Shaw Island Matt Caper



Chapter 14

Wraiths, Warnings & Wanking



No one knew where William had gone or when he had left. He had somehow slipped past the boys in the livingroom without waking them Saturday morning. The brothers in the bedroom kept themselves occupied even after waking, which meant they were aware of nothing outside their own world for a long while.


The afternoon was warm for St. Patrick's Day. For the first time, Colin and Patrick were both inducted into the game of War. Liam and Matthew kept their play names -- The Warrior and The General -- and the others came up with names for themselves.


"I'm Aang, The Avatar," Patrick announced.


"Like, The Last Airbender?" asked Matthew.


"Yep," said Patrick.


"Cool," Liam cooed. "I wish I had thought of something cool like that."


"You suck," said Colin. "Now I have to think of something else."


"The Knight?" Matthew suggested.


"No," Colin declined.


"The Superhero?" Liam offered.


"Lame," said Patrick and Colin simultaneously, and they both laughed. Liam stuck out his tongue.


"The Garde, Number Four" Patrick stated, and Colin's eyes lit up.


"That's awesome! Yeah, I'll be Number Four."


"What does that mean?" asked Matthew.


"Haven't you seen the movie "I Am Number Four"?" Colin asked, and Matthew shook his head. "John Smith is this fifteen year old boy from the planet Lorien, and he's one of the Garde. He has special powers called Legacies. He can do lots of things, like run fast, resist heat, make things move with his mind, make light come from his hands... Anyway, he's way cool."


Liam looked at Matthew. "We've got to come up with better names for ourselves."


"No kidding," Matthew mumbled.


Deciding what their new titles were going to be would come later, as they wanted to play. Liam and Matthew agreed later that adding Colin and Patrick to the game made it infinitely more fun. They also agreed to feeling a sense of fulfillment -- "overflowing happiness," Matthew called it -- simply being with their respective brothers and two best friends. Knowing that the others were safe and happy was also a great factor in their contentment.


Liam did really well at finding good hiding spots during their game of War, and he managed not to damage any body parts. But as he viewed the others from a particular hiding spot, he witnessed a mishap that threatened to result in more injuries. He peered around a large, thick bush as Patrick was running past, unaware of his presence. Colin was hot on Patrick's trail, but it appeared that Patrick was a little faster and inching away from his predator.


All of a sudden, however, Patrick stopped dead in his tracks. Liam gasped, knowing what would happen. Sure enough, Colin plowed right into the older Reilly with a grunt, and they both took a dive into the dirt. Rather, Patrick hit the dirt, while Colin landed on Patrick.


"Oh my gosh!" Matthew seemed to come out of nowhere, apparently also improving his hiding techniques. He ran to the older boys. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?!"


Colin rolled off of Patrick and groaned. "You bastard," he croaked. "Why did you stop?"


Patrick pushed himself up, apparently having had the breath knocked out of him, but no other injuries. "What the heck is Liam doing?"


"What?" asked Colin, looking confused.


Patrick pointed in a direction opposite of where Liam was standing. "I saw him just now walking around naked."


"Um, no you didn't," said Liam, coming into view. "What in the world are you talking about?"


Patrick stared, dumbfounded. "Geez! I could've sworn that was your backside." He blushed, then, and looked again toward where he had pointed. "I saw you plain as day - or someone, I guess. A boy. He was naked, but he sort of disappeared."


The other three exchanged glances, all seeming to have the same thought. "I didn't tell him about our dream," Liam told the others.


Patrick's head snapped toward Liam. "What dream?"


Colin finally stood, brushing the dirt and grass off himself. "We all had the same dream when we were knocked out cold in that hole," he shared. "At least, we thought it was a dream. It was still Shaw Island, but different. There were other boys there, too, and no one wore any clothes."


Patrick lifted a brow. "Sounds like a wet dream to me."


"It seemed real, though," Matthew added. "Some of the boys were really mean. They kidnapped us and everything."


"And I nearly got raped," Liam stated nonchalantly. Patrick, however, didn't take that news lightly.


"Why didn't you tell me?!" he exclaimed, eyes wide.


"We really thought it was just a dream."


"And all of you just happened to have the same one?!" Patrick cried.


"Don't get mad," Liam shrank back a little. "It was more logical that we all dreamed the same thing, 'cause it was kind of a magical place."


"I'm not mad," Patrick said softly. "I just don't like the idea of you being hurt. You think I might've seen one of the boys you saw?"


Liam shrugged. "Maybe it was Kip. He's real skinny like me. But usually when he's in the real world, he's a statue, like he was when Matthew and I tripped over him. I think he wants to come back to the real world but doesn't know how.


Patrick shook his head slowly, looking at each of the boys. "If you weren't my boyfriend, I'd honestly think you were lying just to make fun of me."


"But you really don't think I'm lying, do you?" Liam asked.


"It's totally true!" said Matthew.


"No, I believe you," said Patrick. "It just... It's a lot to take in. I wanna know everything. You guys wanna go back for lunch?"


They all agreed, their stomachs responding audibly to the mention of food. "Hey, um, I got an idea," said Colin, as they walked together. "Can we call Jeremiah to come over? I know he's only six, so it's cool if you don't want to. But I was thinking, um, you know. That I could apologize for hitting him at Thanksgiving, even though my-" He cut himself off, frowning deeply. "Even though Douglas made me apologize already, I could do it for real this time and make friends with him."


"You just get cooler all the time," Liam grinned. "That's a great idea!"


"We like Jeremiah, anyway," Matthew nodded. "And he's about to be seven in, like, two weeks or three."


Colin smiled bashfully. "I'll be fourteen in a couple of months. You think I should have a party? I've never had one before. At least, not one where I invited other kids."


"Yes, yes, yes! Birthday party!" Matthew bounced repeatedly. "Mom can make a cake and everything!"


Colin chuckled. "Do you think it's a good idea? I can't tell." The others giggled, while Matthew pushed his brother's shoulder, barely putting him off balance for a second.


"I'm giving you your laptop back for your birthday," Liam announced.


"The hell you are!" Colin exclaimed.


"Language, young man," Patrick said in his best grown-up voice.


"Sorry," said Colin. "But you're keeping your computer, Liam."


"No way!" said Liam. "It was supposed to be yours to begin with!"


"I'll just give it back if you give it to me," said Colin resolutely.


Liam growled, frustrated, and Patrick put an arm around him to calm him down. "Leave him alone, Li. I have a better idea for him." The others looked at him in anticipation. "Which I will not share right now," he added, smiling.


They trekked to the main house, where Patrick and Liam began pulling things out for lunch, given that Jenny was apparently away from the house. Colin looked up Jeremiah's phone number and went upstairs for privacy during the call. Matthew plopped down on a barstool and watched the others work. As usual, they were having sandwiches, since they were easy to prepare. Once everything was out and spread on the counter, they set to work making their own plates.


Standing on the opposite side of the counter from Matthew, Liam was quietly putting together his sandwich, when he felt a hand on his ass. Somewhat surreptitiously, Patrick stood close beside him and massaged the shorts-covered cheeks firmly.


"You're insatiable," said Liam, even as the front side of his shorts grew outward.


"What?" asked Matthew, with a mouth full of chips.


"Not you, him," said Liam.


"That's a big word for a little boy," Patrick purred.


"I'm not so little right now," Liam responded with a smirk.


Patrick snorted with laughter. Matthew only looked confused. "You guys are weird."


"Patrick's being mean," Liam stated.


Patrick whacked Liam on the behind in response, causing Liam to emit a squeak while blushing.


"Oh, brother," Matthew sighed.


"Jeremiah's walking over here, and I invited him to stay the night with us," Colin plopped down on a stool next to Matthew. "Is that okay?"


They all looked to Patrick for the answer. "I guess," he sighed. "We'll just have to be careful what we say and do around him."


"Maybe he's too young to understand, anyway," Colin offered.


"Dunno," Liam mused. "He's pretty sharp for a hyperactive kid. Don't worry, Patrick, we'll be good."


Each of them made full plates of sandwiches and chips and tore into them, going silent for a few moments. Then, since their mom wasn't home, Patrick refilled his plate and transported it to the family room, parking in front of the TV. The other boys gladly followed.


"Do not make a mess," Patrick ordered. "If you do, it's my butt that's toast. And if I get in trouble because of any of you, I'm coming after you next."


"Aye aye, Captain," Liam smiled, as they all fit snugly together on the sofa. They vegged out there for a while, losing track of time, until the sound of someone entering the house roused them. Jeremiah appeared shortly, bouncing into the room until he'd almost reached the couch. He stopped, looking nervously at Colin, then the others.


"Hi," he said in a small voice.


No one responded, as they watched Colin to see what he would do. Colin stood slowly and squared off against Jeremiah. "Hey. Um, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for hitting you before and being mean, and all. And I mean it this time." He offered his hand. "I wanna be friends now. I hope you do, too."


Jeremiah glanced at Liam, who smiled and nodded in reassurance. Then Jeremiah smiled, too, took Colin's hand, and they shook to seal the friendship. "Do you and Matthew really have the same Mom and Dad now?" he asked excitedly.


"Yep," said Colin. "Me and Matthew are brothers. I live with them now."




"Jer, you hungry?" asked Liam. "I can get you a sandwich and stuff, if you want."


"Sure!" said Jeremiah.


"I'll get it," Colin said quickly. "Come show me what you want." They left the room, and the remaining three smiled at each other.


"Come on," said Patrick. "Let's clean up in here. We'll let Jeremiah eat in the kitchen, then we'll find something to do."





After an afternoon of chasing, exploring, and adventures in imagination outside, the crew of boys retired to the guest house as the sun began its long goodbye. They were caked with dirt, grass stains and who knew what else, and they were also fairly spent.


"Wow, this is so awesome," said Jeremiah, as they filed into the guest house. "Can we stay here every weekend?"


Patrick chuckled. "Only if you're good. And you have to clean up after yourself, too. I'm not your maid!"


"Bet you'd look good wearing only an apron," Liam quipped, before he thought better of it. The others laughed, including Jeremiah, while Patrick blushed and glared at Liam.


"Shower time, boys," said Patrick, ignoring his cheeky little brother. "You kids can shower together to save hot water," he smirked at Liam. "I'll go after you, so don't take too long."


"And I'll go after you," Colin told Patrick.


Liam began undressing at the door, so the youngest two followed suit. Patrick disappeared into his room, leaving Colin to stand around awkwardly.


"You can shower with us, if you want," Liam said to Colin.


"There probably won't be room," Colin mumbled. He began undressing at a much slower pace.


"It's a big shower," Liam tried to assure him.


"What do we do with our clothes?" Jeremiah stood there naked, clothes on the floor. He seemed to be fascinated with the more mature bodies of his friends.


"I guess just leave them by the door," Liam shrugged. "We'll put them in plastic sacks or something, so you don't have to put them back in your overnight bag." Once he was undressed, he stopped to wait on Colin. "Coming?"


Colin shook his head.


"Aww, please, Col?" Matthew pleaded. "It's more fun with you."


Colin frowned and was visibly nervous, but he said nothing else as he shed his clothes and followed the others to the bathroom. Liam started the shower water and waited for it to warm up. Then they entered the square space, unintentionally filing in by height, shortest to tallest. There was much giggling by the younger three as they squeezed together, not having enough room to move around much.


"Okay," said Liam, taking charge. "Everyone stand in a circle and face the back of the person in front of you. Grab a bar of soap or some gel, or whatever, and wash the back of the person you're facing." More giggling occurred. Liam was facing Matthew, and he began to lather up his best friend's shoulders. Matthew began washing Jeremiah, Jeremiah started on Colin, and Colin completed the circle by washing Liam.


"This is fun," Jeremiah giggled.


"Don't forget to clean the crack really good," Liam announced, and the others laughed. He felt Colin's hands on his ass then, scrubbing firmly, and his cock reacted to the sensations. "Uh-oh," he murmured.


"What? Is my butt that bad?" Matthew asked, before bursting into another fit of giggles, joined by Jeremiah.


Liam laughed, too. "No. Just remember that boners are uncontrollable."


"What are boners?" Jeremiah asked in all seriousness. All three other boys laughed.


"Boys get them when they go through puberty," Matthew shared. Liam felt a sense of pride, knowing he'd been the one to first share that information with Matthew. "It's when your penis gets bigger and hard."


"Whatchoo mean?" Jeremiah queried.


Liam turned slightly so Jeremiah could see him fully. "Like this," he pointed down at himself. Jeremiah ogled at the sight. "Yours will do that in a few years, too."


"Neat!" said Jeremiah, to more laughter from the others.


"Okay, time to wash the front side," Liam declared.


"Can we wash each other's?" asked Jeremiah, turning to face Matthew.


"Sure, why not?" said Matthew, who had a small but significant stiffie himself, Liam noticed.


Liam shrugged and turned to face Colin. His eyes widened when he saw Colin at full mast. "You can wash your own, if you want."


"It's okay," Colin's voice was raspy. He placed shaky hands on Liam's chest and began massaging with a bar of soap. Liam shivered and watched, arms at his sides. It confused him that Colin's hands made him feel so stimulated. And when his entire package was being scrubbed and generally fondled, he felt weak in the knees. He also felt Colin probably spent more time in that area than necessary.


When Colin retracted his hands, it was Liam's turn to do the washing. He began just as Colin had, making small circles on the older boy's chest. He could feel Colin trembling. He washed every inch of flesh he could before entering the crotch area. The package wasn't what he was used to, being smaller than Patrick's, but it still had a heaviness and thickness that was impressive to him. He stroked Colin's cock a few times, not knowing how else to get it washed, and reached underneath to fondle sizeable balls. Then he repeated the process, causing Colin to shiver uncontrollably every few seconds. He continued to do this until he noticed the eyes of Matthew and Jeremiah glued to the action next to them.


"Okay, everyone do their own hair. Go fast, so Patrick has enough hot water," Liam directed.


They were out within a couple of minutes, drying themselves in a steam-filled room. Jeremiah stared openly at the older boys' boners. "How long will they stay like that?" he asked curiously.


"Can't say," Liam replied. "It'll go down on its own eventually. But it usually goes back to normal after you masturbate."


"After you what?" Jeremiah cocked his head to one side.


"You're too young for that," said Colin. "You'll find out when you're older."


Jeremiah rolled his eyes. "I hate it when people tell me that," he pouted.


The door opened at that moment, and as Patrick walked in, Colin faced away from him. Patrick saw the state of Liam and raised a brow. Liam smiled. "Jeremiah wants to know about the birds and the bees."


Patrick snorted. "His daddy will tell him someday." He was naked, too, and started up the shower again. "You guys get clean underwear on. There's a couple of pizzas in the oven. Take `em out when the timer goes off." He stepped in the shower, but not before Liam got a handful of Patrick's package when the others weren't looking. He continued to watch his brother wash himself, becoming hornier by the minute, until the door opened again and William stood in the doorway. He pointed directly at Liam.


"In my room. Now."


The others went in search of underwear, while Liam wrapped the towel around his waist and followed William across the hall. William shut the door and crossed his arms over his chest, apparently trying to ignore the tent in the towel. "Sit," he ordered.


Liam sat in the desk chair, making the state of his body more prominent. William sighed and rolled his eyes, but then was quiet for a couple of moments. "You okay?" Liam asked.


William drew a deep breath. "Do you even understand what you're doing? Or are you just blindly doing what Patrick says, regardless of how stupid it is?"


A frown was quickly etched into Liam's features. "It is not stupid," he said defensively. "We love each other."


"Yeah, you're brothers, you're supposed to love each other. You're not supposed to be boyfriends with your brother. That's so idiotic, it's not even funny." Liam's frown turned into a scowl, but William cut him off from responding just yet. "How do you think this is supposed to turn out, huh? What do you think is going to happen? Everyone is just going to accept you two are lovers, and everything will be hunky-dory for you? Mom and Dad are simply going to say, `hey, you're both gay and each other's lover? Neato!' Have you thought about family get-togethers in the future? How awkward and uncomfortable they're going to be? That is, if we have family get-togethers. Are you willing to screw up everything for the rest of us, just because you love your brother?"


All stimulation left Liam's body, and the anger he'd begun to feel toward William dissipated as well. He was left with moist eyes, feeling defeated. "We're not trying to hurt anyone," he whispered, sniffling.


William sighed and softened his tone. "Maybe Mom and Dad, our relatives, and everyone around here will be fine with you and Patrick being lovers. But if they're not, are you willing to sacrifice your relationships with them just so you can tell the world your brother is your boyfriend?"


Liam half shrugged. "I don't know. I thought...maybe they would be okay with it."


"Maybe they will. But I'm going to give you my advice, then I'm going to back off. You can do what you want, and you're still my brother, no matter what." William paused for another sigh. "Have all the sex you want with Patrick. I honestly don't care. But don't be his boyfriend, and don't be telling people about it. If and when you tell the rest of the family you're gay, don't ever mention Patrick. Whether you fall in love with someone else someday, or you keep on banging Patrick, it doesn't matter. Do it in secret, then have your separate lives. Because chances are it won't be any easier on you if people know, than if you're doing it in secret. At least you won't be taking crap from people. That's my advice. Take it or leave it. I'll tell Patrick the same thing, then I'm out of it."


Liam wiped his eyes and sniffed loudly, trying to get a hold of himself. "Can I go now?"




Both of them exited the room; Liam spent a few moments alone in Patrick's room, while finding clean underwear. William barged into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Liam heard muffled voices, but none of the yelling he'd expected. When William returned to his own room, Liam remained in Patrick's bedroom, waiting for his brother. His wait was only a couple of minutes. Patrick appeared, naked, but Liam's eyes were locked on Patrick's.


"Are you still sleeping with me tonight?" Patrick asked.


"Yes," Liam answered without hesitation.


"Good." They kissed briefly on the lips, and Patrick donned a pair of briefs. "Let's go eat."


Fortunately for them, Colin had taken charge of making sure the pizzas didn't burn. "We thought about waiting for you," he said with a string of cheese hanging from his chin. "But only for about two seconds. We were too hungry."


Liam smiled softly and wiped Colin's chin before making himself a plate and joining Colin on the small loveseat. Matthew and Jeremiah were lounging on the sofa, and Patrick commandeered the only recliner in the room. The TV was on, though Matthew and Jeremiah still chatted incessantly. The others were quiet until their food was devoured.


"What do you guys want to do tonight?" asked Patrick, when all the mess was cleared away.


"Let's play a game," Matthew suggested.


"What game?" asked Colin.


Matthew shrugged. "No idea."


A loud knock on the door interrupted them and made Matthew and Jeremiah nearly jump out of their skin. "Holy heart failure, Batman!" Jeremiah cried. The room erupted with effervescent laughter, and Patrick could barely hold it together as he stumbled to the door. Jeremiah seemed pleased to have caused such a reaction.


Daniel walked in, surveying everyone with wide, amused eyes. "I never trust a room full of laughing boys in their underwear," he remarked, to more laughter.


"Jeremiah made a funny," said Patrick, calming down enough to converse. "What're you doing?"


"Is Will around?" Daniel asked.


"In his room," Patrick nodded.


"You came to see William and not us?" said Liam teasingly.


"Hey, it's always a bonus to see you guys," Daniel smiled. He squeezed Patrick's shoulders on his way toward the hallway. "I'm gonna bug your brother for a minute." He left the room, and in a moment, he and William were behind a closed door.


"Weird," Liam remarked. "So what game shall we play?"


"Has to be something that a six year old can do," Patrick commented.


Jeremiah screwed up his face, his blazing blue eyes glaring. "I'm seven! Almost!"


Patrick grinned. "Sorry, a seven year old."


"What games do you have?" Matthew asked.


Patrick shrugged. "I think I have a Harry Potter DVD game, ummm...there's video games, checkers, or we could play cards...I think I have Pictionary, too."


"Ooh! Pictionary!" said Matthew excitedly.


"Yeah!" Jeremiah echoed.


Liam and Colin looked at one another, exchanged glances, and Liam nodded to Patrick. "We vote Pictionary, too."


"'Kay, hang on." Patrick jogged to his room, returning a minute later with the board game, as well as a large, white rectangular object.


"What's that?" Liam pointed.


"It's a dry erase board. We can use this instead of paper to draw on." Patrick set to creating a makeshift stand, pulling a small bookshelf, littered with anything but books, into the middle of the room and propping the board up on it. "Everyone can see easier this way." He mused over the boys for a moment, while Liam garnered a pad and pen to keep score. "Okay, we need teams. How about me, Matthew and Jeremiah against Liam and Colin?"


Everyone easily agreed. Patrick drew the first card, the timer was set, and the game began. There was much shouting, bouncing, laughing and playful jeering. A full round was completed, with a tied score. Patrick stepped up to the board to begin his second round, when Daniel quietly emerged from the hallway, looking utterly dejected.


"You okay?" asked Liam, causing everyone to look at Daniel.


The young man shrugged. "Fine," he said, though he didn't sound it. "Pictionary, huh? Sounds fun." He trudged toward the door. "You guys have a good one."


"Wanna play with us?" Patrick said quickly. "You could team up with Jeremiah, the oldest and the youngest."


"Yeah!" Jeremiah exclaimed.


"Yeah, stay," Liam echoed.


Daniel smiled so sadly, Liam's heart immediately went out to him. "I'd like that," he murmured, retracing his steps. "Jeremiah and I will kick butt." He gave Jeremiah a high five, joining the boy on the couch and throwing an arm around him.


"Liam, make a new scorecard," Patrick directed. "Matthew and I will go first."


Jeremiah began tugging at Daniel's t-shirt. "Get undressed like us, Daniel. You have to be in your underwear."


Daniel laughed, shrugged, and complied, removing his shirt. Everything else began to follow. "Hey, when in Rome..." Unlike all the other boys, who were a sea of white underpants, Daniel's briefs were designer, a tad skimpier, and light blue. His features, both front and back, were accentuated nicely by the material, not to mention the hard abs, solid legs and smooth, defined pecs.


"Take it away, Maestro," Daniel nodded to Patrick, who could only stare dumbly. After a few quiet moments, Liam realized the view Daniel was giving had an outward effect on Patrick. "Whoa," Daniel breathed, struck by the sight. "You have a freaking torpedo in your shorts. Or is that the Titanic? Damn."


"Huh?" said Jeremiah, scrunching up his face in confusion.


Matthew leaned over and whispered in Jeremiah's ear, and the youngest boy immediately set his gaze on Patrick's mid-section, just like everyone else. The only one not impressed was Liam. His feelings were more akin to shock and sadness.


Blushing madly, Patrick hurried out of the room and secured himself in his own bedroom. Daniel stood, smirking, and cleared his throat. "Excuse me, gentleman." Then he followed Patrick and disappeared. Matthew and Colin immediately turned to Liam, anticipating his next word or move.


"He doesn't know about you," Matthew said quietly. "What're you going to do?


Liam shook his head, aware of a numbness growing in his chest. "I don't know what to do," he mumbled. "How can I compete with Daniel? He's awful nice, gorgeous, and more experienced." Colin placed a friendly hand on his shoulder, and he smiled sadly in return.


They'd all but forgotten about Jeremiah, who spoke up again. "Are you gay, Liam?"


"You don't even know what that means," Colin snapped.


The little boy puffed out his chest defiantly. "Do, too! Momma says boys like other boys sometimes, and when they grow up, they don't get married and have babies. She said kids can have two daddies, though, or two mommies if they adopt."


"Told you he was sharp," said Liam. "Yeah, Jer, I like boys instead of girls."


"Do you have a boyfriend?" Jeremiah asked.


Liam hesitated. "I'm not real sure. I'll have to get back to you on that."


"Wanna watch a movie or something?" asked Colin. "I can get us some pop from the fridge?"


Liam nodded. "Good idea. You guys choose." He moved the bookshelf out of the way, while Colin retrieved the drinks. Matthew and Jeremiah discussed possible movies, before finally choosing one. Once back on the loveseat, Colin threw an arm over Liam's shoulders, and they leaned against each other comfortably, not moving throughout the movie.


The TV had been turned off and the livingroom cleaned of all mess before Daniel reappeared in his blue undies, smiling shyly. "Sorry we ruined the game. Maybe we can play again sometime." He began to dress, while the others merely watched. "You guys take care," he said when he was finished, and he left in a hurry.


"Um, I'm gonna go talk to Patrick," said Liam. "I' back in a bit, maybe." He padded to Patrick's door and opened it slowly. Patrick was at his desk, on his computer. "Can I come in?" Liam whispered.


"Yeah," Patrick muttered. He closed out of whatever he was doing and moved to his bed. Liam closed the door and followed. "Sorry about the game."


Liam sat next to his brother and sort of shrugged. "Doesn't matter." Silence presided over them for several long seconds, until Liam couldn't handle it anymore. "So do you like Daniel?"


"Yeah, he's a nice guy," said Patrick.


Liam frowned. "You know what I mean."


Patrick sighed heavily and moved to stretch out on his bed. "I don't know," he said in exasperation. "I mean, yeah. Kind of. It's really confusing."


"Are you going to break up with me?" Liam asked fearfully.


Patrick lifted his head. "Do you want to break up?"


"No," Liam frowned. "Do you?"


Patrick remained still a couple of seconds before responding. "No," he said finally. He turned on his side and beckoned Liam to him. "Come `ere."


Liam wasted no time snuggling up to his brother, his back against Patrick's front. Patrick held him firmly, and he felt safe once again. "What about what William said?"


"I don't wanna talk about that right now," Patrick murmured, as he let his hands roam and explore Liam's small frame. "Wanna know something funny? Daniel came over to ask Will out. He thought Will was into him, too."


Liam gasped. "That's who Daniel likes? He told me it was some guy on San Juan Island!"


"Yeah, but Will shot him down. Daniel thought Will was flirting back, when he was just being nice. Will had to tell him he's not even gay."


"That's pretty funny," said Liam. Presently, he felt Patrick's hard-on pressing into him, soon followed by Patrick's hand down his briefs, stroking him to full mast. "I've wanted this all night," he whispered.


"Now you're gonna get it," Patrick replied huskily. He reached for the lube, and Liam pushed his briefs to his ankles. Patrick merely pulled his erection out the side of his briefs, lubed up, and went straight for the Promised Land.


Liam cried out unintentionally, experiencing a bit of pain at first. But only incredible pleasure followed. Patrick pushed him flat onto his stomach and began pummeling his ass like there was no tomorrow, and he had to bury his head in the pillow to hide his cries. This was the fiercest that Patrick had ever fucked him, and he could do nothing but grip the bedspread and ride the storm.


At the end, when Patrick had finished with loud grunts and guttural moans, he rolled off, panting. Liam rolled over, too, still achingly hard. He didn't really mind, though. He was happy that Patrick had made love to him instead of Daniel. "I love you, Patrick."


"Love you, too, Li," Patrick whispered, now a dead weight. He seemed to be fast approaching sleep.


With a sigh, Liam pulled his underwear up. "I'm gonna go back in there for a while. Wanna come?"


"Naw, that's okay. Long as you come back. I'm gonna sleep," Patrick muttered, his eyes remaining closed.


Liam gave him a quick kiss. "I will." He eased out of the room quietly and returned to his friends, who were wrestling each other on the floor. They stopped when Liam appeared, looking up at him with cheeky grins.


"Everything okay?" Matthew asked.


"Yep," said Liam. He followed Colin's eyes down his body, realizing he was still quite aroused.


"I need help," said Colin. "They're ganging up on me!"


"Matthew's feet are ticklish," Liam announced, going in for the kill. Matthew screeched and kicked, until Jeremiah tackled Liam to the ground. Soon it was every boy for himself, as they writhed on the floor and tried to best each other with tackles, stealth moves to avoid being pinned, and erratic karate chops.


The event was halted when Colin managed to pin Liam to the ground. The personal contact had kept Liam stimulated, and now he could feel Colin's erection against his own. They froze in place for several moments, staring at each other, before Matthew intervened.


"Are you guys going to kiss?"


Colin scowled and pushed himself up. "No!"


"Just asking," Matthew murmured.


"Wanna pull out the bed and watch another movie?" Liam suggested. "Something fun?"


"I do!" Jeremiah raised his hand. The others agreed it was a good idea, too.


They unfolded the sofa bed, Liam started another movie, and they snuggled up together underneath the covers. Liam was aware that Colin was still aroused, as well as himself, and it bothered him that he couldn't stop thinking about his moment with Colin in the shower, and then the one at the end of wrestling. He knew it was only because he was horny. If Patrick had brought him to orgasm, instead of leaving him high and dry, he reasoned he wouldn't be thinking about sex after that. Which meant he wouldn't be thinking about Colin and his erection.


He finally decided if they jerked off, they would feel better and be more relaxed. He leaned in to Colin's ear and whispered, "I'm gonna jerk off in the bathroom. Wanna do it, too?" Colin shrugged, like he didn't care one way or the other. "Keep the movie going," Liam told the others. "Just going to the bathroom."


"Me, too," said Colin, and he followed Liam down the hall.


After locking the door, Liam giggled and removed his underwear. "Patrick had sex with me, but then he went right to sleep. I need this so badly."


Colin removed his briefs, too, watching Liam nervously. "I don't like jerking off when Matthew's around. He said he doesn't mind, but it's kind of embarrassing. So I haven't done it in a couple of days."


Grinning wider, Liam eased himself to the floor. "Have you ever tried to suck your own dick? I can do it. It's fun, too."


Colin gaped as he sat next to Liam. "No way! I wanna see."


"You just double over like this," said Liam, and he folded his legs over his head, welcoming his cock with an open mouth. He moaned and sucked, incredibly turned on by doing it in front of someone.


"That's really cool." Colin copied Liam's movements, though he had trouble connecting mouth to dick. He grunted and groaned, but he couldn't quite get there. "Damn it," he said, unfolding. "I can't do it." He watched Liam, who was feeling too good to stop, and stroked himself wildly.


Liam suddenly began to moan louder and whimper, and his body somewhat convulsed as streams of cum fired down his throat. His clamped lips sucked his cock dry, until his body popped out of its position, and he gasped for air. "Ahhhh, that was goooood."


Colin grunted and stroked faster. "You came in your mouth?" he gasped. "Oh my god, I'm..." He held his breath for a moment, until a large moan burst from his lips and semen shot out of him like Old Faithful. He jerked around like Liam had done, until they were both lying flat on the floor, energies spent.


Neither of them moved for a few long minutes, until Liam pushed up with a grunt and wet a washcloth. He returned to Colin and began cleaning him, just as Matthew had once done for him. "You came a lot."


Colin gasped lightly as Liam scrubbed his package clean, along with his chest. "You sure Patrick won't mind that we did this?"


"'Course not," Liam stated. "It's not like we had sex with each other or anything. He knows I still love him."


Colin nodded, and silently they donned their underwear and returned to the movie. The youngest two didn't even seem to notice them. They snuggled up to each other, and Liam felt much more content, now that sex wasn't on his mind. Before he knew it, he was dead asleep, all four boys pressed against each other without a care in the world for the rest of the night.