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Chapter 2

Fire, Friendship & Fucking

Liam came into consciousness slowly. He and Matthew were still in their tent, and he felt a little sore from being on the hard ground. Light was also burning through his closed eyelids, and he mentally cursed his brothers for not securing the tent cover well enough. Shaw Island often experienced high winds, which probably blew the cover right off, or so Liam supposed.

With Matthew still against him, he felt almost smothered by the body heat. But even as he tried to wriggle out from under Matthew's dead weight and push the kid away, he found it difficult to gain the oxygen needed to free himself. The more he tried, the harder it was to breathe. And the more he sweat from the suffocating heat.

Finally, he groaned and sat up, forcing his eyes open to push Matthew away, once and for all. What he realized, with great horror, was the light wasn't coming from the sun. The entire wall on Matthew's side of the tent was alive with terrorizing flames. Liam screamed and promptly moved away from the fire and desperately tried to pull Matthew with him.

"Matthew! Mattheeewww! Please wake up!" He managed to drag the sleepy boy a few inches, before Matthew began to waken. After that, both their screams competed with the noise of the flames. They couldn't get out, because the opening was being consumed before their eyes. Huddling together, they clawed at the one side of the tent not yet burning, but without success. They screamed and bawled, and felt the fire coming ever closer.

"Liam! Liam!" They heard more than one voice calling out. William had wandered out of the guest house in his underwear, his destination the main house refrigerator, for a middle-of-the-night snack. He happened to glance downhill, seeing a fire that seemed much larger than a campfire should be. Tentatively at first, he drew closer, until he realized the horrifying truth. He screamed for Patrick, who came barreling out the door in his underwear, as well. He ran after William, but didn't know why at first. What he soon saw made his stomach cramp.

The brothers' dread grew infinitely larger, when they confirmed the boys were still inside. William grabbed a rock and jabbed at the canvas. "I'm coming! I'm coming, Liam!" He ripped the material wide open, and Liam pushed Matthew out of the hole. Patrick stepped up and yanked the boy completely out. William wasted no time in dragging Liam out, as if he had super human strength.

The boys sobbed, all four of them, while the younger ones clung to the older ones for dear life. Not a minute after the kids were rescued, Jenny and Jacob came rushing down in their nightclothes, in a complete panic. The tent was completely engulfed in flames by then, too.

"Bring `em to the house, now!" instructed their father. Even once they were in the family room, Liam didn't want to let go of William. "Let go, son," said his father gently. "I need to check you for burns." He examined both boys all over their bodies, thankfully finding no damage. Even so, Jenny was in tears at what might have happened.

"Thank God you're okay," she gushed, dabbing at her eyes with a tissue and securing her nightgown. "What happened? Did your campfire get out of control?"

"We n-never st—started one," Liam choked out. That had scared him more than anything ever had. "I w-woke up and saw the f-fire."

"It's okay, son," Jacob took Liam in his arms, while Jenny was comforting Matthew. "Breathe, you two. You're safe now."

Liam reluctantly let go of his father after a couple of minutes, and wiped his face with the back of his hand. Apart from nearly dying, the most prominent thought in his mind was the last words he'd said to his brothers. Even if he never said it again, he had to tell them right then that he didn't mean it. If he really did die soon, at least then they would know.

He took a couple of semi-deep breaths, so he could get the words out. "I'm sorry about...about what I said before. I didn't mean it. Thank you for saving us." He threw his arms around William's neck. "I love you," he admitted, though his words were muffled.

William was embarrassed, because he started crying again, where everyone could see. "I'm sorry, too, and I love you, too," he whispered.

Patrick was crying a little, too, but wasn't so self-conscious about it. He was still in shock that his brother nearly died, and imaging how horrible it would've been. Liam embraced him, next, and the same words were repeated by both. All the while, Matthew was clinging to Jenny.

Why don't you boys get in Liam's bed, and I'll bring you some hot chocolate," said Jenny. Liam separated from Patrick, took Matthew's hand, and they padded up the stairs.

Once under the covers, Matthew launched into Liam's arms and cried some more. "You saved my life. You're my best friend, Liam."

Now Liam was the comforter, consoling Matthew with tender caresses, like his own mom often did for him. "Don't cry, Matthew. It's okay. I'm glad you're not hurt. You're my best friend, too." They held each other, until Jenny came in with two mugs of fresh hot chocolate. They sat up, Matthew still sniffling, and thanked her.

"Honey, should I call your mom?" she asked Matthew. "I'll take you home, if you want."

Matthew furiously shook his head with wide eyes. "I don't wanna go home! I'm not scared anymore."

"It's okay if you are," she replied tenderly. "That was quite an ordeal you two went through."

"Liam saved me," he bragged. "When I- when I woke up, he- he was pulling me away from the fire," he said, getting so excited about what Liam did for him, he could hardly talk. "Then you know what? William ripped open the tent, and Liam, he made me go out the hole first, even though he was closer and could've jumped out faster." His eyes were bright, and it was as if he were speaking of some happy and exciting event.

Jenny inhaled deeply, overcome with emotion for her son's heroic acts. But she replied rather diplomatically. "I think you two are very lucky to have each other. Just keep taking care of each other." She kissed her son, who was blushing from the praise, on the forehead. "I'll call your mom in the morning, Matthew. She'll have to give the okay for tomorrow night's sleepover. Goodnight, boys."

They sipped their hot chocolates in silence for a bit, then put the mugs aside and slid under the covers. "You don't have to talk like I'm some hero, you know," Liam murmured, as they faced one another. "I just didn't want you to be hurt, that's all."

Matthew frowned, pondering Liam's words. But then he smiled. "If I tell people around here how you saved me, everyone will like you. Then you wouldn't have to worry about people like Colin, anymore, because you'd have lots of friends to back you up."

Liam giggled. "I never thought of that. Okay, you can tell people," and they both giggled. Liam reached up and shut off his lamp, and immediately Matthew's naked body gravitated to Liam's.

"Is it okay if we do this?" Matthew asked worriedly.

"What?" asked Liam. "Like, sleep together like this?"

"Uh-huh. I like it. And I actually am kind of scared, still."

"Yeah, it's okay. I guess I like it, too."

"You won't tell anyone, will you?" pleaded Matthew.

"No way. Since we're best friends now, we keep each other's secrets. You won't tell about me jerking off in the tent, will you?"

"No way!" Matthew echoed. "I'll never tell a soul."

"Good," Liam smiled in the darkness. "I'm going to sleep now."

They drifted into slumber, though both woke up more than once with nightmares, serving only to make them cling tighter to each other. Eventually, though, exhaustion, both physical and emotional, forced them into deep sleeps. When Patrick crept into their room at one in the afternoon, they were dead to the world.

The fourteen year old gazed with fondness at the boys wrapped up in each other, though that fondness was a private affair. He could never voice his thoughts. As he approached Liam's side of the bed, an odd sensation grew in his gut, when he saw Liam's naked backside peeking out from under the sheet. He wondered, then, how two boys could be that close and naked. It just seemed weird. Then again, he reasoned, they were only kids.

"Liam," he shook his brother gently. "If you want lunch, it's ready."

Liam squinted up at Patrick and nodded sleepily. "Thank you," he croaked. He was still feeling affectionate, after the night's events. Patrick nodded and whacked Liam's butt, making the boy giggle, and left the room. Liam woke Matthew, and they tumbled out of bed and to the bathroom. Like every morning as of late, Liam had to try to pee with a stiff member. Matthew curiously watched, but neither of them mentioned his body's state.

After dressing, they raced downstairs with huge appetites, feeling much more relaxed than they had a few hours earlier. Linda Loper was there, waiting for her son to come down.

"Mom!" Matthew cried, and ran to her. They hugged tightly, and Linda did her own checking of Matthew's limbs.

"You and Liam aren't allowed to be in anymore fires, you hear me? My heart can't take it. It's a good thing it happened here and not at home. Jenny's better in crises than I am, I'm thinking."

"No, no more fires," Matthew agreed. "I can't take it, either. But we're fine, now." He barely drew a breath before launching into his news. "Mom!" he began excitedly. "Did you hear what Liam did?" She hadn't heard, and Matthew delighted in telling the story all over again, while Liam blushed from head to toe.

"Oh, Liam!" Linda explained. "Come here, let me hug you!" Liam's coloring deepened considerably, as he was caressed and petted and fawned over. Jenny, meanwhile, looked on proudly.

"Thank you, Mrs. Loper," said Liam bashfully.

"You may call me Linda," she replied. "Jenny, I'm adopting him. He's so precious!"

"Oh, I've already adopted Matthew," said Jenny, offering a kind smile to the eight year old. "He's the sweetest, most well-mannered boy. He'll be a good influence on Liam." Matthew and Liam laughed, knowing Linda had said the same thing in reverse.

"So Liam can still spend the night tonight?" Matthew queried.

"Of course he can," Linda stated. "You just walk over when you're ready, because Jenny and I are going to see Diane.

"Who's Diane?" asked Liam, as he and Matthew were each served a plate of grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.

"Colin's mom," Matthew informed him, without enthusiasm.

"She's a nice lady," said Linda. "She must be stressed, what with Colin getting in trouble all the time. We're going to take her out for some girl time."

Liam wanted to roll his eyes, but didn't. "Just don't let her bring Colin over here."

"Yeah," Matthew agreed.

Jenny pursed her lips and glared at her son. "Have you even tried to be his friend?"

"Mom!" he exclaimed. "I never did anything to him, and he still picked on me! He didn't like me the second he saw me!"

"Hmph," Jenny merely snorted, deciding not to pursue the issue.

After lunch, the boys walked down the hill to see the site of their horror, but found it had all been cleaned up. "It's like nothing ever happened," Liam muttered, as they stood and stared at the spot.

"I had bad dreams about it," Matthew shared.

Liam turned to look at his friend, frowning. "Me too. I don't think I want to sleep in a tent ever again."

"Me neither!"

"Wanna swim before we go to your house?"

Within seconds, all their clothes were off, and their frowns turned to smiles. They did their best to wash away all the bad dreams and terrors from twelve hours earlier.

The two friends discovered what they liked to do most was explore and play games in the woods. With nothing else to do on the island besides swim, exploring occupied nearly every day after school, once their homework was done. Abby often joined in, when parents were available to drive her to and from home, and when she didn't have to watch her baby brother.

Bare-chested but for some "war paint", which was also applied to his face, Liam crept from tree to tree and tried to stay hidden. The game for this September weekend was war, played by their own set of rules. Matthew, AKA The General, and Abby, AKA The Princess ("But a mean princess!" she insisted), could jump out from anywhere, so he had to be careful. He was The Warrior, and he had to take the others out before they took him out. To snuff his opponent, he had to grab their "flag", basically an old rag, sticking out of their shorts. The ideal situation was to find a vantage point, where he could stay hidden, but still see the others coming.

He heard one of them nearby and made a run for it, since he could see no one. It sounded like they were giving chase, too. He figured it must be Abby, because Matthew had a habit of bellowing war cries when he spotted his enemy. Abby was not as fast a runner as Matthew. Nevertheless, Liam didn't let up as he dashed between trees, over rocks, and under low branches. So distracted was he by who might be behind him, he didn't see the fallen tree in front of him, until it was too late. He smacked hard into the thick piece of wood, right at forehead level.

A few seconds later, he regained consciousness. He was staring into the tops of trees, not really understanding what had happened. He blinked a few times, which hurt like hell. His head seemed to weigh a ton. Still, he was able to sit up, though it took some effort. After rubbing his head all over, he couldn't feel any anomalies. He eventually began to remember running into something. A glance upward revealed the fallen tree o a huge tree o kept from reaching the ground by a cluster of other large trees.

Curiously, he crawled closer to the tree cluster. The brush was so thick around the center of the cluster, he reasoned it could be a perfect place to hide. He managed to push under one section of brush, scratching himself all over in the process, and what he found made him gasp with wonder. Within the circle of that tree cluster, and shaded by the leaves of the fallen tree, as well as lots of well-placed branches and loose greenery, was a genuine, homemade fort. One could easily walk around it without ever knowing it was there. Someone had made the perfect hiding place, complete with a floor made out of two-by-sixes, several different kinds and sizes of containers and boxes, various sources of light o lamps, flashlights, candles and matches - and several cans of bug spray lying about.

"Holy moly," Liam whispered, in complete awe. Attempting to be as quiet as possible, he moved in farther to investigate. He opened containers and boxes, and peered inside, without disturbing the contents. He found canned food, bottles of water and juice, and various knives and utensils in just the first few containers. There was also a large plastic box of blankets and a sleeping bag. Someone, Liam thought, sure was serious about camping out.

He was captivated by the whole secretive nature of the place, the way it was so well hidden. Instantly he was wishing for one of his own, a clubhouse that he and Matthew could hide out in (but not sleep in, lest it catch fire while they slept). He found no indicators of who dwelled in this fort. Probably one of the older kids, he suspected. His brothers might even know whose it is. He wouldn't ask them, though. No, he liked the idea of being privy to the knowledge of this place, without anyone else knowing he knew. Except he'd share it with Matthew, but not until their game was over.

When Abby had gone home, Liam wasted no time in dragging Matthew back into the woods. "You gotta see this! I found the coolest thing today!"

"What is it? What is it, Liam?" Matthew bounced excitedly, even as he jogged to keep up with his older friend.

"I'm gonna show you! I found it when I got this mark on my head, when I ran into the tree. Have you seen the tree that fell over?"


"Well, it's here somewhere." Liam dashed to and fro, wildly searching for the place, while Matthew struggled to keep up. They looked for at least twenty minutes, but to no avail. He couldn't remember the way back to it.

"What if you were still knocked out and dreaming?" Matthew suggested.

Liam sighed sadly. "Man," he whined. "I know it's here somewhere. I wasn't dreaming."

"I'm hungry," said Matthew. Finally Liam was forced to give up, and they returned to Matthew's house. Both their houses and families had virtually become interchangeable between them, like they were brothers with two houses and two sets of parents. Patrick and William were still considered as kind of an aside; as life went on after the fire, they eventually tended to forget how close they came to losing their youngest brother. Things had pretty much reverted back to normal.

The boys crawled in the bathtub of hot water, which was soon almost gray from all the body paint. "I swear I wasn't dreaming," Liam insisted, as he scrubbed paint off Matthew's foot for him. Matthew giggled, and Liam frowned. "I wasn't!"

"No, you're tickling me," Matthew clarified.

"Oh. Anyway, there's this tree that went down, but not all the way. There's this, like, circle of trees, and the one tree fell right in the middle of `em. Stop wiggling! I'm trying to get this paint off."

"It tickles!" Matthew giggled some more.

"And there's all these branches and bushes put around this circle. It's a big circle, but you'd never know it was there, if you walked past it. It just looks like a pile of branches and leaves. But inside there's a floor made out of boards, and there was all these boxes and stuff. Like, there were flashlights and lamps, there was even canned food and some drinks. And there was a bin with a sleeping bag in it, and other blankets, too."

Matthew was fascinated by Liam's words. "Who do you think made it?" he asked.

Liam shrugged. "You think it could've been a high school kid that lives around us?"

Matthew gasped. "What if it's one of your brothers?"

Liam paused. He hadn't considered that option. "I bet William could build something like that. He's fifteen, and he's smart. I mean, it had to be someone smart to make it. You'd know if you saw it. Besides, whoever made the floor scraped the boards, so they'd be smooth, and they're, like, all nailed together, or something."

"Are you gonna ask Will about it?" Matthew asked, putting Liam's foot between his legs and rubbing paint off of it.

"Maybe. I haven't decided yet. I think we should try to find it again first. Then we can spy on it and see who goes in or out."

"Good idea!"

But though they tried their best repeatedly, they simply could not find what Liam had described, much to Liam's frustration. And eventually, the mark on his forehead faded, leaving no evidence that the place existed at all.

Most of the town gathered on the open land right at the tip of Blind Bay, for the Fall Festival, toward the end of September. The land was privately owned, but graciously offered as the site of many gatherings. The party stretched out on both sides of Blind Bay Road, with booths of crafts and various foods set up everywhere. One person wasn't likely to visit every booth or see every person attending, even if they were there all day. The party kicked off mid-morning on that Saturday, with a local band playing their folk music.

Liam, Matthew and Abby visited a few sweets booths after lunch, then Abby dragged them to a few arts and crafts booths. "Abby, this is boring," Matthew whined, as Abby fawned over cute Autumn-themed door decorations. It was now too cold to swim, so they were stuck with creating other entertainment for themselves.

She scowled in the boys' direction. "I'm almost done looking. Don't rush me. This only happens once a year, you know." So they waited (somewhat) patiently, while she moved on to peruse over a collection of pottery, made by a local artist who sold all around the world, online.

There at the pottery booth, Matthew nudged Liam and pointed at Liam's brother, Patrick, who was approaching. But Patrick didn't even seem to notice them. He was looking beyond them, to the artist's daughter behind one of the tables. She looked to be about fourteen, like Patrick. Liam nudged Matthew back and grinned.

"Hi, Sonia," said Patrick, wearing a goofy smile.

"Hi, Patrick," she was immediately blushing.

"How's it going?" To Liam, his brother sounded so cheesy, it was all he could do not to laugh.

"Okay, I guess," she replied.

"Cool," he said, then an awkward silence ensued. "Um, you want something to drink, or anything?" he finally asked.

"No, thanks. I have a bottle of water." She raised it up to show him.

By this point, he was blushing deeply and flustered. "You think you might wanna, um, do something later. Or I...I could help you out here `til you get off, if you want," Patrick stammered nervously.

At the mention of "getting off", Liam couldn't hold it in anymore. The pressure he was holding burst through his nose, causing a loud snort, which made Patrick snap his head sideways. Liam and Matthew both laughed loudly, and Patrick grew dangerously red in the face, accompanied by an angry glare.

"You're so immature, Liam," he spat, wanting to say much worse, but still conscious of Sonia's presence. "You stupid little roaches." Flustered beyond saving himself, he stormed off, leaving Sonia giggling a little, too.

"I think someone likes you," said the girl's mother.

"He's so cute," Sonia gushed, and Liam grimaced.

"Eww, gross," he said, and made a puking gesture.

"You'll like girls the same way, one day," the woman said to him.

"No way," said Liam.

When they left that booth, the trio was almost immediately accosted by an excitable six year old boy. Jeremiah, the only first grade boy on the island, saw Abby first and invaded her personal space. "Abby, Abby! Wanna come see our booth? We got cotton candy! Wanna come see?"

"Sure," she told him, and the boys groaned. Jeremiah took her by the hand and led her across the field, the boys trailing reluctantly. Of course, when they were all given free samples of the sugary goodness, they didn't mind so much. After that, however, they were stuck with Jeremiah for nearly the rest of the afternoon. Making their freedom more hindered, Abby was charged with lugging her baby brother, Benjamin, with her everywhere.

With the arrival of early evening, knowing the sun would be gone in a couple of hours, the boys got restless. "Can you take Benji back to your mom?" Liam pleaded with Abby. "Then we could go to Matthew's house and play the Playstation."

"I can't," she said sadly.

"Well, can he come with us, then?" Liam suggested. "I'm bored with this place."

"I told you, we have to go home early," she said exasperatedly.

"Oh, yeah," Liam mumbled. "You get to go on vacation and miss school." He was envious of that.

"Yep, and we're leaving early tomorrow morning."

"Know where we're goin'?" Benjamin piped up brightly. "Gramaw's!"

"Cool, Benji!" Liam replied, matching Benjamin's enthusiasm. "Gonna be fun, huh?"


Before long, the boys got their wish, leaving the festival, but had to do it without Abby. Also, much to their relief, Jeremiah was ordered home, too. Liam and Matthew were left alone, wandering idly toward Matthew's house. The clearing soon gave way to thick trees, signaling the edge of the gathering, and the noise faded almost at once. Shadows were shifting and moving all around them, for in a mere hour or so, the sun would be gone completely.

If they had been walking on the road, and not along the edge of the woods, they never would have been aware there were others who had traded the community of the festival for some time alone. And if they had been chatting it up as usual, instead of silently pondering their destination, they almost certainly would have been discovered. But as Liam stopped and extended his hand to Matthew's chest, halting him as well, he put a finger to his lips, ensuring Matthew's continued silence. They heard unmistakable voices just up ahead, and they both had the same thought simultaneously: it was a perfect opportunity for spying.

As quietly as they could, the moved deeper into the woods, toward the voices, and stopped the second they had visual contact. Liam crouched down, and Matthew followed. A few more steps, with the effort to avoid crunching leaves and sticks, and they had a clear view of a couple seated on the trunk of a large tree that had long ago been demolished. The boys conveyed their shock silently to each other, when they realized Liam's fifteen year old brother, William, was sitting with Diane Aerhart, Colin's twenty-nine year old mother, a pairing neither of the boys expected to ever see.

Diane laughed dryly. "Oh, William, you shouldn't let me go on about these things. You don't want to hear about my life and my problems."

"No, it's okay, Diane!" William said tenderly. "I like listening to you talk about your life. I'm just trying to be a good friend."

"You are a good friend," she assured him. "It's nice to get a man's perspective on things, especially from a caring man like yourself." She covered William's hand, which was resting on his knee, with her own.

"Your husband doesn't appreciate you like he should," he said. "He never listens to you. I think that's awful."

"It is, Will! You're so right. He never pays attention to me, unless he wants sex. Not that that happens anymore, either. He doesn't think I'm pretty enough, anymore."

William gasped dramatically. "Are you kidding me? You're totally pretty. I can't believe he can't see that."

Diane smiled sadly. "You're sweet. You're not like other men. I wish my son could take after you."

"He's rotten. Kids are like that. Trust me, I have two little brothers. Sometimes I think they'll never learn to appreciate me."

Diane inched closer to William, as her hand slowly traveled from his knee to this thigh. "I appreciate you," she whispered. They seemed drawn to each other like magnets, and suddenly their lips connected, and, eventually, their hands were all over each other. They moaned and groaned, and gave their bodies over to each other. Liam and Matthew were in total shock, eyes glued to the scene.

With Diane's fingers groping his denim covered crotch, William seemed to feel comfortable with slipping his hand under her skirt, and trailing it upward and between her legs. In a moment, she was whimpering and bucking lightly, and Liam wondered what in the world he could be doing to her. In the midst of that, she fumbled with William's jeans, until they were open, and he assisted her by pushing them down, along with his underwear.

The two young boys gaped, frozen to their spots, as Diane stood and sultrily removed her dress. Panting, William stood, too, and removed all of his clothing, but for his shoes. She pushed the boy back down on the tree trunk, knelt before him, and glided her moist lips over the head of his dick. Farther and farther down she went, until his shaft had completely disappeared. Then his dick became like a popsicle to her, as she bobbed up and down, sucking and slurping loudly.

William moaned aloud, arching his back and pushing into her mouth. Liam was mesmerized and wanted nothing more than to stroke his own dick just then. He also couldn't help wondering what William's dick must taste like to her, because she obviously was enjoying it.

Momentarily, she lifted her head, though she continued to stroke him. "I'm not the only girl that's ever sucked this big boy, or you would have already cum in my mouth," she said in a low, sexy voice.

"That's the best I've ever felt, though," he croaked.

She stood, the waning light making her slender body blend with nature. "Have you ever been inside a woman?"

"No." His voice was hoarse, and his body trembled with anticipation.

She pulled him to his feet and bent over with her hands on the tree trunk, ass high in the air. "Take me like the animal you are, William. I need a real man to give it to me."

Panting, he positioned himself behind her and pushed his dick into her unceremoniously. They both cried out without regard to who might hear, though the trees were good at soaking up their sounds. From Liam's perspective, it seemed William had put his dick in her asshole, and he just couldn't believe anyone would do that. As William thrust, and she begged for more, Liam couldn't keep from fondling himself over his shorts. He glanced at Matthew, who was ogling at the naked couple, keeping his eyes set on William's hard dick being rammed hard into the woman whose son was the boys' arch nemesis.

The boys could tell when William came, the way he held his breath, then growled out a moan, and his body jerked wildly. He shuddered every few seconds afterward, remaining in Diane for a long minute. He was still hard when he pulled out. She stood upright and turned, and they embraced with a long, passionate kiss. When they began to redress, it was almost completely dark, and the boys could see only dark figures moving about.

"You're a real man, William," Diane broke the silence. "I know we have to be careful. Our families would never approve of us. But please say we can meet in secret. We have something special here. We owe it to ourselves to carry on our love affair."

"I want to see you again and again," William whispered. "We can even meet at my place sometimes. I have my own guest house, and my parents would never know."

"You live alone there?" she asked.

"My brother, Patrick, lives there, too. But we don't have to worry about him. He won't tell anyone, trust me. I have dirt on him, and he'll do anything to keep me from spilling."

"Blackmail," she chuckled. "You'll tell me, won't you?" she said sweetly.

"Of course," he said, and they kissed once more."

"I'll text you when I want to meet, and you can text back, if you can. You can't text me first, though, because my husband might be around. I better go, now. Bye, lover."

"Bye." One more quick kiss, and her dark figure disappeared. William's figure remained still for a couple more minutes, and then he, too, disappeared.

Liam and Matthew said nothing to each other the whole way to Matthew's place. They ate dinner and retired to Matthew's bedroom, before one word was said about what they had witnessed.

"Oh my gosh," Liam whispered. Matthew gazed at him with wide eyes, waiting for what he might say, except Liam didn't even know where to begin. "I can't believe it."

"I know!" Matthew whispered back.

"William had sex with Colin's mom!" he exclaimed in hushed tones, as if Matthew hadn't seen it himself.

"I know!" Matthew repeated.

"And she's married!"

"I know!"

They fell silent again, shaking their heads in wonder. Finally, Matthew voiced some thoughts. "Will has a real big penis, and he put it in her butt! Is that how everyone does it?"

"The way I learned it, he's supposed to put it in her vagina," Liam shrugged. "But I think that's in her front, like our dicks are. That's how you make babies."

"Oh." They were both trying to process everything they'd seen, and both were wishing they could ask William directly about what they'd done.

"I never heard about girls putting their mouth on a boy's penis, either," Liam mused.

"Yeah. Will sure liked it, though," Matthew pointed out.

Liam nodded rapidly. "He was going wild." He furrowed his brow for a moment, until he spoke an idea. "Do you have any popsicles?"

"Yeah," said Matthew slowly. He didn't know this was related to the topic. "You want red, orange or grape?"

"Don't care. Grape."

Matthew zipped to the kitchen, returning mere moments later with two unwrapped popsicles. Liam accepted his, noting how it wasn't as thick as William's dick, but the length looked the same. Matthew started licking his orange one happily. "Wanna play the Playstation?"

Liam shook his head, a wicked gleam in his eye. "I'm gonna see if I can do what Diane did."

Confused, Matthew tilted his head sideways slightly. "Have sex with Will?"

Liam laughed aloud, echoed by Matthew. "No, dufus. She put his whole dick in her mouth. I'm gonna see if I can put this whole popsicle in my mouth, without biting it."

"Oooh," Matthew cooed, eyes bright. "Me, too." He went for it immediately, and half of it disappeared, before he pulled back. "I can't do it. I'll get choked."

Liam took a slower approach to the task, inserting it carefully and drawing it in, centimeter by centimeter. When he had three quarters of it down his throat, while Matthew looked on with eyes the size of half-dollars, he paused to breathe through his nose. A moment later, he attempted to go even farther, but had to withdraw.

"Whoa!" Matthew breathed. "You almost had it."

Liam grinned and licked the flavored ice instead.

Later, after hours on the Playstation, the boys were finally ordered to bed. "You can watch TV or a movie, but I want you in bed," Linda instructed. They stripped to their briefs and horsed around, jumping on the bed and wrestling each other, until Linda issued a final order. Matthew switched on the TV, as they crawled under the covers, watching MTV videos.

After several videos, during which conversation was nil, save for comments on artists and videos, they grew tired of gazing at the screen all together and shut it off. All was silent, as they slid farther under the covers. Matthew turned on his side, facing Liam. "Liam?"

Liam followed suit, facing Matthew in the same manner, each propping his head up with his palm, elbows on their pillows. "Huh?" Liam answered.

"Do you ever do that thing anymore? You know, that you did in the tent that one time?"

"You mean, jerk off?" Liam clarified.

"Yeah, jerk off. I've never seen you do it again."

Liam fidgeted uncomfortably. He was embarrassed to admit his addiction to pleasuring himself. "Um, yeah. Why?"

Matthew shrugged in the darkness. "Don't know. Just wondered."

Neither of them spoke for a while, until Liam finally voiced the natural response to Matthew's question. "Did you wanna see me jerk off again?" he asked, hoping Matthew did.

"Yes," Matthew answered definitively. He was excited that Liam would share something personal like that with him. He switched on the lamp, as Liam threw back the covers and yanked his briefs off.

Liam retrieved the images of William and Diane, that he'd stored away: the great size of Will's dick, Diane driving Will wild when she put her mouth on his dick, Will putting his dick inside her from behind and thrusting so hard, as she bent over and loved every second of it. It didn't take long for Liam to twitch and grunt, and spew forth his precious seed on his stomach.

Matthew yanked out a few tissues from the box on his nightstand, and he began wiping up Liam's mess. Liam watched, pleased, and shuddered every time Matthew touched his sensitive dick. After disposing of the sticky mess, they remained naked, and Matthew felt compelled to cuddle up to his friend, like he had the night of the tent fire. Liam didn't protest; he enjoyed the feeling. They remained close throughout the night, and in the morning, they were so entwined with each other, one could hardly tell where one boy ended and the other began.