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Six Black Boys
by: Kewl Dad

Sometimes I do some stupid shit, but sometimes it works out okay. This is a story about one of those times.

The year was 1995, the location...well a mid-sized city in the Midwest, and it was summer. I was around 30 then and not a bad looking guy and always horny. I loved boys, always had, and I'd  been with my share of them and was always looking for an opportunity to get with one.

In our town the north side was the older side and considered to be the black side of town, though looking back I realize how prejudiced and stupid that was. Their were lots of white folks living on the north side too, mostly older couples who had lived there forever or lower income families including a few Hispanics. This was before the big influx of Hispanics, but there were still quite a few scattered here and there in the city.

Some people thought the north side was dangerous, but I had worked on that side of town and got to know it pretty well and I wasn't afraid to go there day or night. As long as you stayed away from the projects and the really bad parts you were as safe as you were on the southside.

Anyway like I said it was summer, mid July as I recall, the fourth having been a week or so before that day. I was on vacation that week, but didn't really have anywhere to go so I was spending the week hanging around the apartment pool and cruising the gay bars and always on the lookout for the occasional boy.

Back then it was much easier to pick up boys. There wasn't all that stranger danger stuff and kids weren't stigmatized. If they wanted to get their dick sucked there wasn't all that guilt and shit that they have these days. So sometimes I'd cruise the parks and occasionally make a buddy and sometimes that even led to a little fun, but that day I got a whole lot more than I bargained for.

That hot summer day I was driving around on the northside near the c-store where I used to work. There was a little park nestled in the center of an older neighborhood which was mostly populated by white families and a few Hispanics. As I neared the park I could see a group of boys playing basketball on the full court there and as I got closer I could see that they were black. 

As many boys as I'd been with I'd never been with a black boy, but had always wanted to. There was the thing about black boys being better hung and all, but I guess what I really wondered about was their kinky pubes and the taste of their cum. I liked pare-pubescent boys too, but my favorite were those that had a little hair and could feed me their cum. 

I decided to park and get a drink at the fountain under the park shelter and sit on the table and watch them for a little while. They gave me a cursory look as I pulled up in my Ford Taurus then went back to their game. As I sat down on the picnic table I looked them over.

The smallest of the bunch looked to be about 10 or so and the oldest maybe 14 or 15 and the others somewhere in between, but it was really hard to tell since boys grew at different rates. For all I knew the shortest one could have been the oldest.

I watched for about fifteen or twenty minutes admiring their dark skin glistening with sweat as my cock grew semi-hard in my shorts. Two of the older boys wore tank tops but all the rest of the boys were shirtless and absofuckinglutely gorgeous. There were six of them altogether and their skin color ranged from weak coffee to dark chocolate and I was in love.

Two of the boys looked as if they could be brothers, sharing the same skin color and facial features, but I could've been wrong. Not to sound racist, but back then all black people looked pretty much the same to me. I've of course learned differently over the years. 

The smallest boy was cute as a puppy as he tried to run down the older taller boys and there was a lot of laughing and ass grabbing, but it was all good-natured. One of the boys suddenly let the ball get away from him and it came flying off the court and headed right toward me. I jumped down from the picnic table and intercepted it and made a nice arcing throw delivering it right in front of the boy.

He waved and thanked me with a smile exposing perfect white teeth. He was a cute boy with a dynamite body and I as my eyes moved down to his crotch I saw a promising bulge there. He went back to playing and I sat back down and continued to watch, but I noticed the boys were now talking among themselves and occasionally looking my way. 

I wasn't worried, but I did wonder what they were thinking. Was my interest that obvious and if so how did they feel about it? Not having any actual experience with black boys I only had what I'd heard to go on and I hoped at least half of it was right. One thing I'd heard was that black men were always horny and I supposed that applied to black boys too. I'd also heard that blacks in general weren't as hung up on the gay thing and that if it felt good then it was cool. 

I sat there watching for a few more minutes studying the boys' lean muscular bodies and was sort of lost in a funk when suddenly they stopped playing then headed my way. I was a little nervous, but I didn't feel physically threatened. True there were six of them, but I didn't think they were any danger to me. The looks on their faces didn't look threatening and in fact they were all grinning as they approached.

"Hi guys. Looking good out there," I said smiling warmly.

"Hey," they mumbled one by one.

One by one they got a drink from the fountain under the shelter and then the oldest one came back over and sat down on the seat of the picnic table just to the right of my feet. Since I was sitting on top of the table I was in a position to look straight down at his crotch and I swear the boy had a hard one and it was impressive for a boy his was impressive for a man.

"So...I'm Rob," I said still smiling. What's your guys names?"

"I'm Marcus," the older boy(who turned out to be 15) said jerking his head toward the closest boy.

One by one they introduced themselves and I repeated each boy's name hoping I could keep them straight. If there's one thing I'd learned from experience it was that people in general like hearing their own name.

The next boy was James and I guessed his age to 13 or 14. He was slim but not skinny, just wiry looking and I could see he had good muscular development going on everywhere in his body. He had a nice smile and was one of the lighter skinned boys that I'd thought might be brothers. Turned out I was right because James did the introduction for him.

"That's Jimmy, he's my brother in case you was wondering."

"James and Jimmy," I said aloud. Those two would be easy to remember. Wasn't Jimmy actually a nick name for James? Oh well, as long as it worked for them and their family who was I to question their names?

Next was Davon a sturdy looking kid with big soulful eyes and  probably the cutest of the bunch. He had those kind of lips that you just wanted to kiss forever and though his skin was a shade darker than the brothers his features were less pronounced. I found out later than his mother was black and his father was Hispanic and he was the perfect mix of both. I guessed his age to be 12 and I was right on.

Next was 11 year old Peter who I would describe as having the perfect adolescent body. Not overly muscled,  just right and he even had a little bit of baby fat around his middle which I thought was adorable.

Lastly was the small fry Donnie and he was 10 just as I'd guessed. He was a wiry little boy with a little boy body that just begged to be squeezed and cuddled and so cute it hurt. He was also friendly as little boys tend to be and actually sat at my feet and leaned against my legs as we talked and got better acquainted.

"You guys live around here?"

"Yeah, do you?" Marcus asked eying me as if I was a cop.

I held up my hands, "No, but I used to work at the C-Stop."

"Oh, yeah...we go up there all the time for pops and stuff."

"I worked there just last year. I probably seen you guys around then," I said trying to be as friendly as possible.

"Too bad we aint got no money...we could go get some pops. It's hot as hell out here."

Six times  75¢ was only 3 bucks, I could afford it, but no way was I taking all six of them to get the pops. 

"I'll buy but we can't all go. How about if you and Donnie go with me and we can bring pops back for the rest?"

"Hell yeah, you wanna go Donnie?"

"Yeah!" the littlest one said looking up at me and grinning.

We got drink orders from the other four and the three of  us piled into my car and I drove the short distance to the c-store with Marcus in the front seat beside me and Donnie hanging on the back of the seat looking over at us.

"Thanks man," Marcus said. 

"You're welcome Marcus. You guys are pretty cool."

Marcus gave me an appraising look then turned to look out the window as if he were thinking what to say next, but he didn't get the chance because we arrived at the c-store about then. We piled out and went inside. The air was cold inside and the store smelled and looked just as I had remembered it when I worked there, but the clerk was new and I was sort of relieved that he didn't know me.

We got the drinks and I decided to throw in a candy bar and James took his time selecting for each of the absent boys. Donnie chose a pack of Now ' Laters and James a Snickers bar.

I paid for the stuff and the clerk sacked the candy bars and I asked if he had an empty cardboard box to carry the drinks in. He had an empty cigarette box behind the counter and it was a good fit for the drinks. 

As we drove back I wondered if Marcus was going to finally speak his mind, but when he still hadn't said anything by the time we reached the park I decided I'd been wrong and maybe he was just thinking about something else.

However when we had the drinks and candy passed out Marcus asked me if we could sit in my car and talk...alone. Again I was nervous, but not scared and I started the engine and turned on the air to make it more comfortable for us.

"So..what's  up Marcus?"

He was rocking nervously and then taking a sip of his drink he reached down and adjusted the lump in his shorts and I couldn't help but look. When I looked up his eyes were locked on mine and he had a shit-eating grin on his face.

"I though so," he said sounding amused, "you like this?" he said mauling his dick and shaking it at me.

"I can't lie," I said shrugging, "I do...and it looks amazing."

What guy doesn't like hearing his junk is amazing? He practically preened as he pulled the elastic of his shorts up giving me a peak at his curly pubes. They looked soft and wet and I wanted so badly to grab a handful, but the show was over as he let the elastic snap back.

I groaned in disappointment and he laughed.

"Later...maybe if you're good."

"What do I have to do?" I asked nervously, my dick so hard it hurt.

"You gotta do all of us." He said simply and I think I moaned with desire.

"All of you?" I repeated, "I get to suck all six of you?" I said "get to" "not have to", because he was offering me something I had never dreamed of until that day.

He nodded, "That okay?" he said sounding unsure of himself for the first time.

"That's fucking amazing," I said unable to hold back, "but where...not here...there's no place to do it."

"My house, no one's home. It's over there...we can walk."

For the first time I was afraid. What if this was a set up and dad was home and Marcus was going to present me to him yelling what a faggot I was? Then I thought about how silly that sounded. He was just a horny teenage boy looking for a nut and he probably wanted to include his buddies so he wouldn't look like a fag or something. But what if the others weren't quite as horny as he was?

"Are you sure they want to do this?"

"Yeah, they all like it...well Donnie's never done it, but he wants to."

Oh God, Donnie was a Virgin and I got to take his oral virginity? Could this get any better? I wondered.

"Okay, but no tricks," I pleaded, "If you're bullshitting me it could be bad for all of us."

"No bullshit man, we're just horny and wanna nut. You swallow?"

Oh God yes, I swallow. "Yeah, every drop. Love the taste."

"Good come on, let's go."

I followed him over to where the boys had been milling around looking our way expectantly  and when we approached James was the first to speak.

"Well? We gonna have some fun?"

Marcus nodded, "At my house.....everyone."

"Even me?" Donnie said sounding excited but doubtful.

"Even you, bout time you got your dick wet."

"Yessss." Donnie said looking so cute. I wanted him right there and then, but there was all that teen flesh to explore first.

I followed the boys across the park to the street and wondered if anyone would notice a white man following six black boys or if they'd even care. I knew that the poorer the neighborhood the more people minded their own business so I relaxed a little. 

Marcus house was a three bedroom clapboard with a wide front porch and an old dog tied up beside the house. He looked up and barked once then laid back down and went back to sleep. Marcus opened the front door and led us inside and as my eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness inside my stomach churned with worry once more, but no one appeared to be home and by the time we all got inside I was eager to get started.

The boys were still sipping their drinks but they'd finished their candy bars, all except Donnie who apparently had pocketed part of his Now n' Laters, having eaten the now and holding on to the later...for I looked around at the room, worn sofa, duct taped recliner, coffee table and end tables made of particle board and covered with dust and coffee and soda stains. The floor was cheap linoleum with cracks here and there and the place smelled of cigarettes and rancid cooking odors. Still all in all it was a good place to suck me some dicks.

"Where we gonna do it?" I asked nervously.

"Right here," Marcus said....unless someone wants to do it in private then they can use my room."

I looked around at the boys and saw the nervous excitement in their eyes and I smiled at each one feeling the need to say something.

"Look's the deal. If you're not down with this or anything we do just say so. No one will think you're a chicken or anything...right Marcus?"

"Yeah, sure...but they all want to..right bros?"

They all nodded and I think Donnie spoke for them all when he said "Yeah, we're gonna get our dicks sucked."

"Okay, I'm cool with however you guys want to do this. I don't have a problem doing it with all of you here, but if anyone wants to do it in private let's do that first."

No one did so next we had to decide who went first. I assumed since Marcus was the spokesman and instigator I should give him first crack at it, but I shouldn't have been surprised that he already had the sucking order worked out.

"First  gonna be James," Marcus said calmly. If I had ever had any doubts as to whether he was the leader of the group those doubts were dispelled by the way the other boys followed his direction, "then James, then Jimmy, then Davon, Then Peter, then Donnie...then the biggest dick you ever," he laughed.

"Okay, sounds good to me, but I was wondering...if it's okay if...if all of you could get naked while we're doing this?"

Marcus thought for one a minute then looked at the others, "I aint got no problem with it. We all seen each other nekkid before..aint no big deal. You guys down for it?"

"If it'll get us sucked....yeah," James said excitedly. And one by one the other boys conceded easily.

I watched as the boys undressed and suddenly Marcus gave me a curious look and said, "You too, we all gotta be nekkid."

I shrugged, I had no trouble being naked with these hot boys. I wasn't a body builder, but I was fit and my dick was a decent 6.5 fat inches of uncut meat with two pretty big balls beneath. This was years before guys shaved their pubes, but I did keep my trimmed just cause I liked the look and because I hated when the hair got caught up in my foreskin. 

I watched them and they watched me and one by one their gorgeous bodies were revealed to me. First there was Marcus with his chiseled chest and long muscled legs and when he stripped off his shorts he revealed a hard seven inches of  hard cock. He was circumcised but very loosely and his cock was perfect in every way.  Below his cock hung two huge balls that made my mouth water just thinking about what they held. I was glad in a way that he was going to be last, because I really wanted to take my time and not be rushed with that big ole' dick. 

James  was next and his cock was uncut like mine and probably six inches in length but against his slender frame it looked longer. His pubes were short and wiry and were located just above his cock but as far as I could see he was smooth elsewhere. I licked my lips at the thought of what lay beneath that sheath of foreskin and I couldn't wait to taste him.

Meanwhile I gave the other boys a good looking over starting with his brother Jimmy. Jimmy was built similarly to his brother but had a bit more baby fat on his frame. His cock, like his brother's, was uncut and probably 5 inches long but actually a little fatter than James' cock. He had fewer hairs then his brother and was definitely smooth otherwise.

Next was Davon and what a work of art he was. Just entering into puberty he had just a few wiry hairs above his 4.5" cut cock  but otherwise was little boy smooth. He had just enough baby fat to be adorable and I would have just bet that if I could see the backside of this boy it would be the most beautiful ass I had ever seen.

Next was Peter and there were no real surprises there. He was somewhere between Donnie and Davon in his sexual development. Smooth a baby he still managed to sport a 4" slender cock but his balls hadn't dropped yet and clung beneath it as if they were hiding. I was going to love the feel and taste of this boy, that was sure, but Donnie was the real prize.

Donnie was little boy all over, cute and a little chubby in the middle and his beautiful little cock was at least 3.5 inches long and to my delight uncut. I knew that some young boys with uncut cocks were unable to pull the skin all the way back but I could see from the way Donnie's cock head peaked out that his foreskin was already loose I couldn't wait to play with it.

"You guys are awesome," I said near tears, "a real bunch of studs," I added to knowing how important it was for boys to feel manly and studly.

"Well...." James said grabbing his cock and sort of shaking it at me."

I made a low growling noise in my throat and everyone laughed, but I was barely aware of anything else as I guided James to the dusty couch and knelt between his legs. I could smell his heady teen aroma and my cock throbbed between my legs. I reached up and grabbed his lovely cock and skinned the foreskin back releasing a musky head spinning aroma and we both moaned softly.

"So good...." I whispered as I brought my tongue to his cockhead and gave it a cursory lick.

"Ughhhh......" he grunted.

I didn't know what was allowed or expected but I decided I'd figure it out along the way and when I reached up and began rubbing James nipples his soft moans encouraged me to continue. Rising a little I began to suck and lick his hard nipples as I worked the loose skin on his cock.

"Ughhh...careful man....gonna nutt...." He gasped.

Letting go of his cock I continued to work his nipples over while I rubbed his nuts which were huge and I supposed filled with his tasty baby batter, the batter I'd soon be sucking down. When I was sure he was good and worked up I moved back down and pulled the foreskin back and took him into my hot wet mouth.

He cried out and thrust his crotch upward forcing his cock deeper until it touched the back of my throat. Years of deep throating cocks had all but eliminated my gag reflex and when I began to work my throat muscles he nearly came unglued.

The other boys had moved closer now and were watching as they slowly stroked their hard cocks and I was aware of their sexy boy smells driving me into a frenzy. Must have cum! My brain screamed and I began moving faster and faster up and down James cock as he squirmed and eventually grabbed my head and face fucked me with desperation.

I felt his cock swell and his abdomen tighten and then he grunted as he rammed his dick into my mouth and began to unload. Now I  have taken some big loads in my day, but never one that large from such a young boy. Had be been saving it up for some reason, or was he always a big cummer? I wondered.

Besides being plentiful James spunk was absolutely delicious. Just the right combination of sweet and salty and I gobbled it all down greedily and licked him clean before finally calling it good.

" was it? I asked jokingly, but all James could manage was a weak moan. 

I laughed and licked my lips before looking up and saying "Next."

Jimmy wasted no time scrambling over to the couch and plopping his sweet butt down beside James who seemed to be in a light coma after his orgasm. I didn't give his brother any more thought as I moved over to service Jimmy who was eagerly awaiting his turn.

"Nice," I said softly looking up into his lovely brown eyes. He blushed and smiled a little and I patted his tummy gently before moving down to taste his hard teen stuff. As I pulled back the foreskin a gentler odor than his brother's wafted up but it was just as exciting. His taste was less strong as well, tasting of innocence and boy, and I licked him clean as he squirmed and at one point giggled. I loved the effect I could have on a young boy and I think I enjoyed sucking Jimmy even more than James. 

I took my time with this one licking and tasting and kissing and even took his little nut bag into my mouth a time or two causing him to suck in his breath then release it with a moan. His body was wonderland of softness and curves and tastes and scents and I devoured him greedily, but I knew I had four other boys waiting their turns and I wasn't sure how much time we had so I decided it was time to give this one the best orgasm of his young life. Rubbing his little nuts gently I started sucking his rigid boycock with determination. Needless to say it didn't take long to bring him to a very verbal orgasm. His whole body shook and I could feel his little heart beating as he experienced what was without a doubt the most intense feeling of his young life.

His cum was as delicious as his brother's but not nearly as plentiful and when I had it all safely in my tummy I complimented on his sexual prowess.  He preened under my words and I figured I'd made not only made his day but boosted his ego by a notch or two.

"That was amazing, who's next?" I said getting up and stretching for a minute while James cleared off the couch to make room for Davon, the lovely little 12 year old.

As Davon stretched his sturdy little body across the couch I dropped to my knees and looked him over. It was obvious he was just entering the throes of puberty and I wasn't sure if he could even produce spunk yet, but the few wiry hairs above his cock gave me hope.

He shook a little as I began and I wondered if this was his first time. "You okay bro?" I asked softly.

"Uh huh..good..feels good," he said smiling shyly.

"Okay, just checking. No harm if you don't want me to do this."

"You kiddin', I love a good beejay," he said grinning.

I didn't waste any more words as I began to explore his perfect boy body rubbing his hard nipples and licking my way down to his hard boycock which stood out at a 45 degree angle from his almost smooth pubis. The feel and taste of his soft smooth skin beneath my tongue was amazing and I couldn't wait to taste all of him. I wished the situation was such that I could have tasted his sweet ass, but I was afraid these boys were too macho for anything like that, at least in a group, but I would have almost bet that one on one I could have eaten each of their asses.

His balls were just starting to drop and hung a little ways beneath his lovely cock and I licked and sucked on them causing him to squirm and giggle, then sigh. When I finally took him in my mouth he sighed happily and relaxed into the couch and let me do all the work. Needless to say being as young as he was and inexperienced he didn't last long but it was not doubt the sweetest five minutes of my life and I hoped his as well.

He was vibrating like a tuning fork as he neared orgasm, humming and squirming and then his cock thickened in my mouth and I felt something wet hit my tongue and I knew my wish had come true. His cum was thin and a little watery  but still delicious and I gobbled it all down greedily then licked his cock clean.

"Thanks," I said sincerely, "that was really good you little stud," I said patting his leg, "I could do that everyday and not get tired."

"Okay Peter, get your peter sucked," Marcus said and everyone laughed as if it was a common joke among the boys.

Peter took Jimmy's place then and I had my first prepubescent cock in front of me. Peter's peter was indeed lovely and at around 4" nothing to be ashamed of for a boy his age. He had a lovely clean yet earthy little boy smell and when I licked his cockhead it had a spicy taste to it. I skipped his nipples which were practically invisible and concentrated on his tummy and nuts and rubbed his soft furless legs as I licked up and down his hard cock. He was more aggressive than Davon and actually pushed my head down on his prick and I took the hint and began to bob up and down on it as he guided my head. Of course as small as he was he didn't reach the back of my throat so I used my tongue and lips to give him maximum stimulation.

The one thing I dislike about sucking prepube boys is that it's hard to tell when they come, but with this boy that was not a problem. As he neared orgasm he began to squirm and force his cock into my mouth and then he grabbed my head and held it as he shook and gyrated his hips releasing a loud moan from his sweet lips. Then when it was over he released my head and all but pushed me away.

"You're a real take charge kind of boy," I said grinning, "I bet you've beat some pussy up, haven't you?" I said as a way of compliment. 

"Actually he has," James said chuckling, "He fucked my little sister, didn't ya" D?"

"Hit that pussy hard," he said smacking his fist against his palm and I think I was in love with that boy right then.

Next was Donnie and I was all but drooling when I knelt between his baby smooth legs and stared at his lovely boycock. It throbbed with each beat of his little heart and he was so cute it hurt just looking at him.

"First time buddy?" I cooed.

He nodded then blushed and smiled sweetly. I patted his leg and wasn't surprised to find that he was trembling a little. "It's okay, I'll go slow and you're gonna love it. You're a real little stud and a stud likes you deserves a good beejay."

Unlike Peter Donnie's nipples were not only very visible but very erect as if they were swollen and I couldn't ignore them. As I raised up a little to lick and suck them I was so tempted to kiss those sweet lips of his, but I didn't want to scare him or gross out his bros so I contented myself with placing those kisses on his nipples and chest and tummy. 

He giggled when I tongued out his cute belly button and when I reached down to cup his little balls which were still pulled up against his body he sighed softly. I loved the way his body responded to my touch and pretty soon he seemed to be comfortable with everything and relaxed some. I loved how his skin tasted and couldn't wait to taste his cute little dick and when I did it was everything I'd hoped for and more.

As I had observed earlier the skin was loose and in fact fell down naturally when he was erect as he was now. His little cockhead was pink which surprised me but I learned later that that wasn't unusual for black boys. In fact years later I  met and sucked off a man with an 8.5" cock with a head so pink it seemed to lure me to it.

As with all uncut cock there is the inevitable head cheese which I loved so much and Donnie's was just as delicious as any I'd ever tasted. His cock was hard as a piece of steel but soft as velvet and the feel and taste of it on my tongue was incredible.

As with Peter there would be not spunk to greet my tongue as he orgasmed but I didn't worry about that as long as Donnie enjoyed himself. My whole purpose in life at that moment was to bring this young black cutie to a toe curling orgasm, one that he would compare all future orgasms too.

As I took his cock into my mouth he sighed cutely and laid his small soft hand gently on my head and patted me affectionately. He was such a little sweetheart and I felt blessed to be the one to give him his first oral orgasm. I didn't take that responsibility lightly and I gave it all I had. I took far longer with him than any of the others, but even Marcus, who was still waiting for his beejay, didn't seem to mind. It was obvious that the others had accepted this little stud  into the pack and that they were happy for him to loose his virginity, even if it was with a 30 year old white guy.

I released his dick and took his little nut sack into my mouth and he shivered. It was like two little peanuts in a velvet bag and so sweet to my tongue. I breathed in his gentle boy aroma and was drunk with him. Moving back up I took his cock into my mouth once more pushing his foreskin back with my lips and tongue and began bobbing up an down on his hard little nail. He moaned softly and laid back and relaxed into my touch. At that moment I think he trusted me more than anyone in his young life and I wasn't about to let him down.

Giving it my very best I went at the job at hand with renewed enthusiasm. The feel and taste and scent of Donnie drove me into a renewed frenzy as I worked his hard little cock faster and faster. As he approached orgasm his breathing became labored and he began to shake much like Peter had then suddenly he thrust up off the couch and jackhammered my mouth with his hard little spike until his powerful dry orgasm washed over him. He shook and panted and then fell back exhausted on the couch as the other boys cheered and patted him on the back.

"Way to go Donnie!" Marcus said from behind the couch. "Now you're really one of the gang."

I stood on shaky legs and looked down at Donnie and smiled, "You are a hot little stud Donnie. Thanks for letting me be the first one to suck that big ole' thing."

He smiled but his eyes were sort of glazed over and he didn't speak. I patted his leg affectionately and his little dick wagged like a puppy's tail. It was still fairly erect and under other circumstances I would have given it another go. Once the balls started producing sperm a guy has to recover between orgasms, but I knew prepube boys could come over and over without stop. But I had yet to please Marcus and I didn't want to miss out on that huge piece of meat hanging between his legs.

I looked at Marcus and he surprised me by asking me to follow him to his room. The other boys didn't seem surprised and he didn't explain. As I followed him to his room I couldn't help but give his ass a good looking over and I must say it was magnificent just like the rest of him. It was a true bubble butt with just the right mix of fat and muscle to make it perfect. 

Once in his room he closed the door behind us and I looked around. Unlike the living room Marcus's room was neat and obviously a teenage boy's room. There were posters on the wall, mostly sports, but one of a car and another of a bikini clad black gal with big tits. I wondered if that was his ideal woman and if he'd ever even been with a girl, but I didn't think it was smart to ask.

"You fuck?" he asked jarring me back to reality.

"Uh,'s been awhile and you're pretty big...."

"No man, do you want to fuck me?"

Boy talk about being thrown completely off guard. This young stud was offering me that fine ass I'd ogled earlier?

"I....uh, well...are you sure about this?"

"Why do you think I brought you in here? My bros don't know I like it up the ass...well...not all of em do. If you don't wanna hit this," he said slapping his ass loudly, "that's coo' and I just take some head."

"No, I want to," I said shaking with desire, "but I want that cock in my mouth too."

"No problem there, but I like getting fucked first. You down with that?"

"Hey, who am I to refuse a piece of tail?" I chucked, "Uh how do you like it?"

He liked it bent over the bed and raw. It was obviously that this wasn't the first time and with a little spit and my precum I was able to get inside him easily. Once inside my cock was surrounded by his hot tight guts and it was all I could do not to come as soon as my balls hit his fine ass. I pulled out almost all the way and then slowly pushed back in feeling his heat surround me once more.

"I like it fast," he said looking back at me and I sped up a little, but I had to be careful because truthfully that 15 year old's ass was the sweetest, tightest ass I'd ever had the pleasure of plugging.

Marcus' cock was still rock hard between his legs and when I reached around him and grabbed it he moaned even louder. For the next ten minutes or so I concentrated on the delicious feeling of Marcus' hot tight ass wrapped around my throbbing cock trying my best not to nut too soon.

As I neared orgasm I grabbed his hips and shoved my cock in deep and began really hammering his ass. I was aware of our heavy breathing and the sound of my balls slapping against his ass and a guttural moan passed my lips. The combined scent of our sweat and our sex was so overpowering that I felt faint. Then my orgasm hit me hard and my knees nearly collapsed as I shot my load deep inside this teenage Adonis.

"Oh shit," I gasped as my balls continued to empty into Marcus' hot guts and my orgasm spread throughout my whole body.

When at last I was drained and the orgasm had subsided I looked down to where my still hard cock joined us together and slowly pulled out. I didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised to find that other than his ass juice and my cum my cock was relatively clean. Either Marcus was a clean freak or he planned ahead.

My cock began to shrink a little when it hit the air and I was suddenly aware that both of us were sweating profusely in the hot stifling air of his room.  Without a word he straightened up and from somewhere produced a towel and proceeded to clean both of us up.

"That was fucking amazing," I said finally regaining my composure, "Now I want to taste that big ole' dick of yours. Are you ready?"

He fell back on the bed then his seven inches of glory waving at me seductively and I fell down between his legs and started blowing him. I let up after a while and began to explore the rest of his body, paying special attention to his nipples and as I was hovering over his chest he reached up and pulled me to him and kissed me wetly forcing his tongue down my throat and inviting mine into his greedy wet mouth. 

He was a great kisser and my cock began to plump up again just from the kiss. We must've kissed for ten minutes or more before I finally pulled away and resumed by exploration of his perfect body. His chest was amazing and his stomach flat and taut and his dark skin was smooth as silk. There was a fine little trail of dark hair leading down to his crotch and I followed it down with my tongue and then began to wash his ample hangers with my tongue.

He must've liked that a lot cause he grabbed my head and pulled my face tight against his baby makers and I continued to suck and lick them for maybe another five minutes. When he finally let me up he pushed my head back down again only this time onto his throbbing cock and I began worshiping at the thrown of lust.

I suck and licked and jacked him almost desperately eager to taste his load and when he did finally come I was not disappointed.  Marcus came hard and spewed his tasty boy juice in my mouth under such pressure that I was forced to swallow some it without being able to fully enjoy it. As he slowed down the juices continued to flow and I got my taste and fill of his amazing nectar. He came at least twice as much as James had and I wondered if this was a black thing or if boys these day just shot bigger loads. 

When I was satisfied he was finished coming and I had all he had to give I came up off his cock and licked the last drop off before sitting up. "That was fucking amazing too," I said licking a little stray cum off my lip. 

"Come here," he said in a husky voice and when I did he pulled me down and kissed me deeply, his tongue probing my mouth for his own taste.

" that jizz," he said as he broke the kiss, "If anyone asks, I fucked you...okay?"

I nodded, "Whatever you want, thats' what we say," I said feeling very affectionate towards this God of a black boy.

He smiled, "You gonna hit dis again sometime?"

"Call me and I'll be here so fast my tires will melt," I said grinning.

"Come on, my old man be home in an hour and I want to be gone when he gets here." 

For the first time I worried about what we'd done and getting caught but I needn't have worried. When we got to the living room the other boys had already gotten dressed and Marcus and I quickly joined them. As we left that day I looked around one last time and wondered if I'd ever get a chance like this again. Marcus had invited me to fuck him again and that was cool, but what I really wanted was to do all six of them again sometime.

When we reached the park the boys went back to their game and I eventually walked over and said goodbye. "Thanks for inviting me to your house and for letting me have some fun." I said feeling really sad to be leaving them.

"Hey, you gonna be back..right?" Marcus said giving me a smile.

"Yeah, just tell me when."

"Gotta phone number?"

This was before cell phones so I gave him my home phone number and surprisingly he gave me his. We talked for a little while longer then Donnie surprised me by walking me to my car. When we were out of earshot of the others he took my hand and tugged me down so we were face to face.

"I like what you did and I want to do it again."

"I liked it too and I want to do it everyday," I said smiling and I meant every word of it.

"Okay!" he said bubbling over with joy, "When Marcus calls ya, just come on over...okay?"

"I will bro and thanks for letting me be the one to give you your first beejay."

"Welcome Rob...see ya." he said starting back toward the others. 

I waved goodbye to the boys and watched Donnie walk back enjoying the sight of his perky little butt then climbed in my car and drove home.

To my surprise I received a phone call from Marcus the next day and as promised I came as quickly as I could. I found four of them at the Park, The brothers were off somewhere with their folks, and we drove to the c-store for drinks then I wound up taking them to my apartment. 

The second time was a whole lot more interesting, but I'll save that tale for another day. Over that summer I sucked those six boys off more times than I can remember, usually in the air conditioned comfort of my apartment. I invited them over several times to swim and we cooked out and had a great time. I'm sure my neighbors must've wondered why a single white guy had so many young black visitors, but no one ever said a word. 

Eventually I fucked two of the other boys and got fucked by all but the two smallest ones. I won't tell you who the other two other two boys were, but I might write that story sometime when I'm feeling really horny.

These days I look back on that summer and see it as a summer of discovery, discovery that made me appreciate black males in all their glory and I have Marcus and his gang to thank for that.  To this day I can't see a bunch of black boys without thinking about my budies Macus, James, Jimmy, Davon, Peter, and sweet little Donnie. Wherever you guys are, I hope you're happy and safe and getting your nut on a regular basis.

Okay, I know it's not a literary classic, but sometimes I just get horny and want to write a wank story and that's what this is. Not every thing I write is gold, some of the stuff I write is covered in white sticky stuff that is sort of salty and sort of sweet. is what it is. And it adds to my story total...moving toward that magic number 50. Now that I got  this out of my system, I'll get back to the twins and the 


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Kewl Dad           





 Hoping this New Year will be filled with love and laughter.

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