Sierra Inn

Written by Mark The Goodpen

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From the end of Chapter 24:

I go back into the living room and Brian is sitting on the couch just staring at the blank television screen the same way I had been before.  He looks up at me as I walk over to the couch, and I give him a little smile.

"How are you feeling?" I ask as I retake my spot on the couch next to him.
"Sad," Brian says, still looking at the television.
"You know that's okay to feel sad?" I ask.
"Yeah I know," Brian says, nodding his head.  "Can you hug me again?" he asks, looking over at me.
"Sure," I say, as I turn slightly and open up my arms.  Brian quickly slides his way into my open arms pressing his face into the crook of my neck as I give him a big squeeze.
"Dad," he says into my neck after a couple of minutes.
"Yeah, angel," I say softly.
"Is it bad I miss my parents?" he asks, as he wiggles free from my hug to look me in the face.
"Why would you think that's bad?" I ask.
"Because, you're my new Dad," he says.
"Angel, we talked about this," I say.  "Remember I'm Dad number two.  And it's absolutely okay if you miss your parents.  You know why?"
"No," Brian says, shaking his head.
"Because it means you love them, and you know that they love you," I say.
"They did," Brian says looking down at the couch cushion.
"And they still do," I say.  "They're looking out for you, and I'm sure they're very proud of you."
"You think so?" Brian asks.
"I sure do," I say quickly.
"You think Grandma will still be with me like she said?" he asks.  "Even after know."
"Brian, she'll always be with you," I say.  "And just like she told you, you will always have the good memories of the times you were together to think about.  No one can take those from you."

Brian doesn't say anything he just nods before falling back onto my chest and I quickly wrap my arms around him.  I gently squeeze him as if doing so will rid him of the pain he is in.  Minutes pass and I feel Brian's breathing change as he falls asleep on my chest, exhausted from a long and emotional day that is only a little more than half over.  I gently get out from under him and lay him down on the couch, before going into his bedroom and getting his blanket.  When I get back to the couch I gently cover him with the blanket.

"I'll always be here for you, angel," I whisper into his ear after covering him.  "I love you so much," I add before kissing the top of his head.

Sierra Inn
Chapter 25

"Good morning Dad!" Brian greets me with a smile as I slowly open my eyes, and look straight into his as we lay facing each other in bed.
"Good morning, angel," I say as I smile, sleepily at him.  "How are you feeling this morning?"

I guess someone that has been through as much as Brian has, needs to learn to bounce back from bad news quickly just to keep their sanity.  God knows, Brian has had to deal with plenty of bad news in his young life.  So I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that the morning after learning that his Grandmother is dying and that he has seen her for the last time, Brian at least seems to be back to his usual cheerful self.

"Okay," he says, as he shifts a little closer to me signaling that he wants to be held.  "Thank you."
"For what?" I ask as I take him in my arms.
"For last night," he says, as he buries his face into my chest.

Last night, oh man last night.  I have been fortunate in my life not to have had too many bad nights, obviously there have been some that I would rather forget but actual bad ones I could count on one hand.  Well last night has been added to that list.  Brian was too depressed to eat dinner, instead he sat on the couch blankly staring at the television.  Right when I was going to tell him we should head to bed at close to eleven o'clock he started to cry.  I held him, sitting on the couch, and just let him cry like I had in the afternoon.  When he finally tired himself out it was almost an hour later. Once his crying stopped we got into bed but Brian didn't fall asleep for close to another hour as he just stared up at the ceiling.  I continually asked him if he wanted to talk but he'd always say no, and that he was fine.  When he finally did fall asleep I allowed my heavy eye lids to win and fell asleep myself only to be awoken a half an hour later by Brian thrashing around in the midst of another bad dream.  When he woke up a few seconds later, there was no crying but he was physically shaking.  I held him again, soothingly stroking his back as I told him he was safe.  We both fell asleep for the night somewhere around four in the morning.

"Don't mention it," I tell Brian as I gently kiss the top of his head.
"Dad," Brian says, still resting his head on my chest.  "When can we go see my parents?"
"Maybe next week, angel," I say.  "I think you've had enough stuff to make you sad for this weekend."
"But you promise?" he asks.  "Next weekend."
"I promise," I say.  "So what do you want to do today?" I ask.
"Can we play basketball?" Brian asks.  "They have courts at the park."
"Sure," I say.  "We probably should buy a ball first though," I add with a little smile.
"Yeah," Brain says, nodding his head against my chest.

After just kind of lounging in bed for a while Brian and I finally are ready to start our day.  We share a shower and a quick breakfast before heading out the door.  We stop at a sporting goods store to pick up a basketball, but while in the store Brian gets sidetracked.

"Brian where are you going?" I ask as he leads me away from the section where the basketballs are.  "The basketballs are back there."
"Did you ever do this before?" he asks, pointing to the shelf full of fishing rods standing in front of us.
"Fishing?  No, I haven't," I say, shaking my head.  "Have you?"
"Yeah," Brian says with a nod as he looks at all the different fishing rods they have.
"With your Dad?" I ask him.
"No," Brian says.  "With my first foster dad," he adds, an almost reflective tone coming to his voice.  

Brian hasn't spoken much about his time in foster care, and even less about anything he did with any of his foster parents.  I assume that the foster dad Brian is referring to in this case is the one that was extremely close to adopting Brian but had to pull out at the last moment.  I want to ask Brian about it, but figure it would be better to let him volunteer that information if or when he is ready.

"Did you like fishing?" I ask instead.
"Yeah," Brian says.
"Well, maybe we'll go sometime," I say.  "And you can teach me how to do it."
"Cool," Brian says.  "We can get a basketball now," he says, plainly before starting to walk back the other way.
"Whatever you say boss," I say with a smile as I follow him.

I don't know if avoidance is always the best medicine.  I'm sure there are some very well paid psychiatrists that would scream their heads off at me for the way I handle the day after Brian's learning that he will never see his only living blood relative again.  But as I have done with all other emotional matters, I decide to let Brian dictate what is spoken about and what remains off limits.  If he wants to talk about how he feels about Doris, I am all ears.  But I will never make him talk about anything.  

We buy a basketball, and head to a park with a basketball court.  Brian is quiet in the car, but after last night I consider anything that doesn't involve sobbing or shaking an improvement.  The park we go to is away from my usual area of roaming, it is a place Brian remembers from an old foster placement though he doesn't mention which one.  For a sunny Sunday morning, the park is quiet.  The basketball courts sit on the far end of the park, next to the playground.  The courts are empty and there are only a few kids with their parents on the playground.  The fields on the other side of the playground have a few people jogging around them but other than that the park is empty.

"Okay so what will it be?" I ask Brian as we step onto the basketball court and I start dribbling the ball.  "One on one, hoarse, it's your pick."
"One on one," Brian says quickly.  "But don't cry when you lose," he adds with a smirk.
"I won't if you won't," I say returning his smirk with one of my own, as I pass him the ball.
"Whatever, old man," Brian says with a little giggle as he puts up a shot that goes in.

I would like to say that I let Brian win.  The pride in me wants to say that given the rough weekend he's had I let him have a moment in the sun by beating me in a game of one on one basketball.  But the honest truth is I played my ass off, and Brian still beat me.  After our first game we decide to take a rest and go to sit in the large expanse of grass that sits on the other side of the playground from the basketball courts.  There are some more people in the park than there were when we first arrived.  As some families have shown up and started having picnics on the grass.  Brian and I find a fairly secluded spot under a tree and plop ourselves down.  Brian lays down on his back, propping his head up on the basketball as though it were a pillow.

"You're good," I tell Brian after we take our spots, and I finally am able to catch my breath.
"I told you, I'd win," Brian says with a smile.  "I'll win next game too, old man," he adds, with another giggle.
"You know I'm going to get you back for that," I say, with a smirk.
"Yeah?" Brian asks.  "How?"
"I'm not going to tell you," I say shaking my head.  "But it's coming!"
"Whatever," Brian says, with a little giggle.

"Brian?" I suddenly hear a woman's voice from behind me call out.  Brian quickly sits up and looks in the direction of where the voice was coming from, I too turn around and see a woman a couple years older than me headed in our direction.  "Brian Landers is that you?"

I look at Brian, who is staring back at the woman, with a look of disbelief on his face.  As the woman gets closer Brian gives her a little nod and stands up.

"Oh my goodness," she says, as she passes right by me and gives Brian a big hug.  "How are you doing, sweetheart?"
"Good," he says, shyly as he wiggles out of the woman's embrace.
"Honey!" the woman calls out to someone behind me.  "Come over here!  It is him!"

Standing up now myself I turn around to see a man who is apparently the woman's husband come walking our direction, holding the hand of a toddler.  Suddenly things start to fall into place in my head, the couple that couldn't adopt Brian because the woman had gotten pregnant.  Which supposedly was a couple of years ago, which would make that baby about the age of the boy that is holding the hand of the man walking towards Brian right now.

"I can't believe it," he says as he walks up to Brian.  "How are you champ?"
"I'm fine," Brian says shyly.
"Are you here by yourself?" the woman asks.
"No," Brian says, shaking his head.  "I'm here with my Dad," he says pointing to me.

Apparently Brian's pointing busts the bubble of invisibility I had been in as far as this couple was concerned as they both turn around and actually look at me for the first time.

"Hello," the woman says to me a warm smile on her face.  "I'm Lisa Turner," she says, extending her hand.  "This is my husband James, are you Brian's foster dad?"
"Kevin Wasdin," I say, as I shake Lisa's hand.  "Actually I'm adopting Brian."
"Really?" Lisa asks, as I shake James's hand.  "Oh my goodness, that's so wonderful!" she says happily.
"Congratulations!" James says turning to Brian who is standing in the same spot with a blank expression on his face.
"You'll have to excuse me," I say.  "But how exactly do you know Brian?" I ask, still not sure that my initial assumption as to who this couple is, is right.
"We were Brian's foster parents," James says.  "It's been almost two years now since we had to stop being foster parents.  When this little guy came along we had to stop taking kids in," he says as he picks up his son.
"James took me fishing," Brian says, suddenly.
"That's right," James says.
"You know we're having a picnic," Lisa says.  "And we always bring way too much.  Would you guys like to join us?" she asks while looking at me.
"Oh well we wouldn't want to intrude," I say, politely.
"You wouldn't be intruding," James says.
"Well it's up to Brian," I say, looking over at him as he is still standing in the same spot as before, the same blank expression on his face.
"Sure," Brian says, his facial expression staying the same.

Brian and I follow James and Lisa and their son over to a big blanket with a cooler on it in the middle of the large expanse of grass.  While we eat and talk I am impressed by how truly nice the couple seems to be.  But what impresses me the most is Brian.  I wasn't exactly expecting this meeting to happen, but if I had I would have thought Brian would be acting a little angry.  Instead he seems genuinely happy and openly shares what his new life with me is like with James and Lisa.  After the food is gone, Brian goes with a group of kids his age that needed one more for a four on four basketball game.

"He's grown so much," James says, shaking his head in apparent disbelief as we sit on the blanket.  "He seems to really love being with you."
"I try my best," I say.  "I hope I'm not going too far, but I heard that you tried adopting Brian also."
"No, that's not too far at all," James says.  "You probably should know."
"I found out I was pregnant right before our court date to make the adoption official," Lisa says.  "At the time we couldn't afford two kids so we had to give Brian up.  It was the hardest decision we ever had to make," she says as tears comes to her eyes.
"He was devastated when we told him," James says.  "He had been with us over a year, and we had bonded so well.  Last we heard his social worker was trying to take him in.  But I guess that fell through."
"Excuse me?" I ask, as I almost choke on my own spit.
"We heard after we couldn't take him that Julie Harden tried to take him in as her foster son," Lisa says.  "We had just assumed that she did and that was that.  She's such a nice woman.  Don't you love working with her?"
"She's not at CPS anymore," I say.  "Brian has a different social worker now."
"Oh wow," James says.  "Do you know what happened to her?"
"She was fired," I say, not really wanting to burst the couple's bubble but feeling it is more important to be honest.
"Really?" Lisa asks.  "Why?"
"She wasn't doing her job," I say.  "Which is kind of how Brian wound up with me," I say instantly realizing that did not come out the way I had intended.
"What do you mean?" James asks.
"Well Brian ran away from his last foster home before me," I say.  "One night he ended up on the front step of my motel, and I decided to take him in, but Julie hadn't been to check on him in quite sometime and apparently Brian wasn't the only kid that was happening with."
"Wow," James says, shaking his head.  "That doesn't sound like Julie at all."
"I know," Lisa says.  "I can't believe it."
"In fact she's been trying to derail my attempt to adopt Brian," I say.  "And I couldn't understand why until now.  Do you know if she was trying to adopt him?"
"That's what we heard," James says.  "But this was all second hand information.  I do know that she had tried to adopt in the past but was rejected."
"Yeah I heard about that," I say.  "But things are starting to make more sense to me."
"Well, Kevin I hope this adoption does work out," James says.  "Brian seemed so happy when he was talking about you."
"Yeah it took him six months to get half that comfortable with us," Lisa says.  "Then again he did come to us straight from the hospital."
"I try my best," I say.  "I don't know exactly how we've gotten so close so quickly.  But I try not to question it, I'm just thankful it happened."
"I hear you there," James says as he looks at his son, who is sitting on his mothers lap.
"Well this little guy needs a change," Lisa says, as she picks him up.  "Excuse us gentlemen, we'll be right back," she says, taking her son and the diaper bag off to the bathroom.

"So you own your own motel," James says after Lisa has walked off.
"Yeah," I say.  "I opened it right after college."
"Are you going to keep it?" James asks.  "I mean since you're taking Brian in permanently now."
"Yeah," I say.  "It's somewhat demanding, obviously, but I have a good staff working for me and my hours are more flexible being my own boss than they would be if I worked for someone else.  I really like being able to be there for Brian after school."
"Is it good money?" James asks.
"I do okay," I answer, thinking James is poking his nose a little too deep into my business.
"I only ask, because if you're looking for something else I think I can help," James says.
"What do you mean?" I ask.
"Well I work at the business school at ASU," James says.  "We're losing some professors this year, they're retiring.  I think somebody that opens their own motel right out of school would be a great asset to our college."
"Oh, I'm not a teacher," I say quickly.  "I hated school."
"Well think about it," James says.  "And if you want, I'll talk to my Dean about you," he says, as he hands me a card with his phone number on it.  "It's a flexible schedule, and the money may not be a ton but it's steady."
"Thanks," I say, taking the card from him.  "I'll think about it."

Just then Brian comes back from the basketball court and promptly takes a seat next to me.

"Hey kiddo," I say, as I put James's card in my pocket.  "Your game finished already?"
"Yeah," Brian says, with a little nod.  "They had to go home."

James begins to ask Brian about school, and friends.  Brian answers James's questions in full sentences, not the one word answers I've noticed he'll sometimes give people when he doesn't feel comfortable or is angry with someone.  When Lisa comes back, she too asks Brian questions and he answers her the same way he did James.  After a few minutes Brian gets up to use the bathroom, leaving me once again with James and Lisa.

"I'm so glad we ran into you guys," Lisa says with a smile.  "I've thought about Brian everyday, and I'm so relieved to know he's safe and happy now."
"He's a special kid," I say.  "I'm happy to have him in my life."
"Kevin if you ever need anything," Lisa says.  "Any kind of help with him, please don't hesitate to call us."
"Thank you," I say.  "I really appreciate that."
"It would be our pleasure," Lisa says.
"Well we've been in your hair long enough," I say, as I see Brian walking back towards us.  "So we should probably take off.  But thank you very much for lunch," I say as I get to my feet.
"Yeah we better be heading home ourselves," James says.  "And Kevin, remember my offer."
"I will," I say, as I feel his business card in my pocket.
"Are we leaving?" Brian asks me, as he comes up next to me.
"Yeah," I say.  "We have to go food shopping still."
"Oh," Brian says, plainly as he picks his basketball up off the ground.
"Brian, come here," Lisa says, as she hands her son to James.  Brian takes the couple steps over to Lisa and stands right in front of her as she puts her hands on his shoulders.  "I want you to know how happy we are that we ran into each other today.  You are a very special boy, and I'm so happy to see how well you are doing."
"Thanks," Brian says.
"And we'll see each other again sometime," Lisa says as she gives Brian a hug.  "If you want."
"K," Brian says, plainly as he lets Lisa hug him but does not return it in anyway.

James and Lisa seem like some of the nicest people you could hope to ever meet.  They seem sincere in their kindness and their hopes for Brian.  Part of me, though, feels a little insecure as the thought crosses my mind that they would make so much better parents for Brian than I ever could.  I am not a perfect person, I have plenty of flaws and I don't have a partner to compensate for them like James and Lisa have in each other.  As Brian and I drive to the supermarket my mind begins to spin.  Can I live up to what Brian could have had with James and Lisa?  Brian seems happy now, but I can't help but think we may still be in a honeymoon period.  How is he going to feel about me in a year?  In two years?  I guess there's no way to know now, all I can do is hope that this works out as well as I hope.  

My mind quickly switches back to the conversation I had with Lisa and James.  Have I actually solved the mystery that has been Julie Harden?  Brian hasn't mentioned anything about Julie ever trying to take him in, but there is plenty he still hasn't talked about with me.  I remember how resentful Brian seemed around Julie.  I had assumed that was because she had seemingly forgot about him when he was with abusive foster parents.  But maybe there is more to it than that.  The only problem is he didn't seem resentful of Lisa and James.  So why would he be only be resentful of Julie?   I feel like I need to find out what happened with Julie, but I do not want to open old wounds with Brian, if they exist there.  For the first time since Julie was fired from CPS I am actually considering trying to get in touch with her.  I hope by getting in touch with her that maybe I could end the insanity that she has introduced to my situation and hopefully put a stop to any plans for derailment of Brian's adoption before they happen.

"Dad," Brian says, suddenly breaking my train of thought as we pull into the parking lot of the supermarket.
"Yeah, angel," I say.
"Do we have to see them again?" Brian asks, as I park the car.
"Do you want to?" I ask as I shut off the engine.
"I don't know," Brian says.  "They were going to adopt me, but Lisa got pregnant."
"I know," I say.  "They told me.  Are you mad at them for that?"
"No," Brian says, shaking his head.  "I'm happy, because I like living with you better."

I don't know if Brian understands exactly how much what he has just said means to me.  Especially considering the hell he had to go through because Lisa and James couldn't adopt him.  Brian has been telling me he loves me for awhile now.  And I never doubted him for a second because of the way he says it.  But that one sentence that he just uttered is like hearing I love you a million times.  As best I can while still sitting in the car, I grab Brian into a tight hug, and kiss the top of his head.

"Angel, that means a lot to me," I say, as I squeeze him a little.
"I love you, Dad," he says.
"I love you so much, son," I say, giving the top of his head another kiss.

Running errands, like supermarket shopping usually is boring to me.  But with Brian along side it becomes an adventure as items mysteriously appear in my cart virtually every time I have my back turned.  Still we are able to make it in and out of the store in a fairly decent amount of time.  We head home, and Brian helps me unload the grocery's as I can't help but check the bag of Oreos for legs because I know I didn't put them in the cart.

Brian and I spend the rest of the afternoon playing on the computer, and I actually get past the first level of his World War II game.  When it comes time to cook dinner I expect Brian to keep playing his game, but instead he insists on helping me cook.  The Swedish Chef in me comes out again as I make the meatballs for our spaghetti.

"Dad," Brian says, after he is finished eating.
"Yeah," I say, as I take a final bite of my food.
"I had fun today," he says.
"Good," I say.  "I did too."
"And you're pretty good at basketball," he says.  "For an old man anyway," he adds, a spaghetti sauce framed smile spreading across his face.
"That's it," I say, as I put down my fork.  "Nobody calls me an old man three times in one day, without getting severely tickled!" I say, as I reach for Brian with my right hand but he quickly darts off of his bar stool.
"You have to catch me first!" he says, as he darts off down the hall laughing.

Ignoring the dishes, I quickly follow the sound of Brian's laughter down the hall and into our bedroom.  There in the center of the bed is a large lump squirming around underneath the covers.

"Brian!" I call out, pretending like I haven't noticed, the large lump.  "Brian you in here?" I pause for a minute and see the lump in the middle of the bed stop squirming.  "Oh well, if I can't find Brian I might as well take a nap.  This bed is just so comfortable," I say as I put my knee on the end of the bed.  "I'll just lay down here right in the middle..."
"No!" Brian says, with a giggle as the covers come flying off the bed.
"Aha!  I got you now!" I say, quickly dive on top of him before he can get off the bed and start tickling his stomach causing him squeal loudly.  "You thought you could hide from me huh?"
"That's....not....fair," Brian says, through his laughter.
"I told you, nobody calls me old and gets away with it," I say, as I let my right hand slip under Brian's shirt so I am tickling his bare stomach.
"Stop!" Brian squeals.  "I gotta pee!"
"Okay, okay," I say, as I stop my tickling and sit back down on the bed allowing Brian to stand on his knees.
"I tricked you!" Brian proclaims as he tackles me onto my back and starts trying to tickle my stomach.
"Sorry little man, ain't gonna work," I tell him.  "I'm not ticklish, I told you that."
"Yes you are," Brian insists, as he looks up at me, that smirk of his crossing his face.  I feel his hands undoing my belt, before slowly opening the fly of my jeans.
"Angel, you don't have to," I say.
"I know," Brian says as he pulls down the front of my boxers exposing my hardening penis.  "I want to," he adds before shifting down so his face is directly above my erection.

I gasp as I feel the warmth of his hand wrap around my penis as he starts to gently stroke me.  It has been a while since Brian and I have done anything sexual together and I almost forgot how good his hand feels down there.  I lay my head back on the bed as I feel Brian's breath hitting the head of my cock, then the wetness of his tongue as it starts to gently dance around the underside of the crown of my penis.  Soon I can feel his lips wrap around my penis as his tongue continues to dance now around my piss slit.  I gasp a little as I feel my cock start to slide deeper into his mouth, then back out again as Brian starts moving his head up and down.  Not only has it been a while since Brian and I have really done anything sexual it's been just as long since I have cum.  Not that I haven't wanted to, I've just been simply either too tired or busy to get any time to jack off.  So it does not take very long at all for me to feel my balls draw up closer to my body.

"Angel, I'm going to shoot," I gasp, as I feel my cum start to work it's way up the shaft of my penis.

Brian pulls his mouth back so only the head of my penis is still inside of his lips.  Just as his tongue does one final dance over my piss slit I feel myself explode into his mouth.  I hear Brian give a little cough but mostly I feel him swallowing everything I have to offer.  When I am spent, Brian slowly lets me slip from his mouth before crawling back up over my body, and laying down on top me, digging his face into the crook of my neck.  I wrap my arms around him as I try to catch my breath.

"I love you, Dad," he says, into my neck.
"I love you," I whisper gently to him as rub his back through his shirt.

After a couple of minutes of laying silently with Brian on top of me, I gently shift onto my side causing Brian to lay flat on his back on the bed.  I lay on my side my head propped up on one hand as I stare down into his blue eyes, letting my other hand roam up and under Brian's shirt.  I slowly lift Brian's shirt up to expose his chest and stomach, before letting my hand drop down to his pants and undoing the top button of his jeans.  Brian, apparently not wanting to wait for me to do it for him, reaches his hands down to his pants, brushing my hand out of the way before quickly opening his fly, lifting his butt of the bed and pushing both his jeans and white briefs down to his mid thigh seemingly in one fluid motion.  I smile at him before letting my face fall to his exposed chest, and start kissing my way down the center of his torso, pausing only to let my tongue play briefly inside his naval.  As I dig my tongue into Brian's naval I shift my position on the bed so I am laying on my stomach in between his spread legs.  As I let my tongue continue its journey south from Brian's naval I gently take his penis in my right hand and start to slowly jerk it causing Brian to gasp softly.  Slowly, I kiss my way down Brian's pelvis to the top of his pubic bone, where there are now several thin strands of hair sitting right at the base of his penis.  I pull my head up from his body and look down on his very erect, pulsing penis which seemingly is staring right into my eyes.  I stop stroking his penis, as I take Brian into my mouth, letting my tongue play over the head of his penis as he had done with mine.

Almost as soon as I have Brian's penis in my mouth, he starts pushing his hips up off the bed.  I allow Brian to hump into my mouth as I seal my lips around his pulsing shaft creating a vacuum with my mouth.  As Brian continues to fuck my mouth I move my hand that had been stroking penis down to his sack, and gently start to finger his balls.  I notice as I am fingering him, his balls are not drawn as tightly to his body as they were only a couple of weeks ago.  Almost at the instant I make that observation Brian starts to buck his hips wildly driving his penis as deep into my mouth as he can get, before arching his back.

"Dad, it feels..." Brian starts to say something but then stops and just gasps.

Right when he gasps I feel a warm liquid shooting into my mouth.  It isn't much but I wasn't expecting anything so I can't help but cough a little.  As his orgasm ends Brian falls back onto the bed, gasping slightly.  I slowly let his penis fall from my mouth then crawl up along side of him until we are lying face to face.

"That felt different," Brian says, as he looks at me.
"That's because you shot," I say, with a little smile.
"You mean I'm making stuff now?" Brian asks a big smile coming to his face.
"You sure are," I say.  "I wasn't expecting to get a drink out of the deal," I say with a smile.
"Cool!" Brian says.

Maybe I should have handled today differently.  Maybe I should have actually made Brian talk about all that happened yesterday.  I guess I could have bugged him until he told me exactly how he was feeling about Doris's decision.  I could have demanded that he tell me what his dream last night was about.  I don't know what the right thing to do really would have been.  All I do know, is that I am laying in bed face to face with a smiling angel.

We lay staring at each other for a few minutes, before Brian really does have to pee.  I get up my self, zip up and head into the kitchen to clean up the as of yet ignored dirty dishes.  Once the dishes are done we spend the rest of the evening on the couch watching television until it is time for bed.

"Dad," Brian says, as we lay in bed his head resting on my chest.
"Yeah," I say, as I gently run my fingers through his hair.
"Am I adopted yet?" Brian asks.
"Well not officially," I say.  "We have to go to a court, and a judge has to say it's okay for me to adopt you.  But Mr. Lofton and my lawyer are very sure that the judge will say that."
"When are we going to go see the judge?" Brian asks.
"Soon," I say.  "Maybe by the end of the month."
"So I won't have to live with anybody else?" Brian asks.
"Nope kiddo," I say.  "You're stuck with me."
"Good," Brian says, happily.  "I love you, Dad."
"I love you too angel," I say, with a smile.

To Be Continued...

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