Six, in a Fix

By Rob Loveboy

Edited by Len Homber


Call me a child molester if you like. Temporary insanity, I suppose. I was one, or maybe I was simply so horny that I needed an outlet to vent my pent up case of blue balls that I began a sexual relationship with my six year-old nephew, Calvin. The boy idolized me, his big brother … and I guess I took advantage of his easy vulnerability.


I was going through a divorce and went to live with my sister. I was forty-five years old and the old lady upgraded to a richer, much older guy leaving me devastated. Without a doubt, it was my little dick she got tired of, women claim that length doesn’t matter, it’s how we use it that counts. Well, I thought I was using mine to its full 4 ½ inch circumcised inches several times a week.


My single mother sister only had a two bedroom condo and Calvin was more than happy to share his bedroom. I bought a single bed and a chest of drawers making the small room cramped, only two-feet of space separated our beds, a night table jammed in between.


I wasn’t much into masturbation, and was carefully silent when I did it. However, sharing a room didn’t lend much privacy and Calvin often saw me naked as I liked sleeping in the nude and wasn’t about to change that for the sake of another male present when I undressed.


Of course, Calvin was no different. He had no issues taking off his clothes and putting on his pajamas in front of me. I cannot lie and say that I ignored him, I was amused by his uncut dick almost the size of my own, the length of my pinky finger when flaccid, of course, mine was a great deal thicker and I had long hanging balls, his were tucked close to his groin.


Guys had never turned me on, sure I looked at them with envy when the opportunity arose to see them naked. High school was an eye opener on exactly how short changed I was compared to other boys and was teased regularly … “pencil dick,” or “my cat has a bigger dick than that.” What really irritated me was some guys said I would never make a girl happy … and I guess they were right.


It was quite obvious that Calvin was staring, even commented the first time on how big it was, I returned the compliment making him proud of his manhood. Strangely, I began taking my time allowing him longer and closer views making small talk standing above him lying in his bed.  

One night I was so incredible horny I jerked off while Calvin was still awake reading a book. For whatever reason I didn’t care that the fluttering blanket would draw his attention or that my breaths were rather audible … it turned me on even more and I began to fantasize about teaching him and doing it together. Surely he could get an erection, even babies did, and I thought how I used to touch mine as a little kid laying in my bed and assumed he did, as well.


After I came, I was disgusted with myself thankful that the urge to kick the blanket down and expose myself didn’t happen, what did hide me was at waist level, my pubic hair visible to his curious gawking seen out of the slits in my eyes. He never said a word although I was hoping he would ask what I was doing, it would have been the deciding factor in my perverted state of mind.

Although I vowed to never let it happen again, I found myself staring at him naked as we undressed. The tickle monster, something we did often and Calvin loved it, led us onto his bed naked. That fact, and the cartoon characters on his bedding should have been a deterrent and put an end to tickling him, however, I was hard as a rock and it felt nice between his thighs held tight by my legs.


I tickled down his body staring at his cock flopping around in his hysterical laughter … I touched him feeling the softness. Calvin never complained, he seemed to be enjoying it even when I started to grope him after, the tickling had  stopped.


I was no longer dry-fucking his pre-cum wet thighs. Instead squatting gently over his knees with my leaking cock standing straight up with him looking down at it and me perversely fondling him … he was getting a boner.


“Is this okay, Calvin?” I whispered with a smile, “It feels nice, doesn’t it?”


Solemnly, he shrugged and nodded, the sight of his cock growing in my nervous, shaking hand indicated that he was enjoying it giving me the courage to explore his the immature balls with a finger rubbing the crevice of his cheeks, and of course lingering at his hole. I was impressed when his thin dick maxed out the size of mine.


Calvin was still staring at my cock, “You wanna touch my dick, buddy?”


Not waiting for a reply, I rolled off him onto my side and placed his hand on it. “Grip it tight and rub it like I’m doing for you … that’s it, Cal … feels so nice.


His hand did feel nice and he was a quick learner letting his hand go to do do it himself. My fantasy of the previous night had become a reality, we were jerking each other off. “This is our secret, buddy? You can’t tell anyone or else we’ll get in trouble.” I warned, “Men and boys do this all the time, except they keep it a secret cuz mom’s wouldn’t understand, okay?”


I was was elated when he smiled and said, “Okay, uncle Mike.” I knew he would be putty in my hands and I wouldn’t have to beat my own meat anymore. I shuffled up the bed giving him easier access placing his other hand on my balls.


“Don’t stop, Calvin. I’m going to let you see the white stuff that makes babies in women.”  


Still laying on my side, I came in torrents over his chest and neck, probably the longest orgasm I could remember. He was mesmerized by the white goop I wiped over his entire torso, in the end, his hand was covered in it.


Using his Superman tshirt off the floor, I cleaned us up and tucked it under my mattress. Even worse than the night before, I felt incredibly guilty laying in my bed warning him once again.but sternly, that he was to keep his mouth shut before I turned out the bedside lamp and saw him nod.


The next day I felt like a heel unable to look at him and especially his mother as we sat the table during breakfast. I spent the day at work scared to death that Calvin would tell and my life would change forever expecting the cops to show up in my office.


Nothing happened. When I nervously got home from work my sister smiled, cooking us dinner and Calvin on the living room floor watching a cartoon.


“Hi, Uncle Mike.” he said with a broad smile as he did every night. I counted my blessings, swearing what happened would never happen again. How wrong I was.


I wasn’t a big fan of liquor, but I drank several beers before going to bed after contemplating whether or not I should sleep on the sofa, however, my sister would find it odd … the reason I had bunked in with Calvin was because she had just bought the sofa  and was very fussy with it, even Calvin wasn’t allowed to sit on it with food or drink.

Silently I cursed my sister, Calvin didn’t have an established bedtime like he did during the school year, starting grade two a month from the now , he could stay up until the adults went to bed and of course, he did exactly that giving me no choice but to go to our room. I quickly stripped and got into bed before he finished peeing and brushing his teeth.


It had to have been the liquor that I ended up sitting on the edge of my bed naked waiting for him. I concluded that I had evaded discovery of what I had done the night before, telling me that the boy must have enjoyed it and what was the harm in doing it again.


When Calvin entered the bedroom and closed the door I beckoned him over to stand in front of me. He never said a word staring at my hard cock while I took the liberty of undressing him, a weird urge to do so. Shirt, socks, jeans, and finally, his batman undies slowly down his thighs until they the fell to the floor and he stepped out of them.


I fondled him, my other hand around his waist running a finger over his crack. He had goose bumps over his body. “You like this, don’t you, buddy?”


Calvin swallowed hard and said, “I guess.”


I was convinced he loved it as once again he was soon sporting a boner much to my delight. “Go ahead, feel my man-cock and make me feel good, too.”


He did exactly that stroking me like he had been taught, a slight smile on his face made me want to hug him and tell him that I loved him and loved our special play. I lay back as he stood between my legs giving me a handjob and playing with my balls until I came about fifteen-minutes later. I told him to spread my load over my body until he milked out the last few drops and instead of sending him to his bed, I hauled him into mine to cuddle massaging his bum never cleaning up. My cum inevitably over both our bodies. “Good night, my man.” I leaned down and kissed his lips knowing he was perfectly content in my arms.


The next morning I didn’t expect my sister to walk in the bedroom to collect Calvin’s laundry and see us together in my bed. It was very hot in the room and somehow the sheet was around our thighs exposing our nudity.


“He had a nightmare and I let him crawl in with me.” I lied when she confronted me when we were alone.


“Naked?” she asked with scepticism “Men don't sleep naked with little boys … it’s not normal, Mike.”


I had to think quickly and said, “Honey, I’ve slept naked since I was his age and you know that. Calvin was mimicking me, that’s all.” I feigned a laugh scared to death. “Let him grow up … no need to tell him anything different and embarrass him.”


It was obvious she wasn’t happy about it saying, “I suppose.”


I corned Calvin before I left for work and told him what I told his mother and his comeback retort was to be, “Dah, we’re both boys, mom.” Luckily, he didn’t have to lie as she had dropped the issue confirmed by Calvin when I got home from work telling him to come into the bedroom while I changed out of my suit.


Extremely relieved, I ruffled his hair smiling down at him. My cock grew hard with his chest pressed into my upper belly. Pulling down the front of my boxers, he knew what I wanted without asking him. There was no time to get off, I simply wanted reassurance that he was still a willing participant. “Tonight, I’m going to show you something new to make each other feel nice .... and I know you’ll love it, my little man.” I followed that statement up by saying, “I guess you’re a big boy now.” Calvin grinned ear to ear proud of himself.


Sitting on the bed slowly stroking myself, I didn’t have to tell him that I wanted to take off his clothes again that night. What he didn’t expect was after we played with each other, I stooped over and took his erection in my mouth, my hands spread his bum and I worked a finger inside him. Calvin flinched, however, I held him in place. “It might hurt a little, but It’ll feel nice once ya get used to it.” I reassured him, “You do like your big cock in my mouth, right?”


I didn’t wait for a reply and went back down on his smooth, silky boner still keeping the pressure on slowly entering him. I was out of my mind in lust for a six year-old, I wondered if I was ready for an insane asylum, but it didn’t deter my raunchy behaviour … I knew that I had pushed the limit, especially when I lay back and made him suck my cock.


With very little instruction and gagging, Calvin caught on nicely and I enjoyed the first blowjob of my life, my ex would never do it for me. I ended it by jerking off holding his head in place.


“Good boy, buddy. Suck hard now and use your hand … I blew my wad in his mouth moments later, he never complained even when I told him to swallow it, he only grimaced at the taste.


Calvin became my personal cock-sucker. Almost every night for months we had sex and I would always receive a blowjob in the end … the kid got better at it every time and I was in my glory. He loved when I licked his hole … and I loved when he did the same to me after only a little persuasion.


The first time I fucked him was when he was almost eight, I had been finger fucking him and used a small dildo while his ass was in the air sucking me off. I had set the example by having him fuck me.


If I learned anything by the experience, it was very young boys could be sexual under the right guidance of an adult … and an adult can easily  succumb when desperate enough if he opens his mind that age doesn’t really matter … there is a little paedophilia in all of us that only needs to be tapped.




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