Sissyboy Gets His Man


Jimmy Smith



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From Chapter Two:


Of course. Jason remembered what he had seen on the Try Boys site. He moved to straddle the man's middle, reached down to angle the stiff rod where he needed it and, with a moan, he sank down on the man's shaft. Alex gasped as he felt the remnants of two previous sperm loads dripping and running down his cock from the boy's weakened anus muscles. Finally Jason settled down unto the man's groin, feeling the man's large sack in his butt crack. He began to move slightly and then became more vigorous as he experienced the new angles that the massive penis touched his prostate with. His hips rose, fell, rocked and oscillated as he rode his man through seven of his dry cums and two sperm injections from Creampie.

It was a very tired and sore Jason Spermer, who walked out of the Janitor's room that day. But it was a very happy one. He didn't have the strength to walk to Uncle Amos' so he called a cab. But before you're too harsh with him, consider that, at least, Jason is still conscious. Mr. Creampie is passed out on his bed, dead to the world. As Jason climbed into the cab, he hoped that his uncle would have a solution to his problem.


Chapter Three:

Momentous Decisions


While Jason was climbing into the cab to go to see his Uncle Amos, Dieter was leaving the school himself. Usually he went home first to change out of his school clothes before heading to Matt's. This day, however, he wanted to take no chances on being at the the Spermer's when Jason arrived home. Dieter knew that he had avoided a serious ass-kicking from Jason earlier. He knew the only reason he hadn't received it was because Jason was fixated on having the big, black janitor fuck him. Dieter had no illusions about Jason's abilities to hurt him and hurt him badly if he so chose. He was the spitting image of his father including his musculature, strength and temperament and Dieter wanted no part of that. So he ran breathlessly toward the Spermer's, and upon arrival, headed right for the den. He burst through the door without knocking to find Matt on the phone.

Matt was shocked by Dieter's arrival because he wasn't expecting the boy for about half hour or so. But he quickly tied up his business on the phone and hung up. He stood up and walked over to his boy, surprised to find him shaking with terror. "What's wrong, pet?"

"Fucking Jason is what's fucking wrong!" Dieter shouted.

Matt was shocked. Dieter was usually so mild mannered. He wondered what his son had done. But what really amazed him was that Dieter didn't sound angry, he sounded afraid. "What about him?" Matt asked.

"He fucking knows Matt!" Dieter said. "He fucking came home early last night while I was here and he saw us fucking. So he knows that I sloughed him off to come over and get fucked by you. He's fucking pissed Matt! I wanted to tell him all along, but NOOOOOOO the great Matt Spermer laid down the law and we're in a mess."

"Because of Jason?" Matt scoffed. "He's nothing, soft. I'm actually glad the little fuck knows so we don't have to sneak around anymore."

Dieter shook his head. "You underestimate him, Matt, you always did. As best friends, he and I have play wrestled many times and some of the other guys in my class do as well. You have NO idea how strong he really is, Matt. Even though he's only nine, he is as much a freak of nature as you are. So whenever he's here, I won't be. Period."

Matt laughed again and walked right over to his boy. He took his chin in his right hand. "You don't worry about Jason, my pet," he soothed. "Let me do that."

He leaned down and the lovers kissed with increasing ardour as Dieter forgot about his fear and lost himself in his man's kisses once again. In no time at all after that, Dieter and Matt had each other naked, neglecting even Dieter's usual stockings and Dieter was on his knees trying to coax the first load of man cream from Matt's wonderful babymakers. Matt let the boy worship his cock for a few minutes until it was liberally coated in his saliva. Poor Dieter had no idea of the animal that had been unleashed in Matt the night before, but he was soon to find out. Matt manhandled the boy into the "head down ass up" position on the floor of the den, got behind him and without so much as a by your leave, or putting the usual lube on his rampant penis, he roughly pushed his cock into the tight orifice to the hilt. Dieter screamed and cried at the rough entry.

He could not figure out what had gotten into his man. Matt was normally such an attentive lover. Now, he remembered that things had gotten pretty intense the night before and Matt had become like an animal then too, but at least he had started out gentle. This was a totally different Matt than he had ever experienced before. But those thoughts left him for the rest of what turned into three hours they had together as the pleasure of Matt's ramrod pounding his boy's place took over and took him to his first screaming orgasm of the afternoon.


Meanwhile, as Matt Spermer was roughly entering his boy for an afternoon of more ball draining sex, his son was arriving at the home of his Uncle Amos. The man wasn't really his uncle but he was his father's center and confidante and had become Jason's confidante as well. He took the elevator up to the right floor and walked to the right apartment. He was expecting to hear the sound of Uncle Amos and Jared fucking like rabbits. They had always fucked a lot as long as Jason had known them, but it had really gotten frequent the year before when Jared turned twelve. Jason thought that Jared was the luckiest kid in the world, as he did every boy that had their own daddy as their lover. It was something Jason knew he could never have because his daddy only had eyes for Dieter. But he hoped that his uncle Amos might have some ideas of how Jason could find a man to love him that way. He rapped on the door and the massive black man opened the door and allowed him in.

"Jared not here?" Jason asked. "I figured you two would be at it AGAIN!" he added the last part teasingly.

"Little smartass just like your fuckin father," the big man growled without malice. "He's not here most afternoons after school any more. He too has discovered the pleasure of a little boy's tight boypussy in the form of a sexy little five-year-old two floors down. Jared's probably already bred the little slut at least once. Anyway, sit down and let's talk."

Jason sat down and again told the man what he had seen the night before. He still couldn't believe how much the betrayal still hurt. He then added the story of how he had given his virginity to the school janitor.

"Believe me, Uncle Amos the sex was amazing with Mr. Creampie," Jason said. "And I will likely have sex with him again. But I don't think he can give me what I really want."

"And what is it exactly that you really want, Jason?"

Jason suddenly burst into tears and sobbed out, "I want a man who only has eyes for me, like Dieter has my daddy."

Amos knew the truth about Matt Spermer and his only having eyes for Dieter. The fact was that while Dieter was the boy Matt loved, Matt had stuck his cock in the asses of just about every preteen boy affiliated with the Redskins, from ball boys, to the sons of players, coaches and even the owner. But Jason didn't need to know that.

What he did say was: "What if I knew of a man that might love you that way?"

" do?" Jason stammered.

"Oh yes," Amos said. "In fact, he's coming here in about ten minutes or so. I was hoping that you two might hit it off and want to spend time alone. So here's what I want you to do, my boy..." and he sent Jason off into his room where he could hear but not be seen.

Jason waited patiently just behind the door of Amos' bedroom. He wondered who this mystery man might be.

The knock on the door came exactly ten minutes after Amos had said it would and he opened the door to allow David Coxman to enter. Amos ushered him into the living room and their conversation began. As he had done with Matt Spermer three years before, he started out by basically telling the man that he knew his secret and it was time to be honest about it. The receiver admitted his feelings for boys, especially white boys.

"There's just something about white boypussy," Coxman said.


In the bedroom, Jason thought, David Coxman likes white boys?! God he's so hunky! Almost before he knew what he was doing, Jason took his sissyboy outfit out of its bag, stripped down and put it on. Then he looked over at Jared's vanity and saw his makeup. Jared had showed him how to put on makeup but Jason had never thought that he would ever use that knowledge. But he sat down at the vanity and for the first time in his life, he made himself pretty for his man. He then resumed his place behind the door, ready. Ready for what he did not know.


Oblivious to this, the two men in the living room were still talking. Then Amos asked the question he had been leading the conversation toward the whole time: "If you could have any boy in the world as a lover, who would he be?"

Coxman got very nervous. Promise you won't tell anyone?" he asked.

Amos nodded.

"Hands down, the boy I would most like to make love to is, Matt's son, Jason," Coxman said. "But from what I hear from people, if a nine-year-old boy can be referred to as a little stud, Jason is a stud. He probably has pussy throwing itself at him already. There's no way he'd be into cock."


Jason was stunned. The big hunky wide receiver thought he was a stud? Said he wanted to fuck Jason more than any other boy in the world? Jason felt suddenly warm and something in his mind told him that this was what he was looking for. Even though Amos had told him to stay put, he couldn't. He walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. The men both had their backs to him.

"What if Jason Spermer IS into cock?" he asked quietly so the men would turn to him. "What if he heard you say that you wanted to make love to him more than any other boy in the world and he feels the same?"

David Coxman drank in the unanticipated sight before him. Jason Spermer, the little nine-year-old studling was dressed up in black stockings and garter belt, stiletto heels and even had makeup on his beautiful face. The man was stunned as the boy came right over and, grabbing his hand, led the man into the master bedroom. Amos sat in the living room and listened with delight at the pledges of love. His heart warmed even more ten minutes later when Jason cried out his pleasure as his man lover's massive cock filled him for the first time. Those cries went on unabated as David Coxman lived up to his name for two solid hours, to Jason's great delight.

The two lovers returned to the living room. Jason was now dressed back in his normal boy clothes. They had just sat down with Amos once more to discuss what had happened when Coxman's cellphone rang. He excused himself to the balcony to take the call as Amos and Jason talked. When Coxman returned it was obvious something was wrong.

"We have a problem," he said. "I've just been traded to the Baltimore Ravens. I have to report on Monday."

There was a silence in the room until Jason spoke. "There's no problem at all, my love," he said. "I'm going to Baltimore with you."

The two men were stunned at his words.

"That's impossible, babe," Coxman said. "You're dad will never allow it."

"He will, if he knows what's good for him," Jason said firmly.

Hearing those words confirmed for Amos what he had guessed all along. Jason was in every way his father's son and he was quite capable of the same ruthlessness his father was. Amos looked at his teammate and simply told him that he better get used to the idea that he wasn't going to Baltimore alone.


It was a very tired and very sore Dieter von Squiggler that walked slowly and gingerly home feeling like he had been fucked by a guy from Roto-Rooter. Dieter had walked home with an aching anus before. He was, after all, still only eight-years-old and was taking a man's cock that most women would struggle to take, even if Matt was gentle. And that day, Matt had been far from gentle, leaving Dieter feeling like he had been torn apart for the first time. Dieter was confused. Matt has suddenly changed. Matt had always been a gentle and attentive lover even from the very first time they made love. Even the night before, Matt had started out gentle, waiting until Dieter was loose and enjoying it before he got kinda rough and intense. But that afternoon was the first time that Matt hadn't been gentle at all. From the moment he had first punched his cockhead into Dieter using only saliva as lube, to the last time he forced Dieter to take all of him in the Cowboy position so he could fill him, it hadn't seemed to Dieter that he had mattered at all. That was another first, for Dieter. For three years, Matt Spermer had treated him as if his pleasure was as important as the man's own. But that afternoon, Dieter had felt like his pleasure had been inconsequential to his man. Oh Dieter had cum often and cum hard as he always did when Matt fucked him. But this time, Matt had acted like he really didn't care if Dieter had cum at all. Dieter thought to himself that maybe it was time to rethink this relationship with his former best friend's Dad.