Shawn's  Thong

By Joe Camp

Warning: This story contains graphic gay sex between a man and a teen boy.  If you are underage, or this type of gay story offends you, find something else.

This story depicts unprotected gay sex. That is not real life, if you want to live to old age. This story is fiction, and no one in it can catch anything, unless I, the author that made them up, want them to. Then, no amount of protection could keep them safe.  You, on the other hand, are not fiction.

Any resemblance of characters to an actual person is purely coincidental.

The author retains the copyright of this story. Placing this story on a web site without the authors permission is a violation of that copyright.

Shawn's Thong

    I didn't mean for it to happen. It's not like I planned it or anything like that. It just seemed so........ I guess I want to say so natural. His hard dick was staring me in the the face. He pushed it towards me. I just opened my mouth and leaned down a bit. The next thing I knew his dick was in my mouth and I was sucking. It didn't take long. I didn't really even have time to think about what I was doing. One or two minutes and his cum was being pumped into my mouth. No, I didn't even stop to think about it when we moved to the bed. It just seemed so natural that I be the one to give  Shawn his first blow job. I just hope his mom understands if she ever finds out. He has been my best bud ever since I moved into the apartment next door to him and his mom 4 years ago. She was the one that keep throwing us together when he was little. She knew I'm gay.

    Shawn was 11 when I moved into the complex. It is mostly 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and there aren't many kids around. The other kids are usually younger than Shawn. It seems the complex is mostly young newly married couples or older people. Shawn's mom and I are two of the few singles here. Anyway, right after I had moved in, I met Shawn. I was headed out to my car to go shoot a few hoops. Shawn was playing by himself bouncing a basketball up and down the sidewalk. He saw the basketball I was carrying and said, "hi." I stopped and chatted with him a minute. One thing led to another and I invited him to go to the court with me. He quickly accepted and ran into his apartment to ask his mom's permission. She came out to tell me it was okay for him to go, but if he became a pest to just bring him home. The way she said it she sounded very thankful for some quiet time alone. We had fun at the court and I didn't find Shawn to be a pest at all. Just full of questions like all kids that age.

    I don't know, it just seemed after that Shawn and I spent a lot of time together. At first when Shawn was with me and his mom wanted to go do something, she would ask if I would mind watching him while she was gone. I always said I wouldn't mind and soon it got to where if Shawn couldn't find his mom he knew he was to come to my place. I enjoyed having him around and getting to do things for him. I would help him with his school homework or sometimes we would just spend time watching tv. Shawn seemed to eat supper at my house just as often as he did at home. His mom didn't seem to mind.

    Oh, they both knew I am gay. That was one of the first conversations I had with his mom. She had wanted to be sure I understood she wasn't interested in dating. I told her I prefer guys anyway, and she seemed to be fine with it. I'm not an in your face gay but I don't try to hide it either. I'm just a regular guy that happens to prefer sex with other guys. I don't date a lot but I go out once in a while. I've never met a guy I thought I wanted to live with so I have always lived alone. I have a few friends that are also gay and we get together once in a while. I get enough.

    I never tried to hide being gay from Shawn either. We never made a point of sitting down and discussing it, but things would come up in the course of day to day conversation. I knew when he started puberty at 12 and we have always kidded each other about jacking off. Shawn has always taken great joy in jacking off. Sure I suspected Shawn might be gay from some of the questions he has asked lately.

It was only a few weeks ago he had off handily asked, "what does a dick taste like?"

"Lick your arm," I told him

Shawn licked his arm and looked at me, "just tastes like skin," he remarked.

"That is pretty much what it tastes like until the guy shoots," I told him.

Shawn changed the subject and nothing more was said about blow jobs until last week when we were playing a hand of Uno.

"What does cum taste like," Shawn asked right out of the blue.

I looked over at him and asked, "you thinking of sucking some boy off?"

"Naa," Shawn drawled, "I was just wondering."

    "Well," I started off, "everyone tastes a little different. It depends on what they have had to eat, so a guy tastes different from one time to the next. I think most guys taste a little salty and kind of bitter sweet. If you really want to know what it taste like, try a taste of your own next time you jack off."

Shawn just nodded and let the subject drop.

    It was the next day that the subject came up again. We were at the basketball court playing horse. Shawn was ahead of me by 2 letters. I'm not about to admit to him I have a hard time keeping up with him, much less beating him anymore. Shawn took his shot and as the ball ringed the inside of the hoop before dropping in, he stated, "chlorine."

I had no idea what he was talking about and asked, "what about chlorine?"

"I taste like the chlorine when you swallow a mouth full of water in the swimming pool."

Nothing more was said about sucking dicks. That is until today.

    No, Shawn never had a problem with my being gay, and he didn't think my being a tailor isn't a manly job. I have always loved to sew and I guess that is what led up to our sucking each others dicks. I have always sewn for Shawn since we met. When he was younger I made all his shirts, shorts and boxers. I made him the costume he wore in his 6th grade play. We were both proud of the suit I made him for his first boy-girl dance when he was 13. No, I was never tempted to suck him off when we were fitting him. Of course I noticed how well he was developing every time we had a fitting for something new. It is plain at a glance he works out a lot. I have never seen anyone his age with a better build. His chest and arms look as if he spends all his time at the gym, but I know better. He just plays hard and lifts a few weights several times a week. Of course he knows how good he looks and he seldom wears a shirt unless he has to during the summer. But then, for every other fitting he had always had on at least his underwear. Maybe I should have refused to make this for him. But then, I have never been able to refuse Shawn anything he asks for.

    Shawn had been invited to a swim party. He begged his mom and she gave in and said he could have a thong swim suit. He asked me to make it for him. We went to the fabric shop and he picked out a tiger stripe pattern he likes. From what he had told me he wants, I knew a yard of fabric would make him several. I picked up the accessories we would need and we headed to my house. We were discussing the fine details of what he wants when it happened.

"I want it so small and tight that my dick shows off real well," Shawn informed me, "but big enough that if I get a hard on it won't pop out."

"Okay," I replied, "I need to measure how wide your crotch is."

I got my tape measure and sank to my knees. Shawn still had on his pants and I just held the tape a bit away from his body as I measured.

"No, that won't be right," Shawn informed me as he unbuttoned his pants.

    Shawn's pants dropped around his ankles and he shoved down his boxers. His dick was almost limp when his boxers came down but it didn't stay that way. In only moments it was hard and pointing right at me. His balls were bigger than I had expected and I could see them drawing up as I stared at them. The light brown pubic bush framing his cock was sparse. The head of his dick changed from pink to a dark purple as I watched it expand.

"Oh," Shawn moaned. "I feel you breath. Oh man, that feels good."

    Shawn took a half step forward and his dick was just inches from my face. I was frozen in space. No thought entered my mind except for how beautiful Shawn is. Shawn pushed his hips forward and his dick head was touching my lips. I opened my mouth and let it in. Shawn sighed. My hands cupped his butt cheeks and I pet them as I started to work on his dick. Shawn was making little low moaning and grunting sounds as he held my head and fucked his dick into my mouth. I don't know how long he lasted. One maybe 2 minutes. Three minutes at the most. Shawn tensed.

"Oh....oh.....oh," he moaned as his cum was shot into my mouth.

    We froze with Shawn holding my head tight against himself. I had thankfully swallowed all his cum as his dick was then down my throat. Shawn was trembling. I was beginning to think I would have to push him off in order to breath when he finally relaxed. I came off his dick enough to breath through my nose but I still held his hard on in my mouth. I didn't have to see his face to know it had been something very meaningful and special to Shawn.

    Shawn pulled his dick from my mouth and lifted me to my feet. He didn't try to lift his pants up as we hugged and shuffled over to the bed. We stood by the bed a moment hugging as Shawn's hand slipped under my shirt and ran up and down my back.  He was kissing and nuzzling my neck. I was massaging his butt with my left hand as my right hand pet his back feeling his strong muscles. I know I should have, but I didn't stop him when I felt him undoing my pants. My pants fell down and Shawn was slipping my tee shirt over my head. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants. Shawn took just a moment to do the same before his mouth was sucking on my nipple. I pet his head as I enjoyed the wonderful feelings and just let him do as he wanted.

    Kisses were placed all over my chest as Shawn worked his way lower and lower. Down my tummy as he followed the treasure trail that disappeared into my boxers. Shawn was on his knees when he slipped his hands inside the waistband of my boxers. Sure I was hard. So hard my cock ached as Shawn lifted the elastic over my dick and pulled down my boxers. My boxers only made it down as far as my knees before Shawn buried his face in my pubic bush. He gave me a little push and I sit on the edge of the bed. Shawn pulled my boxes off and threw them to the side. He nudged my legs open and got between them.  He seemed a little hesitant as he touched his tongue to the pre-cum leaking from my cock. A long thin string of my pre-cum was attached to my cock head and his tongue as he pulled back to savor the taste. Shawn leaned back in and the head of my cock was enclosed in his hot wet mouth. So what if his technic wasn't the best? I caressed his head and shoulders as he worked magic on my cock. No, I didn't last much longer than Shawn had.

"Oh, Shawn," I moaned, "I'm cuming........................................ Ohoooooooo.............."

I tried not to push into his mouth. I didn't want to choke him but I had to strain hard against the climax. I strained as wave after wave of pleasure flooded through me and I pumped out everything I had. Shawn's eyes were staring up at me but he never let my cock slip from his mouth as he drank my cum.  Once I could relax I lifted Shawn as I lay on the bed. he scooted up beside me as he licked my cum from the corners of his mouth. We lay together hugging. No I didn't think even then. I was just enjoying the feel of Shawn against my naked skin. We lay together wrapped in each other's arms. not moving or talking for several minutes.

Shawn broke the silence by saying, "pickles. You taste kind of like a dill pickle."

My army that was around him gave a little squeeze. We were silent for several more minutes.

"Well," I finally remarked, "this isn't getting you a swim suit made."

"No," Shawn replied, "but it is the nicest thing you have ever done for me, and that has been a lot."

    I kissed him on the forehead and he placed a quick peck on my lips. I rolled off the bed but Shawn placed his hands behind his head and seemed to be basking in thinking about his first blow job. I got my tape measure and returned to the bed to finish the job we had started. Shawn smiled as I lay the tape on his abdomen and started measuring the v of his crotch. His dick looked so cute laying there pointed towards his left hip. I don't blame him for getting hard again as I was measuring him. I probably would have gotten hard too. Of course, seeing him get hard made me hard.

"Not that high up," Shawn told me, "I want it just high enough to cover my pubic hair."

    I measured to where he wanted the top of the thong to be. I stood him up and had him spread his legs as I took the other measurements I needed. I admit I wouldn't have the nerve to wear something that small in public, but Shawn is young and has a body worth showing off. The straps would only be 1/2 inch wide. He wanted smaller but I felt they might be uncomfortable after a while. Especially when he got a hard on! The strap between his legs would be just wide enough to cover his ass hole when he spread his legs and bent over but not so thin it cut into him. The strap wouldn't be seen as it lay in the crack of his ass. I had made my last notation and was about to get off my knees when Shawn poked his hard on at my mouth again. Sure, I opened my mouth and let him stick it in. I sucked a moment before I came off his dick and licked the head of his cock. Oh yeah, he liked that. My hand massaged his balls as I sucked his dick back into my mouth. It took a bit longer for him to shoot that time but yeah, I sucked him off twice this afternoon.

    We didn't bother dressing again. Shawn lay on the bed watching as I cut the fabric and tacked the thong together for a first fitting. Every once in a while I would glance over at Shawn to see him playing with his dick as he smiled at me. I helped him adjust the thong as he tried it on for the first time. We lay his dick pointed at his hip and nothing was left to the imagination as the outline of every bit of his 6 inches was plain to see. His balls filled the pouch of the thong. Yeah, Shawn knew how sexy he looked. Once he was satisfied with the fit I finished sewing it together. Once I had finished and trimmed the threads Shawn tried it on. He stood in front of the full length mirror and checked out how he looked. He grinned real big at me when I gave him a wolf whistle. Shawn came over and gave me a hard hug.

"Thanks, man," he told me, "It's just what I wanted. I want to turn everyone on that sees me, but you are the only one that gets to take it off and you know I'm going to be really horny after the party."

Shawn slipped on his pants and ran to model the thong for his mom before I could answer.

The End

Thanks for reading,
Joe Camp
copyright 2002