Shaw Island ... Matt Caper



Chapter 12

Confessions, Camaraderie & Coitus

A wide, bright grin was plastered on Liam's face when Patrick arrived home Friday afternoon. But that soon faded when his brother leaned over the bed menacingly, a deep frown etched into his features. He didn't know what was coming, but he was sure he'd done something wrong.

"Hi?" he squeaked tentatively.

Patrick cleared his throat. "I just saw Daniel Cole as he was leaving here. He said if I ever wanted to talk about anything, he can be a good listener."

"He is!" Liam interjected.

"Mmhmm," Patrick hummed, pursing his lips. "He also informed me how much you care about me, and he said some things just aren't meant to be understood by others." The color drained from Liam's face. "Why did he say that, Liam?"

Liam squirmed, suddenly wishing to turn back time. "Um..." He looked pitifully at Patrick, who only continued to glare. "Um, well, you know after that day when you kissed me and, um, jerked me off? I sorta told Daniel about it the next day."

"Liam!" Patrick yelled.

"But then I lied to him when more stuff happened! I told him I still loved you, but I had to let it go and wait for another boyfriend!"

"You promised me you wouldn't tell!" Patrick scowled. He stood upright and crossed his arms over his chest.

"I know, and I'm really, really sorry! He was easy to talk to, and I needed to talk to somebody!"

"Then you should have told me! Instead, you broke your promise."

"I knowww, I'm so sorry!" Liam cried desperately. "I didn't mean to! It just...happened." He put on his best "puppy dog" face. "You can give me swats?"

"This isn't funny, Liam. Who else did you tell?"

"No one! I swear! Oh, wait. Back when you were mad at me and Will, I told Matthew and Colin what William said about you and Aaron."

Patrick tightened his fists and growled in great frustration. "How am I supposed to trust you, if you can't even keep our secret for one day?!" he asked, glaring hard. "I guess you don't respect me or value our relationship."

"I do! I promise I do!" Liam insisted.

"No, you don't!" Patrick said, raising his voice again. "Because of you, people are going to find out, and we'll be ousted from the community, if not our family!"

Liam was beside himself with regret and sorrow. "I'm so sorry," he whispered, hanging his head. Then he looked up again a moment later, and his eyes were brimming with tears, but not yet pouring out. "Are you going to break up with me?"

Patrick's jaw tightened as he observed Liam's ptiful state and pondered his options. "No," he said shortly. "I love you too much." Liam's heart soared. "But I'm really upset with you," Patrick continued. "You have to be truthful with me from now on, or we won't have a relationship at all, brother or otherwise."

The thought of that possibility made Liam's heart sick with fear. "I will! I'll try extra hard! Sometimes I just say things without thinking, and I'm really sorry! I love you so much, Patrick, and I'll be honest with you about everything from now on."

"Good." Patrick sat on the edge of the bed slowly. "You are only twelve, I guess. That's easy to forget, when every time I see you I get a hard-on."

Liam giggled. "Do you really?" He felt around on Patrick's crotch, finding no stiff bulges. "I don't feel a boner. Oh wait," he giggled, as his brother's cock came to life. "I do now."

"You're impossible," Patrick sighed. "You ready to get dressed to go to Matthew's?"

"Do you want me to suck you off first?" Liam asked.

Patrick moaned, particularly because Liam continued to fondle him. "No, let's wait until tonight. We'll be sleeping in the same bed, you know."

"I can't wait!"

Patrick leaned over and kissed Liam tenderly before dressing him. Since the weather was fair, he wheeled his brother all the way to the Lopers' house, running most of the way to give Liam a fun ride. Once they reached the doorstep of their destination, he collapsed in absolute exhaustion.

"You have to wheel your own self home," he rasped.

Linda opened the door to find Liam grinning in his chair and Patrick lying on the ground. "What did you do to him?" Linda asked Liam.

"I beat him up," said Liam. "He got on my nerves."

Linda chuckled and wheeled Liam in, letting Patrick crawl in after them.

"Hooray!" Matthew called when Liam came into view. Colin simply laughed at Matthew for saying `hooray'. Liam and Matthew began talking a mile a minute almost immediately, while everyone else merely watched in wonder. Linda ducked out, leaving William and Patrick in charge of the younger ones. But the two brothers also ducked out for a quick break, leaving only the three cripples in the den.

"Guess what?" Liam grinned at Colin. "Sonia broke up with Patrick. You should call her!"

Colin offered an unamused stare in return. "Really? Then what, ask her to wait a few weeks until I get my body back? Yeah, I'm sure that would work."

"Oh yeah," Liam mumbled. "Oh well, she'd just wanna have sex with you, anyway. Patrick wouldn't go all the way with her, that's why she broke up with him."

"Woah," Colin breathed. He didn't offer any other comments, so Liam changed the subject.

Liam and Matthew fell into another round of gabbing, and neither one noticed Colin not participating. The other Reilly boys returned, but the two talkers didn't notice that, either, so they left again. When Charles Loper walked in the room, only then were they distracted from their conversation.

"Hi, Dad!" said Matthew.

"Hi, Mr. Loper!" said Liam.

"Hey, kiddos." He sat on the end of the sofa bed and tweaked Colin's toe, garnering a smile from the boy. "Dinner won't be long now. You and Patrick are eating with us, Liam."

"I can't wait `til i can feed myself again!" Matthew wailed.

"You say that every night," said his dad with a smile. "The good news is, that hole in the woods is finally filled up. And we're pretty sure there aren't any others out there, at least not within the reaches of where you guys play. There've been men scouring the woods to make it a safer place for you."

"That's good," said Liam. "Even after all that, I still wanna play in the woods again."

"Me, too!" Matthew declared.

"Just be careful from now on, all right? All three of you," said Charles.

It was a large ordeal to get everyone settled for dinner, which was always true without Liam and Patrick there, but more so that night. Everyone ate in the den, like they had been since the boys were injured, so all the food and accessories had to be transferred from the kitchen. And even when everyone was settled, two of the adults had to feed the two boys, while eating from their own plates. Liam realized even more how lucky he was to have one available arm.

"We're real lucky to have all of you taking care of us," he noted aloud, earning looks of surprise.

"That's okay," said Linda, as she fed her son. "You boys will take care of us when we're old and decrepit," she stated matter-of-fact. Liam grinned, then saw her exchange glances with her husband. "That includes you, Colin," she added.

Colin was being assisted by Charles. He turned his head toward Linda, just after receiving a bite of food. His surprise was evident. "Really?" he said with a mouthful. He paused to finish chewing and swallow. "I mean, I'd do it, I don't mind. I just thought..." He shrugged. "Why does that include me?"

Charles wore a smirk on his face, and Liam thought he knew what was coming next. "We got some pretty good news today," said Charles. "At least we thought it was good. You may hate it. We didn't like the idea of you going to some random foster home, you see. Kids your age are rarely placed in permanent, loving homes."

Linda took over the conversation again. "It's not an adoption, per se, because that would take longer. We are, however, your legal guardians as of today."

"And as far as we're concerned," Charles jumped back in, "you're our son and Matthew's brother."

Matthew gasped and squealed with delight. Liam shouted, "Neato!" But Colin just stared unbelieving at his new guardians.

"You mean it?" he asked, and despite his best efforts to hold them back, tears rolled slowly down his cheeks that Charles had to wipe away. "I can stay here for...for good?"

"You bet, champ," said Colin's new dad. "We've been trying to have another baby for a long time now, but we consider ourselves lucky to have you instead. You have two empty bedrooms to choose from when you get out of these casts."

Colin bowed his head, ashamed of his tears, sniffling continuously. "Oh, hon, don't cry," said Linda. "You're making me cry!"

"Sorry," Colin whispered. He blew into a tissue offered by Charles. "This means a lot to me. I'll try to be good."

Charles' brow furrowed deeply. "I'm glad to hear it, but don't think we'll give you up if you're not. You're not a bad kid, Colin. We love you, no matter what."

"This is what I always wanted," Colin said with a hoarse voice. "I'm glad Douglas pushed me in that hole, now."

That was the first time Liam had ever heard Mr. Aerhart's first name. "Does that mean Colin gets to change his last name?" he asked.

"If he wants to," said Linda. "It may not be legal without a proper adoption, which we can possibly do eventually, but he can go by whichever name he likes."

"I wanna be a Loper!" Colin stated immediately. "Can I change my middle name, too? I don't want to be named after...him."

"What name would you like?" asked Linda.

Colin shrugged. "Will you give me one?"

The Lopers fell silent, trying to come up with a suitable name, but Charles spoke again a moment later. "My full name is Charles Christopher. How about Colin Christopher? We'd have the same initials, too."

Colin grinned as bright as the sun. "Cool! That's my name from now on."

"Yay! I have a big brother!" Matthew declared.

"And I apparently had a son when I was fourteen," Linda laughed. "Good thing I don't remember that."

A short while later, the Reilly parents joined the others, and the atmosphere in the Loper house was light and happy that evening. They accentuated it with a board game, Taboo, followed by a fun and light-hearted movie. Even Patrick seemed at ease with staying around so late, when he usually preferred being home doing his own thing. Liam couldn't have been happier, except perhaps if his arm and leg were healed. Otherwise, he was surrounded by his favorite people, with all of them getting along famously. Everything was just about perfect.

When he was taken home late that night, he remembered he wouldn't be sleeping alone, and his excitement revved up again. Their parents said goodnight almost as soon as they hit the door, and Patrick began preparing Liam for his bath, after taking him to answer nature's call.

"Excited, are we?" Patrick snorted, for he found Liam aroused the second he removed the boy's clothes.

"You should take off your clothes before you bathe me," Liam smirked.

Patrick returned the smirk and quietly began undressing. When he removed his pants, showing an obscene bulge in his briefs, he blushed. He left his underwear on and grabbed the soap and washcloth. "Okay, so you're not the only one excited."

Liam giggled and reached for the bulge, fondling it eagerly. "I'm the luckiest boy in the world."

Patrick thrust against Liam's hand, but at the same time, he objected. "Stop, or we'll never get you washed. Wait until we're in bed." Already there was a growing damp spot on the cotton material.

Liam retracted his hand and lay back, enjoying Patrick's touch. "Wasn't tonight the greatest?" he sighed happily. "I'm so happy Colin has a new family. He deserves to be happy. Can you believe he actually cried? I cried, too, when I saw that. And I really liked all of us hanging out together, like one big, happy family." He hummed happily, until Patrick's hands and soap were scrubbing his entire package. "Oh my gosh," he moaned. "That feels better every time you touch me there."

Patrick didn't spend much time there, earning a disappointed groan from Liam. "Will says there's been something going on with Colin lately," Patrick shared.

"Maybe he was worried he'd have to move," suggested Liam. "He obviously likes it there. Things will be better for him now."

Patrick nodded. "Maybe you're right. Sit up, I'll wash your hair before I turn you over." He gently poured water over Liam's head, followed by shampoo. Liam moaned and hummed in delight as his scalp was massaged. "Shush," Patrick ordered. "You'll wake up Mom and Dad, then we'll be in for it. From the sound of it, it's like washing your hair arouses you as much as jerking you off."

"It kinda does," Liam giggled. "Boy, I sure love it. But only when you do it."

"More water coming." Patrick poured and rinsed, and soon he was turning Liam on his stomach.

Liam closed his eyes and savored the sensations Patrick's magic fingers brought him. He squirmed a little, rotating his hips slightly, as his brother washed his ass. But when he noticed heavy breathing that wasn't his own, he opened his eyes again. "Are you okay?" he asked, turning his face toward Patrick, though he could only see a sliver of him.

Patrick's voice was raspy as he spoke. "I can't tell you how many times I've stared at your backside over the last year or so. Ever since you hit puberty, you started to kinda get a balloon butt. It's not real big, but still kinda plump."

Liam grinned to himself, feeling a mixture of pride and power. "Have you thought about it when you jerked off?"

"Lots of times," Patrick admitted. "I felt so guilty about it, but I kept doing it, anyway." He was rubbing the soft globes sensually, kneading them like dough.

Liam wanted to moan aloud, but knew he couldn't. "You don't have to feel guilty anymore. You can do whatever you want to my butt. With all parts of me. I mean that." He needed Patrick to know how much he wanted them to make love.

When Patrick rubbed the soap bar up and down Liam's crack, Liam pushed up his ass the best he could, breathing harder. Then Heaven arrived the moment Patrick dared to push a finger into his hole. Slowly the one finger moved in and out, bringing forth the sensations he hadn't felt since before his accident. "Is this okay?" asked Patrick.

Liam couldn't answer, only nod. He whispered out grunts, subduing them the best he could. That is, until Patrick touched his prostate. A whimper escaped him, and after a minute of that special spot being massaged, he gasped, covered his mouth to withhold the noise, and came hard between his stomach and the table.

"Did you just blow your load?" Patrick asked incredulously. He withdrew his finger and lifted Liam's body slightly, finding a sticky mess underneath. "Holy crap. You really like that, don't you?"

Liam's head was spinning, and he wore a goofy smile. "The best," he whispered.

As Patrick followed through with the extra task of cleaning Liam's mess, the corners of his mouth twitched with amusement. "You're, like, spring-loaded, ready to shoot at any moment. I mean, I think that's pretty awesome, that I can make you cum like that." He grabbed a large towel to dry Liam, so they could move to the bed.

"Me toooo," Liam agreed. Before he let Patrick move him, he demanded a loving kiss, which Patrick happily gave. He was absolutely delirious with happiness. "I never thought I'd get to kiss you like that," he breathed. "I never thought any of this was possible."

"Heck, me neither," said Patrick, settling Liam on the bed and crawling on it after him. "We're brothers, I'm three years older, and we're both boys. I had all that against me, and I can't believe you feel the same way I do."

"I sure do!" Liam exclaimed. "I love you more than...well, more than anything!" They began kissing again, heavier and more passionate than ever before. Liam boned up again quickly enough, and Patrick's Fruit of the Looms were soaked with pre-cum. They were panting when they finally broke apart.

"You promise I'm not forcing you to do any of this? It's not just my imagination that we're lovers, right?" Patrick panted.

"No way!" Liam cried. "Can't you tell this is what I want most in the world?!"

"I'm just scared of hurting you," Patrick confessed. It was about as vulnerable as Liam had ever seen him be. "I love you so much, but I don't want to be selfish. I mean, you're only twelve, and I'm supposed to protect you."

Liam frowned. "I may be a kid still, but that doesn't stop my body from aching for you every minute of the day. I want you to make love to me, Patrick. Is that clear enough for you? I want you to put your dick in my butt and pound it until you cum and your eyes pop out."

Patrick gasped and had to bury his face in a pillow to muffle his guffaws. "Liam! Such dirty talk!" he said when he raised his head again. "I oughta spank your hiney!"

"Yes, please!" Liam giggled. "And then you can fuck it."

If Patrick was shocked before, that was nothing compared to this moment. "Liam John Reilly! Where do you learn such language?!"

Liam shrugged, grinning. "From porn. William said I should watch porn to see how it's done. They say some pretty bad stuff."

"No kidding!" Patrick exclaimed. He reached around and slapped Liam's naked butt. "You're awful!"

Liam squeaked, then licked his lips and grinned wickedly. "So will you?"

"Liam..." Patrick hesitated. "You said it yourself, I have a big dick. A lot bigger than my finger, or even your hairbrush. I don't want to hurt you."

"Patrick!" Liam growled, shaking his brother's shoulder. "I want it so bad! Dr. Nate said I should wait until I find the person I love, who loves me back. That's you! I'm ready, I promise! Pleeeaaase! Take off your underwear. I'll lay on my good side, and you get behind me. But you have to put lotion on it first. I found that out with the brush." He rolled fully to his left side, begging Patrick with his eyes.

Without another word, Patrick jumped off the bed and jogged out of the room, while Liam watched. He returned with the lotion bottle and pushed his underwear to the floor, his large member bouncing up and out. Deftly he slid into position behind Liam, trembling with desire. As he slicked up his cock, he whispered in Liam's ear. "You have to be quiet, okay? But you'll tell me if you don't like it, right? I'll stop, I swear I will."

"I will, Patrick," Liam replied. "Make love to me."

Patrick was almost trembling too much to follow through. He found Liam's hole and placed the head of his dick against it. With the lotion's help, it popped right in, and he gasped for air. Liam gasped, too, but not from pleasure. Stars burned in his vision, blinking like Christmas lights. Even his hairbrush had never prepared him for such pain. Yet Patrick was pushing inside at an alarming rate. He wanted to scream.

"Stop, stop, stop," he whispered, and though his eyes were clamped shut, tears still squeezed out the corners. Patrick pulled out, peering over Liam's shoulder to view his face, but Liam had it buried in a pillow.

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Oh god, Liam, oh my god. I'm sorry! Damn it! I knew I shouldn't have!" He jumped around to Liam's other side, lifting the boy's head and fretting over the tears. "I'm so sorry!" he said again, as he produced tears of his own. "I knew this was a bad idea! You're too young! I'm such a... Damn it!"

Liam sniffed and wiped away tears. "No, no! It's not your fault! I'm not too young, I promise! Can you just go a little slower? It hurt bad, but I'll get used to it!"

Patrick was already shaking his head adamantly. "No! No way. I'm not hurting you again. I'm a selfish douche bag." He buried his own face in a pillow and burst into real tears.

"No, Patrick! Don't cry!" Liam didn't understand his brother's reaction, but it broke his heart. "It wasn't that bad! I wanted it, remember? I love you so much! Please don't cry!" He cried again, too, and comforted his brother the best he could. He cursed his casts for not letting him wrap his whole body around Patrick. "I love you, I love you," he kept repeating.

It was a good several minutes before Patrick lifted his head, eyes swollen and red, and sniffed loudly. "Sorry. I messed everything up."

"No, you didn't," Liam insisted. "You're so sweet to be worried about me. I'm fine, honest. The pain is already gone. But I still want to try again."

"Maybe some other time," Patrick mumbled. "I think we should just sleep now."

Saddened, Liam rolled to his back, and Patrick settled them both under the covers. "Will you cuddle up to me?" Liam requested.

Patrick obliged, throwing a leg over Liam's and an arm over his boyfriend's torso. "I really do love you, Li. I wouldn't hurt you for the world."

"I know you wouldn't, Patrick. I love you, too." They drifted into slumber, the confusion they felt invading their dreams and making them a little restless. Still, with each other to hold on to, all hope was not lost.

And in the morning, albeit late morning, when Liam found he was first to wake up, he also found only a single sheet was covering them by then. And that sheet was largely tented in the area of Patrick's crotch, for he'd ended up on his back at some point. Liam blinked the sleep from his eyes, even while smiling to himself. As he pushed himself downward and took the sheet with him, he hoped he didn't wake his brother. If he had thought about it, he also would've hoped no one walked in on them, but he didn't think about that even once.

On his left side again, he didn't have the luxury of having a free hand for stroking, being unable to reach it comfortably. Nevertheless, he dipped his head down and swallowed a good portion of the musky cock. He sucked as hard as he could, trying to make up for the loss of his hand, but it seemed he didn't need the hand after all. It wasn't but two or three minutes before Patrick's heavy breathing of sleep became shallow, as the boy woke up.

"Oh my god," Patrick mumbled, barely audible. His hands urged Liam to speed up, guiding the back of the boy's head. "Gonna cum." Until then, his hands were the only part of his body he'd willingly moved. But suddenly he was arching his back and thrusting upward, while Liam swallowed what he was served, enjoying every bit of it.

He felt very satisfied once he was done, as if he'd orgasmed himself. He pushed himself back to his pillow and rested. "I was just saying `good morning', that's all," he smiled.

"I love the way you say it," Patrick smiled lazily. "Did Mom and Dad go somewhere?"


Patrick sat up, almost in a panic. He covered both of them with the sheet and blanket. "Liam! You mean you did that, and they could've walked in?!"

"I guess, yeah," Liam murmured.

Patrick scowled. "Liam!" he exclaimed again. "Don't be so stupid! You know what would happen if they saw that?!"

Liam sighed and pouted. "Sorry. I didn't think. I was only thinking about making you feel good."

Patrick growled and plopped back onto the pillow. "I don't know whether to thank you or spank you. And don't even say it!"

Liam laughed, his giggles rippling through Patrick's tension and clearing it away. "You're welcome," was all he replied with.

Patrick's look turned serious. "But seriously, you're okay after last night?"

"Totally," Liam nodded. Then he giggled. "You said `douche bag'."

Patrick laughed, too. "I was upset with myself. I wasn't thinking about what I was saying."

"I don't get why you were so upset," Liam admitted. "I know you love me and all, but it wasn't really that bad, after a minute or so."

Patrick's face darkened, and he turned away from Liam. "I couldn't forgive myself if I hurt that way."

"Yeah, but I think it'll go away," said Liam. "Like, when I used my brush, it hurt at first. I kept trying, though, and it wasn't long before it felt gooood." He giggled. "Granted, you're way bigger, but I'm determined."

Patrick sighed, turned back toward Liam, and managed a small smile. "That's not what I meant, Li. What if...?" He trailed off, shrugging and turning on his side. "I can be pushy sometimes, just like you. And since I'm older, I don't want you to think you have to do what I want, especially when it comes to sex. Understand? If you don't want to do something, all you have to do is tell me."

"Geez, Patrick, it's not like you could rape me, or anything. I want it too much. Don't worry, I'll say if I don't like something. But I really want to experience everything I can with you. If you want it, so do I."

Patrick seemed unconvinced, but he nodded his agreement anyway. "Whatever you say. Let's get to the bathroom and then eat. I'm freaking starving."

During Liam's bath Saturday night, he was aroused once again but Patrick was unresponsive, going through the task nonchalantly and ignoring protruding body parts; one in particular, at least. Liam's face gave the impression of annoyance, which is exactly what he happened to feel; that and confusion.

"Why aren't you flirting with me?!" he whined at last. "It wouldn't kill you to play with me a little!"

Patrick breathed a taxing sigh. "Liam, I'm just not feeling it."

Liam's scowl deepened. "Your dick is!" he pointed out the obvious hard-on.

Patrick placed a calming hand on his brother's chest and kissed his lips. "Listen, man, I don't wanna hurt you. I can't get over the way you cried last night. It just about killed me."

Liam's scowl softened into a frown, and compassion filled his eyes. "I don't know why you're so worried about it. Why can't you believe that I want it?"

"Because I keep fearing that you say you do, but I'm really forcing you to do things." Patrick put down the soap and put his head in his hands, elbows on the table beside Liam. "My head is so messed up sometimes. I don't know what's what."

Liam's one good hand stroked Patrick's hair gently. "I don't really understand. I never, for one minute, even thought you were forcing me into anything. I practically begged for it, actually. One minute you're gung-ho about it, the next minute you don't want to do it. What am I doing wrong?"

Patrick lifted his head and met Liam's gaze with sad eyes. "Li, it's not you, it's me. Seriously. I..." His voice faltered. He closed his eyes and covered Liam's hand, the one on his head, with his own hand. "I was forced to do stuff before," he confessed, eyes still closed. "It hurt me badly, and to think I could do that to you..."

Liam was absolutely horrified; his heart broke into a million tiny pieces. "Oh, Patrick," he choked. "Oh my gosh, I never knew that." He had a large lump in his throat that seemed to keep him on the verge of tears. He didn't know what to say; he could only sit and caress Patrick's head.

Patrick eventually opened his eyes, and the love in his eyes matched that on Liam's face. "Besides me and this terrible man, you're the only person in the entire world who knows. I've never told a single soul. And I swear, if you ever tell anyone, I'll never speak to you again."

"I won't! On my honor! That's the most horrible thing I think I've ever heard, and I'm so, so sorry. That makes me so mad, I wanna hurt whoever did it to you. Do you wanna talk about it? I'll listen! What did he make you do? Ohh, I wish I could hug you so tight right now!"

Patrick gently kissed Liam's mouth, while Liam continued to stroke his hair. "I don't think I can talk about it," Patrick said in a near-whisper. "It happened a few years ago, and sometimes I think I'm over it, but other times I'm not. I guess I wanted you to know since we' know... Since I love you so much."

"Oh man, I love you, too, Patrick. I'm here if you wanna talk about it, okay? And you have to realize that you and I are in love. You could rape me in my sleep, and I would love it. My whole world revolves around you."

A small smile was extracted from Patrick's serious face. "You're so poetic sometimes," he smirked. "But I get it. This is true love, I can see that. It's just hard to get used to, I guess." He resumed the washing process, neither one of them aroused anymore. Neither of them even spoke again until the bathing was finished.

It still wasn't very late, at least not for them, when they were settled in bed. They sat up watching TV and making benign conversation. Liam, however, was overly affectionate with Patrick, stroking his arm and leg, issuing small kisses on the shoulder every now and then, and generally snuggling. He tried to think of people they knew back in Spokane who might've done such terrible things to his brother. A few years back was barely a fragment in his memory. He finally decided it was better he didn't know who it was, or he would spend all his time hating that person.

"I'm tired of watching TV," he said after a few shows. He slid down on the bed while Patrick clicked the remote and turned the room dark.

"You wanna lay on your left side and sleep against me?" Patrick asked, moving across Liam, who gladly rolled over. He fit snugly behind Liam, the contours of their bodies melding together. "I want to hold you and keep you safe."

After a few minutes, Liam hummed a contented sigh. "I think this might be my favorite way to sleep." He indeed felt completely safe, and completely loved. After several more minutes, he thought Patrick was probably asleep, given his heavy breathing. Until he felt pressure against his ass from Patrick's swelling underwear. "I can feel your boner," he whispered. His own dick, still uncovered, sprang to life once more.

Liam thought Patrick might be asleep after all, when he didn't respond for a minute. But he finally cleared his throat. "Can I get the lotion and try again?" he rasped.

"You sure?" Liam asked "I want it, but only if you want it, too."

"Yeah," Patrick moaned. "I wanna make love to you." He began to get up.

"I have an idea," Liam said quickly. "Get my brush, too. If you use that first, I'll be ready better."

Patrick was gone and back in no time. They were still in the dark, so he handed Liam the brush. "I've coated it with lotion already. You put it in, so I don't hurt you."

"I can't, Patty," whispered Liam. He could then feel Patrick's bare cock rubbing up against him. "Not in this position, with my cast. You do it. I trust you. Just go slow."

Patrick gave a worried sigh, but he took back the brush, coated it again, and bent down to Liam's backside. "Remember, keep it open so it'll go in easier." He wriggled the end of the brush handle until it began to slide in, then stopped.

Liam sucked in air, and his dick throbbed in anticipation. He waited several seconds before breathing normally again and giving the green light. "Okay, keep going. Oh gosh. Oh yes, that's perfect." He gasped aloud when it hit the wall inside him, earning a "shh" from his lover. "Okay, slowly now. Man, I forgot how good this feels."

"You have to be quiet," Patrick whispered. He yanked a free pillow into Liam's arms. "Make noise into that, if you have to."

"Patrick, you should put your dick in me soon. I don't wanna cum yet, and this feels really good. Too good."

"Okay." Patrick withdrew the brush and was trembling again as he placed his dick against the slick crack and lubed up. "Here goes. This is it." He pushed only the head in, and Liam smothered his own face with the pillow, as pain seared through him again. "Tell me when," said Patrick, not moving.

Liam wasn't about to let on how painful it was this time. He wanted it to happen more than he wanted to not feel pain. And he certainly wouldn't let Patrick feel guilty again. It seemed a very long moment before the hurt subsided, and he lifted his face from the pillow. "Okay, I think I'm ready. Just go slow." Patrick pushed in farther, and it seemed that the worst was over. The brush preceding the dick might have been advantageous, after all, for Patrick seemed to slide the rest of the way as easy and smooth as butter.

"Oh god," Patrick whimpered. "Are you okay, Li?"

"Perfect, Pat. Does it feel good?"

"It feels incredible." He began with slow thrusts, even though his cock begged for quicker action. "This is better than I ever thought it would be. Oh, baby, I love you so much."

Hearing Patrick's words of affection made Liam hornier than anything else, and he responded by impaling himself on the great tool inside him, pushing back with all his might. "It's awesome, Patrick. Oh my god. You can do it harder."

Patrick didn't need to be told twice. He picked up the pace and put more power behind his hips. He mumbled a few things that Liam couldn't understand, but thought there was a curse word or two among them. Liam, in the meantime, had to use the pillow again to hide his grunts. His ass felt so full, and even a little painful still, but the head of that dick pounding his prostate was sending him into a delirium he swore he'd never come out of.

Though he couldn't be consistent, Patrick also began kissing Liam's neck while thrusting, but had to pause often merely to breathe and pant. Liam obliged by throwing his head back and exposing his young flesh. It was then he started stroking himself, and among everything else, that was the last straw. Quickly he smothered his dick instead of his face with the extra pillow, so he wouldn't cum on the sheets. But that only meant he had to work extra hard to remain quiet, which was not easy when experiencing the most powerful orgasm in the history of orgasms, from his perspective.

"Mmm, mmmmmmmm," he grunted, mouth clamped shut, as he soaked the pillowcase with sticky love juice and jerked around wildly. His gyrations had an effect on Patrick's nerve endings, too, marking the beginning of another orgasm of champions.

"Oh ssshhhhit," Patrick cursed openly, just before his dick and his mind exploded. He grunted louder than he should have, but neither boy cared at that moment. He filled Liam's ass to the brim and overflowing, thinking he'd never stop cumming. The semen also made his cock slide more rapidly and easily, which provoked him to push harder and faster for many seconds before he was through ejaculating.

At the end, neither brother could move. Patrick remained buried inside Liam, their sweaty bodies sticking to one another, while their heads struggled for clarity. They couldn't speak, either, only attempt to regain their breaths. Finally, they stayed in that position too long, and both of them hit the pool of sleep full force.

Liam was jolted awake by sudden movement. He barely had time to notice it was morning, as evidenced by the faint light spilling through the filtering curtains. Patrick soon had his attention, as the older boy was rushing to get dressed.

"What's going on?"

"We fell asleep," said Patrick, sounding panicked. "We were naked, with no covers over us, and my dick was nearly in your butt. It might as well have been. Damn it!"

"Do you think anyone saw us?" asked Liam, sitting up.

"I don't know. Geez, I'm so stupid. What if they saw us? What if they're waiting to confront us right now? I have to go see if anyone is home." He pulled on a tee hurriedly after fastening his jeans and rushed out barefooted. He was gone for several minutes, and Liam became worried. But one look of Patrick's face when he returned told Liam everything was all right.

"I guess they didn't see," Patrick shrugged. "They were both here, and they acted like everything was normal. They're going to the mainland now for the day. They didn't even ask me if I wanted to take care of you. It's so not fair."

Liam scowled and stuck out his tongue, as Patrick giggled. "Bite me!" Liam barked.

"I have a better idea," said Patrick softly, and he leaned in and kissed his brother deeply. Liam melted under the touch. But Patrick had some ideas for stimulation, too, bending lower and licking and sucking on Liam's nipple for a moment before going straight for the gold. "Hello, morning-glory," he said to Liam's erection, and engulfed it down his throat.

Liam was ecstatic to be able to moan as loud as he liked, and he did so liberally. Slowly he began to thrust upward repeatedly, which his brother gladly received. "I love this so much," Liam croaked. "I love y-...youuuu," his voice crescendoed into a wail as he was swallowed and sucked dry, tremors wracking his body. But then almost immediately, Patrick was on his knees and jerking himself wildly.

"I'm not gonna last long," he gasped. About four seconds later, his own crescendo began, and soon he splattered cum across Liam's face and torso. "Oh my god. Best..." His breathing faltered, and he had to pause a moment. "Best weekend ever."

"Totally," Liam grinned.

"I'm sort of afraid I'll want sex all the time, now. Last night was...I can't even describe it." Patrick suddenly laughed, when he noticed what Liam was doing. "Is that good?"

Liam was wiping up his brother's cum and licking it off his fingers. He looked up, smiled brightly, and nodded. "I like your taste. And I don't mind if we have sex all the time. That was out of this world!"

"Do you think we can wait, though, until you're out of your casts?" Patrick asked, with an unsure expression. "I don't want to risk getting caught again. That was dumb."

"Oh my gosh! That's a long time from now!" Liam cried. "We might go crazy!"

"What if we still blew each other in the bathroom? And we could do it if we get the house to ourselves again. That would be okay, wouldn't it?"

"Oh, man. I guess it would," said Liam glumly.

"When your casts are off, you can come to the guest house, and we can bump and grind all we want." Patrick rolled off the bed and sighed. "I have to shower, but I'll come right back and clean you up, too. Then we'll eat and find something to do."

"Hey, Patrick?"


"I love you so much."

They shared another tender, long kiss. "Love you, too, baby."

"I love you calling me baby!" Liam declared.

"That's a change," Patrick smirked.

"It makes me feel like your real boyfriend."

Patrick smiled and shed his clothes in preparation for his shower. "Be back in a few."

Liam watched his brother's ass until he disappeared around the corner.