This story contains explicit man/boy sex. If that's not your thing, or it is your thing but you know you shouldn't read it, then you have been warned.


SIMON, a short story by Ivor Sukwell.


"I'd better warn you," David Appleby said to the teenage boy sitting in the passenger seat of his car as he drove through country lanes, "That if you keep hanging around with me, your cock could be in danger."

The boy shrugged and drew on his cigarette. A teenage shrug that dismissed David's comment as being something of absolutely no importance.

He was thirteen, not that far off being fourteen, and he knew perfectly well what his cock was for and he'd use it in whatever way he wanted. It certainly didn't bother him that the forty-something guy who was driving him home, had been driving him home from Youth Theatre for a couple of weeks now, might fancy getting at his cock.

It didn't excite him either, it was just one of those things, some blokes fancied boys, their choice.

David wasn't concerned either. The tall for his age, slender almost to the point of being skinny, black-haired, dark-eyed late thirteen year old was high up on the tasty scale, well worth making an effort to get into bed in David's way of thinking; now it was up to the boy to decide if he fancied being bedded or not.

It wasn't the first time that David Appleby had used that approach to a boy and he knew that initial response meant absolutely nothing at all.

The last one he'd used it on, a boy of fourteen, had told him to fuck off.

"You think you're gonna get inside my knickers, fuckin' think again," the boy had snarled, and less than a week later had peeled off his own knickers, along with the rest of his clothes, so David could get to work on five, thick inches of prime teen cock.

David picked his targets with care; generally they were boys who were not perfect social specimens.

A boy who helped himself to things from shops; who smoked, especially if he used flavouring in his tobacco; a boy who was not unaccustomed to alcohol; a boy who was arrogant, even a bully; a boy who found that attending school was best avoided if possible; any of those were boys who could be encouraged into bed.

Simon smoked, his cigarettes not always in fact almost never purchased; his school attendance not an everyday thing, and if he hadn't yet tasted beer he was certainly not a boy who was going to turn down the chance to remedy that. In short, Simon was ideal.

No surprise to David then, when Simon stayed behind after the Youth Theatre session the following Saturday. The other kids had gone, Simon staying behind, unasked, to help with the clearing up.

"I've got a load of stuff to do today, Simon," David told him, "Won't be going back home till mid-afternoon at the earliest."

It was Simon's chance to head off, get away, keep his cock safe. He'd had his warning and if he stayed around now, seduction would commence.

"What you got to do?" Simon asked, "Anything I can help with?"

It could have been a perfectly innocent enquiry, a young teen boy eager to be helpful, nothing at all to do with any decision he'd made about his cock. It was even possible that Simon hadn't given any thought at all to the warning he'd been given.

Possible, but highly unlikely. Simon was not far off fourteen; testosterone and hormones were chasing each other through his tall, slender young body in a mad, never-ending dance; he was at an age when three out of every four thoughts he had were about sex.

"Can think of a thing of two," David said, "And I've got to make sure the place is ready for the lot coming in on Monday as well."

He was pretty sure that the innuendo would not be missed by the boy, but he didn't look at him to check; some things are just best left hanging, so to speak.

"I got all day," Simon grunted, making it clear he was intending to hang around.

It was the sort of answer David had been hoping for, the sort of answer he had planned for. It was quite true that he did have to check that the small, market town theatre was ready for the arrival of a visiting company on Monday, but there was less than an hour's work involved in that.

Sometimes, if it was a bigger, more complicated show coming in, he'd have to spend a lot of time making sure all was well; it wasn't unknown for him to still be working well into the small hours of the night one of the reasons why his office also contained a bed. Being Director of a small theatre in cash strapped times meant he had to do a lot more than just run a Youth Theatre and put on a few, often amateur, shows, but, from time to time, that bed had other uses.

"You fancy just checking the dressing rooms are okay," David said, "I'll just nip into town and get us something for lunch. Pizza do?"

"Yeah, fine," Simon agreed, "Pepperoni and pineapple be good."

"And if you want a fag, use the office. Not supposed to smoke in the building."

"I know," Simon sighed, not bothering to mention that David's office was part of the building. "Keep the door shut and the extractor fan on, right?"

"Good boy," David smiled, fairly confident that the extractor fan would have to cope with more than just the smell of tobacco before the afternoon was over.

"Dressing rooms are fine," Simon told him when he returned with two pizzas and a plastic bag some half an hour later, "And the iron's working okay as well."

"Shouldn't have touched that," David remonstrated, "Not with no-one else in the place."

"I know," Simon sighed, "But it's only flicking a switch, isn't it."

"Well, go and flick a few more, then," David grinned, "Just run through the lamps and then we'll have lunch."

Dutifully, Simon went up to the Lighting Box and turned the stage lamps on and off while David checked all were working, and, job done, came down and went with David into his office for lunch.

"Place is all locked up," David said, "So we can lunch in peace."

What he meant, of course, was that there was no possibility of them being disturbed if they just happened to be doing things that they didn't want to be disturbed while they were doing them.

"Pizza for a boy," David smiled as he handed Simon a box, "And something to wash it down if you fancy." He delved into the plastic bag and came up with a can of lager. "Coke if you prefer," he offered.

"Bollocks to that!" Simon reached for the lager. He cracked open the can, took a healthy swig, licked his lips and then got started on his pizza. He'd emptied two cans and was into his third before the pizza was gone and an after-lunch cigarette lit.

"Now what?" he asked, half-lounging on the office bed. There was only one chair and David was using that, so the bed was where Simon had sat for lunch.

"With you doing the lights with me, there's not a lot left to worry about," David shrugged, "But there's a couple more cans if you fancy hanging around."

"Go for it," Simon nodded.

"Don't want to be dropping you off at your front door pissed, though," David said, "Might not be a good idea."

"As if they'd care," Simon dismissed his parents, "Probably wouldn't even fuckin' notice."

"Fine by me, then," David agreed, he had plans for Simon!

"What we gonna do, then?"

"What you fancy doing?"


David idly picked up a deck of playing cards that he's carefully left on his desk and flicked through them, as though he was just doing something to occupy his hands.

"Could have a game of cards," Simon suggested, picking up the cue as though it had been rehearsed, "If I can have another fag and can, of course."

"Help yourself," David shrugged, "What games you good at?"

"Could play Pontoon," Simon suggested, "I ain't bad at that."

"Okay," David agreed, said nothing for a second or two and then asked, "Fancy making it interesting?"

"Like how?"

"Like you won't have any money for me to win off you, so what you going to bet with?"

"What you mean?"

"Not a lot of fun playing for matchsticks," David said, "Not that we have any matchsticks anyway."

"What you on about?" Simon peered over the rim of the can that was half-way to his lips.

"Like do you want to make it real gambling or just picking up cards?"

"How we gonna make it real?" Simon asked after taking another swig of lager.

"How about this for a suggestion," David offered, carefully not looking directly at the boy. "I bet a packet of twenty against each item of clothing you're wearing. You win a hand, you win a packet of fags; I win and you lose a bit of clothing."

"Got the fags with you?" Simon wanted to know.

David reached into the plastic bag again and came up with a carton of two hundred, "Hope you're not wearing more than ten things," he grinned.

"Nah," Simon shook his head and concentrated while he tried to count, "Seven, countin' me shoes and socks."

"Up for it, then?" David asked.

"Spose so."

"Got to be a real bet, though," David insisted, "If you lose, then you lose. No chickening out when you get down to your briefs."

"I don't chicken out," Simon insisted.

"We'll add a side bet to make sure, shall we?" David pushed things, "If you do chicken out then you lose any packets you've won up till then."

"An' if I don't?"

"I'll chuck in the other three packets."

"Deal," Simon agreed.

David let the game run normally until Simon had lost his shoes, socks and sweatshirt, winning four packets along the way. The boy's slender chest, pale, almost white skin emphasising the twin brown nubs of his nipples stirred the contents of David's boxers, and cheating began.

He allowed the boy two successive wins and then cheated him with rigged deals, cheated him out of his jeans and briefs.

To his credit, Simon didn't hesitate, just lifted himself up and pulled off his briefs, letting David see what he wanted to see.

And very much well worth seeing, David thought. Pale and uncut, soft length about three inches, perhaps a little more, its thickness similar to that of the neck of a bottle. Not bad at all for a boy not yet fourteen. A neat little patch of pubic hair, black like the hair on the boy's head, and emphasising the paleness of his skin. His cock was a shade darker than the rest of him, perhaps hinting that it was used to being wanked.

"Nice cock, Si," David complimented, "Dare you to stay naked for a bit."

"Give us a fag, then," was Simon's answer.

"Worth a can as well, I think," David offered.

"Yeah," Simon agreed, took can and fag, lit up and half leaned back so David's view was unobstructed.

"Certainly won the extra three packets," David smiled, "And well worth every one of them."

Simon shrugged, hundred and eighty fags for just getting undressed was, in his, no longer totally sober opinion, a pretty good deal. He knew when he said he'd be hanging around that Dave would be making a move on his cock somehow or another, he'd made that clear last week, and he was pretty sure that there was more to come in that regard, so there wasn't a lot of point in getting dressed yet anyway.

"Still one left, though," he said, "Do I get that as well?"

Dave slid his chair closer to the bed, no point in looking from a distance if he could get a closer view.

"If you get it hard," he said.

No problem there, Simon reached down and started doing the necessary.

"Allow me," David said softly, and reached out a hand.

Simon shrugged again and took his hand away, allowing David's to replace it. He already knew that if the hand wasn't your own then your cock liked it better and he filled rapidly to his full, just a fraction short of five inches.

"Nice one," David whispered, and showed no signs of intending to remove his hand now Simon was fully hard.

Instead of releasing the boy he started working on his cock and balls, slowly taking the boy past the point where he had any thoughts about requesting that things should end now.

Simon stubbed out the end of his fag, put his now empty can down and lay back so that the man fondling him could get at him well enough to do the job properly.

The boy's legs were long and smooth, just the sort of boy legs that David liked most. To be fair, he liked any sort of boy legs if they were still fairly hairless, and Simon's were delightfully smooth, perfect for stroking from knee to groin.

David stroked.

Simon sighed.

He'd been wanked before, naturally, but that was by another kid and had just been plain cock stuff. He'd had a girl there as well, but she hadn't got the faintest idea how to treat a cock properly and had really been a complete waste of time. He hadn't had all of his body stroked and caressed before though, and he was finding out just how good that felt.

David's hand didn't stop at just his thigh, it had a good wander over his stomach and chest as well, and when a finger brushed his nipples he felt things he'd not felt before.

David moved then, got off his chair, knelt between Simon's legs, legs that he opened so the man could get where he wanted to get, and then Simon felt something really new, and something really amazing.

He'd been wanked, but he'd never been sucked, and it took him perhaps three point two milliseconds to decide that he really liked being sucked!

"Oh, fuck, yes," he muttered as his cock disappeared into David's mouth.

The boy tasted as good as he looked! True, boys' cocks taste good, they do in David's opinion anyway, but Simon's tasted especially good. Perhaps that was because he was exactly the sort of boy that David liked best, tall, decent looking, slender and, above all, young.

David was a firm believer that boys are at their very best when fourteen. Okay, Simon had a couple of months to go before he reached that age, but he was already well into being fourteen physically, so that simply meant that he'd be in his prime for a couple of extra months. Bonus!

Another bonus was that Simon very clearly was enjoying being handled, man handled. David could tell from the way the boy's body was responding that, not only did he have no objections to being the object of a man's lustful desires, he very much liked it.

David had enjoyed the delights of a large number of boys; some had permitted it, some had quite liked it and some had gone for it in a big way. Simon was going for it in a very big way!

He lay back, legs dangling over the side of the bed, parted wide in order to give David full access, eyes closed and with a little smile on his face as his flesh was stroked and fondled, his cock fully engulfed in David's mouth.

He purred with contentment, relishing the way his body was being appreciated, his mind registering that he was meant for a man to enjoy.

David worked the beautiful young cock with his mouth, lips and tongue creating magic for the boy, creating sensations for him that he hadn't known were possible.

He could have taken the boy's spunk then, just sucked it from his smooth, young balls, but the boy was too tasty for just that. David liked his boys young, he liked them smooth and he liked them slender Simon ticked all three boxes and David wanted to feel his firm young body pressed against his own, see how he reacted to having tongue in his mouth, see just how much Simon was willing to give.

He eased off the boy's rod, giving his foreskin a last little nibble, and before Simon could protest at the end of the suck, said,

"You want a joint now or in bed, after you've spunked?"

"In bed," Simon said, slightly dreamy and just a little slurred, "Before you fuck me."

"Bed, spunk sucked out, joint and then fucked. That suit you?"

David managed to say that without missing a beat. He hadn't thought of taking Simon all the way to cock in his arse, not this time, but if the boy was up for it, then fucked he would be.

"Yeah," Simon sighed. If his brain was working at all, then it was utterly absorbed with the sensations his flesh was experiencing. `More of the same, please,' was the message it was sending.

He'd known from the start that he was going to get fucked. David had told him, clearly enough, that if he hung around then his cock would get seen to, and Simon had simply assumed that meant not just his cock. Men fucked boys, everyone knew that, so naturally Simon assumed that if he gave his cock he'd be giving his arse as well.

Why not? Someone would probably fuck him at some time or another, so why not David now?

He didn't regard himself as being gay, but neither did he have any objections to being fancied by a man, or of having any problems with allowing a man to indulge in his fancies.

Sex was sex, and when you're not quite fourteen, any sex is far, far better than no sex.

And so far it was all good. It had been a bit of a laugh betting his clothes against packets of fags, quite a neat way of getting stripped off so things could get underway, and, since he'd never had any intention of not letting David get at his cock, earning the extra three packets by going all the way and then the final packet by allowing David to get him hard had been a total no-brainer.

All that, getting lager and now the prospect of weed as well couldn't have asked for more, could he? No way was he going to stop now; David had provided fags, booze and soon, weed, so he deserved to have a good time, that was only fair.

David got out from between his knees, told him to get in the bed and started to strip off himself.

David had been lustfully delighted when he saw Simon's young cock, Simon was briefly concerned when he saw David's adult version. Six, thick, ready for action man inches made him wonder about big, thick pegs fitting into small, round holes, but he was half-pissed and stopped worrying when naked body met naked body.

He'd had a couple of wanks with other kids, fingered cunt and squeezed tit, but never done anything naked and the thrill of full-length flesh contact sent any worries about size problems disappearing in a haze of lust.

David thought the boy felt amazing, cuddled in unprotestingly close. Not just unprotesting, but actively close. One slender leg worked its way between his, boy hands gripped him tight and wandered over his back and boy hardness pushed against his stomach.

Destined to lose his status as a virgin, young Simon was embracing his fate with enthusiasm.

Clenched together, kissing was inevitable, or, at least, a movement in that direction by David was inevitable. Not every boy that David had bedded and Simon was, counting from his very first when he was only twelve, number ninety-three in terms of boy cocks sampled and number fifty-two in the list of boys taken to bed not every boy was a willing kisser, but boys who opened their mouths for tongue almost always offered their arses for fucking, and Simon's arse had already been offered.

True to form, the teen parted his lips instantly and met David's probing tongue with his own, greedily joining in an in-mouth duel that could only have two winners.

A reckless exchange of saliva inflames passion in a way nothing else can, and if Simon had not been completely and committedly `fuck me please, boy meat' before their lips joined, it only took some twenty seconds of mouth to mouth stimulation to ensure that his would be the twenty-sixth boy hole that David could chalk up as having penetrated.

It might be thought that David would feel a little ashamed of his mere fifty percent conversion rate of bedded boys to fucked boys. In reality, David attributed to that low percentage to the attitudes of boys themselves. Throughout his youth, and right into his mid-thirties, he'd never had any problem in locating boys willing to give cock, a good number of them quite happy to play bed games up to, but excluding, fucking.

In the last ten years or so David had noted a definite change in boy attitude, to the point where now, boys automatically included fucking in their `to do in bed' lists and David had changed his sights in response to this welcome development. No longer were his boy thoughts along the lines of `wouldn't mind sucking the spunk out of that', but much more, `if I can suck it I'll get to fuck it as well.'

Even so, he hadn't expected to get inside Simon's arse at the first attempt; he'd planned for getting at the boy's cock and setting him up for further encounters that would lead to another notch on his `fucked that one' belt. That Simon just assumed that giving cock meant also giving arse was a definite bonus.

With the boy warmed up to perhaps one degree below boiling point by snogging and mutual manual cock admiration, David went down for his pre-joint and pre-fuck mouthful.

Simon liked being sucked; the vast majority of boys naturally enjoy having their cocks in appreciative mouths, but Simon showed more than mere enjoyment; he sighed and purred and offered his body for use.

David accepted the offer and used it. A few sweeps of a hand over Simon's on-offer flesh, a tweak or two of nipples to make young teen cock jerk and throb in his mouth, and then a reaching under the boy with a nicely lubed finger.

The instant David's prepared finger touched his crack Simon shifted so that finger could enter crack, find and briefly caress hole, a hole that twitched with anticipation as it was teased and resisted not at all as it was carefully penetrated.

So easily and eagerly did the boy's hole accept David's probing finger that David had the feeling his was not the first finger ever to be in there. It was tight, but not as tight as David had expected a virgin, not-yet-fourteen hole to be, but he wasn't in the mood to complain.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," Simon moaned softly to indicate his pleasure in having a finger going deep into his arse, a sound repeated when David, encouraged by the ease of entry by one finger, soon added a second, followed, shortly after by a third.

Fingering a boy is a pleasure and an art form, a combination of stretching the boy's hole for the cock that is to come and the pleasure that his throbbing cock will deliver when it spurts a massive, prostate tickled load, into a greedy mouth.

David worked the boy's cock with his mouth and his hole with fingers until Simon was lost somewhere in the stars, re-entering Earth atmosphere only when his balls were drained and his spunk eaten. Even then he was still so lost that he opened his mouth without question for a post-orgasm, cummy kiss, tasting his own cream, or indeed, any cream, for the first time.

"Fuck me," was all he could manage to say when his senses returned.

"Joint first, then I will," David grinned in his ear. "Your cum tastes delicious by the way."

"Pervert," Simon grinned back, happy and content that he was naked in bed with a pervert who had just sucked and fingered him.

Boys weren't supposed to hop into bed with men, that was gay and boys were expected to fuck girls, but Simon was well aware that no girl he could ever get would do the things that David had just done to him, and those things were simply magic. And there was still getting fucked to come!

Being gay, or at least doing gay stuff, clearly had something going for it. When he'd left home that morning, missing out on his usual wank, just in case, Simon had thought, `If he goes for my cock I'm not going to stop him,' now he was hoping this was not going to be just a one-off!

David had prepared a couple of small joints before the day started, as a fall-back, fail-safe position, if Simon's cock proved difficult to get at, so popping one in the boy's mouth now took no time at all.

Half-pissed and half-stoned, Simon was going to be a magic fuck, David was certain of that.

Simon sat up in bed to smoke his joint. It was a position that made the front of his young body completely available to David's questing hand. He smiled softly as David stroked him, accepting without question that, for the time being at least, his flesh belonged to the man, the man who would soon be pushing thick cock up and into his arse.

David enjoyed the thirteen year old body beside him; enjoyed the sight of pale, almost white skin, enjoyed the feel of that skin under his hands.

The half-closed eyes and little smile told David that the boy was revelling in having his body worshipped, not even a hint of protest when David reached for still-probably-sensitive-from-its-massive-spunking-but-now-soft cock. All he did was part his legs a little so David could cup his balls.

"You not having one?" Simon asked, between blowing weed laced smoke rings at the ceiling.

"Got to drive you home later," David shrugged, "Can't do that stoned."

"Bad luck," Simon sniggered.

"Not really," David smiled, "I've got a naked you in bed."

"Yeah," Simon agreed, thinking how much better this was than just wanking. Normally orgasms were hand-made, followed by a quick clean up and forgotten till the next time; so much nicer to have spunk sucked out with three fingers up your arse giving you feelings you never knew you could have, and then having a joint put in your mouth while you were fondled all over. If this is what gay sex is like, Simon was more than happy to indulge.

Of course, there was still getting fucked to come, but a cock was bound to be even better than those fingers, so bring it on!

David stroked the boy's still-not-yet-fourteen-year-old body, enjoying every single sensation his fingers and hands sent to his brain, and wondering, at the same time, about the ease with which Simon had allowed himself to be seduced.

He'd warned the boy a week ago that he would be after his cock if the chance was given, and so he'd anticipated, when the boy hung around, that he'd be in with a very good chance of a tasty mouthful. Well, he'd had that, but much more as well.

Simon's clothes had come off so easily, and the boy had said that he expected to get fucked, something David hadn't planned for as being on the cards on the first attempt. And the ease with which his fingers had gone into the boy made him wonder if this was not the first time Simon had been entered.

"Happy?" he asked the boy.

"Guess," Simon grinned back.

"Not your first time, is it?"

"Wanked with a couple of kids, had some tit and fingered a cunt, that's all," Simon shrugged, "Nothing like this, though."

David made a mental note that he must find out who those kids were in case there was a chance of adding them to his list, but still wondered about Simon's hole.

Just like cocks, David thought, boys' holes differ. He'd had some that he could hardly even get a finger into and others that had been fucked before and took cock easily and eagerly. If Simon's hole was, indeed, virgin, then it was a hole just made for fucking!

He reached under the boy and slid a finger inside him again, Simon doing no more than give a broad smile as his hole was entered.

"Let me finish me joint first," he grinned.

The boy teased him a bit, making the joint last as long as he could, but when it was finished, he slid down the bed, David's finger still inside him, and said,

"Spose I better let you fuck me now."

Bed cover thrown back, Simon's legs in the air, more lube and man cock head presented to winking, slippery, boy hole.

Simon did indeed have a hole made for fucking. The outer ring opened, allowing cock head to ease inside, stretching like elastic as it took the extra width. A moment's pause and then a combination as David pushed gently forward and Simon's hole pulled cock inside him. Even the second barrier put up no more than token resistance and David was fully in.

It wasn't like going in a well-fucked hole, there was a tightness, but it was the tightness of an elastic glove, stretched, but gripping.

No need for David to take time to allow the boy to adjust, for his insides to get used to being stretched and opened; it was obvious Simon's innards liked being filled with cock just as much as David's cock liked filling them.

David had a fleeting vision of the boy's chute being made of lycra, and then he forgot about everything except fucking.

Simon sighed and moaned as cock slid up and down in him, whimpered when it was taken almost all the way out and then gasped when it was thrust deep back in. He purred when he was fucked long and slow, panted when he was fucked short and hard and moaned with pleasure when David worked his cock around, stretching hole and tormenting prostate.

David made it last, holding his cock still inside the boy when spunk threatened to rise, fucking fast only when he knew it wouldn't bring him straight to bursting point, but all good things must come to an end.

It was Simon who eventually brought the end about. David simply fucked the spunk out of him, and as the boy's spurts shot forth so his insides clenched and convulsed, all too much for David to counter, and he filled the boy's arse with his own, copious offering.

"Need a fag," Simon whispered when all was finished.

"Joint if you'd rather," David offered.

"Fuck, yes," Simon agreed and smoked it in somewhat of a daze while cum leaked from his hole.

"What boys you wank with, then?" David asked while Simon smoked and recovered.

"Andy Price and Jason Turner," Simon told him. "Andy's Year Eight and Jason's Year Ten."

That made Andy a year below than Simon and Jason a year above, boys worth thinking about, David thought.

"Jase gives dead easy," Simon elaborated, "Wanked with him several times. Andy I dunno, only done it with him once."

"Nice cocks?"

"Spose," Simon shrugged, his experience of boy cock limited to just those two. "Reckon you could get at Jase's if you wanted."

Something worth considering, David thought. Obviously he was going to fuck Simon a lot more, but another boy wouldn't go amiss. Can't have too much of a good thing.