Shaw Island Matt Caper

Chapter 13

Independence, Incest & Introspection

On the Ides of March, Liam, Matthew and Colin were carted to the mainland hospital where they were x-rayed and examined. Everyone practically held their breaths, waiting to see if the boys' days of wearing casts were over. Liam, in particular, prayed extra hard for mercy that day, given the fact his arm had been doubly injured. But that afternoon, when both families regrouped in the waiting room after their visits, three boys, though rather weak from not using their limbs, were cast-free and the happiest boys in the world. They hugged each other unabashedly, and they hugged their parents.

"We can finally feed ourselves!" Matthew exclaimed joyously.

"And go to the bathroom by ourselves," Colin added with a blush.

"And take showers!" said Matthew.

"We can play again, and text each other, and go outside. I even miss going to school!" said Liam.

"Remember these things," Jenny piped up. "So you don't take them for granted. Remember how blessed you are."

They all nodded, vowing to do just that. When they returned to the island, they didn't have the strength yet to play outside, but they certainly didn't spend time in the den. Liam joined the other two at the Lopers' house, and he and Matthew helped Colin pick out a new bedroom, while Linda cleaned, disinfected, and all together sterilized her den.

"This seems almost too good to be true," Colin said quietly. The boys were sitting on Colin's new bed, having been discussing how to change the room. Suddenly Matthew jumped up and glomped his new big brother, shocking the breath out of him. The nine year old had landed in Colin's lap and practically wrapped all limbs around him. Even Liam was taken by surprise.

"I always wanted a big brother! You can't ever leave!"

"Holy crap!" Colin exclaimed, then chuckled when he regained stability, after nearly tumbling over. He hugged Matthew in return. "I never thought we'd be brothers. It's so weird."

Matthew broke the embrace and frowned in Colin's face. "But good, right?"

Colin smiled and nodded, making Matthew smile, too. "Yeah, man. It's the best. I love your parents. Our parents, I mean. And you're awesome."

Matthew felt another hug was in order before he climbed off. Liam sighed as he watched the whole exchange. He admitted to himself to feeling a little left out, but he didn't dare say so aloud. "I'm happy for you guys."

The other two looked at him strangely, looked at each other and grinned, then tackled him with a double hug as they all collapsed on the bed. Liam squealed with glee and did his best to wrap his arms around the ones he loved. They all laughed and squeezed tightly, until Colin sat up, prompting the others to do the same. They were flushed and smiling, even if Colin seemed a little embarrassed for such an outward display of affection. "It's all because of you," said Colin. "I wouldn't have any friends if it weren't for you. Heck, I'd still be in that hole. You're the reason I have a new family and everything."

"Gosh," Liam ducked his head shyly, but smiling uncontrollably. "Thanks, but it wasn't just me, you know. As long as you're happy, that's what matters."

"I hope you guys never lose this sort of affection with each other." Charles was standing at the door, watching the whole exchange. He came in and sat with them, putting an arm around Colin. "When boys get into their teenage years, they often start feeling like it's uncool to show any emotion. Grown men feel like it's unmanly, and they pass that on to their kids. But it takes a strong man to let himself feel things and to show others how much they care. Believe you me, I'm going to hug on my kids no matter how old they are." He circled both arms around Colin and squeezed, while planting a sloppy kiss on the boy's cheek. Colin blushed furiously, even as he smiled. Next, Charles drew Matthew to him and hugged and kissed him in the same way. Matthew responded by planting his own kiss on his daddy's lips.

"You, too, Liam," said Charles. "Get over here. You're all my kids, even if you have other parents, too." Liam gave a shining grin and let himself be hugged and kissed, as well.

"Where's mine, boys?" said Linda, coming in the room. Immediately the boys went to her, led by Colin, for the same as Charles had given them. "You're not done yet," she said afterward, and it was clear she was speaking to her husband. Their hug was long and loving, and their kiss was sweet and sensual. "I want more of that when we come back home," she said in a low voice, and the boys giggled.

"Where are you going?" Matthew asked.

"Well," said Charles. "The general store just got in a new shipment of ice cream. Know any boys that want to go get some?" Their responses were whoops of joy, as they ran to the car.

Charles and Linda disappeared when they returned home, and the kids gathered in Matthew's bedroom. They were all burnt out on playing video games and watching TV, after doing nothing but that for several weeks, but they weren't quite ready to venture into the woods again. So instead they decided to make plans for building another fort, one closer to home. Colin began drawing diagrams, while the other two made lists of things they would need, making idle conversation all the while.

"I'm going to miss Daniel," Liam murmured. "He said he would hang out with me, though. We should find out where he lives and go see him. I like Mrs. Cole, but I wish Daniel could be our teacher."

"Me, too!" said Matthew. "He, like, plays around sometimes and tells great jokes!"

Liam giggled. "I know! He doesn't even mind talking about sex stuff, like it's just an everyday topic."

"He's pretty smart," Matthew added. "He must be, since he graduated college and everything. He knows about a lot of stuff."

"Yep," said Liam. "Which means he gives good advice. But I like that he talks to me like I'm his friend, instead of a little kid. He's, like, twenty-two, ten years older than I am, but he treats me like I'm the same age."

"I know!" Matthew smiled. "He's pretty awesome."

"God!" Colin yelled suddenly, slamming his fist on the desk. The other boys jumped and froze. "I'm in the room, too! Stop talking like you're the only ones here!" he said angrily.

Liam and Matthew merely stared, unsure how to respond. A silence pregnant with tension lingered, and nobody moved for several long moments. "Sorry," Matthew finally said.

Liam, however, frowned deeply. "I wasn't talking to just Matthew, you know. You could've joined the conversation."

"You and Matthew always yack yack yack with each other, and I don't get to say anything!" No one responded, and Colin got up and stormed out of the room.

"Do we really do that?" Matthew asked, looking fearfully at his friend.

"We don't leave him out," Liam defended himself. "I always thought he'd join in if he wanted to talk. I assumed he just didn't want to."

"What do we do now?"

"I don't know," Liam shrugged. "Maybe we better go check on him."

Matthew nodded rapidly, and they left the room. They searched the whole house, minus Charles and Linda's room, without results. So Liam led the way outside, and they found Colin behind the house, digging in the dirt. "Colin, please don't be mad," said Matthew, kneeling down next to him.

"We didn't mean to ignore you," added Liam.

Colin continued to dig, saying nothing. "What are you digging for?" asked Matthew. Colin shrugged slightly.

Liam sighed. "Are you just going to ignore us now? At least we didn't do it on purpose."

"Shut up!" Colin yelled, firing an angry look at Liam. Then to his frustration, he began to shed tears. "Damn it!"

"What's the matter, Colin?" Matthew asked, looking frightened still. Colin merely shook his head.

"If you don't tell us what's wrong, we can't fix it," said Liam.

Colin stood, followed by the others. "You can't fix everything, Liam!" he yelled, rolling his hands into tight fists.

"Well, I can try! Stop getting mad and just talk to us about it! We're your friends, remember?"

"And brother!" Matthew added.

Colin turned his head away, ashamed to be seen like that. Liam turned to Matthew. "Matthew, he needs a hug." He pressed himself against the front of Colin's body, and Matthew plowed against his brother's side. Colin didn't respond, but he didn't push them away, either.

"I'm sorry I talk so much," Liam murmured. "I just thought you didn't have anything to say." They let go of Colin and took a step back. "We didn't know we were making you mad. We didn't mean to."

Colin's anger seemed to deflate, along with his body. He sagged to the ground once more, and the others joined him. "How do you know if you're gay or not?" he asked, unable to look the other boys in the eyes.

Matthew's eyes widened, and he automatically looked to Liam to answer. Liam returned Matthew's surprised look before answering. "Um... Do you think you are?" Colin shrugged, idly scratching at the ground. "It would help if you gave us more info," said Liam.

"Forget it," Colin mumbled. "I was just kiddin'."

Liam sighed in exasperation. "Okay, I'll ask you some questions, and you answer the best you can. Have you...ever had sex with a guy?"

"No," Colin said quickly, frowning. "But not a girl, either."

"Okay," said Liam. "We're getting somewhere. Have you ever jerked a boy off, or jerked off with another boy."

"Never," Colin answered.

"Are you attracted to boys? Or is there a boy you want to kiss or anything like that?"

Colin looked up wearily. "That's where it gets confusing." He paused, narrowing his eyes. "Promise you won't laugh at me," he ordered.

"We wouldn't!" Liam insisted. "Would we, Matthew?"

"No way!" Matthew echoed.

Colin seemed to be convinced. "I don't know if I'm...attracted or not. But, like, you know how Daniel used to come tutor us? Sometimes he'd help out with us, too, like when we had to use the bathroom, or he'd take one of us outside for a few minutes. And I, know...I'd get a hard-on a lot. I mean, it happens with William and Mr. Loper, too, except I know Daniel's gay. So maybe that means I'm gay, too."

"Hmm," said Liam thoughtfully, putting his finger to his chin. "Dr. Nate told me that some boys experiment with other boys when they're going through puberty, but that doesn't mean they're gay. He said sometimes they end up getting married and being completely straight and all that. He used to tell me I shouldn't decide if I'm gay so soon, `cause I might not be. Except I know I am. But maybe you're not?"

"It's not that being gay is awful or anything," Colin said quickly. "I just can't seem to figure it out. I thought I liked girls, and now I get boners whenever a guy touches me. It's embarrassing."

"Seems like Dr. Nate said things like that are normal, too. Boys can't really control their erections. I got hard once when my dad bathed me. Talk about embarrassing!"

"Dr. Nate seems to know a lot about that stuff," Colin said.

"Yep," said Liam. "He helped me a lot, especially since he's gay."

"He is?!" Colin and Matthew said simultaneously.

Liam laughed. "Yeah! You didn't know that? Don't you know Alex?"

"Yeah, but I thought Alex was his son?" said Matthew.

"Alex is his lover," Liam answered.

"Wow!" Matthew exclaimed.

"He's, like, twenty years younger than Dr. Nate!" said Colin.

"I know, but they're real sweet together," Liam smiled.

"Man," said Colin. "Do you think Dr. Nate would talk to me, too?"

"Sure! Want me to call and ask him when we can come over? Or, I guess, you, if you don't want us to come." Liam was already pulling out his cell.

"It's okay if you come," Colin said softly. "I trust you. And, um, sorry I yelled at you. My head just gets real screwed up sometimes."

Liam smiled. "Told ya I could fix it. Or help, at least." He speed dialed Dr. Nate's number. "Voicemail," he said after a few moments, then began speaking into the phone. "Hi, Dr. Nate, it's Liam Reilly. I thought I'd better call you, instead of just showing up at your house again. Colin, Matthew and I would like to come see you, because we need advice only you can give. Um, yeah, so if you have time, can you call or text, or whatever? Oh, and hi to Alex, too. Bye." He grinned as he stuck the phone back in his pocket.

"Thanks," said Colin. "I hope he calls back."

"He will, don't worry."

They spent the rest of the afternoon building on their plans for their fort. Charles, who was good at designing not only computer software, lent his expertise and strengthened their areas of weakness. However, he was impressed with Colin's self-taught knowledge.

"Colin, my boy, how did you get to be so smart? It's like you got my genes," Charles laughed. Colin couldn't have been prouder to receive such a compliment. "I bet you're good at anything you put your mind to."

"Thanks, Mr. Loper," said Colin shyly.

Charles' smile faded slightly as he stared thoughtfully at his new son. The expression worried Colin, so Charles' words were unexpected. "How do you feel about calling me something other than `Mr. Loper'?"

"Like what?" asked Colin.

"I don't know. I was thinking `Dad', maybe?"

Colin appeared to stop breathing for a couple of seconds, like he was waiting for the punch line. "Seriously?"

"Yeah, I mean, it's totally up to you. I just thought you should know that I would love that."

The look of adoration on Colin's face was clear. "And Mrs. Loper?"

"You probably shouldn't call her `Dad'," Charles smiled. "But she'd be thrilled to be called `Mom'."

"I love you, Dad," Colin blurted. "You're the dad I always wanted."

Charles fiercely hugged his son and kissed him hard on the lips, making him blush and beam at the same time. "And I have the best kids in the whole stinkin' world. I hope you guys will be as loving when you're well into your teens. If you ever get too cool for hugs and kisses, I'll just be devastated."

"That'll never happen!" Matthew declared. He was sure to get his share of more hugs and kisses.

"Glad to hear it!"

Charles soon drove Liam home, after the boys made plans to spend the weekend together, to no one's surprise. Liam was excited to be home, because he hadn't yet seen his brothers since getting the casts off. William was at the kitchen bar when he walked in, and he bounced to him.

"Will! Are you glad to be home?"

William grinned and playfully punched Liam's stomach. "You bet! It wasn't really a chore, though, taking care of them. They're good kids. You're the real troublemaker, so I lucked out."

Coming from her craft room, Jenny entered the kitchen laughing. Liam pretended to be offended and punched William's shoulder, while he laughed, as well. "Turd!" said Liam.

"Liam!" his mother chastised. "That's not nice."

Patrick entered the front door at that moment, and Liam lit up like a Christmas tree. "Hi!"

Patrick, however, hid his enthusiasm. "Oh, thank God," he breathed. "I don't have to be your slave anymore! One more night of your whining and demands, and I woulda had to off ya."

Liam knew his brother was only teasing, but his sensitive nature had difficulty absorbing it, nonetheless. He picked up a roll of paper towels lying on the counter and threw it at Patrick, who merely laughed. "You both suck!" Liam stuck out his tongue and trotted upstairs, a place he hadn't seen in weeks. As soon as he was in his room, he forgot all about being teased and stretched out on his bed. "I missed you!" he told his lovely mattresses.

"I missed you, too."

Liam jumped, startled by the voice. He jerked his head to see Patrick smiling in the doorway. "No, you didn't."

"Did, too." Patrick closed the door and sauntered toward the bed. "And you were wrong. Will doesn't suck. But I do," he smirked. Liam began to grin. "But not right now," Patrick said shortly, and turned away.

Liam gasped. "You're so mean!"

Patrick turned around, unable to keep from laughing. "Hey, wanna sleep over tomorrow night?"

Liam brightened, but only for a split second. "Wait, Matthew and Colin are staying over tomorrow night." Both brothers' faces fell. "Patrick, I don't like keeping secrets from my best friends. Can I pleeeaaase tell them about you and me?"

"No! Liam!" Patrick's hands were suddenly glued to his hips. "You're gonna want to tell everyone before you know it! I thought I made myself clear?"

Liam groaned and fell back on the bed. "It's only because I'm so happy about it. I want people to know how awesome you are."

With a sigh, Patrick crawled on the bed and hovered over Liam. "You're sweet." He lowered his head and kissed Liam tenderly, clearing away most of the young boy's frustrations. "There's just no way to make sure your friends don't spill our secret. One slip, and everything could be ruined."

Liam shook his head. "They're better at keeping secrets than I am. You'd think Matthew wouldn't be, `cause he talks more than I do, but he's the best secret keeper in the world. Well, Colin, too. I know their secrets, it's just not fair that they don't know mine."

Patrick closed his eyes, appearing taxed, and exhaled slowly as he pushed himself off the bed. "Okay," he said finally. "You can tell them. But only Matthew and Colin. You can't tell anyone else without clearing it with me first. And I'll do the same with you Deal?"

Liam squealed, shot up, and kissed Patrick sloppily. "Deal!"

They kissed sweetly for a few moments, but it soon turned more passionate, and both boys easily became aroused. "We can't do this now," Patrick whispered, holding Liam against him and caressing all over the boy's body. "Dang it, I was hoping we'd be together tomorrow night, now that your casts are gone. You know what Saturday is, don't you?" Liam shook his head, nothing coming to mind. "It's St. Patrick's Day. My day. I think I deserve something special on my day."

Amused, Liam smiled sweetly. "Well, now that I can tell my best friends about us, they won't mind if I sneak over there tomorrow. Ooh! Can they sleep over there, too?!" he asked excitedly. "They could sleep in the livingroom!"

"Mmmmm, I don't know," Patrick scrunched up his face. "I'd have to ask Will. But I guess it would be okay with me. Hey, you know what? I think I'd like to be there when you tell them, okay? That way I can make sure they know to keep their mouths shut."

Liam shrugged. "That's cool. I'll wait `til we get home from school." Patrick's touches were continuing, making him tingle with pleasure. He thrust lightly against Patrick's crotch. "Why am I always so horny now? I wanna be naked with you in the worst way."

The bedroom door suddenly opened, and Patrick literally pushed Liam away, causing him to tumble to the ground. Then, without warning, Patrick pounced on his brother, as if they were wrestling. He didn't even turn to look who was at the door, he moved so quickly. "You're all talk and no muscle, little Reilly." Remaining on top of Liam, he turned his head toward the door, where William stood with a suspicious look on his face. "What? Do I need to kick your butt, too?" said Patrick. Liam giggled.

"Riiiiight," William hummed. "Your false bravado is charming."

"So what do you want?" asked Patrick, not getting up.

"Nevermind, it's not important," William murmured, and he turned and walked out, shutting the door behind him.

Patrick frowned as he pushed himself up to the bed. Liam sat up, looking worried. "Do you think he knows what we were doing?"

"No way," Patrick shook his head, looking at the closed door. "He would've said something."

Liam thought Patrick sounded unsure, but he didn't say so. "That was quick thinking. I was surprised when you pushed me down."

"Yeah, new rule," Patrick stated. "No more doing stuff like that in the house. The only place we're really safe is in my bedroom, unless we're double sure no one's around."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

With a sigh, Patrick took his leave. "Tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay," Liam smiled.

Despite not having Daniel as a tutor anymore, Liam enjoyed his first day back at school simply because he was with his friends. For the first time ever, he and Colin interacted the entire day, and it was clear that Mrs. Cole was shocked at the change in Colin. No doubt she had heard of Mr. Aerhart's bad deeds no doubt the whole island had, not to mention Diane up and leaving. Even Liam noticed Mrs. Cole was nicer to Colin than she had been all year.

"She thinks I'm a saint now," Colin whispered, when they left the building after class. "She's never been that nice to me before."

"Maybe she feels bad for thinking you were just a bad kid before," Liam offered. "Your parents must've been good at making up stories about you."

"You mean Douglas and Diane. My parents are the Lopers."

"Duh, sorry. I shall henceforth refer to them as the Aerharts," Liam grinned.

Matthew joined them, and they started home through the woods. For a change, Colin chatted as much as the other two, which made Liam happy. And when they walked into the Lopers' house, they didn't even pause their words when they included Linda in the conversation. But then they were changing into comfortable clothes and preparing for the weekend, which they would be spending all of at Liam's.

"I have something to tell you guys," said Liam, on their way to his house. "But not until we get to my house."

"Is it a surprise?" Matthew asked. "Or is it bad?"

"It's not bad," Liam assured them. "In fact, it's great. It's a secret, really. But I've been given permission to tell you."

"Who gave you permission?" asked Colin.

"Just wait until I tell you the secret," Liam grinned. He was fit to burst with the news.

As soon as they were at the kitchen bar having a snack, and they were alone, Matthew was already asking for the secret's revelation. "We're at your house now. What's the secret?"

"Not yet," Liam groaned. "Not `til we're in the guest house."

"Why the guest house?" Colin asked.

"We get to stay there the whole weekend," Liam shared.

"Cool!" Matthew exclaimed. "Who did you bribe to make that happen?"

Liam's high-pitched laugh reverberated off the tile floor. "I hope you don't mind sleeping on the sofa bed. Or you can sleep in my room, if you want."

"Don't matter where we sleep," said Colin. "As long as it's warm."

"But not on fire," Matthew added, causing Colin to wince.

They fiddled around downstairs while Liam watched earnestly for a sign of his brothers' arrival. Just when he thought he couldn't stand it any longer, his mother's van came into view, and it was carting the very person he was waiting for.

"He's here, he's here, he's here, he's here!" Liam sang excitedly.

"Who's here?" asked Colin, narrowing his eyes in suspicion.

Liam hesitated for a split second. "Mom, William and Patrick," he answered.

"You said he's here," Matthew pointed out.

"Let's just go," said Liam, and he darted out the door. "Hi, Mom!" he said hurriedly as he rushed past her. "We're staying in the guest house tonight!"

"I'm aware of that!" Jenny hollered to her retreating son.

The boys bounded up the stairs and knocked on the door. Patrick answered. "Is it too soon to come over?" Liam asked excitedly.

"Nah," said Patrick. "Come on in." Colin and Matthew showed evident expressions of surprise. "What?" said Patrick.

"You're not usually the nice one," said Matthew, then clamped his hand over his mouth. "Oops," came his muffled voice. "Sorry."

Liam giggled, and Patrick donned a mock scowl. "Don't make me beat you up. Besides, I'm always nice." Liam snorted, and Patrick swiped at his head. "Get in my room, ya scoundrels." He glanced oddly at Colin for a moment. "I have a shirt just like that somewhere."

Liam stifled a laugh. "Not anymore, you don't. I stole a bunch of your old clothes when Mr. Aerhart kicked him out of the house with no clothes on."

"I'll totally give it back," Colin said quickly.

Patrick shook his head as he closed the bedroom door. "No, man, it's cool. It looks good on you."

Liam pounced on the bed. "Come sit with me," he said to his friends. "I think I can tell my secret now."

The boys settled on the bed, and Patrick straddled his desk chair backward, looking at the others intently. "Go ahead," he nodded to Liam.

Liam grinned, while the others leaned in expectantly. "I have a boyfriend," he said finally.

"Wow!" said Matthew. "Who?"

"Is it Daniel?" Colin asked.

"It's me," said Patrick, and the other two gaped.

"Are you joking?" said Colin.

"It's true," Liam confirmed. "I hope you're okay with it."

"Yeah, totally," Colin said quickly. "Just...never expected that."

"You're the only ones who know," said Patrick, and he scooted closer to the bed. "You have to double swear that you'll never, ever tell anyone else about us, on the pain of death, unless we say it's okay. And we're only telling you because you're Liam's best friends. Promise me you'll keep our secret."

"Promise!" Matthew declared.

"Promise," Colin echoed. "I guess that's why we get to stay over here this weekend, huh?"

Liam grinned again and bounced off the bed. "Yep!" Without further ado, he kissed Patrick's lips tenderly. Matthew giggled, and Colin blushed.

"I have homework to do, so you guys go do something else for a while. I put my TV in the livingroom for you already, and you can go get Liam's game system, if you want," Patrick was already moving to his desk and computer.

Liam looked to where the TV used to be, and he smiled. "You're sweet for letting us use the TV. I know you like it to be quiet, though, so we'll go to my room until you're done. Will you come get us?"

"You bet, baby." Patrick pulled Liam's head down to his for another long kiss. "Thank you."

"You kissed your brother!" Matthew cooed, when they were outside. "It was really sweet."

"He's pretty nice now, huh?" Colin pointed out. "Must be because of you."

"He really loves me," Liam beamed. "We, um, had sex with each other already."

The other two gasped in amazement. "How was it?" asked Colin.

"Oh my gosh," Liam breathed. "I can't even explain it. It was so good. And his dick is bigger than Will's!"

"No way!" Matthew exclaimed.

"You've seen Will's dick?" Colin asked. "Like, hard?"

Liam nodded. "When Matthew and I saw him have sex with Mrs. Aerhart in the woods. I thought Will was huge, then, until I saw Patrick's."

"Did it hurt?" Colin asked, presuming he didn't need to explain his question.

"It sure did, at first," Liam nodded. They entered the house and fell silent, until they were upstairs. "But then it felt amazing. I can't even tell you how good it was. And I think it goes without saying that we'll be doing it again tonight."

"All righty, then," Colin mumbled.

Patrick's wish to watch a horror film that night won out over Liam and Matthew's votes for something fun and light-hearted. Colin and William lent their votes in Patrick's favor. So they all camped out in the livingroom, on a sofa bed, watching a movie in their underwear. William turned out the lights, and Liam and Matthew sat against each other, clinging to each other through half the movie. By the end, they were both clinging to Patrick, practically stacked on each other.

"Gaw, you pansies," said William, rolling off the bed.

"Shut up, William," Patrick said in defense of the other two.

"Yeah, shut up, William," Liam echoed. "That was scary."

"Colin, was that scary?" William asked.

"No way," said Colin. Liam couldn't tell if he really meant it or not.

William clapped Colin on his bare back. "At least we have one other real man here besides me. Sweet dreams, boys." As he walked toward his room, Patrick shot him the finger, followed by gasps and fits of laughter from the others. William ignored them and shut his door.

"You think we could migrate to the bedroom?" Liam asked sultrily.

Patrick began caressing the boy's inner thigh and started to respond, but was abruptly interrupted by Matthew. "Hey! That's my leg!"

Horrified, Patrick retracted his hand as if it had been shocked. Liam and Colin, however, immediately doubled over in suffocating laughter. "He was about to touch my wee wee!" Matthew exclaimed, and the other two laughed even harder, if possible.

Patrick tried hard to pretend he wasn't amused, but he was clearly embarrassed, too. "I probably wouldn't have even known the difference," said Patrick, lifting his chin defiantly.

Liam tried to gasp and look offended, but he couldn't manage it. It was another full minute before he could take a deep enough breath to utter any words. "Then I'll sleep with Colin tonight, and you and Matthew can play together, if you wouldn't even know the difference."

"Over my dead body," Patrick scowled. He advanced on Liam and swatted his butt, giving the boy an almost immediate hard-on. "My room. Now."

"Yes, sir," Liam grinned. He scurried into the bedroom, whipped off his underwear, and reclined on the bed in his best sexy pose. Apparently it worked, because Patrick growled when he saw him, yanked down his own briefs, and attacked him with passionate kisses. Because he was able to for the first time, Liam wrapped both arms and legs around his brother and emitted a moan that reverberated against Patrick's lips.

Breaking their kiss, Liam panted and caressed Patrick's body with desperation. "Patrick, I feel so crazy. Like an animal. I've never wanted sex so badly before. Is this how it's always going to be?"

"Don't know, Li," Patrick rasped, as he reached for lube. "I sure hope so. This is so awesome." He began lubing up and licking his lips. "Raise up your legs. I wanna watch your face this time while we make love. Don't worry, I'll go slow."

"Only `til I get used to it," Liam raised his legs and rested his shins on Patrick's shoulders. "Then I don't want slow. I want fast."

Patrick whimpered as the head of his dick slid into warm tightness that sent pulses to each nerve ending in his body. "I want fast, too," he croaked. "Fast and hard. I think I'm gonna die from pleasure."

Liam didn't respond. He had his eyes clamped shut, as he concentrated on opening his hole to Patrick's very large shaft. Slowly he was filled up, until Patrick's heavy balls met his ass cheeks. A high-pitched whimper escaped him as Patrick's head rubbed against that special spot inside him.

"Do I have to cover your mouth?" Patrick whispered. "I can't restrain myself, but you have to be quiet."

Liam shook his head. "Start going now. I'll be quiet." Patrick began tentatively, watching Liam's expressions to see he wasn't hurting. "Harder, dang it," Liam demanded.

Patrick grinned. "That's what I wanna hear." His thrusts were almost immediately rough, and this time Liam had to clamp his mouth shut, to keep in the noise. Then Patrick suddenly slapped his ass, and he nearly cried out. "That's another for laughing at me," Patrick smirked.

"Remind me I deserve more later," Liam smiled wickedly.

Patrick took hold of Liam's legs and spread them open, using them for balance as he let his body thrust as hard as it pleased. Liam took advantage of the extra space around his crotch and jerked himself wildly. All hope for words was lost, only whimpers and low moans were spoken between them. Liam was the first to reach Heaven and orgasm, splattering them both with a sticky expression of his pleasure.

"Yeah," Patrick mumbled. "Baby..." He had grown severely red in the face, and Liam delighted in watching the expressions change as orgasm slowly took over. "Oh God, oh God," Patrick uttered, trembling with each wave of ecstasy flowing through him. He hadn't even finished before he claimed Liam's lips with his own, in a kiss nearly as hard as his thrusts had been.

"What the HELL?!"

Patrick and Liam flinched violently, so startled were they by the booming voice behind them. Patrick stumbled to his feet and stood toward the door, and Liam sat up, eyes wide with fear. William stood inside the room, and Colin and Matthew stood slightly behind him. Colin, who was hugely aroused, ogled at Patrick's large, erect dick.

"Shit!" Colin murmured.

"Sorry, Liam," Matthew squeaked like a mouse, hiding more behind Will.

"What the hell?!" William said again.

"Get out!" Patrick shouted. "You have no right to be in here!"

"You have no right to be screwing a twelve year old kid!" William advanced on Patrick, getting directly in his face. "Especially your brother."

"It's none of your freaking business!" Patrick said sharply and pushed William back.

Liam thought William was going to explode with rage just about then. Quickly he got up and wedged himself between his brothers. "Will, it's okay. I love Patrick, and he loves me. He's my boyfriend. I love it when we have sex."

William was so flustered, he didn't know what to say next. His crimson face twitched with anger and confusion. "Boyfriend?" he spat. "You can't be boyfriends with your own brother!"

"I can, too!" said Liam defiantly, raising his voice. "I can be boyfriends with whomever I choose, thank you very much. I love Patrick more than anything or anyone in this world. And if you ruin this for us, I'll never, ever speak to you again!"

"Neither will I," Patrick stated.

Uttering a frustrated growl, William turned and stormed out of the room, slamming his own bedroom door shut a moment later. The other two intruders looked extremely sheepish.

"It's our fault," Matthew mumbled. "We were curious, so we peeked in, and then we kept watching. William caught us. We're really sorry."

"Yeah, we didn't mean to cause trouble," Colin added. His bulge contained a growing damp spot, and Liam couldn't help staring, which Colin noticed. "I guess it was a little exciting to watch."

"I don't like being watched," Patrick said with a sour expression. "That's so not cool."

"Sorry," Colin mumbled, lowering his head for a brief moment.

Liam found his underwear, but instead of putting it on, he began to clean himself up with it. Patrick followed suit with his own underwear. "I didn't know you were gay," Patrick said to Colin.

Colin shrugged. "Maybe I am, maybe I'm not."

"Your dick says you are," Patrick pointed to the bulge.

"I get hard around girls, too," Colin informed them.

"Hm," said Patrick, as he donned a fresh pair of briefs. "I guess you have to try one or the other to know for sure." He was now ushering them out the door. "If you don't mind, I wanna be alone with Liam. Knock before coming in from now on."

"Yes, sir," said Matthew. Colin merely nodded, and they retreated to the livingroom.

Liam crawled in bed without underwear, but Patrick kept his on. They cuddled together, though Patrick was still clearly bothered. "Don't let Will upset you," said Liam gently. "He'll get over being mad. He always does."

"I just hope he doesn't tell Mom or Dad," Patrick muttered.

"He won't, trust me. We know about Mrs. Aerhart, remember?"

Patrick smiled, then. "You're totally right. You're a genius."

"I know," grinned Liam. "I hope you're not done making out with me."

They melded together and played a kissing melody that stretched on, with piano and forte accents, then a decrescendo and ritardando as it creaked and whispered to an end, when slumber finally overtook them.