Sierra Inn

Written by Mark The Goodpen

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Sierra Inn
Chapter 13

The possibility of Brian calling me Dad, so soon hadn't even crossed my mind.  Not that I haven't wanted him to, but I thought something like that, especially for him, would have taken more time than we have had together.  But now that he's said it, I find myself in a semi-shocked state.  I stare at him for a second not really knowing what it is I should say now.  He stares back at me, with a knowing smile.  There is no doubt he knows exactly what he has said, and is very aware of what it means.  

Sometimes I think actions speak louder than words, and since I am left virtually speechless I open my arms and Brian quickly comes over to me so I can wrap him in a huge hug.  He returns my hug and digs his face into the crook of my neck.

"I love you so much, angel," I say in almost a whisper as we stay locked in the embrace.
"I love you too," he says, his voice muffled by my neck.

I never pictured myself being a father.  I just didn't think it would happen.  Even since Brian showed up last week I haven't really been thinking of myself as his dad.  So I never really thought about how hearing that simple three letter word would affect me.  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised by the fact that as I hold Brian in the hug I feel a tear start its way down from my right eye and slowly drip down my cheek.  Knowing that this boy, that at first was nothing more than another runaway showing up in front of my highway side motel, now trusts me enough to consider him his father is simply overwhelming to me.  Thinking about this only causes more tears to come to my eyes.  I want to ask him what caused him to call me Dad, seemingly out of the blue.  But I figure I shouldn't question it, which might cause him not to want to call me that anymore.

I do not want to let Brian go from the hug, but he can only be held down so long and after about a minute he wiggles his way out of my arms and sits back down in his spot on the couch.  I quickly wipe the tears from my eyes not wanting Brian to see that I was crying.  He reaches for the remote control, which is sitting on the armrest of the couch, near him and on goes the television.  I smile at him, before also turning my attention to the television.  As I settle into watching Brian channel surf, and before my migraine can start, my cell phone, which is placed on the kitchen counter, rings.  I quickly get off the couch and pick up my phone.

"Hello," I say, while still standing by the breakfast bar, unsure who is on the other end as I hadn't bothered looking at the caller ID.
"Hey Kev, it's Matt."
"Hey dude what's up?" I ask, actually glad to hear his voice.
"Well I was wondering if I could start working for you a little sooner than I originally planned," Matt says.
"Sure," I say.  "When were you thinking of starting?"
"In the morning," Matt says, I can tell from his voice he is smiling as he says it.
"The morning?" I ask, surprised.  "What happened to two weeks notice?"
"Well I put in for it this morning," Matt says.  "And my boss came to see me, let's just say some words were exchanged and I was told the notice wasn't necessary.  So is it okay if I start sooner?"
"Sure," I say, happy to be getting some help even faster than I had expected.  "So I'll see you at eight o'clock tomorrow morning?"
"Sounds good," Matt says.

I hang up the phone and put it back down on the breakfast bar.  I notice Brian has shut off the television already and is now looking at me from the couch.

"What?  Nothing good on?" I ask.
"No," Brian says shaking his head.  "Are we still going to get a computer on Saturday?" he asks, as I re-take my place next to him.
"Absolutely," I say.  "But remember, it won't be anything fancy."
"That's okay," Brian says.  "Nothing fancy is better than nothing."
"Very true," I say with a chuckle.

Without saying a word Brian scoots himself over on the couch and climbs into my lap, apparently tonight he is full of surprises.  He rests his back against my chest, leaning his head back on my shoulder.  I wrap my arms around his waist and give him a loving squeeze.

"Was today a good day for you?" I ask him, thinking I already know the answer.
"Yeah," he says, nodding his head slightly.
"Good, I'm glad," I say, smiling a little.

Suddenly I feel Brian's hand on mine, pushing it from his waist a little further south.  Surprised I look down into his face, he looks up at me with a smirk.  I let him lead my hand down to his groin and rest it on the stretched material of pants.

"What are you doing Brian?" I ask him, definitely knowing the answer this time.
"Making sure you're comfortable," he says.
"Oh, I see.  Thank you," I say, giving his cloth covered boner a gentle squeeze.
"You're welcome," he says, that same sly smirk still on his face.

Silently I start to actually rub the stretched material of the groin of his jeans, right over where his hardened penis is.  Brian looks up at me, the smirk gone from his face, his mouth opened slightly.  Slowly I move my hand to the top snap of his jeans and undo it, then bring down the zipper with two fingers.  As I work my hand up his brief covered groin, I feel Brian grinding his butt into my crotch, which instantly makes my penis get even harder than it already was.  My hands grab the sides of the waistband of his jeans and briefs and I quickly start to push them down.  Brian quickly thrusts his hips upwards, separating his butt from my groin to allow me to push his pants down.  Once his pants are down to his ankles he sits back down right over my groin and I start to gently masturbate him.  After only a few strokes I have him stand up, he turns around to face me and with his hand on my shoulder I help him get rid of his pants, leaving them on the floor next to him.  After his pants have been successfully ditched I reach up and grab the bottom of his t-shirt bringing it up his chest as he raises his arms to allow me to get his shirt fully off.

"Why don't we go into the bedroom," I say, softly.

Brian just nods, before turning for the bedroom.  I follow him, stripping off my own clothes as I go.  When we reach the bedroom, Brian immediately hops up on the bed and lays on his back, his boner pointing proudly towards the ceiling.  Now naked myself I get on the bed next to him, my face near his, my right hand running over his chest and down his stomach until I reach his penis.

"Are you comfortable now?" Brian asks, the sly smirk momentarily re-appearing on his face.
"Almost," I say, with a smirk of my own as I look into his eyes.
"Almost?" he asks, surprised.

Quickly I shift so now my face is over Brian's bare chest, I duck my head down and start kissing down the middle of his chest.  My tongue comes out from between my lips and I gently start licking my way down from the bottom of his chest, down his stomach and all the way to his groin.  When I get to the tip of his penis I give it a gentle lick before continuing to lick down the underside of his shaft and down to his small sack.  With his sack now in my mouth I awkwardly shift my body so I am now in between Brian's legs which I spread wider.  Wanting to tease him just a little, I let his sack slip out of my mouth.  I put my arms underneath his knees, and lift just enough to expose his perineum and the bottom of his ass crack to me.  I once again duck my head down and start licking at his perineum, just underneath his sack which is drawn up close to his body now.  I slowly start moving my tongue lower.  I feel his legs tense, thinking it is out of excitement I let my tongue continue its journey down.

"Stop!" Brian yells all of a sudden.

Quickly I drop his knees back to the bed and raise up so I'm now standing on my knees.  Without saying a word more Brian, quickly rolls off the bed and goes running into his as yet un-used room, slamming the door behind him.  I quickly get off the bed and go into the hall.

"Brian, what's wrong?" I ask through the closed door.
"Go away!" he yells, angrily.
"Well could you at least tell me what's wrong?" I ask again.
"Just leave me alone!" he yells, from behind the closed door.

Numb, and not knowing what to do now I grab my clothes which are in various spots in the hallway and get dressed, standing right by the closed door to Brian's room.  Figuring he just needs sometime to cool off, I go into the living room and sit on the couch.  I stare at the entrance to the hallway waiting for some movement for the longest time but none ever comes, the entire time thinking to myself that I just ruined everything.  The evening when everything seemingly was going so perfectly and I ruined everything.  I realize I went too far with Brian, without even asking him, and I kick myself.  How could I have been so stupid?  So insensitive?  So selfish?  Brian finally trusted me enough to call me Dad and then I had to go and do something so stupid.  I don't know how I'll be able to regain his trust, after all now he must have put me in the same category as all those guys that used him when he was living on the streets.

A half an hour passes with me just sitting on the couch, kicking myself.  Finally I get up and go back to Brian's closed door.

"Brian, can I come in?" I ask, with a gentle knock.  No response.  "Brian, please can we talk?"
"Go away!" he yells again.

This scene repeats itself five more times, before I cry myself to sleep on the couch.  Luck is the only thing that prevents me from oversleeping in the morning, and for a brief blissful moment I forget about what happened last night.  When the memory hits me, I get worried that Brian may have slipped out during the night, so I quickly go to his room.  The door is still closed, I turn the knob slightly and it's un-locked.  Nervously I peek in and find Brian's head sticking out from the top of the comforter.  Breathing a sigh of relief I close the door again, not wanting him to know that I've opened the door without his permission and make an already bad situation worse.

"Brian, time to wake up," I say knocking on the now closed door loudly enough to wake him up.
"K," I hear him kind of grunt.

We get ready for the day in silence, Brian still clearly angry with me.  But as Brian sits at the breakfast bar eating his pop-tarts I try at an apology.

"Brian, can we talk about last night?" I ask.  Once again I am greeted by a frosty cold silence as Brian just looks down at his plate.  "Brian, I'm sorry," I say hoping to get some type of response out of him, but nothing comes.

After Brian finishes his breakfast I drive him to school.  The ride is totally silent, and it's not the comfortable silence that I had grown to like either.  Brian spends the entire ride staring out the passenger side window.  When we get to the school I park the car, instead of just pulling up to the front curb like I have been doing.

"Brian, please just say something," I say, not wanting to go through the entire day with the silent treatment hanging over my head.
"You'll pick me up?" he asks, still looking out the window.
"Sure," I say.

And with that he opens the car door, grabbing his backpack from the floor in front of him and gets out.  He shuts the door harder than usual, I guess letting me know that he is still angry with me.  I feel a lump in my throat as I back the car out of the parking space and start driving for the Sierra Inn.  I was just trying to give Brian pleasure, but obviously that act carries no pleasure for him.  All I can do now is hope that he will give me the chance to explain myself.

When I get to the Sierra Inn, I park in my usual spot.  But instead of getting out quickly like I usually do, I have to sit for a couple of minutes to make sure I'm composed enough to go in and face Laura, who can read me like a book.  Putting on my happy face, and feeling as composed as I'll ever be I get out of the car slowly and start heading towards the lobby.  When I open the door I immediately see Matt standing by the front desk talking to Laura, I had forgotten that his new first day was today.

"Hey boss," he says, as I walk towards the front desk.
"Hey, Matt," I say, trying to sound happy.  "How are you doing?"
"Ready to roll, man!  Ready to roll!" he says excitedly.
"Good," I say, with my best fake smile.  "Come on, first thing you need is a tour of the place.

I show Matt the motel inside and out.  I introduce him to the maid staff, I show him the supply room, the storage room.  Then we get to the back of the motel where Brian has set up his make-shift skate park with some left over construction scraps.

"This is the dumpster," I say, my voice cracking with tears at the reminder of my problems with Brian.
"Dude, I didn't realize you got so attached to your garbage," Matt says.
"Sorry, allergies," I say, faking a cough.
"You know they have medicine for that?" Matt asks, with a chuckle.
"Yeah, I'll take some," I say.  "Come on you have a lot to learn today."

I spend the rest of the morning training Matt on how to use our computer system, how to view invoices from suppliers and all the other technicalities of the motel.  Talking shop gets my mind off of my problem, and when Laura comes to me and says that the toilet in room one ten is backed up I am almost happy as it allows me to go into problem solving mode.  After calling the plumber in it's lunch time, Matt being the new guy agrees to go to the deli to get all three of us sandwiches.  While he's gone I start to slip back into a depression until Laura knocks on the door.  Up until now I think I've been hiding things pretty well.

"Numbers were down last night," Laura says, giving me even more good news.
"Yeah I noticed," I say.  "Well we couldn't expect to keep the rate we had for awhile."
"That's what I was thinking," Laura agrees, as she takes a seat on the couch.  "So what's wrong?"
"What's wrong with what?" I ask.
"With you," Laura says.  "You've seemed off all morning."
"I just had a bad night," I say, trying to dismiss her.
"Is everything okay with Brian?" Laura says.  Sometimes I wonder if she can read minds, this time more than any before I hope that she can't.
"Yeah, he's fine," I say.  "It's just stress you know, I have a lot on my plate right now."
"You'll handle it, you always do," Laura says.  "Which is why I know there's something more going on, you seem to be happier when there's a lot of stress."
"Brian and I kind of got into a fight last night," I say, knowing I can share at least that much.
"What about?" Laura asks.
"Something stupid, but it was my fault," I say, thinking I should have known that question was coming.
"Did you guys make up?" she asks.
"I tried to apologize this morning, but he was still angry," I say.  "I can't blame him either.  You think I'm making a mistake?"  I ask, as for the first time real doubt seeps into my mind.
"By doing what?" Laura asks.
"By adopting him," I say.  "Maybe he deserves a lot more than I can give him.  I mean I'm no where near perfect."
"Kevin, I got news for you, no one's near perfect," Laura says.  "Some people are just better at hiding it than others.  I think you're going to give Brian you're absolute best, which is a lot more than his old foster parents apparently did.  And really at the end of the day isn't that what counts?"
"I don't know," I say, shaking my head as I stare at the wall.  "Before I thought that would be enough, but now I'm not so sure."
"Kevin, fights are going to happen," Laura says.  "It would be weird if they didn't.  And yeah you're going to make mistakes, everybody does.  It doesn't mean you give up."
"But that's just it," I say.  "I make a mistake now, it just doesn't effect me anymore, it affects another human being."
"Welcome to parenthood," Laura says, with a small smile appearing on her face.  "Look there's always reasons why you shouldn't do something.  I'm sure you already know that, very well.  But why were you going to adopt Brian in the first place?"
"Because I wanted to help him, and we have this type of connection that's kind of hard to explain," I say.
"Does all of that go away because of one fight?" Laura asks.
"Not for me," I say.  "But I don't know about him."
"He's angry now," Laura says.  "But he's a kid, he'll get over it.  In fact he'll probably forget about whatever it is you did before you do."
"I doubt that," I say, shaking my head.
"Well either way, the point is don't let one fight ruin everything," Laura says.  "I bet you tomorrow at this time it'll all be ancient history for both you and Brian."
"I hope you're right," I say, with a small sigh.
"I'm always right," Laura says with a smile.  "Now where's your friend with our food, I'm starving!"

What Laura's told me makes a lot of sense.  And it would have been a big help if I hadn't made the type of mistake I did.  I won't say that my doubt disappears after talking to Laura, only time will erase that.  But I do feel a little better for having talked to her.  Somehow I make it through the day and to the time when I have to leave to pick up Brian from school.

I drive nervously to the school not knowing what to expect from Brian at all.  I park in what has quickly become my usual spot when picking up Brian and nervously wait on the outside of the car for the bell to ring.  Finally it does and kids start streaming out from the building.  Maybe it's just my nerves but it seems to be taking Brian longer than usual to get outside today.  Just as I am about to really panic I see him walking towards the parking lot, this time no smile on his face.  So much for the school day cooling his anger.

"Hey," I say to him when he gets to the car.
"Hi," he says, meekly at least this time he makes eye contact with me.
"How was your day?" I ask him as we get into the car.
"Fine," he says, as he shuts his door.
"Brian, can we please talk about last night?" I ask him as I start the car.
"I guess," he says with a shrug.
"Brian," I start, relieved that I can finally talk to him.  "I didn't mean to do anything you didn't want to do.  I was just trying to make you feel good, and I thought you would like it.  I was stupid for not talking to you about it first.  And I'm very, very sorry.  I love you with all of my heart and I never want to do anything to hurt or scare you."

My words are slightly broken as I try to hold back tears from crying as we wait in the line of cars to get out of the parking lot.  I wait for Brian to say something, but for the longest time he doesn't, he just stares out the passenger side window.  I begin to think that maybe my apology was still a little too soon and fell on deaf ears.

"You stopped, when I said," Brian says, suddenly now looking at me.
"Of coarse I did," I say, quickly.  "Brian, I would never do anything to you that you didn't want.  I should have asked you about that, last night before I started doing that," I say as I finally make the turn out of the school parking lot and start heading home.
"I used to say stop," Brian says.  "But nobody ever listened to me before."
"Well before, those guys didn't love you like I do," I say.
"So if I don't want you to do anything to do anything to my butt you won't?" he asks.  I can see out of the corner of my eye as I drive that he is looking at me.
"Absolutely," I say, giving him a quick glance as I continue to drive.  "Scouts honor," I say raising my right hand off the steering wheel.
"You're not mad at me?" Brian asks suddenly.
"Me mad at you?" I ask.  "Why would I be mad at you?"
"Because I ignored you a lot, before," he says.  "My Dad would get mad at me if I did that."
"You were mad at me," I say.  "I didn't like it, but I totally understand why you wouldn't want to talk to me."
"K," Brian says, softly.
"So do you forgive me?" I ask him, nervously.
"Yeah, Dad," Brian says quickly.

Suddenly my world seems back in place, just knowing that Brian has forgiven me.  I breathe a deep sigh of relief as a huge smile spreads across my face, knowing that we are okay now.

"Hey, you know it's Friday," I say, suddenly getting an idea.
"Yeah," Brian says.  "So?"
"Well what do you think of going to a real skate park this afternoon?" I ask.
"Really?" Brian asks, surprised.
"Yeah," I say.  "We need to celebrate."
"Celebrate what?" Brian asks.
"Two things, actually," I say.  "First you forgiving me, and second you finishing your first week at your new school."
"Cool," Brian says, a smile spreading across his face.

We stop at the apartment so Brian can drop off his backpack and pick up his board.  We hurry to the skate park so Brian can get a descent amount of time riding before it gets dark.  The park is busier than it was the first time, and I have a little bit of a hard time following Brian as he disappears behind older kids from time to time.  With all of the other kids in the park I feel a little weird just standing on the outside of the fence until a woman comes up next to me.  She's dressed like a soccer mom, with a baseball cap on and her ponytail coming out through the hole in the back.  

"Nervous father?" she asks, me as we both watch the activity on the inside of the fence.
"A little," I admit.  "He's a little young to be in there, I just want to make sure he doesn't get crushed."
"I'm the same way with mine," she says.  "He's right over there, the one with the red shirt," she says pointing to a kid that's probably the same age as Brian, standing on the top of one of the small ramps.
"Mine's here," I say with a smile, pointing to Brian who has just stopped only a few feet away.  When he hears my voice he turns and waves.
"He must look like your wife," she says, quickly picking up on the lack of resemblance.
"Yeah he does," I say, with a smile.
"So you are married?" she asks.  "I didn't see a ring."
"Yeah, sometimes I forget my ring," I say, deciding to have a little fun.
"Does your wife know that?" she asks.
"Yeah she doesn't care," I say.
"Oh," she says, giving me a weird look.

"Hey Dad!" Brian calls to me.  I quickly turn to see him coming up to me with the boy who the woman had pointed out to me as her son, walking beside her.
"This is Ethan!" he says happily.  
"Ethan!" I say, suddenly realizing I picked the wrong woman to play games with.
"Yeah, remember I told you about him?" Brian asks.
"Of course, I remember," I say.  "Hello Ethan," I say, with a small smile.

Ethan's a little taller than Brian, his shaggy blonde hair poking out from underneath the edges of his helmet.

"Hey," he says, apparently trying to be cool.
"Honey is this the new friend you've been telling me about?" the woman standing next to me asks.
"Yeah, this is Brian," Ethan says.
"Well it's very nice to meet you Brian," she says, a warm smile coming to her face.
"Hi," Brian says, shyly.
"Come on, Bri, I got to show you this new trick I learned," Ethan says, and just like that the two disappear back into the crowd.

"Well it's certainly a small world," the woman says.  "I'm Jennifer," she says extending her hand to me.
"Kevin," I say, taking her hand.
"So did you just move to the area?" she asks, apparently Ethan hasn't told her too much about Brian.
"Yeah," I say.  "We just moved, into a new apartment.  But we're from Phoenix."
"So why did you move down to this area?" she asks.
"Well I work down here, it's easier this way," I say.
"My husband's the same way," she says.  "He never wanted to commute."
"I know the feeling," I say with a smile.

Jennifer and I continue to make small talk until she has to go.  Before she goes she suggests our two families get together sometime, and I quickly start to think of ways to ditch my fictional wife.  Soon after Jennifer and Ethan leave Brian and I make our way to the parking lot.

"So did you have fun?" I ask.
"Yeah," Brian says happily as we get into the car.
"Hungry?" I ask, already knowing the answer.

Deciding that Brian deserves something more than just our usual quickie dinner, I stop at my favorite Mexican restaurant on the way home.  It's nothing fancy, but the service is friendly and the food is outstanding.  When we get to our table, Brian seemingly gets lost in the menu.  Finally, with some help from me, he decides what he wants and when the waiter comes back we place our orders.

"Thank you," I tell Brian after the waiter has left.
"For what?" Brian asks, surprised.
"Forgiving me so quickly," I say.  "I wasn't sure if you were ever going to forgive me."
"You're welcome," Brian says, a small smile coming to his face.

I'm hoping to hear what made him forgive me so quickly, and more importantly what exactly triggered that type of reaction from him last night in the first place.  But I quickly realize that the middle of a fairly crowded restaurant might not be the best place to have that type of conversation.  So instead Brian tells me more about school, and Doris.  He seems genuinely happy again, like he was last night when we were just sitting on the couch.  After we eat we make our way home.  When we get inside the apartment Brain immediately goes for the couch and I follow plopping myself down right next to him.

"Did you like dinner?" I ask, as we sit on the couch without the television on.  I still want to know the other stuff, but decide it might be better not to push, if he wants to tell me, he'll tell me.
"Yeah," Brian says.  "That place is good."
"Yeah it is," I say, nodding my head.
"Dad," Brian says, the word ringing in my ears like a church bell.
"Yeah," I say, having to force myself to actually respond to the name.
"Why did you do that last night?" he asks, looking straight through my eyes and into my soul.  I'm actually glad he is willing to talk about it now.  The forgiveness was great but I knew we couldn't just leave things where we had.  There are still things that need to be resolved.
"Well," I say, taking a deep breath.  "I thought it would make you feel good, but obviously I was wrong.  It's something I probably should have asked you about before I just went ahead and started doing it.  I made a mistake, and I promise nothing like that will happen again."
"Did you want to...?" Brian starts, but stops himself, now looking down at the floor.
"Brian nothing and I mean nothing goes inside of you without your okay," I say, knowing exactly what he was going to ask.
"So you weren't going to put your dick in there?" Brian asks.
"No," I say, honestly.  "Even when I'm being stupid I know better than to do that without asking."
"Because I thought you were going to put it in," Brian says, now looking back at me.  "And I got scared, then I got mad 'cause you didn't ask me or anything."
"Well, I totally understand why you would get mad at me for that," I say.  "And I'm glad that you're telling me this, it's very mature of you."
"It is?" Brian asks.
"Absolutely," I say, nodding my head emphatically.  "When you get angry at somebody else it means there's a problem, and just forgiving the person doesn't really make the problem go away.  You still have to talk about it.  And it takes a lot of maturity to be able to talk about it the way you are."

I didn't come up with that little speech on my own, it's something my Dad always told me.  Still I feel proud of myself for sounding somewhat fatherly.

"Cool," Brian says, his mouth spreading into a smile.  Suddenly he gets off the couch and stands right in front of me. "I love you, Dad," he says as he puts his arms around my neck.
"I love you too, angel," I say as I wrap my arms around him.
"We can still do stuff right?" he asks, still standing between my legs after breaking the hug.
"Only if you want to," I say.  "We don't do anything you don't want to do."
"I still want to," Brian says.  "But the stuff we did before last night," he adds quickly.
"Sounds like a plan," I say with a smile.

Brian just stays standing between my legs, looking like he is deep in thought for a minute.  I have quickly figured out that with Brian you can never really predict what he is going to do next.  You can try but most of the time you are probably going to be wrong.  So I just follow down whichever road it is he chooses to go down, just trying to enjoy the ride.  Once again, Brian surprises me as I see his hands grab the bottom of his t-shirt and bring it up over his head.

"We never finished last night," Brian says, as he drops his t-shirt on the floor, that sly smirk once again appearing on his face.
"Come here," I say, patting my right leg.

Brian quickly sits on my lap, and I just wrap my arms around him.  He rests his head on my shoulder, and I gently kiss the top of his forehead.

"You know we don't have to finish tonight," I say.  "We only do what you want to."
"I know," Brian says.  "I want to."

As much as I want to start working on getting Brian's pants off of him I am scared to make the first move.  If last night proved anything to me about myself it's that I am still very good at getting my signals crossed.  Last night when I felt Brian wiggling his butt into my groin I had taken at a signal that he might want to take that step.  But obviously that was just his reflex to the other types of stimulation I was giving him.  Maybe now his signals are a little more blunt, but the last thing I want is a repeat of last night.

A few minutes pass with Brian just sitting on my lap, his head resting on my shoulder, my arms wrapped tightly around him.  Still wanting to follow Brian's lead I don't make any kind of move, instead I just hold him there.  I'm sure he notices this new tentativeness in me, but he is obviously okay with it as neither of us says a word. Suddenly I feel him wiggle slightly and I loosen my grip on him incase he wants to get stand up.  Instead though I see him undo the top button his jeans then opening the zipper.  He looks up at me with that sly smirk of his re-appearing on his face.  Now that is a signal that even I can't mistake.

Cautiously, I let my right hand drift down to the stretched cotton of Brian's briefs that is sticking out from the opening in his jeans.  I give a gentle squeeze to his erection through the stretched cotton, while still looking into his eyes.  Without saying a word he brings his face to mine and our lips meet.  When I feel his lips part I allow my tongue to slither from my mouth into his.  While our tongues start their dance, I walk my hand up his pelvis to the waistband of his underwear.  I grab the waist band with my fingers and bring it down to just bellow his balls.  When his erection is freed from his underwear it bounces back and slaps against his pelvis.  I quickly grab it between two fingers and gently start stroking him.

"Wait," Brian says, breaking our kiss.  

He quickly stands up pushing his pants and underwear to his ankles before re-taking his place on my lap.  I start gently stroking his penis again, with my thumb and index finger, as he rests his head on my shoulder.  After a couple of minutes of gently stroking him, I feel his hands start moving for my belt.  Quickly getting the idea, I have him stand up again, releasing his erection from between my fingers and while he is standing in front of me I strip my clothes off.  While I'm doing that Brian steps out of his pants that had been dropped into a puddle around his ankles.  When my clothes are off Brian steps in between my legs again as I am still sitting on the couch, I wrap my arms around him and gently start kissing his neck.  I hear him let out a gentle moan as I lightly rub his back, with both my hands going up and down his spine.  Slowly I bring my face to his and we once again lock into a passionate kiss.  While we kiss again my right hand snakes it's way in between us and I start to stroke him once again.  Minutes pass with us engaged the kiss and my fingers working over Brian's hardened piece of flesh.  When his hips start to thrust his erection harder into my hand I break the kiss.  I know he is close to his climax but I have an idea for something new, and tonight I know better than to just go ahead and do it without asking.

"Angel, how about tonight we make each other happy at the same time?" I ask him in a whisper, my face still just inches away from his.
"You mean sixty nine?" Brian asks, sometimes I forget that I'm dealing with a kid that has just spent a month on the street.
"Yeah," I say, nodding my head.  "But we only do that if you want to."
"I like that idea," Brian says, a small smile spreading across his face.
"Good," I say.  "Then why don't we go into the bedroom?"
"K," Brian says.

I quickly follow Brian down the hall and into my bedroom, or maybe I should say our bedroom.  I sit on the edge of the bed and once again Brian stands in between my legs.  I lean my face forward and once again we join lips in a passionate kiss as this time I open my right hand and take Brian's erection and both balls into my palm.  Closing my fingers around his package I give a gentle squeeze which makes him moan loudly into my mouth.  I soon feel one of his hands wrap around my own erection and slowly start to stroke it.  Some what hesitantly I break the kiss and lie back on the bed.  Brian gets up on the bed, putting one leg on each side of me he sits on my stomach, leaning his face forward to pick up the kiss again.  As we kiss I start to gently play with both of his nipples, again eliciting a moan into my mouth.  Soon, too soon for me, Brian breaks the kiss and turns himself around so he is facing my feet.  He gets up on his hands and knees which are positioned on either side of my body and slowly crawls backwards so his erection is hovering right over my face.  I grab him by the hips and slowly bring his pulsing hardness to my mouth, taking it down to the base all at once.  As I start licking the head of his penis, making swirling motions with my tongue I feel Brian lower his upper body onto my stomach.  I feel a hand wrap around the base of my penis, then I feel his hot breath hitting the head.  I groan around his penis as I feel his hot mouth wrap around the head of my erection.  His tongue begins to mimic what I am doing to him.

With my hands still on Brian's hips I start to push him up slightly then bring him back down, causing him to slowly fuck my mouth.  Soon he gets the idea and starts to get into his own rhythm.  I put my hands on the small of his back and press my lips tightly around his penis as bucks back and forth in my mouth.  As he climbs closer to his own climax I feel his hands pushing under my butt, as he tries to get me to make the same motions he is.  I very slowly start thrusting my hips up and down in time to his thrusting, making sure I don't go too far into his mouth.  Just as I start to feel Brian's thrusting get more urgent, I feel my own balls draw up closer to my body.  I can't warn Brian what's coming because of his penis in my mouth.  Suddenly I feel his penis start to twitch violently in my mouth, and his mouth loosening around my penis as his body hurls into a dry orgasm.  This sends me over the edge and I start to cum.  I feel Brian pull his head off of my penis quickly, but he starts jacking me furiously with his hand as my orgasm finishes.

After a minute Brian lifts back up onto his hands and knees, turning back around so his face is now over mine.  He lays down on top of me, his cum drenched face going into the crook of my neck.

"Sorry about that," I say, not wanting to have sprayed him like I did.
"That was cool," I hear Brian say into my neck.
"I'm glad you thought so," I say, with a sigh of relief.
"I made you really happy," he says, and even though I can't see his face I can tell he is smiling.
"You sure did," I say, as I rub his back.  "I love you, angel."
"I love you too, Dad."

To Be Continued....

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