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Chapter 3

Abuse, Advice & Anal

On the Friday after the Fall Festival, with Abby still on vacation and Matthew's family traveling to the mainland after school, Liam was dreadfully bored. So desperate was he for someone to play with, he paid his brothers a house call. He walked into the guest house without knocking. Seeing no one, he crept to the short hallway, where both bedroom doors were closed. Very carefully, he cracked open Patrick's door and peeked in, but could see nothing. He was just about to push it open an inch more, when the door was suddenly yanked open, causing him to fall to the floor.

"You little turd!" Patrick yelled. "What are you doing in here? You weren't invited in."

Patrick's loud voice prompted William to open his door and step out, to see what all the commotion was about. He frowned at the presence of Liam, who was picking himself up.

"I'm bored," Liam whined. "Can I come in your room for a while?" he asked the fourteen year old.

"No," Patrick stated tartly. "Go play with yourself."

Liam scowled and turned to William. "Will you hang out with me, Will?" he asked hopefully.

"Uh, no," William said dryly. "I don't hang out with kids."

"Get out of our house," Patrick commanded, and he slammed his door shut.

"You better not come in here again, without our permission," Will warned. "I'll punish you, if you don't mind me. Dad said I could."

"Gah!" Liam cried out in frustration. "I'm so bored!" He had no choice but to exit the guest house, stuck with looking for ways to amuse himself. He pouted and took angry steps, as he descended the stairs from the deck. He didn't bother returning to the main house, because he felt he'd literally die if he were to confine himself within those walls; he'd simply suffocate.

He wandered into the woods, picking up sticks and converting them to stick bombs. He'd throw one toward a tree, then jump for cover into the dirt. In a matter of minutes, he was caked with dirt from head to toe, as his imagination went wild. He was a soldier in the Army, and his mission was to get across enemy lines and infiltrate their camp. He ran to and fro, dodging invisible bullets, and narrowly avoiding grenades tossed his way. He would accomplish his mission, even at the risk of losing his limbs, and everyone would hail him as a hero. Even the President would award him the highest medal of honor.

Casting one last grenade toward a band of enemies, he dove into a pile of sticks and covered his head, just as the grenade exploded. When he looked up, panting, he realized he had found the enemy's camp for real. He had inadvertently put himself at the edge of the Aerharts' property. Matthew had shown it to him before, but never had they possessed the guts to approach the place. This was as close as he'd ever been.

The house was smaller than his own, but larger than Matthew's. It appeared well cared for, which was unsurprising. Everyone knew that Mr. Aerhart was handy with building things, as well as repairs. There was also a shed on the property. Liam could only surmise what its contents were. As he contemplated whether or not to investigate things further, his decision was made for him; he was suddenly forced to remain still and quiet, for Mr. Aerhart suddenly stormed out of his house. He had Colin, who was dressed in nothing but white briefs, by the neck, practically dragging him across the bare lawn. They were directly in front of Liam, who did not dare move.

"I've had it with you, boy!" Mr. Aerhart roared. "I'm sick of your disobedience!" He threw Colin to the ground. "You don't care about anyone but yourself! You're lazy!" He reached down and jerked his son to his feet, by his throat, punched him in the stomach, and tossed him down again, like a rag doll. "You're a lazy, stupid, selfish bastard! After all we give you and do for you, we never even get a `thank you'! You can't even summon the gratitude to keep your room clean!"

Colin was already in tears, which further provoked his father. Mr. Aerhart picked up a wayward branch and started beating his son with it, wherever it might land. Liam was horrified, and he desperately wanted to put a stop to it. But he feared getting beaten himself, so he remained still and silent.

"Get up, you worthless piece of trash! If you think you're man enough to strut about this house like you own it, then get up and face me like a man!" Liam thought that was impossible to do, while being beaten with a stick. But Colin managed to stand, somehow. His father threw the stick aside, advanced on him while rearing back, and punched him squarely in the left eye, sending him flying across the lawn. He didn't move, and Liam thought he might be unconscious, until he suddenly rolled to his side. Mr. Aerhart took that opportunity to kick him in the gut, propelling him sideways almost a full roll, until he landed on his stomach. He was so close to Liam then, the younger boy feared being discovered any moment.

Apparently wanting nothing more to do with Colin for the moment, Mr. Aerhart spit on his son and stormed back into the house. Colin didn't move, except for his wracking sobs, and Liam didn't, either. The minutes passed, and Liam wondered if Colin would ever go inside, so he could get up. He had to pee awfully badly, but it was worth it to him to hold it, in order to not be noticed.

About fifteen minutes later, Colin's sobs had subsided, and he pushed himself up gingerly. Liam winced, seeing the black eye fully for the first time, not to mention the cuts and bruises all over the rest of the thirteen year old. He thought it amazing that Colin could even stand, after such a beating. Colin ambled in the opposite direction of the house, and Liam was never more relieved. Soon he would finally be able to relieve himself.

Being spotted, however, put a wrench in his plans. Standing almost directly over Liam, Colin finally saw him, drew in an angry breath as his face turned into a terrible scowl, and advanced on Liam, who scrambled to his feet and ran like mad. He thought Colin would let him go, considering the older boy's current state, and he slowed slightly to view behind him. Colin had other plans, though. He pursued Liam, looking like he was out for blood.

Liam grew panicked and ran aimlessly. He was headed away from his own house, because that was the easiest way to run, once he got to his feet. And now he had no choice but to keep going in that direction. He wasn't a skilled enough runner to change direction without being caught, and Colin was taller and faster, even covered with bruises. Closer and closer Colin came to his prey; he was bare-footed, but even that didn't seem to thwart him. He was single-minded in his mission.

Suddenly, Liam had to stop. He found himself at the edge of a cliff, and fifty or sixty feet below, there was nothing but a shore of jagged rocks. He turned and faced his hunter, who promptly advanced and slapped Liam's face as hard as he could. As a long, high-pitched whine came from Liam's throat, which was the beginning of a cry, Colin grabbed fistfuls of the younger boy's shirt and took him to the very edge of the cliff, leaning him outward. If Liam's shirt happened to rip, he would be fish food.

"I'm s-sorry," Liam bawled, words tumbling out of him. "I didn't m-mean to waaaatch," he cried and gasped for air. Colin leaned him farther outward, and Liam cried out, deathly afraid. His fear rendered him unable to hold his bladder, and urine saturated his crotch and thighs, becoming very visible on his light-colored jeans. Colin became aware of it because of the smell. He jerked Liam back from the edge, turned him around, and threw him to the ground with a grunt. Liam lay there sobbing, while Colin towered over him.

"You had no right to spy on me! You ever tell anybody anything, and I'll kill you!" Colin yelled. He picked up a large rock and held it high above his head, like he really was going to strike the boy, and Liam covered his head with both arms. "If you think I'm lying, just remember what happened to your tent! Next time it'll be your whole house!" He then smashed the rock to the ground.

Liam gasped, choking and coughing. When he was finally able to speak, he croaked out quick assurances. "I won't tell! I p-promise! I'm sorry!"

Colin's last action was a swift kick to Liam's ribs, and he strode away, leaving the boy in helpless tears. Liam lay there for a long while, just as Colin had before, on the lawn. He was hurt, ashamed, angry, and most infuriating of all, still feeling sorry for Colin. That was the last thing he wanted to feel, and he felt like a wuss for having any sympathy at all, after what Colin had put him through. But try as he might, he couldn't not feel it.

He made his way home slowly, being sure to avoid Colin's house. It wasn't yet dark when he arrived home, though it wasn't far from it. His parents were both inside, and he couldn't ensure getting past them without being noticed. He needed help. Limping slightly, he pushed himself up the stairs to the guest house deck, knocking loudly on the door. No one answered, so he knocked again. It took a third knock to bring someone to the door. Patrick, "volunteered" by William, stormed to the door in jeans and no shirt, practically throwing it open.

"What?!" he bellowed, but then promptly gasped at the sight of Liam. "Oh my gosh, what happened?!" One side of Liam's face was dark red, the whole of him was filthy, his cheeks were stained with tears, his eyes were red and puffy, and he had obviously wet his pants. "Liam! Talk to me. Who did this to you?"

Though he hated himself for doing it, he couldn't stop tears from coming again. He sniffed and attempted to wipe them away, but to no avail. Embarrassed and frustrated, he turned away. "Nevermind," he said, and went for the stairs.

"Will, come quick!" Patrick called, and he barreled out the door, blocking Liam's way to the steps.

"Move!" Liam demanded, but Patrick led him back toward the door, and he was too weak to resist. Will approached the door, just as the other two were coming in.

"What the-" Will stopped short. "What happened to you?!"

"I think someone beat him up," Patrick said.

"Who was it?" Will said angrily. "We'll beat the crap out of `em!"

Liam shook his head, drying his eyes with dirty hands. "I can't tell you," he whispered, and sniffed loudly. He drew several broken breaths, desperately trying to make the crying stop. "I just d-didn't want..." he paused, swallowing hard. "I didn't want Mom and Dad to see."

William nodded and took charge, like he was good at doing. "Patrick, help me get him undressed." He took hold of Liam's shirt and pulled it over his head. As he did, he noticed cuts on the boy's arms and hands, which were filled with dirt. Patrick followed his orders and bent down to remove his brother's shoes and socks. He was also left to the task of removing Liam's pants and underwear, while William checked him over for other scrapes and bruises, finding some on his knees, as well.

Liam felt like such a baby, but he so enjoyed his brothers taking care of him and being kind to him. It actually made him cry all the more, as much as he didn't want to. William began to issue more orders.

"I'll go get clean clothes for him," he said to Patrick. "Get in the shower, and clean him up."

"What, get in the shower with him?" Patrick gaped.

"Patty, he's your brother, and he needs you to be nice to him right now. Take care of him. He's just a kid. I'll put some ointment on his scrapes when I come back."

With a relenting sigh, Patrick guided his baby brother to their bathroom, lightly rubbing the boy's back to comfort him. "Sorry I yelled at you," he said quietly. "I wish you'd say who beat you up. We could make sure it never happens again." Liam shook his head, and Patrick merely sighed. He removed his own jeans and underwear, turned on the shower water, and waited until it was warm to bring Liam in. It was the strangest feeling for him, washing Liam's naked body. He could remember bathing him when Liam was a baby. It almost seemed that way now, except for the obvious development of the boy's nether region. It was especially different when Liam boned up, while Patrick scrubbed his dick and balls. Liam was silently enjoying being pampered, even as his tears were retreating. Patrick, however, blushed furiously, but continued nonetheless.

When he'd finished cleaning Liam's body, Patrick stood and grabbed the shampoo bottle. "I'm going to wash your hair, now." While he massaged the tangled hair clean, Liam secretly wished this could be a regular occurrence.

When Patrick shut off the water and pushed the shower door open, William entered the room. Gently, he urged Liam to himself and began towel drying the boy's hair. He was surprised to see Liam's two and a half inch hard-on, looking to Patrick for clarity. Patrick could only shrug.

"Are you going to tell me who did this?" he asked, while drying Liam's body.

"I can't," Liam stated sullenly.

William sighed in frustration, but he didn't pry any further. When Liam was dry, William discarded the towel and medicated his brother's cuts and scrapes with an antibiotic ointment, trying to figure out what to do next.

"Okay," William said after a few moments. "But you can always tell us things, if you feel like it. You're a real pain in the butt sometimes, but we're still your brothers. We'll help out, if you're in trouble or something."

Liam frowned. "I don't mean to be a pain in the butt. I really want you to like me."

"Well, maybe you should think about our feelings once in a while," Patrick said darkly, as he stood behind Liam, drying himself. William cast him a glare, and he recoiled. "Sorry, it's just hard to like you sometimes. You used to be nice and sweet, but now you're just a turd all the time."

Liam hung his head, and tears began to flow again. William pushed Patrick's shoulder angrily. "I said be nice to him, you twerp!" He placed a gentle, brotherly hand on Liam's shoulder. "It's not just you, okay, Liam? We're mean to you for no reason sometimes, too. Right, Patrick?" He glared when Patrick didn't answer right away.

"Yeah," Patrick conceded.

"And we're sorry for that," William continued. His expression told Patrick he'd better say it, too.

"Yeah, we're sorry, Li," he said gently.

Liam moved where he could see both brothers, wiping his eyes. "Do you think I'm a baby, now? I wish I hadn't cried."

Both brothers immediately assured Liam he wasn't being a baby, which helped him manage a small smile. "Patrick cries all the time," William grinned, and Liam's smile widened.

"Shut up, I do not," Patrick scowled. William yanked his brother's towel from him and tossed it away, making Patrick screech and Liam laugh. "You're so evil!" Patrick cried dramatically.

William and Liam simply laughed, but then so did Patrick. "I got clean clothes for you," William said, leading the way out of the bathroom. Patrick went in search of underwear for himself, while the other two entered William's bedroom. Liam rarely got to be in their bedrooms, and he felt it to be a sacred privilege.

"Thanks," Liam murmured. "I would've been even more embarrassed if Mom or Dad saw me." He began dressing, and Patrick appeared, clad in briefs.

"I decided you can sleep in my room tonight, if you want, to make up for being mean to you," Patrick declared.

Liam was pulling up a fresh pair of briefs, and he paused, gasping and gaping at his brother. "You mean it? Do I get to sleep in your bed, with you?" he asked excitedly.

Patrick nodded. "Yeah, but only for tonight."

Liam could barely keep from bouncing in place. "That's okay, Matthew's gonna be back tomorrow."

"'Kay, then if you wanna stay, go tell Mom you're sleeping over here tonight."

"Yay!" Liam cried, hurriedly dressing the rest of the way. He zoomed out the door and to the main house, his entire mood lifted and changed. "Mom!" he called loudly, tumbling through the door. "Patrick's letting me sleep with him tonight, `kay?"

Jenny couldn't hide her surprise, but she was also very pleased. "Great, Liam," she smiled. "Be good, and mind your brothers."

"I will!" He was gone as quickly as he had come, and when he reached his brothers, both still in William's room, he was panting heavily. "I told her," he smiled, even while gasping for air. He saw that William was also now reduced to wearing only briefs, which provoked him to tear off the clothes he'd just put on, leaving them on the floor.

"Liam, pick up your clothes," William reprimanded. "Put `em somewhere, like by the door, so you don't lose any of them."

Liam obeyed his brother and scooped everything up, depositing them in a crumpled pile by the front door. When he returned, Patrick was moving to his own room. He stopped at William's doorway. "Um. Thanks. I wish I could tell you what happened, but I can't."

William nodded. "You're welcome. You can still tell me, if you ever feel like it."

Liam ran to William and hugged him tightly. "I love you, Will." He knew he had to say that while it was okay to do so. He'd be too embarrassed later, and his brothers might not be as nice as they were being now.

"I love you, too, little brother. Hey, remember, if all else fails, issue a crotch shot. Use your knee, foot, fist, whatever you have to." With his last bit of advice, he urged Liam out of the room and closed the door.

Liam found Patrick already on his computer, at his desk. "You can watch TV, if you want," said Patrick. "I'm gonna do stuff for a while."

Liam lounged on the bed and channel surfed, thrilled to even be in Patrick's exclusive presence. After a while, though, his attention to the TV waned, and he focused on his brother. "Can I see what you're doing?" he asked. The computer monitor was turned just enough to hide its content from him.

"No," Patrick mumbled. "I mean, it's nothing. I'm just...chatting to people."

Liam was curious about Patrick's chatting, but was wise enough not to ask. He couldn't, however, remain completely silent. He took the opportunity to ask about things he'd read about in his Judy Blume book. "Patrick? What's a wet dream?"

Patrick snorted as he laughed, turning to meet Liam's gaze. "Didn't you learn about that in the fifth grade video?"

Liam furrowed his brow, trying to recall. "I don't remember learning about that."

"They probably called it something different, like `nocturnal emissions', or something."

"Ohh!" Liam's eyes lit up with recognition. "That's what it is? I thought it might be when you dream you're going to the bathroom in the toilet, but you really pee in the bed."

Patrick snickered and snorted, turning back to the monitor. "Where did you hear that, anyway?"

"In this book I'm reading. It's about this boy named Tony, who's going through puberty. He's the youngest of three boys, just like me, except he's thirteen."

Patrick didn't respond, only typed away on his keyboard. After several minutes, however, he finally left the computer all together, shutting it off. Liam perked up, as Patrick plopped down on the bed. "It's still pretty early. What do you wanna do?"

"Did you stop chatting on the computer just for me?" Liam asked in wonder.

Patrick sort of shrugged. "I felt weird just ignoring you like that. I didn't want you to think I was being mean again."

"I don't!" Liam assured him. "You can chat, I don't mind."

"Nah," said Patrick. "Will said I have to be nice and pay attention to you. Besides, I might never let you in my room again, so you should enjoy it while you can."

"Aww!" Liam pushed Patrick in the shoulder, as Patrick laughed. "So, are you being nice to me just because Will said to?"

"Nooo," Patrick groaned. "Not just because of that. It was my idea to let you sleep over, you know. Did you wanna watch a movie, or something? What do you and Matthew do together at night?"

Liam shrugged. "I don't know. We watch TV or play Playstation games, or whatever. A movie sounds cool. You can pick."

Patrick got up, chose a disc within moments, and popped it into the DVD player. "I hope you like scary movies," he said, lounging again on his back.

Liam didn't respond, because he felt the need to be brave. He'd already shamed himself enough that night, what with crying and everything. He could bear a mere horror film. The movie was suspenseful from the beginning, though, and Liam inched closer to his brother, putting them hip to hip.

"Scared already?" Patrick laughed.

"No," Liam snapped. "Be quiet, I'm trying to hear." In the next moment, the background music peaked, and a small scare climax occurred, causing Liam to grab hold of his brother, who promptly pushed him off. "I want a different movie," Liam complained.

Smirking, Patrick stopped the disc and chose a friendlier film, much to Liam's relief. "Happy now?" said Patrick, returning to the bed.

"Thanks," Liam mumbled bashfully.

The next two hours, the boys enjoyed a comfortable movie together, though Patrick kept pushing Liam away, when he sat too close. At the end, they both jumped up at the same time to go to the bathroom, both of them realizing simultaneously what the other was doing. They raced out of the room loudly, banging against doors and walls, laughing as they pushed each other in effort to reach the toilet first. They ended up peeing at the same time, however, as William yanked his door open and marched into the bathroom.

"You boys need to settle down!" he barked. "You're making way too much noise." He was met only with giggles. "I mean it!"

Patrick distorted his voice, making it high-pitched and ridiculous sounding. "Yes, sir." The younger boys broke into fits of laughter, as they finished their business and flushed. They washed their hands, while William stood in the doorway, glaring. Patrick approached William first, waiting for him to move out of the way.

"The potty is all yours," said Patrick, eliciting more laughs from Liam. "You can let us by, now."

"You have to be punished for your behavior, before you can go," William smirked. Patrick tried to force his way through, but William was bigger and stronger.

"Move, dummy," Patrick ordered, unsuccessful at all his attempts to get by.

"Nope," William said resolutely. "Go to the counter and drop your drawers. You're getting swats." Liam snorted and giggled, until William addressed him. "You, too, squirt. You're not leaving the bathroom until you do."

"Seriously?" asked Patrick.

"Seriously," William repeated. He pushed Patrick in the direction of the bathroom counter, waiting for compliance.

Patrick groaned, pushed his undies down, and bent over. "Fine. You bully."

"Hey, I'm not the one acting up," William said, in his most grown up voice. He began slapping Patrick's bare ass with his palm, harder than Patrick expected.

"Ow! That hurts!" Patrick scowled.

"Good," William grinned. He spanked him hard and fast, leaving bright red marks on both cheeks. When he stopped, Patrick's face cheeks were just as red, as he pulled up his underwear.

"Liam's turn," Patrick was grinning, now. "Underwear off, Li."

Liam was amused, watching Patrick get swats, until they rounded on him. He reluctantly pushed his briefs down, for he was once again fully hard. The older boys snickered, as William put Liam into position. When he spanked Liam, it was obvious William was going much easier on him than he had on Patrick. Liam even giggled, and Patrick objected.

"That's so not fair!"

The last swat William gave Liam was a hard one, and Liam yelped. Even so, he continued to giggle, and his dick was still hard. Liam pointed his finger at Patrick in a mock solemn manner. "I hope you learned your lesson, young man." Both older boys cracked up laughing, as Liam donned his underwear again.

The brothers separated, returning to their respective bedrooms. "That was kinda fun," Liam mused. Patrick merely grunted and turned his computer on again. Liam stood directly next to Patrick's chair, curious about what he was doing now.

"Seriously, Li, you should go jerk off, instead of waving your wood everywhere," Patrick finally said.

"It's okay if I do?" Liam asked with surprise.

"Yeah," Patrick said, as if it were obvious. "All boys jerk off, Li. It's just a normal part of life."

"Even older boys, like you and Will?"

Patrick could see he'd walked straight into that one, and a blush crept up his neck, as he kept his eyes on the computer screen. "What do you think?"

Liam frowned. "Does that mean yes?"

"Yes, geez. I jerk off, Will jerks off, boys all over the world jerk off every day.

"Yeah, but what if I do it too much?" Liam persisted.

Patrick chuckled lightly. "There's no such thing as too much. I mean, your dick might get a little raw, but if you use lube or lotion, that usually helps."

"Wow," Liam breathed. "I'm awful glad to know that. I thought I was a freak, or something, for doing it all the time."

"You're still a freak, period," Patrick muttered. "Go to the bathroom and jerk it, already. And clean up your mess."

Liam happily planted himself in front of the bathroom mirror and watched himself do the jerking jig. His feet remained rooted to one spot, but his hips swayed every which way, while he furiously strived for the desired climax. During all this, William popped into the bathroom, now needing the toilet, but stopped short.

"Oh, crap. Sorry, Li. Close the door next time," said William, and promptly exited, pulling the door closed behind him. Liam merely kept going, much too close to orgasm to stop.

Afterward, he took a minute to rest before cleaning up. Once he regained a normal breathing pattern, he wiped up the mess, rinsed, pulled his underwear up, and left the bathroom. "Done, Will!" he called, and returned to Patrick.

He was finally tired enough to crawl in bed, under the covers. But he intended to wait for Patrick to come to bed, before sleeping. That didn't happen, however. Patrick remained at the computer too long, and Liam finally couldn't keep his eyes open.

He was disappointed when he woke up, because it was already mid-morning, and he hadn't gotten to chat with Patrick again. He dressed and finally found his brothers in the main house, eating a late breakfast. "Hi, Patrick. Hi, Will," he said brightly. But they barely acknowledged him, consumed with their task of eating. He sat down to eat, too, supplied with a bagel and some fruit by his mom. Not a minute later, the older boys cleaned up after themselves and zipped out of the house, not saying another word to Liam.

"How was your night with your brothers?" Jenny asked with a smile.

But Liam didn't feel like smiling. "It was good," he pouted. "We had fun, but now they're ignoring me again."

"Aww, honey, I'm sure it's nothing personal," she tried to comfort him. "It's just how boys are. You're just a little more sensitive than they are, and they forget that. They don't mean anything by it. Don't let it get to you."

Liam breathed a long, sad sigh and ate his breakfast. Of course, when Matthew showed up at his house, his mood changed for the better. However, for the first time, he decided to keep something from Matthew. He couldn't define the exact reason, but when he had the chance, he neglected to mention the incident with Colin. He shared about staying overnight with Patrick, and all the fun that they had, but he kept the reason why he'd gone there in the first place to himself. He just wasn't ready to share something of that magnitude.

On that next Monday, Liam and Matthew reached the schoolyard early, making idle chatter with Abby before class started. They grew quiet when Colin approached, with his bruised eye and slight limp, watching him warily.

"See?" Matthew whispered. "He always shows up to school like that, after he's been in a fight."

Abby added her two cents. "My mom said that his mom said that he starts fights with older kids who beat him up, but he just never learns."

Liam remained quiet. Multiple emotions raged within him; he felt angry, sad, bitter, vindicated and afraid, all at the same time, and it made him sick to his stomach. When he was alone with Colin in the classroom, he couldn't even bring himself to look at the older boy. Neither one spoke to the other, until they moved to the computer lab. Mrs. Cole remained in the classroom to finish some work, while the boys worked on their own. Suddenly Colin spoke to him, making his heart pound with fear.

"What'd you say to your stupid friends about me?" He paused, and Liam couldn't respond right away. "I saw you talking about me before school."

"Nothing," Liam whispered. "I didn't say a word."

Colin pushed his chair back angrily and towered over Liam. "You lying piece of shit!"

Swallowing hard, Liam shook his head furiously. "I didn't! They said that your mom says you start fights with high school kids, so they beat you up. They said you do it all the time. I didn't tell them anything, I swear."

Colin sat down again. "You better not," he warned, ending their conversation.

A couple of weeks after Shaw Island's Fall Festival, Matthew celebrated his ninth birthday, hosting a party at his house on a Friday evening. Liam stayed over that night, and they switched to Liam's place the next day. On that Saturday night, while roaming about outside after dark, they spotted Colin's mom, Diane, hurrying up the steps to the guest house, where she disappeared inside. Liam hoped William didn't get caught and invoke Mr. Aerhart's wrath.

The night of the Festival, when William had sex with Diane, had never left Liam's mind, however. And after seeing that they were still meeting in secret, Liam's sexual curiosity was renewed. He repeatedly pondered the things he'd seen, until he was driven to satisfy a certain curiosity that wouldn't leave him alone. Foremost in his thoughts was the image of William's dick in Diane's butt. For whatever reason, he needed to know what putting something in his own butt was like.

His actions began simply enough; when jerking off before the bathroom mirror, he bent over, continuing to stroke himself, and reached around him with the other hand. Tentatively at first, he inserted a finger in his butthole. He learned, then, that such an act required him to be clean and empty back there. So, after a poo and a wash, he tried again.

With his index finger inside him, he was almost amused by the sensations. It felt weird, not to mention he looked ridiculous in the mirror. It didn't feel bad and didn't hurt at all, so he tried a different digit, sliding his middle finger up his chute. Going in all the way, he suddenly touched a part of him that caused goosebumps to rise all over his body. He wiggled the finger around and exhaled loudly; it was feeling really nice.

To make things easier, he hiked one leg up on the edge of the tub. Again he put his longest finger inside and searched for that special spot. When he found it, he arched his back and massaged his prostate, jerking off simultaneously. He came hard in less than a minute, and he knew his jerking ritual was definitely going to change.

After a few days, however, he began to want something more than his finger. He searched all of his belongings for something suitable to go inside him. In the end, he chose the handle of his hairbrush as his experimental tool. It was smooth and round, which seemed perfect qualities for the task. It was, however, significantly bigger than his middle finger.

He had just had a shower and was jerking in his usual place, in front of the mirror, when he decided he'd go ahead with the hairbrush idea. His hands were coated with lotion, which he'd started using after Patrick's suggestion. He also learned that it helped his finger slide into his butt better, so he gave the hairbrush handle a coating, as well. Taking his recently developed position, one foot on the tub, he simply went for it.

Because of the lotion, the end of the handle easily slid in, with a `pop'. Liam cried out unexpectedly, experiencing very new sensations. He withdrew the brush, since his passage was tighter than he thought it would be. It rather hurt a little, even. But his curiosity was too great. He couldn't quit now. He'd just have to find a way to make it go in easier.

Coating the handle with lotion once more, he sank to his knees. He put his face to the floor, and his ass high in the air. Once again, he reached around him and guided the handle into himself. It seemed to move inward much more easily. He held his breath, grunting occasionally, and pushed in slowly. He easily became aware that every time he constricted his muscles and closed his hole, which was his normal reaction, it actually made him hurt more. It took a bit of practice, but he learned how to relax and keep himself open. Once he could do that, the brush handle slid in and out rather easily, and a smile came to Liam's face. And when he pushed against his prostate, his dick jumped like never before, as those familiar goosebumps tingled all over.

Liam idly wondered if all other boys had tried this, along with jerking off. If they hadn't, he thought they should. He began to thrust the hairbrush faster in and out, panting loudly. When he came, he knew he was louder than he should be; he just hoped no one else was upstairs. But that was the best orgasm he'd ever had. Thus far, he hadn't shared with Matthew the fact that he had been fingering his butthole. Now, though, he thought he might. This was too good not to share.

However, his experience at the town's Halloween gathering made him think twice about sharing with Matthew, or anyone else. Most people, adults and kids alike, dressed in a costume for the occasion. Liam dressed as Batman and easily convinced Matthew to go as Robin. Abby, predictably, was a princess. Running about on the same land where the Fall Festival was held, they played games and gathered loads of candy. Liam knew his parents would never let him keep most of it, so he ate as much as he could while he had the chance.

The trio crossed paths with Colin unexpectedly, as they all grabbed into the same tub of candy bars. He wasn't dressed up, nor was he playing games. He was simply accruing candy. When he saw Liam and Matthew's pairing outfits, he emitted a dry laugh. "It's Retard Reilly and his boyfriend." He snatched candy out of the tub angrily. "Fags. You're such fudgepackers." He stalked off, leaving the kids frowning.

"He's so mean," Abby scowled.

"What are fudgepackers?" Matthew asked. Liam could only shrug.

At the end of their candy spree, Liam and Matthew headed off together toward Liam's house. Along the way, they passed Patrick, who was holding hands with Sonia, the girl he apparently liked. Liam was hoping to talk to Patrick, but knew better than to bother him just then. For once, he was trying to consciously not be a pain in the butt.

Instead, the boys walked to the guest house in search of William. They feared he would be with Diane, but were pleasantly surprised to find him alone. At least for the moment. William was undressed, as he had obviously just showered, but his hair was combed neatly, which suggested he was preparing for something.

"What do you want?" William asked hurriedly.

"Can we talk to you for a minute?" Liam asked.

William let them in, instructing them to follow him to his bedroom. "We can talk, but I only have a few minutes. I'm...going out with some of the guys," he finished lamely. The boys knew better, but they didn't mention it. "Nice costumes, by the way."

Liam removed his mask, and Matthew followed suit. They were basically left with decorated tights. "William, what's a fudgepacker?"

William was sitting in his desk chair, in his underwear, clipping his toenails. He looked up and laughed, before he realized that was a serious question. "Uhh." He laughed again nervously. "Okay, you know how fags have sex, right?"

Liam shook his head. He hadn't a clue.

"What's a fag?" Matthew asked.

"Mom says that's not a nice word," Liam said.

William sighed. "I guess it's not," he agreed. "A fag is a homo. A gay person. A guy who has sex with other guys. A fudgepacker is another not-nice word for a gay guy. Guys don't have vaginas, right?" The boys nodded. "But they gotta have sex somehow. So one guy puts his dick in the other guy's ass. That's how they do it. It's called packing fudge, `cause you're doing the poop hole."

The boys giggled, once they understood the analogy. But Liam was still a little confused. "But don't guys and girls do it in the butt sometimes, too?" he asked.

William chuckled. "Maybe. I don't think I would do it, but some guys like anal sex with girls."

"What's that?" asked Liam.

"What's what?" replied William.

"Anal sex?"

"It just means sex up the butt."

Now Liam was really confused. "You've never done anal sex before?" he asked carefully.

William blushed at such a candid question. "No," he said emphatically. "Only the normal way."

"So anal sex isn't normal?" Liam wondered aloud.

"Well, I mean, it's just not the way most people do it. It's okay for some people, I guess," William fidgeted nervously. "Too bad you don't have your own computer, or I'd say go look up some porn, so you could see for yourself."

"Can we use your computer?" Liam asked hopefully.

William snorted. "No way. My computer is off-limits. Ask Patrick if you can use his. What's with all the questions, anyway?"

Liam hesitated, not wanting to mention Colin's name. "Well, some kid laughed at our costumes, and he called us fags and fudgepackers, and he said Matthew was my boyfriend."

William stood and mussed Liam's matted hair, then finally began dressing. "Don't worry, guys. You're just kids, you can wear whatever costumes you want. Besides, Li, if there was a Reilly who was gay, it wouldn't be you."

Liam furrowed his brow. "What do you mean?"

"Nevermind," William said, pulling up his jeans and adjusting his package. "Just don't pay attention to what some loser kid says. He's probably just in love with you. You are a pretty boy." Liam and Matthew laughed at the absurdity of William's statement. "You guys gotta go, now."

"Thanks, Will," Liam said.

"Yeah, thanks," Matthew echoed.

In Liam's bedroom, they removed their tights, musing over William's words. "I don't understand it," said Liam. "Will said he's never done anal sex before."

"But we saw him!" Matthew pointed out.

"Yeah, but why would he lie about it?"

"You heard him," said Matthew. "It's not normal."

Liam was distressed about the whole thing, because he'd been doing something that wasn't normal, and enjoying it. He decided he couldn't share it with Matthew, after all. He didn't think he could bear it, if his best friend didn't like him anymore, because he wasn't normal.

The day after Halloween, Liam's mom took him and Matthew to the mainland to buy birthday presents for his brothers. William was born on November third, and Patrick was born one year and one week later. Jacob and Jenny's wedding anniversary was in February, and it was obvious how they had celebrated two years in a row. Liam was conceived as a result of Spring fever, so his birthday wasn't until January seventh.

Not having been in a mall for a long time, both boys were excitable in the worst way. They dragged Jenny to many shops, before they made their final decisions on the gifts, Liam having made Matthew a part of the decision making committee. They ate pizza in the food court for lunch, during which the boys talked a mile a minute about everything they'd seen, until Liam had to pause eating to take a bathroom break.

In the food court's restroom, there was a long line of urinals on one wall, and a line of stalls opposite the urinals. Only one man was standing at a urinal, near the end farthest from the door. He was a handsome man with dark hair and gray temples, wearing a dark gray suit that made him look very distinguished. To Liam, he looked a bit older than Liam's dad, perhaps in his mid to late forties. For a reason unknown even to Liam, the boy walked to the urinal directly next to the man, unzipped his jeans, and began to pee.

As his bladder emptied, he looked over and up to the man's face; he had a kind face. He looked even kinder when he turned and smiled at Liam. Liam returned the smile, feeling flutters in his chest. The sensation moved to his stomach, then downward to his groin. As the stream of urine ceased, his dick swelled and throbbed in the open air. The man noticed the boy's state and lifted his eyebrows in surprise, but he didn't look away. Liam was suddenly thrilled with the feeling of being watched, and he began to stroke himself.

The man then zipped up his trousers, smiled at Liam, and walked away, toward the sinks. Feeling somehow rejected, Liam zipped up, too, and followed quickly. Again, he stood beside the man, who was washing his hands.

"How often do you do this?" the man asked very quietly, in case any of the stalls were occupied.

"Do what?" Liam asked, confused.

The man chuckled. "Try to pick up men in a public restroom."

Liam's nose crinkled, as he tried to understand. "I don't know what that means." He fidgeted with the soap dispenser, having trouble with getting any soap to come out.

"Weren't you trying to get me to have sex with you?" The man took over for him, dispensed some soap, and gently washed Liam's hands for him. He could immediately tell the boy soaked up the affection and attention.

"No," said Liam honestly. "I've never had sex before. And I'm not gay."

"What made you get a hard-on, then?" asked the man kindly.

Liam frowned. "I'm not real sure. I thought you looked like a nice man, and then I guess I got excited that you were watching me. But my brother said I'm not gay."

The man shut off the water after rinsing Liam's hands, grabbed some paper towels, and dried his own hands. Liam waited, hoping the man would dry his hands, too. The same yearning to be affectionately pampered, that he'd felt when Patrick had bathed him, after Colin had beaten him up, was revealing itself now. The man did not disappoint, taking more towels and carefully, slowly drying Liam's hands.

"Here's my advice," he said gently. "You can take it or leave it. But try finding out for yourself who you are, instead of letting your brother tell you. And one last thing; your body is a precious gift, and so is your sexuality. If you give it away to just anyone, it's not so special anymore. Guard it close, until you can share it with someone you love, and who loves you in return."

Tossing the paper towels into the waste bin, the man glanced quickly around the room, bent down, and kissed the young boy on the cheek. "You're a good-looking boy, selfish people will want to steal your innermost spirit and destroy it. Don't let `em." Having said that, he turned and walked out of the restroom, leaving Liam in a state of wonder.