Sierra Inn

Written by Mark The Goodpen

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Sierra Inn
Chapter 11

Brian's question echoes in my ears for a second, as I try to process exactly what it means.  The responsible thing for me to say at a moment like this would obviously be no, but being responsible at this moment really isn't in the cards.  Instead of verbalizing an answer I simply stand up, take Brian by the hand and lead him into the bathroom.  Once inside I quickly go to the shower and turn the water on.  Brian is behind me, and when I turn back around he already has his shirt off, and his pants unbuckled.  I smile at his sudden eagerness to get into the tub, and shake my head a little.

"Aren't you going to take your clothes off?" he asks as he pulls down his pants, revealing his erection like it is the most natural thing in the world.
"Yeah, I will," I say.  "But you're sure you want me in there with you?"
"Yeah, I'm sure," Brian says nodding his head.
"Okay then you asked for this," I say, with a little smirk as I start taking off my shirt.

I take my clothes off quickly, almost as though I am ripping off a band aide.  I know there is the possibility I will change my mind, but I really don't want to.  When my clothes are in a pile on the floor next to Brian's, I check to see if the water temperature is right and I find that it is.

"After you sir," I say to Brian as I pull the shower curtain back.

With a little giggle Brian steps into the shower/tub combo.  He steps towards the spray of the shower head to allow me room and once I am in I pull the shower curtain closed so we don't get the entire bathroom soaked.  I move towards the wall to allow Brian room to get away from the spray.  He stands in front of the shower curtain, looking up at me with an expectant look in his eyes.  I take the bar of soap and work it into a lather between my hands, putting the bar of soap back in the dish, I kneel down so I am more level with Brian.  I slowly begin to rub my soapy hands over Brian's shoulders, then work him down his chest gently rubbing his skin as I go.  As I start soaping his nipples I feel them harden underneath my touch, and Brian's eyes close as a look of pleasure over takes his face.  My right hand continues a downward track over his soft stomach, letting my index finger dip into his naval as I run my left hand back and forth over his chest.  Running low on lather I take the bar of soap from the dish and work another large lather in between my hands.

"Raise your arms, angel," I say, softly as I put the soap back in its dish.

Brian quickly raises both of his arms, placing his hands behind his head.  I work my hands in his arm pits gently soaping them as Brian gives a soft giggle.  I can't help but smile myself as I look right into his eyes.  Those blue eyes now have an extra glint to them that make them even more incredible to look into.  With the front side of his torso soaped I gently guide Brian by his shoulders into the spray to rinse the soap off of him.  After he is totally rinsed off we switch positions so Brian now has his back to the back wall of the shower and I have my back to the spray of water, facing him.  I lather my hands again then work the lather over the front of Brian's thighs, down to the top of his feet.  Noticing that I've missed something Brian bucks his hips slightly making his very hard erection even more obvious than it already was.

"Don't worry, we'll get there," I chuckle softly.  "Now turn around."

Brian gives me an exasperated look, but does what I say and turns to face the back wall of the tub.  I start my soapy hands at the back of his shoulders, running them down his shoulder blades then working each hand down one side of his spine.  When I reach his waist I re-soap my hands then begin soaping the back of his legs, down to his calves.  I stand up and again gently back Brian into the spray to rinse the soap off his back.  When we get back to our original positions, Brian with his back to the back wall and mine to the shower spray, I take my soaped up left hand and gently start running it over Brian's soft butt, soaping one cheek at a time.  At the same time I take my right soapy hand and cup his balls and erection together, running my fingers all over to make sure he gets sufficiently soaped.  The effect of this on Brian is immediate as his mouth drops open, and his back arches to push his hips out towards my hand.

"I thought you'd like that," I say, with a smile as I start to masturbate him with my soapy right hand while running the index finger of my left hand down the crevice of his butt.  I find his hole but don't push, just leaving my finger over it.  My soapy right hand is now stroking and gently squeezing Brian's erection, each stoke faster than the one before.
"Oh Kevin, I'm gonna...." Brian starts but quickly stops.

I feel his erection pulse in my hand as his butt cheeks begin to squeeze the index finger of my other hand.  Brian's eyes clamp shut and his mouth hangs open, stuck in mid sentence as his still dry orgasm overtakes his body.  His hips start to buck back and forth humping my stroking hand as the pulsing of his penis continues.  I slow down my stroking and after the pulsing finally stops I remove my finger from his crevice while still slowly stroking his softening penis as he slumps back against the wall.

"That was..." Brian starts, but then stops to take a deep breath.  "Awesome," he adds with that glazed over look still in his eyes.
"You're welcome," I say, before giving him a soft peck on the lips before standing up.
"Making me happy does make you happy," Brian says, as he is now looking at my own erection.

This may sound totally unbelievable, but I was so into what was going on with Brian I hadn't even noticed that my own appendage had started experiencing some not so minor swelling.  Not that I am surprised by this development either.

"I told you it did," I say, as I grab for the soap.

Just as I start to work a lather into my hands, not expecting any reciprocation from Brian I feel a hand on my erection.  I look down to see Brian slowly start stroking my penis with his right hand, his face is even with my stomach, but he is looking down to see what his hand is doing.

"Brian you don't have to...shit," I say, as the feeling of his hand going back and forth sends a jolt of electricity right up my spine.  I feel my knees start to buckle and quickly put my hand against the back wall of the tub to keep myself upright.
"I want to," Brian says.

Suddenly I see him re position himself so now he is on his knees, he pulls my penis down gently so it is now pointed at his face.  I look down at him and see his tongue slowly come out from his mouth and lick his lips.  He stops rubbing my erection and another jolt goes through me as I see his brown hair moving towards my waist.  Below that I can see his red lips getting closer and closer to me and then.

"Oh shit," I gasp as I feel Brian wrap his lips around the head of my penis.

I can tell that Brian has done this before, his teeth never once coming in contact with the skin of my penis as he takes as much as he can into his mouth.  I'm average sized, but Brian's mouth is small so he can only take a little over half of me inside of his mouth.  When my erection is as far back in his mouth as he'll let it go I start to feel his tongue running up and down the underside of my penis.  I slowly open my eyes, which clamped shut soon after Brian wrapped his lips around the head of my penis, I look down and see Brian's head slowly start to move back and forth.  As though he feels my eyes on him he looks up at me, with my penis still lodged in his mouth, his head still moving back and forth and those blue eyes looking right into my soul.  I feel my balls start to churn, and pull up towards my body, and I know I'm not going to last much longer.

"Brian, I'm getting close," I gasp.  "You better take it..."

Brian gives one last lick before taking my penis out of his mouth then wrapping his right hand around it as he starts to masturbate me quickly.  His face is still only inches from the head of my penis and I can still feel his warm breath hitting the helmet of my penis.  His eyes meeting mine again sends me over the edge, my first shot of cum hits Brian right in the face but then he ducks away while still stroking me and the next two shoot right towards the wall as I experience the most intense orgasm of my life.

"Oh Brain," I gasp, as I lean against the wall of the tub to prevent myself from falling on top of him.
"Did I do good?" Brian asks me as he stands up.
"You sure did angel," I say, kneeling down in front of him.  I see a string of my cum running from his right cheek over his nose and onto his other cheek.  I quickly take a wash cloth that had been left in the tub from a previous bath and get it wet before wiping of the mess I made on his face.  "Sorry about that," I say.
"It's okay," Brian says.  "That was kind of cool."
"Do you have any clue how much I love you?" I ask him.
"I'm starting to," Brian says, a smile coming to his face.

I chuckle a little before grabbing Brian into a bear hug and squeezing him tightly.  Our shower after that becomes uneventful, as each of us wash our own hair and get out.  Knowing that we have to wake up early in the morning I hand Brian a towel after getting out of the tub instead of doing what I really want which would be to dry him myself.  Not seeing any reason for putting on clothes we climb into bed and Brian quickly falls asleep his head resting on my chest. I on the other hand keep playing that shower over and over in my mind.  To be honest I don't want those images to stop.  I can still feel Brian's penis pulsing in my hand, his mouth around my penis.  I can still see his eyes looking up into mine, as his head bobs back and forth.  I stare up at the ceiling for the longest time just replaying these images in my mind.  Finally sleep over takes me, with a large smile on my face.

Morning comes all too quickly and Brian and I once again have a rushed breakfast as I race him to school.  On my way from the school to work I stop at Target and buy a set of sheets and a comforter for Brian's new bed.  I hope they don't get a lot of use, I've gotten used to sleeping with him cuddled up with me.  But we need to maintain appearances for CPS.  I finally get to the Sierra Inn, and find Laura in the break room pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Good morning, stranger," she says, with a smile.  "How's fatherhood treating you?"
"Really well," I say, not being able to stop the smile from spreading across my face.
"I'd say it so," Laura says, shaking her head.  "I don't remember the last time I saw you this happy.  Speaking of that, that woman Julie called she said for you to call her back."

The words echo in my mind.  I wonder what this woman could possibly want from me.  I wonder what kind of nut job she must have been to be able to get fired from a government job.  I mean don't you have to try to do that?  To be honest, the entire situation begins to scare me a little. I haven't told Laura about what I learned yesterday, only because I hadn't gotten the chance but I feel I have to now.  So I quickly fill Laura in on what Mr. Quincy had told me yesterday.  Laura stands there seemingly in shock for a moment.

"Are you going to call the police?" Laura asks, after a few seconds of silence have passed.
"Well, my lawyer said he'd tell CPS," I say.  "I haven't really thought of calling the cops."
"I would," Laura says.  "Who knows what kind of nut job she could be, and now she knows where you live."
"That's true," I say.  "In the meantime I'm kind of curious to see what she wants."
"You're actually going to call her back?" Laura asks.
"Yeah," I say.  "I want to see just how far she wants to take this little game of hers."
"Kevin, you're playing with fire," Laura says, but I'm already in my office by the time she finishes her sentence.

I didn't grow up wanting to be a hotel owner.  I wanted to be a detective.  But the sight of blood makes me sick to my stomach so I figured that might not be the profession for me.  But this situation with Julie is bringing out the Sherlock Holmes in me.  Even though it does scare me, I do want to know how far she will carry it.  So I pick up the phone and dial the number she left with Laura.

"Hello, Ms. Harden this is Kevin Wasdin," I say.
"Oh, Mr. Wasdin, I've been expecting your call," she says.  "I was hoping we could further discuss what we talked about yesterday."
"Yeah that's what I figured," I say.  "Look I'm sorry for what I said yesterday, I was out of line.  I'm sure you're doing the best you can," I say, as I start to play along.
"I appreciate that, Mr. Wasdin," Julie says.  "I just wanted to give you a little bit of a reality check, as you know you are going to be facing a lot of questions if you intend to adopt Brian.  I just wanted to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into."
"I do know," I say.
"Good," Julie says.  "Now before I can give you your permanent license I will need to do another inspection of your home.  Is this afternoon convenient for you?"

The wannabe detective in me disappears quickly, as I hear what Julie wants.  It's one thing over the phone, it's another if she shows up at my door again.

"Okay, that's it," I say.  "You need to stop the bull shitting now, I know about you."
"Excuse me?" Julie asks.
"My lawyer called me yesterday soon after you left," I say.  "It seems as though you were fired last Friday.  Now if you ever show up at my door I will...."

Julie hangs up before I can finish my sentence.  I quickly call Mr. Quincy to tell him about what has just happened.  But he isn't in his office so I have to leave a message.  I still don't have any clue what it is Julie wants from me or from Brian.  Though I am scared, I reside myself to the fact that I am just going to have to be vigilant and if I have to I can always call the police.  Though it is difficult for me to do I slowly start to sink into my work, not forgetting about Julie or last night but still getting my work done.

Finally eleven o'clock comes and there is a knock on the door of my office.

"Come in Laura," I say, forgetting about the appointment I had made yesterday.
"It's me, dude," Matt says, as he opens the door.

Matt still looks like he did in college.  Just over six feet tall, black hair he wears short and keeps spiked in the front, brown eyes and body that obviously sees plenty of time in the gym.  No matter how much I wanted to he and I never have done anything.  Matt is totally straight, and knows nothing about my sexuality.  Still he was the object of many a jack off session for me in college.

"Hey Matt," I say, quickly getting up and going around my desk.
"Dude it's been too long," Matt says as we shake hands.
"Yeah way too long," I agree.  "So, why don't you have a seat on the couch there's something I need to talk to you about."
"You still have this lumpy old thing?" Matt asks.

The couch in my office had been the couch Matt and I bought for the apartment we shared together during college.  It was used when we got it, and it's seen more beer than some liquor stores since then but it still is comfortable enough.

"Yeah, well if it ain't broke," I say, with a chuckle as I take a seat behind my desk.  "So you're really not happy at that place in Scottsdale," I say.  
"Well, I mean it pays the bills," Matt says.  "But it's not like I would turn down another job offer if I got one," he adds with a smile.
"Are you still interested in management?" I ask.
"Yeah sure, but my place isn't promoting anybody now," he says.  "I mean the only people leaving are the ones that are being laid off."
"Well, some stuff has changed here," I say.  "And I was wondering if you might be interested in becoming a manager here."
"Dude, seriously?" Matt asks, a smile coming to his face.
"Yeah I mean the only reason you left the project was because you were sick," I say.  "I should have offered you a position before, I don't know why I didn't.  But like I said some stuff has changed and I can't do this all by myself anymore."
"Are you that busy?" Matt asks.
"Well, yes and no," I say.  "See what happened is that I'm trying to adopt a kid and I can't be here as much so..."
"You're what?" Matt asks, interrupting me mid-sentence.
"Exactly how this came about is kind of a long story," I say.  "But, yeah I'm trying to adopt an eleven year old boy, who's my foster son right now.  His name is Brian."
"Holy shit," Matt says, shaking his head.  "You, a father?  What is this world coming to?"
"Thanks for the confidence," I say, with a little chuckle.  "So what do you think?  You want to join team Sierra?"
"Hell yeah," Matt says, emphatically.
"Great," I say.  "When can you start?"
"Is it okay if I start the first of the month?" Matt asks.  "I mean I have to give my other place two weeks notice."
"Yeah, that would be fine," I say, figuring I can keep up with what I have been doing for another two weeks.

Matt and I go out to lunch at a restaurant down the street from the motel.  We talk about our college days, I tell him about Brian and it's almost like no time has passed.  Matt and I first met in a freshman composition class.  We sat next to each other and on the first day made a pact to wake the other one up incase either of us fell asleep since it was a seven thirty class.  We soon found out that we lived only two dorms away from each other.  We started spending a lot of time hanging out, and drinking and by the end of our freshman year we were best friends.  Our junior year we moved into an apartment together just off campus.

"So how's your social life going?" Matt asks me, as we wait for the check for lunch.
"Social life?" I ask, jokingly.  "What the hell is that?"
"That bad?" Matt chuckles.
"Yeah well, time isn't my friend," I say.  "How about with you?"
"Well I just moved in with my girlfriend," Matt says.  "She's going to freak when she hears about this new job."
"So it's serious?" I ask, surprised to hear Matt would make any kind of commitment.
"Yeah," Matt says.  "She might be the one."
"Who would have thought?" I ask him.  "Me adopting a kid and you getting married."
"Shit if somebody had told me that five years ago, I would have wanted what they were smoking," Matt says, shaking his head.
"Well, here's to the old days," I say, raising my half empty glass of water.
"To the old days," Matt says, clinking his glass against mine.

When I get back to the Sierra Inn, I am surprised to find Mr. Lofton standing in the lobby.  I know he is Brian's social worker now, but I wasn't expecting to see him so soon.  The only interaction I've had with him was during my interview and during that I couldn't really get a read off of him.  As I walk up to him in the lobby of the Sierra Inn, I can't help but think to myself that he has to be more normal than Julie.

"Mr. Wasdin, good to see you again," Mr. Lofton says, as he shakes my hand.
"Nice to see you, Mr. Lofton," I say, though it really isn't.
"Please call me Bill," he says.  "Is there some place we can talk?"

I lead him back to my office and he takes a seat on the couch.  I shut the door before going behind my desk.  I have a feeling this meeting has less to do with me and Brian and more to do with Julie.

"Your lawyer called me this morning," Bill starts.  "He told me that Ms. Harden's been in touch with you three times since she was fired last Friday.  I must say that this concerns me some."
"Yeah it concerns me too," I say.  "Do you think she's dangerous?"
"Oh heavens no," Bill says, shaking his head vigorously.  "Julie wouldn't hurt a fly.  It's just, she doesn't really know when to give up.  And she can become a little over zealous which is all I think is happening here.  To be honest I'm really more concerned about what is going on with her because I don't feel she poses any real threat to you or," he stops, and quickly pulls a folder out of the brief case he had been carrying.  "Oh that's right Brian," he says after looking in the folder.
"You must be busy," I say, not particularly happy that Brian's new social worker doesn't even know his name.
"Incredibly so," Bill says.  "I've had to take on Julie's work load as well and it is just too much."
"Well at least you have practice at it," I say.
"Excuse me?" Bill asks.
"From when Ms. Harden was pregnant," I say.  "Didn't you take on her cases?"
"Julie doesn't have any kids," Bill says, shaking his head.  "What exactly did she tell you?"
"Well Brian had told me that Ms. Harden had dropped him off at his last placement and she was supposed to come back to check on him, but she never did," I say.  "So when she came to my apartment on Sunday, I asked her about that.  She told me that she was eight and a half months pregnant when she dropped Brian off at his last placement, and that while she was on maternity leave Brian's case was handed to you.  And that the Smith's have been in the system for so long with out any problems you didn't feel like you needed to check on them."
"Well first of all, Brian's case has never been on my desk before yesterday," Bill says.  "Julie disappeared for those months, because she wasn't doing her job.  When the Smith's called CPS to tell us Brian had ran away and that they still wanted their check, our supervisor confronted Julie about it.  He tried to fire her then, but there was too much red tape so instead he had me over see her directly.  Which meant anything she did I had to be there.  That's why I was in on the interview with you."
"So then why was she fired?' I ask.
"Well what happened with Brian, happened again," Bill says, sadly.  "Apparently Julie was hiding a case of a particularly difficult young man from me.  We found out last Thursday he had run away from his placement, and that she had not been to see him in well over a year."
"Oh man," I say, shaking my head in disbelief.  "What does this switch mean for me?"
"Well to be honest, not much," Bill says.  "I have been reviewing your file and your background checks and you are clean as a whistle.  If you make adjustments to your home, which you apparently have, and your work schedule I see no reason why you shouldn't be allowed to adopt Brian."
"Even though I'm single and a man?" I ask.  It may seem stupid but I've heard so much about that from everyone it seems odd when it's not turned against me.
"I'm single and a father too," Bill says.  "While I can't say that it's easy or that I would recommend it to anyone who am I to deny you the chance?  Having said that, I will be watching you like a hawk while this adoption process takes place and if I see one possible red flag, I will make sure this adoption never happens."
"I totally understand," I say, suddenly great full that this switch has occurred.

After Bill leaves it is time for me to pick up Brian from school.  Today is a day I wish Matt could have started already because we have to be home to wait for Brian's new bed.  The workaholic in me is in pain having to leave from work so early in the day.  But the growing part of me that is intent on being a father knows where I really need to be.  When we get home I make Brian a snack, from some of the food that had mysteriously put itself in my shopping cart on Sunday.  While Brian is eating his Hot Pocket I sit next to him at the breakfast bar.

"So I can still sleep with you when I want right?" Brian asks me, while still inhaling his food.
"Absolutely," I say.  "But if anybody from CPS asks..."
"I know," Brian says.  "Then I always sleep in my own room."
"Good," I say, nodding my head in agreement.  "Speaking of CPS, something's changed," I say, figuring that now would be a good time to tell Brian.
"What?" Brian asks, nervously.
"Ms. Harden isn't your social worker anymore," I say.  "Your new social worker is Mr. Lofton."
"Why?" Brian asks.
"Well, Ms. Harden wasn't doing her job right so she got fired," I say.
"Cool," Brian says.  "I never liked her."
"I know the feeling," I say.  "But Brian this is very important.  If Ms. Harden ever shows up at your school, or tells you to go with her, don't.  Pretend like she's a stranger, and if she asks you anything you tell me as soon as you can, even if you have to call me at work.  You understand?"
"Yes," Brian says, emphatically nodding his head.
"Good," I say, ruffling his hair with my hand.  "Don't worry, I'm sure she won't come near you, but just incase I wanted you to know what to do."
"Okay," Brian says.

Just then there is a knock at the door, Brian's bed has arrived.  It takes the two men less than half an hour to put the thing together, but that doesn't prevent them from hanging around hinting for a bigger tip.  Feeling generous I hand them a two bucks before shooing them out the door.

"So what do you think?" I ask Brian as I finish making the bed with the new blue and white comforter which is covering the new blue sheets.  For some reason blue is my new favorite color.  Maybe I should have bought the sheets with more of Brian's taste in mind but I figure he won't be in here much anyway.
"I like it," Brian says as he plops himself down on his back in the middle of the bed.  "I think it looks good in this room."
"I think so too," I say.  "Don't get too comfortable, unless you want to skip dinner."
"What?" Brian asks, quickly sitting back up.  "What are we having?"
"Good question," I say, scratching my head.  "You like macaroni and cheese?"
"Yeah," Brian says.
"Good," I say.  "Come on, you can do your homework while it's cooking."

After dinner is done, and Brian has finished his homework we sit on the couch watching television.  We are in that comfortable silence just watching some cartoon that I am actually enjoying, when suddenly Brian, who has the remote control, shuts the television off.

"Hey don't you want to see what happens?" I ask.
"I've seen that one a hundred times," Brian says.
"Oh," I say, disappointed, I won't get to see the end of the show.  "Well then what do you want to do?"
"I don't know," Brian says, shrugging his shoulders.
"Well then we can always just go to sleep," I say.
"But it's only eight o'clock," Brian says, looking at me.
"Well what did you used to do at eight o'clock?" I ask him.  "Before you went to foster care?"
"Play video games, or on my computer," Brian says.
"Oh," I say, already knowing I have neither in the house.  "Listen, Brian it's going to take me a little while to get this place kind of kid friendly.  But how about this weekend, we go looking for a computer, and maybe some games to go with it?"
"Really?" Brian asks.
"Yeah," I say.  "Just don't expect anything too fancy."
"My old computer wasn't fancy," Brian says.  "But it was still cool."
"Well that's the type we'll get then," I say.  "Not fancy but cool.  Does that sound like a plan?"
"Yeah," Brian says, nodding his head, before leaning over and giving me a peck on my cheek.  "I love you, Kevin."
"I love you too, angel," I say, as I mess his hair with my hand.

I am starting to see glimpses of how Brian probably was before everything fell apart around him.  I can only guess, but it seems to me like he was probably a very affectionate child, one of those rare boys that wouldn't be shy about giving a hug or a kiss to a loved one.  There is no way for me to know exactly what the future will hold sitting here on the couch. though at this point I am more optimistic about my chances of being able to adopt Brian than I ever have been before.  Things seem to be coming together, falling into place just right.

"Kevin," Brian says, breaking me from my train of thought.
"Yeah angel," I say, looking back at him.
"Did I really make you happy last night?" he asks me.
"Yeah, you made me really, really happy last night," I say.  "What you couldn't tell?"
"No, I could," Brian says, with a little giggle.  "But I just wanted to make sure."
"Well you certainly did," I say.  "Did I make you happy last night?"
"What you couldn't tell?" Brian asks, holding out long enough to get his sentence out before busting into a fit of laughter.
"Copy cat," I say, as I reach my hand over and start tickling his stomach through his grey t-shirt, only bringing out more and more giggles, as Brian kicks his legs up in the air and turns on his side with his back to me to try to escape from my tickle attack.
"Stop!" he says, between giggles, as I now am tickling his side with one hand, and his stomach with the other.
"Thought you could get away from me did you?" I ask in my most evil voice, which really sounds like a bad imitation of someone from a bad mobster movie.
"Stop!"  Brian says, again.  "I gotta pee!"
"Okay, get then," I say, stopping my tickling and giving his jeans covered butt a playful smack as if that would make him start moving faster.  "I don't want any stains on the couch."
"K," Brian says, as he straightens himself up.  "I'll be right back."

While Brian is in the bathroom I turn back on the television and manage to watch the end of Sponge Bob.  Not wanting to let Brian know I was that curious about the end of a kids show, I shut the television again before he makes it back into the living room.

"No more tickling?" Brian asks, as he stands in between me and the television, just far enough away that I wouldn't be able to reach him.
"No more," I say.  "Scouts honor," I add holding up my right hand.

Satisfied Brian sits back on the couch next to me, just staring at the blank television for a second, before he suddenly starts trying to tickle my stomach.

"Not gonna work buddy," I say, with a straight face.  "I'm too old to be ticklish."  The truth is I've never been that ticklish for some reason.
"Yes you are!" Brian proclaims.  "I know where too!"

To Be Continued...

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