Sissyboy Prequels and Sequels



Riley's Revenge


Author's Note: From time to time as I read stories by other authors, I am struck by something that produces a story idea to supplement or complement the original story. This series will bring some of those to life, especially from the writings of Beautiful Creamer.This story is a sequel to Beautiful Creamer's Secret Sissyboys Part 1. To understand this story you should read that story first as this story begins approximately a month after the events in BC's story. It can be found here: /nifty/gay/adult-youth/secret-sissyboys/secret-sissyboys-1. Also, once Ben's daddy, Ben Sr. is introduced, Ben Jr. will be referred as Benny instead.



From Secret Sissyboys Part 1:


Riley slunk into his house. Hoping he could sneak into his room and hide out until he could concoct a plausible story of the evening's activities thus far.

No one seemed to be around. So far so good.

Riley sneaked up the stairs, past his parents' bedroom, toward his room.


There were sounds coming from his parents' bedroom.

The sounds Mom and Daddy make when they think everyone is asleep. Fucking sounds. But Riley thought Mom was out shopping with Amy and Martha.

And those were definitely fucking sounds.

Grunts and squeals. Squeaks and moans.


Riley's curiosity engendered the second eye opener of that never-to-be-forgotten evening.

The door was open by ten inches. Probably to hear anyone approaching.

Riley knew that if it was, in fact, his Mom and Daddy fucking in there, he'd be buying some future psychoanalyst a Mercedes or two. But he had to know.

So Riley peeped.

And saw...

Daddy fucking Ben!!!!!

Both were naked.

Ben was on his back, with three pillows under his hips. Daddy was on top, a la missionaire. Pushing his thick cock in and out of Ben's well-accustomed boypussy.

Both were tongue-kissing and seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.

Cheated on by his Daddy and his best friend!

Lied to.

Suckered. Not sucked.

Was Riley the only person in the world who wouldn't lie about his "needs?"

Were most of the men and boys in the world fraudulent, deceitful, lying hypocrites?

Apparently so.

Riley withdrew from the depraved scene he witnessed and slipped out of the house, unnoticed. The boy hid in the bushes in the backyard until it was time to enter the house and claim to have been at choir practice.

Everyone else was a liar. Why not him too?

As it turned out, he didn't need to lie. No one, least of all Daddy, seemed interested in Riley's evening.

Riley would never forget what he learned that night.

It doesn't pay to be secretive about one's sissiness.

The next morning, he wore the pink panties to school.




Eleven-year-old, Riley Sugarbum was mad as hell and wanted revenge. He still felt betrayed, a sissyboy scorned. Scorned by his fraudulent, deceitful, lying, hypocritical, homophobic daddy and best friend, who were still operating under the blissful illusion that Riley had no idea that they were a man/boy couple and that Mr. Sugarbum wasn't banging eleven-year-old Ben while they assumed Riley was at his twice weekly choir practice. How surprised they would be to know that since Riley's night of fateful revelations a months before, there had not been one of their Monday and Thursday night trysts that had gone unobserved by Riley's jealous, angry eyes. The truth was that Riley had never been to one of the official Choir practices yet. His parents were merely told by Rev. Crushlove that he was attending. That was a lie on the good Reverend's part, one spoken in the greatest of causes: keeping his boy-fucking ass out of jail and being able to keep fucking that hot little sissyboy slut, Xander.

Riley Sugarbum had the clergyman squarely by the short and curlies. And the man hated the little shit for it.

It was the Thursday after the Reverend had taken his first journey to pedophile heaven in the extremely welcoming heat of Xander's rectum that he had come to the Church thinking he was going to do exactly as he had done three days before, meeting Xander at the door, escorting him to his office, undressing himself and the delicate little beauty and fucking the shit out of the boy before choir practice. He also thought what a disappointment it had been that young Riley Sugarbum had missed practice on the Monday even though his father had assured the Reverend that he had ushered the boy out of the house. The Reverend knew that was the truth because he knew that during the time Riley was away, the father was intending to continue laying the pipe to the boy's best friend. The Reverend hadn't mentioned the boy's absence to the father, a wise choice as it turned out. Sure enough, young Xander was waiting for him at the doors to the Church. Xander looked like he wanted to say something, but as he remained silent all through the journey to the Pastor's office, Crushlove shrugged it off.




In actual fact, Xander had considered begging off that night. Despite the Reverend's rough edges such as the homophobia and not being able to hold back from cumming long enough, the not-quite-eleven-year-old loved the man and didn't want to see him hurt. But he had shown up because that scheming Riley Sugarbum had told him what would happen if he did not show up or otherwise did not do everything Riley told him to do. He had been shocked when Riley had come up to him on the Wednesday after he had first been fucked by Reverend Crushlove. Riley had said they needed to talk and that they couldn't go to his house to talk. So he essentially invited himself over to Xander's. This kind of irritated Xander because he had wanted to spend some quality time with his daddy. Well, Xander's idea of quality time, anyway, which just happened to entail him being on his back, legs wrapped around the waist of his grunting, sweating daddy as the massive paternal cock fucked him through many "little deaths". But he sighed and decided that could wait and prayed that his mom had to work late again.

As soon as the two boys were in Xander's room with the door locked, Riley revealed his purpose.

"So how did you enjoy being fucked by that hypocrite Reverend Crushlove?" he asked.

Xander was stunned. "How did you...?" he started and then realization hit. "You saw us didn't you?"

Riley smirked and nodded. "Xander, let me tell you a story. This story is about a boy named Riley. Ever since Riley turned ten, he has had strange feelings, feelings about being sexy with men and other boys. The problem is that everyone in his life, including his Father, best friend and the pastor of his Church have drummed it into his head that such feelings are sinful. So Riley goes through life thinking he's a sinful little freak. Then Riley starts finding things in his backpack. Things like a comic book showing a boy his age having sex with two hunky men, one of those his own daddy. This appeals to Riley because one of the men Riley often thinks of when he has those feelings is his daddy. Then follows other things, like the "Shower Buddy" which helps Riley learn how good it must feel to have a man put his cock in bottom. Then, on Sunday, Riley is suddenly volunteered by his daddy for choir practice. The next day when Riley gets home from school, he discovers two pairs of girl's panties in his bag with a note from whoever left them saying that he was to wear one of them to school the next day. Riley is pondering this thinking he doesn't have practice until seven, but his daddy comes home and insists that practice is at six and seemed like he couldn't get Riley out of the house fast enough. Riley hurries to Church only to find it seemingly deserted. He walks into the church and heads for the pastor's office. As he approaches, he hears noises, sex noises. He looked in the door and finds the homosexual hating Reverend fucking a boy over his desk. Riley left and went home, trying to figure out how to explain coming home early. His thoughts kept Riley from seeing a very familiar bike leaning against the side of his house. He finds it strange that there is no activity going on inside his house, even though his daddy's car is in the laneway. Riley goes searching for his father, eventually heading toward the bedroom. Riley again hears sex noises coming from his daddy and mommy's room. He is confused because he was sure that his mommy was shopping with his sisters. So Riley peeks into the room and sees his gay hating dad naked on top of his equally naked and equally gay hating best friend. They were kissing and Riley could see and hear his daddy's thick cock sliding in and out of his friend's bottomhole and Riley knew that they had done that many times before. Riley hides outside until the time he was supposed to be home."

There was silence until Xander spoke. "So THAT's what happened?" he exclaimed. "I knew you were pissed at Ben about something. So Ben's doing your daddy?"

"Yep," Riley said. "And I want revenge."

"But how does this affect me and the Reverend," Xander asked.

Riley smirked again. "I need the Reverend's help to be able to pull this off," he said. "I need him to lie to my daddy and Ben for me and you are the means that I will use to ensure that he does."

"No. No way," Xander said. "Not a chance."

"Oh but you will Xander, if you wish to continue having his cock in your ass two evenings a week before choir practice or whenever else you get together with him," Riley said. "What he is doing is illegal, Xander. All I have to do is make one phonecall telling the police to go to the Church and seek out the Pastor's office at a certain time on either a Monday or a Thursday night and that hypocrite will be on his way to jail for a long time."

I just won't go tomorrow. Xander thought.

As if reading the other boy's mind, Riley laughed evilly. "If you are even thinking of just not going to practice tomorrow, that would be a mistake. When I arrive at the Church tomorrow at the same time as Monday, I better be able to look into that office and find you taking the Reverend's fat cock up your ass. Not showing up, or if I come to believe that you warned him in any way, I report him for fucking you."

"Y-you wouldn't," Xander stammered.

"Try me," Riley said in an even tone.

Xander chose wisely.




Reverend Crushlove ushered Xander quickly through the Church for his office. His cock and balls were aching because all he had been able to think since Monday night was the wonderful grip of Xander's anal muscles surrounding his cock. He knew he was a hypocrite and would continue to be one, meaning Riley Sugarbum was right about him to a point. Riley, however, was mistaken about how long Crushlove had been one. In actual fact, he had never imagined fucking a boy until he found himself alone with the beautiful naked Xander in his office three days previous and was about to slide his cock into the boy's ass, the first time he had ever done so. Okay, so if you pressed him hard enough, he was lying when he said that he hadn't thought of it until that moment in his office. He had first thought about it the day before when he saw the young beauty for the first time. So Crushlove knew what he was and didn't like it, but he knew that a sudden change in his beliefs and sermons about gays and pedos would lead to a great many unwanted questions. And Crushlove was well aware that fucking boys was illegal.

He pushed open the door of his office and pushed the boy gently forward. Again he was felt that something seemed a little off with the boy but shrugged it off. He undressed both himself and Xander and placed the boy on top of the desk on his back this time. In a very few seconds his aching, Vaseline covered cock was beginning to worm it's way into Xander's body. Man and boy french kissed constantly through the twenty minute fuck. The Reverend assumed that things from there would be as they had been three nights before: he would recharge and fuck the boy again. He thought wrong. Believe me, Xander got fucked a second time, just not by the reverend. As he came down to earth, he sensed another person in the room.

"Well, well, well," said the other person. "What have we here?"

Riley Sugarbum. Crushlove thought.

"So now we see the truth," Riley said. "Just about every week I have to listen to you spew your filth about homosexuals and men who abuse boys. And now I find out that you enjoy fucking a ten-year-old boy?! I've a mind to call the police right now."

"No. No, you can't do that," the Reverend said. "I'll be ruined."

"Not to mention spending years in prison," Riley said drily. "But relax dear Reverend, you're not my target."

"I'm not," Crushlove said.

"No you're not," Riley said. "You're just merely going to help me get revenge on a couple of other hypocrites."

"How will I do that?" Crushlove asked.

"You have a very simple choice, Reverend," Riley said. "You refuse to do as I ask, you spend 20 years in prison and will never be allowed around another boy alone ever again, or you do as I ask and you can continue banging Xander to your heart's content. Which is it?"

"All right, all right, I'll help you," The Reverend said. "What do I have to do?"

"It's very easy," Riley said. "You just have to make sure that my daddy and Ben continue to think that I'm going to choir practice."

"Is that all?" Crushlove asked.

"That's it," Riley said. "You see, as bad as your hypocrisy is, it really doesn't affect me. But there are two other people, my daddy and Ben whose hypocrisy does affect me. You see Reverend, your homophobia I only have to swallow every Sunday. But with my daddy and Ben, I hear it every day. So imagine my surprise on Monday when my daddy rushes me out the door early and I come here to find you fucking Xander. But that wasn't where the surprises ended that night. I go home and end up discovering my homophobic daddy and best friend doing the gayest act a man and boy can do together. They were fucking and kissing! Well, I want revenge, Reverend. And you're going to help me get it." Riley looked up at the clock. "Oh, it's only fifteen minutes to practice. There's just one thing I want to do and then I'll leave you to it."

Riley undid his shorts and removed them revealing his lack of underwear. His little peener was rock hard. He moved behind Xander and with one thrust entered him. Riley kept a close eye on the clock and varied his rhythm accordingly. To the pastor's dismay, Riley came with only just enough time so that Xander and himself could get dressed and meet the others for practice. While they did that, Riley put his shorts back on and left, reminding the Reverend of their agreement.




But throughout that month of observing Ben and his daddy, Riley could not think of a suitable way to get back at them and Riley was growing increasingly frustrated. Another month passed before a break came. Riley had started watching them until they finished. On this particular evening, he was about to leave as usual, but this night, Ben and Mr. Sugarbum decided to engage in some pillow talk.

"So," Mr. Sugarbum said. "You've never told me why you've never had sex with your dad."

Ben snorted contemptuously. "For the same reason, you've never fucked Riley, dad's a drip. I swear Riley and I must have been switched at birth. Maybe you're really my daddy. How hot would that be?"

"Then does your dad have a boy of his own?" Mr. Sugarbum asked.

"Not that I know of, and if I find out he does, the boy's dead," Ben said ominously. "Just because I won't screw dad doesn't mean I'll let anyone else do so. What about you, would you let some man fuck Riley?"

"Of course not," Mr. Sugarbum snorted. "He's mine. If I don't fuck him, he ain't getting fucked."

Is that a fact? Riley thought. We'll see about that.

"Ooh, I think someone ready for round two," Ben cooed. "Did me talking about you being my daddy make you hard?"

"Shut up and suck daddy's dick," Mr. Sugarbum ordered.

Immediately there were the sounds of suction as Ben once more embraced his inner sissyboy. For the first time, Riley really pushed his luck and listened to the second round, his anger growing every time Ben dared to use the word daddy. By the time Ben cried out DADDDDDY as Mr. Sugarbum filled him with more seed and he came himself, Riley's plan was set. He just hoped that Ben's daddy would be interested in helping him. He couldn't wait until Thursday to put his plan in motion.




On Thursday afternoon, Riley rushed home from school and quickly made his preparations for his plan. He knew that the only chance he had of this working was him being gone by the time daddy got home. Despite his daddy's inattention to him, Riley knew that daddy would notice what he was wearing, or rather not wearing. Riley usually dressed very conservatively but that night, for the first time in his life, Riley was going to be dressing very provocatively. He felt a shudder go through his body as he laid out and put on each piece of his outfit. He decided to go with the blue panties for Mr. Watkins. He had quite taken to wearing panties in the month since he had first worn the pink pair to school on the day he had fully embraced his sissyhood, then followed a pair of black spandex shorts which would show off his panty lines nicely. He then chose a white tank top, which he had cut off to show his bare tummy. He finally put on a pair of those white sports socks which only came up to the ankle and his best pair of sneakers. Riley looked in the mirror and for the first time saw himself the way many men and older boys saw him: one of the sexiest boys alive.

He looked at the clock and saw that his time was getting short so he quickly went over to his VCR and ejected the tape inside it. It was a tape that he's found by accident and then copied. It was one that he thought Mr. Watkins might find interesting and he hoped it might help get things moving along. Riley went outside and headed for the Ben's house. He arrived and hid in the bushes waiting for Ben to leave.




Every Monday and Thursday night were torture for Ben Watkins, Sr. On those nights he watched his eleven-year-old son Ben come rushing downstairs in his sexiest shorts and shirts and leave the house. If it were any other boy, Ben Sr. would have thought Ben was going out to hook up with a man. But that thought never occurred to him because his son was the very definition of a homophobe. Everything that even suggested femininity was a target for his son's derision. Senior also couldn't fathom that thought that his son might be hooked up with a man because he couldn't fathom that the cock of at least one man was going where he himself literally ached to go. Every day since Ben had turned eleven, Ben Watkins Sr. had to resist the urge to take his son three ways: hard, fast and continuously. He always had a bad case of blue balls around the boy and because of him, but it had gotten worse a month before when Ben first started rushing out the door twice a week dressed sexily with the excuse that he was going to play basketball with some friends. So on this Thursday, Ben Watkins thought that he was going to end up doing what he had been doing every Monday and Thursday night the past month: Wait until Benny left, hurriedly jerk off to relieve his blue balls, then do some yard work then he remembered he had planned on going to a ball game so he decided that the yard work was out. He had no idea how things were going to work out differently that night.

He watched as Benny went blitzing out the door without even a see you later. He waited five minutes to make sure the boy was really gone, then stood up and went to Benny's room. He fished a pair of Benny's used undies out of his laundry basket and started to undo his pants. It had become his usual custom to jerk off while sniffing a pair of his son's undies. The boy smell intoxicated him. He went and lay down on his son's bed and placed the dirty briefs over his face. Usually, he placed the front panel over his nose because that was where the strongest scent was, the heady combination of boy semen and urine. But on that day, he decided to see what another part of his son smelled like so he arranged the briefs so the area that just starts to widen out to cover the whole of the ass. He was slightly shocked to discover that that area was quite crusty with semen stains and he wondered at how his boy got his cum on that part of his underwear. But strangely enough he never even stopped to consider that maybe those cum stains weren't made by Benny's cum. As soon as the undies were set in place, he took his very hard and thick ten inch penis into his hand and started to stroke it. He was just starting to really get into it when the doorbell rang.

He sprang up from the bed and tore Benny's dirty skivvies from his face. Cursing his luck, he tried to stuff his hardon back into his pants and succeeded but he still had quite a significant bulge in his crotch. He tramped down to the door thinking, Whoever you are, this had better be good! He opened the door to the surprise of his life. There stood Benny's friend Riley Sugarbum. This was the first time Ben had remembered the boy coming to the door to call on Benny. Usually they came around together. He had always wondered why his son and the Sugarbum boy seemed to be such good friends when they were together. When Riley wasn't around, Benny did nothing but cut him down for looking and acting like a homosexual, just like that new boy in their class, Xander. Ben had always wondered why Benny talked that way until that moment. He looked the boy over and decided that based on looks anyway, his son may just be right. The boy was prettier than any girl or woman and that outfit he was wearing just about scorched Ben's eyeballs: white tank top that showed off his yummy little tummy, the black spandex shorts that were so tight that they revealed the first real surprise of the evening. Was the boy wearing...panties? Ben felt his cock get even harder in his pants. The boy's look was finished off by the white anklets and sneakers.

"Hi, Mr. Watkins," Riley said in his sweetest sissyboy voice, while staring right at the man's bulging dick. "Is Ben here?"

"No, Riley, I'm afraid not," Ben said. Is Riley really checking out my dick? he thought.

Then Riley licked his pretty red lips and said, "Good, that means I can do this."

As he had waited in the bushes for Ben to leave, Riley had run through his mind how to really accomplish this seduction of his friend's father, he decided that he would take the direct approach and just start with a nice blowjob, not knowing that was exactly what Ben Jr. had done to seduce Mr. Sugarbum. So before Ben Sr. could move or say anything, Riley dropped to his knees and his hand moved to the man's belt and quickly had the man's pants undone. He fished the man's big hard cock through his boxers.

"Geez, Mr. Watkins, you sure have a big thing," Riley said in his cutest little boy voice, one he had really never used after about kindergarten. It certainly had its effect on the man. Ben's cock got harder, throbbed a few times and started leaking precum like a faucet. Riley's tongue immediately swooped down and lapped up the precious fluid. Ben moaned, hardly believing that it was happening: his son's pretty best friend licking his leaking cock.

Game over. Riley thought at the sound of the man's moan. He knew he wasn't leaving for home without one load of cum in his belly and at least two up his pretty little bottom. He then started to work for the first load of the evening by quickly engulfing six inches of stone hard mancock into his sissy mouth. He bobbed his head back and forth using all the experience that he had gained over the previous month. He was even prepared for the point where the man truly gave in to his lust and started to pound his ten inches into Riley's throat until he blasted his man seed down the spasming gullet. Riley swallowed the lot and stood up, wiping the stray traces of Ben's cum from his lips.

"Can I come in, Mr. Watkins?" Riley said sweetly.

Ben nodded and led the boy into the house. They went into the TV room and Ben gestured to a seat.

"So what brought this on, Riley?" Ben asked.

"I like men, Mr. Watkins," Riley said simply. "And I'm not the only boy you know like that."

"Please call me Ben, Riley," Ben said. "And what do you mean that you're not the only boy I know that likes men. You're the only boy I..." His voice trailed off and his mind flashed back to the strange cum stains on his son's briefs. His mind railed at the thought. "No," he denied. "No way. Not Benny."

Riley shook his head and pulled out the video tape. He walked over to the VCR and slipped the tape in and started it playing. "There's something you need to see, Ben."




Ben watched with shock as the first scene began. Benny and a man walked into a bedroom, kissing as they did. Benny's tongue was twirling and snaking around the man's displaying that it was not the first kiss he'd been involved in. Benny and the man quickly undressed and Benny asked the man if he wanted Benny to suck him first. The man replied that he just wanted to get right to it. Benny said that worked for him and got up on the bed, settling his hips on a pile of three pillows then pulling his legs back as the focus of the camera changed so the bed was in the center of the frame. Then the man came back into the scene, his massive almost eleven inch penis glistening with mineral oil. He got onto the bed and quickly slid two oily fingers up Benny's ass. He removed them and Ben started as he heard his son's scream of pleasure and delight as the man stuffed every inch of his cock up the boy's bottom. He watched and listened as his son and the unknown man fucked noisily for thirty minutes. In a way, what he saw and heard made him angry at his son. He couldn't believe that he was seeing and hearing his supposedly straight and homophobic son begging the large burly man for more cock and for it harder and faster.

Riley allowed the scene to play out until it was obvious that Benny and the man had both orgasmed, Benny' boy semen all over his belly and the man's obviously coating the boy's bowels, then he paused it as man and boy were separating. He decided he needed to set the stage for the next part.

"You asked me what brought on my sucking your cock on the doorway, Ben," Riley said. "And this is part of the answer. For the last month, every Monday and Thursday night, your son has been lying to you about where he was going and hooking up with a man at the man's house to get fucked like you just witnessed. The man is my father."

"Vince Sugarbum is a pedophile?" Ben said incredulously. "I find it hard to believe. He's the only person more homophobic than my son. I can't believe that he likes to fuck males period, much less young boys."

"Well, he does like to fuck young boys, or maybe just Benny," Riley said. "But the facts are what they are. About a month ago, my daddy suddenly volunteered me for the choir, which practices Monday and Thursday nights. The next night, daddy was acting very strangely, it was almost as if he couldn't get me out of the house for practice fast enough. I couldn't figure out why since he was just going to be home alone as my mom and sisters are regularly out on Mondays and Thursdays. I walked to the church and at first found no one there. I went to the Pastor Crushlove's office and heard strange noises, sex noises. I peeked in the door and found the Pastor fucking ten-year-old Xander bent over his desk. Although I have thought about men fucking boys and had even read a comic about it, I wasn't really ready for a graphic display of it like that. I snuck out of the church and went home, agonizing over how to explain to my daddy why I was home early. I was surprised when I arrived home to not see the TV on. I went inside and when I started up to my room, which means I have to pass by my parents' room, I heard more strange noises from the room, noises that my mom and daddy make when they think we're asleep. I was confused because I figured my mom was away with my sisters. The door was open slightly so I just had to peek and I saw what you just saw: My daddy fucking your son."

"But how would that lead to what happened in the doorway?" Ben asked.

"I've been watching and listening to them fuck every Monday and Thursday for the last month. Usually I leave as they're cumming," Riley said. "But one night before I could leave they started to talk and I overheard what you are about to hear." He unpaused the video.

Ben Watkins heard the whole damning conversation between his son and Sugarbum. About how Benny would never fuck his dad, yet would attack any other boy that did so, and how Mr. Sugarbum wouldn't allow any other man to fuck his son. He looked from the screen to Riley as if considering him for the first time. The blonde haired boy was certainly pretty. And for the first time, he realized that the boy oozed sexiness and he couldn't believe that the boy's daddy would not want to fuck him, especially when he so badly wanted to fuck Benny. And at that moment he decided that if he couldn't have Benny, he would have Riley and if Benny and Vince had any issues about it, tough.

"Well, Riley, would you like to accompany me to my bedroom and see if we can't make some of those fucking noises you've heard my son and your dad making?" Ben said before standing up and extending his hand.




Riley just about leaped across the room in his haste to take the proffered hand. Man and boy just started kissing as they walked upstairs, getting hotter and hotter with each step they took. By the time, they reached the bedroom, Riley was only wearing his blue panties, his socks and his shoes and Ben was down to his socks and boxers. Both were achingly stiff and kissing deeply. They might have stayed that way forever if Riley hadn't decided to move things along.

"Please fuck me now, Mr.Watkins," Riley pleaded. "Make me your little sissyboy fucktoy, like my daddy did with Benny."

"Call me Ben, Riley," Watkins reminded.

"Can I call you daddy?" Riley said. "Like Benny does my dad."

Ben Watkins would have said it was impossible for him to get any harder, but at the idea of hearing the hot little slut's moaning voice calling him daddy as they fucked, it did. Jesus, he thought. If they could turn that into a pill, no man would ever have troubles either getting or keeping a hardon. "Of course you can, sweetie," he said. "I would prefer it in fact. Now where were we?"

Riley giggled and then said in his cutest little boy voice, "Daddy is supposed to be fucking his baby boy."

Watkins feigned remembering and said, "Oh yes! I remember now. Daddy's looking forward to fucking his new baby boy."

Riley went over to the bed and arranged three pillows in the middle of the bed. In running over in his mind how he wanted this to play out, he'd decided that he wanted at least the first fuck to be done exactly the same way his father and Ben had been when he saw them. Then he shimmied out of his panties so that he was left only wearing his socks and shoes. He finally toed his shoes off, leaving his socks as the only textiles on his body. He climbed up on the bed, made sure his ass and hips were on the pillows and he pulled his legs back until his toes were touching the bed behind his head, exposing his not-quite-virgin bottomhole. "Please fuck me now daddy," he pleaded.

Between his full view of Riley's entrance to paradise and the boy's final plea, any lingering reluctance on Watkin's part crumbled and at that moment his prick took over all thinking processes from his brain. He tried to think back to the mantra, his own adult lover had taught him. Ah yes, he thought. Lubrication, Dilation and Penetration. How could I have forgotten that? And then it came back to him how his man had always begun the lubrication sessions. He let his boxers drop to the floor and stepped out of them. His cock was still so achingly hard but he wanted Riley to enjoy this as much or more than he did. He too climbed onto the bed but he positioned himself lower down on it. He lowered his face and licked the outline of Riley's luscious buttcrack, then seeking out the anus.

Riley giggled at the sensation. He couldn't understand how men could be so obsessed with eating out his poop hole but they all were. Some of them felt like they were trying to lick his belly button from the inside. Not that he was complaining, mind you, it did feel incredibly good. At that moment, he wondered if his own dad did this to Ben. He figured so. Then the pleasure took over as his man's long, slender tongue slid inside him and began to work itself around. Almost as if they had a mind of their own, his butt cheeks began to rock back and forth. He was trying to get more of the man's tongue in him. For the next fifteen minutes, Ben Watkins dined on Riley Sugarbum's ass until the boy squealed girlishly and shot his first load of boys cream for the evening. This told Ben that he was ready for dilation. He reached for the tube of Vaseline he kept by his bed for masturbatory purposes. He looked at Riley's asshole and seeing that Riley was not a complete virgin, he decided to start with two fingers, mindful of the time on the clock. He leaned over again and began licking Riley's boygoo from his crotch then coaxed his penis to full erection. As he started to suck in earnest, he slid both lubricated fingers into Riley's nether world. Riley's reaction was immediate: his little hips began bucking upward to try and get more of his cock into his man's sucking mouth. This went on until Riley spasmed and squealed through a second boy's time, this time his sweet young sperm sliding down Ben's throat.

Last step: Penetration, Ben thought. The truth be told, this was any man's favourite step of the process. It had been the one and only time Ben had taken a boy. He decided that there was just something so wonderful and special when a man enters a boy. He was eager to experience it again. He pulled his fingers from Riley's depths and rose to his knees between Riley's spread legs. He grabbed the KY and slathered it on his cock. He placed the tip of his shiny weapon against Riley's tiny opening.

"It's time for daddy to fuck his baby boy," he said, his voice was husky with lust.

He pushed forward and felt Riley's muscles give and stretch around his mighty knob. Riley had occasion then to think the God that looks out for sissyboys that there had been larger attachments for the Shower Buddy. The feeling in his ass was enormous, but he didn't care. But then a strange thing happened as Ben's huge cock slid inexorably up inside him. He had started out wanting this just for revenge against his daddy and Ben, but just as Ben's cock slid over his boy's place for the first time, he realized that he was really doing this because he loved the man that was taking him. His mind flashed back to the flashes of heat he had always felt when the man had looked at him when he called on Ben. He had forgotten that the first flash of his feelings for men was a masturbatory fantasy with Ben Watkins, very similar to what was then happening for real. He had just become so obsessed over wanting his own daddy's cock that he forgot. But now he was faced with the truth, he loved his best friend's dad. He didn't know if Benny loved his dad, but he knew he loved Benny's. Love for a man is the hardest truth for a new sissyboy to accept. Riley decided that the first step to accepting it was expressing it out loud.

"I love you, Ben," he said quietly yet firmly in his normal voice.

Ben was stunned by the words but he knew they were true. The simple tone was the key. And in turn, he was now faced with the issue of love. As he bottomed out finally and paused to allow Riley to adjust to him, his thoughts turned to his question. What did he feel? Did he love Riley? Ben's mind brought back his own flashes of memory of feeling lust for his son's pretty best friend, lust and something more, it occurred to him. He had known Vince Sugarbum for a long time and he remembered that Vince hadn't been happy during his wife's pregnancy. Ben knew that Riley wasn't getting enough attention and affection from his dad, and it had made him feel very sad. He remembered feeling the urge to just take Riley into his arms and just snuggle him. Is that love? Ben decided that it was.

"I love you too, Riley Sugarbum," he said in return.

And then he began to move. Long, slow and tentative thrusts as he tested Riley's readiness. Rilay's hands gripped his man's arms and he began to rock his own hips back and forth to meet him. At this sign, Ben began to thrust harder and faster, his full length gliding easily in and out of Riley's ass.


To Ben, that sounded like a wonderful idea. So he lowered his face to his boy's and did just that, fuckin Riley's mouth with his tongue and his ass with his cock.




Meanwhile, at the Sugarbum residence, in the master bedroom, Vince Sugarbum and Ben Watkins, Jr. are both heaving, squealing, growling and shuddering in their mutual orgasms. Benny's boy cream covers his belly, while Vince's man milk fires deep inside the boy's rectum. They lied side by side in the afterglow of another wonderful fuck. Benny snuggled up tight to his man and he ran his fingers through the hair on Vince's chest. In his mind, he thanked his school principal for showing him the joys on man/boy sex, or as some men called it, man/boy love. With the principal, he had just felt lust and pleasure and at first that was all he felt with Vince. But the more they had done it, the more Benny's feelings changed. Oh, he still felt the lust and pleasure, but he felt more as well. Were these new feelings what people meant by love? Benny was starting to think it was.

"Vince?" he asked softly.

"Yes, Benny?"

"Is it really wrong for a man and a boy to love each other the way Rev. Crushlove says?" Benny asked.

Vince laughed. "Crushlove?" he said derisively. "The man's a bigger hypocrite than we have been, kiddo. Are you aware that for the past month, the good Reverend had been boning that new little pretty boy? You don't think that Crushlove LOVES him?"

Benny was shocked. "The Rev's boning Xander? Wow," he said then steeled himself before he could lose his nerve. "Vince, I think I love you!" he blurted out.

There was silence as Vince digested what his boy had just said. He leaned over and tenderly kissed Benny's forehead. "I love you too, Benny-boy," he said. "And if it's wrong, then I don't ever want to be right again."

Man and boy linked their free hands and laid quietly except for quiet whispers of their newly admitted love. The two lost all sense of time until Benny asked for round two. Vince looked at his clock and shouted, "SHIT! Riley will be home soon!"

Benny was disappointed as he still wanted his second boning of the night, so he tried to think of a solution. Then it hit him. "Hey Vince my love, let's go to my place so we can fuck in my bed for a change?"

"What about your dad and Riley will be home soon?" Vince said.

Benny laughed. "Dad's at a ball game and Doofus will be okay until the Mrs. gets home.

Vince thought it over. It was against his better judgment, but he wanted to fuck the boy again like usual. "Alright," he said finally.

They got dressed and climbed into Vince's car to head for Benny's.




Back at the Watkins, Ben, Sr. and Riley were enjoying the afterglow of their first, frantic, thirty-minute fucking. Riley could still feel his man's love milk sloshing around inside him as his boys cream dried on his belly. His hand was gently stroking the cock that had so recently, and wonderfully plundered his depths. He was trying to stroke it back to life. Eleven-year-old sissyboys tend to forget that their men don't have their powers of recovery. But Riley was not to be denied. He leaned over and started to lick the man's knob along with his finger strokes. Soon enough, the cock was as hard as before and ready for round two. Riley decided to try a position he had seen in his special comic book. It was called The Cowboy or something like that.

Riley reached for the KY and put a little dab of it on Ben's knob and smeared it around. While still holding Ben's cock, he moved to stand above it. He lowered himself until he could feel it against his pootie hole. He remembered the instruction about pushing out like he was shitting, and gasped, then sighed as Ben's cock claimed him again. He kept going until the whole length was in him. God, his man was big. He feels like he's in my stomach, Riley thought. But he began to ride up and down, and then experimented with different movements to change the angle at which Ben touched his boy's place. Ben began to move with him, thrusting up and Riley came down, pulling out as Riley rose up. Soon they were fucking again with reckless abandonment.




Vince and Benny arrived at Benny's within ten minutes of leaving the Sugarbum's. Vince was nervous at seeing a car in the driveway but Benny gripped his cock and assured him that it just meant his dad had gotten picked up by a friend so that he could have a few beers at the game. They walked into the house and found nothing out of the ordinary until they checked the living room. At the doorway to the stairs, they saw the beginning of a trail of clothes at the bottom of the stairs. Benny recognized his father's clothes, while Vince had a sneaking suspicion about who the boy sized clothes belonged to. They looked at one another and bolted up the stairs towards Ben's room. They could hear the goings on from the minute they got upstairs, but they headed for the room anyway. They burst through the doorway to find a pair of boxers and a pair of boy-sized blue panties, very much like the ones Ben wore for Vince. On the bed they found Ben on his back and Riley on top of him, bouncing up and down on the man's rampaging prick.

Riley looked over his shoulder when he heard them enter. "Hi Benny. Hi Daddy," he chirped happily as if riding a man's cock was no big deal. "Will you excuse Ben and I as we finish making love?"

Benny was furious. "What the fuck are you doing, Riley?" he exploded.

Riley smirked. "I'm only doing what you've been doing two evenings a week, Benny, I'm expressing my love for my man. Seriously, you hypocritical bastard, how's it feel to suddenly discover your best friend happily being fucked by your dad? The only difference is that I'm not homophobic."

Benny hung his head as he realized his friend was right.

Vince, however, finally found his voice. "You son of a bitch," he ground out slowly, looking at Ben, Sr. "How long has this been going on?"

"This is the first time, Vince," Watkins replied. "You have no place to get all pissy with me. You've been laying the pipe to my son for a month."

Vince continued to thunder and mutter until Riley silenced him with a word.


Vince looked at his normally docile son with surprise.

"I want you and Benny to both listen to me VERY closely," he said firmly. "I have been watching you two fuck like bunnies twice a week for the last month. I heard your conversation where you both said that even though you didn't want us, no one else could have us either. That is not you right to say. You two have what you want: each other. This is what Ben and I want, and you have no right to stand in our way." He paused and added a tone of malice to his voice. "One of you might be tempted to make an anonymous call to the police. I would recommend you not do that." He addressed his next words to his father. "Let me make one thing perfectly clear, DADDY," he said with contempt in his voice. "If Ben's going to prison, so are you."

"You wouldn't dare!" Vince spluttered.

"Try me," Riley said coldly.

Father and son glared at each other until Benny of all people broke the silence.

"Is this what you want and need to be happy, daddy?" he said.

"Are you happy with Vince, son?" Ben returned.

"Happier than I've ever been daddy," Benny said. "I love him."

"And does he love you?" Ben asked.

"Yes, I do," Vince croaked and then looked at his son in a new way. "Is this what you want and need, baby boy?"

Riley smiled. "Wow daddy, you haven't called me that in a long time," he said. "And yes, I want and need Ben, Sr. the way you do Ben, Jr. I love him daddy."

Vince looked at Ben, Sr. "And you love him back?" he asked.

"Absolutely," Ben said. "I love yours the way you love mine. They're both fine boys."

Vince took Benny in his arms and replied, "That they are," he said. "I'm just sorry that it took me until now to remember how special mine is." He paused then grinned evilly. "Is there room in that bed to hold four people?"

"Absolutely," Ben said and moved himself and Riley over to make room.

"Great," Vince said. "No one make a sound." He pulled out his phone and called his home. "Hey dear, just called to tell you that Riley and I were invited to hang out with the Watkins men for the night. I'll likely be drinking, so we'll just spend the night here."


"The Watkins boy is around Riley's size and he says Riley can wear one of his outfits," Vince said, listened and then handed Riley the phone. He gave Riley a wink.

Riley knew what his daddy was doing and he was in favour of it. He put the phone to his ear.

"Hey mom."


"I've got my school bag with me," he said. "I take it with me to choir so I can work on my homework in spare moments. I had it when daddy picked me up." At that he gave his father a wink. "Anyways, mom, I'll shower here, wear one of Benny's outfits and daddy can drop me off at school on his way home."


"Great, I'll let dad know. Bye mom."

He tossed his dad back his cellphone and said, "Mom finally agreed," he said.

Riley was suddenly very horny. The idea of talking to his mom on the phone while continuing to ride his man's cock was making him want to cum and cum hard, but he also wanted his man to cum with him. Riley began to ride Ben for all he was worth and after only about five minutes, man and boy cried out as their cream shot from their bodies: Riley's firing up as far as Ben's nipples and Ben's firing into Riley's colon. By that time, Vince and Benny were naked again and about to climb on the bed but Riley stopped them.

I think the four of us have some talking to do," he said and looked at Benny. "I think the two dads should stay here and talk for a while while we go to your room and talk. Then I think it might be a good idea if the fathers and sons spent the night together and let whatever happens, happen."

"Sounds good to me," Benny said and held out his hand for Riley.

Riley, who had climbed off of Ben, took his friends hand and they scampered out the door, leaving the stunned fathers lying next to each other.




"Jesus, were we like that at their age?" Vince asked with a chuckle.

"Worse, quite likely," Ben remarked. "Quite a day huh?"

"Yup," Vince agreed. "I never saw it coming. But then I didn't really see Benny's seduction coming either."

"Nor me Riley's: Ben said.

Silence reigned as both men tried to figure out how to proceed.

"Did you have a man as a boy?" Ben asked.

"Fuck yeah," Vince said. "It started when I was nine with an older cousin. I was sucking cock and taking it up the ass before I was nine and a half. Did you have one?"

"Oh yes," Ben said. "I was eleven and he was nineteen."

"Ever think that you'd end up with a boy yourself?" Vince asked. "I didn't."

"I know you didn't or you sure hid it well," Ben said. "Anyway I really didn't either, not after I really understood what men really risk to love us boys." He paused. "I'm curious though about why the militant homophobia?"

Vince sighed. "Why is any man or boy homophobic?" he said sadly. "If my brain never saw me with a boy the way I was with my man, my cock sure did. Things ended with my cousin when I was fourteen. I started to go to church with my future wife, Joyce, and got into it pretty hardcore. I swallowed all the bushwa about "the homosexshals". I told my cousin that I didn't want to do the sex stuff anymore because I didn't want to be gay anymore."

"I'm guessing it didn't work," Ben said.

"Of course it didn't," Vince snorted. "The thoughts, feelings and memories never ever went away. I would see him at family reunions and remember how good it felt to have his cock blowing his wad inside me. And things got worse as I approached eighteen as my sexual attraction moved from men to boys."

"You weren't attracted to girls or women at all," Ben asked.

"Only to Joyce and even then the attraction was nowhere near as strong as for boys," Vince said. "While I was living at home it was easy to control myself because of my parents. But after I turned eighteen and left for college, it became a nightmare. There were hot, sexy boys EVERYWHERE, dude. I couldn't touch them, but I wanted to. Every boy I saw age five and above I wondered what it would feel like to slide my cock into their little asses. And I did get a few, younger brothers of other frat boys or the sons of faculty, or just kids from the city. But obviously, when I returned to marry Joyce, that had to stop."

"So the homophobia was to make sure that no one ever thought you were into boys," Ben said.

"Yes and no," Vince said. "Covering up was part of what I wanted to accomplish, but it was more that I didn't want to be gay anymore, just like with my cousin. I thought that if I proclaimed enough that I was NOT gay the feelings would go away. That I went further than that was the coverup part, especially after Riley turned five."

"I remember that was when you got really bad," Ben said. "So that was a reaction to the fact of wanting to fuck your own son?"

"Completely a reaction to that," Vince said. "And Riley wasn't the only boy that age I wanted to bone. To be perfectly honest, that was when I first wondered what it would be like to bend little Benny over the arm of a chair as well. But I resisted, well, until about a month and a half ago that is, when Benny seduced me."

"Benny seduced you?" Ben asked. "Not that I'm doubting you. Riley seduced me as well."

"Yeah he seduced me," Vince said. "As he approached eleven, I really started looking at him, but he didn't even appear to notice it. Then suddenly about three months ago, he changed. He would turn around, catch me looking and smile. He started wearing those sexy basketball shorts that look baggy, but show off a boy's ass very nicely. And he seemed to go out of his way to make sure I could see that hot little butt. That kept on happening for a month before the seduction."

"What happened?" Ben asked.

"It was a Saturday and Joyce had taken Riley and the girls shopping," Vince began. "I was doing some yard work and Benny rode up on his bike. I told him that Riley wasn't home, but he said he was there to see me. He said he knew what I wanted and he was there to give it to me. I asked him what he meant and he told me flat out that he knew I wanted to fuck him. My resistance crumbled and I took him to my bedroom and a twenty minutes later I shot my first load up his ass, the first of many. Our get togethers were difficult to arrange because of Riley. Joyce and the girls were easy because they go shopping so much, but Riley never really went anywhere. So when Ben heard that the choir was looking for members and the practices were Mondays and Thursdays and he told me, the problem was solved. I just volunteered Riley for the choir and made him go. I'm not sure how he found out about Benny and me."

"I can answer that, Vince," Ben said. "He saw you two the very first night of choir practice. It seems in your urgency to get him out of the house and my son into it, you were unaware that you had gotten the starting time wrong. You sent Riley to choir too early. When he went to Crushlove's office, the good Reverend had that new little creampuff, Xander, bent over his desk while he played hide the salami on the boy's ass. Shocked and angered, he left and came home. As he went to his room, he heard sex noises from his room and he peeked into your room, discovering you fucking Benny. He been watching you ever since. He leaves your house, goes to the church to watch Crushlove and Xander then returns home to watch you and Benny."

"But how did he keep up the charade?" Vince asked.

"Seems pretty obvious doesn't it," Ben said. "He used what he knows about the Rev and Xander to force Crushlove to lie for him."

"The conniving little shit," Vince chuckled.

"Comes by it honestly, I'd say," Ben jibed. "Anyway, since you told me about Ben seducing you, I'll tell you about how your son seduced me earlier."




As soon as the two boys reached Benny's room and closed the door, Benny turned and kissed the stunned Riley.

"I've been wanting to do that for months," he said.

"I've been WANTING you to do that for months," Riley replied. "So why didn't you?"

"Fear mostly," Benny said. "I figured that you felt like me, but wasn't totally sure. What if I had kissed you and you weren't? You could tell everyone at school that I'm gay."

"Like I would do that doofus," Riley said, really for the first time feeling like an equal to his more masculine friend. "So how'd you get into sex with men anyway? I thought you were anti-gay."

Benny blushed. "Yeah, sorry about that," he said. "I acted like that to deny what I was feeling and to make sure no one ever thought that I might be gay. But to answer your question, about six months or so ago, I was going through my backpack to get started on my homework and found a comic book in my bag that I had never seen before. It was..."

"About a boy our age being sexy with two men, one his own daddy," Riley broke in.

"How'd you know that?" Benny asked.

"Because I found the same comic in my bag two months ago or so," Riley said.

"Did you get the Shower Buddy too," asked Benny.

Riley nodded. "And the panties the day before the big detention," he said, then decided he might as well address the most pressing issue. "So how's you start fucking with my dad?"

Benny blushed again. "I'm sorry that I did it behind your back, but I'm not sorry I did it," he began. "Anyway, after my introduction to man/boy sex by our principal, I started to look at men differently and I noticed how most of them look at boys like us. I notice that your dad would watch us when he thought we couldn't see and he seemed kind of wistful and sad. With my new found knowledge of the desires of men, I figured that he wanted to fuck either one of us, or both of us. I started testing my theory by flirting with your dad, batting my eyelashes at him and stuff, or when we would swim I would always turn my body just so he could see how well my wet shorts hugged my butt."

"So that was what you were doing?" Riley said.

"Yeah, that was what I was doing," Benny chuckled and then turned serious. "I noticed as I would do that, your dad would suddenly take off for the bathroom and stay in there for a while. One time I followed him and I could hear him jerking off, saying my name as he did so. He seemed so achey and needy and at that time, and I thought you were an asshole for not taking care of your daddy's needs. I forgot that, at that time, you were as clueless about what men need from boys like us as I had been. So anyway, the next time you told me that we couldn't hang out because your mom was taking you and your sisters shopping, I decided to help your daddy out. I put on my sexiest outfit, including my red panties, and rode over to your house. I found your dad doing yard work and within fifteen minutes we were upstairs in his bedroom and he was pounding his cock into my ass for the first time." He paused. "Your turn now," he said. "And please start with how you came do find us fucking."

"Actually, that happened because you and daddy made a mistake," Riley said. "When you arranged to get together the first night of choir, you both forgot that choir had been changed to seven, instead of six. So that night daddy came home at quarter to six and it seemed like he couldn't get me out of the house fast enough. I walked to the church and at first thought it strange that it seemed like no one was there yet, but the doors were unlocked. I headed to the pastor's office and as I approached I heard fucking sounds. I looked inside and Rev. Crushlove was naked and had a boy bent over his desk and was wildly fucking the boy's ass."

"Let me guess, the boy was Xander," Benny said.

"You got it," Riley said. "Jesus, he was pounding that kid good. I was disgusted at the time because it showed Crushlove for the hypocrite he is, so I left to walk home, wondering how I was going to explain to daddy why I was home early. I finally decided to say I was sick. When I arrived home I was surprised not to find daddy doing yard work. Even stranger was not finding him watching TV or working in his den. I shrugged my shoulders and headed for my room. Well, as you are aware I have to pass mommy and daddy's room to get to mine. Once again, I heard sex noises, especially a lot of squeals." He got an evil gleam in his eye. "You sound so cute when you squeal," he said in jest.

"Thanks," Benny said, blushing.

"I was confused by the noises because I was sure that my mommy was away with my sisters," Riley continued. "I knew that if I looked in that room and it was mommy and daddy fucking I was going to be making some shrink rich, but I had to look. I was in no way prepared for what I saw: my homophobic daddy and my equally homophobic best friend doing the gayest act a man and boy can do: fucking and kissing. I was soooo hurt and pissed that I went back outside and hid in my yard until you left and I figured it was the right time for me to be arriving back home after choir. I spent the next month watching you guys fuck while trying to think of a way to get revenge."

"So how'd you think of seducing my daddy," Benny asked.

"Actually, the idea came from you and daddy," Riley said.

"What the fuck? How?" Benny exclaimed.

Riley giggled. "Remember the night when daddy commented how you had never really told him why you weren't doing things with your dad?" he asked.

Benny got the point. "So you overheard that conversation and it gave you the idea," he said. "So how'd you do it?"

"I put on MY sexiest outfit including my blue panties and came over here and his in the bushes until you left for my house," Riley said. "God, I was such a forward little slut. I actually fished your dad's cock out and blew him right there in the front doorway. Then I clued him in to what you and my daddy were doing and within ten minutes we were headed for the bedroom."

"Wow, you were forward. I thought I was bad," Benny giggled. "Dude, I am like soooooooo hard right now."

"Me too, Riley said. "Wanna do something about them?"

Benny grinned and nodded. And so for the next thirty minutes, the two boys availed themselves of one of the rare opportunities that sissyboys get to find out what topping feels like. Both boys agreed that they preferred the bottom, although Benny did comment that he did want some of Xander's ass.




At the same time the men were also busy. Vince had already fucked a load of his man sperm inside Ben and Ben was now seeking to return the favour. When he had finished and they had returned to lie side by side again, they both agreed that while it had been fun, they both preferred boys. After a few minutes of silence, Vince stretched and yawned.

"Well, I'll head to Benny's room and send him in here," he said. "Btw, just so we're clear, I hope you enjoy Benny's ass, because I fully intend to enjoy Riley's."

"I like how you think, my friend," Ben said. "I was thinking the same thing."

Vince left the room and within five minutes the boy appeared, his face covered with cum.

"Riley's," was the boys only comment.

As soon as Benny was seated on the bed, his father leaned over and licked his boy's juice off his son's face.

"Hmm, tastes good. I need to get some of that from the source," he said teasingly, then became serious. "I guess we have some things to talk about, don't we?"

"Yes, we do," Benny agreed. "Are you mad at me daddy?"

"When I saw that videotape earlier and heard that you had said that you would deny me an opportunity to have a boy, I was very angry Benny," Ben said.

"I'm sorry daddy," Benny said. "Despite what I was doing with Vince and the fact that, at the time, I had no intention of having sex with you, the idea of you being with a boy just kinda weirded me out."

"Imagine how Riley felt when he saw you with his daddy," Ben chided.

"I know, but Riley understands why it happened now," Benny said.

"One thing I'm curious about," Ben said. "Is how my jockish, homophobic son ended up involved in sex with men."

Benny blushed and told his father about finding the special comic book in his bag after school one day, followed by the Shower Buddy and then by the panties. He then detailed how the day after he got the panties, he was ordered to the Principal's office, where the Principal revealed that he was the one that had been leaving things in Benny's bag. Benny then described in detail the process by which the Principal had led him to the point, four months later, when he took a manly cock up his boyish ass for the first time. He then related in detail his seduction of Vince Sugarbum.

"Not that he needed much seducing," Benny said.

He looked over and saw that his father's cock was achingly stiff and very drippy, much like Vince's usually was. For the first time, he looked on the penis that had made him as an object of desire and couldn't understand what his problem had been with the idea of sex with his daddy. He liked sex with men and daddy was a man. With that thought in mind, Benny did as he had done so often before over the past few months. He lowered his head and used his tongue to lap up the sweet nectar of a man's precum. He raised his head back up and watched as more precum leaked from his daddy's cock. He decided that he would have all night to suck down a load or two of daddy sperm, he had another place for his daddy to shoot his first incestuous load of sperm. He grabbed the tube of Vaseline and slid two fingers up his back entrance. He then applied some to his daddy's penis. He gestured toward the pillows and Ben, sensing where this was going, tossed him three pillows. Benny arranged them in a pile and laid with his hips on top of them. He retracted his legs to show his daddy his well used boypussy.

"It's time for daddy to fuck his baby boy," he said.

"OH DADDY, YES!" Benny cried as his ass was breached by his daddy's manly cock for the first time.




After Benny had left the room, Vince and Riley faced one another alone for the first time knowing about the desires of the other. The silence was ackward and neither man nor boy knew how to start. All illusions between them had been shattered. Finally, Vince just did what all fathers should do with their sons: He opened his manly arms in an invitation. The message was understood by the son, who for the second time that night, almost flew across a room, this time into his father's arms. Vince lifted Riley into the air and Riley's legs wrapped around his father's waist, buried his face on Vince's shoulder and cried. Vince moved one hand to stroke the back of his son's silky hair as he felt the cascade of Riley's tears down his naked flesh. He just held the boy like that until the crying passed.

"Feel better?" he asked as he went and sat on Benny's bed with his son astride his lap.

"Yes," Riley said, sniffles still in his voice. "What you have been doing the last month or so really hurt me daddy."

"I know baby boy," Vince said. "Daddy's so sorry."

"Why were you always so mean to me, daddy?" Riley asked. "Is there something wrong with me?

"No baby boy, there's nothing wrong with you, Daddy is the problem," Vince said. "When daddy was a little boy a couple of years younger than you, daddy had sex for the first time with a man. It was a cousin of mine who had just turned eighteen. Within a couple of months, he was fucking me on a regular basis until I was about sixteen and met your mommy. Well Daddy had to go to Church to have any shot with your mommy and the Church even then taught what Reverend Crushlove does: that being gay is a sin. So I told my cousin that I didn't want to do that stuff anymore because I didn't want to be gay."

He then proceeded to tell the very interested Riley about how the feelings never went away and how, when he went away to college, his desire turned to young boys. He talked of fucking boys as young as five or six. Then he spoke of returning to marry the boy's mother and having to return to the Church. He spoke of becoming homophobic, overcompensating for his gay desires. He finally spoke of how when Riley had turned five, he started wanting to fuck him.

"Wow," Riley said. "You wanted to fuck me when I was five?"

"Yes," Vince said. "The morning of your fifth birthday when you came bounding downstairs wearing just those little cartoon briefs and stood with your back to me as you got in the fridge to get the milk for your cereal, the first thought I had when I looked at your little butt was wondering how it would feel to rip those undies off you and slide my cock up inside it. I knew, however, that if I started down that road with you, I would never have stopped. And I don't think I would have limited myself to just the times your mother was out. So I started being mean to you to keep you from getting too close to me, so I wouldn't be tempted. Your mommy hates gays Riley, she just never says it. She wouldn't understand and she would have taken you and the girls and I would have never seen you again. So I kept myself from fucking you or any other boy."

"Until Benny," Riley said.

"Until Benny," Vince admitted.

"But why hide it daddy?" Riley said.

"Number one, it's illegal as you pointed out earlier," Vince said. "Number two, the only person me or Benny might have told was you. Benny actually wanted to tell you, but I wouldn't let him. Although I suspected you were gay, I wasn't sure how you would react. And I didn't want to take a chance that you might let it slip in front of your mother. Now, tell me how you got into sex with men. I could tell that Ben was not the first man to fuck you."

Riley told his dad a similar story to that which Benny told his dad: how one day he found a comic book in his back pack which showed a boy named Peter having sex with a couple of men, one his own daddy. He then explained about finding the Shower Buddy and then of finding the two pairs of panties on the fateful day that he saw Vince and Benny fucking. He then talked of how he had gone to school and he was sent to the Principal's office, where before the day was over, he had sucked his first cock and lost his troublesome virginity.

Vince chuckled. "That son of a bitch is still at it, I see," he said cryptically.

"What's that daddy?" Riley asked.

"Your principal is the cousin that fucked me when I was a boy," Vince said.

"Really?" Riley said.

"Really," Vince said. "Speaking of fucking, my son, are you ready to start making up for lost time?"

"Absolutely, daddy," Riley chirped.

He grabbed the tube of Vaseline that he and Ben used and anointed his father's cock with it. He told his daddy to lay on his back then positioned himself with his daddy's cockhead just touching his opening.

"Oooooh Daddy," he sighed as he sank down on the paternal cock for the first time.




Ben, Vince, Benny and Riley all continued their relationships. The primary couplings were Benny with Vince and Riley with Ben. There were times when the fathers and sons would hook up, or the men would hook up while the boys did the same. They kept this very quiet, for obvious reasons. But when the boys were fifteen, the laws changed thanks to Biff Buggerall who invented Sissyboy magazine and Spermbutt Anal Lubricant. After man/boy relationships became legal and acceptable, Vince and Riley confronted the females in their home with the reality that they both loved another male and they were both moving out. They moved in with the Watkins where Ben and Riley, as well as Vince and Benny lived together openly.

Reverend Crushlove was forced to resign his position after Xander's parents discovered what was really going on during the times that the pastor was alone with the boy. This was approximately two months after the events detailed above. The boy was crushed and had to settle for surreptitious correspondence through other people. When the laws changed, fourteen-year-old Xander ran away to be with his adult lover. As of this writing, they are still happily together, each with a younger boy they are fucking as well.

As for the school Principal, he's still sneaking comic books, Shower Buddys and panties into the backpacks of potential sissyboys. The only way that the laws have changed for him is that more boys actually come to school wearing one of the pairs of panties, meaning they are willing to go farther, including having their little butts reamed.

I know it sounds cliché, but it fits here: "And they lived happily ever after."