Sissyboy Gets His Man



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From Chapter Three:


"What if Jason Spermer IS into cock?" he asked quietly so the men would turn to him. "What if he heard you say that you wanted to make love to him more than any other boy in the world and he feels the same?"

David Coxman drank in the unanticipated sight before him. Jason Spermer, the little nine-year-old studling was dressed up in black stockings and garter belt, stiletto heels and even had makeup on his beautiful face. The man was stunned as the boy came right over and, grabbing his hand, led the man into the master bedroom. Amos sat in the living room and listened with delight at the pledges of love. His heart warmed even more ten minutes later when Jason cried out his pleasure as his man lover's massive cock filled him for the first time. Those cries went on unabated as David Coxman lived up to his name for two solid hours, to Jason's great delight.

The two lovers returned to the living room. Jason was now dressed back in his normal boy clothes. They had just sat down with Amos once more to discuss what had happened when Coxman's cellphone rang. He excused himself to the balcony to take the call as Amos and Jason talked. When Coxman returned it was obvious something was wrong.

"We have a problem," he said. "I've just been traded to the Baltimore Ravens. I have to report on Monday."

There was a silence in the room until Jason spoke. "There's no problem at all, my love," he said. "I'm going to Baltimore with you."

The two men were stunned at his words.

"That's impossible, babe," Coxman said. "You're dad will never allow it."

"He will, if he knows what's good for him," Jason said firmly.

Hearing those words confirmed for Amos what he had guessed all along. Jason was in every way his father's son and he was quite capable of the same ruthlessness his father was. Amos looked at his teammate and simply told him that he better get used to the idea that he wasn't going to Baltimore alone.


It was a very tired and very sore Dieter von Squiggler that walked slowly and gingerly home feeling like he had been fucked by a guy from Roto-Rooter. Dieter had walked home with an aching anus before. He was, after all, still only eight-years-old and was taking a man's cock that most women would struggle to take, even if Matt was gentle. And that day, Matt had been far from gentle, leaving Dieter feeling like he had been torn apart for the first time. Dieter was confused. Matt has suddenly changed. Matt had always been a gentle and attentive lover even from the very first time they made love. Even the night before, Matt had started out gentle, waiting until Dieter was loose and enjoying it before he got kinda rough and intense. But that afternoon was the first time that Matt hadn't been gentle at all. From the moment he had first punched his cockhead into Dieter using only saliva as lube, to the last time he forced Dieter to take all of him in the Cowboy position so he could fill him, it hadn't seemed to Dieter that he had mattered at all. That was another first, for Dieter. For three years, Matt Spermer had treated him as if his pleasure was as important as the man's own. But that afternoon, Dieter had felt like his pleasure had been inconsequential to his man. Oh Dieter had cum often and cum hard as he always did when Matt fucked him. But this time, Matt had acted like he really didn't care if Dieter had cum at all. Dieter thought to himself that maybe it was time to rethink this relationship with his former best friend's Dad.


Chapter Four:

Somebody Wins, Somebody Loses



Young Dieter was still confused when he woke up the next morning. He couldn't understand what was going on. It wasn't that he didn't like rougher sex; God knew that session on the night Jason spotted them had been wonderful. And he was used to seeing his daddy be rough with his older brother. But Matt's treatment of him the day before had been completely different than ever before. First of all there was the fact that, for the first time since he had first had sex with Matt, he didn't matter. And usually Matt would snuggle and kiss with him after sex. But yesterday, when Matt had finished he had just dressed and left the room, leaving Dieter alone, almost as if the boy was being dismissed.

Dieter's father noticed his son's mood right away. "What's on your mind, my son?" he asked. "Something wrong between you and Matt Spermer?"

"You knew about that?" Dieter asked incredulously.

"Of course I knew," Mr. Von Squiggler said. "There were many signs, my son. Tell me what's wrong."

Almost before he knew what he was doing, he was telling his dad and big brother all that had transpired.

"What should I do daddy?" he finished.

"Well, son, I could tell you that you can no longer see Matt," he began. "But you would resent me for doing it. So what I will say is that you deserve to be treated with respect and honor. If Matt will treat you that way going forward, fine. If not, then I think you know what you should do."

"You're right daddy, I do know what I must do."


Although Matt Spermer was unaware of it, there was a tension in the air as father and son ate breakfast. They had once been best friends, but now barely spoke. Matt was now totally lost in his obsession with Dieter so he felt no pressing need to converse with his son, who was now, in his mind merely an obstacle to his desire to have Dieter with him all the time. He had no clue what his nine-year-old son had in store for him. Dieter von Squiggler had told the truth: Matt had always underestimated his son. He failed to see what so many other people had come to see over time. Jason Spermer, in his own quiet way, could be as ruthless as his father. But Matt sat there smugly eating his breakfast thinking about how his whole life was totally in control. He had no clue how wrong he was. He was no longer in control at all.

He would have been shocked to learn that it was the nine-year-old version of him that was in control. Jason had been in control of every moment since he saw and heard his father and best friend fucking two nights before. And Matt had no idea of the bombshells that his son was fixing to drop on him. Jason sat there eating breakfast silently, but in his mind he was exultant. He knew that his father had never really understood him, had always thought that Jason was too kind to be much like him. Jason chose to be kind when he was very little because his teachers and other adults besides his father taught him to be. But as Jason grew older, he began to notice his father's selfishness and ruthlessness and discovered that he often felt the same. He had often had to fight the urge to treat Dieter more as a servant than a friend. But it was only a matter of time until something gave Jason an opportunity to unleash his own ruthlessness. Catching his father and Dieter betraying him had given him that opening.

Jason looked at his watch and decided that he needed to get a move on if he was to successfully hook up with David for a quicky before school. He got up from the table, took his dishes into the kitchen for the housekeeper to clean up, grabbed his backpack and, purely for the sake of appearance, said goodbye to his dad, who gave him no more than a grunt in return. Okay dad, Jason thought. After this afternoon, you'll never underestimate or overlook me again. He ran out the door and David's Lambroghini was parked just down the street. David drove to a motel near Jason's school and fucked Jason through a couple of boygasms before filling him once again with his seed.


Matt Spermer would have lots of time to think about all the signs he missed that something was up and something big was soon going to happen to him. One of those was practice that day. He always arrived at practice early and David Coxman would be there as well. He would watch with amusement as the Receiver would nervously approach one of the young ball boys and they would walk away together. Matt was surprised by the man's nervousness. Matt, himself, would merely catch the attention of the boy he wanted that day and grab his crotch. The boy would nod and they would hook up. On that day, Matt was pounding his massive cock into the ass of the seven-year-old son of the General Manager, blissfully unaware that, at that same moment elsewhere, the burly receiver was vigorously buggering his own son. It wasn't until he walked back into the locker room and David finally arrived that he realized that David was in fact just getting there. Matt assumed that David would make his usual approach to a boy and go off for a quick fuck. He was shocked when the Receiver merely went to his locker and started to prepare for practice. Then the second different thing occurred to Matt's mind. Coxman seemed to be in a buoyant mood. He had never seen him smile that much. He was also joking around a great deal. This confused Matt for two reasons. First was the fact that Coxman had never been like that before and second, because there were some pretty strong trade rumours that he was soon going to be headed elsewhere. Baltimore was the rumoured destination. So his laughing and joking around was even more unusual. And all this was compounded by the practice itself where David didn't drop a ball before the General Manager came to the field to deliver the news: David Coxman was headed to Baltimore.


Jason walked through school on a cloud. He loved the feeling of his man's sperm leaking out of his well fucked asshole and leaking into his underwear. He noticed that Dieter was trying to avoid him, as he had the day before. But Jason still knew his former friend well enough to know that he seemed troubled by something. Jason almost asked Dieter what was wrong a couple of times but didn't, figuring whatever it was, the little daddy-stealing bitch deserved it. He spent lunchtime enjoying another good, stiff fucking from Mr. Creampie. After school, as arranged, David picked him up and drove him home so that he could be there to meet his father.


Matt groaned to himself as he got out of the car and approached the door of the house. His mind was on Dieter. The night before he had learned some new sexual acts that he wished to try with the boy, now so locked into Beast Mode that he never stopped to wonder if Dieter would even like the new things. The fact was that he had stopped caring about that. Dieter was his boy, he thought, he's my property and he'll do what I tell him. He walked to his den, expecting to find the boy there. He was shocked that Dieter WASN'T there. He started looking behind the furniture as if the boy was playing Hide and Seek. He was looking behind his desk when a voice sounded behind him.


"Looking for someone, Daddy?" Jason asked angrily. "Like, say, your little slut Dieter?"

Matt turned to face his son. "Ah yes, we come to it at last," Matt said contemptuously. "The cub finally wants to challenge the Lion. Dieter told me you had seen us. I'm actually happy that you know, you little bitch. I was getting tired of hiding it from you."

Jason smirked. "Well Dad, when I leave the house after our little conversation, you and Dieter can fuck as openly as you want. In fact, you can move the little whore in here for all I care. I won't be here."

Matt was stunned. "What the fuck do you mean you won't be here?"

Jason's smirk widened. "Because I'm going to be living in Baltimore from now on, with David Coxman, who has just been traded to the Ravens."

Matt's anger started to rise. "You'll be doing no such fuckin thing!" he exclaimed.

"Oh yes I will, daddy," Jason said quietly. "And you will do nothing to oppose it. In fact, you will do whatever you have to in order to aid the process."

"Oh?" Matt snorted. "And why would I do that?"

"Because you're only other choice will be spending a huge chunk of time in prison for molesting Dieter," Jason said.

"There's no way you can pull that off," Matt said. "Our relationship is one hundred percent legal."

"It is legal now," Jason said. "But it wasn't legal three years ago when it started. And in addition to the child molesting charge, you will also be facing charges for drugging me." He waited for that to sink in. "Yes daddy, your little boytoy told me the whole story. Not willingly, mind you, I did have to apply the threat of burying my foot up his ass."

Matt was stunned beyond words. It was true what people had been saying, his son was as ruthless as he was. The little shit had him by the short and curlies and they both knew it. It was a position he had frequently had others in, but had never been in himself. What made it all the worse for him was the knowledge that his own nine-year-old son had outmanoeuvred him. "All right, you conniving little shit," Matt ground out. "You win."

"I learned from the best, Dad," Jason said coldly. "Isn't that what you kept telling me made you a winner dad? Well, I'm a winner too. I guess it's true what they say about like father, like son."

Jason pulled out the envelope of documents he had been given by Coxman. They had been prepared by a lawyer friend that owed the Receiver a favour. Jason handed his dad the envelope and said, "Sign these, dad, then you can continue banging Dieter to your heart's content."

Matt made a few more angry, belligerent noises but knew it was futile. The cub had challenged the Lion and won! Matt went through the pile of forms one by one and signed wherever he needed to sign. As he did so he slowly lost his thinking that something was being taken away from him and began to view it as a blessing in disguise. He'd been thinking recently that he wanted Dieter with him. He knew that Dieter's father and brother were lovers and only had eyes for each other, so Mr. Von Squiggler should be easy to talk into that. So Matt finished signing the forms and handed them back to his son thinking, Good Riddance.

"Thanks dad," Jason said and started to the door. "Oh by the way dad, if you have it in your devious little mind to call the cops on David before these can be filed, I would advise you not to. I talked to one of the training guys and one of them is really into spycams and stuff. Anyways dad, I'm sure the GM would be pleased to see his Quarterback laying the pipe to his seven-year-old son..." He let his voice trail off.

"You wouldn't," Matt said.

"Gee dad, have you forgotten already?" Jason asked. "I thought that we had established that I am ruthless enough to do anything if I'm fucked with. Don't fuck with me again dad." Jason turned and departed. He walked around the block to find David sitting there waiting. They kissed and then drove off to their new lives.


Matt sat in stunned silence after Jason left. He couldn't believe that the little shit had gotten the drop on him that way. But he calmed down and remembered that the sooner he had called Dieter, the faster he could get his cock back where it belonged: up Dieter's love chute. He reached for the phone, unaware of the second bombshell he was about to have laid on him.

He listened to the phone ring until Dieter's voice answered, "Hello?"

"Hey babycakes," Matt said.

For the first time since Matt had first taken him, Dieter felt revulsion go through his body at the sound of that name. "Hi Matt," he said with no real emotion.

That right there should have tipped Matt off to the fact that something was off, but it didn't.

"Jason's gone now, babycakes," Matt said. "He's gone to live with someone else so we don't have to hide from him anymore."


"So I was thinking that if you wanted, I could talk to your dad and you could live here with me so we can make love more often," Matt said.

A pause.

"I don't think that's a good idea Matt," Dieter said quietly. "In fact, I don't want to be your boy anymore."

"WHAT?" Matt exclaimed with shock in his voice. "Why not? Because of your father and brother?"

"No Matt, because of you," Dieter said. "Ever since I told you that Jason knew about us, you been acting like an animal rather than a lover. The first time you took me that way was okay because you started out slowly until I got used to it. You were still considerate of my feelings. But yesterday Matt, you had no consideration for me at all. All you were worried about was burying your cock in my ass as fast as possible whether it felt good to me or not. In fact, you practically raped me. So what's to say Matt that if there ever comes a time that I say I'm not in the mood, that you wouldn't rape me? So it's over Matt. And I think you need help."

After the thing with Jason and Dieter breaking up with him, Matt started to snap. "Fine by me, you little shit. You really weren't all that good in bed anyway. In fact, I've been boning other boys the whole time."

"I knew all along, Matt," Dieter said sadly. "You think I didn't recognize the taste of another boy's ass juices on your cock just about every day? But the fact that you would say that is proof that I'm doing the right thing. Goodbye Matt."

There was a soft click as the boy hung up then an explosion as Matt threw the phone against the wall. That soft click of finality led to the last thread of Matt Spermer's sanity snapping. When he finally ran out of energy his office furniture was just so much foam and kindling. Then he went out into his living room and sat brooding.

Over is it? It's not over until I say it's over! I'm the man! You hear me you little shit? I'M THE GODDAMNED MAN! You've forgotten your place, Dieter. You're my little slut and little sluts aren't good for anything but taking their man's cock into their pussies. You've forgotten that, kiddo. Or maybe certain people convinced you to forget.

Despite Dieter's claims to the contrary, Matt could not see this as his fault. It had to be someone else and who would it more likely be than the boy's father and brother. He'd show them. He'd show them all. And no one would EVER get the better of Matt Spermer again. So a scheme came to his mind. Joran von Sqiggler, both First and Second would never again interfere in Matt Spermer's life and Dieter von Squiggler would learn to never, ever, forget his proper place.


One Month Later


Jason Spermer and David Coxman were sitting on the balcony of their luxury suite eating breakfast and soaking in their love for each other, which had grown every day. David had proven to be a very gentle and attentive lover and Jason had not for one moment regretted choosing him. He quickly came to the conclusion that he would have been miserable with his daddy as his lover. It was a Friday morning. They had flown in the night before with the rest of the Baltimore Ravens. David had been pleasantly surprised to discover that there were several man/boy couples on the Ravens and it was accepted. Jason had gone to every road game, but this was the one that he'd been looking forward to. Ravens-Redskins. He thought that it was going to be strange to have to cheer against his dad. As he was thinking that, his lover's voice broke into his thoughts.

"Ah, babe, there's something here you need to see," David said with shock in his voice.

He handed Jason the newspaper and Jason, at first wasn't surprised as the first sight he saw was a big photo of his dad on the front page. The surprise started when he saw the bottom of the picture. IT WAS A MUG SHOT! Jason quickly found the article and began reading.




City Still Buzzing Over Redskins QB Saga



Football fans and other residents of our city are still in shock over the arrest of All-Pro Quarterback, Matthew Spermer this week. Spermer has been charged with: Double Homicide, Abduction, Assault Causing Bodily Harm and multiple counts of Sexual Assault against a minor.


Approximately a month ago, police attended at the house of forty-five-year-old Joran von Squiggler the First. Neighbours called police after hearing some kind of a disturbance, followed by gunshots. Police arrived to find Mr. von Squiggler dead, and his eldest son, Joran the Second mortally wounded. Missing from the home was another son, eight-year-old Dieter von Squiggler. The elder brother was able to reveal to police that their attacker and his brother's abductor was the younger boy's estranged lover, Mr. Spermer. The older boy later succumbed to his injuries. Police began an intensive manhunt for the Quarterback with no success. But a break in the case occurred earlier this week when police got a call from a clerk at a motel saying that she had checked a man and boy in that morning and she recognized them. Police rushed to the motel and Spermer was arrested without incident.

Matt Spermer is remanded to County Jail while Dieter von Squiggler remains in hospital with serious, but no life threatening injuries. A hospital spokesman said that the boy appeared to have been repeatedly sodomized and was castrated. The hospital expects him to make a full recovery.





"Holy shit," Jason exclaimed. "I can't believe what I just read, yet at another level I find it all too believeable." A look of campassion crossed his face. "Poor Dieter," he said. "Dad must have really done a number on him. And castrated?!"


"I'll need to call the lawyer and I'll also call Amos and see what he can do for Dieter," Jason said.

Jason made the calls he needed to make, and he even made one to the very surprised Dieter. Like most boys their age, the breach between them was quickly sealed and they were friends again. The phone calls made, the unreality of the situation hit him and he began to shake uncontrollably. He called for David and David spent the day just holding his boy, even calling the coach and explaining the situation. The Coach liked Jason because he had had such a great effect on David. Coach just told David that he would see him at the game. David and Jason spent the next two days in bed, sometimes making slow tender love, but mostly Jason just laid in David's arms, soaking in his man's strength and very pleased that he had finally got his man.




Jason Spermer moved quickly to gain control of his father's assets. His explanation was that it would be his anyway if his dad had died, so with his father likely going to prison for life, he would be essentially dead to Jason. Jason and David remained lovers until Jason went to the University of Oklahoma and fell in love with the five-year-old son of the OU Athletic Director. David and Jason remain friends and their respective boys are best friends as well.


Dieter von Squiggler was released from hospital into the arms of his new man, Oliver Wells, a rookie Offensive Tackle from the Redskins. They were introduced to each other by Amos Diddleswell. As of this writing, Wells and Dieter are still together and now share a "son", a little orphan boy sent to them by Amos. Dieter was offered the chance to take hormone therapy, and he accepted, but he informed the Doctor's that he didn't want the dosage of testosterone to be large enough to induce puberty, merely large enough to maintain him as what he always wanted to be, an eight-year-old boy.


Matthew Spermer spends twenty-three and a half hours out of every day inside his cell in State prison. His case was very high profile and men in General Population don't like child rapists at the best of times. They certainly didn't like Matt's added touch of castrating the boy afterward. So he is segregated and will spend the rest of his life in the same cell. He was angered to discover how fast his son had swooped in on his assets but he was powerless to do anything about it. Jason had arranged for his dad to be sent a weekly allowance for canteen items. So he spent the rest of his life lamenting the day he had decided to try boys.




So there is my little tale. I hope you enjoyed it. I have some other stories that I am working on. Two such are The Reconciliation in the Gay Incest section and Black and White in the Gay Adult/Youth section. Other stories are in the works as well.

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