Sierra Inn

Written by Mark The Goodpen

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Sierra Inn
Chapter 12

I can not believe how forward Brian is getting, nothing like the timid boy he was just a week ago.  At least now I know he really does trust me, or I hope that's the case.  After I hear his proclamation of knowing exactly where I am ticklish I chuckle to myself a little as I think how far our relationship has come in such a short time.  Even though I think I know exactly where he is talking about I decide to play dumb.

"And where would that be?" I ask.
"Right here," Brian says, pointing to my crotch.  "I tickled you really good there last night," he adds with a smile on his face.
"Well now, that's not fair," I say.  "Everybody is ticklish over there.  I happen to know somebody else who is just as ticklish there as I am," I add as I slowly run my hand over his jean covered groin.

The smile on Brian's face turns into more of a smirk as I run my hand over the now stretching material.  I wasn't expecting anything to come from my initial tickle attack, okay maybe I was hoping something would but I certainly wasn't expecting it.  I was really just trying to get rid of his boredom, but now I quickly find myself with my hand in between Brian's legs and not so wholesome thoughts going through my head.

"See?" I ask him as I start to rub a little harder on the stretching material.
"Yeah," Brian says, as he starts to get a glazed over look in his eye.

I work my hand over to the top button of his jeans and quickly un-do it, then grasp the zipper of his fly and pull it down exposing Brian's very tented white briefs.  Brian moves his face closer to me, I lean down and our lips meet at the same time my hand finds its way underneath the waistband of his briefs.  My fingers graze Brian's erection as his tongue presses through my lips and starts to seek out my tongue.  I grasp Brian's erection and start slowly masturbating him, with his briefs still on, as we continue our passionate kissing I hear him moan into my mouth.  Not wanting to take him too far so quickly I let go of his penis and start gently rubbing his smooth pelvis area.  Brian moans again, though this time I think it is out of frustration.  Still I feel his hand on my belt, and with my free hand I help him loosen it as we break our kiss.

"Wait a second, angel," I say, after my belt is undone.  "We're going out of order here," I say with a little chuckle as I start to pull my t-shirt over my head.

When I look over at Brian after dumping my shirt on the floor, I see that he has also freed himself from his shirt.  I reach for him and pull him onto my lap, his legs straddling mine, my hands begin to rub up and down the smooth skin of his back, all the way from his shoulder blades down until I feel the fabric of his jeans and briefs at his waist.  While I continue rubbing his back Brian reaches his face up to mine and once again we engage in a long passionate tongue duel.  After sometime has passed I feel hand grabbing at the fly of my pants, this time I allow Brian to do all the work him self and soon the top half of my penis is sticking out through the waistband of my boxers.  As Brian breaks the kiss to grab a breath of air I suddenly become aware that we are still sitting on the couch, and while it is definitely hot, it is not exactly comfortable.  Deciding the bed would make things easier for the both of us I slowly get up off the couch, Brian wrapping his legs around my waist as I carry him into the bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom I gently lay Brian down in the center of the bed, I lay down next to him and start to rub my right hand from his chest down to the waistband of his briefs.  We stay like this for minutes, me rubbing his torso and he just looking back at me, our eyes never breaking contact with each other.  Finally I reposition myself so I am on my knees, I straddle Brian's legs as my hands go for his waist.  I bring his jeans and briefs down his firm, hairless legs and off his feet, quickly throwing both pieces of clothing on the floor behind me.  I stare at him for a minute, his naked body now just laying on the bed as he stares back at me, kneeling over him.  I give him a little smile as I bend forward my head going right for his stomach.

Gently I start kissing his white stomach, from just under his chest, down the middle until I reach his navel.  There I let my tongue come out and dip into his little cave, I feel him wiggle underneath me and from above I hear a gentle giggle.  I let my tongue continue to tease and tickle him for a few seconds before moving further down past his navel kissing my way over his pelvis.  When I reach his rock hard penis I give the tip a gentle kiss before ducking my head lower, as I gently spread his legs a little further apart.  I lay a series of gentle kisses on his sac which is drawn up tightly to his body, before opening my mouth and taking in both almond sized balls at the same time.  I hear Brian start to make gentle moaning sounds as I run my tongue all over the smooth yet wrinkled skin of his sac.  Releasing his balls from my mouth I slowly kiss my way up the under side of his shaft, before taking his penis into my mouth, and letting my tongue play with the head.

My hands which had been partially supporting my weight on the bed on either side of Brian, now move above my head to his torso as I lay my body down between Brian's splayed legs.  Slowly I start moving my head up and down on Brian's penis while my tongue continues to flick the head, teasing him.  When I feel him getting close to climax I pull my head off and stand up by the foot of the bed.

"Why did you stop?" Brian asks, while looking up at me, his eyes totally glazed over now.
"You'll see," I say, with a smirk as I take off my pants and boxers.

Leaving the last parts of my clothing on the floor next to Brian's I crawl back up on the bed, between his still splayed legs.  I let one hand go underneath Brian's waist, and hold him by the small of his back as I roll over onto my back, bringing him with me so he is now laying on top of me, our naked penis's pressed together, his face hovering just above mine.  With my right hand still on the small of Brian's back my left hand raises up and I slowly run my fingers through Brian's hair, moving his brown bangs off his forehead.  Looking into those blue eyes yet again, I feel my penis jerk a little, pushing Brian's penis into his pelvis and causing him to moan a little.  My right hand, moves lower down on Brian's back to his butt, pushing his mid-section harder into mine forcing our penis's to grind together.  Slowly I start thrusting my hips up and down, to create even more friction between us.  The pre-cum from my leaking penis serving as a type of lubricant to make the experience even more intense.  Brian lets out a loud moan this time as his torso drops on top of mine, his head resting in the crook of my neck as I continue to grind my penis into his.  The sensation to me is incredible as I feel the heat from his groin against mine, the feel of his chest pressed into mine as he starts to grind back against me.

"Brian, look at me," I whisper softly into his ear, as we continue or grinding motion.

Slowly Brian lifts his head up, that glazed over look still in his eyes.  My left hand quickly goes to the back of his head, and with a gentle pressure I bring his face to mine, when our tongues meet in his mouth it is like a sudden jolt of electricity goes through my body.  Apparently it has the same effect on him as I feel his butt cheeks clench together in my right hand, then his grinding gets more intense.  With a loud guttural moan Brian falls into an obviously intense orgasm as his penis jerks hard against mine.  As quickly as it began it ends, and Brian withdraws his face from mine, his head falling back into the crook of my neck as his body goes limp on top of me.  I gently rub his back from his shoulder blades down to his butt with my right hand, as I lay still underneath him, my penis now pressing his soft penis into his pelvis.

Just when I am starting to think that Brian has fallen asleep on top of me, I feel him start to shift, his hands go to the mattress on either side of my body as he lifts his upper body up taking his head out of the crook of my neck.  He looks down at me for a second, with a smile on his face.  Slowly he starts to move his body down further on the bed, until his face is even with my crotch.  I prop my head up on a pillow and watch him take hold of my penis with one hand, bringing it up to his face before opening his mouth.  I see his brown hair begin to descend and my eyes clench shut as I feel the wetness of his tongue brush over the head of my penis.  Quickly it is like my entire body is in my groin as I feel Brian's lips wrap around my penis.  I pop my right eye open just enough to see Brian's head bobbing up and down on my penis, each time taking a little more of my penis in his mouth.  Still he can only take a little over half of my penis into his mouth comfortably, but that is more than enough for me, especially as I feel his tongue start to go back and forth over the head.  All too soon I start to feel my balls tighten and draw up close to my body and I know I will not last much longer.

"I'm gonna shoot, baby," I say, my breath shallow and my voice husky.

Brian pulls his mouth off but his right hand quickly goes to my penis and starts a fast masturbation.  Within a minute I feel myself going over the edge as the first burst of cum comes shooting out landing on my stomach.  I thought last night's orgasm was powerful, but this one blew that one away.  When I finally come down from the climax I lay, limply on the bed panting as I stare up at the ceiling.  Brian lets go of my wilting penis and comes up on the bed and lays beside me, his head resting on my chest.  I slowly raise my right hand and start running my fingers through his hair while I continue to stare at the ceiling, still lost in the afterglow.

"See I told you I knew where you were ticklish," I hear him say, with a giggle.
"I never doubted you for a second," I say.
"I love you," Brian says, his voice a little sleepy now.
"I love you too, angel," I say.

Before either of us gets too sleep I go into the bathroom and wet a washcloth and clean my stomach and chest of the large amount of cum I had dumped on it.  I then take a fresh wet cloth back to the bedroom, where I find Brian laying on his back waiting for me.  I gently clean my dried up pre-cum from his groin, before depositing the cloth back in the bathroom sink.

"Angel, you need to brush your teeth," I tell him from the bathroom, suddenly sounding quite parental.
"Do I have to?" I hear him ask.
"What do you think?" I ask.  A couple of seconds pass before I hear footsteps coming towards the bathroom.

We brush our teeth at the same time, then go back to bed, still naked.  I lay down on the side closer to the alarm clock so I won't have to reach over Brian in the morning to slay the buzzing monster.  Brian assumes his now usual position, laying on his side his head resting on my chest.

"Goodnight, angel," I say, before closing my eyes.
"Goodnight, Kevin," Brian answers, sleepily.

The ceiling comes into focus slowly as the alarm clock jars me from yet another deep sleep.  As a reflex my right hand reaches over and gives the dam thing a hard smack, letting it know that I do not appreciate being woken up the by the obnoxiously loud buzzing sound.  Some how Brian is immune to the sound, or at least he pretends well as he seems to be asleep, curled up under my arm and his head still resting on my chest.  I know I should get him up and out of bed but I figure I can savor a couple minutes of silent reflection before starting another day.  Images of last night are still playing on repeat in mind and only after a second of thinking about it I start to tent the sheets.  Last night was different than the other times, there was more passion there more fire.  It is kind of hard for me to believe, since I did not think it was possible but I seem to love Brian more and more every day.  I am starting to see more of his personality, more of what makes him who he is and all of it just makes me fall that much harder in love with him.

I am shaken from my thoughts when I feel Brian start to shift next to me and I hear a gentle yawn.

"Good morning, angel," I whisper gently.  "Did you sleep well?"
"Yeah," Brian says, with another yawn.
"Good," I say.  "We gotta get a move on though."

We share a shower, though we don't have time to do what I suspect both of us want to before eating breakfast and darting out the door.  I drop Brian off at school and make my way to work, still thinking about my relationship with Brian.  When I get to the motel, Laura is standing behind the desk, talking to an elderly woman.  I don't really think too much of it at first until I see Laura's expression, and it is a worried one.

"Kevin," Laura says, stopping me before I can go to the back and my office.  "This is, Doris Landers," Laura says.  "She's Brian's grandmother."
"What?" I ask, not believing what I am hearing.

Brian has only mentioned his grandmother once, when he said that she was too old to take care of him and that's how he ended up in foster care.  The woman standing on the other side of the desk is no doubt elderly, probably pushing 75 but seems to be in good shape.  She stands upright, with no cane or walker, her hair is white and her face is wrinkled but she looks healthy and when our eyes meet I know there is no doubt she is Brian's grandmother.  Her eyes are blue and have that same twinkle as Brian's.

"Doris this is Kevin," Laura says.  "He's the man who has taken Brian in."
"Oh my," Doris says.  "I don't know how I can thank you," she says her voice choking slightly.
"You don't need to thank me," I say.  "Please come back to the back so we can talk in private."

As I lead Doris back to the break room I have no clue how she found me.  I don't know what her intentions are, I fear she wants custody of Brian, that she is going to fight me for him and I will without a doubt lose to a blood relative.  But I do my best to hide my fears as I pour both her and myself cups of coffee.

"Mr. Wasdin, I don't know what you've heard about me," Doris says as I set down her coffee mug on the table in front of her.  "But I'm sure your impression of me, is less than stellar," she says.
"Why would you say that?" I ask, honestly not having formed any impression of her.
"Letting my grandson enter foster care, rather than having him live with me," she says.  "I must seem like a real terrific grandmother."
"Well Brian said, you weren't able to take care of him because you were too old," I say.  "But after meeting you, and what you're telling me I'm starting to think that wasn't the case."
"It's what I told his social worker to tell him," Doris says, her voice now almost business like.  "If he knew the truth, it would have hurt him too much."
"What was the truth?" I ask.
"Mr. Wasdin I'm 73 years old, when my son and daughter in law were...." her voice breaks off, as she breaks eye contact to look down at the table.  "When Brian lost his parents I didn't think I could go on, we were not meant to outlive our children.  CPS came to me the day after the murders, they asked me if I would be willing to take Brian in.  But Brian looked almost like a clone of his father."
"So?" I ask, not understanding why that would make a difference.
"It was less than twenty four hours after hearing my only son was murdered," Doris says.  "I thought that taking Brian in would be too much of a reminder of his father."
"Ms. Landers, I can't judge you because of that," I say, quickly.  "I mean I can't imagine what you were going through, I'm sure you did what you thought was best for Brian."
"Living with strangers is never best for a child," Doris says.  "Even in my deepest depression I knew that.  It was a selfish decision and one I'll regret for the rest of my life.  I had asked Brian's social worker to keep me up to date with how he was doing, and she did for about a month, but then the phone calls stopped.  Then suddenly on Monday they called and said that Brian had been placed with you."
"Who called you on Monday?" I ask, already knowing the answer but wanting to confirm it.
"Brian's social worker, Ms. Harden," Doris says.  "I can't say I care for the woman but we have to play the cards we are dealt."
"Ms. Landers, I don't know how to tell you this," I say.  "But Ms. Harden was fired from CPS last week, she is no longer Brian's social worker."
"Then why would she call me?" Doris asks, a bewildered look on her face.
"I don't know," I say, shaking my head in disbelief.
Well that is odd," Doris says.  "But it doesn't really change why I'm here.  Mr. Wasdin, I want to make sure that Brian is with someone that will love him the way he deserves to be loved.  I wish now I could take him in myself, but Sun City is no place for an eleven year old boy and the next time I move it will probably be to a wooden box.  But I was hoping you could do me a favor."

I let out a sigh of relief after hearing that Doris has no intention of trying for custody of Brian, and my happiness about that makes me willing to do anything she wants.

"What is it that you want?" I ask.
"I want to be a part of Brian's life again," she says.  "But just as a grandmother, you know someone to spoil him.  We were very close when he was younger, and if it weren't for my stupidity we would probably still be today.  I don't know if he'll want me back in his life now, but I at least want to try."
"Who would I be to deny you that chance?" I ask her.  "Absolutely you can be a part of his life."
"Oh thank you so much," Doris says.  "I don't know how I ever could repay you."
"Don't worry about that," I say.  "When would you like to see Brian?"
"I was hoping as soon as possible," Doris says.  "When would be a good time for you?"
"Well Brian gets out of school at three thirty," I say.  "Would you like to come by our apartment around four?"
"Oh that would be perfect," Doris says.

After some small talk and me giving directions to my apartment Doris leaves and I go to my office, where my mind immediately starts to spin.  I am happy that Brian has a grandmother that wants to be part of his life, and I am even happier that she doesn't want custody of him.  But I can not figure out why Julie would have called her.  Was Julie trying to do Doris a favor?  Was she making up for something?  I would like to think that either of those things were the case but I know better than that.  I begin to believe that Julie was hoping Doris would not go for Brian being adopted by me, which apparently isn't the case.  Doris did not bring up my marital status once, and she seemed to actually like me.  I quickly decide the best thing for me to do is call Mr. Quincy.

"Kevin," Mr. Quincy says over the phone after I tell him what happened.  "I have to be honest, this situation with Ms. Harden is starting to bother me."
"What do you think she is trying to do?" I ask.
"I'm not sure," Mr. Quincy says.  "Just be on the look out, and if you see her don't hesitate to call the cops.  Have you told Brian about her?"
"Yeah, and he knows never to go with her," I say.
"Good," Mr. Quincy says.  "I will call Mr. Lofton and see if there's anything they can do."
"Do you think she wants to hurt Brian?" I ask.
"If I had to guess I would say the only person she wants to hurt is you," Mr. Quincy says.  "But I've never seen anything like this happen before, so just be careful.  And don't worry nothing she does will affect your adopting Brian."
"That's what I wanted to hear," I say, taking a small sigh of relief.

To say I'm distracted for the rest of the day would be a gross understatement.  The tranquility I was feeling in bed this morning has quickly been shattered and I now find myself a bundle of nervous energy.  Not only am I worried about what Julie is up to, but now I have to think about how Brian will react this afternoon to his reunion with Doris.  My worst nightmare would be that seeing him again will make Doris want to take him in, and that since they were so close before Brian will want to go with her.  I start to think that allowing this reunion has increased my chances of losing Brian, which were already pretty good to begin with.  It would also hurt me, though, if the reunion upset Brian, since I hate seeing him upset.  I spend the afternoon questioning myself on whether or not I am doing the right thing by allowing this reunion to happen in the first place.  But if nothing else I am a man of my word, I made a promise to an elderly woman, who apparently just wants to re-connect with her only grandchild and I am not about to break that promise.

As I drive to pick Brian up at school, I feel my heart racing in my chest.  I get to the school ten minutes early out of anxiousness to get this afternoon over with.  The ten minutes waiting for that dam bell to ring are dragging by slower than any other set of ten minutes in my life.  I have never had a panic attack, but I feel like I am bordering on one as I watch my watch tick, slower and slower.

"Fine mess you've gotten yourself into again Wasdin," I say to myself as I sit in my parked car.

I've always been resistant to opening my heart because I've always been afraid of getting hurt.  It's actually a minor miracle Brian was able to wiggle his way in there as quickly as he has.  Now that I have opened myself to love, I am desperately afraid of losing it.  I can't picture my life without Brian in it now, but blood runs thicker than water.  And I can not get the thought out of my head that this reunion could spark something for both Doris and Brian.  Just as I feel as though I am about to cry I hear the bell ring.  Slowly I climb out of the car, put my happy face on and start looking for Brian while leaning against the trunk of the car.

Finally I see Brian, a huge smile on his face, come bounding towards me.  When he gets to me he quickly wraps his arms around my waist in a huge hug.

"Hey buddy," I say, returning his hug.
"I missed you," he says, obviously seeing the surprised look on my face.  Brian hasn't hugged me in public, much less in front of his school.
"I missed you too buddy," I say, with a smile.

We get into the car, and I know I have to tell Brian about what happened, so with a deep breath I dive off the cliff head first.

"Angel I have to tell you something, and I'm not sure if you'll like it or not," I say, as we wait in a line of cars to get out of the parking lot.
"What's wrong?" Brian asks.
"Well nothing's wrong really," I say, quickly.  "I'm just not sure how you're going to react to what I have to tell you."
"What is it?" Brian asks, obviously worried.
"I had a visitor come to see me at work today," I say, slowly. "It was your Grandma."

I never understood the term a deafening silence until this moment.  Sitting in the car waiting for some type of response from Brian, and none is coming.  I look over at him as we are stopped waiting for a woman obviously driving a SUV ten times larger than any vehicle she should be driving, to make a left turn.  His face is stoic, no sign of emotion as he stares at the back of the behemoth vehicle in front of us.

"What did she want?" he asks suddenly.
"She wants to see you," I say.  "She's coming by our apartment in about twenty minutes."
"She still loves me?" Brian asks.  The words combined with the he says them tearing at my heart.
"Absolutely," I say quickly.  "What makes you think she doesn't?" I ask.
"I haven't heard from her since before that night," Brian says.
"Brian that wasn't her fault," I say quickly.  "It was because of Ms. Harden, she wasn't doing what your Grandma asked."

For all I know I could be shooting myself in the foot by trying to defend Doris to Brian, but I don't want him to feel abandoned.  So I take the gun, point it at my foot and pull the trigger as I tell Brian;

"Brian, don't be angry at your Grandma," I say.  "She does still love you, I promise you that.  If she didn't she wouldn't have driven all the way down to the motel to talk to me this morning, then drive back down here to see you this afternoon."
"I missed her," Brian says, suddenly.  "But when I asked Ms. Harden about her she said that my Grandma was too old, she couldn't take care of me and it would be too hard for her to see me."
"Well, Brian I don't know how much of that is true," I say.  "But I do know, that the woman that came to my motel this morning absolutely loves her grandson and is upset about the time she lost with him."

Brian doesn't say anything for the rest of the car ride.  When we get home he just sits on the couch staring at the blank television screen.  I sit down next to him, waiting for him to say something but nothing ever comes.  Finally there is a knock at the door.  Slowly I get up off the couch, and go to the door.

"Hi, Ms. Landers," I say as I see her standing outside.
"Hello, Mr. Wasdin," she says, a little nervously.
"Come on in," I say, opening the door wider to let her in.

As Doris walks through the door I look back anxiously to see how Brian is going to react.  Just as I look back he looks up from the blank television screen and right at Doris.  The two of them make eye contact, but neither says anything for the longest time.  I stand by the now closed door just waiting to see exactly how big of a mess I created.

"Hi Pumpkin," Doris says, finally.  "Can I have a hug?"

Brian slowly gets up off the couch and walks over to Doris, hesitation obviously running through every part of his body as he gives Doris, who is still a head taller than he is, a one armed hug.  Doris, on the other hand, wraps both of her arms around him and squeezes him tightly.

"I missed you so much Pumpkin," she says, tears starting to run down her cheeks.
"You did?" Brian asks, looking up at her.
"Yes, very, very much," she says.

It's amazing how much one simple sentence can do, for Brian that one sentence hearing that his Grandma missed him, seemingly changed everything.  I see a smile spread across his face as his left arm raises up and goes around Doris's waist.  Part of me is relieved, that Brian will seemingly not be upset from this reunion.  But the other part of me can't help but worry.

"I'll leave you two alone for a little while," I say, thinking that I don't need to be here for the entire reunion.  "I'll go for a walk."
"Thank you," Doris says.

I start to walk around my apartment complex, just trying to make my mind go blank.  I guess this is what loving somebody is about, doing what's best for them no matter what it might mean for you.  I know Doris said she still can't take Brian in, but I can't help but worry.  After about my fifth lap around the apartment complex I walk back upstairs to our apartment.  When I open the door, Brian and Doris are sitting on the couch, smiling.

"How's it going?" I ask, a little nervously as I shut the door after coming into the apartment.
"Very well," Doris says.  "I still can't get over how big this guy's gotten," she says, her eyes on Brian the entire time.  "And he still looks exactly like his Dad."
"Would you like to stay for dinner?" I ask Doris, figuring it is the polite thing to do.
"Oh thank you very much," Doris says.  "That would be nice."
"Great, I hope you like tacos," I say, with a smile.
"That'll be just fine," Doris says.
"Kevin," Brian says suddenly.
"Yeah, buddy," I say.
"Guess what?" he asks, excitedly.
"What?' I ask.
"Grandma's going to help you," he says a big smile on his face.
"What?" I ask, not quite understanding how Doris could help me.
"Well Brian's been telling me about you," Doris says.  "He told me how you met, and what you've done for him, I don't know how I could ever repay you for that.  But I figure the closest way would be to ask the court, to allow you to adopt Brian."
"Excuse me?" I ask, not quite believing what I am hearing.
"Well," Doris says.  "I will talk to CPS, and recommend that they allow you to adopt Brian.  I'm hoping my word as his Grandmother will carry a significant amount of weight and help make the process easier."
"I don't know what to say," I say, feeling a lump form in my throat.
"You don't have to say anything," Doris says.  "You making my grandson this happy, is thanks enough."

Honestly I don't know how much weight Doris's word will carry with CPS.  To me they seem sort of intent on doing things their own way, but Doris putting her two cents in definitely won't hurt my case.  The biggest thing is knowing that she wants me to adopt Brian.  My worry quickly disappears, and a sense of calm once again returns to my world as I cook dinner for the three of us.  While cooking I hear stories about when Brian was a baby from Doris.  I listen to Brian explain why Doris is the coolest Grandma in the world.  And I think to myself that maybe I haven't created a mess after all.

I have to eat dinner standing up as there are only two stools at the breakfast bar, and I haven't actually gotten a dinning table yet but I don't mind.  Doris helps me clear the dishes and get them into the dishwasher and then she decides it's time to leave.

"When will you come back?" Brian asks giving her a hug as they stand by the front door.
"Well, how about if you and Kevin come to my house on Sunday for brunch?" she asks.  "Is that okay Kevin?"
"You'll have to ask the boss," I say, looking at Brian.
"So boss?" she asks Brian.
"It'll be like it used to be," Brian says.  "When I used to come to your house on Sundays."
"Yes," Doris says.  "Is that okay?"
"Yeah," Brian says.  "That would be cool."
"Good," Doris says.  "Kevin, I'll call you with directions on Saturday, but is about 11:30 good?"
"That'll be fine," I say.  "And Doris, thank you, for everything."
"Thank you," she says to me, while giving Brian one last squeeze.

After Doris leaves, Brian and I settle down on the couch.

"See, your Grandma still loves you," I say, to him as we sit in the otherwise silent room.
"Yeah," Brian says, with a huge smile on his face.  "You were right."
"I'm always right," I say with a smile.  "So what convinced you I was right?"
"A lot of stuff," Brian says.  "When she said that she missed me, and then when were walking we talked a lot just like we used to.  And I just kind of knew that she still loves me."
"Good," I say.  "I'm very glad to hear that.  You know that I love you right?"
"Yeah I know," Brian says.  "I love you too...Dad."

To Be Continued...

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