Shaw Island Matt Caper

Chapter 16

Limberness, Libidos & Love

Tuesday morning's walk toward the Lopers' was a long, dreaded one for Liam. Colin had made his declaration the day before, and Liam had barely slept. He didn't know how to feel or what to think. And as he padded across the misty pavement, kissed by overnight sprinkles, he couldn't stop thinking about the kiss he'd received. It particularly struck him that he'd enjoyed it as much as he did, when before he'd regarded his relationship with Colin as only brotherly.

Coming closer to their meeting point, he also wondered if Colin was still angry with him. He'd begun to realize how self-centered he had become regarding Patrick and knew that Colin had every right to be mad. But confrontation always scared him, and he feared the worst.

No one acted any differently than any other morning, however. Matthew and Colin greeted him, and they began their walk toward school. And keeping up with tradition, Matthew's words spilled out of him, though he avoided the topics of his best friend and his brother.

"Jeremiah said he's gonna bring his birthday party invitations to school today and give `em to us. I can't wait! Oh my gosh, we have to think of something to get him! Hmm. What do seven year olds like? I can't even remember that far back."

"That was only two years ago for you," Colin commented dryly.

"Yeah, but I still can't remember," Matthew continued. "I've grown up a lot since then."

He continued to chat while the others mostly remained silent. Liam was grateful for the familiar distraction that made things generally less awkward. But when they had to separate into their respective classes, the silence loomed over him and Colin like a thick, heavy fog. They turned in the previous night's homework, then Mrs. Cole beckoned them out of their seats.

"You're going to the computer lab again," she said. "Finish yesterday's assignment and begin today's. The directions are there for you, but I'll be in here if you have any questions. And no arguing, gentleman."

"Yes, ma'am," they replied in unison.

Once seated in the place where Colin had kissed his lips, Liam felt his heart racing. Whether he was nervous, excited or scared, he honestly couldn't tell. "Col?" he began timidly. "Can I say something?"

"Nobody's stopping you," said Colin, his eyes glued to the computer screen.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry, `cause I know I was being a selfish prick."

"Yep," said Colin simply.

Liam's chest stung with the short reply, but he knew he deserved it. "How do you know you're not infatuated with me?" he blurted. It wasn't what he had meant to say, but he couldn't very well take it back now.

Colin turned toward him slightly with a pained expression. "'Cause I'd help you make up with Patrick, if that would make you happiest, even though I want you to be with me."

Liam was bowled over by Colin's selfless words, and he lost his breath for a few moments. The glaring truth smacked him in the face, as if Colin had slapped him yet again; if Patrick were in Colin's place and everything was reversed, Patrick would have never said those words or committed the actions they represented. Liam said nothing else about the subject for the rest of the day, and neither did Colin.

A while after arriving home at the end of the day, foregoing spending the afternoon with his friends yet again, he stood at the bottom of the steps to the guest house. He looked toward the top like it was Mt. Everest and it would be a great challenge to climb. Patrick was home by then, and Liam felt they could no longer avoid each other, as it had been more than a week since the breakup. However, Daniel had graduated to spending time with Patrick more than only on the weekends. He was inside with Patrick at that moment, as Liam gathered the courage to face them.

He took one step, and that helped propel him to take another. It was a slow, painful process, but eventually he reached the top of the deck. Just a few more steps to the door, and there would be no chickening out. "Just do it, Liam. Geez," he mumbled to himself. Mustering up a final bit of courage, he lifted his hand and knocked loudly. Soon William was opening the door.

"I have to see Patrick," Liam's voice was shaky.

"Daniel's here. Sure you wanna?" William asked softly.

"Yes," said Liam soundly, though he felt anything but sure. He marched in and to Patrick's door, where he knocked again. Upon the invitation, he slipped inside and closed the door behind him.

"Oh," said Patrick. "Thought you were Will. Um, what's up?"

Liam's lip trembled with fear, and it affected his voice, too. "I have..." he paused to swallow. " say something." He jammed his hands in his pockets to hide their shaking. "What you did to me, both of you, was crappy. You owe me an apology."

"Totally, man," Daniel began, standing to his feet. Liam was thankful they were both still dressed, even if they were on the bed together. "I'm a terrible friend, and I'm really sorry. Truly. I mean, guys have done that to me before, and I can't believe I did it to someone else, especially you. I really hope you'll forgive me."

Without responding, Liam turned his attention to Patrick, obviously waiting. Patrick took the hint and stood, too. "I'm sorry, Li. I have no excuses. I'm a crappy brother, and I don't deserve your forgiveness. If you find it in your heart to forgive me anyway, I'll forever be grateful."

Liam took a few deep breaths to gain a little more stability. "Nice words. I think you mean them." His eyes softened and projected his vulnerability, despite his resolution to remain stoic. "You still love me, right? Do you? As a brother, I mean?"

"Oh my God, of course I do!" Patrick exclaimed passionately. He approached Liam, and this time he was allowed to hug and comfort him.

"I couldn't stand it if you didn't love me at all," said Liam, voice breaking.

"Like I could stop loving you," Patrick soothed, holding Liam close to himself. "You're my baby brother, I'll always love you. And what we had I'll never forget. I don't regret it. It was something special to me. I hope you feel the same way."

Liam pulled back, wiping his eyes, and nodded. "Yeah. It was really great. It brought us closer, huh?"

Patrick nodded, too. "Definitely. Daniel and I were just discussing you, actually. We decided we wouldn't be together if it would just hurt you. It was his idea, to be honest. But we'll totally call it off if you want us to. Be honest."

Liam's head changed motion and began moving from side to side quickly. "No, no, no. It's okay. All I wanted was an apology and to know you still love me. You guys can be together all you want. But, um, actually there's one favor I wanna ask that would make everything okay again." He knew he was being cheeky and a little manipulative, but he felt he'd earned the right just this once.

"What? I'll do anything," said Patrick, practically putty in Liam's hands.

"Both of you," Liam clarified. "I want to buy Colin a laptop for his birthday in a month or so. I'll put in everything I have, but I need you to chip in, too. And I need you to buy it, Daniel, and keep it until his party. That way he won't accidentally find it. I want to surprise him. You don't have to put in much. Anything would help."

"Dude, I'm totally in," Daniel said immediately. "However much you need, it's yours."

"Me, too," said Patrick. "I don't have much, but I'll gladly lend it to his cause."

"Thanks," Liam smiled and hugged Patrick and Daniel in succession. "Okay, you can make out now, or whatever. I try not to think about what you do together. I guess you guys make a cute couple, though." Liam opened the door, intending to escape before he saw them doing anything together. He wasn't quite ready for that yet. "'Kay, bye." He scampered out and back to the main house, where he encountered his mother at the beginning of preparing dinner.

"Is that Daniel Cole's vehicle out there?" she asked, stopping Liam in his tracks.


She nodded thoughtfully. "Is he here to see Patrick?"

"Yeah..." Liam was apprehensive about where the conversation was leading.

"Does that mean they're a couple now?"

Every part of Liam froze, including his vocal cords, except for his eyes; they grew large and easily projected the horror he felt.

"Never mind, I shouldn't be asking you, should I?" said Jenny casually. "I should ask Patrick. Let's talk about you, then, shall we? Sit down at the bar." Liam somehow found mobility, enough to place himself on the barstool and wait for what was probably going to be the most embarrassing conversation of his life. "Is there a special boy in your life that I should know about?" Jenny continued.

"Mom," Liam croaked in a near whisper. He could feel his skin aflame.

"What?" Jenny asked with a no-nonsense expression. "You think I didn't know? I'm your mother, of course I know. However, you'll have to tell your father when you're ready. Now back to my question. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No." Liam's face fell into his hands; he tried to wish away the reality of their conversation. "This is so embarrassing."

"Well, I decided I couldn't wait for you to tell me. I thought it might be easier on you if I brought it up."

Liam looked up. "You're okay with it?"

Jenny clicked her tongue. "I'm hip, I know things about the world. You're my son, and that's all that matters. It just means I'll be counting on William to give me grandchildren."

Despite his horror, Liam giggled. "That does make me feel better, now that you mention it. You think Dad will be okay with it?"

"I don't know, son," Jenny shrugged. "He and I have never actually discussed it. But I know he loves you, so you shouldn't be afraid to tell him. And you might think about doing it soon. You and Patrick aren't exactly careful about...things."

"Oh my gosh," Liam whispered, and his face was drawn into his hands once again. "I have to finish my homework," he managed, slipping off the stool and running upstairs. He didn't know what his mom had seen between him and Patrick, and he didn't want to know, not even a little bit. Just knowing she'd likely seen anything made him want to crawl under a rock and die.

"So." A cheesy grin was plastered on Jeremiah's face, likely for the rest of the weekend. "Here's where we get to sleep tonight," he showed the others into one of the guest rooms. "See? There's a big bed in here! Um, Momma said I have to show you all the guest rooms in case everybody wants to sleep by themselves. There's three in all, `cause me and Josiah share a room, and I'd have to sleep in my own bed. Buuuut, can we please, please, please all sleep in the same bed? This bed is huge! It would be way more fun!"

Liam giggled at Jeremiah's enthusiasm; even Colin cracked a smile. "I vote we all sleep in here," said Liam, much to Jeremiah's delight.

"Me, too!" Matthew declared. "I hate sleeping by myself!"

Colin frowned. "You do, Matty?" Matthew nodded with a pout that could melt anyone's heart. "Aw, man, why didn't you say so before? I don't have to have my own room. My room's bigger, if you wanna move in with me."

Everyone jumped when Matthew squealed and started bouncing. "Really? Really? Ohmygosh I love you soooo much!" Colin grunted as the air was knocked out of him when Matthew plunged into him with a hug.

"Oh geez," Colin croaked.

"Sorry! Sorry!" Matthew exclaimed, still bouncing slightly as he pulled back.

"Love you, too," Colin half-grinned, even as he struggled to gulp down air.

"Mom!" Jeremiah yelled. "We're all sleeping in here!" Jess Wright didn't answer, but Jeremiah didn't take notice. He was on cloud nine, having just had his birthday party on Saturday, March thirty-first, the day before his actual birthday. And his three new best friends were staying overnight, a first even for Matthew, who'd long been Jeremiah's friend.

"I have a whole bunch of things we can do," Jeremiah continued. "Mom said I should make a list, so I did. But we don't hafta do any of it, if you don't want." He bounced onto the king-sized bed and off again. "Um, we can play games?" he suggested.

"You don't have to try so hard," Colin said, earning a glare from Liam. "No, I mean, it's cool that you made a list and everything. But we'll have fun no matter what, right? You don't have to let us choose everything. It's your birthday. You're the boss man this weekend."

Liam relaxed and nodded with a smile. "Yeah, Col's right, Jer. We'll do whatever you want, and anything you pick will be fun, `cause we're doing it together."

"Yeah, that's what I was trying to say," said Colin.

"I know," Liam grinned. But his grin faded quickly when he sensed the tension in Colin's face. They hadn't said a single word about Colin's confession since Liam's apology days before, yet it continued to grow and swell, creating an uncomfortable distance between them.

After Jeremiah's favorite dinner of burgers, fries and macaroni and cheese, they found themselves with another decision: watch movies accompanied with even more sweets, or play games in their bedroom for the night, also accompanied with more sweets.

"Your call," said Colin, and Jeremiah seemed unsure as he looked at each of them.

"But what do you wanna do?" Jeremiah cried.

"Jer." Liam stared hard into Jeremiah's eyes. "You're not a people pleaser today. Today you say what you want, and we do it. If we absolutely hate it, we'll probably say so. But I know we won't. What do you really want right now? Movies or games?"

"Games," Jeremiah squeaked.

Liam nodded. "Games it is! We'll give our input on what to play, but you ultimately get to decide. Okay?"

Jeremiah smiled. "Okay!"

They gathered in the guest room with the rest of the cake (with a cherry jell-o filling), individual portions of ice cream, and a lethal amount of chocolate in various forms. Jeremiah fished out a board game from the closet and presented Twister to the others with bright eyes. "Is this a good game? `Cause I think it's fun!" Everyone easily agreed, and he spread the vinyl pad on the floor. With the spinner on the floor next to the mat, they began their first game.

As in all Twister games, the beginning was easy and the spins came quickly. Whoever was closest to the spinner brought them to the next play, and it didn't take long for four boys to be incredibly cozy with each other. Being rather limber, Liam didn't have difficulty with the moves. He did, however, feel heat spreading from his chest up to his face, then downward into his groin. His body interpreted the contact with three other boys as foreplay, much to his chagrin. Also despite his intentions, he maintained a particular focus on the body of one certain almost-fourteen year old.

Colin was the first to tumble over, and Liam relaxed slightly. His twisted body helped mask his arousal, which had easily grown to a full erection, and he hoped Colin's absence would cause a relief of pressure. Unfortunately, his body continued to appreciate the physical contact with the other two indiscriminately. He dared not look at Colin for fear of giving his arousal away.

Suddenly Matthew cried out. "Noooo!" He slipped into a crumpled heap on the floor.

"Too bad!" Jeremiah cried triumphantly.

Liam giggled. "You're really good at this, Jer. But don't count your winnings yet!"

"Bring it, little boy," Jeremiah growled. Liam nearly lost the game from laughing so hard.

Spin after spin, they continued their attempts to best each other. Minutes passed, and the room grew deathly quiet, waiting to see who would come out on top. Liam became so focused, his dick returned to a flaccid state, which he was thankful for. But in the end, even his concentration wasn't enough to win. He attempted a difficult twist and paid the price, falling flat. Jeremiah, on the other hand, jumped up and down in victory.

"Dang," Liam was somewhat breathless. "Good job. I guess it pays to be the smallest sometimes."

"Booya!" Jeremiah cried, sparking everyone into laughter yet again. "Okay, let's do it again! Wanna? One more time? And this time everybody has to get naked!"

"What if your mom comes in?" asked Colin.

Jeremiah shook his head confidently. "She won't. She said she would leave us alone, if I promised we would behave." He and Matthew were already tossing their clothes aside.

"I think I'd rather keep my underwear on," Colin persisted.

"Me, too," Liam agreed.

Jeremiah shrugged. "Whatever. I play better without clothes."

Colin snorted. "Like you need to play better."

Another game began, and the predictable occurred; Liam's Fruit of the Looms swelled in the pouch. He ignored it and continued playing, for he was somewhat relieved to see Colin in the same predicament. And this time he couldn't keep from looking. He also couldn't help enjoying the contact with Colin's body. Pushing it even further, he purposely rubbed up against Colin whenever possible, acting completely casual about it. He felt the looks Colin was casting and ignored them.

When the moment came that his head ended up between Colin's thighs, he was feeling particularly devilish. He tilted his head and licked the flesh of Colin's thigh just outside of the groin area. The taste was salty, and the thrill of it zapped electric chills throughout his body. It apparently had a similar effect on Colin; he yelped, flinched, and tumbled to the floor, looking up at Liam with horrified eyes. Liam merely offered a wicked grin.

"You lose!" Jeremiah cried happily.

Colin glared hard at Liam, who licked his lips in response, something Colin was obviously not expecting. A smile almost broke his stern face, but he recovered quickly. "Payback is hell, Reilly," he said darkly. Liam giggled and stuck out his tongue.

"What did you do?" Matthew asked.

"Nothing," said Liam innocently. "I don't know what he's talking about."

Colin sat next to the spinner and called out each move. His eyes, however, were largely fixed on Liam in a hard glare, and it made Liam nervous. He expected retaliation at any moment, which made him less focused on the task of winning. The spinner was spun right hand on green and Liam had to arch his back and thrust his front side upward to reach the nearest green spot. His crotch was in a vulnerable spot, and he glanced nervously at Colin every few seconds while trying to maintain his balance.

Suddenly Colin scooted around the pad and stopped directly at Liam's feet, taking the spinner with him. "You better not do anything, Loper," Liam strained his neck to be able to watch Colin's potential movements. "You're not in this game anymore."

"Yeah, thanks to you," Colin scowled.

"It's not my fault you don't have any stamina," Liam quipped.

There was no response from Colin but to keep spinning. He did nothing but stare, but it nevertheless had repercussions. Liam became so anxious, fearing what Colin might do, he slipped on a move that should have been easy for him. He rolled off the pad, sat up, and glared darkly at Colin.

"Too bad," Colin murmured.

"I thought for sure you were gonna knock me over somehow," Liam sighed.

"Not this time," said Colin, and continued to spin.

After another win by Jeremiah, they all agreed to find another game. After a while of Monopoly, then a couple of tame card games, they were all relaxed and ready to rest their playing skills. Colin stretched out on the bed, and the others began to join him.

"I'm not sleepy yet," said Jeremiah, even though his usually bright blue eyes gave the impression of a cloudy day. He crawled in next to Matthew, who had Colin on the other side of him. Liam ended up on the other end, on Colin's other side.

"We can talk for a while," Matthew suggested.

"Do you think you guys will wanna sleep over again sometime? Can we do it a lot in the Summer?" Jeremiah automatically cuddled up to Matthew as he asked the questions.

"Whichever house we stay at, Jer, you're always with us, `kay?" said Liam. "I can't wait `til Summer. We can do lots of things together even during the week."

"I wanna get our clubhouse built before school lets out," said Colin. "We need our own place to go, kind of like our own guest house. Do you think Dad will let us put electricity in it, Matty? Then we could have an air unit and lights and everything. Maybe even a TV."

"Ooh! That would be so cool!" Matthew exclaimed.

"We have less than two months before school's out," Liam reminded them. "We should work on it every day after school and on the weekends."

Colin sighed and turned on his side, facing Liam. "I think I am sleepy now," he murmured. "Goodnight, boys. Oh, and happy official birthday, Jer."

"Thanks!" Jeremiah beamed, then turned out the light.

After the others echoed their birthday wishes, they all fell silent, until Jeremiah soon began softly snoring. Also a quick one to sleep, Matthew's breaths turned long and heavy. Liam couldn't see Colin's face in the dark to see if his eyes were closed, but he still heard normal breathing from him. He sneaked a wicked hand toward Colin and found his abs, then drew it downward. He'd touched Colin's crotch for only a millisecond before Colin grabbed Liam's hand, gripped hard, and pushed it away.

"Ow!" Liam whispered, stunned. "You hurt me."

"Don't touch me," said Colin. "It's not funny anymore."

Confused, Liam propped himself up on his elbow. "I thought you liked me touching you. You always get hard, and you love me."

"So you thought you could use me for sex now that Patrick's with Daniel? No thanks. Just because I love you doesn't mean I'm gonna let you play with my emotions. I'm sick of people using me."

"Oh gosh, Col, I'm really sorry!" Liam was horrified how he'd made Colin feel. "I didn't mean to use you. Honest. I was just being stupid, I guess. I'm just so confused."

"Well, go to sleep and be confused by yourself. I can take only so much rejection." Colin rolled to his other side facing the others, and Liam felt a bit of rejection himself.

"Please, can't we talk about it?" Liam pleaded. "I feel like you've basically been ignoring me all week."

Colin turned back toward Liam abruptly, lifting his head. "What else am I supposed to do? What else is there to talk about? I'm not Patrick, and I never will be. I won't try to be, either, just to please you."

"But that's the thing! I've thought about you almost every minute of every day since you said you love me. Like, I remembered the other times we slept against each other, and no matter what was happening, I felt so happy and peaceful when you held me. You're so different from Patrick, and suddenly I've been seeing all the reasons why that's a good thing. In your favor. You're, like, affectionate now. I mean, it's not just that...I can't really explain it. Ever since we became friends, your good side has come out. You don't bully people anymore, but we still look up to you because you're strong, and you're a good leader. My brothers are good leaders, but they're still kind of bullies, too." Liam stopped, suddenly nervous about what Colin was thinking. But Colin didn't speak for a long, excruciating minute.

"So what are you saying?" he finally asked quietly.

"I'm saying...well, um, I don't know why I didn't know I loved you before, but I know it now. I'm only confused because it feels so sudden, and I don't even wanna be with Patrick anymore. I hope I'm not being selfish, but I don't think I am, because I'd do anything to make you happy. Same as when we first became friends, only now all you have to do is look at me the right way, and I get a boner."

Colin snickered, easing the tension between them. "But I've know...done anything. You might not like doing it with me."

"Psh," Liam snorted. "I'm twelve. Even the spray from the shower makes me and my dick happy."

"Geez, Liam," Colin admonished, but he couldn't help giggling. "Yeah, well, I have to confess something. I lied to you once. Remember when we were sleeping in Trey and Toran's cave, and we both woke up with boners? I wasn't dreaming about Sonia Purvis, at least not that time. I was dreaming of you."

Liam beamed and scooted closer to Colin's body. "You were? That's so sweet. I would be jealous now, if you were dreaming of her. You can have the real thing, if you want. Me, that is."

"No," said Colin, and Liam frowned.

"Oh." He didn't know what else to say.

"We can't have sex unless we're...together. I'll never be like Mrs. Aerhart, having sex with William while married to someone else. I mean, it's not really the same thing, but it sort of is. I would never cheat on you, either. Not for the world."

Liam's heart melted and filled his insides with a gooey mess of elation and love. "Oh my gosh, I really do love you. I would be your boyfriend in a heartbeat. Exclusive, me and you." He paused, waiting and hoping for Colin to ask. He thought it wasn't going to happen, but Colin finally cleared his throat, raising Liam's hopes.

"If we become boyfriends now, we'll have to share our anniversary with Jeremiah's birthday. And April Fool's Day."

Impatient, Liam sat upright. "I don't care! We'll all celebrate together! And this better not be a joke!"

"It's not a joke," Colin whispered. "I love you. Please be my boyfriend?"

"Ohmigod yes! Yes, yes!" Liam squealed, jumping into Colin's arms with a grand bear hug.

"Yay!" Matthew's voice emerged from the darkness. "You're finally boyfriends!"

"And you did it on my birthday!" Jeremiah cried happily.

Liam and Colin began laughing, even as they kissed erratically. "Sorry, guys," said Liam. "Didn't mean to wake you up."

"No, it's cool," said Matthew. "I'm very happy my brother and my best friend are together. Are you gonna have sex now?"

"Um," Colin began. "We're all in the same bed, and that would be embarrassing."

"We always sleep in the same bed," Matthew pointed out. "We can't see anything, anyway."

"Yeah, but you would hear everything. It's probably not appropriate."

"Besides," Liam added, "I want the lights on when we do it, at least for our first time." Despite his words, he slipped off of Colin and fondled his boyfriend's swelled package, bringing forth a guttural moan. "We might have to, um, go to the bathroom for a few minutes, though." He bounced off the bed and urged Colin along by tugging on him.

In the privacy and light of the bathroom, each boy soaked in the sight of the other. "You're blushing," said Liam.

"I was attracted to you the very first time I saw you," Colin confessed. "On the first day of school. I hated you, because I thought I'd gotten rid of that part of me. I jerked off in the school bathroom at lunch."

"Whoa," Liam breathed. "Too bad you didn't kiss me instead of beat me up." Colin hung his head, and Liam rushed to assuage his boyfriend's shame. "But it's okay, because I didn't know I was gay yet, anyway. It all worked out. I really love you now."

Colin looked up and smiled. Bravely, he shed his briefs and stroked his cock slowly. "Get `em off, Reilly," he whispered. "Hey, you wanna jerk each other off this time?"

"Yeah!" Liam nearly lost his balance getting his underwear off. "Your dick is already moist. That's so neat." They closed the gap between them and placed shaky hands on one another.

It appeared that Colin tried to reply, but all that came out were moans and whimpering sighs. Liam stroked him eagerly, until his body began to tremble not even a minute later, and he gasped for air. "Crap," he croaked, and streams of hot cum blasted Liam's hand and body. "Oh God...really sorry," he gasped.

"Don't be sorry," Liam smiled. "That's what we came in here for."

Colin drew deep breaths to recover and had stopped stroking Liam temporarily. "Nobody else has ever jerked me off before," he sighed when he regained control of himself. "I thought I was gonna cum that one time when you touched me there in the shower. I would've died from embarrassment."

Liam was cleaning Colin and himself with a rag. "That's the first time I had an inkling of what I felt for you. I didn't let myself think about it, though."

"Can I kiss you again?" Colin asked.

Liam looked up, offering a look of adoration. "You don't have to ask. I'm all yours."

Colin shrugged. "I still wanted to be polite, I guess." He leaned in, and they shared their first true, passionate kiss to last any length of time.

"Wow. I think you better jerk me off quick before I jump your bones." Liam lowered himself to the floor, stretched out on his back, and rested his hands under his head. "Want me to wake you up in the morning with a blowjob? That's what I used to do with..." he trailed off, realizing his foul too late.

Colin leaned down and got in Liam's face. "Don't you dare talk about Patrick or compare me and him," he ordered. "I told you, I'm not gonna be like him."

"Sorry," Liam frowned. "I want you to be yourself."

"You're not thinking about him, are you?"

"No way! Not even for a minute!" Liam assured him. "I just wanna do things you'll like."

"I don't even know if I like blowjobs or not," Colin responded. "But...I'm willing to give it a try.

"I'm telling you, they feel great."

"Whatever. Just please don't mention Patrick again." Colin kissed Liam softly and moved to take care of his arousal.

"Except one more thing," said Liam. "I don't think he was my true love. I love him and all, but not the way I love you. I can't say why it's different, but I think you're my first true love."

"Hopefully your only true love," Colin smiled warmly. "I want us to be together when we're as old as Dr. Nate." He was already stroking Liam's shaft.

"So do I. That is, if you don't get some pretty little thing like Alex when you're that age," Liam grinned at his facetiousness.

"Shut up and enjoy this," Colin scowled.

"Hard and fast, please."

When Liam arrived home Sunday evening, he practically floated into the house. His first day with Colin as a boyfriend had been superb. They hadn't done anything out of the ordinary, not even a blowjob in the morning, but knowing they were a couple and being together were enough. He felt so light and happy that when he found his parents together in the kitchen, with no one else around, he felt brave enough to make that his time of confession.

"Hi," he said, sliding onto a stool.

"Dad's making us dinner tonight," his mom said happily. "Isn't that nice of him?"

"Yeah, but isn't your birthday soon?" Liam asked.

"Not for a week yet," said Jenny.

"It's good to start early," Jacob said with a wink to Liam and a kiss to his wife.

"Can I talk to both of you while you're cooking?" Liam's serious face was matched by Jenny's, then a warm smile spread on her face.

"Go ahead, hon. We're listening."

"Well, for starters, I wanted to tell you that..." he paused, almost deciding not to go through with it. But his mom's reassuring look urged him on. "I'm gay."

Jacob looked up, his eyes meeting Liam's. Liam held his gaze, even as he stopped breathing until Jacob responded.

"You can be sure of that at twelve years old?"

Liam nodded. "I wasn't sure at first, but now I am. Um..." He felt his body trembling all of a sudden. "I have a boyfriend now. We just started going out today."

"Oh!" Jenny exclaimed. "Who's the lucky fellow?"

Liam's gaze switched to his mom, and he grinned. "It's Colin. Can you believe it? He used to pick on me, and now he loves me. And I love him."

"Oh, Liam, that's wonderful," she sang.

"Thanks," he blushed, though he felt much relieved. "Is that okay, Dad?"

Jacob cleared his throat, watching his work instead of his son. "Love is a strong word for a boy who's not even a teen yet. You haven't even experienced life or the pitfalls of relationships." He finally looked up again. "Are you having sex already? Do you use protection?"

"Dad, it's not like we've had sex with anyone else." Liam shot a glance at his mother, who said nothing. "We want to experience life together. I know we barely know anything about love, but I know how I feel about him. He turned out to be really nice and kind, and he makes me happy. At least neither one of us can get pregnant."

Jacob nodded slowly, as Jenny covered one of his hands with her own. "Listen, I'm just trying to look out for your best interests. I still love you. You're still my son. You being gay doesn't change that. I guess I can't give you much advice in that area; except maybe that you'll do yourself a favor if you try to work through the hard stuff instead of just giving up. Young people tend to give up a lot more these days, but a man with good character gives it everything he's got to make it work, if he really loves his...significant other."

Liam nodded in understanding. It filled him with immense joy to be given advice by his dad, given the subject matter. "Thanks, Dad. I'll remember that."

"Is he going to tell his parents?" Jenny asked.

"Oh. I don't know," said Liam thoughtfully. "We didn't talk about it. I just decided to do it when I came in, before I chickened out."

"Hey, we're always here to talk to if you need it," Jacob pointed his finger at Liam. "Don't be scared to. I may give an unpopular opinion, but that doesn't mean we can't talk it out."

"I think Colin should tell Charles and Linda," Jenny added. "I'm sure it'll be fine when he does. And I like talking to Linda about our children, but I won't discuss this until Colin talks to her."

"Okay. I feel a lot better now. I'm pretty lucky you're my parents." Liam withdrew his phone from his pocket, while his parents exchanged smiles with one another. He sent a quick text to Colin: Just told my parents bout us. It's all good. Mom says u should tell ur parents too.

Colin's reply came within seconds: Maybe soon. Luv u.

Liam continued to float around the rest of the evening. After a long, hot bath during which he fantasized of nothing but Colin's naked body against his, it was later than his usual bedtime. He merely carried his towel back to the bedroom, so he could let his erection bounce free and happy. For a moment, he considered unearthing the forgotten hairbrush to bring his fantasies to a wonderful climax, but ultimately decided against it. He would wait for his chance with Colin.

Simultaneous with his shutting the bedroom door, he felt a sharp whack on his behind. He cried out, but not before a hand covered his mouth. Patrick had been hiding behind the door, he realized. He also discovered his brother was wearing only underwear, as he was pulled up against Patrick's strong body; strong, aroused body, he found.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who's horny," Patrick growled sultrily. He reached around and fondled Liam's sensitive balls.

"Patrick, get off!" Liam commanded.

"I intend to," Patrick replied. "I hope you don't mind, I forgot the lube."

With a frustrated grunt, Liam twisted out of Patrick's grip and put a safe distance between them. "I do mind!" he yelled.

"Shhh!" Patrick hissed. "You're gonna get Mom and Dad up here!"

"If you don't get out of my room, I'm gonna scream bloody murder and wake the whole island!"

"Dude, what's the deal? I thought you would like it?"

Liam stared at Patrick and his massive erect tool, and he knew with every fiber of his being that Patrick had been wrong for him all along. "You can't just sneak in like this and take what you want. You broke up with me, remember? After you cheated on me. What, are you cheating on Daniel now?"

"It's not cheating when it's with your brother," said Patrick smugly. "I won't see Daniel for a few days, anyway, and I'm awful horny."

Liam frowned. "I don't think I like you very much right now, Patrick. That's not how you're supposed to treat people. Especially your boyfriend. And I'm off the market, thank you very much. Colin's my boyfriend now, and I love him. He loves me, too, and we'll never cheat on each other."

Patrick seemed appropriately shamed, as he hung his head and blanched. He began picking up his clothes that were scattered across the floor. "Okay. Sorry, man. I didn't know about Colin."

"You and Daniel need to learn to not be so selfish. I'm twelve, and even I know it's not right to cheat, even with your brother." Liam eased back onto the bed while Patrick hurriedly dressed.

"I know. You're right," Patrick couldn't even look at Liam. "Sorry. I know I've been saying that a lot lately, but I am."

"I guess I forgive you," said Liam. "As long as you never try that again. Now leave so I can jerk off and go to sleep."

Patrick finished dressing and paused at the door. "Hey. I'm happy for you and Colin. I hope he's good to you. You deserve it." Then he hurried out, finally leaving Liam alone to submerge himself into his fantasies once more.