still lay in store for my na´ve body.

I could not drag my eyes from the sight of Dan's penetration.

"Oh fuck, Todd, turn me over," Dan pleaded, "I want to feel those rings working my prostate, dude!"

"You got it, man."

Bulldog and Todd immediately flipped Dan onto his chest, so that his arse now hung over one side of the table and his face nestled up against Bulldog's rampant cock. The most amazing part of all this was that the entire translation was performed while Todd's metallic monster remained jammed, balls deep, into Dan's hot arse.

"OH FUCK, OH SHIT, OH FUCK, SHIT-SHIT-SHIIITTT!" Dan roared, such that his voice almost broke again, as if the fifteen-year-old was still going through puberty.

I couldn't even begin to imagine what that had felt like but, from Dan's reaction, it must have been mind-blowing. I watched, in near disbelief, as the rings emerged from his arse, then flipped direction, one after the other, as the monster cock was rammed back home.

When Todd had buried his monster to the hilt of Dan's quivering hole, he slowed down and dragged his cock back gradually.

Dan was screaming like a banshee, between renewed snorts of amyl, which were administered by Bulldog. Then the huge fucker teased Dan with his own black monster, which smeared Dan's beautiful lips with his slime, while he continued to feed amyl to the rapturous boy.

Todd almost completely withdrew from Dan on each backstroke, so that his huge Prince Albert was partly visible. Then he slammed back home with enough force to move the table slightly towards Bulldog.

It was totally obscene, and I was riveted with incredulity, lust and fear. Could I handle that? I could only wonder.

I could not understand why, with each withdrawal, Todd repeatedly slowed down. It was even more inexplicable to me, because that was when Dan was the most animated. But the boy's cries and screams of ecstasy were muffled, as Bulldog retracted his foreskin and slid his leaking cock into Dan's mouth.

Dan suckled on the black man's cock like a two-day-old calf desperate for a feed, while Todd pounded his flesh at the other end of his writhing torso. The boy god's moans continued to escalate on each of Todd's slow withdrawals.

Johnno continued to stretch my own tender, little hole with two fingers now, while he sucked my throbbing cock, and the other guys teased my body from head to toe.

It finally dawned on me, after watching the monitor for several minutes, why Dan was the most animated on the slow withdrawals. I had assumed that the pounding that each penetration was inflicting on his sweet, swollen colon would have caused the greatest sensation. But I suddenly visualised what was happening inside his over-stimulated bowel, and why Dan had begged to be flipped over.

As the massive, pierced weapon reversed direction, each of the rings were being flipped over. But unlike the beginning of each penetration, where the rings were flipped individually, before entry, the entire `ladder' was being flipped over in a single movement, as it grazed Dan's immature prostate.

The sensation must have been mind-blowing. Well, that much was obvious... duh!

Dan was still suckling on Bulldog.

Sam teased the head of the beautiful fifteen-year-old's huge cock, while he continued to capture all the action from the floor. At the same time Phil traced his smooth fingers over Dan's back and sides. Sam enhanced the view with the Arlec torch that he rested on his chest, to shine up and illuminate the amazing scene.

Johnno had three fingers up my arse by then. He was spreading the digits and curling them into the wall of my colon, as he rotated his wrist and teased my own prostate.

Abe had taken over sucking my cock from him, while Brandon and Ben broke off from working like crazy on my tender tits.

The guys had even rotated the lazy susan so that I had a better view of everything that was being done to Dan, via the huge plasma display.

While I was taking it all in, Ben reappeared and lifted my head and shoulders to feed me my first hit of amyl since this action had begun.

I could hear Brandon firing up another cone on the bong. He loomed over me from behind Ben and we shared the cone. We shot-gunned another couple of cones before I settled back down to watch Dan, while the stimulation of my arse and cock went into overdrive.

"You want some of that action, don't you babe?" Brandon whispered, as he gestured towards Todd's penetration on Dan's beautiful arse.

"Yeah!" I replied with a vigorous nod.

"Well don't worry, baby boy, cause we can't wait to see it either. But you've got a lot to experience yet, sweetness! We're gunna take you to heaven and back before then, babe. We'll break you in good and proper... never fear!"

Brandon took the poppers off Ben, who turned his attention back on my tits, while Brandon fed me more of the aphrodisiac.

As the poppers and weed began to combine and compound their effect, I was slipping into another world. The room was expanding in all directions, and I almost felt weightless. Suddenly we were out in the open air and people were watching us, but I couldn't care less.

Then, just as suddenly, I was paranoid at being discovered, and struggled to remember who was all over my body.

"Phil, flick over to my headset, so the `Super Grain kid' can get a good look it this!" Todd instructed his mate, as he winked at me.

At first I couldn't even remember who he was, until I looked up at the huge screen on the wall, half of which was full of Todd's massive, silver cladded appendage that was pounding away at the sweetest, smoothest, palest, hottest arse on the planet. I was mesmerised.

Phil reached for the remote.

Back up on the screen Todd's POV headcam switched to become the large image on the monitor. Todd withdrew completely from Dan's arse, with such force that the beautiful teen's hole popped like a champagne cork. But it continued to gape, as Dan's fifteen-year-old sphincter quivered in an attempt to retract.

"OH FUUUCCKK!!" Dan screamed, shattering my reverie, "oh shit!! Jesus fucking Christ... that hurt!"

"Sorry, dude," Todd apologised.

He took the torch from Sam, then leaned down to zoom in on the stunning sight. He focused the cam and shone the light directly into Dan's yawning cavity.

It was a truly amazing image that made me shiver with anticipation, even despite Dan's cry of pain. He was clearly eager to continue.

Time stood still, as I gazed up at that beautiful gaping hole. I wanted it... I wanted to climb up the wall and crawl inside that alluring, wet hole, head first, and lick the insides till they were covered in my saliva.

But then reality set in, with the sudden realisation that my mouth was bone dry, and I remembered who and where I was, and exactly who owned that incredibly hot hole.

While all this was bombarding my brain, Johnno and the gang continued to drive me insane with their own attention to my na´ve body.

Despite yesterday's torrid sessions with Dan and Tim, I was still a `newby' and it was hard to believe that until yesterday I was, to all intents and purposes, a preteen virgin.

"Maybe we should have broken out the Kryptonite earlier," Todd quipped, "when we popped the `blues,' waddaya reckon, Danny Boy?"

"Fuck yeah!" Dan roared, "I didn't know you had any, you know I love it!"

"Kryptonite?" I asked incredulously, "you mean Ice crystals shoved up your arse?"

"You want some Super Boy? I thought you were supposed to be a virgin till yesterday!" Todd asked with obvious surprise.

"I am, I mean I was, but I've read about it in some stories on Nifty... I just didn't know if it was real."

"Oh it's real alright, babe," Dan assured me. "If you think the poppers-dope combo is wild, this will blow your fuckin' mind!"

"Yeah... okay then... why not," I agreed.

All of the older guys had popped a `blue' earlier, when they were setting up the tables. But Todd had told me that Dan and I wouldn't need any Viagra, because at our age, we could get it up and recover so easily.

"Besides," he had cautioned me, "they're risky when mixed with poppers and dope, especially with kids."

So I figured, if he was offering the Kryptonite, it was probably safe.

Johnno was still teasing my prostate with his three fingers, but he withdrew them, as soon as I'd agreed to the meth crystals.

"You're gunna love this, Jess," he whispered.

Then he leaned over my body and kissed me passionately, until Todd nudged him with the little wooden box that held the crystals. Johnno selected a medium size shard; he held it up to show me.

"It'll burn and sting a little at first," he warned me.

"Yeah, I know, Micah Cooke uses them a lot in some of his stories on Nifty."

I looked up at the screen, as Johnno knelt down to focus on my arse. Dan's hole was still gaping obscenely, in the large window on the left.

It was a massive plasma display, one of the biggest I had ever seen, so my arse was still clearly visible in one of the twelve smaller windows on the right. My hole was still gaping after Johnno's withdrawal, but not nearly as much as Dan's.

I think I stopped breathing, as Johnno pushed my smooth tanned legs back, till my feet brushed my ears. He gave me a wicked grin, then he lowered the shard into my hole, before he pushed it up over my prostate with his middle finger.

His warning, that it might sting, was an understatement.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned, "it feels like you just shoved a chilli pepper up there! ... oh shit that's hot."

"I did warn you, babe!"

Johnno grinned and winked at me, before he leaned back down and kissed me more passionately.

"Oh fuck yeah!" cried Dan, as his much larger shard started to heat up his still-gaping colon. "Give it a minute, Jess," he assured me, "it'll only sting for a few minutes before you start to fly."

Almost as soon as the words left Dan's mouth, both Bulldog and Abe began feeding us more amyl. I could hear the bong being fired up again, and Johnno was back in my arse, with his three fingers spreading the dissolving crystal across the spongy tissue of my colon wall. At the same time he resumed sucking wildly on my swollen knob.

By the time Ben had shot-gunned another toke of the dope with me, I was in orbit. I started groaning and alternated between grinding my arse down hard on Johnno's fingers and thrusting my hips up into his face.

"Houston, we have lift-off!" Ben cried and laughed, as he broke off from our shared toke.

"Oh shit, Johnno," I begged, "go right down on me, dude, don't stop... please, don't stop!"

I was more horny than I'd ever been, and I knew that it was the Ice that was ramping up my libido. I had never felt so desperate for sexual release. My arse now felt like it was on fire, and I wanted more of his hand inside my colon.

I had several fisting videos in my collection, mainly young guys, but they were very hard to come by. Most of what I'd seen on the net, in that genre, were vids of big, ugly, old and grossly-overweight `bears,' who did absolutely nothing for me. But, right then, I was so randy that I would have fucked my hot little arse down onto a real bear, if it was on offer.

The sexy sixteen-year-old obliged, and assisted the process by slathering his fingers with more lube, while they were still probing my hole. Then Johnno added a fourth finger and resumed his assault on my cock with his hot mouth.

He took me to the very root, then pressed his teeth down hard on the base, while he snorted the fragrance of pure boy from the tiny smattering of barely-visible, blonde pubes that graced my pubic bone.

"Here we go, you dirty little slut!" I heard Todd roar.

I looked up at the plasma display, immediately, and was in Elysium as I watched the scene unfolding on Dan's table.

Both Todd and Bulldog had their obscenely monstrous cocks poised at their respective entrances to the beautiful boy's body.

"Yeah, do it!" Dan cried in an almost delirious tenor.

The boy-god lay face-down on the lazy susan, atop the small but sturdy table. He opened his mouth wider, then he reached behind to grip his arse cheeks and distended his gaping hole even further.

I watched, in near disbelief, as Todd and Bulldog fed their monster cocks to the boy in one violent, coordinated thrust. I could have sworn their knobs met somewhere inside Dan's guts, as they drove their weapons to the hilt at each end of the boy's torso.

All I could hear now were Dan's guttural moans and the men's brutal grunts.

Sam and Phil lay on the floor beneath Dan's head and groin, on either side of the table. They shone their torches and focussed their headsets on the fiercely-erotic spectacle playing out above them.

Phil added to Dan's already impossibly sensual experience by resuming his titillation of the boy's throbbing cock, with just the tips of his fingers, to ensure that the teasing sensation lasted as long as possible.

"Jesus wept!" I moaned in empathy with my friend.

I was transfixed by the erupting scene.

Dan was clearly loving it, and I would have lain on my back and watched the entire spectacle, were in not for the burning sensation in my own arse and the unbearable desire welling up in my groin.

Eventually my voyeuristic compulsions gave way to the genital cravings surging through my mind and immature body. I surrendered to my more immediate urges; I lay back on my own lazy susan, with my head draped over and down one side of the table, until I was eying an inverted view of Abe's massive weapon.

It was huge and hard as steel, yet his thick foreskin still partly hooded his tapering glans, which was leaking precum in a near-constant stream of the viscous fluid.

With the orgiastic noises from Dan's table ringing in my ears, and the sensual saturation from the other guys feasting on my own tender flesh, I reached up and gripped Abe's hips and drew his groin closer to my face.

This was the first man's cock that I'd ever seen at this proximity. Enhanced by the effects of the drug cocktail coursing through my young, relatively inexperienced body, the sensation was overwhelming.

While Dan and the fourteen-year-old Tim had been smooth and soft to the touch, Abe's cock felt significantly different. The skin was darker and thicker than the almost alabaster, silky texture of the boys. Where the boy's genitals had smelled fresh, pure and sweet, with just a hint of musk, Abe's rampant weapon smelt dank and pungent; I found it almost overpowering.

My overheated arse was sending me into a frenzy. All I could think of... NO!... I wasn't even thinking. I was irrational in my desire for cock, both fore and aft.

I reached up to grip the back of my knees, then spread them as far back and as wide-apart as I could, tacitly inviting an assault on my nether regions. I could not resist the urge to reach forward with my tongue and slurp the juices from Abe's leaking monster.

The twenty-six-year-old's precum was silky smooth, as I expected it would be; it was almost a syrupy texture. However, where the boys' nectar had been somewhere between sweet and having no discernible taste at all, Abe's secretions had a stronger, but still pleasant, taste and aroma.

"Fuck, you're leaking like a broken tap, Abe!" I cried with delight, "it tastes great!"

"That's the Viagra, baby boy," he laughed.

"Yeah," Todd added, "but if you think that's a load, Jess, wait till he cums in your hot little mouth!"

Brandon now took up a position akin to that of Phil, to provide a view from below my arse, but without access to my cock.

Ben, meanwhile, took advantage of my retracted thighs to take to my aching cock with gusto, leaving Johnno to focus all of his attention on my still-burning arse.

The avid sixteen-year-old was now kneeling at my butt and probing my searing colon with four fingers. He was penetrating my cavity to new depths, while he spread his fingers and smeared the last remnants of the dissolving shard of Kryptonite to the max.

I was sucking Abe's cock with an insatiable appetite for his succulent juices, by that stage of proceedings. My need for both cocks to emulate the dual penetration that Dan was experiencing was almost unbearable.

Ben was swirling his tongue around the head of my cock and sucking my own delicious nectar with enthusiasm. Occasionally he pushed down till my massive knob pushed up against his epiglottis, tripping his gag reflex. But he persisted until, with one massive thrust, he forced my cock into his throat.

The beautiful Ralph Woods lookalike bit down on the base of my eighteen centimetre prick, to signal his victory. Then he backed up off my weapon and roared.

"Fuck! You've got a huge cock, Jess, for anyone, let alone a twelve-year-old! I JUST LOVE IT!"

He eagerly resumed his attack on my cock, and I couldn't hold out any longer.

"Fuck me, Johnno!" I begged, as I backed up off Abe's leaking cock.

Abe fed me more of the amyl, by turning my head to each side alternately, just as I took his cock back into my mouth. The combination of the dope, the ice and the poppers was really having a big effect on my na´ve, young body by that stage. My mouth and arse were both well-and-truly open for business.

My head was tilted so far back over the edge of the table that I was staring at the floor. This had the effect of straightening my throat, so that Abe had a direct passage to my gut. I was the sword swallower and his ten-inch, monster nail was the sword.

In the same instant, the man and boy slammed into me from both ends, while all four guys recorded it from every angle.

I was stunned by the sudden invasion, and my tiny frame almost bounced off the table with my shock at the unexpected force of their simultaneous penetrations.

I gagged on Abe's cock, momentarily, but took Johnno's cock up my well-stretched arse relatively easily. They quickly settled into a rhythm, similar to the pounding that Dan was receiving on the other table.

As the crystal meth finally kicked in, I was almost delirious with the unbelievable euphoria that the spit roasting was delivering.

Eventually Abe slowed down, while Johnno increased the pounding of his cock in my arse until he was rabbit-fucking me.

The intensity of Johnno's fuck was now so forceful that I could feel the table edging towards Abe, as it slid across the floor. My twelve-year-old body had never been subjected to such an extremely erotic assault.

Abe had stopped moving altogether by this stage; he simply let the force of Johnno's pounding drive his cock deeper into my throat, till my nose was pressed hard against his partly trimmed balls, and his shaved pubic bone grazed my chin.

I bit down on the very root of his massive cock, then teased him by nibbling on the hard boner that was leaking more precum than ever, directly into my gullet.

Of course with Abe's massive cock buried deep into my throat, I could not breathe, as he was so big that he was cutting off my air supply. Despite the fact that he was running his fingers through my hair, and holding both sides of my head, he was not forcing me.

When I came up for air, Abe eased back to give me room. I took the opportunity to savour more of his sweet nectar, instead of letting it run straight into my gullet. It was spewing into my mouth with such force that I actually thought he was cumming for a moment, before I recognised the taste.

The erotic sounds emanating from Dan's table, above the grunts and moans of ecstasy coming from our own, were barely audible.

I disengaged from Abe's cock and looked up at him and smiled.

Johnno seemed to take this as a cue, and he slowed his pace considerably, so much so that Ben returned his attentions to sucking my cock once again.

The stunning blonde had given up trying to suck my balls up through my urethra, while Johnno had been pounding my arse to kingdom come, and had resorted to wanking me instead.

I took this opportunity to glance up at the screen, and was amazed that Bulldog and Todd were still pounding away at Dan at a frenetic pace. I was transfixed by the sight, but not surprised, because the noise they were making was as intense as when they had started.

We all shared the poppers at our table, and the effects of the meth was as intense as ever, if not more. I was raring to get fucked again.

Johnno withdrew from my arse completely, while we snorted away at the amyl, and he slathered his cock and my arse with more lube.

Brandon was still on the floor, focussing his headcam on my arse, and he decided to explore my cavity with his own fingers.

Eventually both he and Johnno were prying my sphincter open with three fingers each, while they focussed their cams on my gaping hole from below and behind. I swear that, at that stage, my arsehole was stretched wider than Dan's. But with the Ice now ramping up my sexual appetite, I would have even let them double-fuck me, if they had suggested it!

I felt sorry for Brandon missing out on the action, but when I expressed this, he assured me that he was enjoying the view and had been giving Johnno's arse a workout with his fingers, whenever the opportunity had presented itself.

Unfortunately for him, with Johnno's frenetic activity to date, those opportunities were few and far between. But Brandon assured me that he would get his turn at my hot little arse, all in good time. That merely served to remind me that I was in for a long session.

Almost without a word being spoken, I pulled Abe back into my mouth and took him to the root, as Johnno slammed back into my gaping arsehole.

Ben deep-throated me and bit down on the root of my cock once again. I loved that sensation almost as much as I loved doing it to Abe.

Within seconds we were fucking and sucking at a frenetic pace, only this time we were all in synch. Abe and Johnno were banging me silly, and I could sense that we were all nearing a mutual climax.

I hadn't realised that Brandon was whacking off, on the floor, until I felt his hot spunk shooting all over my arse and Johnno's cock from below.

When Ben started shooting over my arse from the other side, it sent me over the edge. I could hear him gagging on my ejaculation, and I could tell it was the biggest load I'd ever shot in the nine months that I'd been able to cum.

That was all it took to set off Johnno, as my contracting arse muscles almost squeezed the life out of his throbbing cock. He pressed forward until his beautiful prick was buried in my colon to the very hilt. Then he flooded my bowels with a torrent of spunk that shot out between his cock and my tight sphincter, like a water pistol.

Within seconds of Johnno's explosion, Abe roared, which gave me just enough warning to take a deep breath, before he shoved his groin hard against my face and his massive appendage exploded deep inside me. I could feel his cock swell significantly, as his hot spunk splashed against the walls of my gullet.

I counted four huge spurts before I pulled back, partly to breathe and partly to savour the flavour of his spooge. I was barely successful with my first endeavour, because his ejaculation never let up. But I managed to suck in enough air to make it through the experience. I was more than successful with my second goal. Not only did I get to taste it on my tongue, but I savoured it through my nasal cavity as well.

Todd had warned me, but I had no idea just how much spunk Abe was capable of producing. I lost count of the number of spurts that exploded into my mouth and filled it beyond capacity.

I tried to swallow what had to be at least several mouthfuls, but failed miserably, as it flooded my sinuses and spurted up out of my nose and mouth.

I was a mess, but I loved it all. I rolled over onto my side and dropped my head, to catch my breath, but soon recovered and quickly set to work slobbering over Abe's massive cock that refused to go down.

While I cleaned Abe's prick of his spunk, Ben and Brandon licked my cock and buttocks clean of our collective ejaculate.

Johnno rimmed and sucked my stretched arse, cleaning it of his slime. I was in heaven as he fletched the last remnants of his spooge and my anal juices from my still-gaping hole.

Abe rolled me back over and finished up by licking his spunk from my face, before he leaned over me and dropped his mouthful of spooge into my open mouth.

With me still sprawled out on the table, on my back, the five of us shared our collective loads in a series of passionate kisses that seemed to go on for ages.

Then, in an obscenely erotic tableau, the four guys spun me on the lazy susan, as each of them spat the last remnants of our collective ejaculate into my open mouth. I swallowed our loads with relish.

With the drug cocktail now surging through me, I had shed the last traces of inhibition that I had been harbouring for the past five years.

In barely thirty hours I had metamorphosed from a na´ve twelve-year-old virgin to a deviant whore who just wanted to fuck and be fucked senseless by anyone who had a big enough cock!

To my great surprise, when we broke apart, I was even more horny than when we had first begun.

I eased back on my elbows and alternated between watching the action on Dan's table, in the flesh, and gazing in disbelief at the multiple images of their lurid session in high definition, up on the big screen.

Todd and Bulldog seemed to be pounding Dan more relentlessly than ever, and the fifteen-year-old Adonis was totally into the torrid action.

Todd's pierced cock was hammering away at Dan's hole so fast that I could barely make out the multiple rings in any detail.

Finally both men exploded in synch, and the eruption of spunk squirted out of Dan's arse, nose and mouth in quantities that put our efforts to shame.

When Todd finally withdrew his monster, Dan's cum-soaked arse was gaping like the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

I was still as high as a kite, and I couldn't help leaping across to Dan's table, diving on his spooge-covered hole and devouring Todd's ejaculate in a near-frenzy.

My drug-addled brain spurred-on my frantic efforts to suck every last drop from Dan's spellbinding arsehole. I barely knew what I was doing.

While I was engaged in this nasty obsession, Todd had moved around to Dan's mouth, where the boy-god proceeded to clean both his and Bulldog's cocks diligently.

I eventually got down on my hands and knees and licked every trace of Phil and Sam's spoof off their own cocks and torsos, before we all shared the collected ejaculate in another debauched cum-swap.

We were still squirming over one another's bodies in our post-coital orgy when my mobile phone rang, from the inside-pocket of my footy shorts that were still wrapped in my towel. I nearly shit myself.

"That'll be my Aunty Jane," I cried in a panic, "she'll go into meltdown if I don't answer it!" I explained to everyone.

The guys all went quiet as I fumbled to extract the phone from my shorts. But, just as I retrieved it from the pocket, it stopped ringing.

"Fuck!" I cried.

"Don't panic, Jess," Dan counselled me, "you're not being rational, babe! You're just reacting like this because you're feeling guilty about being caught having sex. You're supposed to be having a surf, aren't you? Just give her a few minutes then ring her back. She'll be none the wiser."

Of course Dan was right and I was being irrational.

"Good idea," declared Todd, "let's all hydrate, then you can give her a ring and square everything away, okay, kiddo?"

"Sure!" I answered with a relieved smile.

"Yeah, we could all do with a drink after that session," Dan agreed.

"Fuck, I've just drunk enough to last me a month!" I joked to lighten the mood.

The guys all laughed.

"That was all protein, dude," Ben joked, "but you need to rehydrate, baby boy!"

I realised he was dead right, as my recent panic attack had exacerbated my dehydration. My mouth was as dry as a dead dingo's donger!

While we were rehydrating, I told the guys about yesterday's call to my mum, from the toilets at the mall, while fucking myself on Tim's cock.

They all thought that was side-splitting.

When I announced that I was going to ring Aunty Jane, Dan grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. He had a devilish grin, and a twinkle in his eye, as he lubed his still raging boner and sat down next to me. He lifted me up, sat me on his cock and lowered my arse, till he was buried to the hilt, all in one smooth movement.

"Now you can phone home, ET!" he teased.

The rest of the guys gathered round, thinking this move was totally hilarious.

I rang Aunty Jane's number, while Dan was casually lifting me up, almost completely off his cock, then letting gravity do the rest. I gasped, just as she answered the call, and panic set in, thanks to my resurgent, drug-addled paranoia.

"Aunty Jane," I gasped again, as I tried to greet her warmly, "hi... hi..." I repeated, then paused, and surprised myself by regaining some composure...  "I must have just missed your call! ... Yeah, I just got out of the water."

My voice was shaky and I was breathing heavily as Dan continued to bounce me on his cock.

"No, I'm just a little out of breath, I've just finished a wild ride with some of the guys, and now I'm walking up the steps in the surf club."

The guys were all struggling not to break out in hysterics.

"Ah, that's better," I lied, "just reached the top of the stairs."

I half turned and glared at Dan, who took the hint and just let me drop down onto his lap, with his rock-hard cock buried up my arse to the hilt.

But Ben wasn't prepared to let it go at that; he dropped to his knees between my legs, where he leaned over and proceeded to give me head, while I listened to my aunt explain that she was going out and wouldn't be back till five.

"Yeah, okay Aunty," I replied, struggling to keep my composure, "I'll be home by then. ... ... ... No, I'll be fine, I'll have lunch at Dan's. ... ... ... Yeah, the guy I met yesterday, he's great!"

Dan tickled me, and I nearly lost it.

"Okay, Aunty, I'll be home by then, bye!"

I couldn't hang-up quickly enough.

The room erupted with hoots and laughter; I completely lost it.

"Okay, you two little perverts," Ben teased Dan and me, as he stood up and yanked me off Dan's cock, unceremoniously. "Time for round two, and this time we're NOT going to take it easy on you!"


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